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The Art of Deals, Dares and Seduction

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"Bruce", Selina purrs at his ear. "Yes Selina?", he answers with his utmost vacuous smile. She grimaces at the smile. Of course, that was exactly why he used it on her. She was the only one in the room, except for Alfred, who knew Omega Bruce Wayne was really Batman. Selina was great at disguises, yet even she was disgusted by Bruce Wayne's apparent complete idiocy.

"I think the Justice League heard about the famous rumor "Attack on the Gala to Kidnap the most important persons in America", Selina replies, taking Bruce's arm in with an hand.

No point fooling around with Selina, "What makes you think so?". Selina guides him to an empty spot by the wall, "Well, Wonder Woman is here for one and there were some sightings of Flash and Green Lantern outside". Batman will have to growl at them appropriately next meeting for getting seen in an stealthy mission. Amateurs...

"So, since this evening will be interesting, why not make it more interesting?", Selina puts Bruce at the test with a pleasant smirk. Oh, this might be interesting, Bruce thinks. "What do you have in mind?", Bruce responds with a blinding smile. Selina frowns a little at his smile, "Well, are you able to get Lex Luthor to give you a copy of his new invention before it gets on the market?". This is too easy, Bruce thinks, Batman can steal it quite easily. "And", Selina adds with a satisfied smile, "Lex Luthor has to willingly cooperate with you". At that moment, Bruce hates Selina for knowing him so well. Selina is normally the one seducing information out of victims, he prefers to punch it out or steal the information from computers. Selina is daring Bruce to get the result like she does and Bruce knows he cannot resist her dare since he believes he has the skills to rival her. Nonetheless, Bruce will make sure he gets something out of this, "Sure, Selina, I can do it. But, in exchange, you will owe me a favor".

Selina hates his favors with a passion. Last time, she had to wade through the sewers to infiltrate a weapon warehouse. She barely got out intact (except for the smell) and didn't get paid. But seeing Bruce seduce Lex out of his invention? So worth it. "Deal", she answers with a smile.

It is well known Lex only sleeps with intelligent people, no matter their caste. It is well known Bruce Wayne flirts with everyone. He never invites anyone on a date or take any initiatives in any relationship. Since he is such a prize : Omega, beautiful, charming, young, very very rich and single, he never lacks a casual date. How will Bruce manage this?, Selina wonders as both she and Bruce walk toward Lex.

"LEX! Dear friend!", Bruce yells quite loudly to Lex and his businessman interlocutor. Lex turns annoyed to him and smiles a chilling smile at Bruce, "Bruce, what a pleasure". Anyone with common sense seeing that smile would have fled as fast as possible. Of course, Bruce is so stupid, he does not get the hint, "So, Lex, I was thinking of you the other day... There was this smart people convention going on in Gotham and Joker kind of invaded the place. Too bad they weren't smart enough to laugh at his jokes..." Lex takes a deep breath to stop himself from strangling Bruce and asks point blank, "What do you want?" His previous prey (the businessman) has already escape, might has well get the satisfaction of insulting Bruce to his face. Bruce looks confused for a moment (when has he not looked confused, Lex's mind supplied to him) before he starts another dumb story, "Well, there was this bird who was annoying me by his ugly face, so I..."

Lex remembers his first meeting with the annoying kid. Back then, Lionel Luthor had wanted the Waynes to arrange a marriage between Lex and Bruce. Bruce had been so utterly stupid and vain, Lex had begged his father not to marry him to that idiot. Lionel had thought Bruce's stupidity was actually an asset. Thankfully, the Waynes had declined the proposal. Lex remembered the conversation he had inadvertently overheard, "Bruce, you cannot just act like that because you hate Lionel. You have to be polite and kind" and Lex had heard Bruce respond :"I don't want to marry." For a while, Lex had thought Bruce was smarter than he pretended. Bruce always had the highest marks in school, even after his parents' demise. It took years of Lex's astute observation to ascertain Bruce was truly and totally an idiot. The Waynes and their butler must have paid Bruce's school off to get him good marks, something Lex could understand the practicability in Bruce's case; there was no way he could have passed simple grade school tests with that level of intelligence.

So, how to get rid of that perfect idiot?, Lex had to ask himself. "...And so I said to myself, paint is the solution to everyone's problem and..." Bruce drones on and on. Selina Kyle, beautiful curator, appears to listen with interest to Bruce's nonsense story. She is probably trying to wiggle out money from Bruce Wayne. "So Bruce", Lex intervenes before Bruce could explain why paint was everyone's solution, "Did you make any interesting deals lately?". Bruce lights up, "Yes. I'm pretty sure our WE's latest invention is better than yours. Is it possible to compare them?". Lex bristles; Bruce plays around and his team, one of the best on Earth, whips out a fabulous new invention. Of course, Bruce knows nothing of hard work, still, Lex cannot stop himself from treating it as a competition between the two companies. "You'll have to wait the release date", Lex explains as to an impatient five years old annoying brat.

Bruce pouts as if he was said five years old brat, "But Lex! Dick wanted an early evaluation and I told him I could probably convince my old friend to do it!". Lex tried to resist flinching at being called, yet again, Bruce's friend. Of course Bruce would make exaggerated promises to his wards (or were they sons?). Lex almost pitied anyone having to live full time with him. Almost. "Sorry, but I really can't release it early, even for you", Lex said with barely concealed glee. "Even if I won't leak it?", Bruce pursues with pathetic grey blue puppy-eyes. "Even if you won't leak it.", Lex confirmed with a smirk.

"Is there anything you would want in exchange?", Bruce presses on softly, his long eyelashes fluttering on his porcelain skin. He laid his hand delicately on Lex's forearm. Lex tried to avoid recoiling, yet he felt it wasn't all that hard with the circling motion Bruce's thumb was making on his arm. It felt like a massage, warm and soothing. He looked back to Bruce's face, trying to understand why he was touching him. Bruce's eyes left him breathless, the vacant eyes no longer there. In their place, the eyes had soften to a deep tenderness like a parent's one toward a beloved child, a emotion Lex had never felt directed toward him with that intensity. Lex's first instincts had been to say no, just to make the bastard pay. Then, he rethinks it; he could actually get something I wouldn't be able to get otherwise. Something that should have been repulsive until just now. Gagging Bruce would actually make it more enjoyable. Or maybe not. Wouldn't it be more pleasant to hear his name repeated over and over by the beautiful man in front of him? Lex had always known Bruce was made like a model: tall, soft blue-eyes, fair skinned, kissable lips, black hair and elegant. Never before today had it come to Lex's attention how much he could desire such a shallow man.

"Actually, there may be something I might want from you...", Lex cruelly insinuates. Bruce's whole face lighten up as if he was promised an early Christmas, eyes still soft, "And what would that be?". Selina Kyle stares at Lex, some indistinguishable unknown emotion fluttering below. Lex would have actually spelled it out to Bruce if Bruce had been alone, but he can't exactly come out and say what he thinks in front of his audience, "Well, you will owe me a big favor". Bruce seems hypnotized by Lex's words, "What kind of favor?". Before Lex can give a delicate answer, Selina chimes in, "Why not make it more interesting?". Lex thought he imagined the brief flutter of annoyance on Bruce's face. Lex curiously asks, "And how do we make things more interesting?". The curator smiles smoothly, "How about you try to seduce someone else in this gala? You will both vying for the same person's attention and the first person to get a date with that person will get what they want, so either the invention or the favor".

Bruce seems dumbfounded at the suggestion, although Selina is sure he will glare at her when Lex will turn around. She feels his frustration at being played again into a game of seduction he did not choose. Lex is intrigued by the idea. Now he gets something for free, as long as he chooses correctly their prey. He starts mentally making the profile of who will be more attracted to him than to dumb (yet wholly beautiful) Bruce.

Selina smiles shyly at Bruce and Lex and pretends to hesitate over their reactions, "Is it... that bad of an idea?". Lex reassures her, "No, no, the idea is fine. But who will be a good candidate for an Alpha and an Omega?". Great, Selina thinks, now that Lex has accepted it, Bruce can't back down."What about a Oliver Queen?", she proposes. Bruce is happy to see Lex's small twitch of his left part of his lip, "No, that won't work. Oliver is in relationship and has always been attracted to Bruce. It wouldn't be fair", Lex explains. Bruce did not know Oliver supposedly had a crush on him, still he is sure the real reason Lex refuses is because he knows Oliver hates his guts. Batman will have to make a note in Oliver's section detailing the possibility of his crush and open an investigation on the matter.

"Then, what about Wonder Woman? She is an alpha interested in other alphas", Selina asks. "Bad idea. The only men she dated were Omegas and Betas. She is probably scare an Alpha man will bring her down", Lex refuses. Selina's anger simmers for Lex's sexist remark. Bruce is wondering why Selina is choosing known members (for her) of the Justice League. Is she planning on having him seduce one of his colleague? This is bad...

"Why don't you propose someone then?", Selina wonders loudly. "Why not Clark Kent?", Lex proposes.

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME?", Bruce thinks very loudly, "Neither of you knows he is Superman and you proposes him? Why are you both conspiring to get me to make me seduce my colleagues? Do you know how awkward it will be if they ever learn my identity especially since I know all of their identities?". Outwardly, Bruce seems mildly confused and excited at the prospect of seducing someone.

"Isn't he an Alpha?", Selina politely asked Lex. He smiled mildly at her,"Yes, but I know for a fact he likes a Beta, loved an Omega and an Alpha. He must be attracted to all the castes". Bruce perked up at that mention. His Superman's file will have to be updated to confirm Lex had been more than a friend to him when they both were living in Smallville.

Selina hesitated before turning to Lex, her eyes clearly communicating her lack of trust in Lex's sincerity but indicating it was now Bruce's battle. "So what does 'seduce' means?", Bruce said, his thumb still making circles on Lex's arm. Lex had leaned closer to him during the whole conversation.

Lex and Selina exchanged a glance probably something along the lines of : Who will explain it to the idiot? Finally, Selina said, "Well, first one between you and Lex who can get Clark Kent to invite you on a date without asking him to will win. You have until midnight today to do it". Bruce's head drew closer during the explanation, his head almost next to Lex's earlobe. When Bruce answered deeply and softy almost into Lex's ear, Lex felt shivers running down his spine, something he never did. It was then decided Lex would introduced Bruce to Clark Kent and the game would began.

Similarly to Selina's previous behavior, Lex took Bruce's arm in his hand and slowly dragged him to Clark. Along the way, Lex appreciated the silent presence of the warm man letting him lead the way. Lex had always wanted someone to follow him, but mostly to love him for himself. Not for power, not for money, not for information... Just for himself. Even though Bruce was the height of stupidity, he was warm and he had showed him tenderness. Everyone was hard on Lex, starting with his father. Yet, Lex could now imagine himself getting home to a tender Bruce, massaging him his shoulder, giving him a drink and saying only his name in bed. If he could train Bruce to always be this compliant, this quiet in Lex's recuperating moments, Lex could forgive the man's stupidity. Not everyone was lucky enough to be smart as himself was.

Lex was almost sad when he arrived near Clark. He would have to release Bruce to seduce Clark. Clark. That was another one he wanted. Clark in his innocence with his doubts who had been lead to bed and to which Lex had taught love-making. Clark who was now clumsy, distracted and mostly detached. So remote from Lex, the businessman had barely recognized him when he had been interviewed by him. Why hadn't he rekindle the relationship? Ah, that was right. Clark was a liar and a doubter. Even though Clark was stupidly naive, he was always double checking everything Lex said. It was so sad it had ended badly as neither Lex nor Clark could trust the other.

"Clark!", Lex called. Clark seemingly searching someone in the crowd, answered distractedly, "Lex? Sorry, I am looking for someone I was suppose to interview". Lex should have been mad Clark was ignoring him, yet he felt exhilarated in having the task of seducing him. This supposedly boring Gala could actually bring Clark and Bruce into his bed. Not a bad night.

"Oh. Are you too busy for me to introduce you to an old friend of mine?", Lex replied evenly. Clark sent a glance his way before outright staring at Bruce Wayne standing idle beside Lex. "Your old friend is Bruce Wayne?", Clark asked incredulous. The reporter had known Mister Wayne could evade reporter's interview questions with an astonishing stupidity, yet he was always big news. Beside, Lex had friends beside himself? According to all rumors he had ever heard, Lex only hanged up with the cream of the intelligent society or business world. Mister Wayne may be a businessman, yet it was widely known he had nothing to do with his company's continued success nor was he known to make smart decisions (who was stupid enough to go to his downtown penthouse during a Joker attack because his Manor's pool was not working properly?).

Lex smiled, he had Clark's attention. Time to begin the attack, "Yes. Didn't you know we went to Excelsior together? This was before we met in Smallville. If I remember correctly, you had wanted to get into that school?". Clark looked nervously around, "Uh, my mother wanted me to attend it because I was smart. I had always wanted to attend Smallville High". Lex felt smug; he could easily trigger Clark's nostalgia and awaken a memory of what had been. Clark was a sentimentalist and talking slowly in a manner resembling their best moments was a good way to obtain a date. Bruce never had a chance.

Bruce observed from the sideways Lex's skillful maneuvering of Clark. Since Lex had made sure to engage with Smallville's nostalgia, it was increasingly difficult for Bruce Wayne to intervene on the subject. He could always start a random conversation as Bruce was prone to do, but it would confuse Clark more than anything else. Bruce should use his knowledge of Superman to intervene.

Clark felt himself being involuntary sucked into recounting Smallville's latest gossip to Lex. Then, Lex had laughed. A true laugh, not a haughty or superficial one. He could see Lex's clear teeth and he had to ask himself why he had broken up with Lex. Yes, he was a danger as a supervillain, but he could be reformed. Lex had lashed out at Clark, still Clark had not acted perfectly with Lex either. They both had been at fault...

Clark opened his mouth to set up a meeting with Lex to catch up since he felt his nostalgia threatening his attention when Bruce cut in, bowing formally to Clark, "Clark, would you like to dance?". Lex and Clark stilled. Bruce was an Omega and he was asking an Alpha to dance? Wasn't that against all traditions and wasn't Bruce known to be utterly passive in all of his relationships? In a public high school, it was fine for an Omega to strongly inferred they would like to dance with the Alpha. In high society, where the rules took a long time to change, it was unheard of by the well educated. Despite all of Bruce's failings, he was well educated.

Clark started stuttering a response, "Uh..." as Bruce gently took his hand and lead him to the dance floor. Lex was left flabbergast on the floor nursing his champagne.

Clark glanced back to see Lex staring at them. In a way, Bruce might have helped him, since Lex was distracting him from his mission. On the other hand, none of the dances Clark had learned in high school would be appropriate in this setting and he would end up looking like a fool dancing with celebrity Bruce Wayne. Said man smiled reassuringly when he noticed Clark was awkwardly standing on the edge of the dance floor. The businessman gently tugged Clark's hand toward him and asked very softly, "Do you want me to teach you how to dance?". Bruce's voice was so soft it was barely a whisper among the brouhaha of the gala, nonetheless, the tone calmed Clark. He nodded back and Bruce took his hand in his and placed them appropriately on his waist. Clark could feel the well formed muscles underneath the soft clothes. Bruce took Clark's other hand in his and slowly began showing Clark the steps.

It took a moment for Clark to realized Bruce was dancing lead, again unheard for a Omega to do with an Alpha. Clark should have been shocked or insulted. He was not. He followed Bruce's steps diligently, moving less stiffly than at the start. Then, Bruce leaned very closely to Clark's ear and whispered, "Take the lead when you feel ready". Clark reddened at that. Bruce wanted him to lead? Hadn't Bruce asked him to dance because he thought he could lead?

After a while of dancing and hearing the gossiping whispers about him and Bruce, Clark shyly looked at Bruce's eyes to figure out if he had been serious. The reporter almost recoiled at seeing Bruce's unwavering trust in him. Nobody except his parents had ever had that look in their face while looking at him and not at Superman.

Clark should have asked Bruce why he trusted him like that. He should have asked Bruce why he had been more aggressive than what was okay in high society. He didn't. He wanted to savor the moment he fell head over heels for Bruce Wayne. He wanted to savor the warm touch of his waist against his hand and how he could feel the blood flow giving life to Bruce. He wanted to memorize the way Bruce's hair contrasted against his pale skin, how the sweet lips sang love to Clark's ears and how Clark felt safe with Bruce.

Since he was young, Clark never felt as he truly belong to Earth, his community and his school. He felt himself with his parents and with no one else. He had always thought nobody else would ever love him because he was alien and dangerous. He thought he was destined to be forever alone along humans. His love for Lana had hinted there was no chance he would ever be accepted. His love with Lex had made him sure he would be hunted if uncovered. His love for Lois had made him jealous of himself, as if he should cleave himself in two to be truly happy. For a reason or another, Bruce's utter trust in Clark Kent gave him hope he would not be harmed and left alone, crying in the rain as with Lex.

So Clark took the lead.

Lex saw the change immediately. One moment, Bruce was weaving himself and Clark elegantly through the crowd while Clark was clumsily moving along. The next moment, Clark had straightened his shoulders and was moving proudly and strongly while Bruce was hanging to him as a shadow to a body, unerringly his. In that glorious moment, Lex wanted them both. Then, he realized he would never have them. Bruce had looked at him with tenderness, not the trust he was showing his partner and Clark had always bumbled in their relationship, always uncertain and second guessing, never proud and sure as he was with Bruce. In the moment after the realization he wanted them, he hated them for not choosing him.

Clark danced, only looking in Bruce's stunningly clear eyes, everything else unimportant, for what seemed liked a second when he noticed the blood. For a long slowmo moment, he did not understand.

Bruce couldn't believe his plan to get Clark's attention was working so well. He only taught him to dance and gave him the opportunity to learn and Clark was sailing smoothly across the floor, attracting attention from everyone around the dancing floor. He could see Lex turn red and break his glass, blood dripping on the floor. Well, Lex had always been a sore loser. At their fifth dance since Clark had taken the lead, he sensed someone behind him and moved enough to avoid a fatal blow. Staunch the blood. Why would the aliens stab someone? Don't they have more advanced technology? Was this a human assassin's doing? And more importantly, why didn't Superman noticed his partner was getting stabbed in front of him?!?

Blood. Bruce's blood was flowing on the floor, screams erupting the nicest evening Clark had had in a long while. Bruce. Did Clark fall in love with him just for him to die in front of him? No. Bruce would not die. He cradled the body to himself, asking or screaming for a medic. An old man, dressed as a butler came to take Bruce from Clark's hands. Clark refused to let him go. Bruce had to whisper, "Clark, he is going to help me. I am going to be fine..." before the man and a prettily dressed woman could take Bruce from Clark's hands. Clark felt he was lost without the weight on his arms. He looked down and realized he was covered in Bruce's blood. He had completely forgotten about the assassin until Diana came back in the room with a man attached in her lasso.

If Clark had been confused before, he was now mad. He may be losing Bruce just after he had met him. He shoved the assassin, startling Diana, and asked why he would try to murder Bruce Wayne. The man, cowering from Clark, hiding behind Diana explained it was a last minute request from an anonymous source to murder Bruce Wayne at the Gala. He was well paid for his attempt. Clark stepped toward the man, Oliver Queen taking him forcefully by the arm and saying they should go see Bruce. Dinah and Diana looked ready to fight Clark if he lost control. The reporter dejectedly walked with Oliver toward the ambulance. Bruce was not in the ambulance. Oliver frowned.

J'onn J'onzz chose that moment to call the Justice League by comm and to announce Flash, Green Lantern and himself had noticed the alien's spaceship and had arrested them easily enough. He was also asking why there was such a commotion at the Gala. Batman's dry voice answered, "An assassination attempt was made on Bruce Wayne. It failed".

Silence greeted the answer. "So was it Wonder Woman, Superman, Green Arrow, Black Canary or Batman who stopped the attempt?", Flash asked. "None of us did it. The assassin was apparently incompetent. He failed to kill him although he stabbed him", Batman continued. Clark felt his stomach churn. "Any other casualties?", J'onn responded. "Well, it may not be the type of casualty you are talking about, but Superman seems to have fallen in love with Bruce Wayne", Green Arrow announced humorously.

"THE Bruce Wayne?", Flash asked very interested since gossip was his favorite League talk. "The one and only", Green Arrow confirmed. Another awkward silence was heard until Batman replied, "Don't you dare use that as an excuse to come interfere in Gotham's matters, Superman". Flash, Green Arrow, Green Lantern and Black Canary all started calling him names or trying to get him to relent on his position.

"Shouldn't we make sure he isn't a criminal?", J'onn wisely interfered. Batman answered, "He is not a supervillain, although sometimes I wish he was". Nobody seemed to understand why he would wish that. Green Lantern said has much and Batman sighed, "He is a walking disaster. He is always interrupting well thought plans to complicate everything all at once. If only stupidity was a crime I could send him to jail for. Look at tonight. If not for him distracting Superman, nobody would have gotten hurt tonight". A new silence greeted the affirmation. "Batman, do you hate Bruce Wayne?", Flash asked incredulous. He practically gushed, "I mean, he may not be the smartest person I know, but he is made like a model, elegant and generous with charities". Green Lantern snorted in the comm, "Are you jealous of him?". Superman intervened for the first time that night with a growling voice, "Batman, I will not stand down if you keep insulting him. He is the one I love!". Batman hanged up his comm without commenting further. He massaged his forehead, a headache probably forming.

"Do you need painkillers, Master Bruce", Alfred asked from the front of the limousine. "No, Alfred. Why do they defend Bruce Wayne? He was built to be underestimated and to camouflage Batman. Why do people love him?", Bruce mumbled back. He noticed Alfred's raised eyebrow in the mirror, "Why indeed, Master Wayne. I must say he did very good for himself tonight. One might hope he will get a mate soon". Bruce glared back at his reflection in the window, "Not now Alfred. I want to forget tonight as much as possible".

The silence grew until Bruce spoke again, "Alfred, please tell me you did not send anything to Dick, Jason or Tim about tonight". Alfred's sure voice answered him, "I did not, although one would guess Mistress Kyle did". Bruce groaned. Selina. What was the worst he could dream of for a favor from her? The slaughterhouse infiltration? He was sure he could do better. "Good thing you followed my suggestion of putting a armor layer and some fake blood", Alfred finally said. Bruce didn't even answer.

Bruce's cellphone made a beeping sound. He looked at it and saw the message was from an unknown person, "Hi, I'm Clark Kent. I was the person dancing with you tonight when you fell over. Oliver Queen gave me your number to make sure you were fine. Are you Okay? I would like to meet you to get to know you and to cheer you up when it will be fine for you to receive someone. Sorry about tonight incident. I hope you have a good convalescence. With Love, Clark Kent".

Bruce read the incoherent text three times, looking for another purpose for the text other than Superman's and Green Arrow's explanation. It was probably guilt speaking. Nonetheless, Bruce forwarded the message to Selina and Lex. At least getting stabbed by an assassin hired by sore loser Lex had won Bruce his dares since it was fifteen minutes before midnight. Selina answered back immediately, "Why are bats necessary when Bruce Wayne can seduce both one of the world's worst supervillain and the strongest superhero in the span of an hour? Seriously, why not just Bruce all time to save the world? You would be great at it ;)"

Bruce was content his self-control stopped him from breaking apart his cellphone. Selina was seriously going to pay for tonight.



RH: R, can you text me directions to Lex's Kryptonite?

R: Yes, but why? Don't tell me you'll kill Superman because of the photos Selina sent?

RH: No. I'll just castrate him and LL.


separate text messaging

R: N, help me out here, RH wants to castrate Superman and LL!

N: Add me in.


adds in Nightwing

N: RH, R told me you wanted to castrate Superman and LL. I can understand LL, but why S?

RH: Have you looked at the photos?

N:Yeah. What about it?

RH: He lost control because of B. S was acting as S, not Clark.

N: And?

RH: What would happen if he losses control while in B?


RH: castration seems less extreme than death

R: why LL, too then?

RH: He is a villain and he crushes on BW. Bad combination. Beside, since I almost promised B I would not kill, I found out incapacitating them works well.

R: I'm scared to ask

RH: Look. If B had rendered J quadriplegic after me, J would not have done much damages and he would have respected his promise.

N: Convincing... Not Supes, though.

R: You are supposed to help me!

RH: Fine, I'll start with LL, but I still need to get Kryptonite for later.


A sends a text message to all of them.

A: This is a reminder I can and will withheld my cookies from you for a year if you do anything terrible to LL and CK. This might finally be Master B's only opportunity to get a mate and I will not let any of you blow it.


return to previous conversation

RH: Fine. No castration. See if I care when S kills him while fucking him.

N: Not the image I want to have...

R: Next time, I am going to ask A directly for help. N, you are useless.

RH: You just got that now?