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Hello, everyone....

Rules about requesting 

As stated in the description of the story, I accept requests.
However, there are some certain things I want to make clear about requesting. 

1. Don't just give me a name. I need a plot to work on. It is really hard to guess what will make you happy.
2. Clarify if you want your imagine to be smut or fluff.
3. Compliments on my work and being polite is the key to my heart. 
4. I am not writing personalized imagines. I never did and never will, so please don't give me a description of yourself or demand the character to have your traits and looks. 
5. I always use reader insert. Eg.(Y/N)
6. I am certainly not writing about: drug abuse, rape, incest, self-harm, suicide, suicide attempts, sexual acts between an adult and an underage. 
7. I am not writing about: One Direction, Black Veil Brides, Blood on the Dancefloor. 
8. If I reject a request, please try to be understanding. It doesn't mean that I have something personal against you. It just means that writing about the plot you requested makes me uncomfortable. 
9. Please be patient. I am a functioning adult, with responsibilities. It takes some time to write stories and check for errors and plot holes. I want to make sure that the final story is perfect, to make you happy.
10. I am Greek. My mother tongue is Greek. English is my second language and I might be good at it, but I sometimes make mistakes. Please, politely inform me and try not to make a big deal out of it. I know some fluent English speakers that still can't tell apart your and you're.
12. Please give me feedback on your request. Tell me if you like the story I come up with. It means a lot and you can help me improve my writing skills.

Writing Prompts 

So, here are a few writing prompts. I will add more eventually. You can request in the comments with a name and the number you want. You can request more than one prompt per blurb. 

1. "You are mine. Do you understand me?"
2. "You sure want to go there, princess?" 
3. "Well, I make the rules." 
4. "Why don't you use that smart mouth of yours for something else?"
5. "Go to your/our room and wait for me."
6. "Are you trying to get spanked, little girl?" 
7. "You are mine and just mine."
8. "What am I going to do with you?" 
9. "Good girl."
10." Take your panties off."
11. "You are so tight babygirl."
12. "Daddy loves it when you do that."
13. "You made me cookies?"
14. "You stole what?"
15." A dragon ate your homework?" 
16. "I am not pregnant."
17. "Oh come on you would have murdered that guy."
18. " The stars are pretty tonight, aren't they?"
19. "Have you ever seen something as cool as this?" 
20. "I know you love me and all but stop threatening the doctor." 
21. "I shit you not."
22. "My man, I am high as a kite right now. And you are so pretty. And in the morning I'll be sober and you will still be soooo pretty..."
23. "You aren't leaving here without telling me who hurt you so I can take out a can of whoop as and unleash it in their ass."
24. "You just kissed me."
25. "But you hate avocados..."
26. "Hold up- just stop- just- what are you actually doing? It's 2 A.M." 
27. "I wanna travel and fuck you in every city we go to." 

My Social Media
You are welcome to follow me and message me in all of my socials. I always follow and reply to messages. 
Tumblr: main blog  backup/writing blog
Twitter  (I tweet mostly in Greek) 

Have fun reading and requesting. 
Anna ❤