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Their parents and Max had come for a visit just for the day, and Isabelle came to Magnus’ place looking for Alec and Jace, who weren’t answering their phones. Knocking didn’t get a reply, but the door was open (although doubtlessly magically warded), which was how she ended up following the sound of creaking wood to Magnus’ bedroom.

Swallowing a gasp, her eyes widened as she took in the scene in front of her: Jace sucking off Magnus while Alec fucked him with abandon. Blushing, Isabelle beat a hasty retreat. Their parents would just have to come back another time.

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One would think that, after almost a hundred years of struggle, the universe would finally relent and grant Bucky some peace, maybe even happiness. Instead he woke from his self-elected cryosleep to fight yet another war. At least in this one he was on the side of the angels - the side of Steve Rogers. And then Steve died, sacrificing himself like the selfless fool he was. It was almost too much to bear, almost enough for Bucky to give up. He held on, though - and one day, he looked up and saw Steve, miraculously alive. Finally, the universe showed mercy.

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“The two of you have been keeping secrets.” Magnus fixed Alec and Jace with a disapproving stare. The parabatai looked guilty but remained silent, both equally stubborn, and Magnus sighed. “You died, Jace. I know this because Alexander has nightmares about it. He needs you, and strangely enough you have grown on me, too.” Smirking into two dumb-founded faces he added, “Like a fungus. So we will sit here and talk this out.”

“And then?” Unsurprisingly it was Jace who asked, and the warlock cupped his cheek fondly. Alec’s eyes widened, and Magnus smiled. Honesty was indeed the best policy.

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Izzy spun around on her barstool, her face already breaking into a smile. “Lydia!”

Once again she was surprised how much she’d missed Lydia. It was no secret she’d hated her at first, but after the wedding and during Jace’s absence she had come to appreciate Lydia’s steady strength, and now the two women embraced warmly.

“I came as soon as I heard about Malachi’s treachery. Are you alright?” Lydia rested a hand on Izzy’s forearm, sending sparks through her system. Her eyes widened, and she stared into Lydia’s worried eyes, struck mute with realization.

Shit. This was… unexpected.

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Sometimes Alec worries that being with Magnus is turning him soft. Before Magnus, he would never have allowed himself to get tipsy, afraid to let his guard down. Now the world is a little fuzzy around the edges, and when Jace looks at him heatedly and licks his lips, none of Alec’s defenses are there to stop him from pulling his parabatai into a hungry kiss.

What they’re doing is forbidden, but behind him Magnus laughs throatily, sucking a bruise into Alec’s neck, so instead of stopping, Alec moans into Jace’s mouth and rocks back into his boyfriend’s hard body.

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Magnus isn't blind. Even if he hadn't seen the stricken look on Alec's face when the memory demon summoned the image of Jace, he'd still know that Alec Lightwood, his Alexander, used to be in love with his parabatai. Except Magnus isn't entirely sure that it's past tense. Not after hearing Alec scream for Jace as his parabatai rune disappeared.

Still, when Jace seems fine Alec appears desperate to win Magnus back. And instead of offering an apology in return, of asking whether maybe they should take a deeper look at their still-new relationship, Magnus nods and closes his eyes.

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“You have got to be kidding me! Try the door again, please.”

“Already did, it’s jammed. And because this is supposed to be secure storage…”

“…runes won’t work. I know. Sorry, I didn’t mean to snap at you.”

“It’s alright. Just, please stop pacing, you’re making me nervous.”

“Sorry. Again.”

“Lydia, are you claustrophobic?”

“…no? I mean - maybe a little.”

“Wow. I must say, I didn’t expect that. You’re always so put together.”


“Oh, it’s definitely a compliment. You’re impressive.”


“Are you blushing? That’s… surprisingly cute.”



“Izzy? What are you…”

“Shh… Just let me - take your mind off things.”

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They didn't say "I love you", because that wasn't who they were. Still, they'd been relying on each other for support, both physical and emotional, long before things became complicated by time travel, beautiful blondes and previously unknown children.

So with the success of their last mission and whiskey warming their bellies, it felt natural for Cole to straddle Ramse, whose eyes darkened, hands coming to rest firmly on Cole's waist as their mouths collided hotly. They rocked together, and for a short time everything was simple again.

They didn't say "I love you", though - not out loud, at least.

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Poe walked away from Rey with a bemused smile on his lips.

It felt strange to have come face to face with someone who'd loomed so large in his life already, and not in a "legendary hero, is going to save us all" way, like Luke Skywalker had, but more personal. He hadn't exactly spent a lot of time with Finn, in between battles, desperate missions and injuries, but more than enough to hear all about the girl from Jakku. Also enough for him to be more than a little in love with Finn - and to know that his feelings weren't entirely unreciprocated. Finn might have also fallen for Rey, but after looking into Rey's smiling eyes Poe found he really couldn't blame him. And wasn't that something...

Always perceptive, BB-8 whistled something rather suggestive. Grinning to himself Poe gave his droid a half-hearted swat and went to find Finn.

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Doctors were a valuable commodity in a world ravaged by a plague, so when the scavengers of West VII caught Cassie, they made sure not to hurt her, and she was reasonably sure they would treat her well. Still, she was in no mood to be polite when one of her captors approached her with food and water - but her scathing remarks trailed off when her eyes met his, a sense of recognition jolting through them both. And when Cole promised to keep her safe in a hoarse voice full of determination, Cassie knew without a doubt that he would.

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"One more time, Jace, you’re not a wizard," Alec groaned, cleaning up the remnants of the protective circle his boyfriend had drawn onto their kitchen floor.

"But it worked," Jace exclaimed and threw open their bedroom door theatrically, revealing...

"Jace, that's just a guy."

"No, Sebastian's a real demon, I swear." Jace petted the blonde stranger sitting naked on their bed, and Alec rolled his eyes fondly. At least this one was pretty.

Relenting, he joined the two on the bed. "Hi, Sebastian-the-demon. Welcome to our realm - and our bed, apparently."

Jace grinned triumphantly and leaned in for a kiss.

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The fight had been stupid, a typical teenaged strop, Jake storming off with a chip on his shoulder as big as his father's reputation. Only a day earlier everything had been fine, their neural handshake strong and steady, leading to Jake pushing Nate against the wall of the changing room, both of them gasping as sensations were passed back and forth through the ghost drift. The next day Jake was in hospital, expelled from the Program, no one allowed to see him. A few days after, Jake was gone without so much as a goodbye.

Eleven years later they were back in the drift, their first connection shaky from too many suppressed emotions, too many years without speaking. The next time was better, and in Tokyo they fell into sync as easily as breathing, making it doubly hard for Nate to send Jake off with Amara. That was his place, by Jake's side, and when they were finally reunited he made sure to tell him so. Laughing, Jake pulled him into a hug and kissed him breathless. Nate just grinned and kissed back with equal fervour, heedless of the cheering cadets. This time neither one of them would walk away.

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For Steve, the war against Thanos ended with the sound of his name and his fingers digging in the dirt.


Seeing Bucky again, healthy and whole, had been the one bright spot in a week of immeasurable darkness, and Steve turned immediately towards the comfort of the only thing that still made sense after everything. As long as Bucky was here, by his side, hope was still alive.

But then, not once looking away from Steve, Bucky disappeared, crumbled into dust, and Steve fell to his knees. They had reached the end of the line, and hope was dead.

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The first time Bucky heard some random passerby call Steve a fairy, he instinctively reached out to hold back his friend. After all, everyone knew that Steve Rogers couldn't abide bullies. However, much to his surprise, while Steve's slight frame had stiffened, he made no move to throw himself at the jeering asshole.

"It ain't no insult," was Steve's laconic explanation when he noticed Bucky's surprise. "You've seen them in the Village - I think it takes guts to live like that, out in the open."

Steve gave him a long, considering glance from blue eyes framed by long lashes, and, without quite knowing why, Bucky flushed, his stomach doing a strange twist.

It wasn't until a year or so later, after Sarah Rogers died and Bucky kissed those beautiful eyes, tasting Steve's tears, that he realized what Steve had known all along. And the next time some dickwad called Steve a fairy in Bucky's presence, Bucky slung an arm around Steve's shoulders and said, loud enough for their audience to hear, "No fairies here, pal."

Steve looked up at him, ready to protest, but Bucky shut him up with a defiant kiss to his temple. "You ain't a fairy, dollface, you're a punk - my punk."

The shove this got him was half-hearted at best, and Steve grinned up at him, looking almost proud. "Alright, wisecracker. You're still a jerk, though."

"As long as I'm your jerk, that's swell."

The kiss was totally worth the ensuing brawl with their consternated audience.

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Riding through Westworld, towards the Valley Beyond and freedom, Dolores doesn't have to look to know that Teddy is right beside her. Just where he's always been. Yet she can't help but miss him so fiercely, it almost makes her question her decision to do what she did. Almost. But then he steps in front of her, guns blazing, exhibiting all the deadly precision and none of the hesitation of his old self, and she remembers: This is a necessary sacrifice.

Still, the way he looks at her now unsettles her, cold and calculating, almost angry, although his new programming should make it impossible for him to blame her. And then there's the way he touches her.

The old Teddy touched her with a gentleness that made Dolores ache, made her feel treasured. Loved. The night before Dolores went and changed him, their coming together was an act of love, beautiful and tender, and Dolores tries not to regret that it only happened once.

The new Teddy fucks her hard and fast and without mercy, with the same intensity and ferociousness that he displays when he kills. Dolores writhes in pleasure and tells herself that this is what she wanted.

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"Seriously, don't!" Jace said curtly as he moved Alec's hand away from his half-healed wound, but Magnus couldn't help but notice that his eyes were soft and his touch gentle.

Ever since Lilith's hold on him had been broken, Jace had been loath to leave his parabatai, which meant that he'd pretty much moved back into Magnus's loft. At first the warlock had been annoyed, wanting his boyfriend to himself as he tried to accept his new reality, but much to his surprise Jace had proven himself quite a pleasant guest. Not only was Alec noticeably more relaxed when he was near, Jace also made himself useful to Magnus, helping with the myriad of small tasks that he could no longer magic away.

"Listen to your parabatai, my dear." Smiling warmly, Magnus joined the two Shadowhunters on the couch. Kissing his boyfriend's cheek, he added with a slight smirk, "Good behavior will be rewarded."

While he spoke, he kept his eyes on Jace, seeing the moment realization it. He quickly caught himself, however, exchanging a meaningful glance with Alec. Getting whatever confirmation he'd been looking for, Jace smiled flirtatiously at Magnus. "What about me? Haven't I been good?"

Magnus laughed.

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Gil had really thought he was over Anne when he wrote that note.

Right until she was standing in front of him, with those warm eyes, that bright presence that had always drawn him to her, right from the very first day, and all he could do was run away. Except Anne, never one to do what was expected of her, had followed him, and when the train pulled out of the station Gilbert couldn't tear his eyes away until the redhead had disappeared from view.

Sighing, he sat down, burying his head in his hands when he realized the unpleasant task that lay ahead of him. Still, even as he contemplated how to approach Christine, he couldn't help but remember Anne standing in the rain, looking so lovely his heart hurt.

It didn't matter that Anne Shirley didn't want him, Gilbert Blythe could never marry anyone who wasn't her.

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He didn’t need to look into the mirror to know that the War had changed him.

He could feel it in every fibre of his new body, right down to the parts of him that usually remained the same. He was the last of the Time Lords, but he didn’t feel like himself, and somehow that hurt most of all. And then there was her, so untouched by the dark he barely dared to touch her for fear of tarnishing her brightness.

Yet strangely it was only when Rose smiled at him that he started feeling like the Doctor again.

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Kaylee was aware that her and Inara were unlikely friends in the eyes of most, the elegant companion and the lowly greasemonkey.

Yet Kaylee rarely felt as comfortable as when she was brushing Inara's hair until it shone like black silk and the companion was practically purring. Afterwards, Inara would turn to face her, her lips tasting sweet, well-manicured hands exploring Kaylee until she gasped and writhed. Yet what she enjoyed most was turning the tables, making Inara shed her poise, arching under her caresses with an abandon Kaylee knew the companion rarely allowed herself.

Together, they managed to fly.

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Waking up in Johnny's arms was always nice, and some days Yala could hardly believe that this was her life. Which was stupid, because what else would her life be? She could barely remember what it had been before. Being married to Johnny, running the bar - it was everything. Wasn't it?

So maybe it wasn't the most exciting, and maybe she was feeling strangely unsettled in her own skin, but when Johnny kissed her, it all clicked back into place. Everything was as it should be - right down to Johnny forgetting his lunch again. Smiling, Yala hurried after her husband.

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- Undercover (Guardian, Shen Wei/Zhao Yunlan): Zhao Yunlan only meant to tease Shen Wei. It... backfires.
- Sleeping Monkey Gif (Guardian RPF, Bai Yu/Zhu Yilong): Zhu Yilong works too hard.
- The Fine Art of River Diplomacy (Rivers of London, Peter Grant): Peter has to take a business trip to mainland Europe.

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"An accident?" Alec crossed his arms and leveled an unimpressed look at his boyfriend. Magnus tried to look innocent but failed spectacularly, and Alec couldn't quite hide the fondness in his eyes, even as he scolded, "You accidentally fished up a merman, accidentally gave him legs and accidentally took him home?"

"The merman can talk, you know." The golden-haired stranger currently leaning on Magnus rather attractively fixed ocean-coloured eyes on Alec, making it suddenly hard to breathe. The merman licked his lips hungrily, reminding Alec of the fact that merpeople were predators. "I've always been curious. And Magnus's invitation was rather... tempting."

"His name's Jace," Magnus supplied helpfully, "and don't pretend you could have resisted this, Alexander."

Using the hand not currently wrapped around the merman, he gestured over Jace's well-muscled body, barely covered by Magnus's strategically placed scarf.

Groaning, Alec gave up and pulled the two smirking men inside.

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Come to Alicante. 3pm.

The curt fire message from his parabatai made Jace smile. Alec had never been a man of many words. In lieu of a reply, Jace pressed his palm against the rune on his flank, almost immediately feeling an echo of warmth as Alec mirrored him, all the way across the Atlantic.

They'd perfected their communication ever since their separation, but nothing compared to the reality of Alec's arms around Jace when he finally stepped through the portal. Sighing happily, Jace burrowed into the embrace, nuzzling Alec's neck where it wasn't covered by a scarf. It had been two weeks since they'd been able to meet, duty keeping them apart, and now they pressed their foreheads together, something inside them slotting back into place.

"Do I not even rate a hello?" Magnus's voice broke them apart, but the warlock's eyes shone with fond amusement, used by now to what he called their 'parabatai antics'.

Grinning, Jace stepped away from Alec, but only as far as necessary to pull Magnus into their hug with a teasing, "Hello!" as he ended up sandwiched between the two men. Definitely one of his favorite positions, especially when Magnus caught his lips in a gentle kiss, followed by a rather less gentle one from Alec.

Their noses bumped together, and Jace realized with a start that Alec's was quite cold. He'd been aware that Magnus's portal hadn't deposited him in their flat as normal, but only now did he take in his surroundings properly.

Due to the time difference, it was already night time in Idris. However, it wasn't really dark - they were outside on the side of a mountain somewhere, stars glittering overhead and all around them the soft glow of moonlight reflecting off snow.

It was... magical, and Jace's heart seized from the sheer wonder of it. He'd seen snow before. But never like this. Never with the two people he loved most in this world by his side, holding him. Laughing in amazement, he kissed Alec's jaw, Magnus's lips, their love warming him like a furnace despite the cold.