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Hello, everyone....

Rules about requesting 

As stated in the description of the story, I accept requests.
However, there are some certain things I want to make clear about requesting. 

1. Don't just give me a name. I need a plot to work on. It is really hard to guess what will make you happy.
2. Clarify if you want your imagine to be smut or fluff.
3. Compliments on my work and being polite is the key to my heart. 
4. I am not writing personalized imagines. I never did and never will, so please don't give me a description of yourself or demand the character to have your traits and looks. 
5. I always use reader insert. Eg.(Y/N)
6. I am certainly not writing about: drug abuse, rape, incest, self-harm, suicide, suicide attempts, sexual acts between an adult and an underage. 
7. I am not writing about: One Direction, Black Veil Brides, Blood on the Dancefloor. 
8. If I reject a request, please try to be understanding. It doesn't mean that I have something personal against you. It just means that writing about the plot you requested makes me uncomfortable. 
9. Please be patient. I am a functioning adult, with responsibilities. It takes some time to write stories and check for errors and plot holes. I want to make sure that the final story is perfect, to make you happy.
10. I am Greek. My mother tongue is Greek. English is my second language and I might be good at it, but I sometimes make mistakes. Please, politely inform me and try not to make a big deal out of it. I know some fluent English speakers that still can't tell apart your and you're.
12. Please give me feedback on your request. Tell me if you like the story I come up with. It means a lot and you can help me improve my writing skills.

Writing Prompts 

So, here are a few writing prompts. I will add more eventually. You can request in the comments with a name and the number you want. You can request more than one prompt per blurb. 

1. "You are mine. Do you understand me?"
2. "You sure want to go there, princess?" 
3. "Well, I make the rules." 
4. "Why don't you use that smart mouth of yours for something else?"
5. "Go to your/our room and wait for me."
6. "Are you trying to get spanked, little girl?" 
7. "You are mine and just mine."
8. "What am I going to do with you?" 
9. "Good girl."
10." Take your panties off."
11. "You are so tight babygirl."
12. "Daddy loves it when you do that."
13. "You made me cookies?"
14. "You stole what?"
15." A dragon ate your homework?" 
16. "I am not pregnant."
17. "Oh come on you would have murdered that guy."
18. " The stars are pretty tonight, aren't they?"
19. "Have you ever seen something as cool as this?" 
20. "I know you love me and all but stop threatening the doctor." 
21. "I shit you not."
22. "My man, I am high as a kite right now. And you are so pretty. And in the morning I'll be sober and you will still be soooo pretty..."
23. "You aren't leaving here without telling me who hurt you so I can take out a can of whoop as and unleash it in their ass."
24. "You just kissed me."
25. "But you hate avocados..."
26. "Hold up- just stop- just- what are you actually doing? It's 2 A.M." 
27. "I wanna travel and fuck you in every city we go to." 

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Have fun reading and requesting. 
Anna ❤

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"I am glad you could come with me.." Vinny says, parking in front of Josh's and Ryan's house. I look at him, dressed in his zombie Mickey Mouse costume, smiling like a little child. It's our first Halloween together but he convinced me that couple dressing would be awesome.
"You know I'd never miss a party. Especially a Halloween party. Especially if it is thrown by Ryan and Josh." I say, straightening my mouse ears. He smiles, opening his driver's door. I follow his lead and exit the car.

Vinny is the greatest boyfriend I ever had. He is sweet, caring, kind to everyone, with a great sense of humor and above all, a great passion for everything he does.

He comes to my side and links our hands, walking next to me towards the house.
"We have the greatest costumes of all.."He says before we enter the house. We came earlier, to help the guys with whatever they need, so it's a bit quiet. I always loved Ryan's and Josh's house; It's quite big, they have a great backyard and they have decorated awesomely.
"Hi, guys... Come in. You look great together." Ryan says cheerfully. She is dressed in her Nymph costume, which suits her greatly. Vinny pulls me closer to his side and places a kiss on my temple.
"Isn't she the cutest zombified Minnie Mouse, ever?" He asks her, making me blush.
"She is.. I wonder why she is still with you." Balz comments from behind the island. I giggle and stick my tongue out, blushing at my brother's compliment.
"Hey, bro. You look good. " I say, freeing myself from my boyfriend's embrace.
"Well, Halloween is my favorite holiday... "he says, hugging me tightly.
"You came early... "Ryan comments, getting behind the counter to fix herself a drink.
"Well, your sister in law thought that you'd might needed help, but from what I see, everything is more than perfect. "Vinny says, motioning to the decoration all over.
"Well, since you two are here, let's have a few drinks, just the 4 of us, to warm up... " Josh says, handing me a bottle of tequila.

[During The Party. ]
I dance to the bit of the music, chatting with Ash a little bit. The party is at its pick, with everyone drinking and having a great time.
"You and Vinny have the best couple costumes I've ever seen. You look so great together. I am really glad that you finally got together. "She says, placing her hand on my shoulder. My eyes travel to my boyfriend who is across the room, taking pictures with the rest of the band.
"You should go too. It's your first Halloween together, you should take as many pictures as you can. " Ash pats my shoulder, following my gaze.
"Nah, maybe later. "I say, not wanting to leave her alone.
"I'll be fine. We will catch up later. "She assures me, pushing me lightly.
I walk towards the booth and catch Vinny smile at me.
"Let's get a picture just you and me. "He shouts, so I can hear him over the music. I nod and go to his side as the others leave as alone.
"You look so cute tonight.." He whispers in my ear as our picture gets snapped.
"You've told me like a billion times.." I say giggling.
"Maybe I should show you..." He says, smirking before he bites my earlobe.
"Vin.."I begin but he cuts me off.
"I know babe... I know. Just a make out..." He assures me, pecking on my jawline. I nod and he takes my hand.

[A Little After]

"You look so damn sexy tonight..." Vin whispers in my ear while he traces my ribs with his fingertip.
"You too." I say, feeling a bit weird. I am on his lap and I can really feel something poking on my inner thigh. He moves his lips to my neck, kissing roughly at my soft skin. I can't help but moan, digging my nails on his shoulder blade.
With a sudden move, he flips me on my back and lays on top of me, placing his hands on either side of my head. His lips are now on my chest, playing with the neck of my dress.
His hard-on is now pressed against my sex, making my wetness pool in my panties.
His hand travels underneath the skirt of my dress, tracing my thighs and making me chill. The combination of them both has me writing.
Before I could even think of what he is doing, he has pushed my thong to the side and traces my clit.

I jump up, moving towards the pillows on the bed.
"Oh shit (Y/N), I am so sorry. I got carried away baby girl. I am really sorry. " he says, covering his mouth with his hand. His face expression is something between worry and regret.
I take a few breaths; what the fuck is wrong with me? I really want to have sex with Vinny, I really do. Why did I have to freak him out?
"It's alright Vin. You did nothing wrong.. "I say, approaching him.
"I did. I should have stopped. I am really sorry. "He says, taking my hand in his.
"No. I really want to have sex with you tonight. I was just nervous... "I admit, playing with his finger, not daring to look him in the eye.
"You do? " he asks, almost like he is not believing it. His other hand pushes up my head lightly, making me look at him. I nod, biting my lip and blushing.
"Do you want us to try again? We can take it as slow as you want... "
"I think I do... Just, be gentle... "I say as he pulls me closer. He smiles and nods, before he kisses me softly. His hands are cupping my face while mine rest on his neck. He bites my lip lightly as he runs his thumb across my cheek.
"Whenever you are ready... " he whispers, pecking on my jaw.
"Let's remove our clothes for start... "I whisper back, reaching for the back of his shirt. He nods and helps me get it off him before he reaches for the zip behind my back.
I lay on my back and arch it, helping him slide it down my body. He leaves it on our side, with his clothes before he ghosts over me.
"Wow... "he breathes out, staring at my half baked body. His thumbs caress my sides, outlining my tattoos. I look at his naked torso and bite my lips when my eyes fall on his member stretching his briefs.
"Can I? "He asks, pointing at my bra.
"Yeah... "I say, smiling. He reaches for the clasp and undoes my bra with no difficulty.
"You look gorgeous. Honestly... "he says before he gives me a kiss.
"I need you, Vinny. "I whisper in his ear. He kisses my neck and nods.
"Tell me if you want me to stop or slow down. "He whispers, lining in front of my entrance. I nod and take a breath.
With a small thrust, his tip gets in, stretch my entrance. It's not as painful as I was afraid it would. Maybe a bit uncomfortable...
"Are you doing well? "He asks, propping his body on his elbows. I nod and lean forward to kiss him.
His left hand goes to my hip and he pushes his hips more, going a bit deeper. I continue the kiss as he thrusts back and forth again, giving me time to adjust to his size.
"You are really wet, you know... "he murmurs against my lips, picking a bit of speed. I smile innocently and place my hand on his jaw, deepening the kiss.
I feel his warm skin on my skin, I feel the vibrations of his heartbeat on my chest, his lips curling into a smile and his breath becoming louder.
"I love you. "I say, as he hits my gspot. I arch my back and bite his lip, feeling pure pleasure from it. The discomfort has subsided long ago.
"I love you too. And I am not just saying it. I mean it. "He says, hitting on my spot again. I moan, my hands moving to his shoulder blades. I dig my nails into them, deeper with every thrust.
"You like it, don't you? "He asks, his hand moving up to cup my breast. I nod and close my eyes. His crotch skin is rubbing on my clit, sending a burning sensation in my belly.
"You have no idea... "I moan, bucking my hips upwards to meet his thrusts.
"You are so tight and it feels so good... " he growls. I can feel him twitch inside me and I can tell I am close to hitting my high too.
"Faster. "I groan, arching my back. He smirks at me and starts jack rabbiting me, hitting perfectly on my gspot.
"Shit. "He whispers, his thrusts sloppy.
"Just a little more... "I moan, digging my nails in his biceps. His face is pulled back and the veins on his neck are throbbing.
"Oh fuck. "I scream, releasing on him. My walls spasm, making his lips form an O.
"Holy Shit. "He screams, thrusting deep inside me before his cock erupts and fill me with his seed.
"Fuck, that was awesome. "I say, smiling. He collapses next to me on the bed and pulls me on his chest.
"Thank God the music is loud.. "he chuckles, running his hand through my hair.
"I think I wanna Stay in here... "I say, pecking on his chest. He wraps his arm tighter around my body and pulls the cover above us.
"Let's just stay then. "

Chapter Text

(Y/N's POV)

The music is loud, making my head pound and my blood rush. My vision is a bit blur due to the amount of alcohol in my system but I manage to make my steps away from the drunk people dancing and grinding to the beat of the music.

I manage to drag my steps upstairs, passing by multiple couples making out in the hall or across the stairwell. I fumble the pocket of my shorts, trying to make sure that my valuable little roll is where it is supposed to be. Thankfully it is, cause I really don't think I can make it through that party without its help.


This party is boring. Boring as fuck and that comes from the mouth of someone who is drunk as hell. Dear God, the bathtub seems more fun than actually being at the party. I take a sip from my booze and consider taking a nap in there when the door opens.

"Hey, the bathroom is occupied..Go pee somewhere else..."I groan at the person entering the bathroom.

"Relax, I am not here to pee. And neither are you, for what it seems." I hear a female voice say. I raise my head to meet the girl and I have to say, although I am pretty drunk, this girl is actually gorgeous. She has that kind of beauty that leaves you watching her for days.

"So, what are you doing in here?" I ask her.

"It got boring down there and I came here to get a bit high to actually go through all of that... What are you doing here?" She asks me back

"Pretty much the same.Only, I am here to get wasted."I say, sitting up.

"Wanna join me?"She asks, raising the blunt.

"Sure... Want some?"I ask her, raising my bottle.

"Eh, why not.." She says and takes it. I make some room for her in the bathtub and she gets in after gulping down the liquid.

(15 minutes later)
"God, this is soooo goooood... "she slurs
"I know.. god, you know how to make a boring party way more exciting... " I say, resting my head back, on the cold marble bathtub. She just hums a tune as she drags in the smoke.
"Wanna make out? "She asks, blowing out the smoke.
"I mean, it's a way to pass our time. "She continues, shrugging her shoulders.
"Come over here. By the way, I am Ben."I say, sitting up. She crawls up to me, biting her bottom lip.

"I am (Y/N)."She says, sitting on my lap.

[Y/N's POV]

I place my legs on either side of his body. He places his hands on top of my thighs, dragging them back and forth. I place mine on his neck, inching my face closer to his. His fingertips dig in my thighs, making my skin erupt with goosebumps. I kiss his lips, not softly but not like I want to eat him alive. He tastes like whiskey and tobacco and weed, but I bet I taste the same. I am not sure if it is from my high, but I don't actually find his taste bad. Heavy maybe, but not bad.

The kiss soon gets deeper and our hands start to wonder on each other's body. I feel his strong arms, his toned chest, and torso. Damn, this is surreal; I am making out with a complete stranger in the bathroom of a house I've never been to before.

I feel his cock hardening, on the inside of my thigh. I smirk and begin grinding on it slowly but applying some pressure on it.
"Fuck, this is good." He growls against my skin. I feel my panties sleek with wetness as he brings his lips to my neck, sucking on my soft spot. I grind harder, feeling his hardness on my slit.
"If you don't stop, I promise to fuck you until you can't walk." He growls, biting on my collarbone. I just smile innocently while looking into his eyes and continue grinding.
"Is that a yes?" He asks me and I nod, getting excited. He pops the button of my shorts and unzips them almost immediately, not bothering to tease me. I reach for his button while palming his member.
"Let's just remove the absolutely necessary. " He moans.
"I agree. " I say, unzipping his jeans. He just moves my panties to the side and lowers his briefs, grabbing his dick in hand. I buck my hips up to help him enter me. He brushes the head of his cock against my entrance, teasing the hell out of me.
"You are so wet. "He says, smirking at his own accomplishment.
"Oh, just fuck me." I say, aching to feel him inside me.
"As you wish. " he says, pushing his member inside me. I feel him stretch my entrance as he pushes inside me. I grip on his shoulder blades, digging my nails and leaving red marks on his skin. I move my hips back and forth to meet his thrusts.
"Fucking hell, it feels so good." He whispers on my skin. I push his back and take full control of this situation. I ride him, rubbing my clit on his skin and throwing moan after moan. His cock is big, just the right size to hit all the perfect spots without hurting me. His hand is on my hip, guiding me and marking me with his fingertips and fingernails. The other hand is underneath my tank top, caressing my boob. I feel his veins pulse and trib on my walls, adding to that burning feeling inside my stomach.
I know he is close, I can feel the precum on the head of his cock. So I decide to slow down a bit and squeeze the base of his cock. I hear him curse under his breath and honestly, that turns me on hella more. My walls are already pulsing, signaling that I am seconds away from hitting my high.
"Cum for me..." He growls and smacks my ass. I throw my head back and bring my hand between us, rubbing my clit quickly, with heavy and long strokes.
"Fuuuuuck " I drag breathlessly, my body spasming as it hits the peak. For a moment, all I hear is my heart pounding in my chest and all I feel are the goosebumps on my skin.
I feel him hit his high too, the warm, sticky cum running inside me. I collapse on top of Him, trying to catch a breath.
"That was so good." I say, resting on his chest.
"Fuck yeah. " he says. I can hear his smile in his voice.
"I am craving some burgers right now." I say.
"Let's get the hell out of here." He says, pushing me up.


Chapter Text


  My phone ringing wakes me up from my mid-day slumber. Just at the moment I was finally able to shut down the pain and close my eyes, the fucking phone had to ring and snap me out of it. I groan as I try to reach it, stretching towards the coffee table. 
'Hello?' I greet whoever is on the other end of the line, with a groggy voice. 
'Hey, doll. Haven't heard of you today. How are you?' I hear my boyfriend's voice cheer as he speaks. 

'I feel like shit.' I groan, laying on my back.
'Oh... Why babygirl?' He asks me, more concerned now. 
'I got my period today and I am moody and in pain all day, don't mind me. How was the show?' I ask, rubbing my stomach, trying to soothe the pain.

'I am so sorry, babygirl. Well, think that it could be worse... You could be pregnant.' He says with a giggle in his voice. I chuckle but then groan as a new cramp tears through me. 
'At this point, it would be a lot better...' I state. 

'I can arrange that when I am back.' He says cockily. 
'Ricky...' I groan and he laughs. 
'Ok, ok. I'll stop. Tour is going great but I can't wait for it to be over. I miss home.'
'You've left a week ago and it's not even a big tour...' I reply. 
'I know, I know. But it's the first tour since we got together that you are not with me, even for a small part of  it.' He groans. 
'Come on, Rick... We talked about that before you left for... Oh fuck!' I scream the last part as I feel a huge spasm on my gut, followed by a huge flow of blood. I jump up from the couch and sprint towards the bathroom as fast as the pain allows me. 
'(Y/N), babygirl... Are you alright?' Ricky asks through the phone, with panic in his voice. Before I could answer, I feel everything blacking out, my body not following my will.


A couple of hours later, I open my eyes, finding my best friend next to me. 
"What happened?" I ask, trying to sit up, but (Y/B/F/N) pushes me down. 
"You fainted. Thank God you were on the phone with Rick. He freaked out and called me. I found you on the floor and honestly I freaked out too. You looked really pale, it was frightening." (Y/B/F/N) replies. 
"I am fine now. I had a really bad cramp and I probably fainted from the pain." I say, groaning as she tries to make me lay on the bed. 
"We'll wait for the doctor to tell us." She states and throws me a deathly glare. 
"Doctor? Don't be ridiculous, I am fine." I protest.
"Ricky is going to kill me if I don't bring a doctor."
"He will forget about it until he is back." I groan but she chuckles and hisses. 
"Well, I don't think he is going to forget about it until 3 A.M that his plane lands..." She says and I look at her with wide eyes. 
"What?" I ask, almost screaming.

The discussion gets interrupted by the doctor, who examined me thoroughly. 
"You just need a good rest and some painkillers. Just be careful with the painkillers. Maximum 2 per day and always after you have eaten something. " The doctor says and smiles at me. I thank him as he leaves the room, glaring at my friend.
"I told you it's nothing. But you never listen to me." I groan and she laughs. 
"Better safe than sorry. I'll go make you some soup and buy you the painkillers." She says and blows me a kiss. 
"I am not sick, I don't need a soup." 
"Fine... I'll buy you a chicken sandwich on my way from the pharmacy." She sings and shuts the door behind her. 


I feel the bed shift, making me open my eyes. I turn to see who is on my bed, only to find Ricky, biting his lip, regretting that he made noise and woke me up. 
"(Y/B/F/N) told me you were coming, but I didn't believe that you would do something that stupid." I say sleepily. 
"I am glad to see you too. I've missed you a lot too. It's good to be back." He says sarcastically and chuckles. 
"It's good that you are here and I've missed you too, but admit it, it's stupid that you dropped out of tour just because I fainted." I protest and he smiles at me. 
"I didn't drop out. We would have a break for a few days before the last part of the tour. And I decided to just skip a show and flight here." He whispers, wrapping his arms around my waist. 
"Man, I swear, sometimes, I can't even make sense of what you are doing..." I mumble as I get comfortable. He pecks on my shoulder and rubs my stomach, trying to soothe me. 
"It's ok. You don't have to..." He replies and I cackle. 
"It's very sweet... That you came all this way for me, I mean." I whisper. 
"I would do it again, anytime." He says. I can hear the sleepiness in his voice, so I decide not to say anything else. 
We fell asleep, with our bodies tangled, feeling each other's body, warm and embracing, feeling safe and comfortable. 

Chapter Text



"Are you leaving again (Y/N)? Come on, I came all the way to Peoria to see my little girl and you are leaving?" My mom asks.

"Mom, I really appreciate the fact that you came to visit me, but I am not a child anymore; I have my own life."

"Oh please, you are just 18."

"Mom, I am an adult. I have a life; I am in college, I work, I have my friends." I say as I slip my leather jacket on

"I am your mother and I command you to stay in here and hang out with me."

"And I am your daughter and I tell you that there is no way I am going to cancel my date to stay in with you." I shout and instantly cover my mouth.

"You, you have a boyfriend?" She stutters.

"Yes. He is a really nice guy..."

"Is he a classmate of yours?"

"No, he is in a band and..." She cuts me off by raising her hand in front of my face

"In a band? So, he is a loser, with no future, a druggie, who is only going to use you for sex and then dump you."

"First of all, he is a really nice guy and you are wrong; he is not a loser nor a druggie. And for your information, we haven't had sex yet."

"Then, he is already cheating on you."

"Ok, yeah, whatever." I say as I storm out of my apartment. I bang the door and jog down the stairwell as fast as I can. I knew my mom is strict and judgmental, but I didn't expect her to be that much stubborn.

I walk down the street furiously, not being able to contain myself or my nerves. Luke's house is near mine so I was there in a matter of a few minutes. I knock on his door and in a few seconds, my smiling boyfriend appears in front of me.

"Hey (Y/N) babe. What's wrong?" He asks me, pouting

"Cut the pouting. I am not a baby anymore." I say pissed off. He engulfs me on his chest and I relax, taking in his sweet scent

"What's wrong baby? Did I do something wrong?" He asks me, guiding me in, still holding me to his chest.

"No Luke. You are literally the last one to blame. I just..." I groan and sigh

"Come. Let's take a sit and talk. You need to take it off your chest." He says and kisses my temple. He walks me to his couch and sits me on his lap.

"What's the matter?" He asks me as he wraps his arms around my waist. I remove my jacket and lean my head to the crook of his neck

"My mom came to pay me a visit. And I accidentally blurted out that we are dating." I say

"So what?"

"She began judging you."

"But she hasn't even met me!"

"I know. But that's what she does."

"And what's her opinion about me?"

"Apparently, you are a loser, a druggie, who is using me for sex and already cheating on me. Basically the exact opposite of what you are."

"You know that I am not using you for sex nor cheating on you, right?"

"Although you could..."

"What do you mean?"

"We are together for almost 6 months and we still haven't had sex. And I know many ladies that would love to ride you." I say and he chuckles. He grabs my face and pecks on my lips repeatedly. I push my tongue into his mouth and he moans in surprise. Our warm tongues wrestle for dominance, dancing in sync. He leans me down, making me lay flat on my back and caresses my ribs. We are both breathless so we part away. He is still above me, his weight propped on his elbows.

"I only want you." He says and pecks on my neck 

"And I want us to have sex when you are ready." He says, sucking on my collarbone.

"What if now it's the right time?" I ask, biting my lip.

"Only if you are ready and sure." He says, planting pecks allover my face.

"Just promise me that you will be gentle."

"I will always be gentle with you."

"Then I am ready." I say and bite my lip anxiously.

He takes my hand and guides me upstairs to his bedroom. Every step we take makes me more anxious and impatient. My first time is just a few moments away. A few steps before the bedroom, Luke stops and kisses my lips softly, without trying to push his tongue into my mouth. He kisses me sweetly, his warm breath against my skin making it all tingly.

"Listen (Y/N), if you are not sure or ready, you'd better say it now. I will understand." He says, his thumb caressing my back. I crash our lips together, greedily kissing him, dancing his lips with mine

"I think that was enough for a yes." He says, beginning to unbutton my flannel shirt. Shortly my black bra is revealed and Luke's eyes are glued to my chest

"They look so great." He says, dropping my shirt on the floor. He brings his face closer to my chest, ghosting his lips in front of my cups. The adrenaline rushing through my blood is truly more than I can handle. Warm and wet kisses are planted on my breasts, Luke's lips leaving red love bites on impact.
Climbing his mouth up my neck, he reaches for the clasp of my bra on my back. Sucking and grazing his teeth on my collarbone, he struggles with the only layer of clothes that separates my bare chest from his. My body is now craving his touch.Each and every of my cell is now waiting to be touched by his long fingers. I close my eyes and think of all the things that are going to happen in the next hour. I feel my panties getting wetter and wetter with every kiss his lips leave on my body. Finally, the bra is off, making Luke's blue eyes 2 shades darker with lust by the sight of my completely bare chest. One hand is on my back, stroking the lower part of it and the other is on my right nipple, tracing circles on the now pointy, sensitive bundle of nerves 

"Isn't it a bit unfair that I am half naked whilst you are covered with clothes?" I ask, impatient of the impact our naked bodies will have in a few moments.

"Eager enough?" He says, grabbing the back of his tank top and removing it in the sexiest way a man can remove his clothes.

"You have no idea."

"In that case, let's move into my bedroom." He says, picking me off the ground and walking the last steps with me on his shoulder.

I try to make him put me down, but this only happens once we reach his bed. Throwing me gently on it, Luke removes his sweatpants, making his bulge visible. Well, maybe wearing tight brief-boxers today wasn't such a good idea. Fingers traveling up and down my abdomen, kisses being planted along my jawline and wetness pooling in my panties are the things that I feel for the next few minutes, although I wish there was more. Somehow Luke must have felt that because once the button of my jeans pops, his hand deeps inside my panties.

"Wet and we have just begun." He says tracing circles on my vagina entrance. I moan, feeling my inside already melting. His fingertips drawing loose circles on my entrance is the best yet the worst feeling ever: best cause it activates all my nerves and senses and worst cause it makes me eager for his next move.

"Do something. Quit the teasing." I say through an ecstatic state.

"Are you sure?" He asks me propping his body so he can look into my eyes. Mesmerized by his piercing blue orbs, all I can do is nod. He kisses my lips softly and stretches to his nightstand. Fumbling with the things in the drawer, he groans repeatedly.

"What are you looking for?" I ask him, scanning my eyes on his body

"A condom, but I can't find one..." He says.

"Let me help you." I say, standing on all 4s and stretching in a way that makes my ass more prominent

"Nice behind, babe." He says and kisses all the way up my spine. I find the foil package and get back to Luke. I look into his eyes, biting my lip. I plant a few kisses on his chest while moving lower and lower to his torso. 

Once reaching the waistband of his underwear, my hand makes its way inside them. A single finger traces his member, making my only thought be "God, he is big". Sliding his boxers down his thighs, his erection springs free

"Babe, let me just take control from now on." He says

"No, I know what to do." I protest. Pumping his long friend, I let my fingers slide down to his balls, massaging them a bit. A few kisses are strategically placed on it before the latex is slid. 

"Are you sure (Y/N)?" He asks me, once I am done.

"How many times do I have to tell you that I am sure until you finally believe it?" I ask, grabbing his wrist and laying on my back. As I relax my head on the pillows, he ghosts above me, lining in front of my vagina. He takes my small, compared to his, hand in his and kisses my knuckles.

"Just so you know, it is going to hurt. If you feel uncomfortable, please let me know. And I want you to tell me everything you feel." I nod and he mouths an 'Ok'. Slowly pushing into me, I feel a tide of discomfort overtaking the pleasure I should logically feel. Biting my lip to prevent my whimpers caused by the pain to spill out of my mouth, I tighten my grip on Luke's hand. He pushes further into me and I can't hold my whines anymore

"Want me to stop?" He asks and I shake my head 'No'. He thrusts his hips to mine and the pain continues.

"Luke, it hurts." I whimper

"Be patient baby. It will go away eventually." He whispers while removing his shaft from inside me. Pushing back into, he releases a moan of pleasure. He was right; with every movement, the pain becomes lesser and lesser and soon satisfaction takes over.

"It feels so good." I moan as Luke picks up on speed and force.

Moans are flying across the room, as Luke slams full length into me; a mix of pain and pleasure is being spread through my body, making my stomach become a great knot.

"You are so tight." He says and releases a pleasure kind of throaty groan. I feel the veins on his shaft through the thin yet strong layer of the condom.

"FUCK." I scream, once he hits the perfect spot. A satisfied smirk appears on his lips.

"You like it baby girl"? He says, hitting on it again. My eyes shut closed from the pleasure awakening my every cell. His long fingers massaging my sensitive clit are more than enough to make the knot tighten so much that it hurts, let along with his strong thrusts, which are dragging me closer to my edge.

"Luke, it feels so great. I think I am close to cumming." I breathe out, with every bit
of energy in my body.

"Hold on, just a few seconds." He says, beads of sweat dripping from his head to my glitching body.

A few sloppy thrusts later and multiple groans released from both of our lips, I feel my walls clenching, my whole body spasm and my clit tingly and burning.

"FUCK." I scream, feeling the knot snap and cover the latex with my juices and blood.

"HOLY SHIT." Luke screams, shooting his fluid in the condom. The vein on his penis is swollen, making the whole feeling incredibly sexy.

Breathing heavily, he rests his head on my torso and brings our intertwined hands to my side.

"Holy shit, that was awesome." We both say and laugh. He kisses my navel and gets up to throw the condom into the bin

"There is blood everywhere, isn't it?" I ask, biting my lip, still panting.

-Yeah, but no worries. It's not much. Go get cleaned, I'll bring you something to change into and then we can sleep cuddled up, because baby, you are not leaving my house tonight. You are all mine." He says, extending his hand. I grab it and stand up, taking a sheet with me.

"Can we watch a movie too?" I say, wrapping the sheet around me.

"Whatever you want, beautiful. By the way, nice outfit." He says and winks. I stand on my tippy toes and kiss his lips softly

"Thank you, Luke."

"For what?" He asks me, his hands on my waist.

"For being so perfect and so gentle with me tonight."

"You are welcome. I can be gentle in that way anytime you want me, babe." He says winking

"I'll consider that offer." I say walking to his bathroom.

The perfect first time!

Chapter Text


"Good morning, beautiful." Mike whispers in my ear

"Good morn..." I open my mouth to talk, but a rush of nausea takes over me. I jump out of the bed and stomp to our bathroom. I kneel in front of the toilette sit and empty my gut. Mike comes behind me, rubbing soothing circles on my back.

"I told you not to eat that Chinese leftover from the other day." He sings

"You are not helping me." I say and get up. I flash the toilette and walk in front of the sink to get cleaned up

"I have to go to band practice." He says and pecks on my cheek.

"I have to call my office and tell them I can't go. I am too sick." I say dramatically.

"Fine shorty." He says and bends down to kiss my nose.

"I am not short." I whine

"You are my shorty." He wraps his arms around my waist and kisses my neck. I giggle and try to push him away.

"Go get ready." I say and he does as I tell.


I sigh and grab my agenda. 'When was my last period?' I ask myself, looking at my agenda. Holy shit,2 months ago. 'Calm down, you might not be'. I try to calm myself down. I grab my phone and search through my contacts. Once I find my best friend's [Y/B/F/N] number, I call her and she picks up her phone on the 4th ring

"Hey, babe, what's up?" She asks. I am about to cry.

"I need you." I say and let my tears fall free.

"What the hell happened? What did that dick do to you?" She asks worriedly.

"It's complicated." I say

"I am coming over." She announces

"Wait, could you please stop over a pharmacy?" I ask

"What do you need?" She asks suspiciously

"A pregnancy test." I say and break down


The doorbell rings and I run to the door. I open it and [Y/B/F/N] stands in there. She opens her arms and I burry my body in her arms.

"Come in." I say, once we pull away and she follows me.

"I bought you 3 of them, just to be sure." She says, handing me the paper bag.

"Thank you." I say, trying to hold my tears back.

"Don't even mention it, honey. Now go." She says and pushes me towards the bedroom. I walk in, close the door and begin taking the tests. Once I am done, I place them on the counter and walk out, shaking from the anxiousness. [Y/B/F/N] is waiting for me outside the door.

"We have to wait 4 minutes." I say and she opens her arms to hug me.

"What if I am? We've never talked about starting a family." I ask

"Do you love him?" She asks me and I nod

"I know for sure that he loves you too. And you are together for 3 years; it's a fair long time. Everything will be just fine." She says reassuringly

"(Y/N), it's time." She says and my legs go jelly. I slowly open the door and stand over the counter, [Y/B/F/N] on my right.

"All 3 positive." I announce and she hugs me. 


I sit on the couch, waiting for Mike to come home. I've decided that I should tell him today: the sooner, the better. I am prepared for everything; I've even packed a bag, just in case. I sigh and put my hand on my belly. I already love it; a small mixture of Mike and me, pure perfection. I hear the front door being unlocked and I quickly sit up.

"Hey, love." Mike greets me.

"Hi." I say smiling

"Do you feel any better?" He asks. I take a big breath and gulp.

"Yeah...About that..." I begin

"Tell me." He says worriedly.

"I am pregnant." I simply blurt out.

"Wait... What?" He asks confused

"I am pregnant." I repeat biting my lip

-You, you are...pregnant?" He asks.

"Yes. Please don't be mad. I understand if you want me out of your..." I begin but he cuts me out with a kiss. He pulls away and puts his hand on my stomach.

"I am a father." He states

"And why would I get mad at you? I mean, yeah, it's sudden and unexpected and it's going to change our life, but I am here, we can work it out." He says. He then grabs my hand and guides us on the couch. We lay there all cuddled up, whispering sweet nothings on each other.


We are sitting on the waiting room of my gynecologist's office. Mike is bouncing his knee nervously.

"Are you ok?" I ask laughing.

"No." He says and I laugh again

"Baby, I am totally fine." I say.

"We don't know that." He says.

"You are giving me anxiety." I sing.

"Sorry, sorry." He says and hugs me.

"[Y/L/N]?" The nurse says. I stand up and extend my hand to Mike. He takes it and wraps his free arm around my waist. We walk to the doctor's office and knock on the closed door. I open the door and we walk in.

"Hey (Y/N). How do you feel today?" My gynecologist asks

"I am totally fine if you except a bit of dizziness." I say, sitting on the chair in front of her desk. Mike sits on the other chair.

"I assume that you are the father." The doctor says to Mike.

"Yeap. Nice to meet you." He says and extends his hand. They shake hands for a while and then the doctor turns to me.

"Shall we go check on the baby?" She asks and I nod. Mike gulps loudly.

"Anxious?" She asks Mike.

"As I've never been." He confesses.

"Ok (Y/N), you know what to do." She says to me. I nod and climb on the examination chair. I raise my t-shirt and reveal a small baby bump.

"You are small for 5 months." She says

"She keeps on working out. Is it dangerous for the baby?" Mike asks worried.

"No, no, we have talked about it. You shouldn't be worried." She reassures him. She squeezes the bottle and the cool gel falls on my belly. She switches on the ultrasound machine and moves the wand on my bump. Soon, there is a faint sound of a heartbeat.

"Oh my God. Is that its heartbeat?" Mike asks excitedly and shocked. Me and the doctor nod.

"Why aren't you as excited as I am?" Mike asks me

"I've heard it before." I say and giggle. He grabs my hand and kisses the top of it

"Do you want to find the gender?" She asks and we nod.

"Well... Congratulations guys. Looks like you are expecting a boy." She says.


"So, a baby boy?" Mike asks me. I hum, trailing his tattoos. We are both laying on the couch, me on top of him.

"Thank you." He says, kissing my forehead.

"For what?" I ask, getting lost in his arms.

"For baring me, for staying with me, for putting up with my ways and most of all, for giving me the chance of becoming a father, of starting a family." He says. I peck on his lips

"I am exhausted." I say and yawn.

"Sweet dreams my queen." He says and hugs me tighter. I drift off, picturing my family with my perfect boyfriend.

Chapter Text


"Hey, baby. How did recording go?" I ask my fiance as he enters our house. In response, I get just a huff and a thud of his backpack as it hits the floor.
"I am not in the mood of discussing today, (Y/N)..." He growls and kicks off his shoes. 
"Yeah, cause the past week you were so talkative..." I mumble, getting a glare from him. 
"Did you say something, sweetheart?" He asks me with irony in his tone. 
"Yes, I said that you've been like that for the past week and that I don't deserve all that shit. Plus, can you pick up your shoes from where you dumped them and put them in the fucking place where they belong? I am sick of tidying up the mess you leave behind you." I state and smile at him ironically. I see him clenched his jaw and roll his eyes at me. 
"(Y/N), I am seriously tired of that shit. I had a tough week and the last thing I want is to deal with your hysteria." He growls, this time loudly. I sit up from the couch and get in front of him, crossing my arms in front of my chest. 
"My hysteria? You are the one being moody all week long. I have to put up with your nerves, I have to be the perfect partner, always cheerful and supportive. I have to keep spotless a house that is in the middle of nowhere and try to be great at my work. I am the one that doesn't want to deal with YOUR hysteria." I state, poking his chest with my pointer finger before I walk out of our house. 

I strut down the pathway from our house to the small shed where we keep the logs for the fireplace and gardening tools.  
I shut the door behind me and reach for the toolkit. I know that Justin keeps his stash on the bottom of it, just to be safe. I dig through it and find the plastic bag with the rolled joints. I sigh in relief and pick one out, thinking how bad I need that. Usually, I smoke with Justin, but right now, the last thing I need is his moods ruining my chill out. 
I pick up the packet with the old blankets I've put in here during the spring cleaning; funny how Justin promised he would take care of them, but never did. 
I lay a thick one down and prop a folded one as a pillow before I lay down to see if they are comfy. 

After a while of just lay there, I realize that I forgot to bring a lighter with me. 

I sit up to look around the shed for a lighter or even some matches, but the door opening drags my attention. I see a soaked from the rain Justin, looking at me. With how tensed I was, I didn't realize that the drizzle that started when I arrived home has turned into a full-on rain. 
I roll my eyes and approach him, reaching into his pocket for a lighter. Knowing him, I am sure that he has at least one on him 
He doesn't react to my touch, he just leans on the doorframe, gawking at me angrily. I ignore his glaring after I pick the lighter, walking to the blankets. I sit with my legs crossed while I light up the joint, but lay on my back as I take in the smoke. I close my eyes, keeping the smoke down for a few seconds. I puff it out, looking Justin in the eye. He stares at me, biting the inside of his cheek. I drag in more smoke and try to calm down before I turn to him. 
"What? What are you looking at?" I ask him after a few minutes of staring. 
"You seriously have the mood to smoke weed after all the things that are wrong between us right now? I mean, seriously, are you that insensitive?" He begins talking in the same tone as before. 
I shut him off, trying to get high as fast as possible. I need that, I need to feel out of this world for a while. 
"(Y/N), (Y/N)..." I hear him shout my name. 
"(Y/N), do you want to come in the house and talk? I am tired of waiting." He states and points to the house. I take a good look at him, realizing that all this time he's been standing in the rain, shivering, instead of just walking in. I sit up and tap the joint, putting it out and saving it for later. 
"You hate me that much?" I ask him, knitting my eyebrows together. 
"What?" He asks me back.
"You hate me that much that you prefer standing in the rain and freezing than being in the same room as me?" I ask him again as I stand up. I feel every hair on my body stand straight as I mouth the words. My eyes are brimming with tears. Justin stares at me shocked before he lowers his head. 
"Answer me... I am begging you, please... Answer me. " I plead as I take a few steps closer to him. 
"(Y/N), it's not that..." He stutters, turning away. He turns his back to me, making me tear up. 
I walk out of the shed and stand in front of him, getting hit by the rain. 
"Then what is it? What is it, Justin? Tell me, cause I don't know... And I can't understand. All of that is killing me..." I say, my voice thick as I try to hold back my tears. 
"(Y/N), please. Get inside..." He sighs.
"No, answer me... Be a man and answer me. Tell me that you got tired of me, tell me that you don't want this anymore. Just straight up tell me the truth, to my face." I plead. 

All he does is hug me. He brings me to his chest and keeps me there, silently. I let my tears fall, still not sure how all of this will turn out. 
"I am an asshole. I know I am. I've been an arse for the whole week and even though I knew, I didn't want to admit it. I didn't want to put my pride aside and admit that I was wrong. I led us to all of this... I am so sorry princess... I am so sorry." He mumbles, kissing the top of my head. I grip on his wet t-shirt, taking in whiffs of his scent. 
"Want to go in our house? You are getting cold." He says after a few seconds. I shake my head no and take a step back. 
"I don't want to get in there just yet. I need to relax and put everything behind me. And this house just reminds me of the shitty week we went through." I comment and he side smirks. 
"Ok..." He says and shrugs his shoulders. 

I pull him inside the shed and shut the door. I literally have to drag him to the blankets and push him down, before I hand him the blunt.
"You clearly need to smoke this more than I do." I whisper and he sighs. 
"You are right." He says, lighting it up. 
I sit next to him and stare as he takes the first drag. 
"Come here..." He says and pats his lap before taking one more drag. I sit on his lap and he presses my jaw, separating it. I open my mouth and he blows his smoke in it, something that he knows that drives me insane. 

"I love you so much..." He whispers before he pulls me to lay down next to him. 

He passes me the joint, while he stares at me. 
"Want to tell me what made you so tense this week?" I ask and he shakes his head. 
"It doesn't matter anymore. " He replies 
"Just tell me." I groan.
"I had a few issues in the studio. But I have 3 days to clear my mind and get my shit together. Can we just not talk about it? I need to focus on getting us on good terms." He says and I chuckle. I lean in to kiss him and he responds, pulling me to straddle his waist as he deepens the kiss. 
I hum in the kiss and he smirks. 
"I can see through your top." He mumbles and I moan. 
"You can?" I ask and he hums. 
"It's beautiful... It looks so good." He praises me. I press my hips on him, trying to get some friction.
"You haven't touched me in a week..." I say and he pushes the joint between my lips. I take a drag and throw my head back as my hips try to wiggle on him and get him hard. 
"I am sorry for that kitten. Is there any way I can make it up to you?" He asks me and curls his lips into a smile. 
"Just take me..." I moan and he smirks.

He flips on my back and hovers over me. He stares down my top before he tears it off with his hands.
I shiver a bit but stay in place, watching his every move. 

"I hope you want it rough today..." He growls and I shudder. 
"Is there any other I would want to have it after that long?" I ask as he unbuttons my shorts. 
"I am going to ravish you..." He threatens me before he unfastens his belt and shimmies out of his jeans. 

I grab the back of his t-shirt and pull it until it is off his body, making him chuckle. 
"I don't have a condom on me..." He stops and moves a bit back. I pull him closer and spread my legs more for him. 
"It doesn't matter... I want it raw..." I whisper and he clenches his jaw. 
He slams into me, pinning me down to the blanket. I push the blanket we had as a pillow away and try to regulate my breathing. The moment he backs out, I feel my pussy pulsing and goosebumps rise on my skin. I wrap my legs around his waist and grip on his arm as he thrusts back in me. 
"You feel so good, babygirl." He praises me, growling in my ear and making the hair in the back of my neck stand straight. I feel his tip stretch me as he slides in me, with a slow pace in the beginning, but stroking deep inside of me. I feel him inside of my stomach reaching places I forgot he could reach. I move my hips in a slow rhythm, trying to add to the feeling. 
His hand reaches for my throat, pressing it roughly. 
"Harder, please." I beg, biting my lip. He chokes me as he picks up on pace, his hips moving fast. I feel a burning sensation in my stomach, signaling that the knot has started forming. 
"You are so good for me. Perfect..." He groans as I dig my nails more into his skin. 
"Harder." I moan and he obeys, slamming harder on me. His thumb moves in front of my lips, pressing on my bottom one. I suck on the tip of it, earning a smile from him. 
"Such a good little slut." He praises me, removing his hand from around my throat. I take a deep breath, trying to catch up. His lips move down to my neck, biting and grazing his teeth over the flesh.
"I love it..." I moan, placing my hands on his cheeks to pull his face closer to mine.
"I know you do. You are pulsing around me. It feels great." He whispers, staring at me lustfully. His breath is hitched and his thrusts are strong and deep, showing me that he has missed that as much as I have. 
His tip thrusts on my back wall, making me arch my back and moan loudly. He takes the chance to bring his lips down my chest, humming against it before he engulfs my nipple with his lips. 
I sigh in bliss and look at him with my mouth agape. 
"Fuck..." I chant, arching my back more. He chuckles and changes the angle he is thrusting in me.
His teeth scratch on my bud, causing my skin to erupt in goosebumps. 
"It feels so good..." I scream. The rain hitting on the window and the sound of the thunders is adding to the feeling I have in the pit of my stomach. 
His fingers run down my body, reaching for my clit. 
"Shit..." He growls, his dick twitching inside me. 
"Don't cum yet..." I whimper and he groans.
"It's too hard babygirl..." He whispers, his voice groggy. 

I push him to lay on his back, straddling him as he is still inside me. I bounce on him, controlling the thrusts. 
"You look so good like that..." He groans and places his hands on my hips. I begin grinding, trying to get some friction on my clit. 
His tip brushes against my spot, pushing me towards my orgasm.
He cums inside me, growling and pushing me more on him. I pant as I continue grinding, too close to my orgasm to let it go. 

I cum after a few minutes, screaming from my high. I arch my back and throw my head back, enjoying every second of it. 
Justin massages my hips as I try to calm down, smiling at me. 

I lean forward and lay my head on his chest, listening to his steady heartbeat. 
"I think that this was the only positive of fighting and being nervous the whole week." He mutters, stroking my hair. 
"I agree. But the next time you are acting like a bitch again, I am going to bust your head open." I threaten him and he chuckles, wrapping his arm around my waist. 
"You'll have every right to do so." He says and I purr. 
"Do you think we should go back home?" He asks me and I groan.
"It's raining and it's too cold outside. And here is warm and cozy and we can smoke some more and have more sex and be away from everything..." I sing and he hums. 
"I really like this idea..." He replies and tilts my head to place a kiss on my lips.


Chapter Text


I pack my pj's and toiletries in my small overnight bag. Tonight I am having a sleepover and movies marathon at my boyfriend's, James house. We are together for 6 months and it's the first time that we are going to sleep together: I have to admit that I am fucking nervous. You see, I am a virgin. It's not like I am too prudent or something, it just hasn't happened yet, I was too focused on my studies. I sigh and just pray that it won't be too awkward.


"Guys as much as I enjoy your company, you have to go. (Y/N) is coming over for the night." I say to Ben and Cameron

"Someone is going to score tonight." Ben says teasingly

"Is she any good?" Cam asks. I simply sigh in annoyance

"You haven't done it yet?" Ben asks surprised.

"How come? I mean with the others you've done it since date 2." Cam says.

"It's different with her." I say shyly, looking at my feet.

"Oh, our little James fell in love." Ben says, pinching my cheeks.

"Get off, wankers." I say slapping Ben's hand away.

"Ok lovebird. Remember to use condoms. Don't make me an uncle that shortly." Cam sings on his way out. I sigh and begin tiding up.

When I am done, I walk to the kitchen, to prepare some snacks; popcorns, crisps and frozen pizza. I decide that I need to shower and change clothes, so I look decent in her eyes. Oh boy, I am so in love with her. She is perfect: her smile, her eyes, her hair, her lips, her lips, her body. She is just pure perfection and I am totally screwed.

[Y/N'S POV] 

I park my car on the front porch of James' house. I run my fingers through my hair and sigh; I haven't been this anxious since my degree exams. I sigh again and walk out of my car, taking my bag with me. I lock the car and slowly begin making my way to his front door. I tempt on whereas or not I should ring the bell but I finally give in. within a few seconds, James opens the door.

"(Y/N), baby. Welcome, come in." He says excitedly, moving from the door.

"Thanks, babe." I say and aim to kiss his cheek but he averts his head and my lips land on his. He wraps his arms around my waist, bringing me closer to his body. There is a warmth spread in my gut. We pull away and he smiles like an idiot. I playfully smack his chest.

"Dork." I say walking further into his house. I drop my bag on the sofa and James comes behind me and grabs my waist. He turns my body around so that I am now facing him. He pushes me on the couch and we both lay down, him on top of me. He begins kissing and tickling me

"James, James, James, baby, I need to change into my PJs." I manage to say through my giggles. Truth is that it began becoming awkward

"Ok, ok. You go change and I'll prepare the things in here." He says and pecks on my cheek.

I walk to the bathroom and quickly change into my pajama shorts and "Asking Alexandria" tank top. I exit the bathroom and make my way to the living room. I find James on the couch with blankets and snacks. I smile at the sight of my boyfriend and walk over him. I lay next to him and he snakes his arms around my waist. He pecks on my shoulder, neck, jawline and finally on my cheek.

"What are we watching?" I ask

"Crazy, Stupid love." He says, pecking on my shoulder blade. He presses the start button and the movie begins.


We are cuddled up, watching the movie, when suddenly (Y/N) starts shifting

"What's wrong baby?" I ask her. She doesn't reply but then I realize her problem; there is the sex scene and she feels uncomfortable. I bring her closer to my body and begin kissing her softly.

"It's ok baby." I reassure her but she continues kissing me greedily, needily. I do the same and grab her head to deepen the kiss. I run my tongue across her bottom lip. She opens her mouth, granting me full access and our tongues dance together. I easily win dominance. She puts her small hands on my chest and I wrap mine around her waist. We continue kissing and she runs her hands across my torso, creating electricity inside me. I feel my bulge growing inside my pants. I stop before it gets too late and she looks at me confused.

"James, why did you stop?" She asks.

"Because, because..." I begin and her eyes fall on my pants. She smirks satisfyingly.

"Did I cause all of that?" She asks. I simply nod and she crushes our lips together.

"I want you. I need you. My body is aching for you." She whispers, giving me small pecks on my neck.

"Are you sure? I don't want to push you into things you are not sure if you want to do."

-I am completely sure. I completely trust you, so why not? She says. I nod and cup her face. I kiss her deeply.

"I am going to bring a condom." I whisper and leave the room.

[Y/N'S  POV]

It is going to happen. Oh my God. Is it going to hurt? What if I am no good at it? My trail of thoughts gets interrupted by James entering the room. He smiles and crawls on top of me. He begins kissing me softly; starting with small pecks and ending up with greedy, harsh, deep kisses. He bites my bottom lip, pulling it a bit. He sits up and places me on his lap. We continue
our making out session and I feel James' hands traveling up and down my body sensually. I feel my wetness pooling up in my panties. James' hands make their way into my shorts and pants, stroking my dripping wet core.

"Mmmm, so wet." He mumbles against my lips. He lays me on the couch and gets on top of me. He removes my shorts and panties. I buck my hips up and kick them completely off. He removes my top and reaches behind my back for my bra; he masterly unclasps it with one hand, which scares me a bit, because it shows off that he has done it many times before. He lines up in front of my entrance, with a condom covering his big shaft. I gulp down, afraid of the pain following. James' kisses my lips softly and takes my hand in his.

"Ready love?" He asks and I nod. He pushes softly into me, not moving in the beginning, giving me time to adjust to his size. The whole feeling is a mix of pain, discomfort, and pleasure. He slowly pushes his member out and then back in. With every thrust, the pain goes away and is being replaced by a pleasuring feeling. He gains speed and force, without being violent. He kisses me again and his free hand travels down my rib cage, sending shivers down my spine. His hand travels to my clit, rubbing it slowly and sensually in small circles. I arch my back from the pleasure and he smirks against my lips

"You like that baby girl?" He whispers in my ear and bites my earlobe. I moan out his name, faintly, barely above a whisper.

"Mmm, moan my name." He says and thrusts harder, deeper, hitting my spot again. He continues on rubbing my clit, making the small bundle of nerves swell under his touch. A weird knot is formed in my stomach and I feel my walls tightening around his member. James thrusts into me again, this time harder than before. I moan again and he groans, our sweaty skins slapping into each other. He thrusts faster and sloppier, bringing me closer to my release. He hits my spot again and my walls clench. Seconds later the knot snaps, covering his dick with my juices; profanities and loud screams are leaving my lips. James thrusts 2 more times and he twitches inside me, shooting his cum in the condom.

He rolls off me, smiling like an idiot.

"Wow." He says, laying down, trying to catch his breath.

"Yeah." I say out of breath. He brings me to his chest and kisses my forehead

"By the way, I liked it a lot." I say and he smirks

"I liked that too. We should do it again. Now go get cleaned and I'll tidy up in here. And then we will continue our marathon." He says and kisses my neck.  

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Tony Perry, Pierce The Veil

"Come on. Do I have to come too?" I asked my best friend, [Y/BF/N], whining as she tried to make me get up from the sofa where I was relaxing the wreck I call my body.

"Yes [Y/N] you have to. Since the day you found out that the dick you called your boyfriend cheated on you, you are laying on that sofa, eating and doing absolutely nothing.Now, get the fuck up, pick up your pieces and get ready cause we only have 2 hours before the guys pick us up." She said as she finally manages to lift me from my "grave".

I run up to the shower and start washing my hair and body.It took me about 10 minutes to finish and all of this time I was thinking about me and my boyfriend. Ex to be exact. [Y/BF/N] was right; he was a dick and I owed it to myself to move on. Starting from tonight.

I stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my body. I walked into my bedroom and opened my closet. I grabbed my white, lacy, Brazilian panties and matching bra and slid them to my body. I put on a t-shirt until I decide what to wear. I immediately started doing my hair. I blow-dried, straightened and put them into a ponytail. I did my makeup, nothing much, just a cat eye and red lips and I finally picked up my outfit. I decided on a pair of boyfriend jeans and my "Sleeping With Sirens- Do it now, remember it later" tank top. I slid on my favorite pair of high-heels, the ones that my ex-boyfriend had forbidden me to wear because they made me look taller than him. I sprayed my sexiest perfume and put on some accessories. I grabbed my spiky clutch and walked out of my room

"Now, that's the (Y/N) that I love." (Y/BF/N) said and made me blush a bit

"Shall we wait for the guys?" She asked me the moment I opened the door to leave.

"Right, the guys." I said as I sat next to her on the couch waiting for Tom and Adam (the guys) to pick us up

After 10 minutes, our friends knocked on my door.

We all got into Tom's car and (Y/BF/N) put on some music. 15 minutes later we parked the car in the clubs parking slot. After we got in, I headed to the bar to buy myself a drink while the other 3 began dancing. I have already ordered my beer and started drinking it when [Y/BF/N] came and pull me into the dancing crowd

"This music sucks!" I said to my friend as "Problem" by Ariana Grande blasted through the speakers.

I walked back to the bar and ordered myself a vodka. I sat there for about 15 minutes when a tall, blond guy walked in front of me.

"Hey, babe. Let's bypass all this bullshit and just get naked." He said to me with a stupid smirk spreading across his face.

"Oh, really? You didn't even do an effort to come up with a smart pick-up line.Watch out ladies, Mr. Fuckboy in da club." I said and returned to my drink.

"Nice answer." A guy who was sitting a sig away from me said. He was handsome, in his late 20s, with tattoos, short black hair, and sparkly eyes. I knew him from somewhere. A second later realization hit me. He was Tony flipping Perry

"Thanks, Turtle." I simply answered

"I see that you know me. But I find it unfair that the only things I know about you are that a) you are smart judging from your comment on that dude's pick-up line b)you have a great music taste judging by your top and the fact that you know me and c)you are really good looking." He said and smiled shyly

I moved to the seat next to him and extended my hand

"I am (Y/N)"

3 hours, 10 shots and unumerous facts about our lives, I started feeling dizzy

"I think I should go back home, I drunk too much more than I can handle." I said hiccuping

"I am not going to let you go home in this condition. I will drive you there. I am almost sober." He said sitting up.

I agreed, being too dizzy to do anything else. I sat in the passenger seat and gave Tony my address.Moments later I drifted into sleep.

Next thing I know, I am awake in my bed with a throbbing headache. I sat up on my bed and looked around me. Next to me, I found a note. I read it:

'In case you're wondering, nothing happened between us last night (Although, I wish it had) But being the gentleman that I am, I figured out that I should take you on a few dates first. So I am picking you up at 8. Here is my number ***********. Call me anytime you want to confirm. xoxo Tony Turtle Perry

p.s. You are cute when you sleep. And good luck with that nasty hangover.'

Let's just say that something happened between us for many many nights.

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"You sneaked out again, I see..." Johnny teases me as he walks backstage to the cafe they are having a small gig. I place my hands on my hips and sigh as he approaches me for a hug. 
"How could you tell?" I ask him in a sarcastic tone. 
"What was their problem this time?" He asks me, pecking on my forehead. 
"Same as usual. You are a bad influence and I need to focus on my school..." I say and he chuckles. 
"If only they knew that their little angel is actually the devil itself..." He murmurs and I slap his shoulder.
"I am no devil." I protest.
"You are no angel either, sunshine." He hums and I stick my tongue out. 
"What time do you have to be in your bed in the morning?" He asks me after he pecks on my forehead.
"7. My mom usually banks on my door until I am up." I reply. 
"And what time do you want to go to bed tonight?" He asks, wrapping an arm around my shoulders before we begin making our way out of the cafe through the back door. 
"I don't want to go home. Not tonight. I'll pull an all-nighter." I state and he looks at me with knitted eyebrows. 
"Why is that? You are going to be half dead at school." He asks and I chuckle.
"I know. But, I won't see you for 2 weeks, I don't want to spend our last night together away from you." I say and he cackles. 
"Ok, ok... What do you want to do tonight, princess?" He asks me and I hum as I brainstorm. 
"Let's just drive around. I really don't care what we are going to do, I just need to be with you." I reply and he nods. 
"Let's go get the car."   


I lean my head on the car seat, staring at Johnny as he drives through the city. 
"You are tired, honey?" He asks me, his eyes on the road. 
"Not really..." I reply and he chuckles. 
"I'll make a stop in there." He says and points to an area closeby. 

"You don't have to." I purr but he chuckles.
"I'll do it either way." He sings. 
He pulls over to the area, which surprisingly is empty. 
"We both need to rest a bit. I am still pumped from the show and you are past your bedtime." He teases me and I groan. 
"I don't have a bedtime." I purr and he chuckles. 
Yeah, right..." He replies, throwing the seats back. 
He wraps his arms around my waist, pulling my back to his chest. He buries his nose in my locks and hums as I try to get warm. 
"Thank you for coming tonight. I know it's hard to always fight with your parents about me." He whispers in my ear, pecking on my head. 
"I don't mind. I know they are wrong. I know you could never do anything to hurt me." 
"That's what they are afraid of?" He asks me and I nod. 
"I could never hurt you..." He hums and I turn to face him.
"I know." I reply, leaning in to kiss him.   
"Baby..." He moans against my lips as I begin tracing them with mine. 
"What?" I ask him, not breaking the kiss completely. 
"Nothing... Just, you are so pretty." He moans and I smirk. I straddle his waist, pressing my core to his bulge. 
"I can tell that you think I am pretty." I chuckle and he looks at me surprised. 
"Angel..." He praises me. 
"Are you sure you want to go where all of this is heading?" He asks me. 
"Where is this heading?" I ask, shifting my hips a bit.  
"(Y/N, you know damn well where this is heading. The question is, are you sure about it? I mean, we are in a car..." 
"Doesn't this make everything more exciting?" I ask and he smirks. 

I raise my sweater over my head and leave me in just my bra. Johnny places a hand behind my head and pulls me in for a kiss. 
"I don't want you on top tonight baby... Let me handle it tonight..." He whispers and I nod. He flips me on my back and licks his lips as he reaches under my skirt to remove my panties. 
"You look so good like that..." He says again, huffing as he tries to unzip his pants. 
"Are you going to say it again?" I ask him, giggling as I watch his struggle in the small space. 
"I am always going to say it." He says as he palms his member. 
He thrusts his hips slowly onto mine, giving me time to adjust to him. He caresses my cheeks with his thumbs as he tries to set a rhythm.
"Are you ok, angel?" He asks me, pushing the locks of my hair out of my face.
"Yes. It feels so good." I reply and grab onto his arms. His lips land on mine, trying to silence both of us. His hips make small movements, but even the smallest on makes the car move. I place my leg on his waist, pulling him closer to my body. I feel his dick hit on my spot, making me bite his bottom lip. He groans and sinks his hips more on mine, his strokes picking up on speed at this point. 
"Slow down." I pant and stare at him. His hands go to my hips, keeping me in place as he tries to find a rhythm. 
"This is not the best goodbye sex." He groans. I can see sweat beading on his forehead and honestly, it just makes everything hotter. 
"Relax, it is amazing." I assure him and back my hips for him. He changes angle and moves his hips in a slow, yet nice rhythm. I release a breath as his dick stretches my walls. I bite my lip and throw my head back as he thrusts in and out again, hitting just on the right spot. 
"It feels so damn good." I moan and watch him smile. His fingertips trace patterns on my hipbones, making the hair in the back of my neck stand straight. 
"You are so tight, angel. You are so good." He praises me, looking down at me with an open mouth. I pull him in for a kiss, trying to get as much friction as I can from him. 
I can feel his speedup heartbeat on my chest, his body that sticks a bit with sweat, his veins on his neck and biceps that pop. All of that makes my stomach tighten and my pussy tremble. 
"More." I chant against his lips, earning a smile from him. He thrusts deeper, pushing on my back wall. I can almost feel him in my stomach, and that makes me grip on his biceps harder. 
"So good..." I groan, arching my back. He grunts as he thrusts, his strokes becoming sloppy. I know he is close, and I am too, I just need a little more. 
"Don't come yet, please." I beg, gulping thickly as my orgasm approaches me. He nods and grits his teeth, tensing his body as he tries to hold back. 
I close my eyes and focus for a second before my orgasm hits me. I feel my stomach tighten and my pussy pulse, making me arch my back and release a scream while gripping onto Johnny. 
"Johnny..." I scream, making him groan. He thrusts a few more times, prolonging my orgasm before his is just seconds away. 
He pulls out and jacks off over my stomach. By now, I am glaring at him, taking in every move he makes, getting me all worked up again. He cums on my stomach, growling and panting as his seed coats my belly. 
"Shit..." He groans as he takes a look at me. I smile and look at him innocently, causing a smile to spread on his face. 
"My princess... You look so good like that..." He compliments me and I hum in agreement. 
"I know. I look so good that I think that we should do this again, soon." I state, picking up some cum with my fingertip and taking a taste and leaving him looking at me with his eyes wide open. 
"The moment I am back, I swear to God." He replies and hands me a tissue to get cleaned up. 
"I think I am a bit hungry. Do you think we could drive somewhere to get some food?" I ask as I wipe my stomach. 
"Whatever you want, baby." He replies, kissing my forehead and handing me my sweater. 



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Tony Perry, Pierce the Veil

"Tony, are you listening to me? Tony..." I huff and nudge my fiance who has been playing on his phone and probably paid me zero attention while I was talking. Tony sighs and rolls his eyes, but gives me no answer.
"Tony, just pay attention to me, for fuck's sake." I growl and he groans in response. 
"What the fuck do you want this time (Y/N)?" He asks me, putting his phone down. 
"I want you to fucking hear me out. As I said before, I have the last dress fitting tomorrow and I won't be able to go check the venue. I want you to drop there, all you have to do is talk with the decorator and see if everything is being planned the way we agreed. And then I need you home early, to make the sitting plan for the rehearsal dinner and the dinner afterward. And of course, we have to put together the wedding favors for the guests, and all of that before I leave the house the day after tomorrow, to have our bachelor's and bachelorette's parties. We have 5 days before the wedding and we still don't have the sitting chart ready... Oh, and we have to check the DJ's playlist, so don't make plans for tomorrow evening." I say and take a breath after I am done. 
"Oh, that's all..." He says sarcastically. 
"Yes Tony, that's all..." I reply, with the same sarcastic tone. 
"Why do we have to do all of these things? I mean, it's just a wedding, it's just a day." He groans. I gasp and glare at him. 
"It's just a day to you? I've busted my ass for months and months until now, for you to tell me that it's just a day?" I ask him. 
"No one asked you to do that. You were the one who wanted an extravagant wedding. And I agreed with you. No one asked me what I wanted. "
"You weren't fucking involved. And what the fuck are you talking about? I asked you about everything and all you did was nod your head." I protest. 
"Because I wanted to give you what you wanted." He growls, slamming his fist on the couch as he gets up. 
"Well, clearly, that's not what you actually wanted." I reply, resting my hands on my hips. 
"What the fuck do you want from me, woman?" He asks. 
"A husband that is involved in the most important day of our relationship this far and he is not bitching around." I reply. 
"Well, if this is how you are going to be, even before our wedding, you are getting no husband at all." He says and I stare at him shocked. 
"What did you just say?"  I ask him, stuttering.
"I said that if I knew you would become such a bitch, I wouldn't have asked you to marry me." He growls. I cover my mouth with my hands, muffling my whimpers as tears spill on my cheeks. 
"Maybe you shouldn't have..." I reply after a second. 
He doesn't reply. He picks up his phone and exits the house, his face red and body tensed. 


The morning finds me in the kitchen, drinking coffee and thinking of all the things I have to cancel. I've waited for Tony the whole night, but he never showed up. I wept and cried waiting for him, I shuffled throughout the house, trying to get my mind off, trying to calm myself and think that he is going to be home in any minute, that everything is going to be ok. But that never happened... 
I write down on my notepad the numbers of every person I have to call, to cancel today's plans. I guess I should wait before I cancel the whole wedding, but after the words that have been spoken last night, I don't think that this moment is going to take time. 
"Good morning." I hear Tony whisper from the kitchen's entrance. 
"Good morning." I say and sip my coffee. 
"Is there any coffee for me?" He asks, picking out his mug.
"Yeah, in the pot. I made plenty..." I state and he nods. 
"You look like a mess." He comments 
"Thank you, I wonder why..." I mumble as he takes the seat across of me. 
"You are going to look even worse on your dress fitting." He says before he sips his coffee. 
"There is not going to be a dress fitting. I am going to cancel it." I reply bluntly. I pick up my mug and sit up from my stool, heading to the fridge to grab something to eat. 
"You are going to move it for tomorrow? We don't have time for that. We have to do the sitting charts, and the dinner rehearsal, and the DJ playlist and the venue inspection. There are a lot of things to do before the wedding." He says. 
"Tony, stop. There isn't going to be a wedding. You can relax now." I snap. 
"What? Why?" He asks me, shocked. 
"You are asking me why? Seriously? You were the one who said that this wedding should ot happen." I reply. 
"I am sorry. I know, I was an asshole and I snapped. But I didn't mean any of the words that I said last night. I regret last night's events. You can ask Jaime, all I was talking about last night was how stupid I acted. I just... I realized that those are my last moments as a bachelor and it freaks me out that our wedding is so close. I don't want to screw this and I don't want to make you unhappy. " He blurts and I stare at him. 
"I really wish I could believe you." I whisper and shrug my shoulders.
"You have to, cause it's the truth. It's fucked up, I know. But I am too scared that I am going to screw this up." He says, approaching me and taking my hands in his. 
"You should have talked to me earlier..." I reply. 
"I know angel. I just didn't want to admit that..." He says, sighing and looking at his feet. 
"You are an idiot, you know that, right? You could never make me unhappy. I agreed to marry you because I know that you are going to be an amazing husband and maybe later an amazing father. So, please, don't ever doubt yourself, ever again." I state and he smiles at me. 
"Thank you..." He says, pecking on my forehead. 


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Benn Suede, ex Crown The Empire Member 

[Y/N's POV]
I am folding the t-shirts and putting the bracelets in their boxes, after a long day of work. In other words, my routine the last 2 months. Don't get me wrong, I love my job and all, but I really need something to change. I mean, touring with the guys is great but I miss having a talk with my best friend while we are sitting at the top of a building, drinking beers in 2 in the morning. Sure, the guys are great and friendly and all, but they are kinda my employers: I can't complain about my problems at them...
"Mind traveling, (Y/N)?" I hear someone say from behind me, snapping me out of my thoughts.
"What? Of course not. I am perfectly concentrated on folding these t-shirts. " I say, particularly to no one.
"Need any help?" The voice says again, this time from next to me. I turn to my left to find the familiar blond guitarist picking up a black tank top with his band's logo on it.
"Thank you Benn, but I can handle my job. I mean, tonight I was almost sold out. And you probably are tired. You did quite a great job on stage." I say, trying to pry the top of his hands, but he pulls it back.
"No, actually I am fine. You are the one I worry about." He says, looking into my eyes.
"What do you mean?" I ask, not aware of what he is talking about.
"You work all day long. You barely come out of your bank and hardly ever come to the parties." He says.
"Well, you are not paying me to go to parties. And actually, as long as I am good at my job, I'd prefer you stopped complaining about other staff." I say coldly, finally pulling the top away from his hands. He looks at me shocked like he has never expected me to snap.
"If that's what you want." He says after a small pause and turns on his heel to walk away from the tent. Perfect: now I push everyone away.

Did she really just snap at me? All I was trying to do was help her and get her to open up. Something seems to bug her and I really want to help her. But no, she has to be a bitch and push me away. If that's what she wants, so be it.
"Dude, easy with the door. Find something else to bang." Brent says once I enter the front lounge.
"What?" I ask confused.
"The door... You banged it hard... Benn, are you alright man?" He asks sitting up.
"Yes. No..I don't know, Brent" 
"You seem a bit pissed." He says.
"I am a bit pissed. Actually, I am completely pissed."
"Why so?"
"I tried talking to (Y/N), see why she is the way she is and she fucking barked at me." I say, throwing my head back.
"Tough one. She might be having a rough day. Don't get it personally. "
"She's been acting a bit off the last month. I want to get her open up."
"Kind. But she may need some alone time."
"She could have asked nicely. Never mind. I am going to have a shower and call it a day. "I say as I get up. He pats my back and smiles. I smile back and rush to the bathroom.

[Y/N'S POV] 
"Hey, doll." My best friend cheers as her face appear on the screen. I smile at her and think of how much I have missed her.
"Hey, gorgeous." I greet her...
"How is tour going? Are you having fun? Is there any hot band member that has my bestie's heart? Come on, talk to me. We haven't talked for ages..." she whines.
"OK OK... First of all, sorry for not calling you. I am busy all the time. Touring is great most of the time. And no, there is no band members on my romance horizon. " 
"Oh. What do you mean most of the time?" She asks, tilting her head to the left.
"I miss you. Like a lot." I confess.
"Oh honey, I miss you too. " she coo's
"What else bothers you?" She asks me.
"What? How do you know?" I ask her.
"I am your best friend. I know you better than you think." She says, cocking an eyebrow.
"Fine. I just ... ugh .. I talked abruptly to a really nice guy. You know, Benn the guitarist.."
"You mean the hottie one. The model...?"
"I guess he is a hottie .." I mumble 
"How could you, you cruel creature...? Go apologize now and don't call me unless he has forgiven you." She says. In the beginning, I thought she was just kidding. But then she threw me her serious look and I knew shit just got real...
"Fine, fine. I love you. Goodnight..." I say and wait for her to do the same, but she keeps on staring at me.
"Fine. I am going.." I say and end our call. I groan but get up from my bunk. Reluctantly, I walk towards his bunk, thinking of how to start my apology. Without realizing it, I knock on the outside of his bed and wait for a reply. 
"Who are you and why are you waking me up at 3 in the morning?" I hear Benn groan.
"It's (Y/N). Can you come out to talk?" I ask, biting my lip. His curtain opens, revealing him in just his boxers. Truly a hottie.
"Follow me." He says and grabs a T-shirt. As we are walking, he slips it on and runs his eyes. He guides me to the ladder that guides to the roof of the bus. 
"Stay in here. I am coming back..." he says and leaves me there. For a moment, the thought that he might have left me there, waiting for him, was a punishment that was going to last all night, passed through my mind, but I brushed it off, knowing that Benn isn't that kind of a guy. So, I just stay there, fiddling with my fingers and staring at my legs, waiting for Benn to come back from wherever he went...
"Sorry for being late. Mind helping me with those? " he asks, pointing to a bag of chips and 2 coronas.
"Sure." I say and grab them. He climbs the ladder and opens the sunroof.
"Follow me, princess." He says without a single hint of sarcasm in his voice. I climb the ladder and he helps me up to the roof. 
"Nice.." I say, looking at the night sky. The view is really great and reminds me of the nights I've spent back home with my best friend. 
"Are you sure that it is safe to sit on top of a moving bus?"
"We will have to see..." he says and opens the beers.
"So, talk to me.." he says, handing me back my beer.
"What time is it?" I ask, stretching and yawning.
"5:20..." he says, checking on his phone.
"Woah ... time flies." I say. We've been up here for 2 hours, chatting and laughing... and it seemed like a second...
"Let's get to bed." He says, standing up. He extends his arm to help me get up. I gladly take it and we walk down quietly. He walks me to my bunk, being the gentleman he is.
"I had fun. Let's do it again sometime." I say, smiling. He chuckles and puts a hand on my shoulder.
"I had too. Anytime you want, wake me up and grab some beer." He says, rubbing my shoulder.
"OK. Sorry for the evening again..." I say. He chuckles and his thumb goes to my cheek. He rubs it softly and looks at me in the eyes, making me melt. Do I like him? Nah .. But why my heart is skipping a beat right now? His eyes fall to my lips, staring at them. I, instinctively, bite my bottom lip, making Benn lick his. Why am I looking at his lips? What's wrong with me?
"Um...?" I say, but he places his finger on my lips.
"Shshsh.. stop talking and use your lips for the right purpose. "He whispers and leans halfway to me. I freeze: my heart stops and my eyes widen. My breath seems to be hitched in the back of my throat. In the rush of the moment, something hits me up in the guy, giving me the courage I am lacking.

Finally, I lean in and touch his lips with mine. Soon, he responds by engulfing my lips in a deeper kiss. It's magical: he tastes like beer, mint and something I can only label as Benn. His short beard scratches my cheeks a bit, but I love it. His lips are soft, like the skin of a baby. His calloused fingers trace my jaw, pulling my face closer to his.
"Goodnight. See you tomorrow and sleep tight." He whispers against my lips, pulling away from the kiss. His lips are ghosting mine, his breath hitting my lips. All I can do is nod and whisper a 'good night'. He then pecks on my lips one more time, in an affectionate way, before he leaves me in front of my bunk and heads to his.

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(Y/N's POV) 

"No mom, I don't want a Spanish tutor." I shouted

"(Y/N), you are already failing Spanish. I don't care whereas or not you want a tutor. You obviously need one and he is coming, so go get ready." She yelled pointing upstairs, where my room is.

"Ugh, fine." I surrendered stomping to my bedroom.

Once I got in, I banged my door really hard. God, I was so furious. When I calmed down a bit, I decided on freaking out my new tutor. So, I went to my closet and grabbed my "Suicide Silence" t-shirt and put it on. I grabbed my favorite hair accessory, which is a bow with an eyeball and a skeleton hand. Creepy enough yet? I decided not to scare the fuck out of him, cause he would probably be an old man, and these could easily give him a heart attack.

"(Y/N), your tutor is here." My mom yelled from downstairs.

"Coming mama." I yelled back. I closed my door and jogged downstairs

"Mr. Preciado, this is my daughter (Y/N). (Y/N), this is your tutor, Mr. Preciado." My mom said. I froze. Man, he wasn't like I thought he would be. He was tall, handsome, with black short spiky hair. He seemed to be young. I could easily fall for him.

"Please, call me Jaime." he said extending his arm.

"As my mother said, I am (Y/N)." I said shaking his hand

"Why don't you take Mr. Preciado up to your room, to start the lesson?" My mum asked and then headed towards the kitchen.

"Yeah, sure. Follow me, Mr. Preciado." I said feeling a bit anxious and insecure.

"Please, call me Jaime." he repeated

We got into my room and I motioned him to sit on the chair in front of my desk.

"So (Y/N), huh?" He asked and I nodded

"I was thinking since this is our first lesson, it is better to get to know eachother." Jaime said

"Sure. Tell me about yourself." I said not being able to be the first to open up.

"Well. My full name is Jaime Alberto Preciado. I am 23 years old, I am Mexican. I play the bass in a small band called "Pierce The Veil". I hate peanut butter. Ooh, and I like the band on your t-shirt." 'Wow, pretty amazing.' I thought to myself

"Really? You like Suicide Silence? Oh my God, that's amazing. I mean, I don't know a lot of people who are into this kind of music." I stated smiling. I was falling for him, hard. And that was hopeless.

"Tell me about yourself." He said looking at me.

"Well, I am a senior student. I am graduating this year if I won't fail in my spanish class.I want to become a journalist, so I need good grades to applicate to my college of choise. And Iike music, a lot. I am always with my headphones on. I am turning 18 in 4 months. Yeah, that's pretty much everything about me." I finished off my sentence and glanced at him. He looked at me in disbelief.

"Come on (Y/N), you seem like an interesting girl, I am sure that you have more aspects. Tell me, I won't judge you." He smiled. DID HE JUST SAID THAT HE FINDS ME INTERESTING?

"Well, I can draw. But it is kind of my secret talent." I said and bit my bottom lip from the insecurity that was running through my veins.

"Show me your sketches, please." He begged.

"Ok, I will. In one condition." I said raising my finger.

"Tell me!" He said worried about what the condition would be.

"You said that you are in a band, right?" I asked and he nodded.

"Well, you will let me come to one of your band rehearsals." I said.

"Deal." He extended his hand and I gave it a light shake. I got up and went to my bedside table to pick my sketch pad and walked back to my desk.

"Here." I handed him the sketchpad. 10 minutes later he looked uop at me.

"Woah, you are really good!And you have a steady hand too." He sounded starstrucked and that made my cheeks turn red and hot.

"Thank you, Jaime." I said smacking his shoulder.

"Ok. I think we had enough for today. See you again on Thursday at 4?" He asked.

"It's a date, my dear." I said in a serious tone but then we both burst out laughing.


"Hi, mom.Bye, mom. " I said as I stomped to my room. Ok, I have 17 minutes on the exact until Jaime comes for our lesson. I decided to change my outfit a bit. But what should I wear? Ok, I am in love with my tutor and it is hopeless. I threw my old t-shirt to the basket and grabbed my 'Of Mice & Men' tank top. I wore my skinny pair of jeans. I applied some mascara and lipgloss. I also sprayed some perfume and waited. 2 minutes later I hearfd his motocycle. Great.

"(Y/N), I am leaving. I'll be back in 2 hours." My mom yelled from downstairs.

"Ok, mama." I yelled back. I sat on my chair. I heard a knock on my door.

"(Y/N), can I come in?" It was Jaime.

"Come in." I sat up and put a smile on my face.

"Hello.How are you mi amor?" He asked in a sad tone.

"Fine. Jaime, are you ok?" I asked more worried than ever

"This is our last lesson. he suddenly said. I felt like all the color drained from my face.

"Why? Please don't leave me like that a month before my exams!" I cried.

"(Y/N). Listen. My band has been offered a great opportunity. We are recording an album. And we are going on a tour as an opening act. I can't turn that down." He said looking pleadingly into my eyes

"Just leave me already." I shouted

"I am gonna but not before you listen to me. (Y/N), you are so smart and so beautiful and if things were different..." He stopped

"If things were different, then what Jaime?" I screamed.

"Leave, just leave." I cried out.

"Not before I do that." He said and got closer to me, he held my chin up and crushed ourlips. He kissed me. I kissed him back instantly. And then came the sparks. He hugged me while he kept on kissing me. It wasn't a regular kiss. It was filled with passion and love. When we finally pulled away, he stroked my cheek and said.

"I guess this is our goodbye.Good luck with your exams." He looked away.

"Good luck with your tour." I fake-smiled.

And then he turned around and left.

He left me forever.

Chapter Text

Prompt #2: "You sure wanna go there, princess?" 

"You sure wanna go there, princess?" Vinny whispers raspily in my ear as I brush my hand above his bulge. I bite my lip and look at him innocently.
"Where.... daddy?" I whisper in his ear playfully. I bite his earlobe lightly and he shivers, releasing a loud breath. 
"That's it, princess..." He growls in my ear.
"Excuse us for a second..." He says to the others on our table. He takes my hand in his and pulls me up from my seat. 
He drags me towards the bathroom, passing by many guests of the reception. I giggle as he does, too nervous and too light-headed from the wine I had earlier. 
He opens the bathroom door and checks if everyone is in. Quickly, he shoves me in the last stool, turning the lock so no one can get us red-handed. 
"What do you think you are doing, huh?" He asks me as he pins me to the wall behind me. 
"What...what am I doing?" I ask, looking surprised by how rough he is turning into in a semi-public space. 
"You think you can tease me like that in front of everyone? You think it is fair? You think that you are going to get away with it, remain unpunished?"He asks me, his jaw now clenching. He slips his hand under my dress, feeling my folds. He brushes his fingers over my clit, over my underwear. I suck in a breath, jumping a little from the slow, almost non-existing teasing. 
"I am going to destroy you. I am going to wreck your little pussy..." He whispers in my ear, slipping a finger inside me.
"When I am done with you, you are going to be begging me to do it again. I'll have you hooked on that. Your knees are going to tremble and your little pussy is going to leak like a faucet every time you remember this." He growls in my ear, attacking my neck. He pumps his finger inside me, slowly building a pace. 
"More..." I moan out in pleasure. But this amount of pleasure is not enough for me. I want more, I need more. I need more of him. 
"You want more, my little slut? I am going to give you more...." He growls, his slight accent coming to the surface. He slips his finger out of me and unbuckles his belt before he unbuttons and unzips his pants. He drops them to his knees along with his brief-boxers before he turns me around and pins me to the wall, with my face glued to it. He tears off my panties, the sound loud enough to make my pussy soak more. 
"Is this enough for you?" He asks as he pounds inside me. He goes in with force, giving me no time to adjust to his penis. I let out a scream, his skin slapping on my ass. 
"Tell me, slut, is this enough for you?" He growls, his hand wrapping around my throat.
"More..." I moan, wanting to take him to the edge. He goes faster and grips on my neck harder, choking me more. He pulls me backward, pressing my back on his chest. 
"You are greedy, aren't you?" 
"Just for your cock, daddy..." I moan as he hits the perfect spot. 
"Look at you, you are dripping..." He says chuckling. 

"You made me, daddy." I reply. 
"Rub your little clit for me baby. Pleasure yourself more for me, would you?" He says, biting my earlobe. My hand goes down to my clit, shaking from the pleasure. I feel his dick throb and his veins popping, his thrusts now becoming sloppier. As I rub my clit, I feel a feeling of fire in my gut, tightening the knot in my stomach.  
"It feels so good..." He growls, grounding his hips on my ass. 
"Are you close to cumming, Vinny?" I ask, my walls pulsing. 
"So close baby..." He groans and slaps my ass. 
Seconds later, he cums inside me, triggering my own release. His warm seed covers my walls as my high hits me. 
"Fuck..."I scream. Vinny muffles my mouth with his hand, stopping my screams from sounding to the whole reception. 

"Now doll, we are going back to the table and you are going to excuse us, with my cum running down your thigh, we are going back home and there I'll have you for the rest of the weekend. Ok, princess?" He asks, stroking my cheek as we help each other look presentable.  

Chapter Text

"I love driving at night, everything is so much calmer and the city looks great under the night light." Chris says as he stops at the red light. I hum in response, enjoying the ride with my boyfriend. 
"You are right, the roads are so hectic in the morning, it makes me so furious." I comment and he chuckles.
"Don't think about that now. I haven't seen you in a few days, I need to catch up and enjoy every moment." He says and strokes my thigh with his thumb.
"It's been just 2 days Chris..." I say giggling.
"I know, too long..." He replies grinning. 

Once we are on the open road, Chris starts speeding up, going so fast that the wind slaps me in the face. I enjoy that, feeling safe that Chris is driving because I know what a good driver he is. Chris laughs as he observes me putting my head out of the window, mumbling that I act like a dog. The music playing in the background is uplifting, the playlist consisting of my favorite songs. I hear Chris sing along, while I scream the lyrics at the top of my lungs. After all this time, I am finally happy. 

"Uh oh..." I hear Chris murmur, making me pull my head in and sit right on my seat. 
"What?" I ask him, knitting my eyebrows together. Chris pulls over in the emergency lane and I can now see some fumes coming out of the engine. 
"What is happening, Chris?" I ask, feeling my breath hitch in my chest.
"I don't know, babe... The temperature is rising, I have to check it out." He replies, unbuckling his seatbelt. I gulp and try to relax, but I feel myself sweating. 
"Shit, I think it's the engine cooling system..." He states and I feel my heart beat peeking up. 
"Oh my God... We are going to be stuck in here and someone is going to murder us... Oh my God..." I mumble as my breathing becomes heavier and my chest tightens.

"(Y/N), baby, you are being irrational..." Chris comments as he gets back in the car. 
"Am I? We are in the middle of nowhere and the car is broken down. We are the easy target." I say, trying to remove my seatbelt and jacket, feeling like they are suffocating me. 
"(Y/N), (Y/N), I need you to focus on my voice..." He says softly as I begin to tear up. I feel dizzy, my vision getting blurry and the whole place swirling into an incoherent visual. 
"(Y/N), babygirl, look at me..." Chris whispers softly, stroking my cheek and coming closer.
"Take a deep breath, ok?" He instructs me and I whimper as I try to get myself to follow his suggestion. 
"I am calling the roadside assistance, ok? They are going to come and help us and then we are going home, angel. I promise we are going to be alright... " He says but I still feel horrible. 
"What if they take too long? What if the murderer is too close to us and they won't be able to make it in time?" I panic and Chris strokes my cheek. 
"Honey, there is no murderer. I am right here, nothing bad is going to happen to us. If anyone tries to hurt you, I will end them with my own two hands. Don't worry sweetheart, I am here for you." He tries to soothe me. 
"Hey, come here... " He whispers to me and opens his arms. I take a deep breath and make my way to him, still feeling the pain in my chest. 
I snuggle to his chest and he strokes my hair, humming a pacifying tone. 
"I am here for you. Nothing is going to hurt you baby, ok?" He asks me. I nod, trying to ease my breathing. 
"Ok, now let's see how can I relax you... Look around you and tell me 4 things you can see." He instructs me and I raise my head from his chest. 
"I can see streetlights, signs, trees and the road." I mumble and he hums. 
"Ok, now tell me 3 things you can hear." He says and I gulp.
"I can hear your voice, the music, and the wind on the trees." 
"Great, you are doing such a great job. Now, 2 things you can smell." He encourages me and I rub my face, trying to calm.
"Your cologne and the leather of your jacket." I reply. 
"Ok baby, ok... You are doing amazing. Now, one thing you can taste." 
"Um, maybe the gum I am chewing..." I reply and he hums. 
"Great, great. You did amazing baby. The assistance is going to be here in any minute." He whispers and pecks the top of my head.  


"Are you feeling better?" Chris asks me as I enter his bedroom, wrapped in the fluffy white towel he gave me to use in the shower. 
"Much better. Thank you for letting me stay at your place tonight." I say as I sit on his bed. 
"No need to thank me... I would never let you stay alone tonight. " He replies, scooting me closer. 
"I am sorry that I ruinned date night." I apologize and he chuckles. 
"You didn't. There was just a change of plans." He states, wrapping his arms around me. 
"At least we will get to spend some time together, even if what we are going to do is watch netflix..." I mumble and he chuckles. 
"I couldn't think of anything better. Now, let's get you dressed and pick a movie to watch." He says after he pecks on my temple. He sits up and walks to his closet, searching through his t-shirts. 
"You really scared me today, sunshine. I thought something bad would happen to you." He says as he hands me the soft garment. 
"You did great though... You really helped me. If it wasn't you, I would still be in a panic mode." I reply and hug him. 
"I had to do something. I couldn't stand watching you being like that." He states and strokes my back. 
"You were amazing." I reply and he hums. 
"(Y/N)?" He tries to get my full attention. 
"Yes, Chris?" I reply, looking up at him. 
"I am in love with you. You don't need to say it back, I just have to get it off my chest. I am in love with you, (Y/F/N) (Y/M/N) (Y/L/N)." He says, making me smile.
"I am in love with you too, Chris Cerulli." I state, making him grin. 


Chapter Text

"Mornin' doll..." I hear Zack's voice in my ear. It's soft, like a feather grazing your skin, but it also has his significant growl, that makes my skin erupt with goosebumps.

"Mornin'," I whisper, my eyes still closed. His arms are still around my waist from last night and I can feel the warmth of his bare chest on my back.

"How did you sleep?" He asks, placing a peck on my shoulder blade.

"It was great. I pretty much needed that."I say and turn to face him. He smiles at me and I bite my bottom lip.

"It was great last night. " He whispers, running his fingers through my hair.

"It was. " I say and give him a small peck. He cuddles me more to his chest, where I live a few more kisses along the hickeys and love bites from last night.

"I am hungry."He whispers, kissing the top of my head.

"I don't know if I have anything in the fridge. I didn't go shopping.Sorry.." I apologize to him and he chuckles.

"That's ok princess. I am going to grab some Starbucks and a few things to make my special pancakes..." He says and spins us so I am laying on my back and he is on top of me. He begins peppering my face with kisses, making me giggle.

"Zack, stoooooopppp..." I whine and he smiles.

"Fine, fine... I going to wear my last night's clothes and have the walk of shame around your neighborhood." He says, taking a fake dramatic tone.

"Oh, shut up. It's not like you were wearing a suit or something." I say and try to sit up so I can give him a kiss

"Whatever..."He says, throwing his t-shirt on.

"What are you going to do while I am out?"He asks and I smirk innocently.

"I am just going to sleep..." I say, smiling innocently as I bury my head in my pillow. He just chuckles and exits the room.


Man, I really like that girl. She is crazy and so freaking cute... I am really head over heels with her. And believe me, it's not just because we finally had sex last night. It's her energy, her aura.

I have this big, stupid smile as I exit her apartment, which is probably the reason I didn't see the man I bumped into.

"Sorry, bro.My bad." I say, smiling at the stranger in front of me. Though, he looks kinda familiar.

"Why were you at (Y/N)'s apartment?" He asks, a bit angry.

"What? Why do you care?" I ask, a bit confused

"I am her fucking boyfriend. Is that enough for your scam-bag ass? " He growls, approaching me.

And then it hits me; he is her ex. Her douche ex who cheated on her and left her for his friend.

"Ex actually. I am her boyfriend now." I stand up for myself.

"She is never going to be yours as long as I am around, you prick."

"She pretty much got mine a few hours ago. " I say sassily, cocking an eyebrow.

"You bastard. Your fucking hands of my girlfriend. If you touch her ever again, I am going to break every bone in your fucking body." He says and then his fist collides with my jaw.

(Y/N's POV)

"Fucking hell... Who is screaming outside my door?" I groan and get up from my bed. I throw on the flannel shirt Zack had wrapped around his waist last night and my underwear and head towards the door. My puppy is already next to the door, wagging her tail and hitting the floor. I peep through the peephole and try to catch a glimpse of who is fighting outside the door. I can't really make up who is outside my house, so I open the door and exit to the hallway.

"Holy shit! Zack, what is going on?" I ask once I see my boyfriend all beat up, curled in a fetus position next to the door.

"He beat me..." He murmurs. I see some blood dripping from his nose. I grab his jaw carefully and exam his face; he has 2 big bruises one on his cheekbone and one on his left eye, a few scratches, and a bloody nose.

"Who? Who beat you?" I ask as I try to help him get up.

"Your ex. He came over. He wanted to talk to you, to get you back and he saw me getting out of your apartment." He says, wincing in pain. I stumble towards the living room, where I drop him on the couch.

"Wait in here. I am going to grab my first aid kit and take care of your wounds. Are you hurt anywhere else? " I ask him, kneeling in front of him.

"Don't worry. The guys are just fine" He says. You can really tell that he is exhausted.

"Zachary Rod Hansen, I swear I am going to fucking kill you. This is a serious situation." I say but truthfully I am really glad he is still having the nerves to joke.

"Oh, come on... You love me..." He sings, laying back on my couch. I shake my head and begin walking towards the bathroom.

"Stain my couch with blood and I will kick your ass." I shout as I walk away.

After I have cleaned his wounds, I get up to throw away the tissues and cotton balls that I used.

"Babe, can you come lay with me?" He groans from the couch.

"Just a second. " I say as I throw away the cotton balls. I wash my hands in the water basin and dry them in the towel before I go back to Zack.

"Come here, little one." He whispers, opening his arms. I just lay there, taking in his scent and listening to his peaceful heartbeat.

"I am sorry."I whisper, pecking on his collarbone.

"You are sorry for what?" He asks, running his hand across my back.

"For my ex." I whisper again.

"It's not your fault, babe. Really. Just promise me, you won't actually go back to him." He says, chuckling, placing a kiss on the top of my hand and keeping our fingers intertwined.

"He stands no chance, as long as I am with you." I whisper and kiss his swollen lips. He smiles at me and kisses the top of my head.

"That's going to be such a long time sweetheart." He says, hugging me close to his chest.

Chapter Text


(Y/N's POV)
"OK, remember to be yourself and that I will always love you no matter what they say." I say, fixing Luke's T-shirt. He just chuckles at my nervousness and kisses my forehead. 
"Relax doll. Your parents already like me, I get along with little kids and have my way to get into everyone's heart." He says and hugs me.
"Yeah, but you don't know my uncles. They have tortured every boyfriend I have brought home. Since I was 5." I whine. He just places a soft kiss on my lips.
"I am not like the others. I'll be just fine." He says for the millionth time this morning. I sigh and nod and then we exit the car. He takes my hand in his and we walk down the pathway to my parents' door. I literally shake: I love Luke and I don't want him to freak out and walk out of our relationship. 
"Ready?" He asks me, placing his fist on the wooden front door.
"We can still leave and go back to my place. I'll cook your favorite and we can cuddle and watch Netflix." I say, taking my kitten voice and trying to convince him. He sighs, smiles and shakes his head before he knocks on the door. 
"Luke darling. What a pleasure to see you after such a long time. How is your leg going? " my mom asks, pulling Luke in a long hug. She always liked Luke. She has even told me he is the best boyfriend I've ever brought home. 
"I am fine, Mrs (your mom's name). My leg is doing much better. " he says and hands her the flowers. 
"Oh my, you didn't have to. Come on. Let me introduce you to the rest of the family." She says and I instantly jump to Luke's side. I grip on his arm for dear life and he wraps an arm around my shoulders. My mom guides us to the patio, where my dad, cousins, and uncles are, setting up the barbeque. 
"Luke. How are you?" My dad says once he sees us exiting the back door. I feel all eyes on us, especially Luke. 
"I am absolutely fine. Thank you for inviting me to your birthday lunch. This is something for you. (Y/N) helped me pick it up. Happy birthday, Mr (your dad's name)." 
"Oh boy. Thank you. Come have a beer with us, meet the rest of the family while we grill those steaks. " my dad says, dragging Luke away. I whine but let him go. I can't do much at the moment. 
"(Y/N), come help me with the salads. "My mom screams from the kitchen. Having nothing better to do, I walk my way into the kitchen, where the women of my family are. I brace myself for super noisy questions and comments like "Oh, how you've grown. I remember you wearing a diaper and running around the house screaming. And now you are about to get married." Even though I have never stated I am getting married.

"(Y/N), my dearest niece, how are you? "My aunt asks me. I can tell that everyone in this room has had at least a glass of wine since they got here.
"I am fine."I say and peep outside the window to see how Luke is doing. I can tell he is nervous, cause he has that forced smile I hate seeing on him. 
My uncles, on the other hand, are having the time of their lives: the little smug on their faces gives away that they are fucking enjoying it. 
"(Y/N)? Are you with us? "my mom asks me. 
"Ummm, yeah. I just need to tell Luke a little something. See you in a few. " I excuse myself and exit to the patio.

I can hear my uncles laughing and I can smell the spicy barbeque sauce and the combination of those with the nervous feeling in my stomach, makes me want to throw up. 
"Hurt her and I'll tear you into pieces. " I hear one of my uncles threaten him and the others laugh. Seriously, I want to punch them in the face. 
"Luke? Can you come for a bit? " I ask my poor boyfriend. He smiles awkwardly and nods. I grab his hand and lead him somewhere separated from the others. 
"What do you want me, baby girl? " he asks me, sweetly. I look at his bluish sweet eyes and I just can't help myself but kiss him. His lips are soft and sweet, intoxicating yet calming. 
"Is that what you wanted me for? " he asks me once we part. I smile "are you complaining? " I ask, giggling. He smiles and pulls me closer to his body. 
"Not at all. In fact, I'd like some more. " he says and kisses me. I smile: he really knows how to cheer me up. 
"Are my uncles giving you a hard time? "I ask him, against his lips. 
"Just a little bit. But I don't mind. Try have a good time. We are not coming to your parents' place frequently. " he says and kisses my collarbone. 
"I will. Just remember I love you. OK? " I say and hug him. 
"I know you do baby. And I love you too. "He says 
"Are you sure you want to stay and not go back to our place, lay on our couch and cuddle? " I purr, tracing a line on his chest. 
"We can do that later. Now go back in. I'll see you on the table. " he says. 
"Can I get a kiss?" I ask him, pouting. He just chuckles and cups my cheeks. 
"I think I am the one who needs the kiss. Remember, I have to deal with your uncles. " he says and kisses me again. 
"God, I love you. " I whisper on his lips, making him smile.

Chapter Text

"I'll get the star..." I say excitedly, jumping and clapping my hands. Chris chuckles and keeps it over my head, making me reach for it. 

"You can't stretch enough to reach and put it on, love." He mocks me and I punch his chest, earning a wince of pain from him. 
"Call me again short and I will fucking murder you." I glare at him and he approaches me, wrapping his arms around me and chuckling. 
"COme on now doll... I didn't call you short. The tree is just too tall." He says and pecks on the top of my head. 
"Yeah yeah... I'll sit on your shoulders and I'll reach the top, like every other year we've decorated a tree together."I state and he hums. 
"Can't say no to my shorty..." He comments and I roll my eyes. 
He kneels in front of me and I straddle his shoulders, gripping his hair with one hand and the star for the top with the other. 
"Carefully..." I plead as he gets up. He holds my legs, securing that I won't fall. Once he is steady, I stretch to reach the top. I grunt as I struggle with it but manage to put t on just right.
"All done." I say and pat Chris' shoulder. He kneels back down and I pull his hair a bit to keep myself steady on my boyfriend's shoulders. 
"I got you, I got you..." He says and sets me on my feet. 
"Thank you... Look at the star... Didn't I do a perfect job?" I ask, grinning from ear to ear with pride for my accomplishment. 
"You must be so proud..." He mocks me and I punch his shoulder. 
"Go hang the garlands, Mr. Tall..." I tease him and he rubs my head with his fist. 
"Yes, ma'am. Don't hang the ornaments without me." He commands and I nod.
"Yes, sir."

"Is this a new ornament? When did we get it?" I ask my boyfriend as I pick up the unfamiliar trimming. 
"Uh, let me take a look at it..." He says and I hand it to him, picking up another one from the box. 

I stretch to place it on one of the high branches and hear Chris clear his throat.
"Did you solve the mys... What are you doing?" I ask him, turning to look at him and cutting off my first sentence when I see him down on his knee.
"Yeah, I've solved the mystery." He replies, smiling. 
"Is that what I think it is?" I ask and he groans. 
"Damn it, woman, let me talk first. I have a whole speech to make." He says, chuckling awkwardly. 
"Sorry, sorry.  Go on." I say, covering my mouth with my hand. 
"Love of my life, il mio cuore (*my heart), I can't stand the thought not having you in my life. I get nightmares about losing you. You are more than I deserve, you are more than I could ever ask for. I don't know how I got so lucky, I don't know who blessed me. You are supportive, you are patient with me, you are understanding of the lifestyle, you never asked for but you so gracefully follow. You deserve the world, but you never ask for anything. You don't know how much you mean to me. I can't imagine how would I be without you. So, please, become my wife, do me the honor of becoming my Mrs. (Y/N) Cerulli." He says, opening the ornament to reveal the beautiful ring to me. I squeal and cover my face with my hands, nodding my head vigorously. 
"Yes, yes... I will become your wife." I scream and fall on my knees in front of him. 
"You are making me so happy right now..." He replies, pulling me in for a kiss. 
He softly grazes my lips with his, cupping my face to keep me close. I place my hands on his wrists, keeping his hands in place. 
"I love you so much." He whispers, pulling me closer. I deepen the kiss, running my tongue across his bottom lip before I slip it in his mouth. He responds, pushing mine, trying to gain dominance. Kisses with Chris go from 0 to 100 really quick, one moment he is slow and passionate and the next he is rough and needy. 
I push him on his back, hovering above him as I brush my lips on his. 
"Angel..." He groans and I smile. 
"Let me take care of my future husband." I whisper, moving to his neck. I suck a hickey on his neck, marking him as mine. I graze my teeth all the way down to the part of his skin that is visible from his tank-top. I raise it inch by inch, running my tongue across his torso on my way up. Once I throw his top across from us, I place a soft kiss on his lips. He grabs my head and keeps me there, pressing me hard on his body. 
"I know what you want to do, babygirl. But your mouth just won't do right now. I need you, all of you. I need to feel your walls squeeze me from the moment I thrust in you. I need to feel you throb and squirm as I hip on your spot. I just need you." He whispers, looking me in the eyes. I gulp and nod, wet from just the description. His hands go to the hem of my top, pulling it off my body. 
Softly, his hands go to the button of my jeans, tracing my stomach on the way to it. 
"Buck your hips up for me, princess." He says seductively, staring at my body. I do as I am told, bucking my hips up for him to remove my pants. 
His hand cups my core the moment my pants are off, feeling my wetness over my clothed pussy. He rubs my clit in circles, making me release faint purrs.
"Doesn't it feel good, baby?" He asks me, licking his lips as he waits for my answer. 
"It is amazing. But I thought you wanted to feel me around you." I tease him and he smirks. 
"Right." He replies, taking his hand away from my center. He fiddles with his zipper and shuffles as he tries to take off his pants. 
He pushes my panties to the side with one hand, while with the other he strokes himself. 

"Will you ride me, princess?" He asks and slaps my butt. 
"Of course I will." I reply as I remove my bra. 
He lines up to my entrance, rubbing his tip across my hole. I feel my pussy burning as he slowly teases me while smirking. 
"This isn't fair." I whine. 
"Oh, it is not?" He asks me with his smirk spreading. 
"Come on..." I whine and he hums. 
He finally slips in me, thrusting fully in me. I moan loudly as he hits my back wall, spreading my walls as he goes in. I buck my hips, supporting my body on his chest. One hand goes to my boob and the other rests on my hip, guiding me and giving me a tempo. I grind my hips, trying to get more friction on my clit. He pulls on my nipple, roughening it and making me moan loudly. 
"Move your hips for me, princess." He growls, pulling me by my hips. I bounce on him, whimpering as I take his whole length. 
"You look so beautiful..." He compliments me, bucking his hips to mine. I claw on his chest, feeling my stomach tighten. 
"Chris..." I whine and he licks his lips, enjoying the whole show. 
I buck my hips back and forth, getting the right angle to get him right on my g-spot. I feel my walls clench around him, making him hiss. 
"Perfect, perfect..." He chants and I squeal with excitement. 

I feel a wave of pleasure rush through me as I ground my hips on his. I scream in satisfaction as I cum around his member, arching my back and moving my hips frantically. 
"Shit..." I hear him mutter as he bucks his hips up forcefully. 
"Fuck." I scream too as I feel my orgasm intensify. 
"I'm going to cum... Fuck, you feel so good." He growls, gripping my hips. 
I feel him shoot his cum in me, making me groan and throw my head back. 
"You look so good when I cum in you." Chris praises me, stroking my sides as I lean towards him. 
I place my head on his chest, leaving tiny kisses on his skin.
"You haven't put your ring on yet..." He comments, taking my hand in his. 
"Yeah, I haven't..." I hum and he chuckles as he reaches for the ornament placed nearby. 

"Give me your hand..." He comments and I follow his order. He slips the ring on my ring finger and I smile as I watch his face contort to happiness. 
"Perfect." He whispers, placing a kiss on the top of my hand. 

Chapter Text

Vinny 's POV.
"Thank you for being here, Vi " (Y/N) says from next to me. She has curled up nicely on my side, watching her favorite movie on the TV. After a long time of crying over that fucking bastard that broke her heart for the millionth time, she is finally calm and curled like a baby kitten. 
"No problem, babygirl..." I say, rubbing circles on her side.
"No, it is a problem. You told me he would end up ..." she begins but I place a finger on her lips to shush her.
"Don't think of that baby. You need to rest. "I say and play with her hair. 
"Thank you for being my best friend." She says and gets more comfortable. I simply stare at her; she is so precious, like a newborn baby. She is just perfect, at least to me, she is. Damn, I have to hold myself from spilling out my feeling for her. I want her to know that I am here for her, more than a friend, that I will cherish her, that I will love her with every damn piece of me, that someone will finally treat her decently. But I can't; I can't tell my best friend that I am deeply in love with her, that I fall asleep and wake up with the thought of her, that I dream of how would it be if we were together. It would screw up our relationship. So I just shut up and watch her while she sleeps, trying to move the least I can in order not to wake her up.

[2 weeks later] [y/n's POV]
I am sitting on my couch, wearing an oversized T-shirt and 'cuddling ' with my laptop, working on my project. Next to me, there is a notepad, with notes scribbled on the yellow pages, that are supposed to help me with my presentation. But guess what: they are fucking not. I let out a sigh and try to concentrate on my paper. No matter how hard I try to focus, I can't. Partially cause I am tired and worked up. The other part is that Vinny pops in my head out of the blue. I just can't stop thinking of him, thoughts no friend should have for her best friend but I can't help it. I might be vulnerable right now cause of my break up and my feelings are heightened, but I think I am in love with him. And crap...
With one more sigh, I go back to my work, cursing my fucking luck. Not much time passes before I hear my doorbell ringing ... Thank god... I stand up and walk towards it, not giving a single fuck for the fact I am half naked.once I open the door, I find Vinny, with his left cheek and eye bruised up and a few scratches on his hands, arms, and chest.
"Vin? Oh my god, how the fuck did you ended up like this? " I ask him, motioning for him to enter.
"I saw your ex. With this girl, he cheated with on you. And I couldn't control myself. I just went over him and punched him straight in the jaw. He hit me back and we fought." He says, collapsing on the couch. I go next to him and grab his face to inspect his wounds. classic Vinny, being spontaneous and overprotective.
"You are lucky you don't need stitches. All of them seem to be superficial. Let me grab my first aid kit." I say and get up.
"I am sorry I showed up unexpectedly. I just really needed to see you. This guy could be here to hurt you. "
"Vinny, I am fine. I can take care of [y/e/b/n]. And you can show up anytime you want. I am always here for you." I say and I mean it. 
"I was just worried. And I just needed to check on you." He says as I sit next to him and open my kit, grabbing a cotton ball and betadine.
"This might sting a little." I say and begin cleaning a scratch on his jaw. He flinches but stays still.
"This was made by her. God, she had the nails of a witch." He says and I laugh. 
"Thank you. Even though there was no need to beat him. It was over long ago. " I say and he side smiles. God, even wounded up and bruised, he is still so charming. 
"I know. I didn't do it for you, well, not just for you. I was pissed at that guy. How could he prefer her over you? Is he blind or something? " he says as I clean a scratch on the side of his lips. I have to lean in closer to him to clean it and I swear, it makes my face warm up and I can already feel my cheeks taking a deep red shade. I stare at his lips, without even realizing it. I raise my gaze and find him staring at my lips too. 
"Vinny.." I breathe out, trying to calm myself and my heightened nerves. 
"Shshsh... let me enjoy the moment." He says and shushes me with a kiss. His lips engulf my lips perfectly like they are the perfect match. I taste some blood and the betadine on them but I don't care. I am far too lost in the kiss to care about petty details.

Without me realizing it, we are on our way to my bedroom, our tongues tangling in a fight for dominance. I walk backward but trying my hardest to be close to Vin. His hands on my neck and thumbs pressed on my jawline help a lot to maintain a skin touching distance. I kick the door open with my heel and guide us on my bed. I fall with my back on it and Vinny lands on top of me. I pull away from the kiss and laugh. But then reality hits me in the face.
"Oh crap, what are we doing..." I whisper. He looks at me
"Did you regret it? Cause if you did, I can stop and you can forget it ever happened." He mumbles. His slight accent blurts in: it's cute that when he is nervous it pops up, even if he wasn't actually born in Italy. 
"It's not that. I was waiting for far too long to regret it..." I blurt out. I instantly cover my mouth, embarrassed by what I said. Vinny chuckles and removes my hand from my mouth while smiling.
"You know, I've waited for it to happen to... for so freaking long that it actually drives me crazy." He says and crashes our lips. His hands go behind my back and hug my body as his lips make fireworks explode in my dizzy mind. I move my fingers in his hair and he moans as I pull them a bit. 
"Fuck, maybe you should welcome me to your home in just a T-shirt more regularly. "He says and slips his hand between my thighs. His fingers rub my core, feeling the heavy wetness that is coating my slit and panties. I moan loudly: god, this is heavenly. 
"I'll see what I can do. " I moan again, bucking my hips and rubbing myself against his palm. I need him.
"As much as I love it, you have to take it off. " he says and looks into my eyes. I sit up and sadly he removes his hand. I fiddle to find the hem of my T-shirt, due to the fact that I almost can't remember my name. I raise it above my head and reveal my completely naked body.
"No bra, huh?" He asks cockily. I raise an eyebrow and look at him
"Hey, don't judge me. I had just returned from work and I had no plans for today. My bra was completely unwelcome. " I say. He smirks and makes me lay on my back.
"I actually love it." He says and squeezes my left tit. He pulls my nipples and I moan. 
"I can't hold it anymore. Where do you keep your condoms?" He asks me, making me scream on the inside: it is going to happen...
"Earth to (y/n) .stop fantasizing about sex with me and answer my question." He says laughing. 
"Um, I am sorry. In the cupboard in my bathroom. "I say and he nods. 
"I'll go get one. Don't go anywhere." He says and places a kiss on my lips. I smile as he gets up and smack his ass.
"You'd better be naked when you are back. " I say.
"Yes ma'am. " he answers as he walks to my bathroom. I shake my head and try to get more comfortable. Of course, I can't help but question how it is going to be: I better give my best self. But what if he won't like it? What if I won't reach my orgasm? I had this problem with my ex... oh my god, he is going to be so disappointed.
"Thinking of me?" I hear Vin say from the doorway. He wears just his boxers and he is so damn sexy. His body is turning me on so bad, even though I've seen him half naked before. 
"Kinda." I say as he approaches me. He smiles and ghosts above me with his elbows next to every side of my head. He kisses me again, a full kiss with tongue and all. His lips are so soft, that I could melt underneath him just by kissing him.
"Are you ready?" He asks against my lips. I nod and he does too. He takes the foil's corner between his teeth and pulls it, causing it to tear and reveal the rubber. He removes his briefs and strokes his cock a couple of times before he clothes it with the semi-transparent colored condom. He looks at me and takes a deep breath. His fingers move aside my panties and trace my core up and down. 
"Ready to feel the ultimate sex experience with the ultimate Italian lover? " he jokes and I laugh. I nod and he pushes in his tip, causing me to gasp by the way it stretches my entrance. It's not painful though: it is just something new, something that I have just to get used to it. He looks at me, his gaze requesting something.
"You can move, baby. "I say, earning a smile from him. He pushes further, causing us both to release a satisfied moan. He goes out and then back in, at a slow pace. His grunts ring in my ears. His biceps are popping, as he supports his body on his hands to thrust in. His member has just the perfect length: not too painfully big but hell no small... He is certainly bigger than my ex. 
"Vin, faster." I whisper in his ear. He instantly obeys and picks up on speed and force. He has me a moaning mess underneath him. My hands go to his arms, my nails digging in his shoulder blades. I release moan after moan as he continues to pound into me. 
"Goddamn it. You feel so good around me." He groans. I already breathe heavily, something that gets worse as he finds my g-spot. I release a small scream.
"Fuck, that felt so good. Do that again. " I scream and he does it again. A jolt of electricity rushes to my spine and a knot makes its way to my stomach. Vinny hits my spot again and I dig harder in his biceps, making him moan. 
"Fuck, you are so tight. I am going to cum." He says through gritted teeth. His index finger already is on my clit, rubbing it in circles. The knot becomes tighter and tighter with every rub and sloppy thrust he makes. 
"I can't take it. I am so close. " I whimper. 
"Cum, baby... " he says, pounding on my spot one last time before I orgasm and fall in a state of euphoria, where everything feels better and seems brighter. He continues his thrusts until he gets off, seconds later after me. 
"Shit, that was good. " he says, collapsing next to me. He brings me to his chest and places his chin on top of my head, making me smile
"Totally. We should do it again.. if you don't mind of course." I mumble and he chuckles. 
"Absolutely. Now let's go get cleaned." he says. I lean in and press a kiss to his jaw before I suck on it to create a beautiful bruise. 
"I always wanted to do that." I exclaim while I get up, wrapping a sheet around my body.

[2 months later / at Josh's place]
"So, you and Vinny, huh?" Ryan asks teasingly as I help her prepare the guys' drinks. I blush and shrug my shoulders.
"I don't know what we are. We are just dating." I say. 
"Just dating? I thought what we did last night was beyond the point of dating." Vinny says as he wraps his arms around my waist and kisses my earlobe. 
"Well, you haven't cleared up what we are, to be exact." I mumble, pouring some rum into a glass. 
"What am I going to do with you?" He asks and comes in front of me. He takes my face between his palms and presses his lips to mine. He kneels down and takes my hand in his. 
"(Y/f/n) , will you do me the honor of becoming my girlfriend.?" He asks, in a kind of funny tone. 
"I thought you'd never ask..." I joke too and kneel down to kiss him.

Chapter Text

 I stare at the little plastic stick, waiting to give me a different answer than it did last time. 

Still, the negative sign appears, making me tear up.

"Honey..." I hear Ricky call, knocking on the door. 

"Give me a minute." I shout, trying to buy me some time to find a way to tell him that even after daily efforts, I still couldn't conceive.

I open the door and look at him; I don't need to say a word, he just knows. He hugs me close and pecks on the top of my head, rubbing soothing circles on my back.
"It's ok. We have a lot of time, no one is rushing us." He whispers.
"I just don't understand. We've been trying since our honeymoon. It should have happened by now." I state. 
"It's been just 5 months since our honeymoon. It will happen, sooner or later. Just give it time."
"What if it doesn't happen at all?" I ask and he sighs. 
"(Y/N), we had exams done. We are both fine. It's just a matter of time. The doctor said that it would be helpful if we were both relaxed and calm." He states.
"When did you become the voice of reasoning in this household?" I ask and he chuckles. 
"Since you became the panicking one..." He says and I sigh. 
"Fair enough..."

"What do you want to do for our anniversary?" I ask my husband as I get dressed for work.
"Honestly, I just want some time for me and you." He replies. 
"What do you have in mind?" I ask, turning to look at him.
"The previous months we hosted dinner for our friends and family. Now that we will be exactly half a year, I just want a getaway with Mrs. Olson." He says and cocks an eyebrow. 
"I think I like the way you are thinking." I state and he smirks. 
"Of course you do." He asks and winks at me.
"Any destination in mind?" I ask. 
"I was thinking about Denver. I mean, our anniversary falls on Christmas Eve, there is going to be snow, it's going to be magical." He says and I smile.
"I like it. Let's book it when I get home from work." I suggest. 
"Actually, I kinda already did." He replies, smiling mischievously.

"Ok, give me your phone." Ricky orders me and I look at him surprised. 
"You have a better camera and I want to take a beautiful picture of my gorgeous wife in this breath-taking scenery." He replies and I awe, handing him my phone. 
"Can you pose for me?" He asks and I nod. Before I could take my pose, I feel lightheaded and I take a few dizzy steps backward. 
"(Y/N), are you ok?" Ricky asks me, approaching me.

"Yeah, yeah, I am fine. I just felt a bit dizzy. It's nothing." I assure him and he smiles at me, nodding. 

"Let's go back to the hotel, ok?" He asks me, rubbing my shoulder.

"No, no... Let's continue with our walk, ok?" I suggest and stroke his cheek. 
"Are you sure about that?" He asks me. 
"Yeap. I won't let this ruin our trip..." I reply and lean in to kiss him. 

"Are you sure you are going to be ready within 2 hours? Cause I can come pick you up later..." Ricky asks me from the entrance of our closet. 
"Yes... Go help Chris with the decoration. I am almost done with unpacking and I'll start getting ready for the party." I assure my husband, giggling. 
"Ok ok... I'll pick up Chris present for the New Year and leave it in the car, ok?" He says and I nod before he starts walking away. 

I pick the toiletries bag and get up to place each item with the rest. Dental floss, mouthwash, tampons... Hm, tampons. Why did I even bring those on the trip...? 
Oh, yeah, I was supposed to get my period on the second day, but I didn't. 
Wait... I didn't... And it's been a week since then...
I shouldn't get excited... I mean, I've been there before a dozen of times. But my stomach bubbles with excitement. 
I walk to the bathroom and pick up a test from the drawer. I take a deep breath and try to calm myself before I start with the test. 

I sit on the bathroom floor, waiting for the timer to go off; I am calmer than the previous time, maybe because I am used to getting a negative by now. 
I guess one more single line won't matter. 


"Are you ready for the countdown?" Chris screams as we all walk out in his garden, to watch the fireworks. 
"Ricky, can I talk to you for a second?" I ask him as I take his hand in mine.
"Sure..." He replies and I drag him a bit back and away from everyone. 
"Are you ok?" He asks me and I nod.
"I was planning on telling you in the morning, but I am far too excited to keep it a secret." I begin and I hear the others counting down.
"I think I am pregnant." I say and watch his face change into a look of excitement. 
"What do you mean 'you think'?" He asks me.
"My period is a week late and I took a test today and it was positive." I blurt out. Right as everyone starts cheering for the new year, Ricky is pulling me to his chest, hugging me close and kissing me. 

"I am so happy for us. You made me so fucking happy." He whispers in my ear and I giggle. 
"Now, let's not get over-excited. I want to go to the doctor to confirm it first, ok?" 
"Ok, baby whatever you want." He says and pecks on my forehead. 

"Lay on your back and raise the t-shirt for me, love." The doctor instructs me and I nod. Ricky stands next to me, holding my hand and watching every move the doctor makes. 
"What is that?" He asks as the doctor tries to squirt some gel on my belly. 
"It's a gel that is used to help the waves travel under the skin. It will help us see the embryo." She replies and smiles at us. 
"Will this hurt (Y/N)? Or the baby?" He asks again and the doctor laughs. 
"Not a bit. Now, let's check the baby for the first time... (Y/N), you are 7 weeks far, right?" She asks me and I hum.
"You told me I am five weeks far 2 weeks ago when I came for the confirmation, so yeah." I reply and she nods. 
"How many more weeks to go?" Ricky asks. 
"Most pregnancies last 40 weeks, so I would say 33 to go." She replies, running a stick on my stomach. I fix my head to stare at the screen and I see that Ricky does the same too. 
"Woah..." The doctor says and knits her eyebrows. 
"What? Is something wrong?" Ricky asks, worried. 
"No, nothing is wrong... Just... It seems like you are having 3 embryos." She says and I stare at her surprised. 
"You are telling me that we are having triplets?" I ask and she nods. 
"It's rare but it seems like you are caring triplets. That means extra caution but other than that, for now you are doing fine." She says and I sigh.
"Extra caution? This one is already overly protective..."  I say and motion to Ricky. The doctor chuckles and Ricky gasps. 
"It is normal for fathers-to-be to worry. But I suggest that he keeps you calm and relaxed. Happy mama, happy baby." She says and pats his back. 

"Sit here, I'll order food and turn on the TV. Are you cold? Do you need a blanket? Should I turn on the heating?" Ricky rumbles, making me laugh. 
"Sit down with me." I command him between giggles. He follows my orders and sighs. 
"You need to relax a bit. I know you are worried, but we can't go on like that for the rest 7 months. I will flip." I say and he sighs. 
"I know. But I can't be calm. You are carrying 3 babies inside you. I have to make sure that everything goes smoothly. I don't want anything bad to happen to you, or them." He says and I chuckle. 
"I know. And I know you are doing it because you are going to be a great father. But this is already hard on me." I say and he plants a peck on my forehead. 
"I thought you wanted all of that." He says and I sigh.
"I do want that. But, I have 3 babies inside me. It freaks me out. My body is going to change a lot. I will have to constantly worry about everything. And after that, I will have to raise 3 kids, simultaneously. And I don't know how to do that. And I don't know how to be a good mother..." I begin, feeling my eyes tearing. Ricky pulls me to him and rubs my arms, trying to soothe me. 
"Hey, hey... Shhshh... Don't worry. Let's take a deep breath, ok. You are going to be an amazing mother. And I am going to be right next to you. I will help you all the way. You are not alone on this, ok?" He assures me and I nod. 
"Oh God, it's the hormones talking..." I groan and he chuckles. 
"7 more months of that babygirl. We can do it." 

Chapter Text


"Mommy, daddy. Wake up, it's Christmas!" Our 4-year-old daughter, Rose, screams jumping up and down on mine's and Vic's bed. I smile and sit up

"Good morning beautiful." Vic whispers in my ear and pecks on my cheek

"Merry Christmas doll." He says to Rose. She jumps in his arms and he hugs her tightly.

"Do you think that Santy Claus came yesterday night daddy?" She asks him

"Were you a good girl this year?" I ask and she nods her head vigorously.

"Then you'd better go downstairs and check under the tree." Vic says and within seconds, Rose has vanished from the room

I giggle and crawl to Vic.

"Good morning to you too." I say and peck on his lips. He cups my cheeks and deepens the kiss. I smirk and part us away. He groans frustrated and I chuckle.

"Come on. We had fun last night. We could have some more right now." He begs. I chuckle again and stand up from our bed.

"Forget it, Fuentes. We have to eat breakfast and start the preparation for lunch in 2 hours." I say and leave the room. I head to the bathroom to get ready for the day.


I groan and sit up. Man, this woman drives me crazy. I can't stop replaying all the scenes from last night; so romantic, so passionate yet rough. I shake it off and get up.

I head downstairs and find my cute little on the floor

"Hey cutie. Merry Christmas. Everything ok?" I ask as I pick her up and put her on my lap. We sit on the couch and she pouts

"No!" She says sighing

"Why? Didn't Santy Claus bring you what you wanted?" I ask her, pecking the top of her head

"He forgot to bring me one little thing." She whines

"What?" I ask her pouting

"A baby brother or sister." She says as she crosses her arms in front of her chest


"A baby brother or sister." I hear Rose saying and I smirk. I've managed to keep it a complete secret from her and Vic both that I am pregnant. I am going to announce it today on the Christmas lunch that we are holding

"Is everything alright?" I ask, once I enter the room. I can see Vic shushing Rose.

"Yeap, everything is perfect"

"Ok. I am going to make some breakfast. Rose, are you going to play with daddy, or are you helping mommy make panny cakes?" I ask, kneeling in front of her and Vic.

"Can I please play with daddy?" She asks, taking her puppy face. Vic does the same and I chuckle

"Sure." I say. I then kiss Rose's forehead and Vic's nose and leave for the kitchen. Once I am in, I prepare the ingredients for Chocolate Chip Pancakes and my special hot Chocolate


"Food is ready." I yell from the kitchen

"Yeah... Panny cakes. Panny cakes. Panny cakes." Rose shouts, running in the kitchen. She climbs on her chair and I place a dish in front of her. Vic comes behind me and wraps his arms around my waist, resting his head on my shoulder. I giggle and he kisses my neck.

"Mommy, daddy, aren't you going to eat?" Rose asks, her mouth stuffed and her face full of chocolate. Vic heads to the table and pulls a chair out for me. He bows and I smirk

"Dork." I whisper, sitting in my chair.

"Heard you." He sings, taking a seat

"So, did Santy Claus bring you what you asked for?" I ask. Rose sights

"Yeah..." She says and we continue on eating.

Once we are done, we all head upstairs to get ready. I dress Rose in her red knee-length dress with lacy sleeves and pull her curly brunette hair in a high ponytail, decorating her head with a white bow.

"Thank you, mama." She says and kisses my cheek. She runs off the room and I stand on my feet. I smile and run my hands over my belly; it is barely visible so it was easy to hide it from everyone, except Erin, who is my best friend and the one who has helped me through this. I smile again and begin dressing up: I wear a knee-length red dress, black high-heels and a silver chair with a heartbeat necklace that Vic gave me on our first anniversary. I run my finger through my curls and I begin doing my makeup; powder, pin-up winged eyeliner, mascara and a red lipstick.

"How did I even got so lucky?" Vic asks, leaning on the door frame.

"Mmhh, I don't know." I say and he chuckles. He walks towards me and embraces me. He kisses my lips softly. We part away and giggle.

"You wear a nice lipstick, Vic." I say and walk away

"Mommy, mommy, the bell is ringing." Rose says once she sees me walking down the stairs.

"Let's go see who he is." I say walking to the door.

"Uncle Tony." Rose screams once she sees Tony and Erin behind the door.

"Oh, my little kiddo. You look really pretty today." Tony says to Rose, picking her up. I hug Erin.

"Did you bring it with you?" I ask in her ear.

"Yeap." She whispers back.

"(Y/N) you look great. "Tony compliments.

"Stay away from my wife and daughter, Turtle." Vic says from behind us. Tony chuckles and they bro hug.

"I am going to put the presents under the tree." Erin says and winks at me.


We are sitting on the couches, chatting and drinking coffees. Rose is sitting on the floor in front of the tree, opening her gifts.

"Daddy, this one is for me and you!" She says, handing me an envelope

"It's from Santy Claus." I say as I pick her up and set her on my lap.

"Open it, Open it, Open it." She says excitedly.

"Ok, ok." I say and tear up the paper. There is a doctor's card. Wait, I remember that card. I open it and inside it I see an ultrasound.

"Holy shit. Really?" I ask as I get up and walk towards (Y/N). She smiles and nods. I pick her up and spin her around. She giggles and I hug her as tight as I can

"How far?" I ask.

"9 weeks." She says. I hug her tighter and kiss her lips. Rose looks at us with a puzzled look on her face.

"Looks like Santy Claus brought you your baby brother or sister." I say as I spin her around.

"Really? Where is he?" She asks excited

"In here." (Y/N) replies, pointing at her belly. Everyone cheers and congratulates us. I hold my 2 favorite girls tight and imagine how we are going to be this time next year.

Oh, how I love family time.

Chapter Text

The knock on my door makes me jump from my bed. I turn to my alarm clock to check the time and see that it's barely 5 in the morning. I weight on if I should just ignore the ring and continue my precious sleep or respond to it.

The knock turned to a continuous and persistent bell ringing, which is a bit obnoxious to be 100% honest.
I drag my feet on the cold, white tiled floor and grab a baseball bat for better or for worse.
The baseball bat once belonged to my ex-boyfriend, Austin. He gave it to me on our 2nd year anniversary, when we both thought that we were forever. It meant something for him, cause it was from his last game, so ever since he gave it to me, I am attached to it. I tried to send it back to him, but he always sent it back with a note that this is mine now.
I peek through the peephole and see him, flesh and bones, leaning on the wall. 
"Austin?" I ask with a whisper in order to not wake the old lady across the hall. He smiles at me, tiredly as he stands up from the wall.
"Can I come in?" He asks, in his low voice. His black leather looks so got on him that it almost distracts me from his puffy eyes. I can't put my finger on whether they are from crying or from tiredness.
I lower my bat and move aside of the door, giving him space to enter.
"What are you doing in here at 5 A.M.?" I ask as he walks to my bed. I live in a student studio so every room is attached, making a couch a complete waste of space and money.
"Aren't you glad to see me?" He asks with a smile. I freeze at my spot while staring at him. Sure, I've missed his face, his voice, him in general, but it was his decision to break this off. And of course, I can't get over the fact that after 2 whole years of not talking and his relationship with Pamela, he showed up at my doorstep like none of these ever happened.
"What do you want Austin?" I ask, rolling my eyes at him. My defensive armor took over, thankfully.
"To talk with you." He says, shrugging his shoulders casually.
"Talk with me? After 2 whole years... Talk with me... I barely recognize you and you casually want to talk with me at 5 a.m.... " I say, walking up and down. There is dead silence in between us, not even our breaths are audible. 
"I just need to talk with you. Then, I'll leave. But please, sit and talk with me." He breaks the silence with his calm voice. 
My body gets attracted by his voice and I end up in the spot next to him on my bed. 
"Let's talk then.." I sigh out.

"Ok, I don't know where to start..."
"You gotta be kidding me.." I say, throwing my head back. 
"(Y/N), I love you. And I want to be with you. Being away from you sucks. " He says, getting me off guard. 
"Come again?" I ask, completely confused.
"I love you. And I want you to give us another chance." He says like he deleted the past 2 years. 
"You are kidding me, right? You think that I would run back to you after all this time...? "
"No, I am not kidding (Y/N). Since the day I left you, I regret spending every second away from you. I don't want to do it anymore. I love you. I still love you, I never stopped, I never will. And I know you do too. Or else you wouldn't be here. Our bodies still remember. And our souls are still one." He says, grabbing me by my shoulders. His thumbs are still rough against my skin, they still have the same warmth. I Look at his eyes, they are still tired, but they are sparkling, almost burning. I know he is speaking the truth, I can tell by his calmness. 
"Tell me that I am wrong. Tell me that you don't love me anymore, that there is a day that you don't think of me and I will leave. Just look me in the eye and tell me..." He says, his voice steady, but demanding. 
"I can't do that Austin... "I whisper, looking at my feet. A piece of hair falls from my bun, getting in front of my face. Austin gently pushes my chin up, using the tip of his fingers. I try to look at him, but I fail to, at least without tearing up. He puts the hair strand behind my ear, a soft smile playing across his lips. 
"See... It's not over between me and you. And it will never be. Because a long time ago, we became one. The moment I saw you, I knew it was you I was looking for to feel complete."
"Then why Austin? Why did you break up with me? Why were you with Pamela? Why did it take you so long to come and find me?" I ask, finally letting my tears roll.
"Because I was stupid. Because I thought that I could replace you. Because I thought that I needed to live my life more... But it is not a life if you are away from who you truly love and who I love, is you. And I don't doubt it anymore." He says, his lips inching to mine. 
"Can I kiss you?" He asks, looking at my lips. I bite my bottom one and stare into his eyes.
"You are already late." I answer, feeling butterflies in my stomach. It's like the first time we kissed all over again.

His lips cover mine perfectly as he supports my body from my waist so I can be closer to him. He surely has the lead in this kiss and he decides to go slow and soft, taking in every second of this. I have my hands on the back of his head, supporting me and bringing me skin tight close to him while pulling some hair on the back of his head.
"You can't imagine how much I've missed that.." He murmurs against my lips.
"Just that?" I ask, cocking an eyebrow at him. He smirks playfully, tracing a kiss down my jawline. 
"I've missed everything..." He says, teasingly.
"How much?" I provoke him, throwing my head back as his soft lips make my hair on the back of my neck stand straight.

"Want me to tell you or show you...?" He asks, his devilish smirk spread on his lips.
"Classic Carlile..." I answer before he lays me on my bed, letting me rest my body on the soft mattress. 
"Tell me where you want to be touched..." He whispers in my ear, kissing my sweet spot underneath it. 
"Everywhere. I want your hands roaming my body, just like back then." I moan, bucking my hips against his. I can tell he already has a boner and I am already anticipating the moment we will be skin to skin and nothing in between. 
"Everywhere... Then we have to take these off." He says smirking as I bite my lip. He clutches the hem of my t-shirt and starts revealing my naked body underneath it. He stares at me with his lips parted and wet. 
"It's not like you haven't seen it before..." I say, kind of blushing. 
"Yeah, but I haven't seen this for so long..." He murmurs under his breath. I smile at him and lean in towards him. I press my body on his as I grab the hem of his t-shirt. His leather jacket was long discarded, left to the side of my bed. 
Before I could even inch it up, he takes my wrists in his hand and puts them to my side. 
"Let me..." He says before he grabs the back of his t-shirt and raises it above his head. I stare at his body, taking in the swirling of the ink on his skin. 
"Stop biting your lip. It always gets me and you know it..." He growls, pressing me on my back. He is just in his jeans and he freaking looks like an advertisement for Staff jeans.
I wrap my legs around his waist and curl my toes on the waist of his jeans as his lips kiss the valley of my breasts. He leaves a few bite marks and hickeys on them, marking me again. We always did that. Especially before his tours.

"You look so beautiful. More than I can describe." He mumbles. I try to pull his jeans down with my toes, but I fail miserably, causing him to giggle.
"Impatient I see..." he teases me. 
"Very. And now you better work Carlile." I say, bringing him closer to my body. He licks his lips and unzips his jeans before he removes them completely. 
"Ready baby...?" He asks, lining up in front of my entrance. I nod and he takes a breath before he slams his hips on mine, pushing his length into me. I moan as his cock stretches me a bit. 
"Fuck Austin.." I breathe out, shutting my eyes.
"Eyes wide open, babygirl. I want to see in your eyes how much pleasure I give you." He growls as he backs out and slams in again. I release a loud breath, while I dig my nails into the back of his neck as his cock inches in and out of me. 
"I fucking love you. And you look so fucking gorgeous as I fill your tight little pussy." He whispers in my ear, sending chills down my spine. I feel his veins against my walls, giving me a throbbing sensation and making the burning feeling in my stomach that only he can give me, come back.
I arch my back, making my chest press against his. My nipples are hard and the warmth and feeling of his skin get them pointy as they rub on his chest. I buck my hips meeting his thrusts as his arms wrap around my waist. My lips crave him badly, so badly that it drives me insane how much more I miss them now that I had them like a minute ago than when I hadn't kissed him in 2 years. I pull him in a kiss full of lust and passion, declaring my dominance from the very first second. His tongue dances with mine as soft moans fall from both of our lips.
He now sits back and I ride him, grinding a bit more o give my clit a little friction, helping to build the knot in my stomach. He takes my wrists in his hand again, but this time he holds them above my head. His other hand grabs my hair and pulls them back, granting him full access on my neck.
"This feels so good... " He growls against my flesh while he sucks light hickeys. 
"I am so close." I moan, bouncing on his hard member. 
"I can feel it, baby." He moans, placing open mouth kisses. He releases my hair, only to bring his palm between us and play with my clit, enhancing the whole feeling. His dick is throbbing, signaling that he is close too. I slow down as his fingers speed up, wanting him to feel my walls pulse around him.
"Shit, Aus..." I scream as my orgasm washes over me. For a minute or two, I am in my own kind of high, which breaks from Austin's warm cum erupting in me. He releases a loud groan, burying his head in my neck.
"We forgot the condom..." I say, partly freaking out.
"Seems like it..."
"What if I get pregnant...?" I ask as he pulls me into his hug.
"Stop freaking out babygirl. If you get pregnant, we are going to have a baby... Now, we both need some sleep." He replies, pulling the covers over our bodies.

[The Next Morning.]
"Hey... Wake up... I made us some breakfast..." I hear Austin from next to me. His hand travels up and down my back, sending chills all over my body.
"What time is it?" I ask, my head still deep in my pillow.
"11? are you kidding me? I have to get to my class..." I scream, completely freaked out. Austin laughs.
"Why are you laughing idiot? I have to get to class in less than 15 minutes.." I say, slapping his arm.
"I didn't know you had classes on Sundays..." He replies to me in his cheerful, mocking tone, while hugging my waist from behind.
"Shit... It's Sunday..." I breathe out, relaxing.
"Yeap... Now sit and eat. And we need to talk." He says, kissing my neck.

"Talk about what?" I ask, taking a shit on my bed where a tray with our breakfast is laid in the middle.
"Take a bite first (Y/N). We could really use the calories." He says, winking at me. 
"Aww, you know me, Carlile. I like to get to the point." I answer, taking a bite of my french toast.
"Remember right before we broke up that we were discussing of living together? " He asks, spreading peanut butter on bread. 
"Yeah, I can recall that..." I say with a bit of bitterness
"Well, I don't want to waste time anymore and I am asking you to come live with me." He says, again like it's the simplest thing.
"Isn't it a bit too soon..?" I try to reason him. 
"Well, no. We know each other and clearly, We wanted that..."He says back.
"Well, things have changed a little bit since then... But I tell you that... In 2 months I am getting my degree. If you still think this is a good idea after the ceremony, then we can talk about it. How is that?"
"That's fair. Now eat.. I want round 2." He says, smirking at me.

[Ceremony Day]

Everyone seems to be so excited about this day... My parents, my friends, my classmates... Everyone but me... I want to feel excited about getting my degree, I really do, but I can't... With Austin on tour, every last hope I had to spend one of the most glorious days of my life with him, ended up in the garbage...
I am wearing a skin-tight red dress underneath my robe, that I am sure he would love it, but I actually hate it right now because It is not letting me breathe at all. I can barely keep it together today; everyone congratulates me and honestly, it makes the whole thing even worse. Austin didn't even call me today and I don't know how to react to that.
"Honey, are you ok?" My mom asks me as I sit on my chair, completely panicked.
"Yes. Just give me a minute, ok?" I say, trying to concentrate on my breathing.

"You look so pretty today baby.."I hear Austin's voice. I turn my eyes towards the source of the sound and I see him, suited up and handsome as ever, looking down at me with his famous smile.
"You asshole.."I exclaim as I fall in his open arms.
"I came all the way from across the country just to be greeted like that?" He teases me, kissing the top of my head.
"What are you doing in here? I thought you still had 2 weeks of touring..." I say as he strokes my waist.
"Well, I have. But I couldn't miss that. Also, I am expecting an answer today..." He says chuckling.
"You are the sweetest. And you sir, better get some room in your closet because I have many clothes to bring to our house. " I say, making him pick me up in the air. I cheer as he smiles brightly at me.
"I will... After we come back from tour.."He says.
"Wait, we? Who exactly are 'we'?" 
"Me and you. You are coming with me for the rest of the tour. I am not letting you alone now that you agreed to live with me. Now go get that diploma so we can celebrate it afterward like freaking rock stars." He says, smacking my ass.
"I love you, Carlile."
"I love you too, (Y/L/N)."

Chapter Text



[Y/N's POV]
I wake up by the warm sun rays hitting my skin and a pair of lips pecking on my shoulder blade.

"Good morning. " I whisper and feel Dave smirk against my skin.

"Morning Mrs. Escamilla..." He whispers in my ear, biting my earlobe softly. I smile at his mention and turn to face him.

" Mrs. soon to be Escamilla." I say and peck on his nose. He hugs my waist and smiles.

"You are right. You know, I can't wait to watch you walk down the aisle. I bet you will be so beautiful and breathtaking... " He says and kisses my forehead.

"You will have to wait and see." I say and try to get up.

"Where are you going? " He says and pulls me back to his warm, clothed chest.

"Remember that (Y/B/F/N) is picking me up. I am spending the next 2 days with her." I say and trace his chest piece.

"Ugh... Why?"

"Because we are getting married in 2 days and you can't fucking see me. That's why." I say and kiss his jawline.

"Yeah... It's the only drawback."

"Whatever you say, big boy." I say and peck on his lips. I try to get up again but he flips me so I am on my back. I look at him wide-eyed.

"What? Aren't I going to get a treat? You are going to be away from me for 48 hours and that my love, is not fair..." He says and kisses my neck.

"Dave, I have to get ready. (Y/B/F/N) is picking me up in an hour. " I whine but he continues on sucking on my neck.

"We have time. Come on, I need you soooo much." He groans against my skin, sends vibrations through it. I moan and he smirks.

"Good girl." He says and moves his lips to my chest. A few hickeys are placed on my it before he begins working on my boobs.

"We had sex last night..." I protest but deep down inside, I want this so bad.

"It was not enough. Now shut up baby, cause If you don't, I guarantee you that you won't be able to walk down that aisle.." He says and takes my nipple in his mouth. He rolls it with his tongue and plays with the nipple piercing, forcing a wave of electricity to run down my spine. All I can do is throw my head back from the pleasure; he has such power on me, that even if real friction isn't going on yet.
"What?" He asks, realizing my nipple with a popping sound.
"Please, I need you..."
"Now you need me, huh? But we had sex last night..." he mocks me. I run my hand down his torso, feeling his perfectly toned body. I snap the waistband of his briefs and bite my lip, looking at him innocently into his eyes. 
"Ah, fuck. Why are you doing this to me?" He growls, looking at me lustfully.
"Because I know that it is going to get you do all my favors. " I say, smirking triumphantly.
"Oh, is that so?" He asks and I shrug my shoulders. He buries his head between my breasts, sucking and biting on my skin. 
"We have to get you punished now, don't we, princess?" He says and grabs my face.
"What for?" I ask innocently.
"For using my weaknesses against me on purpose. Now turn around and get on your hands and knees, little slut." He says and gives me a light slap on my butt. I smirk as I get in my position, knowing that what follows, is really interesting.
"Now my little whore, you absolutely stay quiet, you are not allowed to touch yourself, you are not allowed to speak until I tell you so. Is that clear?" He says in his rough, groggy voice. I nod, but clearly, it isn't enough for him cause next thing I know he spanks me, hard enough to determine me that a handprint is going to decorate my ass. 
"Am I clear, slut? " he asks me again.
"Yes." I answer but he slaps my ass again.
"Yes, what?" 
"Yes sir, you are pretty clear." I say, enjoying his dominant side. 
"Good." He says and tears my panties.
"Hands behind your back. NOW!" He whispers in my ear violently. 
"But how am I supposed to support my body?" I ask frustrated. He spanks me again, this time lighter than the previous.
"Did I tell you to fucking speak, whore? Huh? I don't think so... Now shut up and do as I told you." He says and I obey. With the torn lacy panties he ties my wrists together. He grabs my hair and pulls them back a bit. He begins teasing me with the tip of his cock, spreading wetness along my vulva.
"Oh, my slutty kitten is all wet for me... How nice.." He says and pulls my hair so my neck is stretching. He kisses it softly but then bites it, staining my flesh with the purplish ink I love. I let out a light whimper, making Dave chuckle.
"You can't follow orders, can you slut?" He asks me, pulling at my hair more. Without waiting for my answer, he thrusts his length into me, forcefully, yet not violently.
"Fuck, you are so tight. Maybe I should fuck you all day long, in order to loosen you up a bit. I can barely fit." He says and slaps my ass.
"Don't you like it that I am tight, daddy?" I ask, innocently, provoking him.
"Of course I do babygirl. "He says and slaps my ass. He picks up on pace, moving faster and faster in and out of me. The position gives him better access to my g-spot, although he doesn't hit it yet. God, he wants to edge me and make me beg him. "Does my babygirl need anything else?" He asks me, kissing my neck.
"What a caring daddy..." 
"I can turn all the way around. Now answer my question, slut." He says and spanks me again.
"I need you to hit my spot and rub my clit. Please." I plead. I feel him hardening inside me.
"Oh, I like it when you beg me. " he says and runs his fingers through my hair.
"I can tell." I say right at the moment he hits my spot and then I release a small scream.
"Don't you mock me, whore. " he growls and thrusts on my spot again. One of his hands release my hair and slide down my body. Inch by inch, he gets closer to my clit. But no, he is not going to give in that easily. He has to tease me, make me crave his hand between my thighs. I feel him stiffen, his veins pop and trib on my walls. He is close, but not close enough to make him do me all my favors. So, I begin kegeling, a habit of mine I know it drives him crazy.

"Oh slut, you are such a cheater..." He growls in my ear; the perks of dating a screamer...

"Well, I have to get you doing my favors, daddy.." I say. His index finger rubs my clit slowly, almost grazing it. I have to admit that I love it when he does that. It brings me a feeling of fire in my gut.

"All you have to do is ask for it, my little whore.." He says, pounding sloppily in me. His veins are popping and twitching with every move he makes.

"Are you close daddy Wanna cum in me?" I ask innocently, earning a little ass slap from Dave.

"You talk way too much for a whore. " He says. He hits on my spot again and I release a small whimper.

"Is my little kitten close enough?" He asks me, pulling my hair back. My back is pressed against his chest, feeling the warmth and his pounding heartbeat. My knot tightens up more, signaling that my release is just a matter of seconds. With one more pound, he releases in me, triggering me to cum too. Soon, my walls clench and the knot snaps, making my fluids gush on Dave's member.

"That was great..." Dave says, panting as he unties my wrists from my torn garments.

"It was..." I say collapsing on top of him. He kisses my forehead and grabs my hand, intertwining our fingers.

"I promise to fuck you like that, at least once a week when I am not touring."

"Keep that for your vows, honey." I say and feel him smile really wide against my forehead.

"I don't think our parents will appreciate that..." He says.

"You are right. Oh, shit. I gotta get ready... (Y/B/F/N) is coming to pick me up in 30'" I say and jump off the bed.

"Oh, come on (Y/N). (Y/B/F/N) is barely ever on time." He groans, coming behind me.

"Don't talk about my maid of honor like that.." I say, turning to him to throw him a death look. Instead of surrendering, he grabs me by my waist and kisses me deeply.

"Come on... We have to shower." He says and drags me in the built-in bathroom. Not again...


"What if she changes her mind?' I ask Andy, who is fixing my bow-tie.

"As if... Dude, she is crazy for you. She bore you for how long... 5 years. She won't give up on you now, an hour before your wedding. Which she had to plan all by herself because we were touring. She loves you. And I wish you could love her as much as she does." Hayden says from the sofa across the room. 
"You are right... She loves me way too much. And I am afraid she will get tired of loving me... Let's face it: I am screwed up." I whine.
"Stop. She loves you. And she does because you treat her right." Brent says.
"Come on, you have to go stand on the altar and wait for your princess." Brandon says and I laugh. Walking towards my spot, I feel my stomach knot up. This is it...
I look down at the seats: our parents, our friends, everyone waiting for our big moment. And it feels right... All I need now is her by my side. 
3 minutes later, the music begins and the bride's and groom's maids walk down the aisle in pairs, making the way for (Y/N)... I feel my palms sweat and heart pound. All of my nerves are activated. I haven't seen her pretty face in two days.. Finally, I see her walk down the aisle, her arm laced with her father's arm, smiling to the crowd.

She looks gorgeous: her dress is long, straight line that hugs her body perfectly and brings out her every curve and lacy which gives her the perfect queen look. Her makeup is pretty: just a simple smokey eye with eyeliner that shapes her perfect (y/e/c) eyes into a more cat-eye style. Her lips look completely kissable, colored in a deep red shade. Her hair falls in natural waves on her shoulders and I swear to God, she is gorgeous, more than I have imagined. As I watch her walk towards me, I can't help but gasp at her beauty... I know, cliche and all, but she is just stunning.

"Take care of my daughter." My soon to be father-in-law says.

"Better than I will take care of myself." I say, making her crack a smile.


As we slow dance at our wedding song, I can't help but smile at her. She is finally mine... All mine.

"Mrs. Escamilla..." I whisper in her ear. I feel her cheeks pop against my neck as she smiles.

"I like the sound of it.." She says.

"Me too. You do know that this can never change..." I whisper.

"What do you mean?" She asks.

"Your last name... It will remain Escamilla until you die." I say and she laughs.

"Oh, is that so?' She asks, giggling.

"Yeap, you are pretty much stuck with me for the rest of your life."

"I wouldn't want it any other way." She says and leans in to kiss me. I kiss her back and we hear people cheer around us, making us both smile against each other's lips.

The song finishes and (Y/N) decides to go greet the guests. Me, being the lazy little shit I am, I go to my ban's table to catch up with the guys a bit. Everyone is there, except Brandon and Tatum. I just shake it off and think that they probably are dancing or mingling with the others.

"Dude, (Y/N) looks awesome. You are one lucky guy." Hayden says and I turn to look at her. She is smiling while talking to one of her cousins and she is really a sight to see.

"She is. Like, wow..." Caity says.

"I know.. Like, God.. I want to go grab her and smother her in kisses" I say and they laugh.

"Look who decided to come back..." Benn says sarcastically as Brandon and Tatum walk back to the table.

"Nice hair, guuuurll.." Caity slurs at Tatum, who blushes a bit.

"Where were you two?" I ask Brandon as he sits next to me. He leans in my ear.

"Found a great little closet, just across the wardrobe. Really comfy." He whispers and winks.

"Shame on you... On my wedding? Really?" I whisper mockingly.

"Can't blame me. I mean, look at my girlfriend, bro." He says

"Thank you, but I prefer my wife." I say.

"That's why I told you about the closet." He says and winks.

"Unlike you, I can hold myself."

"Say that to your pants, bro." He says and laughs. I just sit up and walk away, sticking my tongue out at Brandon.

I walk to (Y/N), who is holding her baby cousin in her arms, her aunts looking at them in awe.

"Excuse me, sir. May I have my wife back?" I say to the baby, who bubbles with joy. His mother takes him back and I hug (Y/N) by her waist.

"What is it, baby?" She whispers in my ear; she loves to whisper and I adore it when her breath hits my neck.

"I wanna take you somewhere." I say as I take her hand in mine. She nods, her eyes sparkling like a little child's in a candy store.

"Sure.." She says and I begin walking, dragging (Y/N) with me. I follow Brandon's instruction and soon we arrive at the small closet.

"Why are we in here?" She asks but sheepishly smirks.

"Don't you know babygirl? " I whisper in her ear and then bite her earlobe. She moans lightly, making me smirk.
" I have something in mind..." she says, wrapping her arms around my neck.
"Let's see if we are talking about the same thing, honey" I say as I pick her up and place her on my waist, earning a smile from my beautiful wife.

Chapter Text

"Baby sister" Vic cheers, opening his arms to hug me. I drop my bags on the airport floor and run to him, jumping in his arms.
"Vic bear" I say and Mike chuckles.
"We've missed you SO MUCH" Vic says. Mike picks up my bags as Vic places me down. I wave towards Alysha and Danielle who both give me a genuine smile.
"OH MY GOD, you look so different"
"Vic, I've been away for 6 months, you act like you haven't seen me in ages"
"I swear, he never shuts up. He is always bragging about his smart baby sister and how she went to New York to study with a scholarship. He is so proud of you" Danielle says, kissing me on the cheeks.
"Mike too. Sometimes I get jealous" Alysha says hugging me
"Enough. We are going for lunch." Mike says, shooting Alysha a warning glare. She sticks her tongue out and we all exit the airport.
"Where is my turtle?" I ask Vic.
"We are meeting him, Erin and Jaime in the restaurant" Mike says and I smirk, thinking about Jaime.
"Oh, isn't Jaime bringing his girlfriend?" I ask innocently, pretending I don't know who his girlfriend is.
"He hasn't found one yet. And it is strange cause girls are hitting on him constantly" Mike says, making my blood boil. GIRLS DO WHAT? 
"Oh, poor Hime" Alysha pouts. I fake a smile and enter Vic's Land Rover.
I sit by the window, staring blankly outside of it. Alysha sits next to me and begins chatting with Danielle. Mike looks at me questionably, probably cause I am being too quiet and that's clearly not my type.
"Are you ok (Y/N)?" He asks me
"Yeah, just tired from the flight" I lie. Mike pouts and I smile softly, averting my eyes back outside the window. Jaime has a lot of explaining to do once we are alone.
Once we are in the restaurant, Tony waves at us.
"Turtle!" I cheer, walking towards their table. I get some strange looks from people in the restaurant but fuck off, I haven't seen my people in ages.
"My little pony!" Tony says, hugging me tightly.
"I've missed you my sweet big turtle" I say, taking a deep breath and breathing in his familiar scent.
"I've missed you too.What did you bring me from NYC?" He asks me.
"Tonyyy.." Erin whines, smacking his arm.
"It's fine E. I brought you myself." I say.He fake groans and I giggle. I sit on the table, between Alysha and Erin, facing Jaime, who sits across of me. He gives me a sweet smile and I simply stare at him, making him pout.
"Apart from joking, I brought everyone gifts. They are in my luggage and you can get them tomorrow" I say, Making everyone burst into a chorus of 'You didn't have to'.
My phone beeps with my message sound and I pick it out of my bag. It's a message from 
Jaime: you ok? 
I sigh and type my answer.
:I don't know! 
"Oh, texting the boyfriend (Y/N)?" Alysha asks, making me blush. Vic chokes on his drink.
"Well, it is complicated" I say
"Do I know him? Is he a good Guy? Have you slept with him?" Vic bombards me with questions
"Vic, shush. She will tell you when she is ready!" Danielle defends me. I thank her and then my phone beeps again.
: I've missed you! :c 
"Can you at least text each other later?" Mike asks me, annoyed.
"Sorry bros. " I say, smiling at my screen. I shoot a smile to Jaime and mouth an "I've missed you too. ", making him smile. 
"So, where are you staying? Going to your guys' parents? " Erin asks.
Before I could answer, I feel a foot rubbing my leg: Jaime plays footsy with me in front of my brothers? 
"No, I will stay with Vic until my apartment is ready. Sorry, Dan..." I say. 
"No problem (Y/N). " She says, kissing my cheek. 
"And when is it going to be ready? " Jaime asks me. 
"Approximately in a week or 2." I say like nothing is going on under the table. "Good. I mean you need your personal space. Maybe your boyfriend could visit you. " He says and winks.
"Vic, I am going to bed. I am tired. "I say to my brother, whose lap I was resting my head, while he was stroking my hair; myself and Vic always had cute brother-sister moments. Not that I didn't have them with Mike; boy those two have spoiled me rotten. 
"OK (Y/N). Sleep tight. "He says as I get up. I give him a good night kiss and climb up the stairs. 
I get in the guest room and walk to my bed. I get under the fluffy comforter, trying to get comfy. I grab my phone and text Jaime. 
To: bf 
I am going to bed. Goodnight 
He immediately texts back
From: bf 
Night princess. I miss you. I wish you were here to cuddle with me. 
I pout at his text, thinking how great it would be to cuddle my Hime-time.
I know Hime.I wish I was there too. But I think we can last 1 more week being away from each other. We made it for 9 months... Please, don't be sad :c
Yes, but I visited you 3 months ago... So technically we were away for 6 months...
I chuckle; Jaime really can't talk. Sometimes is really hard to understand him, but this makes me love him even more...
I swear Preciado, It took me long enough to apprehend your text... 
From: yeah, whatever...I still want to see you though... :c
well, tomorrow morning Vic is going out shopping with Danielle. Maybe you can come over.. ; )
I want you tonight though...
Hold back, big boy.Just wait until morning and then I am all yours.Just imagine all the things we are going to do that we haven't done for 3 months. Just think of my lips being attached to your neck again... ; )
(Y/F/N) (Y/M/N) Fuentes, you get yourself into a REALLY bad situation.I giggle at his text.
Goodnight Jaime :*
Goodnight princess <3I can feel my eyelids becoming heavier, but I can't help but smile at my sweet boyfriend.
"(Y/N), wake up" Vic shakes me softly. I groan and bury my face in the pillow.
"Vicccccc...." I whine
"I am leaving. I will be back for lunch, and you should go see mamá and papá." He says.
"What time is it?" I ask, sitting up.
"Almost 10" He says
"Have fun. And give Dan a kiss from me" I greet my sweet big brother.
"I will." He says, exiting the room. I grab my phone and text Jaime.
Morning babe :* Vic is out ; )
While I wait for Jaime to reply, I get up and head to the bathroom to have a shower, I take my phone with me, to listen to a few songs while I shower. My message notification sound dings and I instantly unlock my phone.
ok, babe. I'll be there in 30 :* I smile and undress. 
I hop in the cabin and take a quick shower, using my favorite berry gel. I exit the cabin and wrap a towel around me.
I quickly apply some light makeup and brush my hair. I slip into a sexy pair of lingerie; the black lacy bra compliments my breasts and the matching panties stop exactly in the right place to accent my ass. I smile at my reflection and slip in a short black silky romp. I tidy up the room and try to create some atmosphere.

As I spritz some perfume, I hear the doorbell. I run down the stairs and check who is behind the door, using the little hole on it; Jaime. I open the door and a smiley Jaime appears.
"Morning baby". I greet him. He looks at me stunned, his mouth agape.
"Wow. I have forgotten how sexy you look in this." He says, closing the door behind him. I laugh and he grabs me by my waist. He kisses my nose and I bite my lip.
"I've missed you" He says. I stand on my tippy-toes and kiss his lips softly.
"I've missed you too" I breathe against his lips. He brings my body closer to his and looks into my eyes, making my breath hitch.
"Wanna go upstairs?" He asks me, his hands tracing my sides.
"I see that we waste no time, Mr. Preciado.." I mock him. He picks me up and places me around his waist. His lips instantly attack my neck with kisses and light sucks. He climbs up the stairs and goes straight to my bedroom. He kicks the door closed and places me on my bed.
"Let's see what's underneath that romp." He says as he unties the belt.
"Just like a strip club bedroom scene" He sings. He looks at my belt and then back at me... and then back at my belt. A smirk plays on his lips as he threateningly approaches me.
"I want to tie you up!" He says, leaning above me. He grabs my wrists and ties them on the headboard.
"So dominant" I say and bite my lip.
"So beautiful. Like a dirty work of art" He says and strokes my thighs.
"As much as I love those panties on you, I need them to be off your body." Jaime says, hooking his fingers in my panties. He removes them, leaving my area vulnerable to his touch.

A finger traces my slit, adding extra wetness to the already existing.
"Someone has missed me." Jaime sings
"Haven't you missed me at all?" I ask him, already breathing hard.
"You can't imagine."
"Please show me!" I moan as his fingers graze my clit. He begins kissing up and down my leg: from my tattooed ankle to my upper inner thigh. He spreads my knees a bit more and places them on his shoulders. His face is inches away from my core, making me anticipate for the touch I crave.

Finally, the impact of his mouth and my core is made, making me see stars. His tongue works in circles on my clit, forcing my head to spin from the pleasure.
"Oh, Jaime..." I moan out, pulling on my *restrainer*. One of his fingers makes its way inside me, going in and out at a slow pace.
"What is it, Ms. Fuentes?" He asks me and goes back to slurping my clit.
"It feels so good. Please untie me. I want to touch you"
"Not going to happen tonight princess."He says as he teases my clit with the tip of his tongue. He inserts a 2nd finger in me, pumping them faster and deeper.

He keeps on changing the angle, trying to find my g-spot. His tongue barely touches my bundle of nerves, making me groan. I whimper once he hits my spot, making him smirk against my core. He zig-zags his tongue against me as he curls his fingers on my spot.
"Fucking hell" I groan, feeling the knot in the pit of my stomach tighten. He continues on doing his magic work, putting more effort now.
"Jaime, I am going to cum." I say. He sucks on my clit hard and pulls it back a little. My legs start closing, but Jaime's free hand keeps them open. My back arches as the knot snaps.

"What is going on in here?" Vic yells, making us both jump.
"Vic, you came earlier." I say as Jaime covers us up.
"And he is not alone" Mike says with a strict voice.
" Shit" I mumble under my breath.Jaime unties me up.
"Here." Danielle says, handing me an oversized t-shirt from my closet. I slip it on and get up.
"Vic, let me explain you." I say
"No (Y/N). I am the one to clear this shit up." Jaime says, grabbing me by my shoulders and placing my small frame back to my bed.
"Vic, let me ..." He begins but Mike punches him straight in the eye.
"Mikee.." me and Alysha shout. I am about to jump up to defend Jaime, but Danielle holds me back.
"How dare you, you bastard? She is our baby sister. We have both asked you to stay away from her" Vic growls, kicking him in the crotch. Jaime groans and falls on the floor.
"Vic" I yell.
"You are using our baby sister and expect us to be fine? You fucker." Mike says.
"I am not using her!"
"You are. You left 3 months ago and when I asked you where you went, you told me <<to visit a girl>>. Does (Y/N) know that?"
"He came to visit me!" I protest
"So this has been going on for long?" Mike asks me
"Over a year." I say
"Actually a year and 3 months." Jaime says, wiping his nose from the blood.
"What?" They all ask and I nod.
"And you've kept it a secret? Jaime, you are like a brother to us. And (Y/N), you are our baby sister. And you've kept it a secret?" Vic says, disappointed.


I've been crying my eyes out for hours since Vic kicked Jaime out of the house. I screwed this up. Not only Jaime is hurt, but there is a great chance of my brothers kicking him out of the band too. Or even worse, the band to break up. I wipe my tears and decide that I should talk to Vic. I get up from my bed and tippy-toe towards Vic's bedroom.

I knock on the door and wait for an answer.
"Come in" Vic mumbles
"Vic, can we talk?" I ask from the door frame. He nods and I go sit on the spot next to him on the bed.
"Are you mad?" I ask. Vic sighs, scratches his head and opens his arms. I go to him and snuggle to his chest.
"I am. But I love both of you and I am going to get over it. And so is Mike"
"I didn't want you to find out this way. I am sorry"
"You should have told us. Did we hit him really badly?"
"Yeah, but he is fine now... Almost.."
"It was so sudden. Seeing our sister with our best friend, in that position."
"Anyway... Do you love him?"
"I do"
"Does he?"
"He does. I mean, he endured keeping our relationship a secret for over a year. He traveled to New York and back 2 times to see me. He got beat up. I think he loves me"
"At least our fans won't have to find a ship name for you"
"What do you mean?"
"You two are the continuation of Fuenciado.." He says and I laugh.
"You have my blessing to see each other. And I am going to talk to Mike.Although I think that he is going to be fine" Vic says and kisses my forehead.
"Thank you, Vic"
"You are welcome (Y/N)."
"You know that I would continue seeing him, with or without your permission.Whether you like it or not"
"It's because you are my little stubborn, rebellious princess.Me and Mike raised you well" He says and kisses my forehead again.

Chapter Text

(Ryan's POV)

"Remember our plan guys?" I ask Stefan and Tori while (Y/N) is in the kitchen. Tori nods her head while Stefan gives me a thumbs up. 
"What about the baby, daddy?" Tori asks while I straighten her headband. 
"The baby is inside mom's stomach, stupid. He can't help us." Stefan scolds the 4-year old. 
"Stefan, don't talk to her like that." I say to the sassy 7-year old. Tori sticks her tongue out at him and opens her arm for me to pick her up in my arms. 
"The baby is a girl, stupid." She shouts, resting her head on my shoulder. 
"No, it's a boy..." My mini-me insists. 
" Daddy, tell him that the baby in mommy's stomach is a girl. " Tori says, taking her puppy eyes and giving me a peck on the cheek. Even though both of them look mostly like me, my little girl has her mom's charm, using them to get exactly what she wants. 
"Well, mommy and I still don't know if it's a boy or a girl. I guess we have to wait. "
"Can the baby be both?" Tori asks innocently. Stefan slaps his forehead and starts walking away.
"I am surrounded by idiots." He screams just like Scar on Lion king. I laugh at his reaction. 

"You are stupid, Stephan...." Tori moans, crossing her arms. 
"Go play with your dolls, ok princess? I'll help mom prepare the food..." I say, pecking on my daughter's forehead. She nods and runs to her room, making Marie, our angora cat, stretch and walk behind her.

I jog down the stairs and towards the kitchen, finding my beautiful girlfriend in front of the stove. 
"Whatcha cooking, good looking?" I sing, walking behind her and hugging her waist. My thumb rubs over her small, but obvious, baby bump. Her gray stretch dress makes her baby bump pop a little more, causing me to smile at the sight of her figure.
"Just finishing the stuffing. Are the kids dressed and ready? " She asks. I peck on her jaw and hum, smiling at my caring soon-to-be wife. 
"10 years together and it's our first family Christmas dinner. Unbelievable.." She groans, placing the stuffing in a decorated bowl. 
"Well, I guess with me touring and you working, we didn't have time to organize something like this.." I say, spinning her around. She rests her hands on my chest while mine grab on her waist. 
"10 years huh? Impressive..." She says, leaving a soft peck on my chest. 
"10 years and almost 3 kids later, and I still fall for you and your messed up self every day." I whisper and peck on her nose. She giggles and leans in for a kiss that gets interrupted by the doorbell. 

I groan and she laughs.
"Guess it's not your lucky day today." She says through giggles while she wiggles out of my embrace. She walks away, her high heels clicking on the floor.

[After the Diner.]

"My feet are killing me..." (Y/N) moans as she takes a seat next to Ryan. She places her hand on (Y/N's) belly, running her thumb over the bump.
"When are you going to find the gender?" She asks while Josh bounces Tori on his knee.
"Probably next month." (Y/N) sighs and rests her head back. 
"3 kids and you still haven't married her..." Chris comments, sipping on his beer. I chuckle and shrug my shoulders while Stefan smirks at me. Chris looks at me questionably and I give him another shrug.
"Tori, come play with me..." Stefan calls on his sister. I give him a thumbs up and he winks at me. Tori nods and follows him upstairs to his room.
"That was weird... " (Y/N) comments as soon as they are out of sight. 
"What was weird? " Ricky asks while petting Marie.
"Stefan inviting Tori to play. Usually, it's the other way around." (Y/N) says, sipping on her sparkly water. 
"Well, it's a Christmas Miracle.." I say as I take a bite of my gingerbread. 
After a while we hear running on the stairs, signaling that the kids are coming to the living room. 
"Mom! Mom!" Stefan exclaims, running in front of (Y/N). I get ready in my seat, knowing what is following.
"Tell baby, what's wrong? "She asks sitting up.
"Mommy, look what I found..." Tori cheers, handing (Y/N) the ring.
"Where did you find that? Whose is it?"She asks, standing up. She looks shorter now that her high heels are off, but damn, she is still the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. 
"I dunno..." Tori mumbles, shrugging and shifting from feet to feet. I clear my throat so she can notice me, kneeled down next to her. 
I take the ring from her, smiling awkwardly. Even though I have it all planned in my head, I still can't get a word out of my mouth. 
"What's going on?" She asks, looking at me. 
"(Y/N), since the day I've met you, I've realized that you are the one for me. You are a strong, independent woman, but you are still my girl. The same girl I fell for when I first met her in that coffee shop, trying to hide from the fans. You think that I am the strong one in this relationship, but you are my rock, you are the person I hold onto when in need. And after all these years, you are still with me, you've given me this beautiful family and God knows how thankful I am for this. So please, stop being my girlfriend of 10 years and be my wife. Please, become Mrs. Sitkowski." I say, looking into her eyes. She has tears brimming in her eyes and everyone around us is in shock, except the kids, who knew the whole plan from start. 
"Mommy, say something. " Stefan cheers, but (Y/N) doesn't move her gaze. She just kneels in front of me, taking my face in her small hands.
"Be careful of the baby." Ryan says from the background of us and (Y/N) nods. 
"You know that I would still love you, even if we would never get married?" She asks me. I nod and she nods too. 
She just kisses me, a soft but passionate kiss, stopping whatever goes on in this world for a moment. Just like the first time I kissed her, that little shy kiss on our 3rd date... 
"Want to put the ring on my finger while it still fits?" She asks against my lips. I smile and push the ring on her ring finger, smiling at how beautiful it looks on her delicate hand. 
We stand up, looking at the people around us who look at us holding their breaths. She just raises her hand, showing the rock on her finger and making everyone scream.


Chapter Text


"What is (Y/N) doing here?" I ask Caity as I eye my ex-girlfriend across the room. 

"We work together so I invited her to my Christmas party..." She states and stares at me with an eyebrow cocked.
"Seriously? You thought it would be smart to have me and my ex in the same room?" I ask her and she tilts her head to the side. 
"Why wouldn't it be?" She asks me back and smiles at me. 
"Fine, whatever. I don't even care." I say and sip on my drink.

I watch her from my spot, observing her every move; she wears a nice red tight dress, hugging her every curve and showing off her tattoos. Her hair is in loose waves and she has a crimson red lipstick on. She sips on her drink slowly as she tries to engage in a conversation with the man in front of her. I see her giggle and touch his arm as he tells her something and scans her body. 
I hate him; I don't want him near her. But I have no right to tell him off.
And I hate her; I hate that she looks so good tonight, at a party, she wasn't even supposed to be. At a party where I am with a new girl, trying to make a new start and get over her.

(Y/N's POV)
With the corner of my eye, I see Brent spy on me and my friend; I knew he would be here, I knew he would be gawking at me from afar, that's why I put a lot effort to look good tonight. 
The moment I saw him enter the party with that girl next to him, I thought that my plan would fail, that it would be just another failed effort to make him regret leaving me. 
But for the past 30 minutes, he stands on the exact same spot, pretending to have a discussion with whoever is across of him and staring at me and my friend. 
"Can you help me with something?" I ask Marcus and he smirks at me. 
"Of course. What's the devious plan, my little devil?" He asks me and I giggle, placing a hand on his arm. 
"Don't be too obvious but can you see that man across of us, tall, slim, tattoos and blue eyes?" I ask him and he nods.
"That's my ex. I want to get back at him." I state and he side smiles. 
"Ok, but how can I help?" He asks me and I clear my throat,  hesitating to reveal my plan. 
"I want you to kiss me, but make it seem real." I say and he nods. 
"Got it." He says and places a hand on my lower back, pulling me closer to him. 
I arch my back and bring my chest to his as he cups my jaw and brings his lips to mine.

(Brent's POV)
Can you excuse me for a second? There is this old friend of mine that I have to talk to." I mumble and walk towards (Y/N) and the guy she is kissing with. I feel my guts on fire and that is really strange; I mean, why do I care that much about who she is talking to and kissing with? 
"Um, excuse me... Hi, can I take her for a minute?" I ask them as they part. (Y/N) turns to look at me, with a surprised look on her face. 
"Sure, if she is ok with it." The guy replies and shrugs his shoulders. 
"Yeah, sure. Marcus, I'll see you in a bit.c She states and winks at him. 
I grab her by the arm and guide her towards the staircase to go upstairs. 
"You are hurting me..." She whimpers and I grit my teeth. 
I open the first door I see and shove her in, locking the door behind us to make sure that we will have privacy. 
I see her rub her arm and look at her feet.
"Do you think it's funny to be in the same party as me? Is it normal for you to still hang out with my friends?" I ask her and she chuckles. 
"I didn't know you would be here." She replies.
"That's bullshit. You thought that I wouldn't come to my best friend's party?" I ask her and she stares at me. 
"What the hell is wrong with you? It's just a party, we didn't even have to talk. You could hang out with your friends, I could hang out with mine and that would be it. You were the one who came and asked to talk to me." She replies and I chuckle, rubbing my temples. 
"What the hell is wrong with you? Why are you doing all of these things?" I ask her. 
"I am not doing anything." She replies and I groan. 
"Yeah, right. I get it; you are gorgeous and you can have any man you wish. Why do you have to do this in my presence?" I ask her, growling as I approach her, Instead of backing away, she stays put, with her arms folded in front of her chest. 
"I don't see why that bothers you." She says and tilts her head as she smiles at me. 
"Because I am jealous." I shout and clench my jaw. She stares at me shocked and licks her lips. 
"Why are you jealous? You were the one who dumped me..." She spits out and chuckles. 
"I don't know. I don't know why I act like that around you. I don't want to see you ever again but at the same time I can't get you out of my head and feel that I miss you." I admit and she smiles. 
"You are such a piece of shit." She says and shakes her head. 
"Excuse me?" 
"You are such a piece of shit. First, you break up with me for no reason, then you find an excuse of a girlfriend and now that you saw what you are missing out, you want me back... Such a fuckboy..." She groans and moves towards the door.

(Y/N's POV)

I feel him grab on my arm again, dragging my body to his. 
"You have nowhere to go... You hear me?" He asks me, his face tensed. His blue eyes are a few shades darker now, his face red but stern. 
I stat silent and he does the same; the tension between us is thick, I can tell that this is not over for neither of us. 
We are face to face; I am left staring at his features and he is eyeing me down, looking at me with a weird expression. 
"Brent, I think that we should head downstairs." I whisper after a few minutes. His grip on my arm tightens, by now he probably has left fingermarks on my skin. 
"No, I don't think we should." He replies and brings me closer. I stretch out to maintain eye contact with him and he licks his lips as he looks at mine. 
"Tell me that you don't miss me a bit. Tell me that you don't want this. Tell me that you don't want me to take you, right here, right now, like the good old days. Tell me that you don't love me anymore and all of this is over." He demands and I gulp down.       
"It's not about what I want..." I reply and he growls. 
"Fuck everything else. Tell me what you want...Pet." He whispers the last part in my ear, making me shiver. I gasp and look at him with my mouth agape and watering. He knows my buttons and how to push them, how to make me wet and ready for him.
"Fuck me." I whisper and he chuckles. 
"I knew you would want that, babygirl." He replies and pushes me against the wall. 

He presses his hips on mine as he pins my hands above my head. His mouth attacks mine, going for full dominance from the first moment. His tongue dances with mine as his hand travels under my dress. 

His index finger traces under the rim of my lacy panties, getting closer to my center every passing moment. 
"I'll fuck you good tonight, make you hooked on me again and leave you begging for more. I'll fuck you so well, that that boy downstairs won't even get close to what I am going to give you." He whispers in my ear and bites my earlobe as he slips his fingers past my panties and on my cunt. I writhe and thrust my hips forward to get more of his touch. 
"I am going to be so good for you tonight that that bitch you drag around with you is going to seem worse than your hand. I am going to make my pussy pulse and milk your long cock, I am going to remind you how amazing we are together. " I reply and he chuckles. With his hand, he drags my panties down and helos me removes them before he brings him to his nose. 
"Just as I remember..." Je murmurs and pulls me in for a kiss. 
"I want you to spank me." I whisper on his lips and bite his bottom one. He smiles and pulls me towards the bed in the room. He sits on the edge and makes me lay on my stomach on his lap. He inches my dress up and reveals my bum, stroking it with the back of his hand. 
"Did my pet get thicker?" He asks me, groping my ass. 
"Don't you like it, daddy?" I ask him back and he chuckles. 
"You have no idea, kitten..." He replies before he strikes my ass. I bite on my bottom lip, smiling wiggling my ass to get more. 
"Stay steady." He growls and smacks my ass again, harder than before. I yelp and he does it again, harder and harder everytime. 
"Please...please, fuck me." I beg as my eyes tear. My ass stings from the slaps and my thighs are slick with wetness. 
He feels my pussy with the tips of his fingers, before he pumps 2 of them in me, thrusting them fast and slapping my ass with his free hand. 
"You are so wet. Your tight little pussy is going to feel so good around my dick, kitten. Isn't it?" He asks me and I whimper in response. 
"How do you want me to take you?" He asks me and I whimper at the thoughts of all the possible ways he could pound my pussy. 
"From behind, please." I reply after a while and he hums. 
"You know how it goes, pet. Get in position for me." He says and I get off his lap. I crawl on the bed and stand on my hand and knees, sticking my ass out for him. 

I hear him pull down his zipper and move closer. 
With no warning, he thrusts in me and grabs my hips. I yelp again from the surprise and he stops for a moment, stroking my back to give me time. 
"Are you ok, princess? You want me to stop?" He asks me, shutting off his dominant side for a minute.
"Fuck me hard." I moan and he laughs, slapping my ass again. 
"As you wish princess." He replies.

His member sinks in me, reaching my back wall almost immediately. I squirm and grab on the beddings, biting my lip to not be heard at the party. 
He pounds hard and goes deep in me, reaching places I have forgotten he could reach. His skin slapping on mine makes a loud sound that I've missed and his fingers on my skin create a perfect feeling. I feel my gut twist as he groans while fucking me.
"You are such a little slut, aren't you?" He asks me, gripping my hips harder. 
"Just for you, daddy." I reply, panting as he hits my spot. 
"You are always so tight... It drives me insane..." He groans and I moan pleased by his words. I back my ass on him and turn my head to look at him as he fucks me. 
"You look so good like that..." He compliments me and I smile. 
"I knew you would get jealous. That guy is not even my boyfriend. I just asked him to kiss me because I saw you looking and I wanted to piss you off." I admit as he goes harder. 
"You little bitch. Why would you do that?" He hisses. 
"I wanted you to get angry... Oh fuck... And then fuck me and show me to who I belong to." I moan and he pounds on my g-spot.
"You got what you wished for." He replies and pulls me up by my hair. He presses my back on his chest as he continues fucking me, this new position giving him access to my neck. 
"I am going to mark you for everyone to see. And don't you dare cover it up." He growls in my ear, slapping my cunt before he starts rubbing my clit. 
The hair on the back of my neck stand straight and I writhe in pleasure as he sucks and bites on my neck. 
I cum on his dick, screaming his name between profanities and throwing my head back, resting it on his shoulder. My mouth stays open and his teeth sink in my skin as his thrusts become sloppier. 
My walls pulsing around him and my hands gripping on his skin to bring him closer and prolong my orgasm cause him to cum soon after. His thick, warm seed spills inside me, as he presses his hips on mine and groans in my ear. 

We stay like that for a while, his lips peppering kisses on my shoulder. 
"I want you back, princess." He whispers in my ear, making me smile. 


Chapter Text


I adjust the laptop on my lap and hit the call button on Skype, waiting for my Ricky to answer the call. I lean my head on my palm and try to keep my eyes open, but the sweet lightning of the tree and the warmth of blanket makes me doze off. 
"Hello... (Y/N)...?" Ricky's voice snaps me off.
"Oh, hey babe. How is tour going?" I ask him, rubbing my eyes. 
"It's good. There is a great vibe going on... Uh, I wish you were here though. It sucks that you are sick. How are you feeling today?" He asks me and I clear my throat. 
"I am a lot better, don't worry about me." I lie and fake-smile. 
"Are you sure babygirl? You look... I don't want to say a mess, but you look like a mess. A hot mess though." He says and giggles, making me smile for real this time. 
"Seriously, I am feeling better." I reply and lean my head back.
"Ok, but you seriously look pale and tired. And it's not just today baby... Have you seen a doctor?" He asks me and I feel my stomach tighten. 
"Yeah, he gave me a few antibiotics and vitamins and gave me a week off work. I'll be like new by the time you are back." I say and he smirks. 
"Ok babygirl. Listen, I have to go. We are going out for a drink with the guys. Can I call you when I get back?" He asks and I hum.
"I am really tired, baby. I think I am going to go to bed now. I'll call you in the morning, ok?" I say and he nods. 
"Ok babygirl. Sleep tight... I love you."He says and blows me a kiss. 
"I love you too. Have fun and tell the guys I said hi." I reply and wink at him. 

(Ricky's POV)
"Is everything ok? You seem a bit down?" Vinny asks me and pats my back. 
"Yeah... Just, you know, (Y/N) is still sick and it kills me. I am really worried." I reply and he chuckles. 
"What does she have?" He asks and I shrug. 
"I don't really know. She said it's a flu, but it's been so long." I sigh. 
"Well, has she been to the doctor?" He asks me and I nod. 
"Ok then. It seems like you have nothing to worry about." He says and shrugs. 

(Y/N's POV)
"Hey there little baby..." I say, stroking my lower stomach. 
"This is your mommy. They told me that you can sense things and I felt like talking to you. I've been so lonely lately and you are the only person I have around here, so here we go. Things have been rough lately. Your daddy, who doesn't know about you yet, is on tour and he won't be back before the New Year, so it's going to be me and you during holidays. And you little one, you are giving me a hard time, you know that? You are supposed to only make me sick in the mornings, not the whole day... But I love you, so much. I can't wait to meet you... And I am just so scared of everything..." I say and feel my eyes tear up. 
"There is no reason to be scared. I am here." I hear Ricky state from the entrance of the living room, making me jump up from my spot. 
I stare at him, surprised by his presence. He drops his backpack on the floor and opens his arms for me. I hug him and bury my head in his chest. 
"What are you doing in here?" I ask and he chuckles. 
"I am home for Christmas, silly." He replies. 
"Cut the crap, you were supposed to be here after the New Year. Why are you here?" I ask him and he sighs. 
"I didn't want to leave you alone on Christmas. Plus, I thought you were really sick, but apparently, you were lying..." He says with a chuckle. 
"I am sorry, Ricky. I just... I didn't want to tell you through a camera or phone. I wanted to be special, but I guess, I blew it..." I whine but he smiles at me and pecks on my forehead. 
"You can surprise me on baby #2, no biggie..." He replies and pulls me to his chest. 
"You made me really happy, babygirl. I love you so much." He whispers and strokes my back. 
"I love you too." 

Chapter Text

'Where the bloody hell are you Tyler?' I thought to myself while I was punching Tyler's number in my phone. It was already past 4 in the morning and he wasn't home. It was the 10th time I called him but no answer. He was supposed to be home from studio around 12.

"The subscriber you have called has probably switched off his phone. Please try again later". I groaned and threw my phone on the couch. I began pacing up and down our flat. I felt alone and lonely. Tyler was so distant lately; he was leaving home early in the morning and coming late at night, usually after 2. When I asked him where he was all that time, he told me that he was in the studio recording. I can't go through that... again. Tyler knows well that in my previous relationship, I've been mistreated, left alone and cheated. I sighed and let my body drop on the couch. I bring my knees to my chest. I bury my face in my hands, but I don't cry; I simply think.

5 minutes later, I've made up my mind. I raise my body from the couch, make my way to the bedroom and grab a duffel bag and a suitcase from the closet. I begin picking out what I want with me: t-shirts, jeans, shoes, and underwear. I head to our bathroom and pick up toiletries and my make up. I head back to our bedroom and throw them inside my bag. I strip down of my pj's and put on a pair of gray sweatpants, a Disney t-shirt and put on a pair of Vans. I sigh and grab my bag and suitcase.

I head to the living room and drop them on the floor. I decide to wait for him to sort some things out. I glance at my wrist and see that it's 5:02. I nod my head, knowing that he is not coming home anytime soon. I grab my phone and head to the kitchen. I prepare the coffee machine and open my Instagram application. The first photo on my feed is Tyler kissing another girl. That was it. I don't care if my heart screams that I love him; I can't go through that again. I screenshot the photo and pour myself a cup of coffee. My hands are shaky and tears are threatening to spill from my eyes. I raise my cup and take a sip, letting the hot liquid burn my sore and dry throat.

I want to scream, but I can't. It is hopeless. 'You are stupid' is the only thought inside my mind. How could he lie to me? All the 'I love you's and all the moments we've shared. 2 and a half years now, he made me think we might be forever. How stupid?

My thoughts are interrupted by the front door being unlocked.

"(Y/N), why are you awake? And why are you dressed in your clothes? And why the hell are bags on the floor?" He asks

"Are you sober? I ask coldly.

"I only had a few drinks, I am not drunk." He shouts.

"Don't you dare raise your voice tone on me!" I scream

"Are you ok?" He asks concerned

"Should I be ok, Tyler? You are away from me for about half a year, and now that you are here you are out every damn single fucking day. How do you think that this makes me feel?" I am screaming like I never have before, beyond the point of being furious. He has never seen me this way.

"Baby, I am sorry. But it's my job. I am recording." He says and I nod and chuckle sarcastically

"I said I am fucking recording. Why don't you fucking believe?" He shouts

"Nice recording. How do you call it? Maybe 'I AM A FUCKING DICK HEAD AND CHEAT ON MY GIRLFRIEND'?" I scream, showing him the picture. His jaw drops to the floor.

"(Y/N), babygirl, it's not what you think." He manages to say. I just shake my head and roll my eyes.

I turn around and head to grab my bag and suitcase. Once I have them both in my hands, I walk to the door but stop to the table next to it. I leave my keys and glance at the framed photo in front of me. It's a photo from our first date. I pick it up and take in the features. I remember that we went to a carnival and found a photo booth. We snapped 4 different pictures; in the first one, we were both simply smiling, in the second we had our tongues out, in the third, our heads were touching and finally in the fourth we were kissing: our first kiss. I still remember the fireworks. I sadly shake my head and wipe away a stray tear from my cheek. I run my thumb across the picture and walk to Tyler, who looks pleadingly into my eyes.

"Live with the memories." I say coldly.

"Please, don't abandon me." He begs.

"You pushed me away. And now you are begging me to stay. Funny huh?" (A/N: See what I did in there?) I ask as I turn to my heels. I grab my stuff and walk out of the door.

"Have a happy life, Tyler." I say aloud as I close the door, tears threatening to spill from my eyes. I get into my car, starting the engine and driving to my best friend's house.

I know it may hurt in the beginning, but right now I can't handle a situation like one I've lived in the past.

Chapter Text

I eye the blonde girl who is hitting on my boyfriend up and down; dressed in what seems to look like lingerie, a fake tan covering her skin and her hair bleached as far as it goes. Alex seems to enjoy it though. He laughs and continues talking to her, downing his drink in between. 
The girl's hands seem to now rest on his bicep, her head thrown back and her mouth open as he laughs. She moves to the bit of the music, her hips almost on his and her chest almost pressed against his body. 
This is the moment I decided I have had enough. Me and Alex might not be in the best terms at this moment, seeing that we had a fight just before Lynn's Christmas party about something stupid I don't even remember, but he is still my fucking boyfriend and I am not willing to let this girl take him from me.

I leave my glass on the table next to me and fix my dress, which has raised past my mid thigh, where it was supposed to rest. 
I walk carefully on my high heels and between the crowd, trying to reach my boyfriend and the bimbo that hits on him. 
"Alex, I got tired... Can we go?" I purr, biting my lip.
"Let me just say goodbye to the guys, ok?" He says, the same coldness in his voice as the moment he ended our fight. I just nod and stare at the girl, who looks at me in disgust. 
"Honestly, you can stare all you want. It takes so much more to bring me down, sweetheart." I sass her, turning on my heels to greet Lynn. 

[Back to Alex's place]
"You know, if you had gotten jealous you could have just said it...." Alex shouts as I walk into the bedroom. I quickly grab a gift bag from the closet and I search blindly in the drawer for the handcuffs he hides. 
I hear footsteps approaching the bedroom, so I just quickly hide the silver chained bracelets in the bag. 
"What are you doing?" Alex asks as I push past him to enter the bathroom. I look the door, making sure that he won't follow me inside. I open the bag and bring out the black lacy outfit with the light shimmery details. I stare at it before I bite my lip and unzip my dress. The fabric slides easily off my body, exposing my naked skin underneath it. I run my hands down my sides, taking a good look at myself in the mirror before I kick off my red panties and slip on the new, black and lacy thong. Next, I pull the garters and the waistband, fixing them on the perfect place. I finish with the lacy bralette, which is transparent and shows every aspect of my chest. I grab the handcuffs and unlock the door, following the path to the bedroom. 
He is laying there, on his side of the bed, a pair of brief boxers covering his penis and lower abdomen. 
"Next time you even think of flirting with a girl, just to make me jealous, I want you to remember this night." I say, making him raise his head. His eyes go wide, scanning me while licking his lips.
"(Y/N)... You look, gorgeous..." He whispers, sitting up.
"Shut the fuck up. And if you think that you are going to get away with it by just complimenting me, you are dead wrong babyboy..." I say, crawling on the bed. I stand on my knees in between his, biting my bottom lip and smirking from ear to ear. I snap the waistband of his underwear and he flinches his hand, attempting to grab my wrists. I bring my hands above my head, revealing the handcuffs and waving them in front of him. 
"You've lost the right to touch me since she touched you with her slutty hands." I say, taking his wrists in my hands. I secure the chain around the header and cuff each wrist, making sure to stretch enough so that my chest is pressed on his face. He places a soft kiss on my lace covered, erected nipple, showing me just how much he craves me. 
In the light that is provided by the Christmas lights in the decorated room, I can clearly make up his face, flushed and anticipating, and all of that just makes my panties even wetter. 
I place my core against his thigh, grinding lightly against his tensed muscles. I throw my head back, trying to ignore the fact that he is pleading me to uncuff him. The friction on my clit drives me crazy... I can feel the wet patch that my juices have created on his leg, as my hips grind a bit harder on him. I can see his cock restrained inside his briefs, throbbing to be released. I unhook my bra, not really revealing anything that he couldn't see through the fabric. 
Still, he groans as my tits bounce free, following my movements. 
"You are driving me crazy." He groans. I snap the waistband of his underwear, his skin now a bit red.

"That's the point." I say, touching my boobs. I roll my nipple between my fingers, moaning loudly from the combination of arousals. 
"I need to feel you..." He moans, his eyes following my every move. 
"Beg for it." I moan, enjoying the new advantage I have on him.
"Please (Y/N), just push my cock inside you. Just ride me until I have no more cum inside me. Please baby, let me be in you." 
"Will you flirt with anyone else besides me, ever again?" I ask, slapping his cheek, not too light but definitely without all my power.
"Never again. I did it just to make you jealous.." He says, groaning in frustration.
I slide down his underwear and move my thong to the side, holding his member in my hand. I pump him just for a second, making him release a loud moan. I align him in my entrance and dip my hips, taking him inside me. I moan and throw my head back, the feeling of him stretching me enough to make me lose it. I stare into his eyes and see how bad he wants to touch me.
"Damn baby, you are so wet... This is so hot...." He groans, thrusting up his hips to meet my thrusts. I lean towards his chest, pressing my breasts on him hard, making him feel my nipples against his skin as I move my body on his. I can feel his veins, swollen and throbbing, signaling that he isn't going to last long. I can't blame him though; every time I am restrained and teased to this point by him, I probably last for mere seconds. 
I thrust my hips up, making his dick come out of my pussy. He groans, throwing his head back. I press his cock flat on his abdomen and start rubbing my clit on it, earning moans of struggle from him. I bite my lip, knowing that this is probably going to be stuck in his head for a long time. I feel his dick twitch and throb on my swollen clit, warning me that he is cumming in anytime soon. I reach for his balls with my free hand, giving them a light squeeze before his cum erupts from his member and spill on his belly as his hips buck upwards.
"Fuck... Shit... Babygirl, I didn't know you could be that dominant..."He begins talking, breathlessly.
"....Like you? And this is just the beginning..." I say, reaching to uncuff him. His lips instantly attach to my nipple, sucking and biting on the soft numb. I bite on my lip, preventing moans of pain and pleasure to fall from my lips. Once his hands are free, they go towards my waist, dipping his nails in my skin. 
I climb up, pressing his chest to the mattress and making his head rest on the pillow. I ghost my core above his face and hear him mumble curse words under his breath. His fingers go under the delicate fabric of my thong, placing it aside before his lips curl into a devilish smile. I feel my core radiate heat and wetness, aching for Alex's lips to graze my sensitive clit and his tongue to dance with my lips. 
"Please, let me taste you..." He pleads, making it look like he is the one that needs me; I have to admit, this is turning me on even more. 
I lower my hips on his face, being greeted by his warm breath that sends tingles all over my body. His tongue covers my clit, moving my bundle of nerves as he waves his tongue. One hand supports my waist, while the other plays with my boob, pinching my nipple and squeezing on my soft breast. I rock my hips, pressing my throbbing clit on his tongue. He hums, satisfied by the pleasure he sends through my body. I look into his eyes, my gut twisting inside me and my body rocking harder, faster, getting impatient to reach my orgasm. 
His hand leaves my chest and travels down my back. I feel his middle and ring finger push past my cheeks and enter my pussy from behind. I feel his smile against my cunt, the friction that it creates sending chills along my spine. His fingers pump inside me, hitting exactly on my g-spot. 
"Fuck Alex..."I scream, pulling at his hair. He smiles again, causing my body to spasm.

"It was so fun tonight. I didn't know that you could be that much dominant...." He murmurs as I collapse on his chest. I smile breathlessly, tracing his chest with my nail. 
"Consider this a Christmas gift..." I hum, pressing a sweet kiss on his chest. 
"Round 2 in the shower? But this time, no one has to be dominant..." He says, kissing my knuckles.

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AmandaJohnson870790 requested it last year in my deleted book:

"Hey. I wasn't expecting to find you here." I hear Tony say as he enters the kitchen. 
"Well, I wasn't expecting to see you here either. And I mean the house." I reply and he chuckles. 
"It was Bianca's idea. Honestly, I didn't know you would be here." He replies and takes a seat across of me. 
"So, you and Bianca huh?" I comment and stare at my cup of tea. 
"Yeah... I mean... It happened after you and I broke up. Long after actually. It was... I don't know. It was something that happened randomly."
"You don't have to apologize to me. I am happy that you are happy." I say and smile. 
"I am not as happy as I was with you." He replies and I sigh.
"Tony, seriously, it's not the right time. " I reply. The lights begin flickering and I can see the snow moving from the wind. I shiver a bit and bring the mug closer to my face to warm a little bit. 
"You are right. It's in the past. And honestly, I don't know what's gotten into me.." He apologizes and I nod.
"I'll make some tea for myself. Do you want some more?" He asks me, in an effort to change the subject. 
"Yes, please. It's going to be a long night, I don't think that I will get any sleep." I reply and wrap my jacket tighter around my body. 
I hear him chuckle and I turn to look at him. 
"What?" I ask him.
"Nothing... Just, you always hated storms. You wouldn't sleep if you weren't tucked in and I wasn't stroking your hair. " He replies and I smile at myself. 
"You remember?" 
"I can't swipe off 6 whole years. We've been through some shit that brought us closer than I will ever be with any person.  It's... Some days it's hard to go through my day without having you in my mind the whole time. " He says and I stare at him, trying to make my heart stop speeding up. 
"I don't get it though. During the last 2 months of our relationship, we were fighting all the time, you were the one who pointed that out when we decided to break up." I state and he sighs.
"I know, I know. But we were both going through a tough period and we had our issues. And this doesn't mean that I could forget and move on that easily." 
"But you did. You are with another girl and..."
"And you are just as miserable as I am." He cuts me off.
"What are you talking about? You are with Bianca." 
"Yeah, just to make me feel better. But I feel like shit. It is hell being away from you. It's been almost a year, and I hated every single day. I don't want to be with Bianca. I want my (Y/N) back. Listen to me, the meeting here, the storm, the icy road, all of these happened so we could meet again." 
"Tony, it's wrong. Bianca is upstairs and she is a good girl, she is trying to make you happy. It's not fair for her. I'd better go to bed. Have a good night." I say, without turning to look at him, as I try to get out of the kitchen.

He grabs my arm and pulls me close to him, our faces just inches away. 
"Tell me that you had gotten over me. Tell me that you weren't bitter when you saw me with the other girl. Tell me that you think that everything between us is over. Tell me and I'll let you go." He says and I stare at him like a deer lost in the headlights. 
"I can't..." I whisper under my breath and look at my feet. 

He pulls my chin up and brings his lips to mine, putting a hand behind my head to keep me in place. I put my hands on his chest and he smiles against my lips, deepening the kiss. 
"With a quick motion, he picks me up and sits me on top of the table, placing his hands on my hips. 
"I need you..." He whispers and cups my face. 
"What about Bianca?" I ask and he groans. 
"I'll break up with her... Please (Y/N), I need you. I need you back... Please." He whimpers and I lean in to kiss him. 

His hands slip under my t-shirt and trace my stomach, making goosebumps appear on my skin. 
I lay on my back and he hovers over me; I look at him as he removes his shirt, looking like I remembered him. 
"We have to be quick. And quiet..." I whisper and he smiles as he licks his lips and looks at me hungrily. 

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llamaswife: Hey can we have another Vinny imagine? you are the only person I know who has written one and I love you for it.

"(Y/N), wake up... "Vinny whispers in my ear, shaking me lightly.
"Vinny, it's Saturday. I've been working all week... I need some sleep "I whine and shove my head deeper in the pillow.
"Come on (Y/N)... we were planning on going for furniture shopping for the new place for weeks... "Vinny says, pulling the covers from me. I turn to face him and see him already dressed in sweats and T-shirt. I peck on his lips and murmur.
"Just 5 more minutes... "
"How come you are not as excited as I am? "He asks, his voice clouded by disappointment.
"I am excited... really. I am just tired... "I lie; well is not lying if you are telling half the truth, is it? Honestly, I am mostly scared. Everyone says that a trip to IKEA is a big test for a relationship. Couples fight about couches and pillows and most importantly, the bed.
"OK. You have 5 minutes. I love you. "He says and exits the bedroom. I sigh and get up, walking to the bathroom. On the counter, I find a pair of gray sweat shorts and a punk Ariel tank top. I sigh and grab my toothbrush to brush my teeth. Once I am done, I brush my hair and throw them in a messy bun. I decide on ditching my makeup routine and just apply a tinted moisturizer.
"Vin, I am ready.... "I shout as I exit the bathroom.
"Me too. Let's go. "He says and pecks on the highest point of my cheekbone.
(At Ikea )
"So, from where should we start? "He asks me as he drags the cart.
"Mmmm, living room? "I ask, biting my lip.
"Yeah... "he says and hugs me by my waist. We walk together towards the living room section and I can already feel my palms sweating. I look around; couples looking at decorations, people wandering around mindlessly...
"(Y/N), are you OK? "I hear Vinny ask me, snapping me out of my thoughts.
"Yeah, just a bit overwhelmed about the whole thing. "I say and fake a smile.
"Me too. Can you believe we are actually doing this? I mean, getting a house of our own, buying furniture together... it's so insane. "He says and hugs me closer.
"We should probably start with the couch. What do you have in mind? "I try to change the subject before I get cold feet.
"Something dark. So we don't have to wash the covers every week. Also, we have sugar white walls so, it will be such a good contrast ....What do you think?" he asks me, turning to look at me.

"Maybe a dark, chocolate brown...It suits the walls and it won't stain that easily." I say, looking around me.

"ok,(Y/N), I can't do this on my own.You just repeated what I said a minute ago.You are not in here, with me...Something is bothering you and you are denying to tell me the goddamn fucking truth." He says, raising the volume of his voice. I look at him, my mouth agape...

"Vin..." I begin but he does not let me finish.

"No... Tell me the truth...Why are you not excited? Did you change your mind about living with me? "He asks, at this point, shouting.

"Can you please keep it down?Everyone is looking at us. " I try to calm him down.

"No. Tell me what is going on." He says and crosses his arms in front of his chest. I sigh, trying to keep my cool, but I truly fail, cause I feel tears brimming in my eyes.

"Fine...You wanna know why I am How I am today? I am scared we are going to fight and then break up. Here, now you know." I say and wait for his reaction. His face turns into a bright shade of red, something that you don't see every day.

"What the fuck do you think we are doing right now?" He asks, screaming, his chest rising and falling rapidly. I stare at him in complete shock. Within seconds, he storms away, leaving me in the middle of the area, staring at him as he goes.

(2 Hours Later)

I sit at a table of Ikea's cafeteria, drinking a coffee all alone. I usually enjoy some good ol' alone time, but right now I actually hate every second of it. I actually did what I was scared of; ended up fighting with Vinny. Since he left me in the living room section, I haven't seen him again. It was the stupidest thing I could do today. I look around and see people having fun, actual fun. Couples bonding and sharing moments together. I am so stupid. I spent my day, worrying about screwing this up so badly, that not only I missed my chance of having fun, but I also screwed this up.

"I knew you would be here. But I actually was expecting you to have some meatballs and not coffee."I hear a familiar voice say. I pick my head up and see Vinny, standing in front of me, his hands in his pockets and his face so much calmer than before.

"Really?' I ask him, unable to hide the smile that crept onto my face.

"Yeah... I know how much you love Swedish meatballs." He says, smiling too. He drags the chair across from me and sits.

"I am sorry..." I say and look into his eyes

"I truly mean it. I know how you looked forward to this and I ruined it. I am so sorry, Vin" I say before he could even answer to my previous statement.

"I am sorry too. I shouldn't have left you this way. I know you were worried, I was too.But I also was so excited to start all of this with you. You are the first person I am doing this with and I hope you will be the last. It's scary and fascinating too." He says, rubbing the top of my hand with his thumb. I smile and he does too.

"Where were you all this time?" I ask him and he chuckles.
" I went to the bedroom section. You can't imagine how many couples were choosing bed today. And then I pictured you, alone, sitting here... And I felt so bad, it was insane." He says with a laugh. Gosh, I love that laugh. And as soon as The furniture will be delivered and installed at our new place, I will get to wake up next to the person with my favorite laugh in the world.

"We still have time, you now. We can go pick out our furniture right now.And then we can grab something to eat together. I will even share my meatballs with you.." I say, taking my cute puppy eyes. He just smiles and gets up from the chair.

"Come get in my arms, princess." He says and he hugs me from my waist.


Chapter Text

"Good morning." I said cheerfully while walking into the hair salon I work at.

"Look who is finally at work in time." Tanya, the salon manager said. She always teases me for being late.

"I love you, Tanya." I said walking towards the back of the saloon to pour myself some coffee and wait for my first client.

"I love you too,(Y/N)". She yelled at me.

The day went by really slowly. A lot of complaining ladies, screaming children and whiny old people.

"Ok (Y/N), last customer for today." Tanya informed me.

"Thank God. Name?" I asked

"A guy named Valentino." She said

"Ok. I'll just wait for him in the back." I said sipping some coffee. Actually my 3rd cup of coffee for that day. I put on my earphones. I shuffled through my music gallery for a while and found 'Identity Disorder' by 'Of Mice & Men'. Man, I love that song. See, I am not the typical girl. I have a sleeve tattoo and I obsess over bands. Although I look like the girl next door when my tattoos are covered. Man, I love to see that expression on others faces when I tell them that I listen to screamo music.

Right when the song ended, I heard the door being pushed. I plugged out my earphones and heard Tanya saying.

"...(Y/N) is going to be your hairdresser for today." I turned to my heels and saw a familiar guy. About a second later, I realized that I was about to take care of Tino's from 'Of Mice & Men' hair. When I was able to think clearly, I decided to go and introduce myself.

"Hello. I am (Y/N), your hairdresser. And you are?" I asked pretending I was unaware of who he was.

"I am Valentino, but you can call me Tino.Nice to meet you(Y/N)." He said smiling

"Nice to meet you too. Shall we begin?" He nodded and I motioned him to sit on the chair in front of the mirror.

"Ok. Let's just begin with washing your hair." I said and he got up.

I washed his hair carefully with a mint scented shampoo and he seemed to enjoy it.

"Ready." I said wrapping his hair into a towel.

"How do you want your hair?" I asked him.

"I was thinking of some soft curls framing my face." He mocked, mimicking a girly voice tone. I laughed hard.

"Good one Tino." I smiled trying to be calm.

"Ok. I will be serious this time. What about shaving this side and just cut off the split ends of my hair a bit?"

"Ok. Sounds good to me." I said grabbing the shaving machine.

Tino was a really funny guy. He made me laugh all the time and I have to admit I wished this appointment never had to end.

"You did an amazing job, (Y/N)."

"Thank you, Tino."

"Ok. Bye." He said turned to his heels and walked to the front desk to pay.

"See you tomorrow, Tanya." I said after grabbing my stuff.

I left the saloon and walked down the road. Suddenly, a guy on a motorcycle grabbed my bag. I fell to the ground and started shouting for help.

"Are you alright?" A familiar guy asked while approaching me. He extended his arm and helped me get up.

"Yeah. Thank you. Tino? What are you doing in here? I thought you left half an hour ago."

"I didn't leave. I couldn't. I mean, I didn't want to leave." He said looking at his feet and playing with his jacket.

"Is there something wrong?" I asked.

"So listen (Y/N). You seem like an interesting girl and I would love to get to know you. Would you like to go on a date with me?" He asked looking into my eyes.

"I'd love to." I said and smiled.

"Great. So what about tomorrow around 8. I 'll pick you up from here." He smiled back.

"See you here." I said walking to my car.

"Good night." He said walking

( The Next Evening)

"Tanya, can I leave earlier today?" I asked doing my best puppy eyes.

"And why is that?" She asked raising an eyebrow.

"I kinda have a date with a guy." I said nervously.

"Leave, have fun and be safe." She smiled at me.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you, I love you, I love you." I kissed her and grabbed my stuff.

"I want all the details on Monday morning." She yelled.

I drove back home and began my preparation. First thing I needed was a shower. I undressed myself and hoped in the shower. I washed my hair and body and shaved my legs. 10 minutes later I exited the shower and entered my bedroom. I picked up my outfit, which was a red high-waisted pair of shorts and a Disney tank-top. I picked up a pair of gray vans. I blow-dried my hair and applied a tropical fruit scented hair serum. I braided my hair into a side fishtail. I did a simple make up: just a light bb-cream, lots of mascara and my favorite "baby-lips" lip balm. I took a light jacket with me just in case. I took a look at my watch. It was only 7:30. I sprayed some perfume and grabbed my phone, wallet and keys. I shoved them into my little bag and got out of my home. I drove to the place where we were supposed to meet. I looked at my watch again and it was 7:53. I got out of my car and locked it. I thought that I had to wait for him , but I was wrong. He was there, waiting for me. I walked towards him. He saw me and smiled. I smiled back.

"Hello there. You are looking gorgeous tonight. I got these for you." He said while handing me a bouquet of tulips.

"Thank you Tino. You are not looking bad yourself either. I like your hair." I said cheerfully.

"Well. Thank you. A very talented, pretty, young lady did my haircut." He said goofily. I laughed

"The pretty, young lady thanks you."

"Shall we go pretty lady?" He asked motioning to his car.

"Let's go, handsome young man." I said and started walking.

"Where do you wanna go?" He asked once we both got into his car.

"What about we grab a bottle of beer and head to the beach?" I asked

"Perfect." He said and started driving.

"Tell me about yourself." He said to me.

"Well...I am 22, I work as a hairdresser, I have tattoos and I like music. I live alone and I have a labrador puppy. What about you?" I asked.

"Well.... I am 29. I like music too. Actually I am the drummer of a group named "Of Mice & Men". I am single and I live alone too." He said in one breath.

"May I confess something?" I asked shyly.

"Sure... Go on, I guess." He said suspiciously.

"I know your band. Actually, I am a huge fan of your band. I have all your albums. Basically, I am trying really hard right now not to fangirl in front of you." I said looking at my feet.

There was a deadly silence for a few minutes

"I totally get it if you want to end it in here." I finally got the courage to tell him.

"No, no...I mean, it is going to be a bit weird in the beginning but I think that you are so much more than just a fan of my group." He turned his head and smiled at me. I instantly smiled back.

"So (Y/N), what else do I need to know about your lovely self?"

15 minutes later we had just arrived at the beach.

"It is beautiful in here." I stated. Tino nodded.

"Yeah, it is fascinating. So calm, so quiet. You truly had the best idea for our first date." He said. I couldn't help but smile

(2 years later)

"Baby,(Y/N), wake up." Tino shook me lightly.

"Tino... I groaned and grabbed my I-phone from the bedside table.

"It is only 4:33." I whined.

"I want to take you somewhere.Come on get up.Get your pretty ass up." He said kissing my bare shoulder. I finally surrendered and got up. I hopped into the shower to wake myself up. 5 minutes later, I got into our shared bedroom. Yes, we moved in together 6months ago. I was about to grab some clothes when Tino stepped in.

"Uh,uh,uh,no,no,no. Wear these." He said handing me my red high-waisted pair of shorts, and my Disney tank-top.Being too sleepy to fight back, I took them and put them on. I slipped into my gray and headed downstairs.

"Ready to go, beautiful?" Tino asked.

"Where are we heading to?" I asked sleepily.

"You will see love." He smiled

25 minutes later he pulled over at a beach.

"Tino, what the actual fuck? Did you wake me up at 4:30 a.m. on my day-off to take me swimming?" I whispered/yelled at him. He pulled me into a hug which calmed me down.

"I actually brought you here to watch the sun rise and..." he stopped and kneeled down.

"(Y/N) (Y/M/N) (Y/L/N). I still remember the first time I laid my eyes on you. You were so beautiful, and I was so coward to ask you out that exact moment. Thank God, I waited for your shift to be over on the street and "saved" you. I remember our first date. Our first kiss. The first time you slept at my place. I swore that moment that I would never let you sleep alone. But with all this touring and recording, I couldn't keep my word. You know that my favorite sounds are your laugh, your giggle, your voice. I was never the romantic guy; but with you, I try every day, because I want you to be happy. Are those tears? Oh, baby girl don't cry. I am almost done. So, the reason I made you wear these clothes and brought you here is that I want everything to be like our first date and I want it to be like it because that was the beginning of our shared life. I am sure that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. So (Y/F/N) (Y/M/N) (Y/L/N), will you do me the honor of adding 'Arteaga' to your name?" His speech was over and he pulled out the most beautiful ring I've ever laid my eyes on.

"Yes,yes, yes, a hundred times yes, a thousand times yes, a million times yes. I screamed jumping up and hugging him.He smiled and slipped the ring on.

"Thank you, my love." He said and kissed me


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Tyler Carter, Issues 
Requested by IdOnTfEeLqUiTeRiGht on my Wattpad

"Do I look ok?" Tyler asks me as we walk towards the front door

"Do I look ok?" Tyler asks me as we walk towards the front door. 
"You are going to be the most handsome one in here, don't worry about that..." I reply and lean in to place a kiss on his neck.
"(Y/N), don't..." He giggles and I smirk. 
"Try to loosen up. I promise, no one is going to pay attention to us." I reply and he turns to me. 
"That's good, right?" He asks, staring at me worriedly.  I stretch and leave a peck on his nose, smiling at my boyfriend. 
"We are going to be fine. I am right here, don't stress too much..." I reply and ring the bell.
I hear Tyler take a deep breath as I hear footsteps approaching behind the door. 
"Oh, you are here... Great. You could have come earlier to help me out with the preparations. You knew that your sister will have to go around the house and greet the guests. I have no help in this house, I have to do everything on my own... You must be Tyler, it's nice to FINALLY  meet you. Come in." My mom starts talking the moment she opens the door. Tyler turns to look at me and I bite my bottom lip, trying to contain my laughter. 
"Hey mom. Merry Christmas, I am glad to see you too. This is Tyler, Tyler, this is my mom (Y/M/N)..." I say and point to Tyler, who smiles hesitantly. 
"Nice to meet you. Please, come in." She says and steps away from the door. I take his hand in mine and drag him in as I stroke his hand with my thumb. 
"Why don't you show Tyler where the guys are and come help me in the kitchen?" She asks me and I chuckle.
"I was actually thinking that I could show him around the house... You know, introduce him to a few people..." I reply and she groans.
"Ok, fine. But be quick." She replies and I nod. 

"Sorry about that..." I whisper as I guide him towards the living room. 
"It's not your fault baby.l Don't worry about it." He says and stops me on my tracks. He leaves a peck on my forehead and I smile, wrapping my arms around his torso. 
"We are going to be fine." He whispers and I chuckle. 
"Look at us... We went from me being the one comforting you to the complete opposite..." I say and giggle. 
"Dad... It's good to see you again..." I cheer as I approach my dad. He turns to me with a smile on his face and his arms open.
"Oh baby girl, it's good to see you again. After all this time..." He says and emphasizes on the last sentence. 
"Dad... Don't start. Come meet Tyler..." I say and motion to my poor boyfriend who fidges with his fingers. 
"So, you are the guy that takes my daughter away for half a year, every year..." My dad comments as Tyler shakes his hand. 
"It's nice to finally meet you, Sir." Tyler replies, smiling a bit awkwardly. 

I didn't want to leave Tyler alone with my entire family, but knowing my mom, I knew that she would totally make my life a living hell if I didn't go help her with the preparations.
"You call that slicing? They need to be thinner, or else they would make you feel full with just one bite." She says, looking over my shoulder to check my every move. I just sigh and move my knife a few inches, slicing the next one thinner. 
"I wonder how you keep a house running and what you are actually feeding that poor guy..." She comments and I huff.
 "I am not the one cooking, don't worry" I reply and smile at her. She gasps and leaves the plate she is holding on the island, approaching me with her mouth open. 
"You are not? And who is cooking in your house?" She asks me. 
"Tyler. He is great at it. And whenever he is not in the mood to do so, we just order some takeout." I reply and shrug.
"He is cooking? Oh my God, what a shame. I did not raise you like that." She cries and I laugh.
"Mom, it's not a big deal. " I state and she chuckles sarcastically. 
"It's not a big deal? If you don't take care of your household, he is not going to see this relationship seriously and he is never going to propose to you." She says, with a terror look on her face. 
"Well, Tyler and I decided that we don't want to get married." I say and bite my lip. 
"What? He was the one suggesting it, wasn't he? He wants to cheat on you whenever he wants and you are so stupid that you didn't even realize it..." She says and I sigh, rubbing my temples. 
"Mom, I don't want to get married. It doesn't suit us. It's just... We are not like that. I am not like that..." I reply.
"What did I do wrong with you? Why can't you be like your sister. Look at her, she is getting married. She is so happy." She cries and I groan. 
"Good for her. I am just not like that." I say and shrug. Her face is red and her eyes are tearing.
"Yoy weren't like that. What has he done to you?"
"What do you mean?" I ask her, completely stranged out.
"Ever since you got with him, everything about you changed. From your looks, to your behavior, everything is different. What's going wrong with you?" She asks me, making me furious; I  slam my hand on the counter and growl, turning to look her in the eye. 
"Nothing is wrong with me. I am finally myself and I am happy. I am sorry that I don't fit your standards. I am sorry that you don't see how happy I am. I am truly sorry. But I can't change that. Now, if you excuse me, I need some time on my own. See you at your daughter's dinner rehearsal." I say, wipe my hands on the towel and exit the kitchen.

I run to my childhood room and get inside, trying to calm myself down from my mom's lecture. I see Tyler standing in front of the window, leaning on the wall and sitting in the dark. 
"Baby, what are you doing in here?" I ask him as I approach him. 
"I sucked at discussing with your father, your uncles threatened me and your brother-in-law was awful. They all hated me." He says and I chuckle. I lean in and cup his face, feeling his warm skin and light stubble as I stroke his cheeks. I place a peck on his lips and smile at him, trying to calm him down. 
"Come here..." I whisper and guide him to my bed. 
"(Y/N), it's not the right place..." He whines.
"We will just lay here for a while until dinner is served." I say and giggle. 
We lay down and I rest my head on his chest, our legs tangled and fingers intertwined. 
"Why are you here, love? I thought you were helping your mother with the dinner." He asks me and I sigh.
"It's a long story. She just doesn't approve of my choices, of my character, of my appearance. She wants me to be more like my sister." I say and he hums, trying to calm me. 
"You are perfect. And I am sorry that she doesn't see it. I love every bit of you. " He states and bops my nose. I shift a bit and stretch towards him, kissing his lips softly.
"I love you." I say and he smiles.
"I love you too, angel." He replies and strokes my hand.


Chapter Text

I sigh and open my laptop. I head to Skype and call Jeremy, my boyfriend: I know that he has probably just come home from his studio. He answers and his face appears on the screen.

"Hey love." He says smiling.

"Hey." I say back, frowning.

"Why the frown, baby?" He asks, tilting his head.

"I just miss you." I say sighing

"Really? Cause I don't miss you at all." He says sarcastically.


"Yes (Y/N)"

"Do you think that this is going to work out? I mean, with you in America and me in England...?" I ask him sighing

"(Y/N), I don't think that this is going to work." He says and I feel my world falling apart

"Oh, I understand." I say, my voice cracking.

"No, you don't. I am 100% sure this is going to work." He says and a smile creeps on my face.

"How are you that sure?" I ask him, still smiling, my face burning red.

"Because we love each other. And I am sure I can wait for you for 3 more months, 72 days actually."

"You count the days?" I ask him in complete awe.

"Yeah..." He says and blushes



"Sing to me, please." I say pouting and he chuckles

"Sure." He says. I lay on my bed and he begins singing to me softly

"I love you." I say as I feel my eyelids becoming heavier

"I love you too princess. Just 72 more days and you will be able to sleep on my chest. Sweet dreams."

Chapter Text

"(Y/N), babygirl, are you ready?" Sam shouts from downstairs while I put the finishing touches on my makeup.
"In a bit." I reply and fix my lipstick.
"Baby, we should really go... We are going to lose our reservation." He shouts back and I knit my eyebrows together.
"Reservation? Wow, you are really going off your ways for this date..." I reply and slip in my shoes.
"It's Christmas. I had to make it special." He replies and laughs. I grab my clutch and start walking down the stairs, careful not to trip on my heels. 
"I see. Well, let's hope I dressed appropriately for the place." I comment as I reach him.
"Wow, babygirl. You look amazing..." He compliments me and I spin around, giving him a full view of my outfit. 
"You think so?" I ask him and he nods, pulling me close to him. 
"You are the sexiest woman I've ever seen, babygirl." He replies and pecks on my lips. 
"Shall we go? We are going to lose the reservation." I tease him and I stick my tongue out. 
"After you, princess..." He replies and motions to the door. 
"You want to check out my ass, don't you?" I ask him, teasingly. 
"Of course I do babygirl. It's amazing..." He says and slaps my ass as I walk towards the entrance

"I have to admit Bettley, you did a great job. This is amazing." I say and cling our glasses once again. 
"Well, it's Christmas and it's just me and you baby...I had to do something special, or else you would leave me for someone else." He says and chuckles. 
"You know that I would never leave you for someone else..." I reply and he smirks. 
"And why is that?" He asks me. 
"Like you don't already know the answer..." I giggle. 
"I like to hear it every once in a while." He replies and I raise an eyebrow.
"Because I am in love with you." I state and he looks at me with a fake surprised look. 
"Oh, you are?" He asks and I chuckle, sipping on my wine. 
"I know... It is strange, cause look at you and look at me, but it's true... I am so fucking in love with you. " I say, teasing him. 
"I am so lucky." He says and smirks even more, licking his lips.

"Are you cold, babygirl?" Sam asks me as we walk from the restaurant towards the car. I rub my arms and try to keep myself warm for the last few steps. 
"It's fine. We are almost in the car..." I assure him but he stops me. He takes off his leather jacket and puts it on my shoulders, bringing my hair out of it and kissing my forehead. 
"It's December and you went out with a lace dress and no jacket. Of course you would get cold..." He says and I roll my eyes.
"Thank you..." I say and smile at him.
"Anything for you." He replies and intertwines our arms.

"Baby, can you pick the movie on your own? I want to change into something more comfortable." I say and he nods, heading towards the living room.
"Sure love. Take your time." He replies as I begin climbing up the stairs.
I head straight to the bedroom and into our closet, digging in to find the set I bought for tonight. I remove my dress and the panties I had on, exchanging them for the delicate red lace and matching silky robe. I keep my high heels on and run my fingers through my hair to give them some volume. I take a good look of myself in the mirror before I fix the ribbon around my waist and head back downstairs.

"I put on the Nightmare Before Christmas." He says and plops on the couch.
"Well, I put on those..." I say, dragging his attention. I undo the ribbon and let my robe slide down my body. I smirk at him and he stares at me, with his jaw hitting the floor.
"Just as I thought the night couldn't get better." He comments and sits up.
"I have a couple of aces up my sleeve." I reply and straddle his lap.
"I thought you said you would change into something more comfortable." He says and places his hands on my hips.
"Those are comfortable. And you should see how much more comfortable I can be without them." I whisper in his ear and bite his earlobe.
"Oh, let me help you with that..." He says and tries to reach for my clasp. I pull his hands back on my hips and smile at him.
"Not yet..." I whisper and start grinding on him.

I move my hips back and forth, trying to get him rock hard. He presses his fingers on my hips and pulls me closer, burying his face in my boobs.
"What did I do to deserve you? You are so perfect..." He moans as he plants kisses on my chest.
"Wait to see what I am going to do next...." I reply and he moans.
"Oh, I can't wait, princess." He replies and I chuckle.
"I can feel that..." I say and press my core harder on his dick. I unstraddle him and slide down on the floor, standing on my knees.
"What are you doing, princess?" He asks me as I unbuckle his belt and undo his zip.
"Taking care of my king..." I reply and lower his jeans and briefs. I grab his cock and pump him a few times as I take my position on the floor. I stick my ass out and start licking him from the base to the tip, swirling my tongue along the vein.
"Tell me all the things you want to do to me tonight..." I say as I take his tip in my mouth. 
"Oh fuck, princess. So many things I want to do to you..." He hisses as I start taking him deeper.  I hollow my cheeks and trace my tongue along his length, pumping what I can't fit with my hand. 
"I wanna fuck your pretty face, so hard, that you choke on my dick and your little throat feels sore tomorrow.  Oh, you'll look so good while I fuck you  like that..." He whispers, petting my hair.
"Mmm, what else?" I ask and smile before I spit on his dick before I take it back in my mouth. 
"Then I will tear off that pretty underwear of yours and slam in you, hit your g-spot until you cum all over me. And after that, I'll put you in your hands and knees, and fuck you again while slapping your ass and making you scream. Would you like that, princess?" He asks me, pushing me by my hair to take him deeper in my throat. I gag and choke, my throat spasming and making Sam growl.
I try to catch my breath as I take him out of my mouth, peaking at him through my eyelashes.  I slap his dick on my tongue and face, before I start slurping on it again. 
"Princess, I can't take it anymore..." He hisses and I moan in satisfaction. I circle my tongue on his tip and he sighs, bucking his hips.  "Want to cum?" I ask him, tracing his dick agonizingly slow. 
"Not yet, princess. I want to feel you around my dick. I want to feel your walls pulse around me. Please..." He hisses, pulling on my hair. I pop his dick out of my mouth and smile mischievously.

I stand up and spin around as I start taking off my bra.
"No, princess. I said I want to  tear them off your body..." Sam stops me and pulls my hands behind my back. I whimper and stretch my neck, bringing my head to the side. He bites on my neck and snaps my strap against my skin. 
"You look so beautiful like that. And the whole scenery is amazing. I love you so much, princess." He whispers, grazing my skin with his teeth. I moan and press my ass on his hard member, rubbing a little on him. He grips on my hips hard and smirks at me action, making my skin erupt with goosebumps.  He grips on my bra and pulls hard, the delicate lace tearing almost immediately. He places a kiss on the base of my neck while his hands move down to my panties. 
"Sam, this is not fair." I whimper and buck my ass on his cock. 
"Why isn't fair, princess?" He asks, groping my boob and pinching my nipple. 
"Because... Because... Ugh, check yourself." I say and grab his hand. I place his hand on my core, over my panties and let him feel how much wet I am. He slips it my underwear and starts rubbing my clit. 
"Oh princess... You must be dripping. Let me check." He whispers and brings his fingers down to my entrance. I writhe and throw my head back, letting rest on his shoulder.
"Babygirl, you make me so hard..." He whispers and bites on my neck.  He thrusts 2 fingers in me making me move my hips at the sudden action. 
"Princess, you are so tight... I wonder if I am going to fit in your little pussy, babygirl. It's like I haven't ever fucked you before. It's like you are untouched..." He growls and pumps his fingers harder inside me. My mouth falls open and my eyes shut closed as he tries to find my spot. 
"I need you... Please..." I whimper and he chuckles. 
"Alright..." He replies, bringing his hand out of my underwear. 

He tears my panties off and pushes me towards the couch, my chest and stomach flat on the soft seat and my knees resting on the cold marble. His slaps on my butt as he kneels behind me, separating my thighs more. He rubs his tip along my lips, making me claw on the cover of the seat. 
"Sam, please.... Please. I can't take it anymore. I am about to explode." I whimper, trying to make him give me what I want.  He slams into me, groaning as he does. I sigh in relief and let him set the pace.  I grip on the soft pillow and rest my head on it, letting him pound in me. He groans and grabs my hair, wanking my head back. 
"I love you so much, princess." He whispers, pounding in me harder. 
"I love you too, baby." I reply and moan.  His skin slapping on mine and his hands keeping me in place, fuel the fire in my stomach. 
"Why don't you rub your little clit for me, babygirl?" He whispers in my ear, biting on my neck. 
I scream in pleasure as he hits right on my g-spot, Sam chuckling at my reaction.  I bring my hand down to my clit, touching it with the tips if my fingers. Sam groans and thrusts harder, his veins now so prominent that I feel them graze on my walls.  I rub my clit and bring my other free hand to my chest, playing with my boob. I jolt in pleasure, feeling stimulated in all my areas, Sam trying his best to keep me in place to bring us both to our orgasm. 

I cum hard, screaming and falling to the couch. My mouth stays wide open and my legs tremble as I try to calm down from my orgasm, but Sam still thrusting in me and prolonging my orgasm isn't really helping me. 
He cums in me after a few minutes, groaning and cursing as his warm seed spurts on my walls. 
Breathless, he falls on me and leaves a peck on my shoulder blade. I can feel his lips curl on my skin as his breath regulates. 
"Merry Christmas, babygirl." He whispers and I turn my head to look at him. 
"Merry Christmas, love." I reply and bite my lip, smiling at my boyfriend. 


Chapter Text

Plot: Y/N shows up in a private (for fans) soundcheck, sees Shannon playing the drums and gets turned on



Chapter Text


[Y/N's POV]
"Oh my fucking God.... look at his T-shirt... it is about to rip in half from his muscles ..." I fangirl to Chris Evans.... More like Captain Steve Rogers. Me and Chris are watching Age Of Ultron, on the couch and we are at the scene in which Steve grabs that stump and tears it in half...
"Can you fucking stop?" He shouts, pauses the movie and jumps up and away from the couch. I stare at him, with a puzzled look on my face. 
"What happened baby?" I ask confused.
"Can you stop drooling over that dude? At least not in front of me. I get it., he is better than I am. Taller, stronger and the typical American sweetheart. I get it." He says in a hurt tone. 
"What are you talking about? Chris, it is just a movie. And he is just a character. "
"Yeah, a character that my girlfriend drools over." He screams.
"You really feel that way? Chris..." I purr and go towards him. I place my hand on his cheek and caress it with my thumb. 
"How else am I supposed to feel.?" He whispers.
"Baby, you are my hero. My one and only. Yes, I may like Chris Evans as Captain America, but that's it. You are the one I want to be with. You. Only you." I say and lean in to kiss him. He immediately responds by kissing me back. I trace his bottom lip with my tongue and he parts his lips. I push my tongue in his mouth and we battle for dominance.
"You mean that?" He breathes harshly against my lips. 
"Of course I do. Every single word I said. come on and let me prove it." I say and pull him in the couch. He smirks at me as I straddle him and begin kissing his jawline, neck and after I remove his T-shirt, chest. I leave a few hickeys on his skin, contrasting with the ink covering his body. My hand fumbles with the fly of his black skinny jeans and I feel the bulge that is forming on the inside. I pop the button and I smile, knowing that Chris is going to be so frustrated after all this teasing I plan on doing. I pull his jeans and boxers down and his erection springs free. My eyes widen... Freaking hell, he is extra happy today. I begin by kissing his hip bones, with open mouth kisses and light bites. My fingers trace his bulge, following the central vein. He moans heavily and I smirk. I run my thumb over his tip, my fingertip simply ghosting above it. 
"Fuck... Do something. I can't take it anymore. " he groans and tangles his fingers in my hair. 
"You haven't seen anything yet baby..." I say innocently and bring my lips to his length. I trace it with my lips and he breathes heavily.

Finally, I take his tip in my mouth and swirl my tongue slowly around it. I suck it lightly and he moans. 
"Damn it, woman... Suck it already..." he growls and pushes my head down. I smirk and suck my cheeks in, causing a loud whimper to escape his lips. He thrusts his hips forward, making me deep throat him. I gag a little, due to his size, making him smirk while he moans. I release his length, making a popping sound, just to catch my breath. I look up at him innocently, biting my bottom lip lightly. Within seconds, his member is back in my mouth and I begin bobbing my head up and down. Chris seems to enjoy it a lot, cause he bucks his hips forward, making me take him deeper.
"Fucking shit (Y/N)... Come back up babe..." he says and pulls me up by my hair. I bite my bottom lip and straddle his lap. 
"Darling... Your mouth is heavenly, but I really need the real thing right now. " he says and rips my shorts off my body. I look at him shocked by his sudden roughness. He moves aside my lacy panties and grabs his member in his hand.
"I am going to fuck you so hard, that you are going to forget everyone but me. "He says and begins teasing my slit with his tip. I bite my tongue not to scream and Chris seems to notice it. 
"Babygirl, I know you want to scream. Why are you holding it back?" He asks and slaps my ass. 
"Chris, please. Just slip it on. " I let out, louder than I should have. He smirks and bites my neck, staining it with a purple mark.
"You are freaking mine. Never forget that." He says and grabs my hips. He raises my bum and places his tip in my entrance. With a downward movement of my body, his member is inside me. I moan out and he growls.
"Yours. Fucking yours." I whisper in his ear.
"All mine." He whispers back and bites my earlobe. He moves my hips, slowly, his skin giving a warm feeling to my clit.
"God, you feel so good around me. Tight and wet. You make want to cum. " he says, moving my hips around 
"Cum. Please cum. " I moan, my breath rapid. He thrusts his hips upwards. I close my eyes and prepare myself for my orgasm. Before I feel my high, Chris cums in me, triggering my release. The warm and sticky substance tickles my nerves, throwing me over the edge. 
"Chris. Damn it Chris " I scream, racking my nails on his biceps. He rocks my hips, helping me ride my orgasm. We are both panting messes, with beads of sweat falling on our bodies. 
"Damn. I love you so much ". He whispers, laying us back. 
"I love you too. " I whisper and kiss his chest. He smiles and wraps his arms around my waist, protectively.

Chapter Text

"(Y/N), are you ready to go?" Vinny asks me, grabbing me by my arm. I turn around to look at my boyfriend of 2 years. Vinny.
"But the party just started and I am having such a nice time, talking with the guys. Come on babe..." I whine, running my fingers down Vinny's button down.
"(Y/N), I am tired and I need some sleep..." He groans.
"Fine..." I purr, pecking on his chin.
"Do you guys want to come to our BBQ party tomorrow? We can catch up there, (Y/N). You can invite the other guys too, Vinny. It's going to be fun..." Emerson suggests, in an attempt to make up for tonight. I look at Vinny, almost begging him.
"Whatever, I guess we can go." He says, turning to leave. He drags me with him, due to the fact that he still has his hand on my arm.
I signal to Emerson that I'll call him to confirm and then wave off the rest of the guys. Remington smiles sweetly while waving at me.

I follow Vinny to the car, passing through many drunken people.
"Babe, you realize you were a bit of an asshole towards the guys, right?" I ask Vinny, trying to figure out if something is going on.
"(Y/N), I am tired and I need some sleep. I just got back from a long ass tour. If you want to stay and party with your friends, it's fine by me. I am going home. " Vin snaps at me, making me look at him shocked. I don't say anything; I am not used to Vinny snapping at me and I don't really know how to react.
I get in the car and try to get comfortable in my seat, I an effort to make the car ride more easy on me.
The ride was as I expected it to be; quiet and with tense on the atmosphere.

Once we get in the house, we head straight to our bed, not a word being said. I head to the bathroom to remove my makeup really quick before I nest on the bed.
Vinny is already laying on the bed, his torso naked and his waist covered with the duvet.
I change in front of him, removing my dress slowly and revealing the underwear I had picked for tonight. I can feel his eyes on me, I know that he has missed my body.
I unclasp my bra and let it fall on the floor while I grab his button down. I let my hair flow and shake them from side to side, while I button the bottom buttons of the dress shirt. I get under the duvet and press my body close to him.
Vinny drapes an arm around my waist and kisses my neck.
"Sorry for ruining it for you tonight. I was just tired and you were with Emerson and Remington and I got bored." He whispers in my ear, his fingers drawing circles on my skin.
"You could have come and talked with us and then we could dance together and have fun..."
"I know. I just don't like sharing you... I wanted to be just us tonight..."
"Well, you are not sharing me..."
"You are right... Is there any way I can make it up to you?" He asks, slipping his hand inside my panties. He circles his fingers on my clit, making me bite my lip.
"I don't know Vinny... I mean, you really ruined a fun night..." I moan out, trying to tease him a bit.
He flips me on my back and hovers above me, smirking at me.
"I think that I have a way to make it up to you, babygirl." He says before he leans in to kiss me...


[The next morning]
It's been 2 hours that I am awake and I have started getting ready because Vinny always complains that it takes me too much time to get ready. So, now that I am finally ready, it's time to wake him up and head to the Barbeque party to finally have some fun.
"Vin... Vinny... Wake up, baby... It's time to get up and get ready for the party. "I whisper in his ear while pecking on his neck.
"Let me sleep..." He groans.
"Come on babe... The guys are waiting for us." I whisper.
"What guys?"
"The palaye royale guys. They invited us last night... Get up and start getting ready."
"I don't wanna go. Let's stay in bed..."
"Vinny, when Emerson invited us, you said we will go... You can't back now. " I say, trying to be compassionate.
"I changed my mind. "He says, still laying on the bed.
"Well, we are going. Get up." I say, opening the closet to pick up an outfit.
"I don't want to go and hang out with the guys..."
"Why do you hate them? They are really nice guys and they like you. "
"I don't like that you are so close to them."
"Well, we've been friends for quite a while..."
"Well, maybe more than friends with some of them.." He mumbles as I slip on my jean shorts.
"Come again...?" I ask, my eyebrows knitted together.
"Well, I mean that you and Remington are way too close to be just friends... which makes me think..."
"Think of what?" I ask, turning to look at him, trying to figure out what the fuck he is talking about.
"Well, maybe while I was away, he kept you company or even replaced me." He says, sitting up.
"What the fuck..." I scream, fixing my t-shirt.
"You heard me..."
"You think that I cheated on you? Don't you trust me at all?" I scream, not wanting to believe what he is accusing me of.
"Well, if you saw me, talking with a girl all the time and being so close and her being all over me, what would you think?"
"I am not all over Remington.."
"He is all over you."
"You don't know what you are talking about..."
"I know exactly what I am talking about."
"You clearly don't. I am going to the party, and when I am back, I hope that you have come to your fucking senses." I say, trying to give him some space to realize what he is talking about.

"If you go to the party, don't come back. We are done." He shouts behind me.
"Is that your final word?" I ask, not turning to look at him.
He doesn't reply; to be honest, he didn't need to. I knew that it was over and that I wouldn't want to continue this relationship the moment he accused me of cheating, the only thing he knew that I could never do to anyone.


I decide that I will go to the party and that I will have fun. At least I will try.
I text Remington that I will be there in a few minutes and get in my car, ready to drive towards the house. My mind is buzzing with thoughts of what might follow after today; will Vinny speak his mind to the fans once they find out that we are not together anymore? Will the fans blame me for everything?
Or maybe Vinny will realize that he is wrong and try to make it up...


Without realizing it, I've reached the house and Remington is by the side of my car, waving at me. I smile weakly at him and get out of the car.

"Hey, doll. Are you ok?" He asks me, looking at me worryingly.
"I am fine, don't worry. "I reply, brushing it off.
"Where is Vinny? Is he coming later?" He asks me while walking towards the backward, where the rest of the guys are.
"He is not coming..." I reply, trying to sound as calm as I can.
"Why? Is he sick or something?"
"No. Um, we broke up this morning. Well, I don't know if we actually broke up, but he accused me of cheating and then I told him that I am not and that I am coming in here and that I hoped he will come to his senses until I get back home but he told me not to go back home if I leave our house..." I say and finally break down. I feel the tears that were forming in my eyes fall on my cheeks, I feel my heart pound in my chest and my breath becoming shorter while my head starts hurting from the sudden realization.
"(Y/N), I don't know what to say..." Remington says while hugging me.
"You don't have to say anything. " I say, trying to calm down. Remington rubs my back while keeping me close to his chest. For a while, I just let everything out of my system and Remington does his best comforting me.

"Look, I'd better go. It was stupid of me to come here. I'll ruin everyone's day. Other than that, I have to find a place to stay for a few days, until I find something permanent. Tell the guys I said hi and that I am sorry. " I say, pulling away from his embrace. He takes my hand in his and kisses my knuckles.
"You aren't going anywhere. You will stay at my place until you will find your own place. You can stay for as long as you want, I don't mind. And don't you ever say that you will ruin someone's day. Plus, It will only do you good to be around friends. Come on, let's get you in and fix you up, ok princess?" He asks in a rhetorical tone. I just nod and walk towards the house, determined to have fun with my friends.

(2 Months Later )
It's been weeks since I broke up with Vinny and I am still staying at Remington's place. Vinny handled the whole issue pretty well; not a word to the fans about his allegations and there are even rumors about someone new in his life.
I am not complaining though, I am doing pretty well myself too. I have found a place for myself and I am doing great at work.
After I am done from work, I stop to my favorite pizza place where Remington and I are meeting. I want to thank him for supporting me through this phase and also tell him that he will finally have his place all to himself.

I exit my car and fix my shirt, smiling at the thought of indulging in my favorite pizza. Ever since the real estate agent called me and told me that the house I am looking to rent is available and waiting for my offer, I am excited about everything.

I enter the place and find Remington sitting on the table next to the window; he knows how much I love this spot because I am able to see the outside. I love this place so much, it just has that nice old school vibe that helps me relax.
"Hey, doll..." Remington greets me cheerfully. I smile at him and lean in to kiss his cheek.
"Hey, love. Thank you for coming..." I say as I take my seat.
"No problem. Even though I don't understand why we didn't stay in and order something." He says and smiles at me. I laugh lightly and shrug my shoulders.
"I guess we have something to celebrate." I say and motion for the waiter that we are ready to order.
"What's the special occasion?" He asks, wiggling his eyebrows.
"I'll tell you after we order, I haven't eaten all day and I am starving. " I say before I start building my pizza.

After the waiter leaves our table, Remington looks at me eagerly.
"Fine, I'll tell you.." I say, sighing. He props his body on his elbows and comes closer to me.
"I am all ears."
"Well, you will finally have your place all to yourself, cause I've found an apartment. "I say cheerfully.

Remington's face drops.
"What's the matter? Aren't you excited that I will be finally leaving you alone?"I ask, running my thumb over his knuckles. I don't like seeing him sad or upset, especially when I am excited about something.
"Well, maybe I don't want you to leave me alone... Maybe I like having you around. Maybe..." He stops and looks at his lap, biting his lip.
"Maybe what?" I ask, trying to figure out what's going on.

"Maybe Vinny was right for worrying about me..." He says, shrugging his shoulders.
"Come again?" I ask, puzzled.
"Maybe Vinny was right about thinking that I could be more than a friend to you. I like you (Y/N). I've liked you ever since we met. I like every single detail about you; from your messy hair to your odd sense of humor. I've liked you before Vinny even noticed you. And living with you for the past 2 months only made me fall more for you. Vinny was so stupid for ever letting you go. I was a coward to tell you before you got together with Vinny, and I was too scared that if I told you right after you broke up with him about my feelings towards you, I would scare you and push you away. " He says, leaving me shocked.
"Why didn't you tell me earlier?" I ask, processing what he just said.
"I didn't want to lose you. Being close to you, even as a friend was important to me. "
"Well, if you had told me earlier, maybe we wouldn't have to go through all of that."
"What would have changed?"
"Well, I could have told you how I felt for you from the beginning."
"I know how you felt for me. You saw me as a friend, it was clear."
"That's where you are wrong. I have had feelings for you but I thought you didn't so I got together with Vinny and suppressed them. "
"You had feelings for me?" He asks surprised. I just nod and bite my lip.
"I am such an idiot..." He sighs and brings his face to his palms. I laugh as the waiter brings our order.
"Is he OK?" The waiter asks concerned.
"Yeah yeah, I am fine. Just, the girl of my dreams had feelings for me all along and I didn't know cause I was such an idiot to let her to someone else..." Remington replies exasperatedly.
"Oook..." The waiter says confused and a bit weirded out. I laugh at Remington and grab my first slice, taking a bite of my food.
"(Y/N), seriously, don't move out. I don't want you to move out of my place. Maybe we can give us a try... "
"I don't know... Really I don't know... What if we won't make this work?" I ask and motion between him and me.
"We can at least try... We both have feelings. And if it doesn't work, we will at least have it out of our systems... We won't continue our lives wondering how it would be if we tried. "

"Well, I have to move out, at least for now. But we can try. I want us to try..." I say and smile at him. He smiles back and takes my hand in his before he kisses the top of it.
"I can live with that. " He says, smiling from ear to ear.
"What about we go on our first date tonight? Let's leave this place and go on our first official date..." He says cheerfully.
"What kind of date?"I ask, giggling.
"Nap date..." He replies before he calls the waiter over.

Chapter Text



I am awakened by my phone ringing, signaling that someone is calling me. I groan and grab it from the bedside table. I check the time: It's 4 A.M. so I assume it is important. I rub my eyes and blink a few times before I check on the caller's I.D.: it's (Y/N). I smile, she has already made my day better.

"Hello, beautiful." I say once I pick up

"Luke? Did I wake you up?" She asks

"Yeah, but it's you, so it's ok." I say 

"I am so sorry. Go back to sleep." She says

"Wait, no. Tell me. It's not like you to call me this early in the morning." I say

"Luke. I need your help." She sighs out

"What is it?"

"There is a flood in my apartment. And I need your help"

"Holy shit. Are you okay?" I ask her, a bit panicked

"Yeah, but my place is not." She sighs again

"Hold on, I'll be there in 5."

"No, go back to sleep. I'll be fine." She whines

"Nope. I love you, see you in 5." I say and hang up before she can protest. I quickly get up from the bed and slip into a pair of basketball shorts, a tank-top and a pair of converse. I grab my house and car keys and within seconds I've left my house. I hop in my car and begin driving as fast as I can; I made an 8-minute drive into 3. Damn, I've even passed 2 red lights, but she needs me.

Once I reach her apartment, I park and storm out of my car. I head to her floor and find her door open. I step in and find talking with a guy

"Hey love." I say, wrapping an arm around her and kissing her neck.

"Hi babe. Thanks for coming over this late." She says, turns her head and gives me a peck on the jawline.

"Look ma'am. The leakage is serious. We are going to need approximately a week to fix it, if we begin tomorrow morning"

"Oh..Yeah, ok, fine. Thank you."

"I suggest that you find a place to stay immediately."The guy says before he leaves to go to the next room. She turns around and kisses my lops deeply and passionately. I smirk and kiss her back, wrapping my arms tighter around her. We part away, after what felt like seconds but it was two good minutes to catch our breaths. Time flies quickly with that girl.

"What was that for?" I ask her. She simply shrugs her shoulders

"Do we need a reason to kiss each other?" She asks me


"See? Now can you drive me to a hotel?" She asks

"Hotel? No way. You are staying with me."

"Luke,no. It is a long time and I don't want to be a burden." She says in a serious tone

"I don't even care for how long you are going to stay. And you are not a burden, you are my beloved girlfriend." I say and she sighs

"Oh, come on (Y/N), we are together for over a year. We should try living together." I say and hug her


I wake up early in the morning. Even though I haven't slept for many hours because I was looking at (Y/N), the feeling of having her in my arms fills me with all the energy in the world. I smile and get up from the bed as quietly as I can. She is so beautiful when she sleeps, I can stare at her for hours. I exit the bedroom and head to the kitchen to prepare some breakfast.

[Y/N'S POV] 

I wake up from the smell of fresh coffee. I open my eyes and see Luke sitting next to me with a tray on his lap.

"Good morning princess." He says smiling

"Good morning. What is all of that?" I ask him

"Well, I woke up early and had nothing else to do, so I made some breakfast. But due to my lack of knowledge, I ended up doing only these." He says, pointing to the coffee and omelets

"These are purely perfect. Thank you." I say and kiss his cheek.

"I promise to learn how to make a decent breakfast." He says and I laugh

"You don't have to." I say as I take the first bite of my omelet. He kisses the top of my hand and I 'Awww' inside my head

"I want to." He answers

"So, what time are you leaving for band practice?" I ask him and take a sip from my coffee.

"I am not going today." He states.

"What? Why?" I ask him concerned

"I want to spend some time with you." He says.

"Luke, no. I want you to go. You have fun when you play the drums." I say

"But I have more fun when I am with you." He whines and pouts. I chuckle

"Luke. You have to go. I have to go to work too." I say and kiss his lips softly

"Ugh, fine." He says and pouts, crossing his arms in front of his chest

"You are such a baby." I say and kiss him again.


I am sitting on the couch, waiting for Tony to come so we can begin our practice. Zack is sitting next to me and I am telling him the events of last night

"Dude, you have to be careful." He says once I am done talking

"What do you mean?" I ask him

"She might think that you are going to get more serious"

"Yeah, I don't really care"

"Wow. What has she done to you? You are not yourself anymore." He says and pats my shoulder. What the fuck does he mean? Sure, (Y/N) has changed me. But has she changed me that much?


I am standing in the kitchen, preparing my special chicken with pasta and red sauce. I want to thank Luke for letting me crash his house. I know he is coming back in a few minutes so I begin making the table. I found some nice plates and bought some flowers on my way back. I am going to lit some candles just to create a romantic atmosphere. I've also bought a sexy pair of lingerie to fully please him. I check on the food one last time and go get ready. I remove my clothes and get in the shower to wash my body really quickly. This 2-minute shower was truly refreshing. I get out of the cabin and wrap a towel around me. I head to the bedroom and pick the bag. I slip in my underwear and wear a romp over them. I release my hair from my bun. I spray some perfume, wear a nice pair of high-heels and renew my lipstick. All ready... Now I only have to wait for Luke.


I am in a bar, God knows where, downing drink after drink, trying to get my shit together. I know it is not the best way to, but I can't find a better way right now. I motion for the barman to make me another drink. This is not who I am; I don't do romantic stuff, I don't put people over my band, and I clearly don't get attached. I used to have some hookups, but a relationship like this, is clearly far from who I was.

"Luke? Is that you?" I hear someone say from behind me. I turn around and see Tanya, one of the girls I used to 'booty call'. She is the typical band whore: bleach blonde hair, fake tan and the shortest clothes possible.

"Hi Tanya. It's good to see you again. Come here. Let me buy you a drink." I say and motion for her to sit on the stool next to me. She climbs up and orders her drink.

"It's been a long time since we last met. Over a year. Tell me your news." She says, sitting in a way that reveals ¾ of her boobs. I begin talking and drinking. Before I've finished, she interrupts me

"Why don't we go to my place and remember the good old days?" She asks me

"Tanya, I told you I have a girlfriend!" I say in my drunken state

"Shshsh, she doesn't have to know. And she is not here now that you need her, now that you are upset." She says back. I think about it for a while: she is right and I need to get my old self back.

[Y/N'S POV] 

It's already 5 A.M. The food is cold by now and the candles are already half burned. I try really hard to keep my eyes open. I am worried about Luke. I've tried to call him but he hasn't answered it. It's not like him to act this way. I have already changed into my jogger pants and a t-shirt. My head hurts and I am tired: I haven't eaten, I haven't slept and I've been working for 8 straight hours. The door flies open and I get up, heading to the front door. I see Luke, looking like a mess: he is clearly drunk and it's a wonder how he managed to reach his house.

"Luke? Oh My God. What the? How did you end up like that?" I ask him. He collapses his body on mine and I try really hard not to fall down.

"You are really pretty tonight." He says in a slumber state

"Yeah, ok. Save that for tomorrow. Now let's get you to bed." I say but he refuses to follow my lead.

"Come on Luke. Don't make this any harder for me."

"No, I don't want to..." He whines and pouts. I shake my head and carry him to his bed. He lays there and I chuckle. He is such a baby. I begin undressing him and notice some scratches on his biceps: he must have been playing with a dog. I know him, he is the ultimate dog person. But there are a few purple mars on his neck: he wasn't playing with a dog, but with a bitch.


I wake up, my head spinning. I look for (Y/N) in the room, but she is not in here. I groan and stand up, sliding my feet on the floor. I walk in the living room and find her on the couch, with a mug of coffee in her hands.

"Good morning beautiful." I greet her. She looks at me coldly and gets up.

"With who were you last night?" She asks me. I stay speechless

"No one." I stutter out

"Oh, please. And who gave you that hickeys if you were with no one." She asks. She looks tired; of me, of my shit, of my lies. I've messed this up.

"(Y/N), I am so sorry. It meant nothing, I swear. I say; it's the truth. I regretted it the moment I did it."

"Save it." She says, grabs her purse and storms out of the house


I lay on the couch, zapping through channels. Nothing is interesting now that she is gone. I've skipped band practice, I haven't eaten, haven't slept. Nothing matters. The doorbell rings and I jump up, hoping that she might have changed her mind. My smile drops once I open the door and see Telle behind it.

"Where the fuck are you?" He asks me


"Yeah, I can see that. What I ask you is why you are not at band practice?" He asks. I plop on the couch and bring my hands on my face, releasing a sigh

"She left me." I say.

"(Y/N)?Why? You were so in love with each other that it made us all sick."

"I messed it up." I say and he hits the back of my head

"What did you do, you idiot?"

"I panicked"

"The whole story Luke. She wouldn't have left you if you had just panicked."

"I slept with Tanya"

"You did what?"

"I know, I know."

"Are you fucked up Luke? She is one of the best things that ever happened to you, she made you a better person. Before her, you couldn't even be responsible for the slightest thing. And you kicked that away?"

-I panicked."

-Cut the crap on me. And what are you doing to take her back?"

-What can I do?"

-Get up. Wash up. Go find her and pour your heart out. Beg her. If you are lucky enough, she is going to get your fucked-up ass back."


I enter the office she works at, trying to find where she is. I track her down and walk towards her

"Hi." I say and she looks at me

"Hey." She answers coldly but gives me a smile.

"(Y/N), can we talk?" I ask her

"Sure, take a seat." She says and looks in her papers

"I am sorry."

"You don't seem to be."

"No, I truly am."

"Why Luke?"

"I panicked. It's my longest affair. And I have never felt like this before."

"And you thought that you should destroy us?"

"No. I wasn't thinking clearly."

"Why did you panic?"

"I thought that you'd ask me to marry you or want to take our relationship to the next level."

"You think I am not scared too? It's my most serious relationship, I don't think of a wedding, it's too soon for that shit."

"Most women do though."

"What else do I have to do to prove you that I am not like most women?"

"You are right. Please forgive me."

"Please don't do it again. Ok?" She says and gets up from her chair to hug me. I hug her back, so tight that I think her bones broke 

"I won't. I swear. I have everything I need."

"Hope so."

"(Y/N), what about you take the day off? I need to take you out."

"I can't. I have to work. You can wait for me in here." She says. I grab her face and kiss her deeply. I've missed her lips. I kiss her like there is no tomorrow, like I try to mend our wounds.

"Let me see what I can do about that day off." She says once we part away. I kiss her again. I only need her

Chapter Text


"So, tell me your news." My best friend says once we take our coffees and head to the booth. I simply sigh.

"What's wrong?" She asks

"Elliott." I say

"What's wrong with my cupcake?" She asks.She was the one that hooked us up, so she sees our relationship as her child.

"He doesn't have time for me, nor my... needs." I sigh

"Define 'needs'."

"We only use our bed for sleep." I say and she chuckles

"Not even missionary?" She asks surprised.

"Not even that." I say

"My whole body is aching for him."     I whine

"Talk to him."      She suggests

"That's what I am planning on doing."    I say and sip on my coffee.


"Fuck this shit." I yell frustrated. I don't know why, but no matter how hard I practice, I can't get those riffs right

"Elliott, relax dude." Beau says

"I don't know why I can't get them right." I yell, at particularly no one

"Go home, relax, sleep. Eventually, you will." Eric says. They are right; I need to go home and practice harder.

Once I get back home, I go straight to our bedroom to change into more comfortable clothes; pyjamas' shorts and a tank-top. I decide to do something to keep myself awake until he comes home from practice so that I can talk to him. I walk to the kitchen and grab a bottle of berries iced-tea from the fridge. I plop myself on the couch and open the T.V.

20 minutes later, the door bursts open and an angry Elliott appears in front of me.

"Hey, babe. What's wrong?" I ask, standing up to kiss him, but he snaps his head away.

"I don't have the time for this." He says

"Like always." I say sarcastically.

"(Y/N), I don't have the fucking time to argue." He growls at me

"Too late." I yell.

"What the fuck do you want (Y/N)? Don't you see that I don't have the fucking time? I need to fucking practise damn it."

"We haven't had quality time together for the past 3 weeks. not to mention our sexual activity. I miss you, I need you. But you clearly don't care about me at all. What is going on? Why is this shit happening?" I ask calmly

"Because I fucking work." He screams at me and I back away, shocked.

"I am sorry. I am just stressful. I am totally fucked up right now. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have yelled at you." He says and embraces me. I rest me head on his chest.

"Elliott, I know a way to take your stress away." I say, biting my lip.

"Please tell me. I need it." He sighs.

I simply kiss his lips. He grabs my waist and pushes me against the wall. We kiss greedily; our tongues dancing together in perfect sync. I've missed his lips so much; I've missed their softness, I've missed his warm breath, the way his tongue explores my mouth. He grabs my bum and squeezes it. I moan and he sucks on my bottom lip

"Let's do it on the table." I say against his soft lips.

"Nasty girl. Jump." He commands and I jump, wrapping my legs around his torso. He carries me to the table, whilst he sucks on the skin of my neck.-I've missed you. I fucking need you so much. I say in my husky voice. I grab the hem of his t-shirt and raise it above his head. He does the same for my tank top.

"No bra. Just the way I like it." He says against my chest. He takes my nipple in his mouth, sucking and biting on it, making it rougher than ever before. He massages my other breast and runs his fingers across my nipple, creating goosebumps with his touch.

"Just fuck me already." I moan. He removes his lips from my breast and kisses me. He lays me on the table and removes my shorts and panties with one fast move. He pulls his down too and climbs on top of me. He brings his member in front of my entrance.

"Are you ready babe?" He asks. I nod and he slowly pushes himself into me. He pumps slowly, giving me time to adjust. He is big, the biggest I've had. His shaft fulfills my pussy and I whimper in pain and pleasure. He grabs my hips harder.

"Damn, so tight, so wet, so amazing." He groans. He puts my legs over his shoulders to go deeper. His thrusts are fast, deep but calm at the same time. I am a moaning mess underneath him.

"Oh yes Elliott. Right there." I moan, once he finds my spot.

"You like that you little whore?" He growls. He knows that dirty talking is my biggest turn on.

"Oh yes. Oh my God, I am in heaven." I scream as he continues on hitting my g-spot.

"Scream my fucking name. I want the neighbors to know who makes you feel so good." He whispers thrusting into me harder and spanking my ass

"Elliott." I scream

"Louder." He says and spanks me again, this time harder.

"ELLIOTT," I scream at the top of my lungs. He thrusts harder and deeper. I feel the knot in my stomach about to snap. I know that he is close to his high too, cause every thrust becomes sloppier.

"Elliott. SO. FUCKING. CLOSE." I groan. he kisses my lips softly, his grip on hips tightening

"Me too. On 3?" He says and I nod

"1." He thrusts into me hard.

"2." He pumps into me and hits my spot. I am trying really hard to hold back my orgasm.

"3." He says and with one more powerful thrust, we both release our loads.

He climbs off me and lays next to me on the hard wooden table. He brings me closer to his chest and kisses the top of my head. I begin tracing words and shapes on his bare chest with my fingertip.

"I am sorry I yelled at you." You are the only one that wasn't to blame. I just.. You were the easy target. He says tracing arrows on my back.

"It's ok. Just tell me what happened. You know that I am always here for you." I say looking into his eyes.

"I am a loser. No matter how hard I try, I can't get the riffs of the new song right." He says. I grab his chin and peck on his lips

"You are not a loser. Would I date a loser?" I ask, pecking on his lips again.

"I guess no." He says and hugs me tighter.

"Come on. You go practice til you can't get it wrong and I'll make you dinner. And when you get it right. I'll serve you your dessert." I say winking.

"You are the best. I love you." He says. Then he kisses me and leaves the room to go practice

Let's just say that he got the song right this time.

Chapter Text


"Ma'am, we are here. Do you need help with the baby? "The cab driver asks me as she parks in front of the venue. 
"No, I think I can handle it. Keep the changes... " I say and give her a bill. She gives me a smile and I hold tighter the baby who is sleeping peacefully. I grip on the baby sling and adjust the bag while I drag my suitcase. The sun is up above me, making my walking difficult. But I have to reach their bus before Katelynn wakes up, and truly time is not on my side. I stare at my daughter: she reminds me of Brandon so much, with her curly dark hair and big brown eyes... She is perfect, especially when she sleeps.

As I walk towards the guards, I see Derek, their manager. He is the only one who knows that I am visiting the guys. 
"Hey, doll! How was your flight? "He asks me, approaching me. I smile at him and he grabs my bags and suitcase. 
"Thank you. It was nice and Katelynn was sleeping the whole time. "I say walking next to him. 
"That's good. Are you excited to see him? "He asks me. 
"Hell yeah. I've missed him. And Katelynn misses him too. You can't even imagine how hard it was for me to keep it a secret from him that we are coming? Way too hard. "I say and we laugh. 
"He misses you guys too. He is always showing us the pictures you send him and he is so proud. "
"All of the pictures? "I joke. 
"You never stop, do you? "He asks with a laugh. I laugh too and then he stops walking. I notice the bus, with the band's name and logo on the side. 
"We are here. Go in and I'll bring your bags. "He says and opens the door. I smile and climb up the stairs. I can smell liquor and tobacco but I actually don't mind. 
"Derek, can you bring me a Redbull? "I hear David from the back lounge. I smile and tiptoe to the back of the bus, holding Katelynn close to my chest. I open the door and find the guys playing on Xbox. 
"I am not Derek and I don't know where you keep your beverages. So, sorry but I can't help you. "I say, making everyone turn to see me. 
"Oh, My God... What are you doing in here? "Brandon asks as he jumps up from the couch. Everyone stands up and I giggle as Brandon pecks on my lips. 
"We've missed you and I thought that we should surprise you. "I say as he picks Katelynn from the baby sling. She yawns sleepily as she opens her eyes. 
"Dada. "She bubbles excitedly as she sees her dad for the first time in 6 weeks. 
"Baby girl. "He says, pecking on her chubby cheeks. He holds her tightly on his chest and she giggles as he spins her around. 
"How was your flight? "David, my brother asks me. 
"It was good. You know, it wasn't that far and for her first time on a plane, she did quite well. "I say as he hugs me firmly. 
I watch everyone play with Katelynn: everyone adores her and she always gets excited when they are around. 
"How is my baby girl doing? "Brandon asks as he flops on the couch and drags me to lay my head on his chest. I put my legs on his lap and he plays with my hair, stroking and twisting them. 
"I thought Katelynn is your baby girl. "I say and he chuckles. 
"Is that a complaint? "He asks, pecking on the top of my head. 
"Nah. I am good. I've missed you a lot. "I say and peck on his lips. 
"I've missed you too. And I was just thinking that we could leave Katelynn with the guys tonight and go out, just the two of us. Go for a dinner, a drink and then for a walk. Or do whatever you want. I just want to spend some time with you. "He says, holding my chin up. I smile and he kisses me softly, making my heart pound with excitement.

"Guys, I don't want to ruin the moment but you might want to check this out... " we hear Benn say. I snap my head and see Kate, supporting herself on the couch and taking her first steps on her own. 
"Uncle Teddy. "She shouts, giggling as she walks towards Brent. 
"Kate, it's Taddie, not Teddy. "I scold her. 
"Leave her alone. As far as I am concerned, I am uncle Teddy... "he says, a big smile on his face. David is recording it on his phone and everyone is calling Kate to go to them. She looks at them and giggles. 
"Daddy. "She bubbles and moves her feet towards Brandon, who catches her and raises her above his head. Katelynn giggles again and stretches her hands towards me.

Chapter Text

"Hey, babe. How was work today?" I hear Ben's voice as soon as I enter the house. I close the door and kick off my high heels.

"Fucking exhausting," I say, walking to him on the couch. He puts his hands on my hips and pulls me onto his lap.

"How about you go change into something more comfortable and we have a lazy afternoon, love?" He asks, pecking on my stomach, just above my belly button. I just nod and he smiles at me.

"I'll be back in 5," I say, pulling away from his embrace

Ben is really caring. Most of the time, he really gets what I am going through. He is such a sweet boyfriend despite what people are projecting him to be. Most of his fans really like me and I get so many positive messages from them that make the hate I am sometimes receiving seem so little. 

All I really need right now is to change into some sweatshorts and a tank-top and relax; just be on my phone for an hour and maybe then kill time with Ben.

I quickly sleep in my shorts and one of Ben loose tank-tops, ditching my bra and setting the girls free. I am sure Ben will actually appreciate it. I decide on going barefoot and pull my hair in a bun.

"(Y/N), are you coming or what?" He shouts from the living room

"I am coming. Stop being a bitch! " I shout back, pulling my phone out of my bag.

"Babe, I have some tweets from fans to reply to. Do you mind if I do it for the next hour? And then I swear to God, I am not touching my phone for the next of the night." He says as I plop my body on the couch.

"Not at all. I want to just be on my phone for an hour or so, so it's fine by me." I say, placing my feet on his lap. He smirks and grabs his phone. I decide to follow his lead and reply to some tweets too.

The process takes about 30 minutes seeing that I am fast at typing and today I didn't have many tweets to reply to. I open my Snapchat and switch my finger to the chat section. I see 20 messages, a few from my friends, but mostly from Ben's fans. Last night I took a snap of Ben sleeping and applied the flower crown, so it gained the attention of his fans.

I laugh at some replies and decide to update my story with today's filters. My favorite one is available again today, the one with the cute, innocent bunny that turns monstrous as soon as you open your mouth. I take my sweetest expression in the beginning of the video but towards the end I open my mouth. The screaming sound seems to draw Ben's attention to me.

"What the fuck are you doing? What was that sound? Why is your mouth wide open? What the hell is wrong with you?" Ben asks confused. Unfortunately, the beginning of it was caught on the video I published.

"Sn... Snapchatting..." I stutter blushing.

"What?" He asks, even more confused.

"Updating my story on Snapchat."

"What in the bloody hell is Snapchat?'

"It's an app like Instagram, but you upload pictures that are only visible for 24 hours." I say.

"And why is you face like that?"

"It was a filter. Here, try it out." I say, passing him the phone

"How?" He asks, tapping on the screen.

"Bring the phone in front of your face, like when you are taking a selfie and then long press on it. The filters are going to appear on the bottom." I instruct him. He looks lost in the beginning but seems to find the way in the end.

"Holy shit. There are so many.." He announces, flicking his finger across the screen.

15 minutes later, he is still on snapchat.

"Hey babe... Can you set it up in my phone too?"He asks, sticking his tongue out. From the sound, it is obvious that he is using the puppy filter. I sigh and grab his phone.

5 minutes later the app is installed and the account is all set. He is still on my phone though, giggling like a school girl. I can't help but take a snap of him. I try not to laugh and drag his attention while I upload his picture on his Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter with the caption:

'By popular demand, Ben Bruce is now on SnapChat. Add him: benbruce1. ~(Y/N)'  (A/N: that's his real Snapchat) 

I make sure that I embarrass my boyfriend in every social media.

"(Y/N), you are dead... I swear to God." Is all he says before I begin laughing.

Chapter Text


"I am going to make something quick to eat. Is mac and cheese ok?" Jack asks as we enter our house. I wheel myself towards the couch, standing up just to go from my wheelchair to the soft white couch, to the spot across the large window. 

"Jack, we need to talk. Can you please come sit with me? " I ask, patting the spot next to me. 
"What is it, love?" He asks me, sitting on the couch carefully. 
"Jack, that was the 12th doctor. The 12th doctor we went and he couldn't pinpoint exactly what I have. Even I got tired of this. I can't imagine how hard it is to you; with touring and recording having to take care of a sick person almost all the time, it must be exhausting. You don't deserve any of it." I say, taking his hand in mine. I trace his veins with my fingertips, his skin almost soothing me as I feel it. 
"Princess, what are you trying to say?" He asks me, his eyebrows knitted. 
"I am trying to say that maybe we will be better off if we break up. You should be able to live your life the way you want. You should be able to travel, go to places you want, go to bars and clubs and parties, have sex whenever you want without worrying about hurting me. Jack, you deserve something better than what I can offer you." 
"(Y/N), stop. You don't know what you are talking about. I am not going to leave you because of the sex, or because we can't do what I used to do as frequently as we used to do before. Because I don't want to anymore. We don't need those to have fun anymore. Because you and I have our own rules and our own kind of relationship. And trust me, there is no one better for me than you. You make me laugh, you put a smile on my face every day, you give me the strength to go on. If this theory about people having only one, true match, is legit, I am not going to waste my one true pair, just because my pair happens to be sick. You are more than just your sickness. I love you (Y/N). And I don't care what this is that you have, I am going to stay with you until the end. I am with you until the end of the line, pal." He says, kissing my knuckles. 
I nod in loss of words. I feel my eyes watery, ready to burst into tears. 
"I am going to make some mac and cheese and pretend this conversation never happened, ok? " He asks me, standing up. I nod again and he leans forward to kiss my forehead. 
"Jack..." I say as he walks towards the kitchen. He turns around to look at me. 
"What is it, dove?" He asks. 
"I love you so much...."I say, giving him my most charming smile. 
"I know, dove. I love you too." He replies smiling before he turns to go back to the kitchen. 

Chapter Text

(Will's POV) 

I watch her sleep peacefully next to me; her eyes shut and her body curled, her back facing me. 
Even this has changed; she used to sleep on top of me, use my chest as a pillow. I used to hold her in my arms, keeping her safe, feeling her skin on mine. 
Now she flinches under my touch, even the slightest graze of my fingertips on her silk-like skin makes her jump. 
We don't even do stuff together, not even watch a movie together, not going grocery shopping together, we don't even eat together. 
I am lucky if I get a 'good morning' or a 'how was your day ' every other day. 
I just don't know what I've done wrong.

I don't even know if I did something wrong. 
All I know is that things aren't the same and that I wish they were because the woman sleeping next to me is not her true self. 

After a few more hours, I finally got some sleep. When I opened my eyes, (Y/N) wasn't there, next to me nor even in the house. 
All I found was a plate of french toasts and some coffee in the coffee pot. 

On my way to band practice, I pass by her work. I tempt to either enter the place for a quick hello or go on on my way to get my frustration on something creative. 
I decide on getting straight to the studio.
Without even realizing it, I am seated behind my drum kit, fixing the drums and monitoring the sound. It's something I do almost automatically, my hand not needing the eye confirmation to make everything as they are supposed to be. 
Chrissy fixes her microphone and warms up her voice, preparing it for the upcoming rehearsal of our new cover. 
Dan is still not here, leaving Chrissy and me with spare time. 
"Ok, what's wrong with you?" I ask back, chuckling. 
"Will, I am serious!"   
"I thought you were Chrissy..." 
"Will, I swear to God, enough with the dad jokes, open up. We are in a band, we are a group. I care about you. You can always tell me what bothers you." 
"It's nothing, really." I sigh. 
"So, it's something. Tell me. By sharing it, it's going to get lighter..." 
"Fine. I guess (Y/N) is not in love with me anymore..." 
"What? How did you get that?" 
"She's been distant lately. She doesn't even talk to me anymore..." 
"She hasn't told you yet, has she?" 
"Tell me what?"
"She's been receiving so much hate lately. I saw her Instagram comments the other day and I texted her to see how she is coping with it and she told me that she is fine. Maybe that's what bothers her and she is becoming distant. I don't know. Talk to her and don't jump to conclusions..." Chrissy says, shrugging her shoulders. 

I stay with my mouth wide open. Who could hate on (Y/N)? Seriously she is the sweetest creature ever and she is always so polite to the fans. 
I grab my phone and open my Instagram app, ready to check her account. I open a picture from 2 weeks ago and scroll through the comments. My eyes catch some comments saying that she doesn't deserve me, others insulting her job and the most extremes wishing her death and threatening her. 
"Chrissy, I have to go. Let's cancel it for today." I say, exiting the booth. I grab my jacket as Chrissy mumbles something about her being the only professional in the band. 

I drive to her work like a maniac, caring more to get to my girl and show her that I love her no matter what other people say than running in the normal speed. 
I park the car right outside the shop she is working, leaving the car parked completely randomly. 
I walk in, finding her in her usual spot, working on some papers. I run up to her, taking her wrist in my hand. I drag her softly behind me, taking her somewhere a bit more secluded. 

"Will, what the fuck? I am working in here.."  She protests. I just hug her, putting her head on my chest. 
"Why didn't you tell me?" I ask soothingly.
"Tell you what? " 
"That you are getting hate by fans online."
"How did you find out? " She asks, her voice low. I can tell she feels embarrassed, but she has no reason to.
"It wasn't that hand..." 
"Chrissy told you, didn't she?" 
"Yeah, but I should have seen it earlier myself."
"Will, it's not your fault..."
"No, it is. Nobody can treat you like that. And nobody will ever try hurting you like that, ever again." 
"Will, really it's ok." 
"No, it is not OK. It gets you down."
"Well, it's not your problem..." 
"It is my problem (Y/N). Because those people made you distant and sad. And I don't want my girl to feel like that..." 
"I a still your girl? "She asks me surprised. 
"Of course baby. You are always going to be my girl, no matter what others say." I assure her and she smiles. 
"I am sorry I was cold and distant.. I just thought that If I told you, you would think they are probably right. And I didn't know what to do. I panicked and..." She begins apologizing, talking fast and breathlessly. I stop her by hugging her tightly and bringing her head to my shoulder. 
"It's ok babygirl. You don't need to apologize for anything. I would probably act the same. I just want you to tell me, if it happens again, ok?"
"I will. I just don't know what to do to make it stop now."
"For now, you are going to take some time off socials. Log off everything, ok? And then, I am going to talk with the management and see how we should handle it. Oh, and take a day off to finally spend some time with your boyfriend..." 
"Will.... " She mumbles but I shush her. 
"Like, right now... You have 5 minutes, babygirl..." I say sternly, as I check the time on my watch.  
"Or else?"
"Or else I am going to kidnap you... Move, babe." I command and slap her butt playfully.  


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"Baby girl, are you awake? "I hear a whisper and a warm breath on my ear. I open my eyes, groaning. I feel a pair of arms around my waist and all I see is a tattooed chest. 
"Cam, let me fucking sleep... I had a 6-hour flight to come here... "I groan and bury my head deeper into his chest. 
"You've been sleeping for 12 hours straight babe... you have to eat. Plus, I need you on the show with me today. "He says, tracing the tattoo on my ribs. 
"Why? Can't I just sleep all day long? "I ask and hear him chuckle. 
"Is it too bad that I want my girlfriend with me? "He asks and I grunt. 
"Fine, I am up. Your show's better worth it. "I say and I sit up. 
"Babe, we are on Warped. Every show here is Worthing it. "He says and climbs out of the bank.

(3 Hours Later)
I am staying backstage with the guys, waiting for their show to begin. I see them whispering and snickering while the enjoy their energy drinks. 
"Y/N, I want you side stage today. "Cam says, pecking on my lips repeatedly 
"OK. I love seeing you guys perform from side stage. "I say. My phone rings, signaling that I have a call. 
"Let me answer it really quick and I'll find you guys. "I say as they leave to get on stage. I grab my phone from my pocket and see that my best friend is calling me. 
"Hey, girl, what's up.? "I ask once I accept her call. 
"Happy 3 year anniversary! How are you guys going to celebrate it? "She asks, with excitement in her voice. 
"I don't know. We haven't talked about it yet. I mean, since I came, it's the first time I got out. I was sleeping all day long. To be blunt, I don't even think he remembered it. "I say and she sighs. 
"Never mind, it isn't that important... I gotta go. I am sitting side stage during their concert. I'll call you later. "I say and hang up.

I jog side stage and I can hear the crowd screaming and cheering.

The guys are truly enjoying it. The crowd screams the lyrics and jumps to the beat of the music. It's insane how everyone is having the time of their lives, despite the heat. 
"OK, OK guys! Can you be quiet for a while? Cam has something important to ask. "Denis announces to the mic. Cameron scratches his head and smiles awkwardly. 
"As many of you know, I am in a really happy relationship. Some of you like my girlfriend, some of you don't. All I know is, this girl over there, standing side stage, makes me happy. For the past 3 years, I've been calm and living the best of my life. And I am glad I got to share it with her. I have one question for her.... "he says and leaves his guitar to a technician. The crowd cheers for him and I watch him getting closer to me. I am in tears but smiling so big, my face gets numb. He grabs my hand and drags me on the stage. I look around and see the guys laugh and smile at us. 
"(Y/N), I want you to know that I've never loved anyone the way I love you. I want to make you happy. I want to wake up next to you and I want to have Judas with you and I want to adopt so many dogs with you, we are going to drown in a sea of dogs. I know that you thought I forgot about our anniversary but I really didn't. I've been planning this for such a long time that the guys were making fun of me. I want you to marry me. "He says and kneels down. My hands fly to my mouth as he reveals the simplest, yet most beautiful ring I've ever laid my eyes on. 
"Oh my fucking god... of course I will. "I say and he hugs me. Everyone cheers, as Cameron, kisses me and picks me up, spinning me around. 
"God, I love you so fucking much... "he whispers on my lips as he places me on my feet.

Chapter Text


[Y/N's POV]
I am dancing and singing along to every song Crown The Empire plays. I am so pumped to be in here: after saving money from my part time job, I could finally afford tickets and meet & greet pass to meet my favorite band. The crowd goes insane and everyone has a really great time. It is insane how people who have never met each other is bonding through music, even for just the 3 hours a concert lasts. 
"You were an amazing crowd tonight. Thank you. You guys fucking rule." Dave screams in the mic and the crowd goes insane. A security guard informs us where we should go for the meet and greet. Thankfully I am close to the exit, so I am one of the first people in line. While waiting impatiently for the guards to open the door, I feel someone bump onto me and knock me off my feet.
"Ouch ..." I whine in pain.
"Shit" the person that bumped into me whispers under his breath.
"Are you alright.?" The person that hit me asks, concerned.
"Yeah, I am good. How about you?" I ask. I turn to see them and I meet a dirty blond guy with bright eyes. He looks familiar.
"I am fine... wait. (Y/N), is that you?" He asks me and I nod.
"It's me, but mind reminding me who you are?" I ask him.
"It's Danny .. Danny Suede, your old classmate ..." he says and smiles.
"Oh my god.. wow, you have changed a lot..." I say, not knowing what else to say. 
"You too. What are you doing in here?" He asks.
"I am here to meet crown the empire. What are you doing here?" I ask with the same curiosity while taking in his features.
"I am their photographer." He proudly says.
"Holly shit, that's amazing. You achieved your dream. I am so proud of you." I say and hug him. He hugs me back, crashing my body in his strong arms.
"Thanks. What about you? How are you doing?" He asks but before I can answer, the door opens. The people behind me go crazy.
"Bro, we are waiting for you to begin... where ... Oh, I see why you are late." Benn says. I look at him and he smiles. 
"Benn, that's (Y/N), an old classmate of mine. (Y/N), remember my brother, Bennet? " 
"Holy mother of God. Benn Suede is your brother..."
"Really, the last name didn't ring any bells?" Benn teases me.
"I thought your last name was Vogelman..." I protest and they laugh.
"Jesus .. we sent you to call Danny and now you are flirting too?" Hayden says as he comes to the door.
"I am not flirting ... Danny, get in so we can begin." Benn drags him in. I wave at Danny and he smiles apologetically at me.

5 minutes later, the security guard opens the door and I get in. I greet all the guys and Danny snaps the photos. We chat for a while and when I am about to leave, Danny motions me to go to him. 
"Hey, I was wondering if you would like to hang out with me and the guys after we are done in here. We are going to a bar or something. We could chat there if you'd like..." He says, fumbling with his fingers. I smile and nod.
"I'd love to. Do you want me to wait outside?" I ask him.
"No, something might go wrong. Um, do you want to wait in here? You can sit in the back if you want..." he suggests and I nod. He motions for a guard to come over and take me to my seat. I notice Benn smiling teasingly towards his brother who flips him off.

"So, (Y/N), how did you and Danny meet?" Andy asks me. We are in their bus, driving towards the club. 
"We were classmates and we bumped into each other in the venue." I say.
"Cool... What are you doing for a living?" Dave asks me. I feel like I am going through an inquest, the questions a new frequent and some of them personal.
"Um, I work at Starbucks. It's a part-time job. I also study." I say.
"What are you studying? " Dave asks again. 
"Guys. Drop that. You are freaking her out..." Danny speaks up.
"We want to know more about your crush." Brent says.
"SHUT THE HELL UP." Danny screams. I look at him questionably.
"Come on (Y/N). Let's go somewhere outside." He says and grabs my wrist. The guys look shocked. I smile apologetically and wave at them, while Danny drags me in the front. He tells the driver to stop and he looks at us weirdly.

Once the bus freezes, Danny guides us outside.
"Let's go find a park or something.." he says.
"Danny, my wrist is in great pain ..." I say, feeling my wrist sore.
"I am sorry. " he says and releases it.
"It's OK. " I say, rubbing it.
"I am sorry for earlier..." he says, not looking at me.
"About what?" I ask him.
"For the guys. They like to joke around..." he says.
"Well, I was fine with it. But if they were joking, why did you react like that?" I ask him, referring to his outburst.
"I, I, I... I don't know. OK? I guess that... " he begins but he stops. I get in front of him and look at him straight in the eye.
"You guess what? And what was that about 'your crush'? " I ask him, getting tired of him being distant. 
" I guess that I fucking like you, OK? I thought I got over it after high school, but seeing you today got my heart racing and palm sweating, like back then. But you never noticed it. I never stood a chance. You were crushing on those high school jerks, and I was always the one standing back watching. I never stood a chance, so why should I now?" He says, chuckling sarcastically.
"You never stood a chance cause you never talked to me about the way you felt. How was I supposed to know?" I protest.
"OK. Now that you know, what? " he says.
"I don't know, Danny. " 
"Then, who the fuck knows? Who the fuck should I ask, (Y/N)?" He asks, coming closer to me. 
"What the fuck do you want?" I ask him. He is so close to me, that I can smell his flesh, I can see the deepness of his eyes.
"I want you. " he says and grabs my face. The nanoseconds that pass before our lips connect seem longer. I can barely breathe: just the thought of the kiss leaves me frozen.

Finally, we impact. His lips are soft and graze mine in a slow pace. His hands bring me closer to his chest, securing our bodies together. The kiss is soft, nowhere near like those in the movies where people press and squeeze their faces together. No.. Our lips move perfectly, almost in sync. 
"I wanna do this again, and then again, and then again..." he whispers against my lips. 
"You talk way too much. "I say and cup his cheeks. He grabs the back of my head to deepen the kiss and runs his tongue on my bottom lip. 
"Gross..." I whine playfully and open my mouth. His tongue invades my mouth, pushing my tongue aside. I try to do the same but he is too stubborn to give up. 
" I am waiting for this kiss since I was 14. You are not going to steal it away from me.." he says against my lips and then continues the kiss. His hands travel down my back, causing a rush of electricity to go through my body.
"Danny..." I moan.
"Mmmhhmm?" He hums, not parting our lips.
"I think I need you..." I say. He smirks and slips his hands in my pants. I look at him wide eyed as he feels my wetness.
"Oh, you definitely need me." He cockily says. He removes his fingers and grabs my hand, intertwining his fingers in mine. 
"I know a hotel somewhere near here. I spotted it when we did our town exploring. "
"Really? A hotel?" I ask.
"Our other choice is right here in the park... I don't have a problem you know.."
"Fine. To the hotel..." I give in. Thank god I took money with me ...

The hotel is like 5 minutes away. Danny rushes us in and to the lobby, to check in. 
"I'd like a room for tonight..." he says to the young man behind the desk. 
"Sure. I need an ID." He says and smiles at us. Danny looks at me. 
"Here" I say and give him mine. 
"Are you going to pay in cash or credit card?" The man asks us as he types my information.
"Credit card. " Danny says, handing him his card.
"Hey..." I complain.
"Quiet back there..." he says.
"That's not fair..." I whine.
"I said quiet.." he says and turns to look at me. 
"Have a nice night." The man says, giving Danny our key.

"OK, third floor, room 307." He says, walking towards the elevator. Once we are in, he presses me against the mirror. 
"Can't you just wait..?" I ask, smirking. He dips his hand in my panties and smirks triumphantly 
"From what I feel, neither do you..." he says and palms my clit. I brush my hand over his member and feel the bulge that is forming in his skinny jeans.
"Stop it...or else I'll start fucking you in here." He threatens. The elevator dings, signaling that we've reached our floor. Danny looks at me lustfully before he exits the elevator, leaving me so turned on, that honestly, I wonder how I haven't cum in my panties yet.
"Are you going to stay in there watching me?" He asks, getting back in. Before I can respond, he throws me on his shoulder and carries me out. He continues walking towards the room. 
"Mind putting me down?" I ask him while he unlocks.
"I actually, I do. Now, shut up." He says and spanks my ass. The door unlocks and he carries me in.

The room is nice and cozy. It's a bit small, but that actually helps us a lot. Soon, Danny throws me on the soft mattress. I get comfortable as he removes his T-shirt. His slim and quite toned body makes me fantasize about the moment when we will be both naked and sweaty, moaning each others name. He unbuttons his jeans and stays in just his briefs before he leans on me. 
"Way too dressed, honey... " he says and grabs the hem of my loose tank top. I arch my back to help him take it completely off.
"Way too hot..." He whispers as he begins planting kisses on my torso. He sucks little hickeys on my stomach and I moan. His hand fumbles with the button of my jeans until he pops it. He smirks victoriously as I buck my hips up to help him take it completely off too. His thumb teases my slit from outside my panties.

"Danny..." I moan out, feeling my insides burning. 
"You need me, don't you?" He asks me taking an evil smirk.
"Please..." I plead and he lowers his briefs. I spread my legs more and he runs his tip along my core. 
"Do something" I whine and with one soft move of his hips, his member slips inside me. He goes in slowly, inch by inch, letting me adjust. I wrap my legs loosely around his waist. He goes out and then back in, releasing a throaty groan. I feel his length stuffing my vagina in a way that gives me both pain and pleasure. I whimper slightly and he slows down.
"Want me to stop?" He asks me and I shake my head 'no'. He thrusts again, gripping on the pillow behind me and making his biceps pop. He is an eye candy: the light hitting on his body, shades all the right parts. I claw on his back and he moans my name. His pace picks up as the pain turns to pleasure and my light whimpers to moans. 
"You are so freaking tight..." he says and pounds in me. I rack my nails on his back, making sure to leave nice, long, red marks. His tip grazes my spot and I feel a spark run through my body. 
"Oh, Danny. Do it again." I moan, closing my eyes. He seems to obey my demand and thrust in an angle that gives him access to my spot. My eyes roll to the back of my head and my back arches. 
"You like that?" He asks me and thrusts on the same spot. I release a small scream and his hand goes palming my clit. 
"Grab the base of my cock. Now." He says and gives me a light slap on the butt. I obey and he groans. He gives my clit light pinches and a familiar knot in my stomach tightens. He pounds and I scream. I know my orgasm a just a matter of seconds: so it's Danny's. His member twitches and pulses inside me, his veins throbbing on my walls. 
"Danny..." I scream, arching my back off the mattress and feeling my core all tingling and a wave of euphoria taking over me. Danny growls and makes me release his base. He pulls out and begins wanking his penis above my stomach. Within a few minutes, he spills his cum on my stomach, throwing his head back.
"Holy shit. That was great. We should do it again..." he says, collapsing on the bed next to me. 
"Hell yeah.." 
" (YN)?" He asks me and I turn to him.
"Do you want to maybe, go on a date with me?" He asks. I laugh and kiss his lips.
"You know, you should have asked me out before fucking me.." I say laughing.
"I should have asked you out a long time ago.. when I first met you in high school. " he says.
"Cheesy..." I fake cringe and turn to rest my head on his chest. He runs his fingers through my hair until sleep takes over me...

Chapter Text

(Y/N's POV)

It is another boring evening in the tattoo studio I work at. There were not a lot of people that have made appointments for tattoos today, so my job was done early. Despite the fact that I could leave and go home, I decided to stay in case someone decided to come and get a tattoo without an appointment. I was currently on a break, so I headed to the back lounge and plugged in my earphones. I decided on "Issues" because it's my favorite band. Minutes later my break was over and I had to go back to the front desk. The moment I plugged out my earphones, I heard the door being pushed. I turned around, smiled and said:

"Hello! How can I help you?" And then my jaw dropped and my blood froze. It was Justin freaking Hills, flesh and bones, right in front of me. Have I mentioned that I am a HUGE fan of Sleeping With Sirens and I might or might not have a tiny, Big, HUGE crush on Justin Hills?

"Hello. I am here to get a tattoo. But I haven't an appointment." He said removing his sunglasses. My inner self was melting.

"Um... It is not obligatory to have one. I can help you." I said while trying to be professional.

"Great." He said smiling

"So... Do you have something on mind?" I asked, motioning him to sit on the small sofa.

"I was thinking of a skeleton with strings, you know like a puppet." He said and I grabbed my sketch pad and started drawing the skeleton.

"So... do you want it with colors?" I asked looking into his amazing greenish eyes.

"I am thinking of black, grey and white." He said. A minute later I turned my sketch pad to him.

"Something like that?" I asked unsurely and a bit insecure. He gave me a big smile.

"Yeah... That's exactly what I want. You are good. I mean you are talented."

That was when I turned red.

"Thank you. Where exactly do you want to get it?" I asked secretly hoping that it would be a part of his body that wouldn't need to be naked because my fangirl heart wouldn't bear that.

"I was thinking on my back." He said. Ohh boy, here comes the heart attack.

"Ok.You'd better go in room number 3 and remove your shirt." I said

"What do I have to do to make you remove it for me?" He winked. I swear my eyes went 10 times bigger and I blushed. Justin flipping Hills just winked at me. 'Ok (Y/N), breathe, you can do that. He is just another client.' I thought to myself while printing the stencil. I entered the room and saw him laying there.

"Hi." He cheered and waved.

2 hours later, we were done. I grabbed the mirror and showed him his fresh ink.

"This is great. Thank you..." He stopped for a second.

"I don't think we have introduced yet. I am Justin." He said extending his hand.

"I am (Y/N). Oh, and I know who you are. " I said shaking his hand.

"This isn't fair." He frowned

"What isn't fair?" I asked

"You know me but I don't know you and you seem like an interesting kind of girl."

"What do you mean Hills?" I asked smirking

"I mean that you've done an amazing job and I was thinking that maybe we should celebrate it with a drink?" He asked, his eyes full of hope and his lips curled into a side smirk.

"Let me grab my stuff." I said walking to the back of the studio.

Let's just say that I took off his shirt for many times until the end of our lives.

Chapter Text


I am sitting on a chair in the waiting area of the hospital, my breath uneasy, my mind clouded with thoughts, my tears brimming in my eyes. I brought (Y/N) here after a strong pain in her abdomen. She was more than sure that it wasn't just a cramp caused by her uterus expansion and that what scares me; what if something bad has happened to our baby? Shit, if something bad happened, it will be dangerous for her own health. She is 5 months far. 5 fucking months. My thoughts are interrupted by a doctor approaching me

"Are you here for Mrs. (Y/L/N)?" She asks me

"Yes. Are she and the baby alright?" I ask, more worried than ever.

"I am sorry sir. We did the best we could, but we couldn't save the baby." She says and my whole world falls apart, crashing into a million pieces.

"Can I see her? Is she ok?" I ask, once I get my breath back

"Sir, I am afraid that it is too soon to see her. We are keeping her in so that we can check on her. I suggest that you leave and go bring some stuff for her. And of course, you need to rest." She says and walks away. I nod and head to the elevator.

Once I am in, I let my body collapse to the ground. Why us? Why did God have to take my baby girl away from me before I could even meet her? I feel my tears trickle down my cheeks as I exit the elevator and head to my car.


I am laying on the couch, my head on (Y/N)'s lap. We are watching something boring on T.V. I have my ear on her small bump, listening to her breath and the moves of our baby girl.

"I can't wait to finally see her." I say. (Y/N) smiles and runs her fingers through my hair

"Be patient. 4 more months." She says

"I wish she has your hair." I say to her

"And your eyes." She adds.

"She is going to be gorgeous." I add and kiss her belly.

"Hey, baby girl, it's your daddy. I just want to tell you how much I already love you and how much I wait for your arrival, so I can hold you in my arms." I say against her bump

"4 more months, baby. 4 more months." She whispers


"Hey beautiful. Good morning." I say smiling sweetly as I enter the room. I place the flowers on the bedside table. She smiles weakly. She looks like a mess; tears are staining her face and she looks pale

"Hey." She says, looking at her hands.

"Don't be sad, please; she was needed up there." I say, stroking her cheek with my thumb.

"But why?" She says and lets her tears fall free

"Only God knows why. But we can try again when you feel ready." I say and she smiles.


"Push (Y/N), push." The doctor says

"You can do it, babe, just push." Dallon says

"I hope you know that you are never touching me again." I say as a pain rushes through my body. With one more push, I hear soft cries.

"It' a boy. Mr. Weekes, would you like to cut the navel?" The doctor asks Dallon. He walks to our son and looks at him in amazement. The nurse wraps him in a blue towel and brings him to me. Dallon follows right behind her and kisses my forehead

"He has your eyes." I say as a few tears escape my eyes.

"He is so handsome. Thank you so much. Oh, are those tears of happiness?" He asks and I nod.

Finally, the miracle we were waiting is here.

Chapter Text

(Y/N's POV) 

"(Y/N), are you ready?" My uncle asks me, knocking on the bathroom door of my hotel room.
"In a minute." I reply before I take a deep breath and look myself in the mirror; somehow, my Oli was able to convince my parents to let me travel this summer with him, to see live the historical last Warped Tour, which is pretty much the coolest thing that has happened in my 11-year long life. But on the other hand, it makes me extremely nervous; I mean, I am going to meet legendary people, some of them are my personal heroes, and that makes my stomach flip.

I fix my ponytail one last time before I exit the bathroom, finding Oli outside of it, leaning against the wall. He smiles sweetly at me and wraps an arm around my shoulders as I approach him. 
"Are you ready, love?" He asks me and I nod.
"You don't seem alright. Are you ok?" He asks me and I take a deep breath before I open my mouth. 
"I don't know. I am a bit nervous, I guess..." I say, making him look at me strangely. 
"Nervous? Why? If I wasn't sure that you would be safe, I wouldn't bring you to the shows..." He says, kneeling down in front of me to be closer to my height. 
"It's not that... I am really excited about the show... I just... I am nervous to meet all of these people. I mean, they are rockstars, they are legends..." I admit and Oliver chuckles. 
"(Y/N), trust me, they are people like us. I mean, I am famous too... " He says and he gets interrupted by his giggle. I can't help but giggle as well, louder than he did. 
"What I mean is, even though they are well known, they are really down to earth. Plus, you are the coolest 11-year old I know, they are going to love you." He says and I look at him with a cocked eyebrow. 
"Do you know many 11-year olds?" I ask him sassily, making him chuckle. 
"Move, we are already late. And honestly, I am going to blame you if I get shit from my manager for being late. " He says and I laugh.

"Did you call your mom? You know she is going to kill me if you don't call her every morning to assure her you are ok, right?" Oli asks me after their sound check. 
"Please, tell me you didn't..." Lee pleads at me, trying to mess with Oliver. 
"I did, I am sorry." I reply, making Lee groan. 
"Good. We are performing in an hour. You are going to stay side stage along with Graig, ok?" Oliver says, pointing to their manager. 
"Sure, great. Thanks." I reply and nod.
"Do you need anything? Water, juice, soda, a snack?" Matt asks me and I shake my head no. 
"No, thank you. I would really like to go around the venue though..." I say and look at the guys, who look at each other. 
"You can't go alone, honey." Oli says and I sigh; I really get why he is so worried, but I just want to see everything in here. 
"Can't anyone of you come with me?" I ask and avert my gaze between them. 
"We have to be in here for the show." Matt says and looks at me with an apologizing look on his face. 
"What if, after our show and meet and greet, I take you to see Fall Out Boy. I know they are your favorite." Oli tries to find a solution. 
"Sure. That would be amazing." I say excitedly. 
"Ok, but until then, you are not going anywhere alone. Promise me that?" Oli says and I cross my fingers to show him that I won't. 

The show was insane. I've never seen my uncle perform before, but he seems so pumped to perform for this crowd. 
I feel really sorry that this is the last Warped Tour. I've always pictured myself being in a group and making it to this tour, along with all of these legends. And I honestly grieve for all the people that will never get to experience this whole thing. 

I film the crowd as they sing along with the guys, screaming and jumping around; sure, side stage is amazing, but I wish I could experience the thrill of being in the crowd, accompanied by all the other people that admire my favorite artists as well. 
"Are you ok?" One of the guards asks me, surprising me a little. 
"Yeah, just lost in my thoughts." I reply and smile. 
"Ok... If you need anything, I'll be right there." He says before he walks back to his spot. 

The show was over before I realized it and while the guys were having their meet and greet, I found the time to play on my phone and have a chat with their manager. 
"Are you ready, love?" Oli asks me, approaching me after they are done. 
"Yeah." I reply after I hop off the counter I was sitting on. 
"Great. You still have your pass, right?" He asks him and I raise my laminated All Access Pass.
"Their show starts in 30. If we leave now, we can even go see them backstage." He says as we begin walking. 
"I can't believe that I am going to meet them." I squeal and clap my hands. 
"You'd better do, because you are." He cheers and I feel my heart race. 
"You are seriously the coolest uncle ever." I state and Oli laughs. 
"Sure, sure..." He says and nods, laughing at my remark. 

"Patrick..." My uncle cheers approaching Patrick Stump, THE PATRICK STUMP. My knees lock and I can't move my legs, my stomach flips and my heart either stops or tries to jump out of my chest, switching between the 2 actions every few seconds. 
"Oli... How are you? I've heard you had an amazing show." He replies, hugging my uncle. I stand a few steps away, feeling too shy to even move an inch. 
"It was great, the crowd was insane." Oli replies. 
"That's amazing. There is always so much energy in the Warped crowd. It is really a pity that this is the last one." Patrick says, his mood changing a little.
"I know, I know. There is someone I would like you to meet." Oli says, changing the subject. He moves aside, bringing me in front of Patrick and making me panic a little. 
"Sure." Patrick says smiling at me. 
"This is (Y/N), my niece. (Y/N), I think you know who this man is..." Oli smirks at me. making my eyes go wide.
"Hi (Y/N). It is great to meet you." Patrick says, extending his hand. I look at him in awe while my hand mechanically moves to shake his. 
"It is an honor to meet you, sir. I am a big fan of your band." I stutter a bit in the beginning but my voice grows more confident as I speak. 
"Please, call me Patrick. I am so glad you like our music." He replies and I feel butterflies in my stomach. 
"I don't just like your music. You are one of the people that inspired me to start getting into actually making some music." I reply, but instantly feel my cheeks heat up and I mentally palm my face. 
"That is great. So, you are a future musician yourself, that is exciting. We might even collab one day." He says and winks at me. 
"That is actually my dream." I squeal and Patrick smiles at me really sweetly. 
"Come, let me introduce you to the other guys. I am sure you already know them, but it is different in person, right?" He says as he walks me to where the others are sitting, Oli following right behind us. 
"Andy, Joe, Pete, meet (Y/N). She is Oli's niece. Make sure to remember her name, she is going to be a rockstar one day." He says and my heart explodes. 
"Hi." I say shyly, waving at the guys. 
"Hey, it is really nice to meet you." Andy says, shaking my hand. 
"Same here." Joe says, standing up from the couch. 
"So nice to meet a future rockstar." Pete says, making me blush again. 
"I... I am not sure that I am even that... that good." I stutter and look at my feet. 
"Well, there is only one way to find out. What about you hang out in here while we have the show and afterwards you show us your skills." Pete suggests and my heart stops. 
"Seriously, you want to listen to me?" I ask and he nods. 
"I really do. And I am sure the guys agree with me, right?" He asks, looking at the other 3 who nod. 
"See, we really do. We have to get on stage, but we will see you after the show, right?" He asks me and I nod vigorously. 
"Great. See you later too, Oli." Pete says as he walks to the exit of the backstage room, followed by the rest of the guys who wave at us. 

After the Fall Out Boy show, I wasn't sure if they would really remember about the whole me performing to them thing. Honestly, I felt that it would be too embarrassing to perform in front of them so I was hoping they had forgotten about it, but a part of me wished they hadn't. 
As the guys walked backstage again, talking about the show, I just wanted the earth to rip in half underneath me and fall in the gap. But of course that never happened. 
"So, (Y/N), are you ready for your show?" Andy asks me, plopping on the couch. I hesitantly nod and close my eyes, trying to regulate my breathing. 
"Do you need someone to play guitar or give the rhythm?" He asks me as the rest of the guys sit around me. 
"No, I can play..." I reply and Andy nods, motioning to one of the assistants to hand me the acoustic guitar that sits on the other side of the room. 
"What are you going to sing for us?" Joe asks me and I gulp. 
"Um, I write sins not tragedies by Panic at the Disco..." I reply, thinking that it is one of the songs that I know how to play almost perfectly. 
"Great, great. Take your time and relax." Patrick says and I nod. Oli pats my back and mouths a 'You got this' before he moves to the side to give me space. 
I strum the strings, making sure the guitar is tuned before I place my fingers in the right position and begin playing the song.
Oh, well imagine
As I am pacing the pews in the church corridor...

I really didn't realize how I got to the end of the song, but I did. Taking a deep breath, I leave the guitar to my side before I raise my gaze to the guys.
"So, what do you think?" I ask, biting my lip. 
"You are really good. I mean, yeah, you need a bit more practice, but you are like how old, 12, 13?" Pete says. 
"11." I chime in and Pete nods his head. 
"You have all the time in the world. And of course your voice will change a little, but you have talent, don't leave this, ok?" Pete says and I nod. 
"Couldn't agree more. In fact, you were so good that I want you to join us for dinner with the guys from Panic tonight. I think they would love to meet you." Patrick says and I gawk at him. 
"Seriously?" I ask. 
"Of course. Oli, are you in? I am thinking of a little band get together. It will be fun..." Pete says and I turn to look at Oli. 
"Sure. I'll tell the rest of the guys. Text me the place." Oli says and Pete nods. 
"(Y/N), let's go. Let the guys rest and we will see them in a bit again, ok?" Oli says to me and I nod. 
"It was nice meeting you and I can't wait to see you again, I say, getting up.
"The pleasure is ours." Patrick says.

I run to the lobby of the hotel, eager to meet with the guys to go for dinner. 
"Sorry I am late. I really needed a shower." I apologize to the guys. 
"No problem kid. Let's go, the guys are waiting." Matt says and we all start walking towards the van outside the hotel. 
"We've promised Graig that we are going to have a calm night." Oli says and I chuckle. 
"Is it because of me? Because if it is about that, just drop me to the hotel after the dinner and continue your night." I say and Oli giggles. 
"No, we have to wake up early and we have a full day tomorrow, don't feel guilty." Jordan assures me and pats my shoulder.

"Hey, look who is here..." Patrick cheers as we approach them. I give him my sweetest smile and wave at the rest of the guys who sit in around the table. When Pete said that they would have bands get together, he truly meant it; everyone is here, including All Time Low, Sleeping with Sirens, Pierce the Veil, and of course Panic at the Disco. I scream on the inside, trying to play it cool, but I feel everyone's eyes on me. 
"Hey guys." Oli greets them, hugging with a few of them and shaking hands with the others. 
"Brendon, that's (Y/N), the girl from the video." Patrick says, pointing to me. 
"Oh, it is really nice to see you. I really liked the way you performed our song. " Brendon comments as he stands up to greet me. 
"It really means a lot coming from you." I reply, shaking his hand. 
"Come sit with us. There are some things we would like to discuss with you." Brendon says, pointing to the empty spot next to him. I turn to look at Oli who nods and motions me to go over them. 
"Gladly." I reply and walk to them.

Once I am seated and I've settled on my order, I turn to look at Brendon. 
"You said something about a discussion..." I say and Brendon nods, sitting closer so I can hear him clearly, with all the people talking around us. 
"Yes. We were talking with the guys after we saw your video..." He begins but I interrupt him. 
"By the way, who took the video?" I ask and Brendon points to Andy. 
"Don't hold it against him, he did it for your own benefit." He replies, grinning. 
"What do you mean?" I ask him confused.
"Well, we all here agreed that you might have a future in music ahead of you, and you need to cultivate your skills to achieve that. So, we were thinking that maybe, you would like to come to our vocal warm-ups and practices, so we could show you a couple of things to improve your voice. What do you think?" He asks me; by the time he has finished his proposal, I am almost tearing up. My idols want to help me, like really help me. I would be a fool if I kicked that opportunity away. 
"This is amazing, thank you so much for that. Of course I want to." I almost scream, hugging him. Brendon giggles and hugs me back. 
"You are welcome. But remember, you have to be committed to that. Or else, there is no point..." He says and I nod my head, my eyes widening in gratitude. 
"I promise." I say, raising my pinky and Brendon doing the same. 
As it seems, I will have to be thankful to my uncle for more than just taking me along on Warped. 


Chapter Text

(Y/N's POV)

"James, can you come here. Dinner is ready." I shout, hoping that my 12-year old son doesn't have his earphones on. But who am I kidding; there is no single moment that this boy is not listening to music. And if there is, he is playing his own songs, practicing on his guitar. He reminds me so much of his father, sometimes it is impossible to look at him and not cry.

"James..." I shout as I begin walking towards his room. I knock on his door and wait for him to give me permission to enter his room. After a while with no response, I take my phone out of my pocket and text him, hoping that he is not asleep. 
I walk back to the kitchen to place the dishes on the table before I wash my hands one more time; by the time I am wiping them on the towel, James is out of his room and walking to the kitchen. 
"Sorry, I was studying..." He says as he takes his seat. I smile and bite my lip before I recompose myself and turn to look at him with a straight face. 
"James Lucas (Y/L/N), how dare you lie to your only mother?" I scold him and watch his face take a shocked look before I burst out laughing. 
"You should have watched your face." I laugh as I take my seat. 
"You know, you don't have to lie to me. I know you were listening to music. But I need you to study as well." I say before I take the first bite from my plate.
"I am, mom, don't worry." He says, rolling his eyes. 
"Kid, I am your mom... I've been worrying about you ever since you were a fetus in my stomach." I reply, stroking his cheek.

"Guys, you were amazing..." I cheer as the music stops and the guys leave their instruments in their places. 
"You really think so, love?" James asks me, hugging me and leaning in for a kiss. 
"You killed it." I whisper before I put my lips on his, making him smile. His hand rests on my lower back, keeping me close. 
"Thank you for being here..." He whispers, running his thumb on my waist in circles. 
"I couldn't be anywhere else." I reply and lean my head on his chest. 
"Wanna get out of here?" He asks me, lowering his hand until it is under the waistband of my jeans, just a tiny bit.
"What do you have in mind?" I ask him and he smirks.
"You'll see, princess." He says and pecks on my forehead. 
(End of Flashback)

" Mom, are you ok?" James shakes me out of my daydream. 
"Uh, yes... I just had... I was brainstorming something for work and I got too into it." I reply, trying to be assuring. James nods and goes back to his food, not saying another word before he picks up his plate and places a kiss on my forehead, to go back to his room. 

(James' POV) 
I know she is thinking about my father again; whenever she thinks of him, her brain freezes and everything else around her stops existing. She never told me their story, just that she found about me after they had broken up. But she never told me why they broke up, or why she didn't tell him about me. Don't get me wrong; I love my mother and I know that she had to go through hell and back to raise me by herself. But I wish I knew that part of me, I wish I knew about my father; nevertheless, he is part of my identity. 
I exit my room and walk to the living room, finding my mom curled on the couch and watching something on Netflix. 
"Mom." I call as I approach her, getting her attention. 
"Yes, honey?" She says and turns to look at me. 
"Can we talk?" I ask her and she looks at me strangely. 
"Sure honey. Is everything ok?" She asks me as I take a seat next to her on the couch. 
"I want us to talk about dad..." I say and she looks at me with wide eyes. I hear her gulp loudly, sitting up a bit to look at me better. 
"What....what about... dad?" She asks me stuttering. 
"You've never told me about the reason you broke up... And why you never told him about me..." I say and she closes her eyes, taking deep breaths for a minute. 
"James, you are too young to talk about that." She replies and that makes my blood boil. 
"Do you think I am too young to find out about my identity, about my father? Do you think that I am too young to have the right to know about this part of me? All these years I have been living, knowing only half my story. I need to know, I need to be complete." I raise my tone, standing up in front of her. 
"Do you think that it has been easy for me? I was 18 when I got pregnant. I was alone and I had to build my life around you. I had to find a job to raise you while I was a freshman in college. Do you think that I didn't go through hell, being a single mother, being pregnant between college students? When I tell you that you are too young to find out about all of that, you need to trust me. I am doing this to protect you." She says, tears falling from her eyes. 
"Protect me from what? What is it that you are trying to protect me from? Is he a criminal, a killer, an abuser, what is he?" I ask her. 
"From disappointment, from rejection." 
"You are trying to protect yourself. You are afraid that I might like him more than you. You are so selfish..." I spit out before I barge to my room and slam the door.

The next morning, I walk to the kitchen to make myself breakfast; ignoring the one that she has prepared for me, I grab cornflakes and milk and hop on the count, leaving her to eat alone on the table. 
"I am working until 9 today. Your aunt will be over to cook and look after you." She says, leaving her meal almost intact. 
"Whatever." I reply before I dig in my food as she tidies up the small table in the kitchen.

I wait for her to leave for work, before I decide to skip school today and look around the house for anything that can guide me to my dad; thankfully, my school doesn't call in case a student is absent, the just send a letter, so I think that I can keep an eye for it when the mail is here. 
It's not the first time that I demand to know about my father, but it is the first that I am taking matters into my own hands. 
I enter her bedroom and look around for any evidence; anything, photos, letters, cards, the smallest clue can be helpful. 
I look under the bed for memory boxes, I know that she keeps boxes of stuff from my childhood, so she might have kept stuff from her relationship with my father.

I picked out every box I've found, I searched in her closet and in her drawers, but I found nothing but baby stuff and a couple of jewelry. 
Before I knew it, my aunt was in the house. She opened the bedroom's door, finding me inside and throwing me a weird look. 
"What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be at school?" She asks me, moving inside and opening the window to let fresh air in. 
"We've finished classes earlier because the teachers had a meeting with the school board." I lie and she nods. 
"Great. Your mom will be home late. What do you want me to cook you?" She asks and I pretend to think about it. 
"Let's just order a pizza and have a chat. I haven't seen you in so long..." I say and she looks at me weirded out again. 
"I looked after you last week..." She says and I tilt my head to the side. 
"Yes, but we didn't get the chance to chat." I say and she cocks an eyebrow. 
"Fine, fine. But you are telling your mother..." She says and I nod.

"So, I have a question..." I say after she finished talking about her news. 
"Shoot me." She says and I take a deep breath. 
"Can you tell me anything about my father?" I ask her straightforwardly. 
"James..." She sighs. 
"Please. Mom won't tell me and I want to know something, anything... Just his last name. I want to have something from him." I plead and she sighs, rubbing her temples. 
"Promise me you won't tell your mom." She says and I place my hand over my heart.
"I will only tell you his name. Just his name." She says. 
"Full name." I state and she sighs.
"James Cassells. I don't remember his last name. And please, don't ask me anything else." She pleads and I gulp down. 
"It is enough, thank you." I reply and smile at her.

After that day, I did my research. I found that my dad is in a band, a famous for that matter. I guess that's why mom never gets mad at me for choosing music over school. 
For weeks I battled on the inside; what do I do now that I know? Do I send him a letter? Do I meet him personally? Do I just let go and continue with my life? 
The answer to my problem only became more difficult when I found out that his band is on tour and that they play a show in a city nearby. I had only 2 weeks to make up my mind.

A week before the show, I decided to spend whatever money I had saved from birthdays and holidays, on a VIP ticket to the show. I would get the chance to meet him after the show and I would make up my mind then.

For the following week I had the monologue in my mind almost all the time; what am I going to say? how am I supposed to tell a man that he has a son that is 12 years old? 
And of course, I had to find the perfect excuse for my mom. Thankfully, my friend and his mom came to my rescue. They called my mom and told her that I would sleep over, and she agreed to take me to the concert and pick me up. Obviously, I didn't tell her the truth, that I would meet my father for the first time; for all she knows, she is helping me meet my heroes. 

As I walk to the place where the VIP meet and greet is held, my knees feel wobbly. My throat is dry and my palms are sweaty, but I enter the room regardless. 
I walk by every member of the band, getting them to sign my poster before I stand in front of him. He smiles at me and extends his hand to take my poster. 
"What's your name, buddy?" He asks me and I gulp. 
"My name is James. James Lucas (Y/L/N)." I state and he whips his head up the moment he hears my last name. 
"You said (Y/L/N)?" He asks me and I nod. 
"I am your son, sir." I say and start shaking, waiting for his reaction. 
" this a joke?" He asks and I shake my head 'no' 
"No, sir. I am the son of (Y/F/N)." I state and he looks starstruck. 
"We are having a 10-minute break." He announces to his bandmates and stands up. He motions me to follow him and I do, walking to a small room nearby. 
"How? I mean, we broke up... 12 years ago..." He says. 
"I am actually going to be 12 in a few months. I recently found out about you, by my aunt. My mom never told me anything and I really don't know why..." I say and he nods. 
"She gave you my name... Is (Y/N)... your mom, is she ok?" He asks me. 
"Yes." I simply reply. 
"Does she know you are here?" He asks me and I shake my head no. 
"I wasn't sure if I would tell you until last minute. I am sorry, I know that it is sudden and clearly a surprise but I am telling the truth." I state and he takes a deep breath. 
"Do you live nearby? Who brought you here?" He asks me. 
"We live a couple of miles from here. My best friend's mom brought me here and she is picking me up in a few minutes." I reply. 
"Give me your address and I'll come over when I am done from here. We need to talk, the 3 of us." He says.
"It is impossible sir. Mom knows I am having a sleepover at my friend's house. I can't show up at the house tonight." I say and he sighs. 
"Please, don't call me sir." He groans and I stare at him. 
"I am not sure how to call you. It doesn't feel natural to call you dad or father yet." I say and he nods. 
"I see. Just call me James. Give me your address and I'll drop by in the morning." He says and hands me his phone.

The next morning, I walk into the house with James right beside me. 
"Mom, I am home." I shout, motioning James to be silent. 
"Oh, did you have... fun?" She asks me, her voice dropping the moment her eyes land on our guest. 
"Hello (Y/N). Long time no see." He greets her and I watch my mom change a million of colors. 
"Don't you think you have some explanations to give?" He asks her and she nods. 
"Let's go to the living room." She says and moves ahead. 
She is the first one to sit, curling up on her spot. We sit across of her, giving her space and time; it almost looks like we are the judges and she is making her statement. 
"I found out about the pregnancy about a month after you told me to break up. I decided to keep him and raise him on my own. I was thinking that when James would turn 18, I could tell him, but I guess that he found out." She says, looking at her feet.
"What about me? Did it cross your pretty mind that maybe I should have been aware that I have a son?" James asks her and she looks at him bitterly. 
"Remember the reason why we broke up? You told me that since your career was taking off, I would be holding you down. And I thought that the baby would be no exception." She growls. 
"I never told you that. I told you that with touring, you would have to be alone for most of the year. And I didn't want that for you. That's why I set you free. If I knew about the baby..." He begins but she laughs, interrupting him. 
"If you knew about the baby, what James? You would drop out of the band and become a family guy? Please..." She cackles. 
"We could have figured it out, (Y/N). Do you know the shock I went through when my son came to visit me and announce me that I have a fucking son that I had no clue about?" He screams. 
"Hey, both of you, stop. This is not what I had in mind when I came to find you. That woman raised me the best she could. Yes, maybe she didn't tell you about me, but she thought it was the best for me. If you are going to constantly fight, then I would like you to leave." I say, trying to calm them down. 
"I am sorry." James apologizes. 
"James, can you leave us alone with your father?" Mom asks me and I sigh. 
"Promise me you will not start fighting." I say and they both nod.
I walk to my room and decide to put my earphones on, giving them some privacy.

(Y/N's POV)
"I am sorry. I was scared and pregnant and starting college. I didn't know what to do. All I knew was that I wanted that baby." I say and James sighs. 
"I am sorry too. I shouldn't have left you. I am sorry I didn't look out for you." He says and I chuckle. 
"You didn't have a reason to do so. It was over and you had a career ahead of you. I was just a girlfriend..." I say and he comes closer. 
"I never got over you. You were always in my mind. All this time I kept on thinking how could things have been if we hadn't broken up for that stupid reason." He says.
"You are saying that just to say it." I chuckle and James stands up, picking something out of his pocket. 
"Here." He says picking out a photo from his wallet. I look at it and see that it is one of our photos, from the party we threw for his birthday when we were together. 
"You want me to believe that you had it in your wallet all this time?" I ask him. 
"Not in my wallet. I carried it along with my stuff throughout every tour all these years. No matter who I was with, I always wished it was you. I know you feel the same too. James told me that you've never gotten along with any of your past boyfriends." He says and I have to take a minute to wrap my brain around what he is telling me. 
"What are you trying to say, James? You want us to be together? After all this time?" I ask, standing up and pacing the living room. 
"Why not?" He asks me and I chuckle. 
"Why not? Are you serious right now? We've been apart for 12 years, we are different people. We have a kid for fuck's sake." I cry out and James stands up as well. 
"Exactly some of the reasons why we should give this a second try." He says, motioning between the 2 of us. 
"You are saying that we should be together just for James?" I ask, rubbing my hand over my face. 
"Oh my God, are you even listening to me when I talk? I said, some of the reasons. Yes, James is one and the main reason. He lacked a real family for the first 12 years of his life, and I don't plan to let him spend one more day without a family." He says and I groan. 
"Oh my God, are you serious right now? You barge in our lives, insulting me for the life that I busted my ass off to offer to my son..." 
"Our son, (Y/N)." He screams and I throw my head back, laughing hysterically. 
"Our son? Really? You've been a father for what, 12 hours? I was the one losing sleep when he was sick, I was the one to be there, in every game, in every PTA, in every assignment that he had to stay up to finish. So, please, dare tell me one more time that he is your son as well. Dare tell me that suddenly, I am the bad parent and you are the perfect one." I scream; I know that most of the things I say might seem irrational or out of context, but I feel outrageous at the moment.

James takes a step back, raising his hand in defeat.
"I promised my son that we wouldn't fight, and I intend on keeping that promise. You need some time, take all you need. I just want you to know that I am here for the both of you." He says and walks towards James' room, leaving me a wreck on the couch. 

Only a month after, and things are already different in the house. 
I woke up, as usual, an hour ahead of James, who is now James Cassells Jr., or really close to legally becoming, preparing him his usual breakfast. While I make his eggs, I study the project I have to finish for work; same old, same old for me. 
"Morning mom." James says, entering the kitchen. 
"Good morning, love. Eggs will be ready in a minute." I say and smile at him. 
"Great... Um, I have something to tell you." He says and I sigh as I grab a plate to serve breakfast. 
"Shoot me..." I say and place the plate in front of him as I take my seat. 
"Um, dad... I mean, James, told me that since my birthday is coming up, he wants us to do something special..." He says and I sigh. 
"It's fine, you can call him dad. At the end of the day, he is your dad. So, what does he have in mind?" I ask and grab my mug. 
"First, he is in town for a couple of days, and he thought that today, I could skip school and we could go shopping..." He says and stops, waiting for my reaction. 
"I guess one day won't hurt. Do you need money?" I ask and James chuckles. 
"Dad... He said that it will be my gift." He replies and I sigh. 
"Ok..." I reply and sip on my coffee. 
"And, he thinks that it would be awesome if we could spend my birthday on tour with him, the 3 of us." He says and I take a deep breath. 
"I... I really don't know. You can go, but I have to go to work baby." I say and James groans.
"I guess one day won't hurt, mom. You deserve a day off." He says and I hum. 
"I see what I can do." I say and stand up from the table to start getting ready for work. 
"Oh, and dad is going to ask you out tomorrow. Consider giving him a chance." James says and I gasp. 
"Do you think that it is the right issue to talk to your mother about?" I ask and James shrugs. 
"I am the man of our house..." He replies, leaving me shocked.

"You look great mom..." James says the moment I enter the living room, dressed in a black dress, just a bit above my knee. It's been a long time since I've been on a date, and my stomach is one huge knot. 
Before James could reply, the doorbell rings, signaling that my date for tonight is here. 
"I'll get it." James says and runs for the door. I grab my purse and breath deeply, excited to start new with the father of my child.

The date turned out well, better than I expected. After that, we decided to start fresh, leave old grudges behind us. 
And now, here we are, at James birthday, the first he spends with his whole family. He looks happier than ever, surrounded by his dad's friends, having someone to talk about music. 
I sit back, letting him enjoy it, letting myself enjoy it. 
James approaches me, 2 solo cups in his hands. 
"Tequila lime, right?" He asks me and I nod, smiling at him as I take my drink.
"Thank you." He says, making me look at him questionably. 
"What for?" I ask. 
"For that." He says, pointing to the whole scenery around us as he throws his arm around my shoulders. 
"Do you think we can make this work?" I ask, watching him. 
"I know we can." He replies and pecks on my forehead.

Chapter Text

Visiting my brother on tour is probably the best and worst thing I've ever done. The best, because I get to spend some time with and admire my big brother being successful in what has been his passion since I was a toddler and the worst because life on a tour is so hectic that I always have something to do or somewhere to be, leaving me with no time for myself. 

Thankfully, the guys are out for a meet & greet and then a meeting with the management, leaving me alone for some time, to enjoy the beautiful hotel. After spending a few hours at the luxury spa, I lathered my body in all those little soaps and shampoos and creams in the hotel's bathroom. 

Once I am dried, I slip into the set of underwear, with the matching bra and panties, the newest addition to my collection, made of black French lace and satin details. I wanted to spoil myself, make myself feel good. Almost immediately, my mood is lifted. I take a good look at myself in the mirror, observing my curves in the small garment. I smile at my reflection before I walk to my bed, grabbing my hair brush with me. I run my brush through my wet locks, detangling my knots. Little drops of water fall from my hair to my chest, decorating my skin beautifully. 
I flop back on my bed; I smell so good and the bed is so cozy, I just wish Andy would be here to fuck me senselessly and then cuddle me to sleep. 

I grab my phone from the bedside table, biting my lip; I know that what I am about to do is a lot risky, but I decide to do it. 
I lay back on the bed and pose a bit too seductively. I snap my first picture, showing off my outfit. I hit send and wait for Andy's reply. 
I play with the little bows on my bust, until the message notification goes off, making my screen light up. 
'Not now babe. I am still on the meeting.' I read and smirk. I slip my hand in my panties and snap the second picture. 
'But daddy...' I write along and send it. I know that imagining me calling him daddy in my innocent voice is going to get him.

Indeed, 15 minutes later Andy barges in my room, using the key card I gave him when I arrived.
"Hello, daddy. You came early..." I tease him, smiling innocently. 
"Don't play it innocent, little slut. You know what you did to me? "He asks, removing his t-shirt and throwing it to the ground. 
"What, daddy? I don't understand..." I tease him some more.
"I had to leave the meeting, playing it sick while having to hide my boner... A boner you caused because you couldn't be patient... Tell me little one, do you think I could leave you unpunished?" He growls in a low voice. 
"I... I don't know, daddy..." 
"Impatient girls get punished, you know that, right little whore?" He asks, unbuckling his belt and throwing it on the side. He grabs my chin and raises my head a bit from the mattress. He kneels in front of me, his hand gripping tighter on my chin. With his free hand, he unzips his jeans and brings my face to his dick, showing me exactly what he wants. I smirk and begin kitten licking his penis, from the base to the tip. He stares at me, his face goes from my chin to the base of my neck, grabbing my hair from there.
"No teasing. Just suck me off, little slut. " He growls. 
" Yes, daddy. " I say before I wrap my lips around his tip. I begin by teasing his tip lightly, running my tongue in 8 figures. I suck in my cheeks, taking him deeper. He begins moaning as my tongue traces the bottom of his member. 
"Oh, babygirl." He groans as I bob my head. I look at him as I suck my cheeks more, his smirk spread across his face. 
"It feels so good having you suck me off. You are my little fuck doll, aren't you babygirl?" He asks as I release his member with a pop just to catch my breath. 
"It feels so good to suck your big dick, daddy." I reply before I spit on his member. I twist my hand along his base before I bury his cock in my mouth. He thrusts his hips, making me take more of him inside my mouth. I choke a little but remain still, hollowing my cheeks as I gag, sending vibrations on his length.
"Shit... I don't want to cum from a blowjob... I need to cum inside you babygirl, I need to watch my seed drip from your pretty, tight cunt. I need to plant my seed inside you, so far inside your womb..." He growls, pulling on my hair. I feel my core getting wetter and wetter by each word he says, I feel my stomach tighten and my nipples getting pointier.

He pulls his dick out of my mouth by pulling me by my hair. He pushes me with my back on the bed, resting his weight on my body. He licks his lips before he hooks his fingers in my underwear.
"Are those the new ones?" He asks me, his eyes scanning my body. 
"Yeah, I bought them just for this trip...You like them, daddy?" I ask, biting my lip. 
"I love them... Too bad you won't wear them again." He smirks as he tears the delicate fabric apart.  My breath hitches as he takes the remainings of the garment and ties my wrists together in front of my stomach. 

He separates my thighs and wraps my legs around his waist, giving him full access to my pussy. He runs a finger softly along my folds, making sure that I am lubricated and good to go, bringing a smile on his face. 
He thrusts inside me, giving me time to adjust to him; we haven't been like this together in over a month, my body still remembers him, but I need some time to re-adjust to him. 
He starts thrusting in and out of me after a while, building up a steady and strong pace. He sinks his hips on mine, reaching far inside me. I release a small scream as he thrusts on my g-spot, earning a slap on my butt. 
"You love that, little one, don't you?" He whispers, his hand sliding to my ribcage, holding me down, pinned to the mattress. I smile as I hear him call me little one;  he knows how much I love to hear it from his lips. 
"I fucking love that, daddy..." I moan, sticking my tongue out. 
"I know baby.." He groans, his member throbbing. I feel my stomach tighten as he thrusts inside me, as he touches me lovingly, as he whispers all those dirty things while he fucks me.

I am the first to cum, my body squirming and my back arching involuntarily. My walls squeeze his penis, provoking his own high. He is close, I can feel it, with every thrust that becomes sloppier, with every breath that becomes shorter. I squeeze and loose my walls, making his veins swell and triggering his release.  
"Fuck baby..." He groans as he crashes my body with his. He cums inside me and I moan loudly, the whole sensation adding to my own pleasure. 
"I've missed that so much." I comment, pecking on his lip. 
"I've missed you so much." He replies, stroking my hair.
"I can stay like this forever. " I reply as he flips on his back. I lay on his chest and he brings me so close that we are just a breath apart. 
"It would be awesome babygirl." He says back as he strokes my arm. 

"(Y/N), do you wanna come for lu... What the hell is going on in here?" Kyle asks as he enters my room. Andy and I both jump up, trying to cover ourselves. 
"Have you heard of knocking the door?" I ask, trying to distract him from the fact that his best friend and baby sister are in that state. 
"That's the problem in here?" He asks, looking at us wide-eyed.
"Well, if you had knocked, we wouldn't be having a problem right now."   
"Stop it and tell me what is going on." Kyle growls and pinches on the bridge of his nose. 
"What does it look like..." I reply earning a nudge on the shoulder by Andy. 
"You are fucking my baby sister?" Kyle growls approaching Andy. 
"Kyle..." I growl back. 
"Well, I am not just fucking her.." 
"I don't wanna know what you are doing to my sister. My baby sister..." He screams, his face contorted with a mixture of anger and violent thoughts.
"I don't mean that. I mean that she is not just a fuck. We are together. For months now. I...I am in love with here. I love her." He replies. 
"You, you love me?" I ask surprised. 
"I do." 
"I love you too." I reply, forgetting for a moment that my brother is throwing us death glares from across the bed. 
"You love her?" Kyle asks, as surprised as me. 
"How many times will I have to answer that question to convince you two? I love her, ok? And I am sorry that we had to hide our relationship from you, but we were afraid of your reaction. " 
"I don't know what to say... I didn't, I didn't think that I would ever have to deal with my best friend and my sister being in a relationship.... I just... You should have told me earlier. Especially you, (Y/N)" 
"I am sorry. Really. " I reply, my eyes glued to my lap. 
"I am going to leave you two to get ready and then you'll come downstairs and we will go for lunch with the rest of the guys. " Kyle states and we nod. 
"I'll see you in 10. No funny business while I wait. "He says before he leaves the room. 

"I think he took it well..." I comment as Kyle closes the door. 
"If he doesn't cut off my junk and hang it out of the tour bus, I'll start thinking that he took it well too. " He replies, kissing my nose. 
"Let' go get ready. I am starving..." I purr as I get up. 

Chapter Text


[Y/N'S POV] 

"Wake up beautiful..." Luke whispers in my ear. Small kisses are planted on my earlobe and something soft is running up and down my bare thigh.

"Luke... It's Saturday. Let me sleep." I groan, burying my head deeper in the pillow. He kisses the revealed part of the curve on my hip.

"Get up. Your coffee is getting cold. And I have plans for us today." He says, kissing my neck.

"Ugh, fine. But you owe me big time." I say as I sit up.

"What's all of that?" I ask once my eyes meet the tray with the breakfast; coffee, toasts and fruit salad in large portions

"Just something to eat before we hot the road." He says, bringing the toast in front of my lips to feed me. I take a small bite while smirking

"Where are we going to?"

"To an amusement park."

"Why? Come on it's Saturday; we can stay in bed, cuddle, watch movies, sleep..."

"Stop purring kitten. We are doing that after we come back. Now please eat." He says, giving me another bite of my toast.

"Everything is so delicious. Thank you." I say, sipping my coffee.

"You know how much I love to take care of you when you are staying the night here." He says, feeding me a strawberry

"I thought you did all of that because it's Valentine's day."

"Yes, partly yes. But I love to take care of you." He says, kissing the top of my hand.

"So what are we going to do at that park?"

"Go get dressed to find out, love." He says, placing the tray on the nightstand. I groan.

"But I don't have many clothes with me."

"You have your jeans and I'll give you a tank top. Come on (Y/N), you will look great in everything." He says while pulling me up.

"Fine." I say, heading to the bathroom. I find my purse and take it with me, so I can apply some make-up.

Moments later Luke enters the bathroom with my jeans and a gift bag.

"What's that?" I ask him while I take my toothbrush out if the cabinet. Since I usually crash his place, I have some stuff in here.

"That's my first gift for you today." He says, placing the bag in front of me.

"First? There are more?" I ask him while I brush my teeth.


"You know you didn't have to."

"I wanted to though."

"But I didn't buy you something." I say pouting. He smirks and comes behind me, wrapping his long arms around my waist.

"I think that I can think of a way to pay me back." He says, nuzzling on my neck



"Aren't we going to the amusement park?"


"So I have to get ready..."

"Only if I can watch you." He says, kissing the back of my neck

"Lukeeeeeee." I whine.

"I swear I won't do a thing."


"Fine. Be ready in a few. But please open my gift." I groan but do his favor. I open the bag and find a tank top in it. I take it out and unfold it. It's a white tank top with black letters that says 'I AM WITH THE DRUMMER' and has an arrow under it.

"That's so CUTE. I love it. Thank you so much." I say and hug him.

"I am glad you like it. Now get ready." He says and kisses my forehead.

I quickly do my make-up: simple eyeliner, light foundation, mascara and lip balm. I apply some deodorant, slip in my jeans and my new tank top and exit the bathroom

"See, I've told you would look great in everything. He says once I enter the living room.
"Stop being so cheesy, Luke. 
"Sorry. He says and kisses my lips. I smile against them and bump his arm. 
"Let's goooo..." I whine. 
"Fine but first we are going to Starbucks. "
"Luke, we are going to be late "
"The park isn't going anywhere (Y/N). "
"Yeah, but there is going to be a huge waiting line on the rides." I whine 
"You are cute when you purr like a kitten, but we are so going to Starbucks." He says while kisses my forehead. We head to the car and he opens my door for me
"Thank you. You are such a gentleman."
"I always am." He says once he gets in. 
"So, what do you want to ride first?" He asks me, taking my hand in his. 
"You." I say and wink, getting in front of him. He chuckles and grabs my face to kiss my lips. 
"Except me..." He says once we pull away. 
"Roller coaster? "
"You are such a daredevil." He mocks me and I punch his arm. He wraps his arm around my shoulders and brings my body closer to his. We begin walking towards the ride and every now and then he pecks on my temple

We take our sits and soon the ride begins. It's not that much frightening but there are some children screaming so I scream too. Luke laughs at me and I just throw him a look. 
"I just love you so fucking much." He says, grabs my jaw and collides his lips with mine. 
"I love you too. "
Once we are off the ride, the technician asks us if we want our picture from the ride. Luke insisted on paying but I convinced him to let me to. The picture was snapped right at the moment of our kiss. 
"This one is so going on Instagram." He says, taking his phone out of his pocket. 
"Are you sure?" I ask him, worrying about the tantrum his fans will throw. 
"Yeap." He says and snaps the photo. Moments later my phone vibrates with an Instagram notification. I open it and see our picture with the caption: 
@lukehollandd: you/i/n and myself! Aren't we completely dorks? 
Once I see it, I 'Awe' and kiss his cheek.

"Luke, let's get back home. I am tired and I want cuddles." I whine. He kisses my forehead and grins 
"Last game, I swear." He says, dragging me to a darts game.

"How many shoots do I have to get straight for the big teddy?" He asks the man behind the counter.

"9 out of 10." The man says. Luke gives him the money and the man hands him the balls. Luke concentrates and throws the ball, hitting the first object. He repeats the same process and in the end, he has hit all the targets

"Man, you must love the girl a lot." The man says, giving Luke the large teddy. He hands me my toy and kisses my forehead.

"She needs something in my size to cuddle when I am on tour." He says and embraces me in a bear hug. I give him a small peck on his lips and the man gives us a smile. I hug the teddy bear tightly and Luke wraps his arms around my shoulders and walks us out of the park.

"Everything was great today. Thank you." I say and he kisses my forehead once again

"You deserved all of that." He says, unlocking the car and opening the door for me, He takes the stuffed bear and puts it backseat. I thank him and get in.

"So are you dropping me home now?" I ask pouting. He chuckled and brings my hand to his lips.

"Nope. I am not done surprising you yet." He says smirking


Once we open the door, I see a trail of rose petals.

"How did you do that? We were together the whole day." I ask him, surprised by the scenery

"Well, I asked Zack if he could..." He says, taking my backpack and the teddy and placing them on the floor. I follow the trail and end up on the patio. What I see, takes my breath away: lanterns are hung around and the small garden table is decorated with candles and flowers.

"It's so beautiful." I whisper under my breath.

"Not as beautiful as you." He says, kissing my neck.

"You are being extra cheesy tonight." I say as he guides me to the table. There is a pizza box on it and a bottle of white wine. Once we take our sits, Luke wastes no time and gives me a small box.

"It's not what you think it is; it is too soon for that. It's a promise ring." He says once I see what the box contains; it's a small silver ring with a knot on it,

"A promise ring?"

"Yeah. I promise you that we are just in the beginning. I will always love, I will always be there for you and I will never stop trying." He says, slipping the ring on my finger. His words had me in tears.

"That's better than a proposal." I say and kiss him

"One day babe, one day I will." He says, placing me on his lap.

Later that night a picture of us holding hands with my ring showing off is uploaded on Instagram with the caption:

@lukehollandd: one day I will ask @y/i/n to be mine forever. But today I got her to move in with me. One step at a time.

Chapter Text

"(Y/N)! " I hear someone cheer from behind me as I enter the meeting room of Sumerian Records. I turn around and see Ben, from Asking Alexandria, holding his arms open to hug me.

"Benny... Oh my Gosh... how are you? How is Ciara doing? "I ask as I fall into his arms. 
"I am fine. And Ciara is doing great. She is waiting for you to come to the new house! " he says, laughing. We walk towards the others: it's a bit early, so there aren't many people here. 
"I will. I promise. Are the others here? " I ask him, looking around for the rest of his bandmates. 
"You really missed them, didn't you? "He asks me, smiling goofily. 
"Are you kidding me? If course I did. You guys are like my family. You have supported me from the start. You believed in me and my band from the very first moment. Not anyone does that, believe me... " I say and he looks at me, sweetly. 
"Of course we did. And will continue to do. You are always there for us, so we kinda have each other's back. You are our big sister, and that is never gonna change. "He says and hugs me. I feel a tear roll down my cheek. 
"You bastard, you are going to ruin my mascara... "I mumble and he chuckles. 
"Let's go find the others. They are dying to see you... " he says and drags me inside.

(Cameron's POV)

I am sitting in my chair, drumming my finger against my leg, waiting for this whole meeting to begin. Honestly, I get so bored in those meetings, that if it wasn't my excitement for seeing (Y/N) again after 4 months that she's been touring America with her band, I would have found a petty excuse and stayed home... Man, I really did miss her; she is always fun to be around... She is such a prankster, nobody can get away from her pranks. Also, I missed her in general; her short figure locking in my embrace when I hug her, her fragrance, the way she moves, the sound of her voice that is so soothing it should be used as a hospital treatment ...

"Bro, aren't you gonna answer that?" Sam asks me, punching my shoulder and snapping me out of my thoughts. I turn to look at him, confused.

"Your phone is ringing for about 2 minutes now....Aren't you going to answer that? Dude, are you even here with us? Were you thinking of ..." He begins but I cut him off...

"Shut the fuck up." I say, my eyes wide open. Instead of him getting scared, He begins laughing.

"I didn't even mention a name." He says, laughing harder.

"What name? " I hear someone ask from behind us... A very familiar someone... (Y/N)... I jump from my seat and get towards her to hug her.

"Oh, my fucking god, I've missed you so much..." I say, hugging her tight in my arms. I smell the smell of her hair, I feel the warmth of her skin against mine... Fuck, this feels so good...

"Cam... Can't... Breathe..." I hear her groan... I release her and she laughs. God, that laugh...

"Sorry, I've just missed you so bad... I mean all of us did..." I say and run my fingers through my hair.She throws her head to the side and smiles at me sweetly.

"Aaaawww, I've missed you too, lil bro..."She says and lightly punches me in the shoulder. My smile drops; did I just get bro-zoned?

(A Little Later On) (Y/N's POV)

I pick my backpack from the back of my chair and pick out my phone before I get up to exit the meeting room. Honestly, I just want to get out of here as soon as possible.

As I walk towards the elevator to get to the parking, I hear someone behind me.

"(Y/N), wait.." I hear Cam yell. I turn around and plaster a smile on my face.

"Hey! "I greet him.

"Hey. I just wanted to tell you about the kick-off party Ben and Ciara are throwing tonight... I would really love to see you there... I mean, me and the guys both... All of us. You can even bring Trevor... "He says and my fake smile instantly drops. I fiddle with my fingers and look at my feet.

"You haven't heard, have you?" I ask him and he looks at me confused

"What?' He asks me.

"Trevor and I broke up. He called me 2 weeks before the end of my tour and told me that he couldn't keep on doing this like that anymore...He told me that I am almost always away from home and that when I am here I barely have time for him. He made me choose between a relationship with him and my band, the band I started from scratch... So, here I am, single, but with a pretty strong fan base. I just wish I could find someone that understood all the struggles of my lifestyle..." I say, getting it all off of my chest. I really needed that. He opens his arms to hug me and I find comfort in his embrace.

"Shhh, everything is going to be ok. You will find someone that appreciates how awesome, funny, gorgeous without even trying, sweet, caring and talented you are." He says, rubbing my back.

"Thank you for listening. I really needed that. I gotta get going. I'll see you tonight.." I say, parting from him and heading towards the elevator. I know it seems cold and distant, but if I stay, even for a minute, I am going to burst into tears. I enter the elevator and wave him off.

"Bring a swimming suit with you. We are having a pool after party." He says before the elevator doors close.

(Later That Day)/ (Cameron's POV)

"You gotta tell her dude...She has to know how you feel. It's only fair for the both of you." Sam says as he drags me in to pour himself a drink. I sigh and lean my back on the island.

"I don't know, Sam. She has just gotten out of a relationship, she might need time. Also, she might want to be with someone her age, or even older." I say, trying to think of all the reasons this could get train wrecked.

"Dude, think up... You don't have such a big age difference... She is just 4 years older than you. This might be your last chance... Someone like her is a catch. It won't take her long to find someone new. You either tell her tonight, or I will. " He says and pours himself some vodka. He is right; I need to tell her tonight...

(5 Hours Later)/ (Y/N's POV)

" Guys, I had so much fun tonight. But I need to get going. I have to wake up early in the morning tomorrow. All of us do. I will see you tomorrow." I say and get out of the pool. I leave my drink at the side of the pool and grab a towel to pat my body dry. I quickly slip on my dress and grab my purse. I give the guys a wave and walk towards the place where I've parked my car. Everyone is too drunk to even talk so I just walk outside alone.

"(Y/N), wait." I hear Cameron say loudly behind me.

"Second time this day. What is it, Liddell? " I ask him, giving him a genuine smile.

"I just want to tell you that I like you." He says and I smile.

"Awww... I like you too." I say and place a hand on his shoulder.

"No, you didn't understand right. It's not that kind of like. It is the kinda like like..." He says and I look at him questionably.

"I am confused?" I say and he sighs. Before I can even process what he could mean, he cups my face and kisses me softly on the lips. It's not the kind of lustful kissing, like rough and needy, it is soft and calming and soothing. His lips are soft, his stubble a bit tickling against my skin. He actually doesn't taste like alcohol; is he really sober...

"That kind of like..." He whispers against my lips, once we part. I don't really know what gotten into me but next thing I know, I am slapping him on the face and run away.

( 2 Days Later) / (Cam's POV)

I am sitting at my bank, alone. The guys are probably in the back lounge, playing x-box or having an early drink. I am not in the mood for neither of this shit. Since the night of my confession, nothing is the same; I just don't want to do a single thing...

"Cam...?" I hear a soft voice call me. Her voice... Either I am going insane, or she is actually here.

(A Few Minutes Before)/ (Y/N's POV)

I sit in my bank, trying to watch whatever series I choose for today. I just can't concentrate on anything... I keep thinking about the kiss... It was so freaking right. I know that Cameron is like my little brother, but dear God, he is everything I am looking for. I thought that this feeling I had for him was just a friendly love, but actually, it's something more...something much more... I sigh and think of the choices I have...

(Present Time.)

" Are you really here or am I hallucinating?" Cameron asks me. I smile at him and bite my lip.

" I am here. Can I climb in?" I ask him and he drags the curtain of his bank to the end

"I thought you didn't want to see me after what happened. At least that what you showed me." He says, not looking at me.

"It's not that. I was dying to see you. It was just sudden. You have to understand me. Until that moment, I was just thinking you as a good friend of mine." I say, trying to look at his eyes.

"And now?" He asks, his voice serious.

"Now, I realized that what I felt wasn't just some kind of friendly love. It was... " I begin, but before I could continue, he cups my face and kisses me. In the beginning, it's soft and innocent, just a little peck, but soon turns into a heated kiss, with his teeth nibbling on my bottom lip and his tongue trying to get dominance. With a move of his hands, I am now sitting on his lap, Getting really into that make out session... 
"I fucking waited for this for such a fucking long time, it's insane..." He whispers against my lips, gripping tightly on my waist.

" I can tell..." I say, brushing my hand against his prominent boner. He just lets out a small moan, signaling that he actually liked my move. I smirk against his lips and now put a bit more pressure while I trace his cock.

"Fucking stop. You don't know what you are getting yourself into, babygirl." He growls and moves to my neck...

"I am older than you... You are practically my babyboy..." I tease him.

"You are a milf then..." He says and sucks a hickey on my neck.

"I kinda like that..." I moan as he finds my sweet spot.

"Can I take your t-shirt off?" He asks me, pulling on the hem of my t-shirt.

"Beg for it." I moan and he smiles against my skin before he grazes it with his teeth.

"We both know you want it... Don't downplay it.." He whispers and kisses my neck tenderly. I just moan as he raises my t-shirt and throws it to the side of his bank. He just stares at me for a while, with his lips agape and his eyes shining.
"What? " I ask him, cupping his face.

"Nothing... It's just... You're just so beautiful.." He breathes out and turns us, so I am laying on my back. He begins pecking on my torso. Some kisses are open-mouthed, others are just feather pecks. Either kind has me moaning. I arch my back to help him take off my bra and I can already feel my core getting wet with anticipation. I pop the button of my jean shorts and shimmy out of them. He just smiles and climbs on top of me, resting his elbows on either side of my body. I help him get off his basketball shorts and I bite my lip... I see the outline of his cock through his tight briefs and my mind runs wild. He looks at me, asking for permission. I just nod and he pulls my panties to the side. He places his tip in front of my entrance and with a thrust of his hips, he is inside me. I feel him stretch my entrance and walls as he moves his length in me.

"Cam, it hurts a little." I say, feeling a bit of discomfort.

"Want me to stop?" He asks, stopping moving.

"No, just give me some time..." I say and he nods. He just thrusts his hips slowly, letting me take a deep breath in between movements. Soon, discomfort subsides and all I can feel is pleasure. He moves his hips at a steady pace, trying to find my spot. I just place my hand on his bicep and try to get my body closer to his...

"You feel so fucking good around me..." He whispers thrusting deeper inside me. His hand goes on between us and reaches for my clit. He traces it softly and I moan, feeling my insides burning. I feel his veins against my walls, swelling up, signaling he is close. 
He changes the angle he is penetrating me, trying to find a way to have full access to my gspot. Once he finds it, he keeps on hitting it, making my insides knot, signaling that I am close to my pick.

"Fuck, I am so close....." He whispers in my ear and bites my earlobe, causing goosebumps to erupt on my skin. His breath is hitched and I can clearly see the veins on his neck from trying to hold back... He continues rubbing my clit, bringing me closer to my orgasm, so close that my walls are actually spasming.

"This is freaking perfect... Keep doing it." He growls, his breath on my neck.

A few minutes later, my orgasm hits me, making me arch my back and roll my eyes to the back of my head. My chest is pressed to his, so I feel his breath leaving his lungs and his heartbeat rise.

"Fuck (Y/N)." He growls as he cums. He bites his lip and digs his fingers deeper in my hip bone.

He lays next to me, breathless, and brings me to lay on his chest. I place a small kiss underneath his chest tattoo, earning a little chuckle from him.

"OH, (Y/N), you feel so good..." I hear someone from outside the bank.

"Oh, Yes Cam... I am soooo clooose..." Someone else fake moans.

"Cameron and (Y/N), sitting in a tree... K-I-S-S-I-N-G" Danny sings and everyone bursts out laughing.

"Can you guys shut the hell up and leave us the fuck alone?" Cam growls and everyone laughs even more. I just support my body on my elbows and give him a small peck, smiling on his lips. He hugs my waist and pecks on my forehead, making me feel like a little kid again.

"You know we are going to have that shit all day long...?"He says, referring to the guys mocking us...

"Nah... Just for a couple of days... I hope.." I answer, laying on his chest.

"I am totally fine with that."He says, getting more comfortable.

"Me too. " I answer, tracing my finger over his tattoo.

"You know, we have to go on a date soon. Like a decent date." He says, petting my hair.

"Can we go to sleep right now? I am hella exhausted." I say and he chuckles.

"Sleep tight, babygirl..." He whispers as my eyelids get heavier.

Chapter Text

(Y/N)'S POV.

I walk into mine and Austin's house. You see, after dating Austin for 2 years, we decided to take our relationship to the next level. So, 6 months ago, we moved in together. Well, basically, I moved to his house, for many reasons, partly because his house is bigger than my flat and because 3 weeks later he went on tour, so if he moved to my flat, he wouldn't be able to organize his stuff. So, here I am now.

Austin came back from tour a month ago and I couldn't be happier. But, don't get me wrong, sometimes I miss my alone time. When I am alone, I do my "lady stuff" that I am not able to do with Austin in the same room. I throw my keys on the table next to the door. I hang my purse on the hanger and finally step out of my heels. I work at a big company that organizes events- that's how I met Austin, I organized one of their band's concerts- and I have to dress in a certain way.

"Austin?" I scream, my voice echoing through the whole house, but no answer. I decide on calling him. I dial his number, which I've learned by heart. He answers on the 3rd ring.

"(Y/N)poo. "He whispers/shouts.

"Austin bear." I say mimicking his voice with the same excitement.

"What's up love?" He asks

"Where are you? Are you going to be late?" I ask in an innocent and cute tone.

"I am in an interview. I'll be back in approximately 1 and a half hour." He says

-"But I need you." I whine

"You need me for what?" He asks pretending he doesn't know my urge to ride him every fucking minute.

"You know...." I pretend to be an innocent little girl.

"Hold that feeling, babygirl." He says in a horny voice.

"Can't promise anything." I say and hang up. I know that this will make him eager.

I go to our bedroom to change. I open the closet and search a bit for a t-shirt until I come into a familiar locked box. I devilishly smile and grab it. I go to my desk and fumble a bit with the things inside my drawer until I find the keys I am looking for. I unlock the lock and grab the familiar neon blue dildo, that I haven't used since Austin came back from tour. I bite my lip, wondering whether or not I should use it right now.

I succumb to my temptation and strip down of my clothes. I usually when I use my dildo, I use a picture of a man, usually Austin's, to get turned on. But today I decide to "cheat" on Austin. I grab my i-pad and open the gallery, searching for the perfect one. Once I find a picture of Telle Smith, I bite my lip and stop my search. I lay down on my bed and insert the phallic-shaped toy to my entrance and let the pleasure consume me...


After (Y/N)'s phone call, I couldn't help myself. Man, this woman turns me on. Never in my life before, have I felt this way. Not only she is sexy, but she is the most beautiful girl I've ever laid my eyes on. Plus, she is smart as hell. I'm in love with her. When I first met her, all I wanted was to screw the brains out of her head. But she was so hard to get; with every date we had, I was falling more for her. She made me love all her aspects; even the ones she considered to be "ugly".

Once I am done with the interview, I drive straight home. I park the car and walk into the house. She is nowhere to be seen; I think she may is hiding to make me even more turned on. I sigh and decide to play along.

I climb up the stairs and start hearing her soft moans."This can't be true" I whisper. She is not cheating on me, is she? She knows my past. Her moans are becoming louder, her breaths heavier; I thought only me can make her feel this way. Everything was a lie: all the "I love you"s went to waste.

"Telle..." I hear her scream. That's it. I walk towards our shared bedroom and open the door wide.

"What the hell (Y/N)?" I yell in a pissed off tone. My expression changes from angry to frustrated once I see that there is only her, with a dildo and her i-pad. She jumps at the sound of my voice, color draining from her face.

"Austin? You came early." She says sitting up, while I am walking to our bed. She looks down at her hands.

"Yeah, I couldn't help myself but think of all the things I could do to you." I say and she bites her lip.

"(Y/N), what were you doing?" I ask looking into her eyes. She lowers her head and sighs.

"You know... Masturbating..." she whispers

" You know I masturbate too, there is no reason to be ashamed. Now could you please like to explain to me why you were screaming 'Telle'?" I ask running my thumb across her cheek.

"Well, when I 'play' with myself, I use a guy's picture, usually yours, to get turned on." She confesses and I nod.

"(Y/N), look into my eyes and answer me truthfully." I say holding her chin up. She nods and I ask

"Do you like Telle? Like 'like-like'?" She looks into my eyes and sighs

"I had a small, celebrity crush on him before we got together. But I am in love with you. Please don't break up with me. I am sorry, I only did it once." She says looking pleadingly into my eyes. I smile and wrap my arms around her. She lays her head down on my embrace. I kiss her forehead.

"It's ok princess. I won't." I say and I feel her smile.

"Now baby girl, you've been a bad girl. You've made daddy horny and got turned on by another guy. Kitten, you need to be punished. On your hands and knees, slut. And hand me that dildo." I growl and smack her ass. She moans and does as I told her. It's going to be a long night....


I have just reached our home. I've been in the gym for the past 2 hours and all I want is a place to rest my sore body. I sigh in frustrated when I see a strange looking car; I know it is not Alan's, nor Phil's, not Tino's either and for sure it's not Aaron. I shrug my shoulders and unlock the door.

"Austin." I shout

"In the living room." He shouts back. I sigh and make myself look presentable. Thank God I showered and changed clothes back in the gym. I throw my bag on the floor and make my way to the living room. I walk in and find Telle and Austin sitting on the couch chatting.

"Hello, love."  Austin says walking up to me, grabbing me by the waist and crashing our lips together. I kiss him back and we immediately start making out. I pull away and he looks at me questionably.

"What's wrong, love?" He asks smirking

"I don't want to be rude, but do you mind explaining to me why Telle is here?" I ask peeping to Telle.

"(Y/N), you may want to sit down." Telle blurts out

"Are you guys gay and Austin is going to leave me for you?" I ask. They both burst out laughing

"No. I am not leaving you, don't worry." Austin says between fits of laughter.

"Then I can pretty much handle everything else." I say, standing up.

"So, (Y/N), Austin informed me that you had a crush on me and that I still turn you on." Telle says smirking and I swear my eyes now have the size of the moon.

"Austin." I whine. He just sticks his tongue out and laughs.

"Well, I must admit that you are pretty damn attractive." Telle begins but I cut him off.

"Wait, are you asking me out? In front of my boyfriend?" I ask.

"Godamn it, woman. Let him speak up." Austin interrupts me.

"No. All I suggest is that we have our way, to get me out of your system." Telle says and I just stare shocked.

"Of course, I am not letting you two alone." Austin speaks up.

"Wait, are you suggesting that we have a threesome?" I ask, raising an eyebrow. They just nod and I smirk.

"Well... First of all, I need a shower." I say and seductively begin walking, swinging my hips and undressing. I am now standing in just my undergarments. I loose my ponytail, letting my curls bounce free. I turn around and place my hands on my hip bones. I see Austin and Telle in a shocked expression.

"Anyone wants to join me?" I smile devilishly.

"Damn, you have a hot body(Y/N)." Telle says and I hear Austin gulp. I just smile and begin walking up the stairs.

In the middle of my way up, I remove my panties, bending down to take them completely off. I bend a bit more, to give them a nice view of my toned ass and lips. I hear Austin wolf whistle. I turn around to see them both standing 3 steps behind me. I look into Austin's eyes and lean towards his body, my lips inches away from his

"It's not like you haven't seen me before." I giggle and he grabs me by my waist, closing the gap between us. I feel a hand smacking my ass, it is definitely not Austin's, cause his are roaming my body. I moan into the kiss, making Austin bite my bottom lip.

We part away and I continue my way to the bathroom attached to our room, the 2 men shortly behind me. I unclasp my bra, throwing it on the floor. I peck over my shoulder and slowly turn around. I see them both looking up and down my body.

"See anything you like?" I ask smirking. They both nod and I grab Telle's hand and begin undressing him. While I am removing his clothes, I plant kisses all over his naked body.

"You are coming in with me." I whisper but loud enough for Austin to hear it. I walk over him and kiss him passionately.

"You, play with yourself a bit." I whisper, my lips barely not touching his. Telle grabs me by my wrist, spinning me around to face him.

"You think you are going to dominate us?" He asks and I bite my lip

"Well yeah."  And with that, he pushes me into the shower cabin.

I turn the water to hot and he pins me against the tiled wall. He kisses me but it is nowhere near Austin's kisses. Austin's are full of passion, love, lust, care, and affection. Telle's are just kisses; nice and rough but nothing more. He grabs my ass and removes his lips from mine, placing them on my chest. He sucks lightly, carefully not to make a mark. I wrap my legs around his waist, my arms around his neck. He pushes me harder against the wall and removes one hand from my ass, placing it between my thighs, running his fingers up and down my folds. He pinches my clit, making me jump in surprise. I groan and peep over his shoulder to see Austin, who obeys to my command and plays with his erected dick.

Telle pumps 1 finger inside me and I lose it. I throw my head back from the pleasure.

"Faster and more fingers." I command

"Beg for it." Telle says and grabs my ass roughly.

"Pl..Pl..Please." I scream

"'Please', what?" He asks, grabbing my ass harder.

"Please, Telle, insert more of your magical fingers inside me and go a bit faster, if you want. Please." I manage to calmly say

"Good girl." He says doing what I asked for.

"God." I groan and decide to tease Austin. I start moaning like crazy. I hear Austin's breath starting to get rapid. I know he is close and so am I. Telle curls his fingers inside me.

"AUSTIN..." I scream, cumming on Telle's fingers. I know that this is going to bring Austin on the edge of his climax.

"Fuck..." I hear him growl.

"Guys, what about we transfer the magic to the bedroom?" I ask once I have my feet on the floor and breath back.

"Sure thing, babygirl." Austin says wrapping a towel around me. Telle nods and I kiss Austin. His hands travel up and down my ribcage. He slides his tongue to my bottom lip. I open my mouth slightly to let him investigate my mouth. I wrap my legs around his torso and his hands go down to my ass to support me.

He carries me to our bed and lays me down. He lays on top of me and we begin making out roughly but with love. Only Austin can do that. We part away and I moan in frustration.

"Baby where do you keep that dildo?" He asks. I stand up from the bed and make my way to the closet. I  bend down, seductively, making sure that they both see my ass and lips. I pick up the box and unlock the locker. I pick the toy and walk back to the boys.

"Here you go, love." I say as I hand Austin the dildo. He throws it to Telle and throws me on the bed. He unwraps the towel from my body, exposing my breasts. I see his eyes full of lust. He cups my breasts, rolling my left nipple between his fingers. He attaches our lips and I feel Telle widening the gap between my legs.

He brings his face between them, blowing hot air. I moan from the pleasure they are both giving me. Telle licks up my folds, causing shivers to run down my spine. He inserts the dildo into my vagina, sucking greedily on my clit. I scream from the pleasure, losing my mind from their actions. The dildo hits my back wall every now and then. I feel the knot in my stomach tightening. I now moan uncontrollably. Austin spanks my ass.

"On your hands and knees, you slut." He growls, slapping my ass and I moan in pleasure. That man sure knows how to turn on me even more, if this is even possible. I obey to his command and get on my hands and knees, standing on the edge of the bed.

Telle comes closer to me and I grab his member. I gently stroke it and lick it up and down, leaving bold strokes of saliva. He groans and I devilishly smirk. I take his member into my mouth and start sucking. I hollow my cheeks and try to control my breath, avoiding gagging. Telle moans and grabs my hair, guiding me deeper. I feel Austin grabbing my hips, positioning his enormous shaft in front of my hole.

He teasingly runs it up and down my slit. I moan, which sends vibrations to Telle's cock. I feel his manhood throbbing inside my mouth. Austin forcefully shoves his penis inside me and I nearly choked on Telle's shaft. I calm down my breath and continue giving Telle his head. I caress his balls, bobbing my head up and down, wrapping my lips tightly around his "little friend". He groans and I feel him closer to his climax. Austin continues slamming into me, grabbing my hips tighter. I scream, sending vibrations through Telle's dick, which now releases his load down my throat. I swallow every drop and he removes his manhood from my mouth.

"Austin, have you put on a condom?" I ask half worried, half about to scream.

"You know I always do baby girl." He says and he removes one hand from my hip and places it on my breast, massaging it and grabbing it hard. He removes the other and grabs my hair. With every thrust, he pulls my hair back; he knows that this is my weakness. His hand travels from my chest to my clit, rubbing sloppy circles on it. He leans towards my ear, whispering huskily.

"I want you to cum only for me. Forget that Telle is here watching us and playing with his shaft." I moan. Every thrust of his becomes sloppier than the previous one. I know he is close. To intricate his orgasm, I begin kegeling. I tighten my pelvic muscles and I hear his breath hitching.

"Baby girl, you know that I won't release until you do so." He says and spanks my ass. I wince in pain and excitement. He thrusts into me hard and hits my g-spot.

"AUSTIN!!!" I scream and cum all over his hard cock. 

"That's right kitten, cum for papa!" He says and groans. With 2 more thrusts, he pulls his shaft out of my entrance.

I just lay there for 2 minutes to catch my breath.

"Ride me. " Telle commands. I just nod and stand up. I go to the nightstand, grabbing a condom. I walk back to the bed to find Telle laying down with his hands behind his head. I crawl to him and grab his erected penis. I roll the condom on his length and sit on top of him, straddling his waist.

"No teasing." He growls and I grab his shaft, positioning him at my entrance. He groans and grabs my hips, guiding me lower onto him. I moan like crazy once again

"You like that, you slut?" I feel Austin's breathing into my ear. I moan, grabbing his hand, guiding it to my clit. He starts rubbing circles on it, slowly and sensually. I throw my head back to the crook of his neck. Telle slaps my ass.

"You are so fucking tight. Thank God you are dripping wet." He groans. Austin starts nibbling on my neck, making sure that he leaves a nice visible, purple mark that it is going to be hard to cover tomorrow.

"You are mine and only mine." Austin says slapping the side of my ass.

"Ride off him." He commands and I obey.

"Lay down." He orders

"You finger her, and you whore, satisfy us with your hands." He says grabbing my throat. I moan and he smirks. He releases my throat and lays next to me. Telle lays on the other side, his legs near my head. He licks his fingers and spreads my legs. He pushes his fingers into me. I gasp in the beginning but I quite enjoy it. I grab Austin's shaft pumping it up and down. I simultaneously do that for Telle, who is pumping his fingers into me, fast. I grab their friends harder, moving my hands faster. I run my thumb across Austin's tip and feel the precum starting to pool. Telle inserts another finger and now his 3 fingers are curling inside me. I gasp for air, feeling my walls clenching around his digits. I continue pumping them and with 2 more pumps, I feel Austin's warm cum all over my hand. I remove my hand and he brings it close to my mouth, forcing me to taste every drop of his cum.

I continue pumping Telle, now focusing only on him. I grab it harder, pumping it faster. He continues on moving his magic fingers inside me, making me wanna scream in pleasure. Austin starts playing with my boobs, licking and sucking on my nipples. I groan and hear Telle groaning too. I run my thumb across the tip of it, feeling his dick throbbing inside my hand.

"Ugh... I am so close." I moan.

"Let it go. " He groans. He pumps his fingers deeply, forcefully, hitting my back wall. I squeeze his shaft and he releases in my hand. His thumb rubs circles on my clit. I feel the knot in the pit of my stomach about to snap once again. With one more pump, I scream and cum all over his fingers. He removes his fingers and brings them to his mouth, tasting my juices

"Nice taste." He says.

The three of us just lay there, catching our breaths, until Telle decides to get up, dress up and leave only me and Austin. I turn to him and kiss him.

"What was that for?" He asks, snaking his arms around my waist.

"It is a way to say 'thank you'." I simply shrug.

"So did you like it?" He asks, looking at his feet, pretending that he didn't care about my answer. I grab his chin and crash our lips together, laying on top of his chest.

"I liked it... But I prefer having sex with you. And only you." I say smirking and tracing his chest scar with my finger tips. He smiles and embraces me tighter.

"So, is he out of your system?" He asks.

"Yep, completely. Now I only want to have sex with you! And I am going to fantasize only about you." I say, snuggling closer to his chest, closing my eyes. He smiles and rubs my back

"Sweet dreams kitten." He whispers and we both drift off to a restful sleep.

Chapter Text

"Good morning, princess." Kellin greets me as I enter the kitchen, dressed in just one of his t-shirts. 

"Good morning, baby." I reply, picking up a mug from the cupboard. 
"How are you up so early?" He asks me as I pour myself some water to make me a cup of tea. 
"I woke up for some cuddles and I didn't find you there, so I got up. I thought that you didn't have to go to the studio today, why are you up this early?" I ask him and sit across of him.
"They texted me in the morning about an emergency meeting. I will be back before 2, don't worry, I will be all yours today, babygirl..." He says and strokes my cheek. I lean my head on his palm and smile sweetly at him. 
"What are you going to do today princess?" He asks me and I shrug. 
"I don't know. I'll probably pamper myself while I wait for my daddy to come home." I say and Kellin hums. 
"You deserve that babygirl. But please, before you do, make sure to tidy up the closet a bit. Your clothes are everywhere..." He says and I pout. taking my puppy eyes. 
"Come on princess, it is not that bad. It will take you like an hour, maximum. And then you can pamper yourself all you want... But always remember daddy's rule..." He says and winks at me, making me roll my eyes. 
"I shouldn't touch myself while waiting for daddy... It is unfair." I protest and Kellin chuckles. 
"Life isn't always fair, princess." He replies and pecks on my forehead as he gets up and exits the kitchen.

As I enter the closet to tidy up, I pout, taking in all the mess. I groan and stomp my foot on the floor before I start whining. I don't want to tidy it up, I want to soak in the bath and relax, light up some candles and spoil myself; I don't want to spend my time folding clothes and fixing hangers. 
So I just drop the t-shirt on the floor and walk to the bathroom, opening the tap to fill the bathtub with warm water. 

I hear the front door unlocking and I sit up from my spot. Dressed in my wine red set of corset, panties, garters and matching transparent rob, and paired with my favorite kitten ears, with my hair in a messy bun, I feel very confident about Kellin finally seeing me rested and dolled up, after a long time of wandering around the house in sweats and t-shirts. 
"(Y/N)?" Kellin shouts; I hear his footsteps on the stairs and smile. 
"In the bedroom, daddy." I announce and sit on the edge of the mattress, on my knees, with my hands flat on my thighs. 
"Hey, babygirl..." Kellin greets me, entering the bedroom. I watch him scan my body and lick his lips, making me smirk even more than I already do before I take my innocent doll eyes. 
"How was work, daddy?" I ask him, standing up and walking to him. He brings his hand to graze my cheek with his knuckles. 
"Tiring, babygirl. But now I am back home. And that's all that matters, right princess?" He asks me as I bring my fingers to his neck. 
"Right daddy. What can I do to relax you?" I ask and he smirks. 
"Lay on the bed, and wait for me." He says and I nod before he begins walking to the closet.

The last thing that crosses my mind is the mess in the closet. I prefer to think of all the things he is going to do to me the moment he gets on our bed. 
"(Y/N), did you clean the closet like I asked you to?" Kellin asks me, still in the closet. I stand up from the bed and get in with him, trying to look as cute as I can. 
"I didn't..." I mumble and wait for his reaction. 
"(Y/N), I asked you to tidy up." He says and I groan. 
"I didn't really want to." I say and shrug. 
"(Y/N), I asked you to do something and you didn't. And 'I didn't want to' is not an excuse." He says and I roll my eyes. 
"Don't roll your eyes on me. I asked you to do something really simple, but you ignored me. And you are being sassy instead of apologizing princess." He says, his anger elevating with every word. 
"Get over it. I didn't want to do it, so I didn't do it. If you want your precious closet tidy, maybe you should do it yourself." I raise my voice and watch his face contort into surprise and then anger.
"Did you just raise your voice at me?" He asks; I freeze and stare at him, watching his pupils blow out and his eyes get darker.
"You know damn well that I am right." I protest, my voice a bit weaker, but still strong. 
"You did it again? Are you trying to get spanked, little girl? Do you want your precious butt red, princess?" He asks me, approaching me a bit threateningly. I press my thighs together and remain silent, knowing too well that what I say might put me in a difficult position. 
"I asked you a question. You are making this worse for you." He says, his voice steady. 
"I...I... I am sorry, daddy." I stutter and he chuckles. 
"Oh, you will be sorry. " He says and sits on the small couch, patting his knee and motioning me to get closer. I gulp and lower my head, looking at my feet as I walk to him. 
"How many, daddy?" I ask and he thinks about it for a minute.
"20 are enough. 10 for disobeying me and 10 for talking back." He says and I hold in the gasp that threatens to escape my lips. 
I lay with my stomach on his lap, taking deep breaths as I prepare my body for what's to come. 
"Count with me, princess. 1." He says and delivers the first blow on my left cheek. I wince, but I know that there are worst to come. 
"2." I say as he hand collides with my right cheek. I bite my lip and shut my eyes. 
"3." I count the moment he slaps my left cheek; the fact that it's been a few seconds since the first one on this cheek makes the stinging more prominent. 
"4." I cry; by this moment, my eyes are tearing up a bit. 
"5." I wince. The volume of the slaps is greater now. 
"6." His hand lands on my ass, making me jolt. 
"7." My hands are balled in fists, my nails digging in my palm lightly. 
"8." Usually, he takes a break around here, to soothe my skin.
"9." But not this time; he continues slapping, changing the force of each blow. 
"10." I cry out; I am not sure on why, but I feel wetter than ever right now. 
"11." I feel some numbness, but I know that soon pain will come back. 
"12." My ass is definitely red and raw; Kellin stops for a moment and runs his palm over my ass to soothe me.
"13." I want to grip on him, dig my nails in his legs, but I know better.
"14." The pain is back again, but pleasure has not subsided. 
"15." One more and we have a new record; we've never gotten further than that.
"16." It's a new sensation, which I don't know if I will be able to bare for more. 
"17." Tears roll down my cheeks now. 
"18." Involuntarily, I shake my ass, trying to get away. 
"19." But all it earns me is a harder slap. One more; just one more. 
"20." I cry out, collapsing a little.

"Good job, princess." Kellin praises me.
"Thank you daddy." I sniffle and turn to look at him. 
"Do you think you can walk to the bed, princess?" He asks me and I shake my head no. 
"It's ok. I will pick you up. Just stand up for a while..." He says and I try my best to follow his order. 
"Here..." He says as he picks me up. I nestle close to his chest and wipe my tears. 
He places me softly on the bed, leaving me on my stomach before he walks to the vanity in our room. 
He sits on the bed and squirts a bit of lotion on my ass. I wince in the beginning but it starts cooling the burning from his handprints. 
"You did so well princess." He praises me as he rubs the lotion. 
"I am sorry I talked back daddy. And I am sorry I didn't follow the order you gave me." I say, enjoying the soft massage. 
"You learned your lesson, I guess. Now, let's watch Stranger Things and cuddle. Ok princess?" He asks me, placing a kiss on my back. 
"Thank you daddy." I cheer and smile at him.

Chapter Text

I struggle to unlock the front door of my apartment, merely because I am drunk, merely because Ronnie's hand roam my body, making me giggle uncontrollably. 

"Can you stop? I have to get us in..." I slur as he brings his lips to my neck; whenever Ronnie gets a bit more than tipsy, he gets horny as fuck. Today, I thought it would be different since Danny is with us, but I was mistaken...
"Be faster..." He groans.
"I am trying." I giggle and try to twist the key.

After a while, we are finally in. I stumble across the room as the guys collapse on the couch.
"What do you want to drink?" I ask them, bending down to check on the mini-fridge.
"Whatever you have." Danny mumbles and Ronnie laughs.
"Tequila it is, then," I announce and raise the bottle.

After we settle in for our drinks, I plop on the couch, looking around a bit tiredly.
"You ok, princess?" Ronnie asks me teasingly, placing a hand on my thigh.
"Yeah, I just feel a little bit tired," I reply and he smiles.
"Come here, love." He says and pats his lap.
"Danny is here," I say and he chuckles.
"You'll just sit on my lap, princess. He won't mind. Will you, Dan?" He asks and Danny snickers.
"Honestly, I am so tired that I'd want to sit on your lap too." He jokes and Ronnie smiles at me.

I don't realize how from sitting on his lap we ended up making out. His hand rests on my lower back, every now and then pulling on my hair. I let him slip his tongue into my mouth as my hands grip on his t-shirt.
My mind doesn't go to Danny until I feel the couch shift.
"Maybe I should go... Things are getting heated in here..." He says, stumbling to get up.
"Do we want him to go, princess?" Ronnie asks, kissing down my neck, tracing the neckline of my dress. I look at Danny and smile; Ronnie knows how attractive I find Danny, so he is always trying to hook us up.
"No, he can stay," I reply and wink at him.
"I knew you would like my idea..." Ronnie grabs my jaw, bringing my lips back to his. My eyes are still on Danny, who looks at us surprised.
I tilt my head back, letting Ronnie kiss my neck.
"Don't you think it's time for Danny to join the fun?" I ask Ronnie who smirks against my skin.
"Sure..." He replies, letting me stand up. I walk to Danny, who is still starstruck, placing my hands on his chest.
"You ok, big boy?" I ask him and bite my lip.
"Never been better." He replies, placing his hand on the back of my head. He pulls slightly on my hair and I smirk at him, moving closer. He kisses me, gripping my waist. My hand travels down his abdomen and my fingers hook on his belt, making sure there is no space between our bodies.
He pushes me towards the couch, still not parting from my lips. I place my hand over his erection, feeling him harden under my touch. I flip us so I am straddling him, pinning his hands on either side of his face.
"Don't you just love her when she tries to be in control?" Ronnie asks, standing behind me.
"She is the best," Danny replies, parting from my lips.
"Maybe we should start peeling off clothes," Ronnie suggests tracing up my thigh.
"Honestly, the second best idea you've had today..." Danny comments and I smile.
"Why don't we start with you, pretty boy?" I ask and pull on his t-shirt, trying to get him out of it.
"You know, I am starting feeling a bit secluded in here..." Ronnie complains, earning a chuckle.
"Aww, is my other pretty boy jealous?" I ask, turning to look at him.
"A bit..." He murmurs and I motion him to kneel next to us. He follows my order, Danny moving a bit to the side.
I grind a little on Danny, while I kiss Ronnie. By now, it is obvious that neither of is drunk.
"I wanna taste you," Danny says while I still make out with Ronnie.
"RIde his face, princess," Ronnie says, unzipping my dress. I let the strap slide down my shoulders and arms before I sit up to drop it to the floor. I feel the guys stare at me, their eyes almost burning holes on my skin as I reveal my completely naked body to them.
"Who would have thought that princess had gone commando under that dress..." Ronnie comments and I stick my tongue out.
"Come here, princess," Danny says, licking his lips.

I finally straddle his face, sighing as his lips engulf my clit. Ronnie turns my head and starts kissing me while cupping my breasts, running his fingers along my nipples, making them roughen. Danny slips his tongue inside me, causing a groan to escape my lips and be muffled by Ronnie's mouth. He licks around before the tip of his tongue grazes my spot. My hips automatically buck against his face, getting more of the thrilling rash his beard leaves on the soft skin of my inner thigh. Danny moans and grips on my thighs, moving my hips back and forth, but also keeping me from sitting up. Ronnie leaves my lips and lowers his mouth to my chest, taking in my left nipple. Sucking and grazing his teeth on it, he pinches my other one causing extra sensation to my body. I can feel that Danny is trying his best, slurping and tracing patterns with his tongue.
"I wanna suck your cock." I whimper as Ronnie suckles on my bud. He looks at me from down there and smirks; we've been in this friends with benefits relationship long enough to know that he loves my lips around his cock.
"Oh princess, I want that too." He says and guides my hand over his jeans. I can feel his rock hard member and that makes me only wetter.
Danny picks up on the rhythm, flicking my clit and running his tongue along the outline of my hole.
"Fuck Danny, you are so good at this..." I groan as Ronnie unzips his pants. I lean forward, lowering my head close to Ronnie's cock, which springs free and rests against his stomach. I wrap my hand around his member and run my thumb over his red head. Pumping his member, I spit on it to help in the movement before I take his tip in my mouth. I swirl my tongue around it, humming as I do. Ron's hand tangles in my hair, trying to move my head to take him deeper. I pop him out of my mouth and look at him smiling.
"Be patient..." I whisper as I kiss along his length.
"You know how much I love your lips, baby girl." He praises me.
"Fuck Danny." I jump as he masterly wraps his lips around my clit, bringing me to my edge. He grips harder, moving my hips on his face.
"I am so close." I moan, pumping Ronnie faster. Danny slows down making me groan.
"I am not done with you yet, princess. You won't cum on my tongue. Let me see you suck his dick, princess. And if you are good at it, you will get your reward." He says, establishing his dominance. I look at him a bit angrily, but he responds by slapping my ass.
"I said, let me see you suck his dick." He growls this time, sitting up straight and bringing me to straddle his lap.

I lower my head and take Ronnie's dick in my mouth, bobbing my head slowly as I suck in my cheeks. My tongue traces the vein on the underside as I take him down my throat.
Danny strokes my sides and back, making me shiver.

I pop Ronnie's dick out of my mouth and gasp for air. His hand is still in my hair, stroking it to comfort me.
"Look at that... Is she good at it, buddy?" He asks and Ronnie chuckles.
"I need some more to form an opinion." He says and I nod, wrapping my lips around his member. I bob my head and stroke him, occasionally running my fingers under his balls to add to the feeling.
"Ah, yes... You are doing so well, princess." Ron praises me, petting my hair. I moan and suck my cheeks in more, trying to bring him closer to the edge.
"Should I let her cum?" Danny asks and I hum.
"Maybe tease her a bit first, she deserves it." He replies and I try to protest, but Danny smacks my ass. His fingers travel to my clit, ghosting over it for a moment, before he starts circling it, barely touching it. I groan at the sensation, feeling like fore is spreading through my body. I open my mouth and Ronnie thrusts his hips to my face, setting the pace himself. Danny slides his fingers lower, tracing my entrance slowly.

I gag as Ronnie hits the back of my throat, but that makes him hiss in satisfaction. I feel tears spilling from my eyes, but continue sucking him off as Danny fingers me.
"I can't take it anymore. I need you." Danny groans, slapping my ass. He grabs his cock and brings it to my entrance, resting there for just a moment before he thrusts into me. I feel Ronnie's cock pulse in my mouth signaling that he is close.
"Oh no princess, I am not going to cum in your mouth... It is not enough." He hisses, pulling out of my mouth. Danny bounces me on his dick, hard and fast, adding to the building knot in my stomach.
"Sorry buddy, I am fucking her now," Danny growls, gripping my ass tightly. Ronnie smirks and licks his lips;
"The lube is still where I left it, right?" Ronnie asks me, making me gasp. I simply nod my head and look into his eyes; clouded with lust, they scan my body as I ride Danny. I knew that Ronnie wouldn't be the one to sit and watch.

Ronnie walks to my bathroom, leaving Danny and me alone. I claw my nails into his shoulder, bouncing and grinding on him.

"Next time we fuck, it's going to be just us 2." He groans and sucks a hickey on my neck. I look at him with my mouth agape, but soon a smirk erupts on my lips.
"Deal," I say and he smiles satisfied.

Ronnie joins us a minute later, the little bottle of lube in his hand, along with a condom. He approaches me from behind and grabs me by my waist, making me stop the movement and leaving Danny bucking his hips on mine. He squirts some of the liquid onto his palm and spreads it on my ass, making me feel jittery about what's to come.
"She looks so good like that, doesn't she?" He asks Danny as he slips on his condom. Danny looks at me and licks his lips.
"Like she was meant to be like that." He replies and slaps my ass. I hope he leaves a print, so I can look at it and remember this night vividly for the rest of the week.
Ronnie thrusts slowly in, causing me to groan. It hurts quite a lot, but I take it all in. I rest my head on Danny's shoulder, biting lightly on it as Ronnie gets his dick fully in. I feel my face heat up and my pussy is pulsing around Danny, who has stopped thrusting and takes in the view.
"Good girl... Such a good girl." Danny praises me as Ronnie thrusts out and back in. This time hurts less, but I still feel it tearing me a little. Danny brings his hand to stroke my clit, in an effort to ease me up. But I need a little more from him.

So I tilt his head and bring my lips to his, losing myself in the kiss as Ronnie fucks my ass.
Danny runs his tongue in my mouth, still stroking my clit. Hesitantly, I begin bouncing on his cock, trying to find a rhythm that will match all of us.
At this point, Ronnie's cock isn't hurting me; I feel a little overwhelmed with pleasure, but I am not complaining. I am panting as I ride Danny, who groans and kisses my neck.
"I wanna cum." I whimper, feeling my legs trembling. Danny smiles on my skin and chuckles lightly.
"Wait for me, princess." He says in a deep, groggy voice. Ronnie's hand travels up my chest, squeezing my left tit and making me moan loudly.
"Fuck yes." I cry and the guys chuckle. Danny feels sloppy inside me, his thrusts changing from sturdy to messy. I know he is close and honestly, all I want to is feel him cum inside me. Ronnie groans and pulls out of me; I hear him jack off, his hand slapping on his skin as he hisses before he empties his load on my lower back and ass.

"Please, let me cum." I plead to Danny, feeling the knot in my stomach uncomfortably tight. Danny nods and grounds his hips on mine, humping onto me. The friction drives me over the edge. I scream and clutch on his shoulders, riding my high as my walls pulse around him.
He moves his hips slightly, helping me ride my ecstasy, but also reaching his own orgasm. I feel him shoot inside me, making me arch my back and throw my head back, screaming bliss.

"You were so good babygirl." He praises me, stroking my cheek as he pants for breath. I smile weakly and rest my head on the nape of his neck, feeling his warmth. Ronnie leans in for a peck on my forehead, smiling brightly.
"I am going to shower and crash your guest room," Ronnie says, picking up his clothes from the floor and couch. He knows it is his moment to leave me and Danny alone, so as he walks out of the room, he winks at us.

"Let's get you all cleaned up, princess," Danny whispers, stroking my hair.


Chapter Text

I don't even recall how we went from changing the towels in the bathroom, to Johnny kissing my neck while his hands roam my body. To be honest, I was attracted to him from the moment I saw him in the hotel. However, never have I thought that anything near like this could happen between us.

But here I am, towels left on the edge of the bed and the first buttons of my blouse popped revealing the hem of my bra.

"Are you ok, love?" He asks me, snapping me out of my train of thought.

"Mmmh, better than ever..." I sigh and he smiles.

"Then perhaps, we could take this a step ahead." He says and my heart stops for a moment. I stare at him blankly, my lips parted and skin heating and red.

"I would love that." I simply reply.

With a swift motion, he is laying on the mattress, pulling me to straddle him. My skirt hikes up, revealing my upper thigh and the tiny tattoo, decorating my skin. Johnny's hands go to my thigh, gripping the skin hard, making my stomach twist in pleasure.

"You are so beautiful." He compliments me, looking at me with lustful eyes.

"Thank you, sir..." I whisper and watch his face contort into a mix of surprise and excitement.

"How did you just call me, (Y/N)?" He asks me, pupils fully blown.

"Sir... Didn't you like it?" I ask, pressing my hips down on his.

"I fucking adore it..." He replies, a smirk spreading across his lips.

"What do you want me to do, sir?" I ask, playing the role of the submissive girl I know he wants me to be.

"Show me what those pretty lips can do." He says, stroking my thigh in circles, making goosebumps erupt on my skin.

"Yes, sir," I reply, smirking deviously. I lower my body, undoing his shirt and jeans, slowly revealing his skin.

"Are all of your co-workers as obedient as you are?" He asks me.

"No, sir," I reply as my fingers twirl in the waistband of his underwear, pulling them down slowly. He tucks a curl of my hair behind my ear, chuckling as he gets more comfortable on the bed.

As his erection is revealed, my mouth falls open while I am admiring his bright red tip and bulging veins. My thumb runs up and down, stroking the side of it. I hear him hum approvingly, making me look up to him through my eyelashes.

"Come to the side, love. I need to have a view of that ass." He says. I follow his order, sitting on my knees as I get in position. I bring my face close to his member, sticking my ass out to make sure he has a pretty glimpse of it.

I suck the tip in my mouth, running my tongue around it. I hollow my cheeks as I take him deeper, working my way before his tip grazes my gag reflex. I choke a little but feel my nipples harden through my bra. Johnny hisses and places his hand on the lower of my back. I take a breath through my nose, bobbing my head and sucking lightly.

I pop him out of my mouth, letting the sound echo in the room. As my fingers wrap around the shaft, I feel how wet I made his cock. Thumb raised towards the tip and fingers covering a part of his member, I start stroking him, twisting my wrist and pressing lightly. I feel him buck his hips towards my hand and face as I spit on it. I spread it with my fingers and stick my tongue out, the tip of it touching the underside of his shaft before I press flat on it and trace the thick vein. My eyes are glued to him, watching his face distort as I pleasure him.

"Do you like that, sir?" I ask, my lips grazing his dick with each word.

"So much, babygirl..." He groans, slapping my ass and making me yelp a little.

I take him back into my mouth, pressing my tongue against his underside as I take him deeper towards my throat. I feel my eyes tear, but I fight it and persist, feeling his dick throb in my mouth. I hum, sending vibrations through his cock and a groan escapes his lips, bringing a smile to mine.

"Why don't you bring your hand between your legs, babygirl? It is unfair to be the only one getting pleasure right now." He groans and slaps my ass again.

"Better yet, why don't you let me put my hand between your thighs?" He asks and my eyes roll to the back of my head.

I turn in a way so he can have access to my pussy. His hand goes under my skirt, moving my panties down to my knees before his fingers make their way in between my lips. He begins by rubbing along my slit, slowly to add to the feeling. I take him out of my mouth, letting my hand stroke him for a moment as my breathing becomes heavier.

My mind becomes fuzzy, but one thing is absolutely clear; his fingers just won't do.

"I need to feel you, please." I moan, falling forward.

"I thought you would never ask. Stand up." He chuckles, but his voice is dark and compelling.

I get up from the bed and wait for him. He motions to the wall and for me to turn around.

I press my chest against the wall and feel him move behind me, raising my skirt to reveal my butt.

"Aren't you going to undress me, sir?" I ask, turning my head to look at him.

"I kind of like this uniform on you..." He says and snakes an arm around my waist, bringing me closer to him. I feel his erection pressing on my ass, getting me all excited for what's to come.

"Are you ready, love?" He asks me in his low voice; I can feel myself dripping wet with lust, as well as my knees going jelly.

"So ready..." I whimper, clawing at the wall.

Johnny thrusts slowly in me, his cock stretching my walls as he goes in. I whine a little, feeling a slight burning sensation. My head falls forward, hitting the wall with a small thud; Johnny stops his movement and brings his face to the crook of my neck.

"Are you ok, love?" He asks me, his tone changing from low and seductive to calm and caring.

"Yeah." I breathe out and buck my ass towards him, showing him that I want more. He thrusts back inside me, grounding his hips on my ass, making our skins slap.


"Does it feel good, sir?" I ask, moving my hips to match his thrusts; we need to be quick, I need to get back to work without the other maids realizing I was gone for that long.

"You feel so good around my dick, babygirl. You are tight and wet, and you smell so good, princess." He whispers in my ear, his arm tightly wrapped around me. I feel him change his thrusts to meet my g-spot, rapidly speeding up.

"This is so good. I can almost feel you inside my stomach." I groan and lower his hand to my clit. He chuckles and starts stroking my nub in slow circles, while his thrusts turn into slams.

"I am going to wreck your little pussy, babygirl. By the time I am done with you, you are going to be begging me for more." He growls, his breath rapid and short.

"Fuck." I whimper, feeling the tingle in my stomach.

"I know, princess. You are milking my cock." He groans, his thrusts resembling jackrabbiting. His tip hits right on my spot, driving me insanely close to my edge.

I press my sex more on his hand, gasping for air as my body tries to reach my peak.

My walls pulse and clench on his cock; Johnny grips harder on my skin and I release a scream, all of this sensation being too much for me.

"Get on your knees." He hisses, throbbing inside me. He pulls out as I get on the floor, opening my mouth wide.

I bring my hand down my clit as he jacks off in front of me, his eyes shut and head thrown back as his fingers firmly grip his cock, stroking it fast. My body jolts as I prepare for my orgasm; it's so close, I can feel the sensation ghosting over my body.

Johnny cums on my face, the warm and sticky cum dripping to my lips and chin. I smile at him and throw my head back, cumming on my fingers.

"You were so good..." He sighs and drops to his knees.

"Thank you, sir," I reply, trying to catch my breath.

"Give me a taste." He says, taking my hand. I raise my fingers to his mouth and he licks them clean, looking in my eyes while smirking.

"You know, I think that the towels in my bathroom might need to be changed again, around 11 tonight..." He says, handing me one of the towels on the bed and helping me wipe off his cum.

"I will be happy to oblige, sir," I reply, smiling brightly.

Chapter Text

From the moment my eyes met his on the meet and greet after their Warped Tour, I knew I would be in trouble. His eyes were scanning me for while I stood in front of their table, chatting and giving them my merch to sign. 

"What's your name, love?" He asks, popping the last word. I smile and lick my bottom lip. 
"(Y/N)." I reply, handing him my poster and t-shirt. 
"Lovely name." He comments with a wink and I smile. 
"Thank you." I feel my cheeks heating up.  I roll the poster after he signs it and pick up the t-shirt, moving along the line towards the exit of the tend. 
"Ms... Ms... Excuse me." I hear someone call. I turn around and find a security guard rush towards me. 
"Is everything ok?" I ask. 
"Yes. Mr. Danzig would like to know if you would be available to hang out with him and the rest of the members after the meet and greet." The man asks; I look at him in complete shock. 
"Is this real?" I ask, making the large man chuckle. 
"Yes, ma'am." He replies, nodding his head with a smile on his face. 
"I would love to." I smile and he motions me to follow him. 

And now here we are, chatting and giggling while having one too many. The party is vivid, people are dancing, singing, playing drinking games. Yet, Seb and I are standing to the side, sharing life stories. I can't knock the stupid smile off my face; sure, Sebastian is funny, but I catch myself giggling at almost everything he is saying. 
"Are you sad that this is the last Warped?" I ask, bringing my solo cup to my lips. 
"It's been a dream of mine to play on Wrapped ever since I became a musician. You know, it was considered a legendary event to play at, and I am glad to be a part of it. But it is kinda sad that this is the last tour." He sighs, leaning closer to whisper in my ear, but still, it is hard to hear him over the music. 
He must understand the puzzled look on my face since his face contorts into confusion as well. 
"It's too loud in here. Wanna go in the bus?" He asks me, pointing towards the exit. I nod my head and he takes my hand, guiding me through the crowd. 

We head to the lounge, Sebastian is already checking for drinks as I take a seat on the couch. 
"You can put on some music if you'd like." He comments, showing me the player. 
"I thought we got here to get away from the music..." I chuckle. 
"Well, from loud music." He replies, cocking an eyebrow. I tilt my head to the side and stand up, moving to check the music. 
"I hope beer is ok." He says as he plops on the couch. I start the music, playing it low so we can hear each other as we talk. 
"It is more than ok. Thanks." I say, picking up the bottle. I try to unscrew the cap, earning a few giggles from Sebastian at my failed efforts. 
"Give me it." He says, taking out one of his rings. 
I hand him the bottle and watch him use the ring as an opener, undoing the cap in seconds. 
"Here you go, my lady." He winks at me. 
"And they say chivalry is dead." I joke, clinging my bottle with his. 
"I am here to prove that wrong." He replies and brings the bottle to his lip. 
"So, how come you came to warped alone?" He asks, leaning his head on the back of the couch. 
"I was planning on coming with my ex, but... a month ago I found out he was... cheating on me... So I returned his ticket and came by myself." I explain before I take a huge chug from my beer. 
"Cheated on you? Is that man on his right mind?" He exclaims, looking surprised by my statement. 
"I honestly don't know anymore." I sigh. 
"If you were my girlfriend, my eyes would be glued on you. You are such a sight to behold, I don't think I would be able to take my gaze off of you." He comments, making my cheeks heat. 
"Are you hitting on me, Mr. Danzig?" I ask, looking at him with narrow eyes, but my smile still not dropping off my face. 
"It depends... Is it working?" He asks back. 
"It depends... Do you want it to work?" I ask, making him purse his lips and shake his head. 
"I do." He replies, tilting his head to the side. 
"Want to kiss me, Mr. Danzig?" I ask, moving closer to him. 
"More than anything right now, Ms. (Y/L/N)" He replies, moving closer as well. 
"Then what are you waiting?" I ask him, leaning closer, bringing my face inches away from his. 
He smiles before he brings his lips to mine, cupping my face in his hands. The coldness of his rings contrasts the warmth of his lips, which move along mine in sync. My hands move to fist onto his shirt as he traces my bottom lip, asking for approval to deepen the kiss. I part my lips and move to straddle his thighs, turning the kiss into a make-out session. His hands lower to my hips, holding me close to his body. 
I swirl my tongue in his mouth, smiling against his lips. My hands travel from his face to the back of his neck, tracing patterns as our lips dance together. He releases a throaty groan as my hips grind on his a little. I feel something strange on my inner thigh, making me pull away from his lips. 
"Oh shit... I... I am sorry. I think I got... too excited." He stutters out, his cheeks turning a shade of red. I smile and take a deep breath. My fingers roam down to the hem of my t-shirt, slowly raising it inch by inch to expose my body to him. 
"It's ok... I got a little excited too." I reply, watching his face take an excited look. 
"Are you sure about that?" He asks, his eyes scanning me. I nod my head, leaning down to kiss him. His hands flow behind my back reaching to the clasp of my bra. 
"Wait... Can we do this elsewhere?" I ask, grabbing onto his bicep to stop him. 
"Yeah, yeah... You are right... Wanna go in my bunk?" He asks me and I nod my head before he picks me up and carries me towards the bunk space. 
He lays me on the bottom one, moving the curtain as he climbs inside as well. 
"I really wanted you to ride me." He comments as he hovers above me. 
"Maybe next time."  I reply, pulling him in for a kiss. I feel him smirk on my lips, as his fingers try to undo the button of my shorts. I buck my hips up to help him take them off, without parting from him. 

In seconds, we are naked, bodies tangled together. 
"Fuck... Can you wait for a minute? I have to go get a condom." He rubs his hand over his face. I can't help but giggle; we have built the tension between us and now all I can think of is him walking naked in the bus naked. 
"I'll be here." I reply, relaxing more on the bunk. 


I stretch and groan, slowly opening my eyes. I see Seb sleeping underneath me; I see myself dressed in the shirt he was wearing last night and him in a t-shirt. 
"Seb... Sebastian..." I poke him, trying to wake him up. He stirs and hums, without opening his eyes. 
"5 more minutes..." He groans, tilting his head to the side. 
"Sebastian, can you please wake up?" I whisper and he opens his eyes, turning to look at me. 
"Is everything ok?" He asks me. 
"Um... did we...?" I begin but he chuckles and shakes his head from side to side. 
"No. When I came back with the condom, you were asleep, so I helped you into my shirt and we went to bed." He replies and I nod my head. 
"Thank you." I mumble and he smiles at me. 
"For what?" He asks, stroking a strand of hair behind my ear. 
"For not taking advantage of me, I guess." I reply causing Sebastian to chuckle. 
"Come on, let's go have some breakfast." He says, pressing his lips on mine softly. 
"Are the guys going to be there too?" I ask, biting my bottom lip, as I search for my clothes. 
"Probably..." He replies, handing me my shorts. 
"Ow..." I gulp and feel my cheeks turn red. 
"Are you feeling shy?" He asks, smiling at me cockily. 
"I don't know. It is going to be a bit weird, isn't it?" I sigh and he leaves a peck on my temple. It feels weird, this sweet gesture makes my stomach churn, but somehow makes me feel comfortable. 
"They won't say anything, don't worry." He chuckles before he turns to open the curtains and get out of the bunk. 


We walk to the mini kitchen, passing by the front lounge where Emmerson is scrolling through his phone. Sebastian keeps my hand in his, which only makes me feel funny. 
"We have cereal and I can make you pancakes if you'd like." He says, taking a look in the cabinets. 
"Pancakes, if it is not much of a bother." I smile at him and he nods. 
"Remi, Emmerson, I am going to make pancakes. Want some?" He shouts. Within seconds, Emmerson is on the kitchen and Remington is right behind him. 
"Of course we want some." Emmerson replies. And then his eyes land on me. 
"Ow... Um, (Y/N), right?" He asks me, tilting his head to the side as he observes me. 
"Yeah. Good morning, guys." I shyly greet them, earning a smile from both of them. 
"You spent the night here?" Remington asks me and I nod. 
"And is this Seb's shirt?" He asks, pointing to my attire. 
"Yeah, I couldn't... find mine." I reply and Remington purses his lips. 
"There is a top on the back lounge, I think it might be yours." He says and I nod. 
"Thanks for the information." 
"So (Y/N)... did you like the party last night?" Emmerson asks me. 
"It was very fun. I have never been in a party like this." I reply, smiling at him. Sebastian chuckles as he makes the batter for the pancakes. 
"I've been thinking, that since you liked the party that much, you could come with us on the next show and of course the next party." Sebastian turns to me, biting his bottom lip as he waits for my response. 
"Seriously?" I ask, surprised by his suggestion. 
"Yeah, if you'd like to. And of course, if the guys are ok with that..." He says, turning to Emmerson and Remington. 
"Of course. We loved hanging out with you. Right, Emmerson?" Remington asks the grinning man. 
"Yeah, it would be awesome." He responds, still smirking at Sebastian. 
"Ok, Seb, call us when the pancakes are ready. Em and I are going to be in the back lounge. We have an Xbox match left unfinished from yesterday. We will see you in a bit." Remington says, turning Emmerson around and pushing him lightly towards the back lounge. 
"So, are you staying?" Sebastian asks me, making me smirk. 
"Need help with those pancakes?" I ask him back, earning a chuckle. 
"Is that a yes?" He asks me, tilting his head to the side. 
"Do you want it to be a yes?" 
"Would I ask you to stay if I didn't want you to?" He asks, approaching me. I smile at him, wrapping my arms around his neck while biting my bottom lip. His hands rest on my hips as he pulls me closer until my lips connect with his.