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-Don't pretend that explanation is a robust notion → Steins

-Likes: we learn things from proof that's not just the fact that the conclusion is true


No one's really been talking about ways around what is going on in the world. People are working through it, just by keeping going with their lives. Driving to work, eating food, washing their faces. Some people—more and more everyday, it seems—are quitting. Giving up. If we're just bits of data on some future-scientists' computer screen, there doesn't seem to be much point in keeping calm and carrying on, as it were. And I get that instinct, I do. First time I heard the news, I thought: why not end it? If we all did it at once, too, at least that's a way of getting our voices heard. But then I thought: what if another simulation reacted just that way. What if 1000 ^ simulated worlds kept going and 100 simulated worlds went on strike. And 100 simulated 


worlds never figured it out. To be diff, to be noticed, the choice wasn't to all go on strike. And that was my main concern at the point after we all found out: to be noticed. To be different. To give those bastards who made us some damn analogous data to deal with.

Eventually, I—and others like me—came to the only conclusion we could have. The only unique option left open to us.

We had to find a way out.