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Definitely Something

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“Hey, Haught! Hey – stop. Wait a minute!”

Hearing her name being called from behind her, Nicole quickly ducked behind a group of exhausted looking university students, hoping against all odds that she could shield herself from the incoming question. The hallway was busting with Friday-jitters as most of the students planned to drink the night away and extend their essays, papers, researches to Saturday or Sunday. Most of them would be excited that a week of classes and lectures was finally over, and they all wanted to free themselves from any responsibilities for just a night.

Nicole remembered clearly how that excitement felt; she used to spend her Fridays partying with Shae and their friends before spending Saturday cozying up with her girlfriend and then stressing on Sunday to get their studies done before another week of lectures started. The last month her Fridays had been spent at the gym before she cooked herself a meal, grabbed a beer and altered between studying, calling her parents or watching Netflix with Calamity Jane.

And she was quite contended with that, thank you very much. She’d been looking forward all weekend to her date with her television. She sure wasn’t about to let Eliza Shapiro and Xavier Dolls change her plans, no matter what they had in mind.

Their Criminology course had just ended; their professor sending them off to enjoy their weekend with a shitload of cases to read, and Nicole had planned on dodging her only two friends on that course to spend the night by herself. It wasn’t like she had many friends in any of her courses; most of them wanted to become lawyers or maybe even social workers. It was only she, Dolls and Eliza that planned on getting their degrees and then getting into law enforcement. Eliza and Dolls had ambitions far beyond what Nicole had in mind for herself; what she wanted to do most was get the hell out of the big city and become a small-town officer but hardly anyone understood her desire when she tried to explain it to them. Not that a lot of people asked anyway.

“Nicole Haught, goddamnit!” Eliza cursed, her voice sounding above all of the other students in the hallway. She had a voice on her, able to silence an entire auditorium if she needed to.

The redhead sighed to herself, leaning against the wall around the corner, hoping against all odds that they’d just admit defeat and try again next Friday. No such luck though, because before she knew it, Dolls’ head was peeking around the corner, dark eyes meeting hers in a knowing look.

Eliza’s head appeared besides his. “You can’t hide from us, Haught,” she simply said, placing a hand on her hip and jutting it out. She meant business.

Nicole pushed herself off the wall, eyeing them sheepishly, “Hey, I wasn’t,” she stopped herself, biting the inside of her cheek, “I wasn’t hiding, OK?”

Dolls smirked. “Sure you weren’t.”

“Walk with us,” Eliza added, taking a firm hold on Nicole’s spare arm (the other was clutching her textbooks against her chest), before dragging her with them down the hallway.

Nicole almost fell over her long legs, frantically looking around, trying to spot a familiar head of dark hair, mostly because she knew that Shae’s Advanced Anatomy course had just ended, and she really didn’t want to see her ex. Eliza’s grip on her arm tightened, almost as if she knew what Nicole was thinking, and Nicole objected. “Hey, Shapiro, cut it out!”

Rolling her eyes, Eliza paused when they were finally outside in the February afternoon, the last rays of sunshine hitting the giant ‘University of Alberta’-sign hanging above the entrance to the building. The blonde woman hoisted her bag onto her shoulder to get a better grip at it. “No more moping around, Haught, we’re tired of it, and we only see your pathetic face like thrice a week.”

“Hey,” Nicole objected, an offended look appearing on her face, “it’s not pathetic.”

Dolls offered her a pointed glare. “Sure thing, Haught,” he said, forehead crinkling, “we just wanted to offer you to grab a beer with us later, yeah?”

The redhead shifted uncomfortably at her feet. She’d really been looking forward to that new season of that show about the cops. She knew Calamity Jane had, too. “I’m not sure…” she trailed off, nervously.

“Shae’s a bitch, OK? A stupid, stuck-up, pretentious bitch,” Eliza said, oh so eloquently, “with stupid, stuck-up pretentious friends.”

Nicole brushed her off, “She’s not, look, she’s not a bitch, she’s just…”

Eliza ignored her, “We know it’s been shitty for you, getting single and shit, so why don’t you come grab a beer with us, Haught?” She offered Nicole a soft smile, for the first time that day taking a kinder approach to convincing her friend of her plans. “Dolls has a crush on this chick who owns a bar, and the beer’s cheap and people are nice, and most importantly,” she glared at Nicole, “it’s nowhere near those university gay-places that Shae and her posse like to hang out.”

“Come on, Haught,” Dolls added and offered her a smile, “just one beer. We’ll meet you outside, yeah?”

Nicole thought about it for a second, not really sure if she had the energy to go out and socialise. Sure, she could go for a beer and always ditch them if she wasn’t feeling up for it, and CJ and Netflix could definitely wait until Saturday morning, but did she really feel like dressing up? Her sweatpants had been calling her name all day. She was about to open her mouth to let them down with some lame excuse, but then she thought about Shae and how her ex-girlfriend was probably already getting dressed and getting drunk with all of her friends – Nicole’s former friends – only to go out to one of the many bars or clubs they used to visit so she could find another random hook-up and definitely not mope around at home, thinking about Nicole.

The redhead jutted out her chin and shot her friends a toothy grin. “Sure,” she said, “so where’re we going?”

Nicole glanced sceptically up at the sign that said 'Shorty's' with big, bold letters. This place was a lot different than the fancy cocktail bars and clubs that Nicole had come so accustomed to after meeting Shae. It looked a lot shadier, but also a lot cosier. It was also in a completely different part of town that Nicole had not spent a lot of time visiting.

She wasn't quite sure how Dolls ended up crushing on a girl who owned this sort of bar, but she was willing to give it a shot at least because then she knew that Dolls and Eliza would leave her alone for the next week or so. Besides, now that she was actually there (even though her friends were late, which was probably Eliza's fault, because it always was) she was kind of looking forward to spending a night doing something completely different.

She didn't want to wait outside though, so even though this was not a place Nicole would have chosen to visit herself, she decided to wait for her friends inside, get started on that beer. She pushed the door open and stepped into a dusty saloon-like bar. Patrons were sitting in clusters around the room, and in the middle was a huge wooden bar, which Nicole walked straight towards. She took a seat on a barstool, awkwardly glancing around the room as she felt all eyes on her. She had a strange suspicion that most people in this room were regulars and that newcomers was a rare sight.

It was like visiting another era completely; she felt like she was a part of the Old West and that gunslingers and barmaids would be a natural addition to atmosphere in the little bar. There were pictures and signs on the walls, an old piano on one side of the room. She understood why Dolls liked this place though; it seemed to be just the pace that a quiet man like him would enjoy for this Friday night.

Nicole was pulled out of her thoughts on Shorty's when a slightly familiar voice spoke her name.


Sliding around on the barstool, the redhead came face to face with Rosita – a girl who had been dating one of Shae's friends for a little while and had thus hung out with Nicole quite a bit. Nicole had never spoken much to her though; she seemed quite nice, but not really Nicole's choice or type at all. If she remembered correctly, Rosita was hella smart and had, like, two or three majors.

"Hi," she cheered, eyes turning wide as she looked at the ‘Shorty's’ written across her low-cut tank-top, "Rosita, right?"

The brunette nodded her head, and Nicole noticed that the tips of her dark hair were coloured a light pink. "Yeah!" She smiled, reaching for a large glass beneath the bar. "You want a beer?"

Nicole nodded, watching in silence for a few seconds as the other woman poured her beer. "So like, you work here?" She questioned, which was obvious of course, since the other girl was behind the bar and she was wearing a shirt that said 'Shorty's' and all.

"Yeah," Rosita grinned, her apple cheeks popping. She was wearing a light lipgloss that shimmered as she spoke. "My uh, my roommate knows one of the owners, I guess," she paused, "He got me the job." She finished, sliding the jug of beer across the bar into Nicole's waiting hands.

Nicole mouthed a silent thank you and took a long gulp of it. It was a good beer. "So what? It's been a while since I saw you. Everything OK?" She asked then, even though she could probably guess what had happened. Shae's friends had a tendency to swap their girlfriends every other month. Nicole was surprised that she herself had even lasted as long as she had with Shae, now that she was on the other end of the relationship.

Rosita shrugged her shoulder and casually wiped a towel over the surface of the bar. "Ginnifer and I were, what do you say,” she pretended to search for the word, even though it seemed to Nicole that she was quite certain what she was going to say, “different,” she finished, smirking, “You know, with her being such a pretentious asshole and all.”

Nicole coughed slightly to hide a laugh. “Yeah? She dumped you or what.”

The brunette flipped her high ponytail. “Nah, I actually dumped her, but if you ask Ginnifer, she’ll probably tell you differently,” she finished, brown eyes searching Nicole’s face; running over her features softly. “So why are you not out with your girlfriend?”

Not for the first time since she and Shae broke up did Nicole notice how people seemed to refer to her girlfriend with a slight disdain. It wasn’t like she didn’t get why people would think of Shae like that; she was driven, smart, beautiful, and that scared people. Plus, she had a tendency to dismiss people who weren’t driven, smart and beautiful as nothing. Nicole had experienced another side of her though, while they were together, but ultimately Shae’s attitude towards other people had caused them some troubles. Not to mention Shae’s attitude towards Nicole’s studies and her chosen career-path. What had first been attractive about Nicole had for Shae later turned into something else entirely, and as she’d expressed multiple times, she just couldn’t imagine how an aspiring surgeon to-be could be tied to a small-town cop.

Nicole flicked her head. “Broke up,” she just said, before she gulped down another large sip of beer.

Rosita squinted her eyebrows. She wasn’t busy, Nicole could tell, but that was probably because the place seemed to have just opened and it was still early on in the evening for a Friday night. The brunette sighed. “Sorry to hear that.”

She didn’t seem to be.

Nicole glanced briefly at her watch. Damn Eliza was really taking forever picking out her outfit. Maybe she had plans on hooking up tonight? Nicole wondered briefly if Rosita would be of Eliza’s taste and vice-versa. “Don’t be,” she grumbled, “it was eh, mutual, I guess,” she finished. And that was at least what she told herself, even though she was probably missing Shae way more than the other way around.

“And now you’re…” she trailed off, eyes scanning the room, “here?” She snorted, “Why are you here?”

The redhead had been asking herself the same question, but as fate would happen, she was, and now she was talking to Rosita and it wasn’t half bad. “I’m meeting some friends, they uh, they’ve been here before.”

Nodding, Rosita turned to pour a jug of beer to an older gentleman and Nicole checked her phone. There was a text from Dolls with the simple message ‘on our way soon’, and Nicole really wanted to call Eliza and tell her to hurry up. She didn’t think Rosita would have the time to talk to her all evening; the bell at the door kept dinging and soon people would be demanding a lot of beer.

Just then the door sounded again and a brunette with hair like a mare and a Hollywood stylist, dressed in tight black jeans, a ripped t-shirt and a leather jacket with fringes scurried across the floor to the bar. She jumped onto it, swinging her legs over the side and landing on the floor next to Rosita. The bartender didn’t even blink, which made Nicole believe that this was a regular occurrence and nothing out of the ordinary.

“Rosita,” the brunette breathed, reaching for the shelf behind her and getting down a bottle of whiskey. “Waves is late, something ‘bout something ‘bout a paper,” she breathed, unscrewing the lid on the bottle and taking a long gulp of it. Nicole felt her eyes go wide. “Where’s Doc?”

“Office,” Rosita murmured, offering the other woman a strained smile.

The woman swallowed loudly and leaned herself against the side of the bar. Finally, she seemed to acknowledge that she and Rosita were not, in fact, alone, and she offered Nicole a pointed look. “Hi Red,” she murmured.

Nicole’s eyebrows rose. “It’s Nicole actually, but you’re pretty close,” she smoothly replied, reaching a hand across the bar and offering it to the other woman.

“Wynonna,” she replied while completely ignoring Nicole’s extended hand. “I’m Rosita’s boss, you know, owns the bar and shit.”

Nicole almost spluttered out that sip of beer she had just taken when she realised what that meant. It wasn’t like she’d seen Dolls date anyone while she had known him, ever, but if she’d spent a little time imagining what his dates would look like, this messy, sexy, fireball of a woman definitely wasn’t it. But then again, Dolls had never actually said that they were dating. Maybe it was just wishful thinking on his part. She managed to swallow her beer. “Oh, so you know Dolls?” Was all she got across her lips, casually wiping them with the back of her hand.

Wynonna quizzically watched her, opening her bottle of whiskey once more, only to take a sip of it. “I might,” she replied, “You gonna be a cop too?”

Nicole had no idea how that was so obvious, she wasn’t exactly dressed for her future job today; in a pair of skin-tight jeans, a white t-shirt and a cap holding her red hair in place. She tilted her head. “We study together at the university.”

Rolling her eyes, Wynonna replied, “You have the stench of future cop on you,” she commented, blue eyes giving Nicole the once-over, no doubt trying to decide whether she liked her or not. Nicole wasn't sure if she wanted her to.

Once more, Rosita rolled her eyes and nudged Wynonna slightly with her hip. “Go away, boss, Nicole’s cool,” she said, a smile playing across her lips.

Wynonna took a step away from them, walking backwards towards the door that neatly said ‘Office’ in pretty penmanship; somehow Nicole doubted that it was Wynonna's writing, she imagined that to be somewhat messier. “I don’t know why I put up with you, Bustillos,” she argued with a pointed glare, as her butt came into contact with the swinging door, revealing a sliver of the backroom.

Rosita chuckled, a blush rising to paint her cheeks rosy. “You do it for Waves, remember that.”

“Oh yeah,” Wynonna replied, before she pushed herself into the other room with a nudge of her butt, the swing-door smacking close behind her as she disappeared from sight.

Nicole couldn't hide her chuckle. She was slightly scared of this Wynonna person, but at the same time slightly intrigued. She swung her body around on the barstool and grinned at Rosita. "So she's..." She trailed off, not sure what Wynonna really was. It seemed like there were no words to accurately describe her.

Rosita grinned. "She's my boss, yeah? I'm better with Waverly, she's not quite as," she licked her lips, lip gloss shimmering, and blush growing even warmer, "tough."

Nicole had no idea who Waverly was, and she tried to convey that by looking like a big question mark.

"Waverly is Wynonna's sister," Rosita explained, pointing backwards with a thumb over her shoulder. "She’s friends with my roommate, so that’s why I got the job," she stopped, jutting out her chin and turned to pour two pitchers of beer for a group of people at the bar. “She’s my friends too, I guess. She and Wynonna own the bar together with Doc,” she explained lastly.

“Cool,” Nicole replied, nodding her head.

Rosita cast her eyes downwards, once more running the towel over the surface of the bar, as her ponytail danced.

Nicole looked up when she felt someone sit down next to her, and she was pleasantly surprised to see that it was Dolls and Eliza; flanking each of her sides. Dolls was business as usual, but Eliza had dressed herself in a skin-tight black dress and high heels. Shorty’s was, by all means, not exactly the place where one would expect people to look like that, but who knew what kind of plans she had later. She greeted Nicole with a smirk.

"Sorry we're late," Dolls stated as he held two fingers out for Rosita to see, indicating that he wanted two beers.

Nicole sipped her own glass. "It's okay, I was talking to Rosita," she replied with a dismissive shrug. It really was actually, she hadn't minded that much. "I met Wynonna," she grinned, flashing him a teasing smile. It was always fun to yank his chain.

Brown eyes moving towards the door to the office, Dolls answered, "Is she here?"

Nicole nodded her head. "She seems uh, great?"

Eliza stuck her tongue out at them. "I told him to forget it. She's not gonna settle down with some cop, man," she said, offering Rosita a thankful smile as a beer was placed in front of her. "Have you told Nic how you met her?"

Dolls sighed in annoyance, and now Nicole really wanted to know how he met her. "No," she teased, drawing out the 'o', "how did you meet her, X?"

Rolling his eyes, Dolls took a sip of his beer, "I hate you, Shapiro," he mumbled, but he turned to answer Nicole all the same. "She was thrown in jail, OK? When I was interning a few weeks ago at the precinct, she got thrown in holding and we sort of got to talking, OK? Enough with the teasing, Shapiro," he added, shooting her a pointed glare.

The redhead couldn't hold back her laugh. "No way! Where was I? Why am I only now hearing 'bout this?" She wanted to know. Sure she’d been busy and stuff, but Dolls crushing on an arrested woman? That was so unlike him, and everything Nicole would have liked to witness.

Eliza nudged her with an elbow to the side. "I told you, you were being weird and mopey, and it's not like we didn't try," she raised an eyebrow and clinked her glass to Nicole's, "But that's over now, yeah?"

Nicole wasn't really sure that it was, but she had to admit that she was feeling better already. Going out with her fellow future cop-friends, seeing Rosita, meeting Wynonna – it was quite okay when she came to think of it. She’d hardly thought of Shae since she entered the bar, and that was saying something. Shae had been everything on her mind since their break-up, so maybe this was exactly the kind of change of pace that she needed. “Maybe so,” she replied, taking a gulp of beer and turning to Dolls again, “but enough about me. What are you gonna do about this chick, X?”

Groaning, Dolls slipped off his chair and did his best to dodge their questions. “We gonna play some pool or what?” He wanted to know then, angling his body towards the pool table and stepping closer to get his point across.

“I’m gonna crush you,” Nicole teasingly threatened, slipping off her barstool as well and following him to the table. She grabbed a cue stick and started lining the table. “Eight-ball?” She questioned, even though it was hardly a question. They always played eight-ball, and Dolls always lost, but maybe he’d bettered his skills while Nicole had been busy drinking fancy drinks with Shae and her friends.

Dolls grabbed a cue stick as well. “You breaking?”

Eliza was hanging on the side of the table, already looking bored. “Is this gonna take all night?” She demanded to know, eyes scanning the place, probably looking for something more interesting to do with her time; maybe someone to show off that dress to. It didn’t appear that she’d had much interest in chatting up Rosita.

Nicole broke the rack with swift movement of her cue stick and the balls scattered around the table. “Go find a person,” she murmured, and Eliza strutted off on her heels, moving towards a table in the back of the room filled with a group of guys approximately their age. “Stripes,” she said then, after looking over the table, considering every ball and angle.

Dolls was about to reply to her, probably offering her a sly comment, when the door to the bar was pushed open and a whirlwind of a woman entered the space. She was all hair, and murmurs of sorry, and bare legs on display, and Nicole felt her eyes turn wider as they followed this little mess of a woman into the space behind the bar where she greeted Rosita with a warm hug and a kiss on the cheek.

The redhead couldn’t tear her eyes away; the woman was pulling off a scarf and fixing her hair, and suddenly Nicole noticed the long-sleeved shirt that said ‘Shorty’s’, much similar to the tank-top Rosita was wearing.

‘That must be Waverly,’ Nicole thought to herself, and she had probably continued to stare if this Waverly person hadn’t decided to look straight at her then, thus catching her in the act. She bent her head and sheepishly turned her attention back to the pool table.

Dolls raised an eyebrow. “That’s Wynonna’s sister,” he simply stated, grabbing his beer from the side of the table and taking a gulp of it.

Nicole rolled her eyes, before positioning her cue stick, “Shut up, Dolls,” she murmured, but she couldn’t help it; while they played their game she was completely aware of exactly what Waverly was doing, and she swore she heard her laugh aloud multiple times while talking to Rosita or serving customers. It wasn’t like she kept looking at her or anything, there was just something about the other woman that seemed to draw Nicole in, even if she had never spoken to her or anything.

She completely crushed Dolls, of course, like always, but it really hadn’t benefited his game that Wynonna had appeared from the back office with slightly disheveled hair and a strut in her steps, only to take a seat on the corner of the table and give out (horrible) pointers that Dolls mostly listened to, because he was smitten and soft, even if he would never admit it. Nicole saw the appeal in Wynonna, of course, she was dangerous with a devil may care-attitude; it wasn’t and never would be her taste in a woman, but Dolls appeared to be attracted to women who had the power to hurt him.

Of course he’d burned himself with Eliza when they’d first met, and it had taken some time, but now they were all friends, and it was nice, but Nicole really didn’t wish for him to go through all of that shit again. Especially because Wynonna seemed to be attracted to Dolls as well, but she was drinking whiskey straight out of the bottle, barking out orders and she had been thrown in holding.

Nicole was going to have to remind her friend of that when they saw each other again on Monday. She had a sneaky suspicion that Eliza hadn’t stressed that part enough times for him, or maybe he’d just decided not to listen.

She found herself making her way up to the bar again, wanting to get away from the pool table; Wynonna had started showing Dolls some moves and it was already going horribly wrong. Eliza was making out with a guy from that table in the back, and Nicole knew she wasn’t going to get her friend’s attention anymore that night. She slipped onto a barstool then, watching as Rosita and Waverly moved in sync behind the bar, serving beer and shots and whiskey. A soft song was playing, and people seemed to be in a good mood.

Nicole found her eyes raking over Waverly’s form; from the long toned legs tugged into boots, to the tiny jeans-shorts, the sliver of skin on her midriff and over her blue and red shirt. Long brown hair fell down her back in soft cascades and she was humming in concentration, tongue peeking out briefly as she sliced up another lemon for a round of tequila.

Someone cleared their throat and Nicole turned her head to the side to find Rosita looking at her with a raised eyebrow and an amused expression on her face. Uh, she’d been caught.

“Can I get you anything?” She questioned and her voice had an edge to it. “Not a better view, I suppose,” she added, sharply.

Nicole straightened her back. “Just another beer,” she replied, and she could feel a faint blush creeping up her cheeks. She was thankful that it had turned darker inside the bar, otherwise the other woman would have probably seen it.

“Waves,” Rosita called then, and Nicole felt her eyes turn wide, “can we get another beer over here?”

The ray of sunshine that seemed to be Waverly immediately grabbed a bottle from the cooler and opened it with a flick of her wrist. She placed the bottle in front of Nicole and leaned onto Rosita’s shoulder. “What’s up, Rosie?” She wanted to know, and Nicole swore that her voice was the softest and cutest thing she had ever heard.

Rosita motioned towards the redhead. “This is Nicole,” she informed Waverly then, brown eyes twinkling, “Apparently she’s friends with your sister’s new boytoy,” she couldn’t hide her smirk, and her lips shimmered, “And uh, we know each other from, y’know, being queer and stuff.”

Waverly giggled. “Sure,” she replied, reaching a hand out and offering it to Nicole. “Waverly Earp.”

The redhead gladly took her hand, and she swore that she felt a surge of electricity run from her fingers and up her arm when their skin touched. Her hand was soft, little, in Nicole’s own, and she held on for maybe a second too long. “Nicole Haught,” she replied, finally dropping the hand to the table. She missed the contact instantly.

Rosita moved to serve a customer at the other end of the bar, and Waverly followed her movement with her eyes, before turning back to Nicole with a sheepish grin. She leaned her elbows on the bar, and thus came a little closer to Nicole, invading her personal space, although the redhead absolutely didn’t mind. She smelled nice. “So, have you and Rosie, uuuh?” She trailed off, not finishing her question.

Nicole spluttered and almost fell off the barstool. Sure, Rosita had just said to Waverly that they knew each other from ‘being queer and stuff’, but that had never been on Nicole’s radar. Yes, Rosita was beautiful and smart, but Nicole didn’t really know her at all. Of course Waverly didn’t know this, so the redhead hurried to explain her acquaintance with the other woman. “No!” She said, “No, Rosita was just dating one of my…” she trailed off, not sure how to phrase it in a way so she didn’t have to give Waverly her entire break-up story, “friends,” she settled for, “a while back.”

Waverly eyed her quizzically, “Not Ginnifer, right?”

Licking her lips, Nicole sighed. She wasn’t sure why, but she didn’t want Waverly to think that she was friends with people like Ginnifer, “She’s more like an acquaintance,” she whispered softly.

The brunette seemed to take that as a valid answer and pushed herself away from the bar again. “Well, I better help Rosie with the drunken patrons,” she said, motioning towards the small cluster of people that had gathered in front of a stressed out Rosita.

Nicole tried to hide her disappointment. She would really have liked to talk a bit more with Waverly. “Sure, you are working and all,” she replied, grabbing her beer and taking a sip of it. A few droplets of water trailed over her fingers. “It was nice to meet you though.”

Waverly’s face lit up in a giant smile. “Likewise, Nicole,” she replied, running a dishtowel over the bar and moving towards Rosita. Nicole couldn’t help but notice the warm smile that Rosita greeted the smaller brunette with, and the way their bodies seemed to move so easily around each other; as if they’d been doing this dance for years. They seemed quite familiar with each other for co-workers, but of course Rosita had also referred to Waverly as her friend and not just her boss.

As she went back to play against Dolls and Wynonna, she couldn’t help but think that she wanted to spend a bit more time with Waverly Earp – those few minutes by the bar had simply not quenched her curiosity. Waverly Earp seemed sweet, beautiful, definitely attractive, and that was the first time Nicole had thought that since she and Shae broke up, so that was saying something. But maybe she would get to spend a bit more time with Waverly, after all, it didn’t seem like Dolls was going to give up on Wynonna right now, and this place was hardly the worst bar she’d ever been to. Plus, Rosita worked here, so they had to be okay with queers and LGBTQ’s.

Nicole didn’t get to speak more to Waverly that night, but when she found herself snuggling up to Calamity Jane in her bed at approximately 2:30 after one too many beers and tired as hell, she closed her eyes and saw only the tiny brunette’s beautiful face. Yes, she didn’t really know her at all, but Nicole sure wouldn’t mind to.

Waverly Earp was definitely something alright.