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“H-Hey…hurry it up.”

Akamatsu Kaede keeps her vision glued to the floor, suppressing her urge to look up.

The hot breath hitting her face makes it all the more harder to stay still.

“Nishishi Akamatsu-chan sure likes rushing things.”

Ouma Kokichi leans closer, their noses already bumping into one another.

On instinct, Akamatsu’s eyes look up, her flustered face reddening further.


Pressing her nails into her skirt, she backs up against the chalkboard.

Her eyes roam everywhere but forwards.

New imprints on her skirt overlap with the old.

A hand thrusts out, landing next to her face, vibrating throughout the room.

Ouma's scent and body heat, the hyper-awareness of this, fills up her head with dizziness.

It keeps her there, feet fidgeting awaiting his next step.

Warm lips pressed up against her ear, Akamatsu feels him take a slow breath.

“If you're that impatient you should ‘hurry it up’ then.”

He teases, imitating the way her tone came out.




Retracting himself a bit from her, Ouma laughs as he pokes Akamatsu's cheeks.

The way her lips formed into a huge pout and her eyes glaring daggers into him.

He gives her a smile with his eyes, before he leans over her once more.



Akamatsu feels him coming towards her, slowly she shuts her eyes and keeps her lips tight.

She feels the presence of both his hands, entrapping her from moving or leaving.

His body hovers over hers, much like their previous position.

The shampoo from his hair starts to waft towards her nostrils.

This was finally it!

Those words carve themselves inside her brain.


Another laugh rumbles within him, a certain sadistic glee seeping through.

Bewildered, the SHSL pianist opens her eyes only to find Ouma a respectful distance away.

"Surprised? Sorry if I got your hopes up."

The SHSL supreme leader raises up his arms in half-assed shrug.

"But Akamatsu-chan is also at fault. I'm supreme evil leader after all."

He gives her a big show, placing one finger over his thin smile.


"Playing around and teasing innocent maidens is one of the many jobs of a supreme leader."

On cue, he skirts around her, fast enough Akamatsu barely registers it.

"But because you looked so into it I'll leave you with this."


Somehow without her knowledge, he managed to grab a hold of her hand.

With a smug smile he places the lightest kiss on it.

"Nishishi well then until next time~"


Ouma dashes off towards the exit, leaving as fast as he first infiltrated her lab.

Leaving Akamatsu in a whirlwind and mood-whiplash with what happened.