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Love, I have Wounds

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Having Jimin running around in a room in his underwear because he can't find those damn pants he's been wanting to wear since months now is always an experience.

Jungkook sits on his bed, half paying attention to his friend, half scrolling through his timeline on Twitter.

“Why aren't you getting ready?” Jimin asks, half of his body inside the closet as he throws behind his back clothes he doesn't need.

“I am ready.” Jungkook replies, eyes on his phone as he sits cross-legged on Jimin's bed.

Jimin emerges back from the closet with a look of disbelief on his face “You're just wearing the same shit you always wear.”

“It's my brand.”

“No, it's you being a lazy motherfucker.” Jimin sighs and gets back in the closet “Whatever, I stopped trying with you a long time ago.”

Jungkook sighs and locks his phone “Look, hyung, I didn't even wanna come tonight, so why don't you give me some slack?”

“I still don't understand why you wouldn't wa- FOUND THEM!” Jimin pulls back with a pair of faux leather pants and a huge grin on his face “Oh, I'm gonna get the dicking of a lifetime tonight.”

Jungkook breathes in deeply “This is exactly why I don't wanna go. I don't want to get drunk as you grind your ass on Yoongi-hyung's dick. At least not again.”

Jimin arches an eyebrow at him, already shrugging on the pants “Don't be absurd. I never do that. Goddamn, these are tight.”

“You never do that when you're sober.” Jungkook corrects him “The moment you get some tequila in you, you're just twerking like an extra in a Nicki Minaj music video.”

Jimin manages to put on the pants, he zips them up “Look, Namjoon-hyung and Hoseok-hyung will be there, too. So don't worry too much about that.”

Jungkook's eyebrows rise up “Oh, so now I'll have to watch Hoseok-hyung grinding his crotch on Joon-hyung's thigh as well, that's just fucking great.”

Jimin's arms slump down to his waist, he licks his lips giving Jungkook a long look “Listen, I haven't seen Taehyung in years. Years, Jungkook. He's finally moving to Seoul, I want you two to meet. You guys are my best friends, this means a lot to me.”

Jungkook knows this and he also knows he's being an asshole to this whole thing. Jimin rarely asks him anything, let alone favors of any sort. For once that he simply asks Jungkook to meet his actual best friend, brother, soulmate or whatever, he's being a petty ass about it.

Jungkook heaves a sigh “Okay, you're right, sorry. You're right, I already agreed, it would be shitty to bail out.”

“Exactly.” Jimin goes back at tugging the dress shirt in his pants “Besides, you're the one who said you were feeling kinda down lately, Taehyung is like an energy buzzer. You'll love him, really.”

Jungkook just hums to this, quickly turning his attention back on his phone. He's not feeling down, it's not that. It's really not that simple. But since he's the first one who doesn't have any idea as to what is actually going on lately (which is bullshit, he does know, he just doesn't want to think about it), he doesn't say anything.

“Okay.” Jimin nods to the mirror and then turns to Jungkook “How do I look?”

Jungkook takes a long glance at Jimin, up from his blonde hair, down to his thighs squeezed in those damn pants.

“Like you're begging for Yoongi to dick you down.”

“Look like I achieved the wanted outfit, then.” Jimin grabs his phone from the bedside table and hisses “Shit, we're late, Yoongi is already downstairs, let's go.”

On the car ride, Jungkook manages to focus on the harsh rap coming from the car radio and tunes out all the filth Yoongi and Jimin are telling each other. Not the nasty kind of filth, that's reserved for when they're drunk, just the “grossly in love couple” kind of filth. Jungkook isn't about that life, hell no.

Instead, he keeps his eyes trained on the scenery outside the window, the cars speeding by, the lights of Seoul at night almost blurring in lines once Yoongi presses on the gas to hurry before a speeding light turns red. He thinks about Taehyung, too.

Jimin has been talking about Taehyung ever since Jungkook met him two years ago. Taehyung the childhood friend, Taehyung the crazy friend, Taehyung the insane artist, Taehyung the soulmate, Taehyung also known as Jimin's first time because, again, soulmates and all that jazz.

Jungkook has heard all kinds of stories about Taehyung and, if he has to be honest, he is kind of curious to meet the man who actually met Zico in a goddamn toilet of a nightclub and had challenged him to a dick size competition.

And since Taehyung has finally moved back to Korea and, most importantly, in Seoul, Jungkook knows he will meet him more from now on so it's better to just get the awkward introductory phase done as soon as possible.

Yoongi parks the car somewhere in the middle of nowhere because “I will not pay those assholes six thousand fucking Won for a goddamn parking spot, you need to learn this shit as well Kook, hyung is giving you a motherfucking life lesson”.

So they walk for like fifteen full minutes before they finally see the club, a long cue already in front of the entrance, although Jungkook knows they're gonna skip it since Namjoon is a friend of the owner. Leave it to Namjoon to know all kinds of shady people who own shady businesses.

Jimin walks faster, his eyes scanning the crowd “He said he's here, so-”

Jungkook starts looking around as well. He has seen some pictures but, for some reason, all of Taehyung's selcas are blurry as fuck so it's not that easy to make out his face. He gets quickly distracted once his eyes land on a guy who's leaning with his back against the wall, eyes fixed on the screen of his phone, a half-smoked cigarette between his lips. Jungkook actually stops walking to stare because goddamn, that guy's beautiful. Actually fucking beautiful, with greyish hair framing his face, messy and kind of long, long lashes and lips glossy with balm and fucking gold powder on his cheekbones.

“Tae!” Jimin shrieks as he runs past Jungkook, the guy he's been staring at lifting his head up and the hugest smile Jungkook has ever seen on someone's face stretches his lips.

Jimin literally jumps him, his legs wrapping around Taehyung's waist and arms around his neck. Taehyung laughs and hugs him, keeping him up after a few stumbling backward steps.

“Shit!” Taehyung exclaims “Shit, I missed you so fucking much!”

Beside him, Yoongi sighs and crosses his arms “He's as loud as ever.”

Jungkook hums, watching Taehyung tuck his face in the crook of Jimin's neck, who's still wrapped around his friend as if his life depends on him.

“Woah!” Taehyung looks up “Don't cry, what the fuck?”

Jimin finally lets go of Taehyung and laughs, rubbing his hands on his cheeks “I'm so happy to see you, give me a break!”

“I'm happy, too! I missed you like a madman, Chim.” Taehyung is still smiling in this weird way that has Jungkook feeling like he wants to smile as well “May I say, your thighs look ravishing.”

Yoongi, once again, just sighs.

“You got taller!” Jimin says, tilting his head to the side “And thicker, what's up with that?”

“You keep sending me pics of your ass, I felt like I needed to step up my game.” Taehyung pauses “That and too many brioches.”

Jimin giggles and then turns, finally, to them “Ah, sorry, Yoongi probably wants to say hi, too.”

“Yeah,” Yoongi nods “Hi, Tae.”

Taehyung nods solemnly “Yoongi-hyung, you're as small and majestic as ever.”

“That I am.”

Taehyung turns his eyes on Jungkook and his smile turns more into a grin “Who's thick thighs, here?”

“Thick-” Jungkook splutters, hoping to God he's not blushing.

“That's Jungkook, I told you I wanted you guys to meet, right?” Jimin says “Tae, Jungkook. Jungkook, Tae.”

“You're the guy who's been keeping Jimin working whilst I was away, I'm guessing?” Taehyung holds out a hand that Jungkook shakes, even though it does feel like some sort of business deal.

“That would be me.”

“You always get the hot ones, unbelievable.” Taehyung mutters, Jungkook feels a headache coming “Should we go in? I wanna get drunk and make mistakes.”

They skip the line easily, mentioning Namjoon's special list and the staff member at the entrance finding their names on it.

Inside, the club is chaos. The first floor, the one where they are, is packed with people dancing to the beats of a terrible remix of an old Drake's song, bodies moving wildly, blue neon laser lights darting across the dance floor, music loud and vibrating in Jungkook's chest.

Yoongi motions him to the stairs that lead to the VIP floor, where Namjoon and Hoseok are waiting for them. Taehyung and Jimin are walking side by side, still smiling like they've seen the sun for the first time in forever and Jungkook briefly wonders as to how Yoongi still hasn't thrown hands.

Upstairs, the music is still loud but less deafening, there are far fewer people and there's an open bar, Jungkook is suddenly a lot happier. They easily spot Namjoon and Hoseok sitting on one of the couches at the booths, chatting with their fingers intertwined, Hoseok nodding to something Namjoon says until his eyes land on them.

“Ayo!” he shouts, Namjoon startles “You guys are late!”

“Sorry about that, Jimin-hyung couldn't find the I wanna get fucked pants.” Jungkook says once they're at the booth and sitting down already. He receives a slap on the back of his nape from Yoongi and a laugh from Taehyung.

“Truer words were never spoken.” Jimin says with a relaxed smile, then he points at Taehyung “Tae, these are Namjoon-hyung and Hoseok-hyung, the other couple.”

“Good to meet you.” Taehyung once again shakes hands with both of them “Jimin told me a lot about you two.”

“I hope only good things.” Namjoon says.

“He told me you two are famous in your college because they caught you fucking in the library.”

Namjoon's smile disappears “Yes. I see.”

Hoseok quickly reaches for the nearest glass of whatever drink he's having “Well, I say we get drunk!”

“Yes, please.” Yoongi mutters.

Too many rounds of tequila later, Jimin and Yoongi disappeared somewhere on the dance floor, Namjoon and Hoseok are making out on the couch and, obviously, Taehyung and Jungkook are left alone awkwardly glancing at each other with a glass of liquor.

Jungkook is, by the way, having a hard time. With a really tipsy mind, bordering on drunk, Taehyung is ethereal in a way that is both unsettling and oddly satisfying. Jungkook likes pretty people, everybody does, but Taehyung is just gorgeous. It's confidence, Jungkook thinks, that makes him look probably better than he already is. And that damn gold powder.

“This is awkward,” Taehyung says, standing up “I have weed, wanna get high?”

Jungkook sighs “Fuck yeah.”

The back of the club is fucking dirty. Jungkook grimaces once he spots what must be a used syringe and sighs, Taehyung already putting between his lips the joint and lighting it up, taking quick drags until the flame finally sets. He inhales deeply and then exhales, thick smoke gathering around his face, a little flushed from the alcohol.

He passes the smoke to Jungkook “You go to college with Min?”

“Yeah.” Jungkook replies after taking a drag “Dance department as well.”

“The thighs are explained.”

“You know, not all dancers have thick thighs.”

“It seems like a recurring aesthetic.”

“I just hit the gym a lot.”

Taehyung nods, a smirk spreading “And boy, am I grateful for that.”

Jungkook snorts. It's the alcohol and weed, otherwise, he knows he'd be either blushing or making a fool of himself. Sue him, Kim Taehyung looks like a vision, anyone would make a fool of themselves.

“So,” Taehyung takes the joint from him, his fingers are long and slender, nails painted rose gold “Jimin told me a lot about you, too.”

“Oh, no.”

“Nah, it's cool.” Taehyung chuckles “He says you're a really nice guy, you've been there for him and all that stuff.”

Meanwhile, Jungkook can hear Babe by Hyuna coming muffled from inside the club.

“He talks about you all the time, too.” Jungkook takes a drag that is a bit too long, smoke burning in his lungs and throat, he coughs a bit “Dick size competition with Zico?”

“Ah,” Taehyung sighs dreamily “My finest adventures. What a time. And what a dick.”

Jungkook laughs at that, leaning against the wall, Taehyung smiling as well.

“You've been in France, right?” Jungkook asks “All this time, I mean.”

“Yeah, spent the last three years of my life there.” Taehyung answers, tapping with his index against the joint before putting it back between his lips “It's fucking beautiful, you know? France is fucking amazing.”

“Where did you stay?”

Taehyung squints his eyes “I've stayed in Nice for two months, then moved to Lyon and stayed for like two weeks or something, then Brest and finally Paris, I stayed there for the rest of the time.”

Jungkook knows his eyes must have become huge “Holy shit. For work, right?”

Taehyung nods, gives the joint to Jungkook “Yeah, had to move a lot for various commissions until I started working from Paris alone. Traveling is tiring, man, especially on European buses.”

“I just realized I'm smoking weed with a famous artist.” Jungkook giggles, kind of lamely. He's high.

Taehyung, though, just smiles “I ain't that great. But I am overpaid, which is always nice.”

“You liked it there, what made you come back?”

Taehyung swallows, looks down at his feet, his smile falters just a bit, enough for Jungkook to notice. When he looks back up, there's none of that energy from before “Missed home, I guess.”

That's a lie. Jungkook is good at reading people, he's actually good at a lot of things, but fucking excellent at detecting bullshit. But he doesn't know Taehyung enough so he keeps quiet.

“Since you stayed in Paris you must have seen the Mona Lisa and shit.”

Taehyung's smile actually completely disappears “I've never seen an uglier portrait in my entire life.”

Jungkook almost loses grip on the joint “Wait, what?”

“It's so ugly. I mean, it's not like it's ugly, obviously it's well painted, but- like, it's tiny as fuck! It's this tiny ass portrait of this woman who either smiles or not, who gives a shit, and you can't even get close to it and there's always so many fucking people all crowded there to see the Mona fucking Lisa, I was so mad!” Taehyung takes a breath “You wanna know a beautiful portrait by da Vinci? La belle ferronnière.”

And there he goes, Jungkook has a kink for french now.

“That portrait is haunting.” Taehyung continues “She just- fucking stares at something behind you, so intensely. She saw something, something that she craves and you're just there, looking at this woman who's watching something you will never know nor have.” Taehyung pauses “That's a good portrait. And it's in the Louvre, too, but everyone is too worried about Mona Lisa and her stupid eyes that follow you when you move around.”

Jungkook blinks “Well, goddamn, didn't mean to piss you off, I was just asking.”

Taehyung snorts “No, sorry, I get passionate easily. A lot of people told me I get too intense.”

Jungkook shakes his head “You do, but it's fine. It's cool, actually, to be passionate about shit.”

Taehyung cocks his head to the side “You aren't?”


“Passionate about things?”

Jungkook glances at Taehyung. Kim Taehyung who's been in France for three years, hates the Mona Lisa and had a dick size competition with Zico and, suddenly, he feels quite small.

“I'm passionate about Overwatch.”

“Shit, same!” Taehyung exclaims loudly “Fucking same, bro.”

“Don't bro me.”

“But bro-”


“Listen, bro, you're right bro, you ain't just bro to me.”


“You're fam, bro.”

Jungkook snorts, choking on a lungful of smoke and he starts coughing, his eyes stinging with tears and lungs screaming.

“Shit.” he croaks out, Taehyung literally dying, laughing so bad he has to hold his stomach.

“Oh my God, don't die!” he says as he starts patting his back “Don't die on me fam, I want to take it up a notch, I want you to be more than fam! I want you to be bae, you can't die on me!”

“Fucking- stop!” Jungkook wheezes, rubbing at his wet eyes. He's blaming weed and alcohol entirely for this “I hate you.”

Taehyung clicks his tongue “Aw, don't be like that. Will you forgive me if I tell you I have a flask of vodka hidden in my pants?”

Jungkook straightens up “You have what and where?”

Taehyung holds up a finger then, from the back pocket of his really loose pants, gets a flask. Jungkook stares at it.

“You are a magician.”

“So!” Taehyung giggles to himself, the flask held loosely in his hand “There I am, brie cheese on my tiddies.”

Jungkook chokes on laughter, wiping tears away from his eyes, holding himself up with his hand on the wall.

“When this guy comes to me and, in French, he asks me if I'm making moves on his girl. Now, I didn't know French, I had just moved there, so I stare at this dude, who's clearly pissed off, but I was so drunk! So I just stared at him and I went,” Taehyung chuckles “Oui, monsieur.”

“Oh my God, I can't fucking breathe.”

“I got punched so fucking hard. I passed out, my poor Korean ass all over the dance floor and no one helped me!” Taehyung scoffs “The staff actually picked me up at dawn just because they had to clean!”

Taehyung takes another gulp from the flask, hisses, then he passes it to Jungkook “Your turn.”

Jungkook presses his lips together “Okay, so, this was last year. Jimin wanted to go clubbing but Yoongi was in Daegu for a family thing. So he calls me and he tells me to please, keep a fucking eye on Jimin, don't let him drink too much. We go to this club, we're having fun, dancing and stuff.” Jungkook drinks some more “We go to the bar to get a beer and this girl starts chatting me up. She was pretty and I wanted to get laid, you know the drill.”

“I sure do.”

“I swear to Guh-God.” Jungkook hiccups “I was distracted for three fucking minutes, next thing I know Jimin is gone and I'm freaking out. I start looking for him everywhere, I mean it! I went to the ladies toilets, for fuck's sake, they almost chopped my dick off!”

Taehyung slaps at his thigh, his laugh almost silent from how hard it is, booze making everything too funny.

“I finally find him with this dude sucking at his neck and Jimin basically passed out 'cause he was blackout drunk.”


“I saw red, you know? 'Cause no one lays a fucking finger on Jimin, no one. So I push this dude off him, try to get Jimin to wake up. And out of nowhere, this asshole punches me in the stomach so hard, I almost puked right there. But at this point it was a matter of pride, so I fight back. And it was one of those actually dangerous fights, too many punches too well made, I was bleeding like our lord and savior Jesus Christ on the cross.”

“That's morbid but it does give me an idea.”

“Security got us out, I take Jimin home, everything ends well.” Jungkook gulps down more vodka “Three days later Yoongi is back, Jimin crying so bad 'cause he felt like shit but Yoongi just kind of wanted to find this dude and cut his balls off and feed them to his mother or something.”

“Your metaphors are spot on when you're drunk.”

“Then Yoongi comes to me, looks at my fucked up face.” Jungkook giggles “He puts a hand on my shoulder, squeezes it and he says Jungkook. You just became a man in my eyes. Here, take my wallet and buy yourself something nice.

Taehyung blinks “What did you buy?”

Jungkook grins “The most expensive fucking headphones I found.”

“Now, this is a good story.” Taehyung starts walking back to one of the tables that the staff has all piled up in the back, moving to sit on it. Jungkook swears his heart almost stop beating.

“No!” he shouts, his hand grabbing Taehyung's wrist and yanking him back.

“Woah, the fuck?!”

“There's a used condom there.”

Taehyung twists his head around, staring at the condom and he gags “Oh my God, I almost sat on that.”

“I saved your pants.”

Taehyung is really, really, close to him now, Jungkook can feel his breath fanning on his cheek.

“You did.” Taehyung turns really serious “You just became a man in my eyes.”

“Fuck off.” Jungkook lets go of Taehyung's wrist, already kind of missing the feeling of his skin under his fingers “Oh my God, I can't believe I haven't asked this yet?”

“What?” Taehyung takes a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket, grabs two and lights them both up at the same time, then he passes one to Jungkook.

“Well,” Jungkook takes a drag of smoke “This has been haunting me since forever, I need to know. What do escargots taste like?”

“Oh,” Taehyung shrugs as he breathes out a cloud of smoke “I don't know.”

“What do you mean you don't know?”

“Never ate them.” Taehyung frowns “Why are you looking at me like that?”

Jungkook closes his mouth, that has been hanging open for a few seconds now, and clears his voice “I'm gonna give you a few seconds to think about it.”

Taehyung squints his eyes, actually thinking, he licks his lips, smokes, then his eyes go the size of the moon “Oh my God, I lived in France for three years and never tasted escargot.”

Jungkook nods “There you go.”

“Shit!” Taehyung scoffs “I'm booking a ticket right now, for the both of us, we're gonna eat those goddamn snails.”

“What, you're bringing me as well?”

“Damn right I am, you're the one who gave me an identity crisis, take responsibility.”

Jungkook laughs, Taehyung smiling and leaning back on the wall behind him, keeping his eyes on Jungkook for a few seconds before he looks up at the night sky, smoking lazily.

Jungkook just now realizes that he's been out here with Taehyung for probably at least two hours, just talking about stupid shit and- well, it felt nice. It felt like something and that's something that he's missed. Feeling like this, like he's living a little. With someone.

Jungkook clenches his jaw and focuses on the cigarette between his fingers, he flicks it and a blob of ash falls down on the dirty ground, next to a stain he doesn't really want to identify.

“Shit.” Taehyung giggles, Jungkook looks at him “I'm so drunk.”

Jungkook chuckles “Yeah, same.” another remix of another old song of Drake starts “The music in this place is shit.”

Taehyung hums, he throws the cigarette on the ground and steps on it with the heel of his shoes, they look like some sort of slippers with fur “It is. Wanna go inside and dance?”

“To bad music?”

“It's fun to dance to bad music. Besides, we might find Yoongi and Jimin making out there and that's always disturbing but oddly arousing.”

“Ain't nothing arousing about Yoongi testing Jimin's lung capacity.”

“Don't kinkshame me.” Taehyung sighs “You know what, actually, let's stay here. I like it here.”

“Okay.” Jungkook looks at the sky, too, since looking at Taehyung too much with his mind buzzing with alcohol isn't the smartest idea.

He doesn't like the sky in Seoul. Not in the night, at least. Back in Busan, if he went to the beach, he could see stars. Here, the lights of Seoul erase them completely, leaving the sky in a weird purple color and a few stray clouds.

“We get distracted by lampposts.”

Jungkook looks back at Taehyung and frowns “What?”

“It's something this dude told me in France.” Taehyung says “He was a painter, met him in a bar, we went painting together sometimes when we had free time and once we did it during the night. We were at the Traversée de Paris, which is, like, the part of the Seine that is in Paris, on Pont Neuf, painting the river. And, well, he's always been a really pretentious dick, but he says this: we look up in the night sky, we don't see stars and we get distracted by lampposts. We always do that in life, we need to start focusing on the stars.” Taehyung rolls his eyes “So fucking pretentious, but he is kinda right. You were looking at the sky and seemed annoyed, like him.”

Jungkook frowns “Are we gonna start going philosophical now?”

“I mean, we're high and drunk.”

“A fair argument.”

“What is the dichotomy between good and evil?”

Jungkook smiles “Ain't that from Pirates of the Caribbean?”

“Ah, an intellectual like me!” Taehyung grins “That saga deserved better than the shitty sequels it got.”

“I know!” Jungkook exclaims, suddenly really into this conversation “It was supposed to end with the third one, it was a fucking trilogy, but no! No, let's make one more and we put Penelope Cruz in it, doing the only thing she can do lately.”

“A Spanish accent.” Taehyung finishes for him, shaking his head “Has she ever done a movie where she doesn't have a Spanish accent? 'Cause she did in the past.”

“Wait, aren't we being kinda racist? I mean, she's Spanish.”

“Don't we get a green card for being Asian?”

“How would that work?”

“White people snatch asian roles all the time, just look at Scarlet Johanson. We get to bitch about whatever the fuck we want.”

“Did you know Abrams will make a remake of Your Name?”

Taehyung's features harden “No he fucking won't.”

“He fucking will.”

“Why do white people have to ruin everything? Why?! Hollywood couldn't get their filthy paws off the purest most wholesome movie, no, they have to taint that as well!” Taehyung scoffs “First Death Note, now Your Name. Next thing you know they're gonna take Inuyasha and set it in Detroit or some shit.”

“Zac Efron playing Inuyasha.”

“Nah, Zac wouldn't do us dirty like that. We're all in this together, me, you and Zefron.”

“Weren't we supposed to be philosophical?”

“You mean this ain't deep enough for you? Didn't know I was dealing with Nietzsche here.”

“I can't believe you managed to pronounce that name right whilst drunk.”

“I'm a legend. My dick has been side by side with Zico's, how could you doubt me?”

“I see the errors of my way.”

Taehyung rubs at his neck, the loose shirt he's wearing revealing his collarbones, Jungkook's drunken mind making a quick note of it “You know, it's- I don't wanna sound rude or nosy but you're not like I was expecting you.”


“No. Jimin told me something, he told me to be extra nice to you 'cause lately you were feeling down or some shit?” Taehyung pauses “I don't know, man. I was expecting you to be moody as fuck, but you're chill.”

“I'm not down, that's not-” Jungkook heaves a sigh “I don't know, maybe I am. I don't know.”

“What do you know? Come on, talk to me, I'm the new friend who offered you free weed, you can tell me what you want 'cause I don't know you enough to judge you. Also, I'm drunk.”

Jungkook knows Taehyung is saying this to make him feel a little better, to lighten up the mood and make him feel more at ease. But Jungkook already feels at ease. Taehyung looks like the kind of person who truly wouldn't judge you.

“It's stupid. I don't really know myself, but- fuck, okay, I mean- Yoongi and Jimin have been together since fucking forever and I never had a problem with it. But then Namjoon and Hoseok got together, too. Just a few weeks ago and I-” Jungkook pauses “I guess I just kinda realized-”

“How lonely you are?”

Taehyung keeps his gaze steady on Jungkook, waiting for him to reply, a small smile on his face that tells him that Taehyung knows. He knows what Jungkook means because he's probably feeling the same way.

Empathy is a strange thing.

“Yeah.” Jungkook finally admits “Yeah, something like that.”

Taehyung nods and steps forward “Loneliness is a bitch. She fucks you up, you can't let her take over.”

Jungkook follows Taehyung's movements, slow and careful “Did you let her take over?”

Taehyung is closer “We don't know each other that well for me to dump all of my shit on you, you don't want that.”

“Didn't I just do the same?”

“Your shit smells like jasmine compared to mine, don't even cross me on that.”

When Taehyung stops he's barely a few inches away from Jungkook, their chests almost touching, Taehyung's fingers grazing his own.

“What are you doing?”

Taehyung doesn't say anything for a while, he just looks at him with his stupidly pretty eyes, gaze fucking intense because, Jungkook guesses, Taehyung must be like that, easily passionate and intense like he's living life balanced on a very thin rope. Jungkook swallows, his eyes setting once again on that gold powder on his cheekbones, on the slope of his nose and on the mole he has there, down to his lips, the gloss disappeared after the cigarettes and alcohol.

“Hey.” Taehyung whispers “Want us to feel a bit less lonely for a while?”

Navigating between a sea of sweaty bodies when you have your heart racing in your chest and arousal slowly making it's way to your head isn't easy but, somehow, they make it. Taehyung spots the toilets and grabs his wrist, pulling him away from the crowd and opening the door to the toilets, who smell really fucking bad but he decides he really doesn't give a shit. Jungkook is good at drunk sex, he adapts easily.

Taehyung drags him to the last stall, the larger one, pulls him inside and slams the door shut, locking it, he turns around and pushes him against the wall and, before Jungkook even knows what's going on, he has Taehyung's lips and tongue on his neck and even this shitty toilets are really fine.

He feels a sigh leaving his mouth as Taehyung's tongue darts out, tasting his skin, lips open and teeth grazing. Jungkook finally has his hand in Taehyung's hair, fingers carding through soft hair, his thigh slots easily between Taehyung's legs and the other starts rutting against it shamelessly.

“You have lube?” Jungkook asks, Taehyung scoffs on his neck and looks up.

“Do I have lube? What, you think I'm some sort of amateur?” Taehyung gets back on his neck “Left back pocket.”

Jungkook gets his hand inside said pocket and, shit, Taehyung's ass is way thicker than it looks in those stupid pants, he finds a small bottle of lube and what feels like a condom, so he gets both, throwing his head back once he feels Taehyung biting lightly at the column of his throat.

Taehyung straightens up, still grinding on Jungkook's thigh, hardening at the friction and he looks at Jungkook, noses brushing together as he lets out small breathy sounds that have Jungkook's hands itching to just touch and make him scream and moan. Taehyung's eyes fall down to Jungkook's mouth, he licks his lips and Jungkook gets the message, quickly pressing his lips on Taehyung's, the elder sighing and wrapping his arms around his neck, body flush against his.

Taehyung opens his mouth, his tongue licking at Jungkook's bottom lip, he tastes of weed and vodka, bitter with smoke. It doesn't last long, Taehyung pushes himself off Jungkook and starts undoing his jeans.

“As much as I'd like to have a long make-out session, this toilet smells of death.” he says, unzipping Jungkook's fly and palming his cock through his briefs, Jungkook moans at the sudden touch and Taehyung's eyes darken “Fuck, you sound good. Can't wait to have this inside my ass.”

“You speak like a goddamn sailor.”

“I could get nastier.” Taehyung grabs his own pants by the waistband and pulls them down, they pool at his feet and he turns, showing his back to Jungkook “Come on, cowboy, fuck me up.”

Jungkook has to literally refrain himself from fucking sighing at the sight of Taehyung's ass 'cause, damn, that is a beautiful ass. He could wax poetics about that ass, but not now. Maybe not ever, yeah. He uncaps the small bottle and squeezes some liquid out, warming it between his fingers, puts the bottle in the pocket of his jeans and pulls down Taehyung's briefs. He starts prodding at Taehyung's entrance and then inserts one finger, he frowns at the little resistance he finds, his finger quickly inside up to the knuckle.

“Did you fucking prep yourself?”

“No.” Taehyung replies, a little breathless “Fucked myself on a dildo this morning, though.”

“Shit.” Jungkook feels his dick twitch in his briefs. He adds another finger, his hands almost shaking, drunk mind making him dizzy, Taehyung clenches around his fingers with a deep sigh, parting his legs more, as much as the pants pooled around his ankles let him.

Jungkook has to thank Taehyung's fashion sense, because everything he wears tonight is loose, so the shirt falls off his shoulder, exposing more skin. Jungkook can't help but lean down and suck at the skin, licking it, salty with sweat, Taehyung smells of some expensive perfume he thinks he can faintly recognize.

Taehyung hums, lips pressed tight and eyes lidded, he pushes his ass back, fucking himself on Jungkook's fingers. Jungkook decides to ignore how hard he is right now, even though it's fucking painful, just because he's drunk and when he's drunk his stamina hits an all-time low. He has a feeling that with Taehyung his stamina might not even exist. Instead, he keeps sucking on the hollow of Taehyung's neck, biting lightly when Taehyung groans, his drunk mind loving the way Taehyung's body feels against his.

“Add another.” Taehyung says, his voice impossibly deep, that alone has Jungkook moan on his neck. He still pushes another finger inside, Taehyung gasping out a moan and stilling for a moment before he's back at pushing his ass back on Jungkook's hand.

“We gotta make this quick.” Jungkook manages to say, pulling away from Taehyung's neck.

“Want your cock so fucking bad.”

Jungkook almost chokes on his spit, Taehyung twisting his head around to look at him, eyes dark and wet, cheeks flushed.

“I want you to fuck me, come on.” to make a point, Taehyung rolls his hips “Wanna get fucked.”

Fuck Kim Taehyung and the filth that leaves his mouth, Jungkook is not going to survive this. He keeps thrusting his fingers inside Taehyung's ass as he lifts the condom to his lips and rips open the package with his teeth.

“Did you just open it with your fucking mouth?”

“My hands are kinda busy.”

“That's so fuh-fucking dangerous.” Taehyung gasps softly when Jungkook crooks his fingers “Shit, hurry.”

Jungkook manages to pull down his briefs enough to take his cock out and he's embarrassingly hard, he's gonna hate himself tomorrow. He rolls the condom on his erection, gives it a few tugs, hissing at the sudden stimulation, then he takes out his fingers and lines himself up with Taehyung, his hands on the elder's hips.

“Go hard.” Taehyung says when the head of Jungkook's cock brushes on his entrance “Make it fast and make it hurt.”

Shit. Shit, why is it so easy for Taehyung to be so fucking enticing and filthy? Still, if that's what Taehyung wants then Jungkook will give him just that.

He pushes his dick in Taehyung's ass, unable to keep his moan to himself when heat and tightness envelop him, Taehyung clenching around him and grabbing his wrist, squeezing it as he keeps himself upright with his other hand against the wall of the stall.

When Jungkook bottoms out Taehyung shudders, arching and whimpering between gritted teeth “Fuck, you're big.”

“You okay?”

“Yeah.” Taehyung swallows and pushes back, slowly “Yeah, fuck me.”

Jungkook pulls back and then pushes back in, slamming his hips against Taehyung's ass and he fucks him just like he wanted, hard and fast.

Jungkook has never been the biggest fan of quickies in club's toilets but, fuck, there's something filthy and sinful in the way Taehyung just takes it, in the way he muffles his moans against his fist, pushing his hips back to meet Jungkook's thrusts.

“Fuck.” Jungkook moans, eyes closing as he gets lost in the buzzing under his skin, the shocks of pleasure that wrack through his body “Fuck, Taehyung.”

“Say my name again.” Taehyung manages with a voice so wrecked Jungkook groans, the sound of skin hitting skin filling the room.

Taehyung.” Jungkook presses himself more against the other, his hand moving on Taehyung's stomach then down, grabbing his cock and stroking him fast, Taehyung cries out, presses his forehead against the wall, tightens around him.

But then, a door opens and there's loud music snaking inside the toilets, Jungkook stops moving and Taehyung stills completely. The door closes, music muffled once more, there's the sound of steps.

Jungkook curses mentally, his body screaming at him to keep moving, chasing that pleasure that had his insides twisting, but he doesn't dare to even breathe. There's a sigh from outside the stall, then the sound of the faucet opening and water spilling in the sink. That's when Taehyung slams his hips back.

Jungkook gasps and almost lets out a moan that would have been way too fucking loud, but Taehyung keeps moving his hips, fucking himself on his cock, tighter than before.

Jungkook's fingers are deep in the flesh of Taehyung's hips as he gets the message. He leans down on Taehyung's ear, bites at his earlobe and feels the elder shiver. Jungkook thrusts back inside, as hard as before, regaining his pace, Taehyung whimpers and Jungkook's hand flies to his mouth, pressing against it to keep Taehyung from making too much noise.

He has no idea if the man just outside the door can hear the sound of their skin hitting or Taehyung's heavy and ragged breathing but he doesn't care, he keeps fucking him just like he'd been asked to, groaning (maybe too loudly) against the shell of Taehyung's ear.

The man outside closes the faucet, there's a silence that is defeaning in the room and Jungkook fucks into him deeper, Taehyung makes a noise deep from his chest and cums in Jungkook's fist, shuddering and breathing hard through his nose, tightening around his cock.

The man's steps falter, then they get quicker as he leaves the toilets. Jungkook lets his hand fall down, Taehyung gasps.


“He totally fucking heard us.” Jungkook murmurs, still keeping his pace fast, chasing his own orgasm, so fucking close as Taehyung whimpers brokenly, basically pushed flush against the wall.

“He heard us.” Taehyung says, a slow slur in his words “He heard you fucking me hard-”


“Heard me cuh-cumming on your cock 'cause you- ah -'cause you fucked me so good.”

Jungkook presses his mouth on Taehyung's neck when he cums, to silence his moan and what scarily sounds like Taehyung's name, spilling inside the condom, his legs shaking.

Jungkook breathes through his nose and out of his mouth, almost like he's back in high school during fucking P.E., then he starts pulling out.

“Holy shit.” Taehyung whispers, then a low chuckle “Seriously. Holy shit.”

Jungkook snorts, he takes off the condom and throws it in the toilet, not really giving a shit about anything right now “'s that a compliment?”

“It is.” Taehyung starts pulling his briefs and pants up, Jungkook doing the same with his own clothes “I've been horny all night so thanks.”

“You're welcome. I guess.” Jungkook sighs and opens the door, moving to the sinks and immediately opening the water and cleaning his hands.

Taehyung moves to the sink next to his and starts splashing water on his face and on his neck, he gives himself a look in the mirror and frowns, then he ruffles his hair for a while before he hums satisfied.

Jungkook drinks some water, closes the faucet and breathes in deeply. That's when it all settles down. He looks at Taehyung's reflection and finds him staring right back at him, with the same look in his eyes.

“Shit, what did we just do?” Taehyung whispers.

“What the fuck were we thinking?”

“Oh, fuck, we're Jimin's best friends.”

“We literally don't know each other.”

Taehyung sighs “Okay, let's- well, it happened so there's not much we can do. Like, I'm still kinda drunk.”

“And we're high.” Jungkook nods “Okay, we're gonna blame it on that if it ever comes up?”

“Yes.” Taehyung says “But it won't come up.”

“It won't.”

“Hey, shit happens!”

“It does.”

“Also, we can't blame ourselves for being healthy young men, right?”

“Right!” Not right, not right at all “Should we... should we get back to the others?”

Taehyung nods, giving him a small smile and he walks to the door, Jungkook follows him.

He winces at the sudden loud music, bass too heavy in his ribcage, but they venture in the sea of bodies once more, trying to locate their friends. A hand closes around Jungkook's wrist and he turns around, finding Yoongi with a very drunk Jimin wrapped around him.

“Shit, where the fuck were you two?” Yoongi shouts to be heard over the music.

“Sorry, we were out smoking and lost track of time.” Jungkook shouts back, Taehyung leaning on his shoulder to hear what they're saying.

“Well, it's four fucking in the morning and Jimin is black-out drunk, so we're going home.” Yoongi looks at Taehyung “You're sleeping at Jimin tonight, right?”

“Yeah.” Taehyung replies.

“Okay, let's go then, I'm driving Kook back as well.”

Jimin is fast asleep on the passenger seat, tucked under Yoongi's leather jacket, the elder driving quietly with the window rolled down, his elbow resting on it and a cigarette between his fingers.

Jungkook is sitting in the backseat with Taehyung, both of them keeping a discreet distance between each other, Taehyung looks like he's about to fall asleep.

“Namjoon says he hates the club.” Yoongi suddenly says, voice low as to not wake Jimin up “Next time we'll go somewhere else.”

“The music is bad.” Taehyung murmurs, a cheek pressed against the car window.

“It sure fucking is.” Yoongi grumbles, he takes a sharp drag of smoke “Drinks are good, though. You wanna come sleep at Jimin's place with us?”

Jungkook frowns “Uh?”

“I'm talking to you. Like, you and Tae can share the sofa bed.”

Jungkook sees Taehyung squirming on the seat “Nah, just drop me at my place, I need my fucking bed.”

“Sure, kid.”

When they reach his flat, Taehyung is asleep.

“Well, I'll see you around.” Yoongi says “Jimin was talking about grabbing lunch this Monday?”

“Sure.” Jungkook opens the door and steps out “Thanks for the ride, hyung.”

“No problem, go drink some water, you look like a mess.” Yoongi says, giving him a small smile and then focusing back on the steering wheel.

Jungkook is about to close the door when Taehyung speaks.

“See you 'round, Kook.” he murmurs, eyes still closed.

“Yeah.” Jungkook says “See you.”

Jungkook has never really liked his flat much. Not because it's a bad place, on the contrary, his flat is huge. His parents are good people and good people with money, who never let him miss anything, who always gave him what he needed without spoiling him, always so caring and supporting. So when Jungkook had told them he wanted to study in Seoul, the first thing his mother did was finding a really nice flat in a really nice part of the city near the university Jungkook chose. She pays rent for him. Jungkook kind of hates it and maybe he's even a bit ashamed of himself for being so dependent on his mother's money, but college sucks him dry and he honestly doesn't have the time or energy to start a shitty job in a Starbucks or something. He knows this is better, this is what students fucking beg for.

He didn't have much of a problem with this before. Just lately. With all that is going on with his head, this adds as well. Jungkook doesn't really know how to deal with it so he doesn't.

Sometimes, in the middle of lectures, dance practice, trying to keep his social life alive, he thinks of Taehyung. He had hoped that maybe he'd been so drunk that he'd forget about what happened in that shitty club, but no. No, he remembers everything. He remembers it in full high definition, he swears that if he focuses hard enough he can still feel Taehyung's skin and how warm it was under his fingers, if he closes his eyes he can hear him moaning. Which isn't the best thing, honestly, because since he can remember so clearly he can also dream about it. And his dreams are honestly taking precious hours of sleep away from him.

That doesn't mean anything, though. Yeah, he had a quickie with Jimin's platonic soulmate barely hours after they met, so what? That's all there was and all there ever will be. Not that he wouldn't do it again, that's the scary part, he absolutely would do it again. But he's also smart enough to tell himself that no, he won't. That next time he'll meet Taehyung, which might be very soon since apparently Taehyung is almost done with moving to his new place, both Tae and he will act like nothing happened, they will joke around, bitch about Hollywood ruining anime and that’s it. Being friends with Taehyung doesn't sound bad. If half of the things Jimin told him about are true then having Taehyung as a friend sounds like a fucking blessing, he'll take it. He stopped thinking with his dick a long time ago, he's perfectly able to keep nasty thoughts about Taehyung and his stupidly beautiful face to himself without making a fool of himself.

Jungkook is trying to finish this stupid essay that he's been postponing since forever when the doorbell rings. Jungkook groans, knowing already that it's probably going to be the woman who lives upstairs asking him if he's seen her cat because that goddamn feline had a pending for always sneaking out of the owner's house. Living in a condo is nice and all, except for neighbors who need favors. He stands up from where he's been sitting on the carpet and walks to the door, opening it in one quick motion.

But Kim fucking Taehyung is standing there, staring at him with large surprised eyes and his lips parted.


“Holy shit, hi.” Taehyung blinks “I was not expecting this.”

“Yeah, me neither.” Jungkook frowns “I- what are you doing here?”

Taehyung breathes out a laughter “I just moved here. Next door.”

No. No, this is not happening. Fuck this, his life isn't a cheesy drama nor a badly written Chanbaek fanfiction, he's better than that.

But this is, in fact, happening.

And, for whatever reason, Taehyung is wearing a black silk robe and probably nothing else. But he has his hair tied in a cute bun with a goddamn Pikachu hair band.

“You did?” Jungkook clears his voice “When?”

“Literally moved the last box inside two hours ago. Oh!” Taehyung smiles “Then the balcony next to mine must be yours!”

“Ah, yeah, I think so.”

“That's cool! It's cool, we're neighbors!”

“Yeah.” Jungkook can't help but smile along “Now we can bitch about white people even more!”

“Wow, is this heaven?”

“Why did you come here, though, you needed something?”

“Ah!” Taehyung claps his hands once “I needed sugar. Do you have sugar? I don't have sugar but I ain't dragging my lazy ass to the store.”

“Sure, I have some. You know what, come in, I'll make you some coffee.”

Jungkook steps aside and Taehyung all but hops inside, looking around with curious eyes and a relaxed smile on his face “Our flats are literally the same but I have less Iron Man posters.”

Jungkook grimaces, sending a look at the framed movie posters literally stolen from the Cinema hanged on the walls “Yeah, I'm kind of a fan.”

“You got the hots for Tony Stark.”

“Don't judge me.”

“I won't! Unless-” he turns around, regarding Jungkook seriously “Stony or Stucky?”

Jungkook scoffs “Stony, obviously.”

“A fellow intellectual, I see.” Taehyung follows Jungkook to the kitchen and sits on one of the stools close to the kitchen island, tapping his fingers on it “Your kitchen is literally like mine, too.”

“Pretty sure all flats in the condo are identical.” Jungkook says as he fills the coffee machine with water “That's a thing architects do, right? Designing the inside of the flats all the same, takes less time.”

“I like this place, it's quiet. And the flats are big.” a pause “That's kinda why I'm so surprised you live here, you know, considering you're a student.”

Jungkook hums.

“Sorry, was that rude?”

“What? Oh, no.” Jungkook waves a hand at him “My parents help me with rent, they wanted me to study in a comfortable place.”

He expects some sort of sarcastic remark about him being still “mama's boy” or something. Instead, Taehyung says “Oh, that's nice! My parents weren't that supportive when I moved to France.”

The coffee machine starts spilling coffee in the glass kettle, so Jungkook gets two mugs from the cupboard and fills them with the liquid “How did you pay for rent in France?”

“I had the money from the contest I won, that helped me for a while, I hurried my first commissions so I could get paid quickly, I managed just fine.” Taehyung smiles when Jungkook gives him his cup of coffee “Thanks.”

“Sugar's in that jar.” Jungkook says, pointing at the little glass jar, sitting on the island next to a bowl of fruit he should probably eat before it starts rotting “Contest? Ah, yeah, that's how you became famous, right?”

“Well, famous is a big word.” Taehyung puts two teaspoons of sugar in his coffee and starts stirring it. “I just got lucky, that art contest wasn't even that big. It was a miracle that my work was noticed by senior artists. And anyway, I'm more famous in Europe than I am in Korea.”

Jungkook hums, sipping his coffee “But you still came back.”

“I sure did.” Taehyung looks at the cup between his hands “I did.”

Maybe this is a touchy subject and Jungkook should drop it. He looks at the way the robe falls on Taehyung's, loose on his chest, collarbones exposed and he quickly looks back up.

“About the club.”

Taehyung looks at him, pressing his lips together “I have a plan about it.”

“Do you?”

“Let's forget it happened?” Taehyung then worries his bottom lip “It's not like I regret it, I don't. I mean, you gave me the dicking of a lifetime.”

Jungkook almost chokes on his coffee.

“But we were drunk and high and shit happens when you're drunk and high. So maybe that shouldn't happen anymore.”

“No, you're right.” Jungkook nods “It wasn't a smart idea, but mixing weed and vodka isn't either, so-”

“Yeah.” Taehyung chuckles “But maybe we could be friends? I wanna be your friend, you ship stony and hate Hollywood, I feel like we're bonded.”

“Those are good basis to build a stable friendship on, I agree.”

“Besides, we're literally neighbors.”

“You live next door, we can't escape this dreadful fate.”

“Destiny brought us together, who are we to say no to that?” Taehyung then turns serious “By the way, let me apologize from the start 'cause I don't know how thick the walls are but I work mostly at night, so there might be music or just me yelling 'cause I hate whatever it is I'm doing.”

“It's cool, I mostly study at night as well.” Jungkook shrugs “The other neighbors are gonna be the problem.”

“Do the other neighbors ship Stony?”

“I highly doubt that.”

“Then I don't care.”

Jungkook snorts “You're not gonna last long here with that mindset. Most of the people who live here are old people who have really large pensions, they're gonna make your life a living hell if you're too loud.”

Taehyung shrugs, a crooked smile on his face and what looks like amusement in his eyes “I like it when the neighbors hate me, it makes it even funnier to ruin their peaceful retirement.” Taehyung downs the rest of his coffee “I gotta go now, though. I still have to unpack and I'm pretty sure I have around thirty boxes that are just brushes and canvases.”

“You need a hand?”

“Nah, don't worry. I'm like a fucking librarian, I have a Dewey Decimal system invented by me, just for art, and I'm fucking picky about it.” Taehyung grins and gets off the stool “Thanks for the coffee.”

“Didn't you need sugar?”

“Oh, shit, yeah.”

“Wait.” Jungkook walks back to the cupboard and gets a new package of sugar, he gives it to Taehyung “Here.”

“Thanks, man, you're saving my lazy ass.”

Jungkook walks Taehyung back to the entrance, opening the door for him and the artist steps outside.

“I'll see you around, Kook.” Taehyung says, with a smile and his stupidly pretty grey hair tied in that ridiculous hair band.

“Yeah.” Jungkook nods “See you around.”

Dance practices leave him sweaty and drained, in need of a shower and hours of sleep he can't get. Jimin still drags him to coffee shops to have studying sessions together that, in the end, always turn into the two of them chatting and gossiping about anything.

“How's living next to Tae going?” Jimin asks him as he digs his fork in a slice of carrot cake.

“Apart from having If You and the rest of Big Bang's discography blasting at two am, everything is fine.”

Honestly, it could have been worst. Taehyung might have liked shitty music, at least he has good taste.

Jungkook keeps meeting Taehyung when he comes back from university and Taehyung is just leaving, going to buy some art supply that for some reason he is missing, other times he says he just feels like he really needs to take a walk. But other than that, they don't particularly spend time together. Jungkook knows it's weird, considering they decided to be friends, but at the same time he likes it this way. They fucked, hard and fast and hungry, in a toilet stall. Maybe they need some time before they try to act like it really never happened. Jungkook is fine with it.

“Since now Taehyung lives next to you, you might even meet Jin-hyung.”

“Who?” Jungkook asks, munching on his muffin.

“Kim Seokjin.”

The muffin falls from his hand “The actor? The actual actor?”

Jimin grins smugly “Yep, Tae and I have known him for ages, he used to be our upperclassman back in high school before he moved to Seoul. We still keep in touch, he and I.”

“And you never introduced me?!”

“Jin-hyung is busy as fuck.” Jimin smirks “But he always has time for Tae.”

Jungkook frowns “What do you mean?”

“He and Tae are- kinda lovers? Not really, more like-” Jimin squints his eyes “Let's just say they fuck sometimes. They did in high school, they kept doing it when Jin went to France for a while.” Jimin shrugs “But nothing romantic, they just fuck sometimes.”

“Mh.” Jungkook sniffs and gets back at focusing on his muffin “I can't believe I live next to someone who had sex with Kim Seokjin.”

Jimin snorts and then he starts choking around his bite of carrot cake.

It's a really lazy Saturday when Jungkook decides to take the trash out and, as he leaves the flat, Taehyung is doing the same, too.

“Howdy, neighbor!” Taehyung exclaims, a huge grin on his face “What are you doing on this fine morning?”

“Taking out the trash. And, in fact, I met you.”

“Wow, that is cold-blooded.” Taehyung cocks his head to the side “You busy?”

“Not really.”

“Wanna come with me? I have to buy some supplies, I could use the company.”

Jungkook thinks about it for merely a second “Yeah, sure.”

Taehyung has been looking at different samples of watercolors for more than an hour, eyes focused on the paint, barely speaking. He's dressed in a more casual way than usual; Jungkook has seen him wear loose pants and robes for the most part of their “friendship”, but today he's actually wearing jeans and- well, he has nice legs, that's all Jungkook has to say. He's also wearing glasses, frame large and perched on the tip of his nose, they look vintage but they probably aren't.

Jungkook strolls in the art store, looking at brushes he doesn't know how to use, stroking a canvas as he walks past it, then he notices a section of the store dedicated to art books so he goes there.

He recognizes some of the artworks on the covers, some of the names of the painters, but his attention sets on a photography book. He picks it up and recognizes the picture on the cover.


Jungkook spins around, Taehyung looking at the book in his hand.

“You like his photos?” he asks, smiling at Jungkook.

“Yeah.” Jungkook replies.

“You're interested in photography?”

Jungkook scrunches his nose “Not really interested, I just- I mean, I like looking at nice photos.”

“You like black and white.”

“That I do like.” Jungkook puts the book back on its shelf “I actually like grainy photos, especially if in black and white. The aesthetic is lit, fire emojis.”

“You're such a meme.” Taehyung giggles “I'm done here, we can go back if you want to.”

“Yeah, sure.”

On the walk back home, Taehyung keeps rustling inside the paper bag with the supplies he bought, repeating over and over again that he feels like he missed something. His glasses start slipping down his nose so Jungkook pulls them up, Taehyung flashes him a smile.


“I like your glasses.”

“They're Gucci, my boy.”

“You're such an expensive ass.”

“My ass itself is Gucci.” Taehyung pauses “You would know, you had your cock in it.”

Jungkook trips on his own feet and almost falls flat on his face, Taehyung laughing so hard he has to stop walking, wiping tears off his face.



Jungkook focuses on studying but he can't ignore it.

There's something going on with his head and he doesn't know how to deal with it. If at first it was only loneliness, now it's something else. At least, he can attribute his loneliness to him being single, that maybe he only craves some sort of affection, a relationship, anything of the sort.

But now it's not just that. It's been biting at his chest, this feeling, he doesn't know how to name it and he doesn't want to. But it's there. It keeps him awake at night and keeps him isolated in his house even when Jimin asks him to go out.

With Jimin this feeling is even stronger, that's why he tries to avoid him. Which is shitty, but Jungkook is all about self-preservation. Still, he has dance practice with Jimin, half of his lectures are shared with Jimin, but it's during their dancing that it gets a bit harder.

He gives this feeling a name during one of their practices, after they sweat through the layer of clothes and Jungkook sits down to catch a breather but Jimin keeps dancing, keeps pushing himself, keeps doing this with a look of total bliss.

Jimin knows what he wants and he's confident he'll make it. Jimin wanted to be admitted to this course and he has, he wanted to move to Seoul and he did, he wanted to dance and he is, he wants to enter in that dance studio he's been eyeing for ages and, surely, he will. Jimin is sure he will, he's training for it, has been for months, he knows he's gonna make it. And then, after that, after college even, Jimin will keep dancing because that's all he's ever wanted and when Park Jimin wants something he gets it. But above all this, Jimin knows that he will keep dancing and he will do all of this with Yoongi by his side.

That's when Jungkook finds a name for whatever it is he's feeling apart from loneliness.


That's what he's feeling and that's what he is.

He's helpless.

He comes home that evening and he gets under the shower immediately with tears stinging his eyes and some sort of boiling rage under his skin, itching and hurting.

What does he want? Jimin knows what he wants, so why doesn't Jungkook? After all, he loves dancing, right? It's fun.

Maybe that's where the problem is, it's fun for him but it's something else for Jimin, something deeper. Something that keeps him going.

But Jungkook doesn't have that, he doesn't have a passion or a fire that keeps him moving, holding out a hand to reach a goal, he doesn't have anything like this. And he doesn't have anyone to reach a goal with.

He's helpless to it all. Life. Friendships. Relationships. He's alone and he's helpless and that's fucking him up.

He's been on the balcony for what feels like ages, the coffee in his mug untouched and now cold, staring at the road beneath him, a few cars driving past, in the distance the lights of Gangnam, still awake, never asleep.


Jungkook turns around and he finds Taehyung closer than he expected, standing on his side of the balcony, the only thing dividing them is the iron railing that cuts in half the balcony they share, it barely reaches their hips.

“Hi.” Jungkook forces a smile “You up at this hour?”

“I'm working.” Taehyung lights up a cigarette, blowing out smoke, Jungkook notices blue paint staining his hands and neck.

“How's that going?”

Taehyung licks his lips, staring at the scenery “Like shit.”

“Can't be that bad.”

“No, it is.” Taehyung bites back, his voice thin and eyes hard “I fucking hate it, nothing's coming the way I want it and my deadline is so close I can feel it biting my ass.”

Jungkook blinks and, slowly, he takes in the state in which Taehyung is. His robe is hanging loose on his shoulders, the fabric stained as well and- and he just looks really tired. Jaw clenched hard, his arms crossed over his chest and his fingers drumming incessantly on his elbow, index finger tapping nervously on the cigarette. And there's something heavy in his eyes, something that scares Jungkook.

“Taehyung, are you okay?”

Taehyung looks at him “You don't look too good either.”


“What's wrong, Kook?”

Jungkook can't help but feel like Taehyung doesn't really care about how he's feeling. That's mean, he probably does, but it's not that the reason why he's asking. He's just trying to change the subject. And Jungkook is not an asshole, so he doesn't push it.

“Just-” he shrugs “Nothing.”

Taehyung arches an eyebrow, even his grey hair has some paint dried on it “Bullshit.”

Jungkook sighs and gets a bit closer to the railing between him and Taehyung, he grips it “I don't know.” he lies “I don't know, just a bad day?”

“That sounds more like a question.” a pause “Hey, seriously, what's wrong?”

Now he does sound concerned. Jungkook frowns at this, he sees Taehyung just staring at his hand on the railing and only now Jungkook notices he's been squeezing it so hard his knuckles turned white.

Taehyung blows out smoke and then throws the cigarette off the balcony, he puts his hand on top of Jungkook's and looks at him in the eyes “What's wrong, Jungkook?”

So much shit is wrong, everything is wrong, everything is too much but Jungkook doesn't say it. Not all of it, at least.

Instead, he says “I'm so fucking lonely.”

Taehyung's gaze changes, it turns sad, it turns sympathetic. There's a silent Yeah, me too in the air. And Taehyung's hand is warm.

Empathy is a weird thing.

They stay quiet for a while, Jungkook looking at Taehyung's hand on top of his, blue paint on golden skin.


It's the way he says it that has Jungkook's heart almost stop in his chest. He's heard it before, his name spoken like that, like he wants.

When he looks at Taehyung, the artist is gazing at him with his eyes lidded.

“Do you want me to make you feel less lonely?”

As much as Jungkook knows that he should say no, as much as he knows he should ignore the way Taehyung's eyes just fall on his lips and stay there, as much as he knows all of this- well, he doesn't say no.

What Jungkook does instead is jumping over the railing so he can get on Taehyung's side of the balcony, the elder telling him that that was fucking dangerous and if he ever does that again he will actually kick his ass, then Taehyung is kissing him and dragging him inside his flat.

Jungkook keeps chasing Taehyung's mouth as they move, the kiss sloppy and maybe too hard and fast, teeth hitting and too much tongue, but he likes it anyway as he grabs the hems of Taehyung's robe, the other's hands in his Jungkook's hair, tugging slightly.

Jungkook trips on something, almost loses his balance, he breaks the kiss and looks down to find a white canvas thrown on the floor.

“Don't mind, don't mind.” Taehyung says, already trying to kiss him again.

“Was that a fucking Haikyuu reference?” Jungkook asks.

“Shut the fuck up.” Taehyung chuckles, his eyes squinting a little, looking all kinds of endearing and soft and warm, then he brings Jungkook in for another kiss and all that he has in mind is how easily it is to fall into tempo with Taehyung.

Jungkook closes his eyes as Taehyung kisses him, guiding him to what he guesses will be the bedroom, he can smell stale cigarettes, smoke that still lingers, tea that turned cold somewhere and acrylic paint.

Taehyung tugs at his shirt, groaning in his mouth, they almost hit a wall when they finally reach what must be Taehyung's bedroom. The back of Jungkook's knees hit the mattress and he sits on it, Taehyung quickly climbing up on his lap, still kissing him and holding on his shirt as if he wants to just rip it off.

“Shit, are-” Jungkook licks his lips “Are you wearing anything under that robe or-”

“No.” Taehyung says, his eyes still very much fixed on Jungkook's lips “I hate pants. Hate them even more when I paint, that shit blocks my muse.”

“Your muse likes you naked?”

“Most people do.” Taehyung smirks “Talking about naked, get these clothes off you.”

Jungkook very quickly obeys, he honestly doesn't even care anymore, he has Taehyung's body so close to his again, they're not drunk, there's no shitty music and they're not in a dirty toilet stall, he's gonna take advantage of this and enjoy it.

As soon as his shirt is off, Taehyung is already sucking at his neck, Jungkook guesses he must like that and he's not complaining, not with the feeling of Taehyung's lips and tongue on his skin.

“Want me to make you feel good?” Taehyung asks against the column of his throat, Jungkook sighs “Want me to take care of you?”

“Fuck, yeah.”

Taehyung leaves another trail of kisses along his neck before he gets off Jungkook's lap and gets on the mattress, crawling to the bedside drawer “Get naked, pretty thing.”

Jungkook scoffs, undoing his belt “Pretty thing?”

“You're pretty.” Taehyung says, he opens the first drawer “Mad hot, too.”

Jungkook quickly shrugs off his pants and underwear, throwing them both on the floor, he moves up the mattress and lays his head on the pillows, sighing. Those are soft pillows, also probably the only soft things in the room by now.

Taehyung turns around, a bottle of lube in his hand, looks at Jungkook and sighs “Oh, God, of course you have abs.”

“The atmosphere was kind of way more intimate before, you're ruining it.”

“Sorry for appreciating the good things life gives me.” Taehyung moves so that he can kneel between Jungkook's legs “Now then, part them a bit more, pretty thing.”

Jungkook does and, just maybe, he likes being called that. By Taehyung. Who looks like gold thrown on a canvas. Maybe.

Taehyung squeezes lube on his fingers, rubs them together to warm it up, his eyes on Jungkook “Touch yourself, this is about you feeling good.”

“Or is it about you wanting to see me touch myself?” Jungkook asks, he still starts giving his dick lazy strokes.

“Give and take, that's what sex is.” Taehyung thumbs at Jungkook's hole, the younger sighing at the feeling, Taehyung prodding at his entrance slowly “That's it, relax.”

Jungkook closes his eyes and focuses on this, on having a taste of what Taehyung is again, after way too long. He focuses on this so that he doesn't think of the shit that fills his head and, somehow, it kind of works. This numbs the mess in his head. Makes it a little less noisy. Just a background buzzing, white noise.

Taehyung slowly pushes a finger inside, Jungkook gasps, the muscles of his legs flexing involuntarily. Taehyung's free hand goes to his hip, stroking the skin, sometimes squeezing the flesh as he works his finger inside and out of Jungkook's ass.

“Get that fucking robe off, wanna see you.”

Taehyung grins, he undoes the ribbon of the belt that keeps the robe closed “You're really greedy, I'm already taking care of you.”

“Give and take.”

“Fair enough.” Taehyung lets the robe fall open.

“Shit.” Jungkook moans, his dick twitching in his hand.

He didn't have time nor the opportunity to look at Taehyung when they first fucked, the lights too low and their clothes still on, but now- now Taehyung is right there and he can see that he has gold everywhere with sprays of blue paint, his chest toned but his tummy still soft, which is really too fucking cute for his mental state right now.

Taehyung adds another finger, Jungkook arches slightly, the stretch burning before the uneasiness disappears, leaving just the feeling of Taehyung's fingers working him open, prodding at his walls, grazing at his prostate once he finds it.

“You sound good, babe.” Taehyung says, Jungkook has his eyes closed but it doesn't take much to imagine the satisfied smirk on Taehyung's face.

Jungkook maybe gets a bit lost in this, he loses track of time, Taehyung teasing him with his fingers, adding a third one and pressing just in the right spot at any thrust, murmuring filth in that deep voice of him until Jungkook has to squeeze the base of his cock so that he doesn't come right there, moaning a bit too loud and saying stuff he might regret later.

Fuck. Taehyung, shit, just-”

“Okay, okay.” Taehyung pulls his fingers out, Jungkook clenches around nothing, he hears Taehyung probably unwrapping a condom.

“When did you get a condom?”

“I always have a condom in the pocket of anything I'm wearing.”

Jungkook opens his eyes, frowning “Wait, really?”

Taehyung shrugs, he rolls the condom out on his erection “You never know when you might get a dicking or give a dicking. Especially when your neighbor is so pretty, right?”

“Right.” Jungkook chuckles, Taehyung sending him an amused look before he taps on his knee “On all fours, come on.”

Jungkook rolls around and he gets on his knees, lowering himself on his elbows when he feels Taehyung's hand caressing from the small of his back down to his neck.

“You have really smooth skin.” Taehyung says, Jungkook feels him as he lines up behind him “Might wanna paint it one day.”

“You speak too fucking much.”

Taehyung giggles and presses a quick kiss between his shoulders “Don't worry, hyung is gonna make you feel good.”

Jungkook makes a quick note of yet another kink but before he can really start considering it, Taehyung is pushing inside, Jungkook groans as he feels the head of Taehyung's cock stretching his rim.

God-” Taehyung chokes on the word, his hands on Jungkook's hips, fingers digging in “You're tight.”

Jungkook keeps quiet, pressing his fist to his mouth to muffle the noises, Taehyung sliding inside deeper until he bottoms out, the elder's breathing heavy and fast on his neck, his body flush against Jungkook's back.

“You good?”

“Yeah.” Jungkook manages, his skin heating up “Good.”

When Taehyung starts moving, slow and shallow thrusts, Jungkook moans in the pillow and pushes his ass back. There's a method to what Taehyung does, Jungkook thinks. There's a method, otherwise Jungkook can't explain how he's losing his fucking mind so fucking fast.

Taehyung doesn't fuck him hard like he did at the club, doesn't pull his hair, doesn't bite his neck. He's careful, he's tender, he presses kisses on Jungkook's shoulders as he keeps his thrusts slow and deep, moaning in his ear, telling him how good he's doing, how fucking lush he sounds. Jungkook loves that, fucking revels in it. Ignores how much of a writhing mess Taehyung has him reduced to so easily, doesn't care, he feels so good he could cry. Taehyung's hands are so warm, his palms feel rough with dry paint on his skin.

“Taehyung, fuck, I-”

“Yeah, say my name again.” Taehyung groans, his arm snaking around his stomach and down to Jungkook's cock, fist loose around it as he strokes him in time with every push of his cock.

Jungkook moans, Taehyung's hand closing around the head of his dick with every stroke “Taehyung.

“Shit, it sounds so good when you say it.” Taehyung fucking whines in his ear, his hips snapping up, pressing right against his prostate, Jungkook presses his face on the pillow, he's leaking on the sheets, the sounds that fill the air wet and dirty.

But it's between all of this, between Taehyung's fingers carding through his damp hair, between Taehyung's lips hot on his skin and heat pooling low in his abdomen that Jungkook realizes something: Taehyung isn't really doing this for him.

He's not taking care of him because Jungkook is feeling lonely. Taehyung is doing it for himself. Because he's lonely, too. Isn't he? He's tired and nervous and lonely so he's doing this to feel less lonely. Just a bit. Just as long as this lasts. And Jungkook- he can't be mad at him. Because he's doing the exact same thing.

Give and take.

Jungkook cums in Taehyung's fist, shuddering and seeing white behind his eyelids, Taehyung fucking into him faster and harder, chasing his own release, whispering filth in his ear, of how good he takes it, how fucking pretty he looks until he cums as well, spilling in the condom, collapsing on top of Jungkook.

They stay still for a few moments, breathless and numb and too high off pleasure until Jungkook groans and rolls over, Taehyung dropping on the mattress beside him with a quiet chuckle.

“Too heavy.” Jungkook whispers.

“All those muscles and you can't even keep me up?”

“My muscles are basically useless right now. I can't feel my legs.” he pauses “Fuck it, I can't feel my fingertips.”

Taehyung snorts, Jungkook manages to open his eyes just in time to find Taehyung looking at him with a small smile, eyes warm and skin flushed. He quickly looks away.

“Getting up is gonna be a challenge.”

Taehyung groans, he takes the condom off, ties it, throws it on the floor.

“That's gross as fuck.”

“I'm gross as fuck.” Taehyung retorts “Don't get up, sleep here.”

Jungkook blinks “You sure?”

“First of all, I'm not the kind of guy who kicks you out after having my dick in your ass.” Taehyung stirs, humming “Secondly, sleeping alone is overrated.”

Jungkook grins “'s that so?”

“Besides, I like to hug things when I sleep. Especially people.”

“You're just a selfish asshole, that's why you're keeping me here. To be your little spoon.”

“Guilty as charged, handcuff me now.”

“That's kinky.”

“If you're into that, I do have handcuffs.”

“Maybe not tonight.” Jungkook sighs “Still, I need a shower.”

Taehyung hums “Bathroom is outside, on the right.”

“I know, our flats have the same design.”

“Don't get all sassy.” Taehyung chuckles “I'll give you some of my clothes and change the sheets, I ain't sleeping in wet spots.”

After a shower and in Taehyung's clothes that smell of something nice, something like lavender, Jungkook feels so sleepy he could just drop on the floor and call it a day. But he drags himself to Taehyung's bed and decides to drop there instead, sighing as he makes himself comfortable on the mattress.

Taehyung quickly climbs on the bed too and literally wraps himself around Jungkook, one leg over his, arms around his waist, lips brushing against his forehead.

“I'm gonna choke if we sleep like this.”

“Then choke, I'm comfortable.” Taehyung heaves a sigh “So comfortable.”

Jungkook is full of bullshit and too much pride, so he doesn't say that he actually feels comfortable as well. Warm. Safe. Not alone. Lots of things, actually.

“What had you so upset, Kook?”

“Told you.”

“You weren't just lonely, you looked on the verge of having a breakdown.”

Jungkook presses his face on Taehyung's chest, the t-shirt he's wearing smells more of acrylic paint than lavender but it feels nice anyway “Life is tough.”

“Yeah.” Taehyung says after a pause “You're right.”

“I don't know why I feel like this.”

Taehyung caresses his hair “Sometimes there's no reason, sometimes there is but you'd rather not acknowledge it.”

“Talking from experience?”

Taehyung doesn't answer him. Jungkook understands why.


“That book-” Taehyung yawns “That book you were looking at when we went to the art store.”



“What about it?”

“Do you really like photography?”

Jungkook closes his eyes “I used to really love it. I liked taking pictures, too. Then I stopped, but when I was younger, like back in high school, I used to think about becoming a photographer.”

“Then why didn't you?”

“I don't know.” Jungkook really doesn't “I don't know, Tae.”

“Okay.” Taehyung yawns again “I'm so fucking sleepy.”

“Then stop talking and go to sleep.”

“You're so fucking bossy.”

There's quiet for a while, the room dark, just a small lamp on, but Taehyung put a lilac silk napkin over it and so it doesn't disturb them.



“You were upset as well.”



“Go to sleep, Kook.” he says, he's not angry, the way he says it it's actually awfully soft.

That's when a small thought crosses Jungkook's mind, right when he's about to fall asleep, with Taehyung's warmth all around him.

That Jungkook has just started feeling lonely, still has to get used to it and doesn't want to.

But Taehyung has been feeling lonely for way more and he's already used to it. And maybe he doesn't know how to stop.