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"You know, Theo Raeken," You start with a teasing grin. "isn't it a little dangerous to be walking around so late?"

"Not when you've got me." He smirks with his large arm around your shoulder, placing a kiss on the top of your head. "Did you enjoy the movie, baby girl?"

"Of course." You smile wide and look to him with absolute and utter admiration.

It was your one year anniversary and Theo had the idea to take you out to your favorite restaurant and follow that with taking you to the special showing of Scream. The town decided to set up a giant projector in the park with concessions to honor Wes Craven. It was something that you may never get the chance to do again and Theo knew you would love the experience.

"What's waiting at the apartment?" You toss a piece of your leftover candy into your mouth with the question.

"How do you know I have something waiting?" Theo questions, holding out his opposite hand for some of your candy.

"I know you." You giggle, pouring the candy into his hands.

"Guess you'll have to wait and see then." Theo's smirk radiates through the soft streetlights.

An obnoxious whistle comes from behind the two of you, ruining your moment. You want to ignore it but by the way Theo's grip tightens around your shoulders, you know he wants to turn around and confront the bastard who whistled. But, both of you keep walking, now in utter silence, listening to make sure no one follows you.

It's not until you round a corner that you start to hear footsteps, more than just one person. Theo's arm tugs you as close to him as possible, making sure no one could just come up and snatch you or hurt you. But, then three other whistles hit your ears and you knew Theo wasn't going to have any of it.

"Can we help you?" He turns around, facing three men, maybe a good ten to fifteen years older than the two of you.

"Just checking out your lady." One of them says with a horrendous smirk, his eyes looking you up and down.

Theo moves his arm to drape around your entire front so he can nudge you just behind him. "Yeah, mine." He stares the men down. "We don't want any trouble, so why don't you just go." You grip onto Theo's jacket as the other two men seem to constantly be looking at you.

"Yeah," The one in the middle with well-groomed facial hair says. "can't do that." He gives a smile only Satan himself could produce.

"Raeken, right?" The middle man says.

Theo lets out a soft breath with a light shake of his head as if to know exactly what was going on. "Yeah."

"Anyone ever tell you what happens when you fuck over the wrong people?" The middle man taunts as the other men close in, you feel them almost breathing down your neck.

"Theo..." Your voice shakes as your heart races with terror. "what's going on?"

"Shh, y/n, it's gonna be okay." Theo tries to reassure you but for once, his confidence falters and you know he isn't so sure.

"Oh come on, Raeken." Middle Man laughs with his head thrown back. "You know that's not true." His stare moves to you. "Your boyfriend here, just got you killed."

Before Theo could try and defend himself or you, two men come from behind and rip you from him. Theo extended his claws and tried to fight them off as you kicked and screamed but before Theo could make a move, one of the men presses a knife to your neck.

"One more move and we'll kill her here." Middle Man, who you now assume is the leader, says with his arms behind his back.

Theo's eyes turn back to green as his fangs and claws retract. He was never one to give in but he knew they were going to kill you in the middle of the sidewalk on a Saturday night if he moved. Sure, he could easily kill them all before any of them touched him but losing you wasn't even worth him trying. Theo's jaw clenches as he looks to you with glossed eyes, distraught and ashamed.

"That's what I thought." Middle Man says, placing a hand on Theo's shoulder. "Now, we're gonna walk calmly to that van down the alley and you're gonna get in and we're not gonna have any issues, that right?"

"Don't hurt her." Theo grits his teeth as his feet shuffle on the pavement.

"Don't worry," Middle Man sighs, waving his other men to come along. The two men hold your shoulders but you weren't about to start running or fighting. You were outnumbered and human, fear-stricken. "Why would we hurt the one thing that'll get you to cooperate?"

"What's this about?" Theo asks as you're lead down an alley where a van was waiting.

"Don't play stupid." Middle Man says with an annoyed tone.

"Look, whatever you want from me, you'll get it. You just have to let her go." Theo tries to reason as the man on your right moves a strand of hair behind your ear. Tears threaten to slip with the gesture because you know it's not innocent. "Touch her again." Theo growls surely only knowing one of them touched you because he's listening to your heartbeat.

"Whatever you morons just did, don't do it again." Middle Man turns and eyes the men on the side of you. "I'll let him kill you." He says before turning back around. "Get in the van." Middle Man demands as he opens the back of the van revealing nothing but open space.

"You've got to be kidding."Theo groans.

"Oh, did you think that was an option?" Middle Man stands tall to Theo, knowing he has the upper hand. "Actually, you're right. Don't want either of you coming up with a plan." He gives Theo a smug smile, locking eyes with him. "Knock them out." His voice is cheery as Theo's eyes widen and shine a vibrant yellow.

The two other men grab Theo but before you can even scream, one of the men walking with you, hits you with the butt of his gun, completely knocking you unconscious, falling limp into the arms the other man.

Eventually, you come to with your head throbbing and your eyes opening slowly. You're in a poorly lit room that almost looks like a basement of a cabin. You slowly move your head side to side, taking in your surroundings which is when you notice Theo chained against a cage shirtless. It's in that moment everything starts to come back and your vision clears while the throbbing takes a backseat to your wrists. They're handcuffed behind your back, around a large pole that's surely used for the structure of the building.

"Y/n." Theo says, his voice full of relief as his eyes open taking you in. "Are you okay?" He tugs at the chains, as if to be a reflex.

"Uh, yeah I think." You tug your arms but it just makes a clanking sound. "You're bloody." You notice blood streaks below his nose and around his mouth.

"Don't worry about it. I heal." Theo shoulders move in a motion that should have been a shrug.

"What'd they do to you?"

"Listen," Theo starts avoiding your question. "You do whatever they tell you to, okay?"

"What are they gonna make me do?" Your brows furrow as your heart starts picking up pace with building anxiety.

"I don't know." The words are broken as his jaw locks. "You gotta promise me."

"I promise." Your voice stays quiet as you look away from him. "What'd you do?"

"Don't worry about it." He shakes his head with distant eyes.

"Theo." Your eyes scan him quickly as your jaw falls open, hoping he didn't kill anyone.

"You can't know or they'll kill you."

"Ah, look who's finally awake." Middle Man says cheerfully as he climbs down the stairs in the corner. "Now we can have some fun." He walks over to you, big black boots sounding on the pavement. He kneels down, resting his forearms on his knees. You avoid eye contact, even holding your breath so you won't have to deal with the horrendous scent of whiskey and cigars.

"She doesn't know anything, Mike. Let her go." Theo says, almost sounding bored.

Mike chuckles, turning his head to look at Theo. "Come on, Raeken. You know better than anyone, if you want something from someone, all you have to do is get the person they care about most. If I'm not mistaken, you've done it a few times." You shake your head as you remember Theo nearly killing the sheriff just to get to Stiles. "You know and you're still with him?" Mike looks back to you and you only give him a side glance before locking eyes with Theo, trying to keep your face as still as possible. "You must really like him, huh?" Mike taunts but you just keep staring at Theo. "What's it like to be with a killer?" You grit your teeth at the word. Theo was horrible but he's not who he was then. "Answer me!" You jump at the sudden rise in his voice.

"Not like that anymore." You whisper, just barely hanging your head.

A side smirk lays on Mike's face as he looks back to Theo. "You really have her fooled, Raeken." He shakes his head and pushes off his legs. "Uncuff her." He tells one of his minions. "Try anything and we'll cut off one of his fingers." You can't help but scrunch your face at the grotesque thought.

One of the men comes over and uncuffs your hands. You grab your wrists and start rubbing the red ring from the handcuffs. They really wanted to make sure you wouldn't try and escape. A large hand grips your bicep, dragging you to Theo. Up close you're able to see just how hard he's breathing. His veins are more prominent than normal. His eyes reak of sleep and heartbreak. Your heart breaks seeing your boyfriend in this state.

"Here's the deal," Mike says as he walks over with another man carrying a cattle prod and a blow torch. "You're gonna burn him." Mike looks to you and then to Theo. "And you're gonna tell us where your pack is."

Theo rolls his eyes with the shake of his head. Technically, Theo isn't a part of Scott's pack, not yet anyway but these guys must have a good reason for thinking so. Most people don't torture others without a reason, even if it's sick and twisted.

"I'm not burning him." You mumble.

"I'll heal." Theo says as if it were nothing.

Mike laughs. "You're dumber than you look." He shakes his head. "This prod is made with wolfsbane, used to brand werewolves."

You nod once, knowing exactly what this about. "You're hunters." You look up to Mike and he nods.

"Of course, how else would we know any of this?"

"Well, I know and I'm not supernatural or a hunter." You quickly retort which grants you a quick glare from Theo.

"Oh, you're gonna be a smartass now." Mike's brows raise with disapproval.

"If you're going to set yourself up for a smartass remark, I might as well make it." Just as you finish the last word, Mike's large hand smacks your face, your head snapping to the right with the impact. You raise your hand to your cheek, feeling the warm flesh that was flushed red. Theo struggled against his chains more than pissed off you were just hit.

"Leave her alone!" Theo's growl booms through your ears.

"If she keeps her mouth shut, won't happen again." Mike glares at Theo but his face loosens when he looks back to you. "Sorry about that," He pushes a strand of hair behind your ear as you stop rubbing your cheek. "but you can't just smart off like that." He cooes and hands you the prod. "Now, burn him." His face hardens again and you look at the end of the prod where it's glowing orange and yellow.

"Why?" You furrow your eyebrows, trying to stall.

"You'll see. Do it." He grips the back of your neck sending a wave of shocking pain down your spine.

The bravery you had just seconds prior seemed to just slip away. You're stuck holding a scolding metal rod just inches away from Theo's sculpted stomach. You understood why they removed his shirt. You understood why they decided to chain him up to a wired wall and you to a pole. Watch each other suffer is one of the worst forms of torture, second only to making each other inflect the torture. These hunters were more than just hunters. They're sadists, psychopaths. Absolutely disgusting excuses for humans.

"This is getting annoying." Mike pulls out a pistol and holds it Theo's head, not releasing the back of your neck. "Do it, or I shoot him. Can't heal from that last time I checked."

"I-I-" You stutter, looking at the end of the prod that's still glowing orange.

"Y/n, do it. I've literally been to hell, this won't be that bad." Theo's face is stern as his jaw locks in anticipation for the burning to start.

You wince and close your eyes, pressing the prod against his stomach. Theo screams in pain as the scent of burning flesh fills your nose. You pull away, just wanting him to stop screaming.

"Nope!" Mike yells putting the gun down and pushing you against Theo again. "Keep it on him until I say stop."

"Please pass out," You start saying with closed eyes, trying not to cry, not to focus on Theo's pain. "Please pass out, please pass out, please pass the fuck out." You let out a sob that's barely heard over Theo's agonizing cries and his chains rattling against the wire. "I don't wanna do this!" You finally turn your head, squinting your eyes at Theo. His screams start calming down, coming to a complete stop as his head hangs and his body goes limp. "Theo?" Your lip quivers as you stare at him, hoping he's just passed out from the pain.

"Cuff her again. We'll start again when he wakes up." Mike says taking the cattle prod from your hands. "You did good, sweetheart." Mike gives you a creepy smile before walking off.

The two men left behind drag you back to the pole and handcuff you. You didn't try to get away from them, fight them, nothing. You couldn't do anything. You just burned your boyfriend to the point where he actually passed out from the pain. If he lives, you knew it would scar. Chimera or not, the wolfsbane is going to make sure it scars and now he'll always see it.

Once you finally got used to the lingering smell of Theo's burnt skin, you able to really stare him. The scar on his stomach was a decorative C, probably the surname of the hunting clan's founders. It's large and cauterized. Even though you were forced to do it, a part of you thinks that if you both get out of it alive, he'll blame you for it. Theo's chest starts moving faster as a soft groan leaves his lips and you can't help but let out a soft sigh of relief.

"Fuck." Theo groans, barely lifting his head and you can't tell if he's just too weak to lift it all the way or if he's looking at his stomach. "Ow." His eyes catch yours and they're a deep green. You expected him to wake up with glowing yellow orbs and a scowl ready to kill but this was a look of defeat.

"I'm so sorry." You whine as tears start to drip from the corners of your eyes.

"Don't." Theo shakes his head and finally holds it upright. "This is my fault, not yours."

"What happened?" You ask softly.

"Remember when I went to Montana a few months ago?" Theo asks with heavy breaths. You nod once remembering him being gone a few weeks. You were lonely while he was away which you found quite strange since you were never the clingy type but you missed Theo more than anything. "Got wind some hunters going after a pack. I went to help them. That's why Scott left, Liam, Malia, and Peter. Derek only stayed to make sure the rest of you weren't hunted down in case something went south." Theo's voice croaks as he continues to talk. "This hunter had me pinned. I guess my, uh, I thought I could handle it myself and went out alone. But, this hunter, brought his five-year-old daughter with him. What fucking person does that? Bring your five-year-old to fucking work, in the cross-fire to get killed." Theo growls as his fist close in anger. "She got scared and started running off." Theo stops talking as the thoughts seem to completely cloud his mind.

"Theo, what did you do?"

"I ran, alright?" He grits his teeth, clearly unpleased with his actions. "I ran because I wasn't going to kill this girl's dad right in front of her. But, when I did that," Theo licks his lips with remorse. "He started shooting. I dodged one of his bullets and," He looks to the ground as your heart seems to know exactly what the rest of his story is going to be. "She was right there." He shakes his head and looks to you with the saddest puppy eyes you've ever seen. "She was dead almost instantly. I heard her heart stop." His eyes squint as if he could hear it all over again. "So, that, that made me stop right there and he came after me so fast, I just, I just, I didn't have a choice but to kill him after that."

"Does Scott know?"

"Yeah," He nods. "He wasn't happy but, he knew about these hunters and wasn't surprised one had a kid out there but he warned me. He warned me that they might come here for revenge but it's been months. I thought we were okay."

"Why didn't you just tell me?"

"Because, y/n, the last thing I want to do is come home and tell my girlfriend I killed a fucking kid. Risk you thinking I've fallen back into who I was before-" He stops himself from finishing his sentence as his frustration seems to grow.

"You can tell me anything." You bite your lip and move your stare back to his branded stomach.

"Working on it."

"What are the odds of us getting out of here alive?" You ask the daunting question now that everything seems to just be laid out in front of you.

Theo sighs tugging at the chains on his arm. "What are the odds Lydia had one of her banshee vision things and figured out we need some help?"

"They aren't called banshee visions." You correct him as if it were just a normal conversation. "But, not good and even if she did, she's had to gather the calvary first and then," You stop as you try to figure out how to phrase your next sentence but at this point, you're dehydrated and too tired to care. "Lydia would have to use her banshee powers and Scott and the rest of the pack would just have to sniff us out. So, we should probably come up with a plan ourselves."

"Banshee powers? Sniff us out?" Theo manages a chuckle but quickly winces when his stomach starts to burn from flexing.

"Hey, we've been here for hours. I had to fucking brand you!" Your voice rises with the obvious statement. "I don't care about how I phrase things right now." Theo's face suddenly softens and you can almost see a lightbulb turning on above his head. You cock a brow. "What?"

"Do you have your phone?"

"Uh," You look down and you're still wearing your hoodie but with your hands behind you, you can't reach inside to the zipped pocket to check for the phone. "maybe? Why?"

"You have the world's smallest bladder. You peed twice during the movie and you had barely anything to drink. I know you have to go. So, tell them. They're gonna make you brand me again first, but make them take you to the bathroom and text Scott. Lydia. Stiles. Liam. Everyone."

"Start yelling with me then because I suddenly am very aware of how full my bladder is." You give a devilish grin and he starts yelling, looking up to the ceiling.

"We need a bathroom down here!" Theo's voice booms in the basement and you have to admire him for it because you know yelling is causing him pain.

"Hey," You start as footsteps start sounding above you. "You know, I love you."

"Don't start that." He shakes his head as his cheeks turn pink.

"No, I do and hey, no better time to say it than when we might die and you don't have to say it back but I needed to say it because-"

"I love you." He says shyly but happily. Theo rarely ever even tells you he actually has feelings for you. He's more of an actions speak louder than words person so you know when he says his feelings, he's serious. "Shh." He says as a door squeaks open and boots stomp down the stairs.

"Bathroom, huh?" Mike says as he stares you down.

"Yeah," You bite back a smart remark, hoping that will get him to let you go.

"Well, alright but since your lovely boyfriend is awake and seemingly well, let's have another go, shall we?" You look to the ground, half in disbelief Theo knew he was gonna make you do it again and half relieved this plan might work as long as you still have your phone.

The minions uncuff you and you rub your wrists just as you did before. At this point, you were sure you were going to have bruises for weeks from the cuffs. One minion stands you in front of Theo as the other one grabs the blow torch and starts in on the cattle prod with Mike.

"Alright, Raeken, gonna tell us where your pack is hiding out?" Mike asks, his voice coming over the sound of the fire.

"Nope." Theo states with his mouth in a straight line.

"If you tell us, all of this can be over." Mike taunts but you and Theo know he's full of shit.

"Yeah, I tell you and you kill us." Theo retorts, making you send him the same glare he did you when you smarted off.

A creepy smile forms on Mike's face as he seems to find actual pleasure in the torture "You are stubborn as fuck, Raeken, you know that?" He walks over with the metal pole in hand.

"What can I say? Better than being a tortuous prick."

Mike scowls at him, handing you the prod and forcing you to push it against Theo's stomach all in one motion. Theo starts yelling just as he did the first time and you had to look away. You focused your mind on just getting your phone from your pocket and texting your friends. This would be over if you could just do that.

"Okay." Mike says as you quickly drop the prod, taking a look at Theo. Beads of sweat drip from his forehead as his eyes shine a bright yellow but his fangs are still hidden as well his claws. His stomach, on the other hand, is a mess. You knew without a single doubt he'd be dead if he weren't a chimera. "Aaron," Mike nods to one of his minions. "take her to the bathroom. I'm gonna have a little talk with Theo and maybe he'll change his mind."

"Let's go." You drop the prod on the floor as Aaron yanks you with him towards the stairs. You get a look at Theo who's head is hung but he's unfortunately still awake and in pain.

You climb the stairs and are shoved down a hallway, the sound of Theo's agonizing screams coming through the floor. You look behind you to Aaron and he doesn't seem to have a sympathetic bone in his body.

"There. You have two minutes." He shoves you into a door before checking his watch.

You shake your head and enter the bathroom, locking the door quickly. You check your pocket inside of your hoodie and find your phone still almost full of battery. Your eyes water with relief and you immediately create a giant group message to get the text out faster. You explain that you and Theo were kidnapped by the hunters and need help. You vaguely explain the torture and that you didn't think they were going to keep this going for much longer. The text sends and you wipe your eyes, shoving your phone back into your pocket, making sure it was still on silent.

You hurry going to the bathroom and washing your hands just as Aaron starts banging on the door. "I'm coming." You open the door with wet hands.

"Took you long enough." He grabs your hood and pulls you out of the doorway.

"Well, you hold your bladder for twelve hours and I'm sure it'll take you awhile, too." You retort and are slammed against a wall just before the stairs.

"Didn't Mike tell you to not be a smartass?"

"Well, he actually said I shouldn't smart off but never actually called me a smartass." The more remarks you're able to make, the longer you'll be upstairs which means that will give the pack longer to locate you. It's a dangerous way to stall but it's all you have.

Aaron's jaw clenches and his fist collides with your face. You let out a whine in response as your cheek aches. "Smart off again." He grits his teeth and pushes you from the wall towards the stairs.

You walk down the stairs with your hand feeling the blood from the cut that surely only happened because Aaron is wearing a ring. Theo's eyes move to you as you come into view and his green eyes turn vibrant yellow again, this time his fangs extending.

"What'd you do to her?" Theo pulls against his chains at the sight of the small bloody cut.

Mike starts chuckling as he glances at you and back to Theo. "What'd she do?"

"Smarted off." Arron says, shoving you in front of Theo.

"Make this next part way more fun." Mike looks down to you and you try to steady your breath as your stomach turns. They figured out something worse and you were dreading every passing second. "Pin her down." Mike grabs the prod with his words.

Aaron grabs your shoulders and forces you on your stomach. You fight against him but he's twice your size and you were just no match. The other minion helps with the blow torch again.

"Don't!" Theo growls, still tugging against the chains.

"I told you," Mike starts as the sound of the blowtorch comes to a stop. "All you had to do was tell me where your pack is and I won't have to do this." The other guy plants himself on the floor above your head, holding your arms down while Aaron pulls your hoodie and shirt up, revealing your back before pinning your legs down.

"Okay!" Theo yells but Mike is already holding the scorching prod to your back as you let out an ear piercing scream, your arms and legs squirming beneath the two men. Mike pulls it away after a few seconds but the damage was done and you were ready to both throw up and pass out from the pain and smell.

"It's okay." You choke out with tears grazing your face.

"I don't have a pack." Theo starts talking. "They won't let me in." Theo's words are fast.

"Yeah, right." Mike says, sticking you with the prod again as you scream so loud you could swear your vocal chords were being ripped from your throat.

"I swear!" Theo yells with a cracked voice but Mike doesn't let up and before you know it, your voice stops and everything goes black.

"Y/n, please wake up." Theo says. "Come on, don't you die." Theo's voice cracks with heartbreak. "Wake up!"

"Theo, we gotta get out of here." Scott says, hovering over Theo.

"She has to wake up first." Theo's eyes dart over your motionless body praying to a God he doesn't even believe in that you won't die on him.

"We can carry her. Derek and me, we got her. Liam and Malia," Scott turns to his pack members and they approach him quickly. "help Theo while we get y/n out of here."

"I'm not leaving her!" Theo defends, brushing Liam off of him.

"You're not! You're going up those stairs first!" Scott argues as him and Derek kneel beside you.

"For fuck's sake," Derek groans. "We're never going to get anywhere with you children arguing." Derek extends one of his claws and grazes your skin just enough to leave a mark but not draw blood. You groan in response and everyone just stares. "Hm, that was hard." Derek says with more sarcasm than necessary.

"Ow." You whine as you finally come to.

"You're alive." Theo says almost in disbelief but completely relieved.