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Tony groaned as he felt himself drift back to consciousness. His head was heavy and lifting it up felt like he was weighed down by 5 tons.


“Er ist wach,” he heard someone mutter.


German. Whoever the hell knocked him out was German. He knew a little German. He could try and make sense of it if he weren’t still reeling after being knocked from the sky in his suit.


He was in the middle of a fight before everything went black. Cap was leading them as they attempted to take down the masked men set on destroying the city.


Then he was blindsided and was falling, trapped in a dead suit. Everything went black as he hit the concrete. Now he was waking up tied to a chair in a dark room.


“Aufwachen!” One man shouted, slapping him across the face.


Tony took his time to open his eyes, blinking slowly. “What do you assholes want?”


The man in front of him, dressed in all black, spoke with a smirk. “Ah, you are awake, yes?”


Narrowing his eyes, Tony realized this was a kidnapping thing. They wanted something from him.


“We don’t want to hurt you,” he spoke again. Except with his German accent it sounded more like ‘ve don’t vant to hurt you.’


“Money? Weapons? Information? What do you want?” He wasn’t going to give them any of it, but it was fun to jerk them around.


“You being here is all we need.”


Tony scoffed. “What’s that supposed to mean? You gonna pick my brain? I hate to break it to you, but there’s no consent here. At all.”


They ignored him in favor of having their own conversation on the side. "Ist er schon hier?"


“Er ist auf dem Weg.”


“Good, good. Very good.” He turned back towards Tony. “You’ll be free soon. It’s not you that we want. Everything will be fine.”


Tony eyed him warily. There was something about the tone of his voice-- the way he sounded like he knew something that Tony didn’t. Which he, no doubt, did.


The man in front of him turned to face the man next to him. That’s when the shit hit the fan in .2 seconds and Tony realized howfucked he was. His blood turned cold when he saw the symbol: a skull with six tentacles coming out of it.


Hydra .


But what did they want? They had beef with Captain America, not Tony Stark. Maybe he was the bait? They were using him to lure Steve in? He had to know it was a trap, but knowing Steve, he would walk right into it.


“We’re bringing the boy in.”


Tony’s head snapped towards the door where the man that had just said that was standing. Boy . If they had Steve, they wouldn’t refer to him as ‘the boy’. Tony’s heart began to race. “Boy? What do you mean ‘boy’?”


“You’ll see soon enough,” he said with a grin.


Tony pulled on the restraints as he snarled, “Asshole, I swear to God .” But wasn’t sure what he was swearing for; he had no idea what they had to use against him. What boy?!


His question was answered a moment later when he heard shouting and banging coming from the other side of the door. Tony stared at the closed door, afraid of what would come in when it opened.


It shoved open and a boy did come stumbling in. The stupidest boy in the entire fucking world. His brown locks were clinging to the sweat on his forehead and his wide eyes scanned the room until they landed on him. “Mr. Stark!” He yelled, his voice cracking.


Two Hyrda goons came in behind him cackling. One of them shoved Peter harshly and he fell over onto his hands and knees. The other goon raised a gun to the back of Peter’s head and hit the base of his skull with it.


“Watch it!” Tony yelled, glaring up at the ass that hurt Peter.


But he barely paid any attention to it; he was too busy staring up at Tony. “Are you okay? Did they hurt you?”


Tony saw the worry in the kid’s eyes. He also saw the fear. Peter knew of Hydra; he knew how dangerous they were.


Swallowing thickly, Tony turned away from Peter and to his captors. “Is this kid supposed to mean something to me?” He ignored the panicked look from Peter. He hoped he would catch on.


The main good, that Tony was going to call Asshole,  laughed. “You think we are using him to get to you?” He shook his head. “You're his leverage.”


Tony blinked, pulling back in confusion. “What?”


“Peter Parker, otherwise known as Spider-Man , has extraordinary abilities that are hard to restrain. The only way to get him here was willingly. And that required a little incentive.”


Tony turned his wide eyes to Peter where he was still on the ground by Tony’s feet. “I'm sorry, Mr. Stark,” he mumbled.


“This is touching and I hate to interrupt your moment, but it's time for our work to start.” Asshole clapped his hands together.


Tony tensed, wishing he could protect Peter or at least stand in front of him. “What do you want?”


“Spider-Man, of course.”


“Over my dead ducking body,” Tony growled.


A grin spread across Asshole’s face. “So you do care about the little freak?” Peter flinched. “Still, our objective remains. Boss has everything ready and I'd hate to disappoint.”


“You really think you're going to get away with this?” Tony raised an eyebrow. “Spider-Man could knock you out with one punch.”


Asshole turned his full attention to Peter. “Look at me, boy.” Peter obeyed. “We'll let you choose, does that sound fair? We've been watching you for some time now. Your powers...Hydra wants them.”


“Tell Hydra to eat my shit,” Peter growled, looking like an angry puppy. Tony laughed, despite their current situation.


Asshole sighed. He turned to the goon with the gun. “Hit him.”


Tony felt his fury grow. “Don't fucking touch him.”


But instead of Peter getting punched across the face, Tony felt a fist slam intohis jaw. It would have thrown him to the ground if he weren’t tied to a chair. He narrowed his eyes at Asshole, who was smirking.


“Do it again.”


“No!” Peter screamed, going to get up, but the goon used the butt of his gun to shove him down.


Tony was ready for the punch this time. He heard Peter’s yelling over the ringing in his ear. A few seconds later, he could distinguish Peter’s words.


“Leave him alone, you son of a bitch!”


Asshole leaned down close to him with a smile. “How about you listen to our deal then?” He continued when Peter quieted down and settled on glaring. “In our lab we've got everything set up. Lots of fun toys for us to see what makes you tick.”


“You want to study me like a rat?” Peter’s nose flared in anger.


“You're a scientist, Peter, surely, you'd understand.” He grinned down at him. “I'm not going to lie to you, boy, this will hurt. A lot. But, it's all in the name of science.”


Science? You mean weaponry! You want me to make your own army!” Peter snarled. “No way!”


Asshole sighed. “I was afraid you were going to say that. Here comes your other option: you go free and Mr. Stark, over here, takes your place.”


Tony jumped at the idea. “He’ll take it! Let him go!”


“Ah, but be careful, Peter. The equipment down there and the tests we have planned...they are steered towards super soldiers and spider mutants. A weak human like him? He won't survive the first day.”


Tony didn't doubt he was lying, but he couldn't let Peter suffer. “He doesn't care--.”


“I'll go.”


Snapping his head to the kid, Tony yelled, “ What ?”


Peter ignored him. “I'll go with you --no fighting-- if you let him go.”


Asshole grinned like the Cheshire Cat. “Good choice, little one.”


Tony struggled, using his adult voice on Peter. “Peter Parker, I swear to fucking God himself, if you take one step with them, I will kill you and then bring you back to life so your aunt can beat your ass.”


But Peter was standing up and Asshole wrapped his arm around him. “I'm sorry, Mr. Stark,” he whispered as his voice cracked. He was just a fucking kid! He didn't deserve this.


“Parker, sit your ass back down or I will beat you myself.” Tony’s voice was wavering because he knew Peter wasn't about to listen to him.


Peter gave him a small smile, and Tony was already trying to burn the sight into his memory. “I'll be okay, Mr.

Then Asshole was leading him out of the room and Tony was going crazy. He was screaming and yelling and thrashing in his chair. “Peter! Dammit, Peter! Get back here!”


Goon was back with his ugly smirk. “I wouldn't worry about him, Mr. Stark,” the name sounded wrong from anyone other than Peter. “When you wake up, you won't even remember he's gone. It'll be like nothing ever happened.”


Tony’s blood ran cold. “What do you mean?” Another Hydra Goon took a step closer, holding a syringe. Tony repeated, “ What do you mean ?”


“Hydra thanks you, Tony Stark. Without you, we'd be years away from acquiring this development. I wish you could remember your generosity to us, but unfortunately, we can't let that happen. I'm sure you understand.”


“Getthe fuck away from me. I will kill you all! I'll kill you fucking dead!” Tony screamed, afraid of what happened when that needle pricked his skin.


“Goodnight, Tony Stark. Erinnerst du dich als…”


And then his world went black.Tony woke up to someone shaking his shoulder a little too roughly. He grunted, “Let me sleep.”


“Stark, get up.” Another shake. “ Tony .”


Tony pried his eyes open to see a very concerned Captain America above him. Tony frowned. “What happened?”


“Don't you remember the attack? Deranged scientist in a mask wanted to take over Queens with his mutant army of rats.” Steve didn't pull back even though Tony was up.


“What?” Tony tried to recall the last thing he remembered. It hurt. He remembered the alarm going off for the team to head out but… “Queens? I thought it was in the Bronx.”


Steve looked at him like he had five heads. “No, Queens. Are you okay? Maybe I should have Bruce check you over again.”


Tony say up from the bed was laying on, which he assumed was in the infirmary. “I'm fine, Cap. Don't get your Star Spangled panties in a twist.”


Steve rolled his eyes. “Excuse us for being worried

You've been out for over five hours.”


Tony’s eyebrows rose. “Really?”


Steve nodded. “Yeah. We weren't sure if you were gonna wake up at all. You hit your head pretty hard.”


Trying to remember anything besides his own name hurt too much, so he just nodded. “Yeah, I don't want to do that again.”


With a laugh, Steve stood up. “Sounds like a plan I can agree with.”


As Steve turned to leave, Tony couldn't help but feel like he was missingsomething. “Steve,” he called out hesitantly and waited for him to look at him. “Is everyone okay? No one is hurt, right?”


Smiling softly, Steve answered, “We’re fine, Tony. You're the worst out of everyone. Clint and Natasha are fighting over the remote control, Wanda is resting, Sam is fixing his gear, Bucky is probably breaking his gear once he fixes it, and Vision is floating around here somewhere.”


“That's it?”


Steve’s smile wavers. “Yeah, that's it. Besides for Bruce because he stayed behind and Thor because he's in Asgard. That's the whole team: safe and healthy.”


Of course, it was. Tony was just being stupid; he must have smacked his head really hard.


“Thanks, Cap,” he said, trying to rest again.


Steve stared at him strangely. “You sure you're okay?”


Tony nodded. “I'm fine,” he assured him with a smile. Hopefully, this weird feeling would disappear after he healed up.

But it didn't.


Almost a week later, Tony still had this empty feeling inside of him. He walked around the compound always feeling like something was missing or he was forgetting something.

“You don't have to do this,” Steve’s voice interrupted his thoughts.


A small voice answered, “He was only 15. Just a kid.”


Tony followed the sound of their voices to Wanda’s bedroom. He peeked his head in. “Everything okay in here?”


Steve looked up from his spot next to Wanda at the foot of her bed. He gestured to the television playing news footage from last week’s fight. “They found another body beneath the rubble.”


Tony watched as the television showed a picture of a young kid smiling widely. Underneath the picture was, ‘Peter Parker, 15, Queens'.


Tony stared at the TV intently. There was something, something burning the edge of his mind but he didn't knowwhat . He grunted as his head flared in pain.


Steve turned to him in concern. “Tony, are you--?”


“I'm fine,” Tony said quickly. This pain was normal. Whenever he thought too hard about something, someone started to take a hammer to the inside of his skull.


Steve turned back to console Wanda as they talked about the young kid leaving behind a broken-hearted aunt. Tony left the doorway quickly.


He didn't want to know anything about this kid. Giving the victims a name and a story made the job that much harder.

Tony had no clue who this Peter Parker kid was and he wanted to keep it that way.