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Till The End Of The Line

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"This thing is so heavy," Jimin complained about the shield on his arm "where did you even got this? And this helmet, ugh."

"Ah, come on chim it'll be fun!" His best friend (but not right now), Taehyung, tried to cheer him up.

"That's easy for you to say," the blonde whined "your costume won't be a pain in your ass all night. This shield is heavy as fuck!"

"Jimin, i have a cape! A cape! This shit is probably going to get stuck on stuff all night!" Taehyung waved his hammer around "But you don't see me complaining, do you? At least im not wearing a dress and being snow white or something like that."

Right at that moment, standing in the middle of Taehyung's living room, stood Jimin, deessed up as captain america, and Taehyung dressed up as thor. It was Jungkooks idea, because he really wanted to go as iron man and somehow he convinced the others to go as the rest of the avengers (there were just three of them, but nobody wanted to be hulk anyway). Jimin couldnt imagine how much Jungkook spent on his costume, that thing even had led!

Said boy now walked into the room and the others bursted laughing.

"You look so funny walking!" Jimin said betweet laughs "i take back what i said, tonight's going to be great."

Taehyung was laughing so much he almost tripped on his own cape.

"Haha guys, laugh it up." Jungkook tried to cross his arms but he couldn't with all the… armor. "im still going to have the coolest costume at that party."

"Whatever helps you sleep at night, kook." Taehyung dried a tear.

"I heard that's going to have a best costume contest," Jungkook ignored him. "Who knows, i might even win."

"Where is my arm?" Yoongi opened the fridge as if the arm would magically appear there. "Hoseok! Where's my arm?" He screamed.

"I don't know, but im sure is not in the fridge." The younger was sitting calmly in the couch, watching his hyung desperately trying to find the last part of his costume.

Yoongi spent so much time making that arm, he was about to cry.

Then someone knocked. Yoongi hoped his arm somehow created life, ran way, and at that moment was knocking because he came back and missed home.

Unfortunately, it was just Namjoon and Seokjin. Fortunately, Seokjin was caring his arm.

Seokjin had a white sheet thrown over him, but not in a ghost way, more in a greek god way? And he was barefoot. "I, the male and prettier version of aphrodite, am bringing back to you your beloved arm."

"Thank you, hyung" Yoongi said relieved.

"And i don't know why or how this thing was in our apartment but please next time take more care of your limbs." Namjoon said.

"I will."

Then he realised the way Namjoon was dressed. He had a t-shit with a big coca-cola' logo on the front, and was holding a big fake iphone on his hand. His pants pockets were full of fake dollars.

"Namjoon, i don't think i get your costume."

"I'm capitalism."

"Okay, then." Yoongi gave up trying to understand Namjoon a long time ago.

He grabbed his arm and went inside to put it on, leaving the door open for the others to enter.

"Hey, Hoseok," The boys greeted.

"What are you dressed up as?" Seokjin asked.

He got up from the couch and showed his bow with little hearts, and an arrow with a heart at the end. He was wearing all white. "I'm cupid!"

"Hey! You work for me!" Seokjin said excited "we're matching! But aren't you supposed to be wearing only a diaper, though?"

"It's my costume so, no."

"Hey, are you guys ready to go?" Namjoon interrupted "Time is money!"

"Yoongi-hyung is putting his arm, when he's done we can go,"

"All right, i'm here." Yoongi was so satisfied with his costume. He was dressed as the, in his opinion, best and most misunderstood character from the MCU, the winter soldier. The arm was a bitch to make but the eyeshadow was fun (he hoped it looked like the character and not like someone had punched him in his two eyes).

"That was fast." Hoseok turned to Namjoon, "he probably used more lube this time." It was the 10th time he made a lube joke in the last month, Yoongi hated him.

"Can you just stop with the lube thing? Oh my god." Yoongi complained."I need it to put this thing on- you know what? Go ahead, make fun all you want."

They all were laughing at his pout.

So he was a joke to love and capitalism. Just a normal day in his life.


The party was packed, Jimin never sweated so much in his life because of the fucking costume (how Jungkook was able to not die inside his armor was a mystery to him) and he wanted to go home, but his friends were having fun so he would endure it a bit more for them.

The blonde felt a hand shaking his shoulders excitedly and turned to see Taehyung shouting at him."I just saw a bucky in the bathroom! Your soulmate!"

"Who the hell is bucky?" Jimin just wanted to go home.

"You know who Bucky is, we made you watch the movie with us like, fifty times." Taehyung seemed disappointed "bucky is the one with the arm."

Oh, Jimin remebered him. He remembered how he almost cried watching the movie for the first time. Almost.

"I can't believe the best couple from the best marvel movie is real!" The taller was jumping with excitement.

"Actually the best marvel movie ever made is Iro- "Jungkook started but Taehyung interrupted him. "I'm not talking to you."

He kept talking, ignoring completely the youngest. "I want a picture of you guys together. Let's go talk to him!"

"No, let's not, we don't even know the guy!"

"Please, pretty pleaseee"


"You're no fun."

Jimin hoped he didn't bump into the guy that night.

"Now it's time to announce the winners of the costume contest!" Yoongi watched as some guy talked into a mic on the small stage at the corner were the dj played.

"What's the prize?" Someone shouted in the crowd.

"A round of applause and a bust in your ego, that's it, im broke." That could be seen in the guy's costume: he was wearing just a big brow box (like the ones you use when you're moving out) with a big 'GUNDAM' written on it. "But let's move on!"

The guy, he said his name was Jae or something, started to announce the winners.

Hoseok was standing besides him, and he had no idea were Namjoon and Seokjin were (probably making out in some room of the gigantic house the party was being hosted at).

After calling a guy dressed as the bee from bee movie and a girl with a costume Yoongi didn't recognize, he announced the couple costume category. "And now, we a have a cute superhero couple here! A lot of people voted for you guys, come on up Park Jimin and Min Yoongi as captain america and the winter soldier!"

What the fuck. What the fuck. Yoongi didn't even know that there was a steve here, what the shit.

"Whoa, hyung, that's you!" Hoseok was screaming besides him.

"I know that's me, holy shit."

"What are you waiting for, go up there! Meet your soulmate!"

And he went. But he wasn't expecting his pair to be so beautiful. Yoongi could see blond hair peeking under the guys helmet, and the boy just looked so handsome in the costume Yoongi felt he was about to melt right there.

"My ship is real!" Someone shouted from the crowd and the captain america boy blushed.

"So, uh, hi" Yoongi tried.


"That's it?" the guy spoke on the mic "Not even a kiss for us?"

Then someone started a chant of 'kiss kiss kiss kiss' and soon everyone joined and Yoongi felt his face get warm, he was probably so red.

'fuck it', Yoongi thought.

"Let's just get over with it?" He asked and the boy sighed, and agreed.

Here goes nothing.


Jimins heart was beating so loud he was sure the other boy could heart it.

The truth is Jimin wasn't happy when his name was called. But as soon as he got there and looked at the other's face, oh boy. He couldn't stop looking at his beautiful cat-like eyes, with dark eyeshadow (the same color as the boy's hair, he noticed) smuged all around them.

When everyone started shouting for them to kiss he felt he was the luckiest and the unluckiest guy in the world at the same time. He felt himself blush then saw the other blushing as well, god, they were a mess.

But hey, the guy was cute, so when he asked "Let's just get over with it?" he sighed and agreed.

What was supposed to be just a touch of lips (they were strangers, after all) turned into a full open-mouthed kiss because, damn, the guy was good. His hand found it's way to the guys neck and he felt a pair of hands holding his hips and all he could think was shit shit shit shit.

"Whoa! Okay guys please take this to the avengers tower, we don't want to see more."

As soon as their mouths separated Jimin wanted to bury himself on the ground right there, he just made out with a stranger on a costume in front of everyone.

He ran away from the stage and went outside to breath a bit of fresh air.

"Hey! Jimin!" He turned when he heard a unknown voice calling him. It was the bucky guy, ugh. "You dropped your shield."

"Huh, thank you." He accepted the heavy thing and just stood there awkwardly.

"So…" The other scratched his neck in what Jimin guessed to be a nervous tick. "That was, something."

"Yeah, it was." He balanced his weight from a foot to the other. "Wanna go back at it?"

"Oh, thank god you asked." And they were kissing.

A lot of hands on hips, open-mouthed kisses on necks and too thigh pants later, Jimin asked if Yoongi wanted to go to his apartment and, you know, keep going there.


The first thing Jimin thought when he woke up was that he lost his shield. Taehyung was going to kill him.

The second was, he was sleeping on someone. Like, his head was resting on someone's naked chest and a arm was around his waist.

And then he remembered the night before.

After making out too long outside, they called a cab and rushed to Jimin's apartment, kissing in the elevator untill they couldn't breath anymore.

He also remembered the laughing fit he had when the other boy was taking off his arm and it got stuck.

"I can't believe this!" the other had said while using his right hand to push the thing out."I used enough lube for this not to happen!"

Jimin laughed so hard he couldn't breath, and laughed even harder when the arm was out and the other's hand was sticky and gross with lube and sweat. "Please wash your arm before touching me again, thank you"

He also remembered how the other said his smile was beautiful and his laugh was beautiful and really, no one ever called Jimin beautiful so much as Yoongi did.

Jimin smiled at the memory, it was fun.

He felt the sheets moving and the arm around his waist getting tighter, then a deep voice spoke "What's making you smile like that? is ass o'clock in the morning right now"

"Nothing," He smiled and snuggled his nose in Yoongi's neck " 'm just happy."

Yoongi kissed the top of his head, "yeah, im happy too."

"But hey, Yoongi," Jimin said, glancing at his bedside clock.


"It's almost one in the afternoon."

"Let's have lunch together, then?" Yoongi smiled at him.

"Are you asking me out on a date?" Jimin smiled back. "If you are, then is a yes."

(Years later, Jimin included a “i'm with you ‘till the end of the line” in his wedding vows. Yoongi cried.)

(In Hoseoks best man speech, he told everyone he bribed Jae to call them as the winners as soon as he saw there was a captain america at the party.)