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One of the best things about being in a relationship was morning sex. There was nothing better than waking up with a slow, lazy round of fucking while sun streamed in the windows.

It was too bad one of the key participants never fucking stuck around.

Katsuki swum out of sleep to distantly hear Ochako and Deku's voices. He pried his eyes open, and clawed his way up the pillow. It seemed too early to be getting up, especially after the night they'd had. Katsuki could still feel long raw scratches stinging down his back

"Wha's going on?" he slurred. Ochako was still in bed next to him, propped up on her elbows and blinking sleepily, but Deku had climbed out and was getting dressed. "Hey!" said Katsuki, suddenly awake. "Where're you going?"

"Morning, Kacchan," said Deku softly, as he pulled on his pants. "I've got to leave now so I have time to go back to my apartment before work."

"What, why?" demanded Katsuki. Ochako, next to him, sighed. "You can shower and get breakfast here, can't you?"

"Yeah, but I have to get my costume," said Deku. His bare chest disappeared beneath yesterday's tshirt, and Katsuki scowled.

"Fine," he said, turning over. "See you later, then." He deliberately closed his eyes.

"Have a good day, Deku-kun," murmured Ochako, and there was the soft sound of a kiss. Katsuki didn't open his eyes.

"Bye, Ochako-chan," said Deku, and then, "bye, Kacchan." Katsuki didn't respond, and after a moment Deku's footsteps left the room.

"....Katsuki-kun." Ochako's breath was warm on his ear. "Kaaaaaatsuki-kun." Her fingers walked up his spine, tickling. He twitched, trying not to squirm. "Katsuki-kun!"

"What," said Katsuki, turning back over. Ochako's face loomed close to his, eyes big.

"Are you sulking?" she said.

"No," said Katsuki, lying through his teeth.

"Hmm," said Ochako, in a tone that said she wasn't convinced. "So you're not upset Deku-kun had to leave?"

"No," retorted Katsuki. "Why would I be? Idiot Deku."

Ochako leaned her head on his shoulder.

"Soooo I guess you wouldn't want him to move in with us, then?"

Katsuki froze.

"I was thinking about bringing it up before," she continued casually. "But I didn't want to when I thought you two were on bad terms. But now..."

Katsuki thought about it, probing the idea like it was a fresh bruise. Living with Deku. Who would want to have that nerd around all the time, anyway, he thought, but it rang hollow. It wouldn’t be so bad, really. Deku was strangely soothing to spend time with, in a way Katsuki never really thought was possible. And it meant he wouldn’t have to leave in the mornings…

“I’m in,” he said to Ochako. “Let’s do it.”


Once Ochako brought it up, Katsuki had to admit it was a really good idea. There was a reason that even before they formed their triad, or whatever it was called, that Deku always came to stay with Ochako. That reason was that his apartment was really shitty.

It was far away, both from Ochako and Katsuki’s place, and from Deku’s own hero agency. It took him like seven train stops just to get to work.

It was tiny. Katsuki wasn’t even particularly tall, but he always felt like he was on the verge of knocking his head on the ceiling when he was at Deku’s place.

It was old. The staircases were dark and rickety, there were mysterious stains on the walls and the floors were worn-out. It was basically a death trap.

That night they were at Deku’s apartment for once, and Katsuki had Deku stretched out beneath him, fingering him open and taking malicious pleasure in going as slow as possible. Ochako was laying a methodical set of hickeys up and down Deku’s neck. The plan was for Katsuki to fuck Deku while Deku fucked Ochako. It was a good plan. Katsuki was very on board with it.

And that was when the fire alarm went off.

Holy fucking shit,” yelled Katsuki at the top of his lungs, yanking his fingers out of Deku. Ochako shrieked and leaped to her feet, assuming a fighting stance.

“Ow,” said Deku piteously from the ground, then rolled to his feet. There was a scramble for all the clothes they could reach so they didn’t look so much like they’d been in the middle of fucking.

They made their way down the stairs as a unit, joining in with Deku’s neighbors out in front.

“Your apartment sucks!” Katsuki hissed to Deku. Deku gave a grimace.

“Evening, Okawa-san,” he said somewhat weakly to an older woman in a housedress emerging from the building.

“Good evening, Midoriya-kun,” she replied, and tsked. “This better not be those university students on the first floor again.”

As if on cue, a window on the first floor opened and smoke billowed out in a cloud.

Sucks,” repeated Katsuki under his breath.

“It really does,” agreed Ochako, shivering in one of Katsuki’s t-shirts and inside-out shorts.

Deku sighed but didn’t argue.


“He’s not usually late,” said Ochako, sipping doubtfully at her soft drink.

Katsuki grunted. He didn’t need to be told that. Deku was usually annoyingly punctual, and this outing had been his idea in the first place. For once, their days off all matched up, so Deku suggested they go to the big shopping center near Ochako and Katsuki’s apartment and make a day of it. But it had been thirty minutes and he still wasn’t there. Katsuki checked his phone—nothing except a text from Deku saying he had left his place.

Of course, maybe if his place wasn’t halfway across town, he wouldn’t be late for stuff like this. Even after the Incident, moving didn’t seem to be on Deku’s mind. He insisted that the building manager was a really nice person and the fire wasn’t their fault. Katsuki personally thought that while that was technically true, if the building manager didn’t rent to morons there wouldn’t be any fires in the first place.

The truth was Deku was just too nice.

“He probably got caught up in stopping a purse-snatching or something,” said Katsuki, putting his phone away. Ochako laughed.

“Yeah, that would be like Deku-kun,” she said, and gave him a sly sidelong look.

“What?” said Katsuki. “You gotta problem?”

“You said you weren’t a romantic, but you did agree to go on a date awfully easily,” she said, nudging him in the ribs. “You know that’s what this is, right? A date?”

“Argh, shut up!” said Katsuki, shoving her back. Annoyingly, she barely even moved.

“A daaaate,” said Ochako gleefully, “you agreed to go on a date cause you liiiiiike us.”

“Shut up you fucking asshole,” said Katsuki, lunging at her and trying to cover her mouth, but she just batted his hands away, giggling.

Luckily, before things could escalate to full on wrestling, Deku arrived.

“Sorry I’m late!” he said, panting as he jogged up to them.

“Where’ve you been?” demanded Katsuki, as Ochako released Katsuki from a headlock and passed Deku her soft drink. He downed it gratefully.

“Sorry,” said Deku again when he was done drinking. “There was an accident on the train line and my phone didn’t have service underground.”

“Deku-kun, don’t you get annoyed that your apartment is so many train stops away from the city center?” asked Ochako. “It’s so far from your hero agency too.”

“Also, it sucks,” said Katsuki pointedly. “You should just move.”

Deku frowned.

“Yeah, but the rent on my apartment now is really cheap,” he said. “If I moved closer to downtown I’d probably have to share with somebody.” He shrugged. “I don’t mind, really. Also, the building manager of my current place is really nice! Anyway, should we go?”

Katsuki and Ochako shared a look. This battle was not worth fighting just then. Ochako wiggled between them and hooked an arm through each of theirs.

“Yeah,” she said. “Let’s go.”


Katsuki had to admire Ochako's patience. She waited until she had plans to go to the country to visit her parents for a weekend, then made her move.

"Here, Deku-kun, when I'm gone this weekend can you come by and water my plants? Katsuki-kun will forget."

"Hey, fuck you!" called Katsuki. "I will not. I'm great at taking care of plants!"

"You're really not," replied Ochako, and turned back to Deku. "Please, Deku-kun? For me?" She lowered her voice. "Plus, Katsuki-kun will get lonely. You can come by and keep him company."

"HEY! I heard that! Do you want me to kick your ass?" bellowed Katsuki across the room, but he had to admire Ochako's strategy. Deku would never dare to invite himself over but if Ochako phrased it as a favor Deku wouldn't be able to say no.

"Of course, Ochako-chan," Deku was saying. "Whatever you need." Ha. Sucker.

"Great!" chirped Ochako. "Here's the spare key. I'll just give it to you now."

When Deku's back was turned, Ochako turned to Katsuki, gave him a thumbs up, and mouthed "got him". Katsuki grinned and gave her a thumbs up in return, then had to hurriedly turn back to his phone a second later.

"What?" said Deku.

“Hm?” said Ochako innocently. "Did you say something, Deku-kun?"

Crushed it.


It was Friday, and Katsuki had just gotten home from work when there was a knock on the door. When he went to answer it, Deku was standing outside with an armful of plastic bags.

"Hi, Kacchan," said. "I brought takeout!"

"Are you a dumbass?" asked Katsuki. Deku's face fell, his shoulders drooping. "What the hell are you standing out here like a stranger for? Ochako gave you a key for a reason, didn't she?"

"O-oh!" said Deku, perking back up like a dog who had just been given a treat. He peered up at Katsuki through his eyelashes. "Um...I'm home?"

Katsuki's heart thumped. It was very inconvenient. Progress, he reminded himself. This was progress.

"Yeah, yeah, welcome back," said Katsuki gruffly, and stepped aside motioned Deku in. "Next time, you can just let yourself in."

The evening went well from there. They ate the takeout Deku had brought, and played some Street Fighter. Deku won, and Katsuki decided he deserved a blowjob, so he sucked Deku off right there, quick and sloppy and just a hint of teeth. Deku was shy at first about fucking Katsuki's face, but after a few minutes of Katsuki teasing him, licking agonizingly slowly down his shaft, he wasn't anymore.

Afterward, Katsuki thrust his cock between Deku's massive thighs and fucked them, pouring filth into Deku's ear the whole time. How good he looked, how desperate he looked, wouldn’t Ochako like to see him like this? Katsuki never got over the thrilled twist in his gut at making Deku turn red and stammering, at pushing him till he broke through his embarrassment and pushed right back.

They made a mess of the couch, but it was worth it. Katsuki went to sleep curled around Deku, glowing with satisfaction. He was pretty sure he had that nailed down. Take that, Ochako.


Ochako came back on Monday. Tuesday, Deku stopped by in the afternoon.

“I just wanted to give your key back before I forget,” he explained cheerfully. “Here.”

“Ah…” said Ochako, looking stunned. She automatically accepted the key Deku held out to her. “Thanks,” she said faintly. The door clicked shut behind him.

“What the fuck,” said Katsuki. Ochako took a deep breath in, and then drew back her arm and hurled the key against the wall. It connected with a crack, leaving a sizeable chip in the paint, and ricocheted off. The landlord wasn’t going to like that.

Katsuki sighed.

“Wanna go blow some stuff up?” he said.

“Please,” said Ochako fervently.


Clearly extreme tactics were called for. They put their plan into action right away, and then it was just a matter of waiting.

“Hey,” said Deku a couple weeks later. “Weird question, but have either of you seen my yellow All Might t-shirt? I can’t find it anywhere, and I thought maybe I left it here.”

“Hmmm, I don’t think I’ve seen it,” said Ochako in what was a pretty impressive bald-faced lie all things considered. “Maybe it got mixed in with Katsuki-kun’s laundry?”

Katsuki kept his face blank.

“Maybe,” he said, and then, because Deku was hovering outside his bedroom door, “I can check if you want.”

“Thanks, Kacchan!” said Deku, following him in. Katsuki squatted and rummaged in his basket of clean clothes.

“Is this it?” he asked, holding up a worn yellow shirt. It obviously was, considering that it would have been about 10 centimeters too short on Katsuki and much too big in the chest. Deku didn’t seem to notice. His face lit up.

“Yeah, that’s it! Thanks, Kacchan.”

Katsuki grunted, wondering how far to push this.

“You missing anything else?” he asked. “I’ve honestly just been grabbing stuff out of this basket, I’ve no idea if it’s mine or not.”

“May—be,” said Deku, leaning down to look, and then: “Hey, I think those are my sweatpants. This shirt might be mine too? Yeah, it is!” He turned to Katsuki, a shirt in each hand. “Sorry, Kacchan, I totally don’t remember how these got here.”

Katsuki felt a twinge of something that a lesser being might call ‘guilt.’

“It’s fine,” he said.

“Oh, did you find it?” said Ochako, in the doorway. “That’s so weird, I don’t remember you leaving them here at all.”

Not technically a lie, since Deku didn’t leave the clothes anywhere. Ochako had smuggled them out of Deku’s apartment the last time they stayed over. It was the only reason they’d gone back after the Incident.

“You know, you can probably just leave them here,” said Katsuki, casually. Too casually? Fuck. Just go with it. “I mean, since you’re here all the time and all.”

“Oh,” said Deku, perking up. “Really? Thanks, Kacchan!”

Ochako gave him a thumbs-up and mouthed “nice” behind Deku’s back.


It actually seemed to be going pretty well, and just on schedule, because Katsuki and Ochako were both getting raises, and that meant they could get a new apartment. One with, say, a bigger bedroom.

“I liked the first one we visited,” said Ochako, pointing out the listing on her phone.

Katsuki made a face.

“It was a shithole,” he said. “We should go with that one over by the family restaurant. There was more room.”

“What do you think, Deku-kun?” said Ochako brightly, turning to Deku, who was fiddling with his phone.

“Oh!” said Deku, looking startled to be addressed. “Um, well, it doesn’t really matter to me. I’m not the one who will be living there, after all.”

“Oh my god,” said Katsuki loudly, thunking his head down on the table. All those times when he had contemplated murder? They were nothing compared to this. “Ochako, please. Or I’ll blow up this fucking apartment and everyone in it and we won’t have to worry about getting a new one.”

Ochako sighed.

“Deku-kun, we’re trying to ask you to move in with us,” she explained kindly.

Deku gaped at her, completely gobsmacked. It would be funny if it weren’t so absolutely frustrating.

“We’ve been trying,” added Katsuki savagely. “For months.”

Deku swung around to Ochako for confirmation. She nodded sympathetically.

“Er, but,” he stammered. “I didn’t think you wanted...”

Ochako took his hands.

“Deku-kun, of course we do,” she said, giving his hands a squeeze. “Why would we not?”

Deku looked around nervously.

“Well, you two are such good friends, I wasn’t sure if I would be intruding...”

“Ohhh,” sighed Ochako. “Classic Deku-kun. You’re never intruding, you hear me? Besides, you were my friend before Katsuki-kun was. No offense, Katsuki-kun.”

Deku still looked uncertain. Katsuki sighed. Ochako was giving him a Look.

“C’mere,” he said to Deku, holding out his arms. Looking somewhat apprehensive, Deku shuffled forward. Ochako gave him an encouraging push, and Katsuki wrapped his arms around him.

Deku made a surprised noise and squirmed around.

“Don’t look,” said Katsuki, and then “I said don’t look, you little shit,” as Deku tried to do exactly that. He pressed Deku’s head roughly into into his shoulder and took a deep breath. He was only going to be able to do this if he didn’t have to look anyone in the eye.

“Listen. Izuku. For a long time I though you were a total pain in the ass,” he began. “And I still think that. But I guess I’ve gotten used to it or something, cause—“ he stopped and coughed. Heat was creeping up his cheeks. “Iwanttowakeupnexttoyourstupidfaceeveryday. And I wouldn’t say that unless I meant it. So don’t make me say it again, okay?" When Deku didn’t respond, Katsuki chanced letting him go. “Okay? Are you listening to me, idiot Deku?”

Deku looked up at him. His eyes were distinctly wobbly.

“Oh no no no,” said Katsuki, releasing Deku and backing away in panic. “Goddamnit, Deku, don’t you fucking dare start crying.” He looked to Ochako for support but she was beaming wetly at him, her hand over her mouth. “Okay, no, fuck this, I take it back. I’m dumping both of you.”

“Kacchan,” wailed Deku, seizing Katsuki in a bone-crushing hug.

“I swear you better stop whining like that—” said Katsuki, and was interrupted as Ochako crashed into both of them.

Well. Whatever. Katsuki could indulge them just this once.