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Pokemon Guys x Reader .Ti Amo.

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Red x Reader .Ti Amo.

Red’s pov


How long has it been? Months? Years? Hidden deep in the cave I’ve taken residence in on top of Mt. Silver, my pokémon and I huddled up together to get as much warmth as possible. A snowstorm conjured itself today and any trainer in their right mind wouldn’t even dare to go up here right now. I let out a sigh as I brought out the latest photo Green gave me of (Name). I missed her dearly but I know the sin I’ve committed towards her is beyond forgiveness. It would be a miracle if she gave me a chance to prove myself worthy of being forgiven, let alone love me again.

Saur, my trusty Venusaur and starter wrapped me in its vines to get me closer to the fire Charizard made. Today’s my birthday yet nobody, even Green, would dare take a step into the mountain with this harsh weather. A memory from when (Name) and I are still together played in my mind. How the two of us would huddle up together in a thick blanket with hot chocolates on hand. She’ll tell random facts about snow and the weather itself until we both end up falling asleep midway.

My reverie was interrupted when footsteps echoed into the walls of my cave. My pokémon readied themselves in case of an attacker, hostility filling the air. A hooded figure entered and merely pointed to the fire. I signed my pokémon to calm down and welcomed the unknown visitor near our hearth. No words were spoken from the stranger throughout the night. I deemed that they fell asleep so I decided to tuck up as well. My pokémon ever being the protective ones surrounded me as I closed my eyes.

Morning came and the visitor was nowhere near me. I groggily woke up and noticed a little box from where the stranger was sitting. I gingerly picked it up and examined the red box with white ribbon wrapped around it. Untying the ribbon, I saw a Pikachu keychain inside and a small note folded neatly inside. I read the parchment and felt my eyes widened as I read the letter.

Happy Birthday Red, I know times have gotten rough and volatile between us but I hope that whatever path you choose from this day forward will bring you happiness. I’m heading to Alola to help my cousin Ace trainer with his noodle Seafolk village. He has this Wailord shaped boat (his choice not mine) at the pier as the restaurant. Forgive me for my brashness and selfishness back then. I was also in the wrong for not trusting you despite knowing you’d never do such a thing to me. Should we meet again… let’s start over and replace these horrible memories with wonderful ones. Be it as friends or lovers, I would love to see you smile and hear you laugh once more. ~(Name).

Ps. Here’s my number in case you want to leave a message. I still prefer we talk in person though. (XXX-XXX-XXXX)

A smile crept into my face as I signaled my pokémon to return to their pokeball for once. They must have sensed my happiness as they hurried to do so except for Charizard who knew that I’d need a lift. With my belongings packed up and Charizard all warmed up, we descended to Viridian City to meet up with Green. I used a payphone nearby as my cellphone got soaked and is currently out of commission, and dialed the number Green gave me.

“This is Green Oak. How can I help you?” He spoke from the other line.

“Let’s go to Alola!” I yelled as my voice is too weak from not using it for so long.

“Who… Wait… Red?!” He gasped and seemed to have scrambled in wherever he is. “Where are you right now?”

“Viridian City… in a payphone.” I replied. “My phone’s broken.”

“Hold on, I’m heading there!” With that, he hung up.

After a few minutes of waiting on a nearby bench by the payphone, Green arrived with tickets and luggage with him. Apparently, he went to my mother to tell the news so she prepared my luggage and a new phone while he bought tickets. I smiled at the thought and proceed to call my mom right away. She was beyond ecstatic on hearing me call her once more but understood that I have no way of contacting her back then. She gave us good luck and told me to make sure to make things right once more. We gave our “I love you” at the end of the phone call before me and Green set off to Alola.

It took a whole day of travel but I must say, the change of scenery is indeed nice. Green told me everything he knew about Alola and the legends in there. Along the way I sent (Name) a message to meet me in the noodle shop around 3:00 since I must unpack my belongings. My former rival went on and on expecting me to have some sort of comment but what surprised him is the question that came out of my mouth.

“Where’s Seafolk village?”

“Huh? Oh, that would be in Poni Islands too.” He answered. “We can go there after we register ourselves in the Battle Tree as Battle Tree Legends.”

“So kinda like that tournament in Unova?” I asked for verification in which he nodded.

“So, you found her, huh?”

“Yeah.” A smile greeted my face as we got off the boat.

It was 2:45 when I finished everything I have to do. Green gave me a map to use as a guide and let me be off. I saw the pier a few minutes after and entered the only Wailord boat in there. She’s already by the door smiling as I came into view.

“I’m so glad to see you again, Red.”



To: (Name)

From: Red

I want to patch things up with you. I promise things would be much different. A new chapter in life in a new region seems fitting enough, yes? I hope to see you soon. I’ll meet you in that restaurant around 3:00. Kinda have some league stuff and unpacking to do.

Thank you for giving me another chance. I promise I won't let it go to waste.


Let’s start a new chapter of our love and stay together forever.

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Green x Reader .Ti Amo.

Green's pov


“Hey, want to know something I read about?”

“Hm? Sure. What is it?”

“It said that dreams are also viewing windows of an alternate universe.”

“So, you’re saying if I dreamt something it could have already happened in a different reality?”

“Well, that’s what the book said.”

“Hm… I hope this one is not. I don’t want to be away from my friends.”

“Aw, of course, we’ll be together. I know how you act by now.”

“Thanks (Name).”


I fell off my bed as I woke up from a dream that was a treasured memory from my past. I let out a sigh as I looked at the window and slowly got up to get changed. My gloom remained from the horror of losing my crush because of my own insecurities. I still get nightmares where she tells me about why would I do such a thing or she wished we never met at all. Then again, they never stopped, to begin with. I looked down to the ground as if it were interesting and started contemplating about my actions.

“Green, can you help me here? It's urgent!” I heard my grandpa yell from downstairs.

“Be there in a sec!” I answered and raised my eyebrow.

Wait… ready for what? I thought as I glanced towards the calendar.

October 31, 20XX. A day before I told her to disappear.

“Dreams are also viewing windows of an alternate universe…” I whispered to myself.

Everything was just a nightmare. An alternate reality that happened… but not in my reality. I hurried and dressed up to meet grandpa. In the dream, I had I never went downstairs but I will change it now. A memory from my childhood with (Name) rushed in my head and I smiled as I remembered.

“To change the past is to change the future. Its effect will ripple to and fro, changing the flow of time and destiny itself. I heard it from someone in the research facility I visited with Dad.”

Filled with hope, I greeted my grandpa and lo and behold, (Name) is down there too. I looked down at her arms and saw that her (f/p) barely hanging on to life. Knowing I can do something to save (Name)’s (f/p) filled me with the determination to do it. I grabbed a medkit by instinct and laid out all the sterile equipment we’ll be needing. With her consent, grandpa laid the dying pokémon to the cloth on the table and we began performing what we can.

“Call a Nurse Joy too just in case,” I told her sadly as we keep on treating her pokémon.

“Of course.” She pulled out her phone and did as I said.

(F/p) started feeling better and is now out of critical condition but there's only so much a researcher can do to help. As if on cue, a Nurse Joy along with her Chansey entered the lab with her equipment ready and proceed to heal the said pokémon. Grandpa and I backed up as she ordered and let them take care of it. Gramps headed elsewhere for Arceus knows what, leaving me and (Name) alone together.

“I’m sorry,” I told her.

“What for?” she tilted her head in genuine confusion.

“It’s my fault that (he/she) is in that condition, isn’t it?” I spat at myself which only earned a concerned look from her.

“Green, don’t say that.” She placed a hand on my back and started rubbing it. “You’re stressed out and I forgot to give (f/p)’s medicine that day. She sick but stupid me decided she well enough to battle anyway. Look how wrong I was.”

“But if I had never battled you that day, to begin with-” She placed a finger on my lips with her free hand to cut me off.

“Then I would have assumed that (he/she)’s alright and still wouldn’t remember to give the medicine.” She smiled and slid her hand from my lips to my right cheek. “Everything happens for a reason. It’s up to us on how we react to it.”

Before I can put a plug in my mouth, I started rambling about everything. My fears, insecurities, my jealousy, my pains, my negative thoughts, my nightmares about her death with me being the cause of it and my regrets for never telling her how much I love her from the very beginning. She gasped with a horrified look and immediately wrapped me in her warm embrace. I curled up into her and continued letting everything out. The more I say, the lighter I felt. It was so different than when I told it to either grandpa or my sister Daisy. With them, it felt fake and hollow. They usually reply with “It’s going to be okay”, “You’ll be fine”, and “It’s alright” but with (Name), not a word was spoken but I can feel her security and if she did say those words instead, I can and will believe in it. (Name) being (Name) however is different than what I expect.

“I’m so sorry. I wish I had been there with you the entire time.” She started sobbing and tightened her grip on me. “Nothing’s okay but from now on, I promise I’ll do my very best to be by your side. I’ll make sure you feel loved like you deserved to be. I’ll love you for all eternity even if you get sick of being with me.”

I looked at her face and saw her smiling despite the tears. To think that my nightmares and her favorite pokémon being injured will bring us to a new level of trust towards each other. I crushed my lips towards hers to convey my feelings to her to the best I can and felt her kiss back just as harshly. When we part ways we ended up crying again both in relief, joy, and freedom. Relief that we’re aware that we got each other to lean on in times of need, the joy that we’ll do things together from now on, loving and caring for each other. Freedom, from all the burden and pains we’ve been hiding this entire time.

It must have been quite some time when we passed out since when I woke up, we’re still snuggled up with each other. A photo was placed in my hand and when I looked what it was, I can't help but smile.

It’s a photo of us sleeping with content smiles on our faces.

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Gold x Reader .Ti Amo.

Gold’s pov

“Uhm, don’t you think that’s a little overkill?”

“Hey! He deserves it. You need to be more intimidating to be in a healthy relationship with him.


“Huh? Oh, he’s waking up!”

My eyes fluttered as consciousness returned to me. Blurry figures are looming above me, one being worried while the others are glaring at me. As my vision slowly comes to focus, the images of the Kanto champion Red, Gym leader Green and (Name) came into view. Beside the trio is a Pokémon I recognize as a Hoothoot.

“I swear to Arceus it wasn’t my idea!” (Name) blurted immediately as tried to sit up. “Big brother did it! Also, good morning.”

My gaze shifted to Green who just nodded smugly. “Serves you right for cheating on her and messing with an Oak.”

“…” Red sighed and punched the latter on the head.

“Uhm, ouch?!”


“What was it that you said earlier? Oh right, serves you right.”

“What actually happened?” I coughed and grabbed the attention of the trio once again. “How long was I out?”

“One year two months and twenty-two days.” They said albeit Red signed it, in unison.


“Nah, just kidding. We just wanna see your reaction but it’s only been a week. Turns out you’re highly susceptible to Hoothoot’s hypnosis and ended up reliving the nightmare I suggested giving you.” The Viridian gym leader sheepishly scratched the back of his head as Red gave him a deadpanned I told you so look.

“What did you saw anyway?” My ex-girlfriend inquired with pure curiosity.

“You are burning me in a furnace.” I bluntly answered while I’m still trying to digest everything I just learned.

She gasped in horror and glared at her brother. “What the actual hell, Green!?”

“Hey! No one, and I mean no one, messes with an Oak. We Oaks have a reputation to uphold.”

“…” Red gave Green a meaningful look and a soft smile.

“Yeah, yeah. I get it.” The gym leader sighed as he grabbed the latter’s hand. “Let’s go then. You two talk things out and decide what’s next.”

With that, the two former Kanto Champions left the room, leaving me and (Name) behind. A deafening silence occupied the room as it seems that both o us can't seem to find a way to break the elephant in the room. I watched her hesitantly and saw her face contort with confusion and pain. As much as I want to say so many things, I can't seem to find the words to express them, which only serve to prolong the voidness of the room.

“Gold, be honest.” She finally spoke with evident fear lacing her tone. “Why?”

I swallowed fearfully as I know my answer will only anger her. “I honestly don’t know either. I just… did.”

“Is there anything wrong with me?” I shook my head in response and she continued. “I anything I did wrong then?”

“Arceus, no. You’re perfect the way you are.” I lowered my head and clutched the white sheets in desperation. “I’m the one who’s flawed. I don’t even know what I've done to deserve you and yet here I am, wasting such gift.”

Silence filled the room once again. My labored breathing and the stinging in my eyes are the only things I feel right now. I kept sharing in fear that she’ll leave hating me still. I heard shuffling and felt a hand wiped my tears away. I raised my head and saw her look at me in forlorn and placed me in her embrace.

“Let it out. You’ve been through a lot all alone.”

She continuously rubbed my back in a soothing manner that I can't help but cry even more. I admitted how I feel so lonely every time that me being this perverted kid became my coping mechanism. I wailed at how I always fear that one day they would all just turned around and disappear in his life leaving him alone again. That the happy go lucky, cocky kid persona of mine is tiring to do every day but I don’t want to worry anyone so I kept at it. I lost track of what I was saying but I can feel her nod and combed my hair gently with her left hand while the other continued to rub my back. She muttered calming words of reassurance every time I pause so I can let everything out. When I finally calmed down she parted from me and made me look at her.

“Gold, while it takes time to forgive such act I understand that you’re going through a lot of things. I want us to be stable if we’re going to be together so for now, let's rebuild our friendship along with our trust.” She concluded with a soft smile on her face. “And who knows, maybe things can work out in the end and we’ll see how it goes.”

I sniffed and smiled back at her. “I understand. Thank you for listening to my ramblings.”

“No problem, Gold.”

I cleared my throat and extended my hand towards her, which she looked at with confusion. I smiled once more and involuntarily cleared my throat again. “Hi, my name’s Gold. I’m a Pokémon trainer and the current Johto Champion. Will you be my friend?”

Joy sparked into her (e/c) eyes and smiled happily. “Hello, Champion Gold. I’m (Name) also a Pokémon trainer and aspiring champion. I would love that.”

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Silver x Reader .Ti Amo.

???’s pov


My face flush with fear as I witnessed how his face crumbled in despair. The child who had been through a lot had just lost another important thing in his life. Even with the guidance of his friends, the young man is barely a shell of his self. Not even a reaction what usually annoys him, nor a peep of comment about his heritage. The only thing that seems to bring the slightest flicker of life in his eyes is the mention of that person. To think such a promising trainer ended up like this hurts me after being rescued by the very same group of friends when I was in great danger. There must be something I can do…

Years later, he rose and took over his father’s legacy and changed it for the better. Helping instead of stealing, bonds instead of intimidation, teamwork instead of solitude. Yet despite this, the young man never smiled again. The lost of his reason to live took a large toll on him. Days passed, and a dream turned nightmare happened. The very person he longed to see ended his life with crazed insanity. As the life faded in the male trainer’s eyes, the other’s consciousness was restored which was followed with a piercing scream of horror and agony. It was when I realized that she was never herself the entire time. Her wails for forgiveness and prayer for him to wake up is enough for me to break my rule. I’ll change the past for these two. That’s the least I could do to thank this young man.


Silver’s pov

I opened my eyes and saw her tearing up in front of me. My mouth still running with foul words and insults to her. I halt myself and confusion filled my being. What just happened? This thought echoed in my head as a wave of déjà vu hit me. I heard her calling for me, her face filled with confusion just like me. I let out a sigh and looked around before reaching out my hand towards hers. it was like a mental note I’ve made replayed in my head that very instant.

If I mess this up its all over and I’ll lose her forever.

The thought of it alone is enough to send chills down my spine. For the longest time, she had crawled her way into my life and slowly into my heart. She became my very reason to live and my future. Steeling my will, I took a huge gulp in hopes of boosting my confidence before speaking again.

“Despite everything I’ve said, I don’t mind it.” I began and saw her (e/c) widened in the newfound softness in my tone. “Listen carefully because I’ll only say this once and never again, understood?”

I wiped (Name)’s tears as she tried to respond. Her voice failed to come out, so she resorted to nodding her head and waited for my speech. A small smile escaped my lips and I pressed my forehead against hers.

“I’m sorry for yelling and being horrible at you,” I spoke softly and continued when I saw her attempt to reply. “I’m not good with this emotion thing but I know with you by my side, I’ll learn little by little. I’m a horrible person but even so, will you be okay with that?”

Her voice, raspy from crying rang to my ears as she smiled and answered. “As long as you’ll have me. We’ll work together, learn together and one day we’ll push away all the darkness inside our hearts.”

“Does that mean you forgive me?”

“Yes, so please, let me in your world and I’ll do my best to ease your pain away.”

“But (Name)…”

To think using words in this manner can make a person from tired to embarrassed is this easy, I would have done it with her a long time ago.

“…you’ve become my world from the day I met you.”


???’s pov

I think I understand now. I see now why they are willing to bypass some of the rules that we ourselves established. To see such a sight like this is indeed satisfactory. Looking back once more towards the two trainers, I felt for once I’ve been liberated from duties even if it was only for a short time. Nodding to myself, I made myself scarce with only the bushes blooming with flowers as the evidence of my visit.



“You better not tell Gold or Crystal about this.”

“I don’t have to. Look behind you.”

“Of fucking course, they’re already here.”

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Ruby x Reader .Ti Amo.

Ruby’s pov

The wind blew my hat away as I descended to the ground. I closed my eyes accepting that this is my fate and punishment for I've done to her. A rapid flapping sound snapped me out of my reverie and saw (Name)’s Tropius swoop sown to catch me. Grunting on the harsh impact on my back, I slowly adjusted my position to properly mount the said Pokémon. Confusion filled my being as the fruit Pokémon fly the both of us back to the tree houses. Cracked sobs and hurried gasps greeted me as I saw her (e/c) flowing with tears and the look of utter anguish reflected on them. Her hand is tightly clasping what I presume to be Tropius’ poke ball, quivered furiously.

“Why?!” She choked as she kept her frenzied stare at me. “Why didn’t you save yourself? Why not call one of your Pokémon to help you? Why won’t you fight back?!”

I looked down feeling the guilt well up in me once more once the memories of me breaking her heart resurfaced. “I deserve it as punishment for what I did to you.”

Her hand connected to my face as the resounding crack against my skin echoed around us. “How on earth is death a punishment for that?!”

“I thought it would free you from your anger –”

“Are you kidding me?!” Her hands racked at her scalp and screamed in frustration. “You know better than this, Ruby!”

“Exactly!” I couldn’t stop my voice from raising as well despite how I internally yelled at myself to shut up. “I know better yet look at what I’ve done! I could have done the right thing yet instead I –”

“So, what, you’re just going to throw your life away for it?!” Her (e/c) orbs glared holes through me with the intensity of anger exuding from her being. “I understand that what we did is absolutely unhealthy, but death is just too much… even for us with Pokémon that’s ready to save us.”


“I know I acted obtusely and out of reason and honestly, I don’t mind you calling police on me for attempted murder now that I’m clear-headed.” A deep breath escaped her lips as she sat down the wooden flooring. “I want us to talk about it calmly this time. No crazy split-second impulse actions like what I did and no ‘it’s for the better’ mentality. Let’s talk our problems out. No more secrets.”

I snapped my head up, hoping she wasn’t joking around and I really do get another chance. Her eyes exude with fatigue and sadness from I presume regret on what just transpired but with how my adrenaline and elation is right now, I’m just glad we have a chance to patch things up. I began talking about my history with Sapphire and how I ended up liking her that way. This time (Name) listened attentively and actually looked surprised at how it happened. I went on and on to the moment where I met her and how it felt like to have someone just appreciate me the way I am.

When I motioned for her to speak, she nodded and gave her peace of mind. How made things brighter in her life that losing me was just that scary for her. To the point where a toxic thought of if she can't has me then no one else can. It was indeed a scary thought that even she was terrified of herself but intense emotions can do that. With everything finally cleared up, a sigh of relief escape on both of our lips before we wryly smiled at each other. It may not be the same as it used to but with this new experience we knew, we can improve and save our love for one another. We hugged each other and helped her stand up as we head towards the first amendment for this relationship. Apologizing and fixing things with Sapphire and hope that we all can still be friends once more.

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Wally x Reader .Ti Amo.

Gardevoir's pov

My future sight foretold me that this would happen.

I can feel despair crawl into my skin as I saw my trainer slip into a coma and his lover wallows in sorrow under the impression that it's her fault. Well, it partially is but still, seeing her slowly lose hope for him is heartbreaking enough. It's funny how back then I tend to hog all of the attention from Wally to keep them away from each other. Seeing the result of their separation was a groundbreaking experience for me. I don’t even need my psychic abilities to know that his world just shattered in front of him that day. His mind crying for her to come back and forgive him…

I feel envious.

My trainer believes he’s dead, that I can prove. His spirit wanders around searching for his beloved (Name) in hopes of being able to apologize. I know I shouldn’t leave his defenseless body alone but my curiosity won over me and I ended up following from afar.

(Name) was on the ground, hands littered with wounds and cuts. Around her are paper cranes neatly folded albeit some are bloodied. Beside her was Wally, pleading for her to stop as she’s only hurting herself.

"If you die on me I'll hate you forever..." The female trainer cried as she clutches her hands around a newly folded crane. "YOU HEAR?! I'LL HATE YOU FOREVER!"

I froze. She must be out of her mind. How could a bunch a folded paper save someone’s life? I cast my gaze towards my trainer only to see him desperately trying to hug and comfort her.

"Don't worry..." Wally had started tearing up as he kept on trying to touch the other trainer. "I already hate myself for being weak and leaving you."

A forlorn smile escaped to my lips. These kids, they love each other so much that they’re both willing and unwilling to give each other up. (Name) will always be my rival in Wally’s affection despite her being the obvious victor on that aspect. So, I suppose one miracle will be good for both of them. I returned to the hospital where my trainer is currently in and used my healing wish ability. It was but a fleeting moment but I saw him slowly wake up as my vision started fading.

When I came around, I felt both Wally and (Name) hugging me tightly, spout thank you’s left and right. Old tears of sorrow replaced with tears of joy as the duo looked at me with love in their eyes. I can feel my face heat up with the adoration they’re giving off towards me. A smile formed in my face and hugged the two back slowly.

“Thank you, Gardevoir.” They both spoke.

“Its all thanks to you that Wally’s better again.” (Name) held my hands and sadly looked away. “Sorry, I caused your trainer so much pain. I had been clingy more than necessary and I should have been more understanding. Despite everything that has happened, will you still give me your blessing to be with your trainer?”

What? Both my trainer and I looked at her in astonishment. I admit that back then I do everything in my power to prevent them from being together until Wally decided to talk to me about his genuine feelings for her. I’ve seen them happy and sad together so her asking for my blessing threw me off.

“You’re Wally’s most trusted Pokémon and his true friend. You’ll always be number one in his heart even if he says otherwise. You were there for him in every second of his life. Its only right that I ask for your blessing as well.” A shy yet earnest reply from her yet her reddening face says more.

Seriously, these two are too much. I sighed and patted her head giving her a nod before she beamed and tackled me once more. The two of them gave their peace to one another and I sat beside them, listening about how they’ll be better in the future.

And I’ll be here to watch them over.

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Dia x Reader .Ti Amo.

Dia’s pov


Disinfectants, coffee, alcohol, flowers, drips of fluid, nonstop arguing, intercom announcing things, and the door shutting. These smells and sounds bombarded my senses as I slowly regained consciousness. I looked around my surroundings as my vision slowly cleared up and noticed I’m in the hospital. My beside have multitudes varieties of flowers in a plain white flower vase along with fruits beside it. Blinking my eyes slowly, I allowed my eyes some time to adjust itself and noticed that there are two people sitting at the nearby chairs. If I wasn’t feeling weak with all the medication I must have received, I would have probably jumped back in shock of what I just saw.

There are two (Name)’s sitting together.

One of them rolled their eyes in annoyance and the other was ready to run to my side. Confusion took over me as I stared at them and started seeing the difference. One of them is actually taller and longer hair than the other.

(Name)’s hair was only (h/l).

I racked my memory and had a clue of what’s going on. I set my gaze on the two of them once more before one of them spoke.

“I’m so sorry, Dia.” The (Name) with the right hair length apologized, bowing slightly. “This was a family problem… I never intended for it to involve you as well.”

“Oh please, he’s just a guy. There’s more guys way decent and rich than him.” The other groaned and pulled her phone that is definitely not (Name)’s. “So what if he’s the Pokémon champion? Big deal.”

“Why are you like this, (sis/name)?” The now confirmed (Name), cried with a look of horror in her face. “First you hated our parents now you put all your anger to everybody I care about. What is your problem?!”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Did I hurt little princess’ feelings?” She gave her an exaggerated look of pity before scoffing. “What, gonna tell mommy that big meanie sister bullied you again?”

“No, I told the police what you did and are waiting for you outside this room.” (Name) smirked at her victory. “You’ve gone too far, twin sister. Stealing from our parents, shoplifting on stores, ransacking the former champion’s clothing and now intentionally murdering the current champion. You deserved to be placed in prison for all that. You honestly should have a long time ago.”

“You wouldn't dare!” (Sis/name) growled with anger.

“Correction, I already did and let me repeat it to you since you most likely misheard what I said. Let me repeat if for you, ‘I told the police what you did’. Meaning I already have before I rushed here in the hospital.” My (ex?) girlfriend argued back at her sister. “Our parents favored you so much they didn’t even scold you when you steal or hurt me but attempting to kill someone just crosses the line.”

“Daddy will get me out anyways in a few seconds I get into prison so it won't matter. This little victory of yours is nothing.” She opened the door and predictably the police force arrested her.

With all that done, I ogled at (Name), waiting for an explanation for what just happened before she left out a sigh of relief. A sad smile adorned her face as she held my hand shakily. Tears slowly formed and fell from her (e/c) orbs before falling to the ground crying.

“I’m so sorry! I never meant for you get roped into our family’s mess. I never knew my sister will actually stoop that low and end up harming you. I shouldn’t have gotten close to you. If I hadn’t this wouldn’t have happened at all. I could have prevented this yet this is what happened.” She babbled before I could even put my own thoughts.

The quick escalation of her thinking scares me. I never knew her family problems is this suffocating. She always shows us her smiling face that we all end up believing she’s okay.

She’s far from okay.

And now she regrets every good thing that had happened in her life.

I squeezed her hand to show her that I’m here which worked better than I thought. She perked up right away and hugged me tightly as if fearing that I’ll disappear anytime she doesn’t have any sort of contact with me.

“I’m so sorry! I know I’m being selfish right now but I don’t want to lose you too! You’re the only good thing that ever happened to me!” She kept sobbing as she held me.

“That’s not true.” I weakly answered, now just realizing how feeble my body is. “My friends are your friends. If anything happens to you, we’re ready to help you anytime. We’re practically a family of our own right.”

“But I-”

“Don’t regret all the good things. You deserve them.” I smiled and placed a kiss on her forehead. “We’ll fix everything one step at a time, okay?”

Finally, after so many years of being with her, I saw her genuinely smile.


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Pearl x Reader .Ti Amo.

Pearl's pov


I hear my name numerous times as I wander in the dark. My legs worn-out from walking but the voice encourages me to persevere. For all I know, it could be a trap of sorts. Yet, my name spoken in such mellifluous tone gave me just enough strength to go on. I’ve lost track of the time I’ve been here but I know I want to get out of here. Out where I can see light once more.

Love, open your eyes. I fear you leaving me once more.

“Wait, are you –?”


The voice was definitely booming and exuding authority. I glanced around to find the source of the new voice. I looked up and saw the hulking form of the Temporal Pokémon. Its piercing red eyes burned through mines, testing my existence if it's worthy to go on.


Curious. Thou should'st hast perished some time since yet hither thou are. Lingering 'i 'twixt life and perpetual wink.

“I don’t speak your version of English…” I scratched my head in annoyance only for a train of questions struck me. “Wait. Did you said perished? Like died? Is (Name) alive? I heard her voice! I’m sure it was her! Is she okay? Is… is she happy?”

So, this is what Palkia meant. Compulsive yet percipient, presumptuous yet amorous. Thou care not about thy well-being yet doth for the apple of thy eye.  Say to me, what are thou content to capitulate to return to her side?

“Hey! You didn’t answer any of my questions!” I yelled in anger for being ignored.

Dialga went silent and resumed staring at me. I took my time to understand what the legendary pokémon just told me. Of course, I’m willing to do anything to be with her again. For her to forgive me with the horrible things that I said along with her death I’ve inevitably caused. I steeled my resolve and put my proud face on to show the pokémon I’ve made up my mind.

I see. Then answer this. I shall reverse time back ere her perpetual wink yet 'i return, a blood price might not but be paid. Say to me, shall thou pay it with his or hers?

As he said that, the images of Dia and Platinum formed in front of me. I let out a gasp as I get a grasp of what the legendary meant by blood price. Just like the old saying said, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, or in my case, a life for a life. Still, will I really stoop so low to even sacrifice a friend’s life for my own selfish wish? I must have been debating for hours in my own head while the temporal pokémon patiently waited for my answer. After a long period of time, not sure how long but definitely longer than my old self would probably tolerate, I’ve made my decision.

“None. If going back to her means hurting more people then I refuse. As much as I want to be by her side once more, to go to adventures with her and see her smile at me every day, I won’t make other people suffer.” I smiled at Dialga as I accept my fate. “Plus, she wouldn’t forgive me if I do such a thing,”

Thou two are no divers from one another. Thou might not to rekindle thy lost love for each other yet would to stand to each other's side. Hie forth, young trainer, and change thy fate. Do not let her prayers and drops of sorrow be ‘i vain.

“What? I don’t understand what’s going on.” Frowning at the legendary pokémon as I try to make sense of everything.

The world started to blur and a vision of (Name) talking to Dialga. It seems to be at the top of Spear Pillar when we first saw them. The pokémon just asked her what she desires to happen with the current situation. The solemn yet determined look on her face made her look more mature than her age.

I do not seek to rekindle what is lost, but merely to stand by his side as his friend once more.

I grant thy hope yet a price might not but be paid.

I have little to offer with my flaws and all. Yet despite this, and it might seem foolish, to be with him once more… even if only for a short while.

A loving smile graced her features as she raised her head to the governor of time.

Would mean the world to me.

“(Name)… even after everything I’ve said.” I felt myself smile as I realize the extent of her love for me. “I promise I’ll make things right this time.”

Farewell, young trainer. May thy new future be bright and well.

Bright. It's too bright. My eyes are not even open yet I can feel myself wanting to shield them. A gentle touch grazed my eyes dimming the intense light plaguing my sight. I pried my eyes open and saw a hand belonging to none other than (Name).

“You’re alive…” I mumbled weakly as I try to sit up. “But Dia said –”

“Rest.” She replied and held my hand. “I shall explain everything as you gather strength.”

Explain she did. The fact is that she wasn’t proclaimed dead but merely unconscious for a while. It was when she heard the word of her mother’s actions that she let such news spread to further investigate what she plans to do. Using her Ditto to change her face’s appearance to go out in public, she saw everything that happened and managed to call the police to arrest her mentally unstable parent while I was ushered to the hospital. She then traveled to the peak of the Spear Pillar to pray to the creation trio to help my recovery. When she finished her tale, I pondered on why did I ever say such cruel things to her…And why does she still care for me?

“You are quite impulsive. Letting your body move before you even think what you plan to do.” A chuckle echoed throughout the room as I sheepishly scratched the back of my head. “That is both your boon and bane after all.”

“So… are we at least still friends?” I hesitantly asked.

“Of course.” She held my hand once more and shook it. “And this time we will slow down and think things through.”

Chapter Text

Black/Hilbert/Touya x Reader .Ti Amo.

Black's pov


“It usually works though!”

“It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have said such thing to him.”

The familiar voices rang in my head along with an incessant ringing sound. Slowly opening my eyes, I squinted as the light penetrated through. The voices became clearer as each second pass. I shifted my head towards its direction and blurrily recognized White, (Name) and surprisingly N as well. The two females are clearly stressed out about something while N was trying to calm them both down. My musharna, Musha, closed in towards me as if to ask whether I'm okay or not. I let out a smile and groaned as I tried to move to pet her.

“Oh, thank Arceus you’re awake!” White exclaimed and immediately fussed over me.

“They’ve been worried sick about you since you passed out.” N answered my unasked question.

“What happened?” I forced myself to sit up to see where (Name) is.

N and White explained everything on how when (Name) declared our break up, my panic attack kicked in and I must have thought of worst-case scenarios that it knocked me out for a good three days. Musha has been trying to eat all of my dreams and nightmares but its too much for her that she takes breaks every now and then. I smiled gratefully at my pokémon and she squealed in the delight of the praise. I turned my gaze towards my former lover and frowned.

Former…ex-lovers… the idea alone leaves an acidic taste in my mouth. I’m honestly surprised that she still came here to check up on me. The moment that thought popped in my head; it was immediately drowned by more unpleasant thoughts.

She probably just feels responsible…

She doesn’t love you anymore stop looking at her like that.

It doesn’t matter anymore. I’ve ruined it and now I expect she's going to change her mind because this happened?

I'm pathetic.

What did she even see in me that she loved me?

Nothing. She just pitied me.

But she wouldn’t be hurt if she didn’t love me, right?

Why did she try to kill me then?

What’s even real anymore?

What was I-?

“Snap out of it!” Her voice cracked the negativity in my head that I jolted my sight towards her.


“You're having a panic attack again.” She merely replied as she took notes in the clipboard. I must have given her a confused look that she scoffed loudly. “Don’t tell me you don’t even remember that I intern in the hospital?”

“I’m sorry.” I could feel her disappointment and disbelief at my statement.

“How about we two leave so you can talk?” White nervously suggested.

“Please, talk it out.” N added but obviously more towards (Name). a smile graced his face as he continued. “You were always what comes out of his mouth whenever we get to talk.”

The two exited leaving the two of us alone in the room. The air feels thick but I steeled myself to speak up once again. I can tell by just looking at her on how emotionally exhausted she is. She probably hasn’t even eaten breakfast yet as she always does. I repositioned myself in a much comfortable position before I finally spoke up.

“I’ve been stuck in a nightmare this entire time…”

“What did you see?”

I explained how I thought it was a year after already, her poisoning me out of hatred and her sadness for being left alone. I lost track of what I was talking about as I went on that I’ll occasionally hear myself apologizing and demean myself until I finally finished by crying out loud.

“You had always been unable to multitask when needed the most. You always let your dreams take over your rationality.”

“I’m sorry.”

“And I’m no better.” She forlornly said and I gave her a surprised look. “All my life, I’ve been left alone.”

Now this is news to me. She never really opened up to anyone about herself, let alone her past. I listened intently as she talked about her life back before we met. How she loved and trusted so much only to be left behind.

“I suppose,” She turned her gaze towards the window and sighed solemnly. “Seeing you so happy with everyone else made me feel alone again. Whenever you talk about them to me, it’s like you’re a whole different person. You’re… happier.”

“That’s not true!” I exclaimed which only made her smile sadly.

“Let me finish.”


“Anyways, I’ve grown up always being left behind. My parents favored my siblings better than me, my friends slowly but surely left me behind. I know this sounds so exaggerated but I can confidently say that you're literally the one thing I can say that I have left.” She sat beside me and curled her legs up to hug them. “It’s like I finally have one thing that made me feel like life is worth living for and seeing you willingly leave to find someone else…”

“It’s like I’m leaving you behind like everyone else did.” I finished for her in which she nodded.

“I’m sorry you dreamt that I poisoned you but maybe in a way I did.” She buried her head into her legs as little sobs escaped her lips. “In a way, I’m toxic in your life. My fears and ‘love’ for you is taking over your life. I’m no different from those people whom left me behind.”

“We can still fix it.” I held her hand and slowly tried to uncurl her for her little bubble. “Some people fall in love for life and some like us didn’t get it right. We both have our faults. I neglected you when you needed me the most and you’ve placed yourself when I needed space.”

“Are you sure?” Her hands shakily held onto mine and focused her eyes at me. “I might end up hurting you again.”

“And I might hurt you again as well.” I shot back before she can toss the idea away. “It’s normal to have fights. It’s with those fights that we learn to lean on each other. We learn what we want and what we don’t. It’s a long process but I know we can do it.”

There was a knock from the door before it opened to reveal N and White carrying a tray of food for the both of us.  A smile appeared to their faces as they saw us beside each other. They must have heard what we’ve been talking about as her response seems to continue my train of thought.

“And if all things fail. You guys have us to go to.” White happily squeezed us. “That’s what friends are for.”

“You’re no longer alone, (Name).” N assured her which made her eyes wide.

“Please (Name),” I squeezed her hands and hugged her. “Let’s give it another shot.”

It took a moment but eventually she did spoke.