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Break My Fall

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"I mentioned Lance was also going to be here this week, right?"

Keith rolled his eyes and continued to stare out the window from the back seat of Shiro's car, forced to give up shotgun to Matt when they'd stopped to pick up the Holt siblings earlier for this trip up into the mountains.

"You waited to tell him until we were literally parking the car in front of this middle of nowhere cabin?" Pidge asked, honest to goodness awe in her voice. "I didn't know you were capable of that sort of deviousness, Shiro."

"I'm sure it's not that big a deal," Matt said, twisting in the front seat to glance at Keith as if to weigh the honesty in his own words. "They only wanted to kill each other a little bit when they met over the summer, right?"

"Which was months ago," Shiro added as he put the car into park and turned with a warning look aimed at Keith, despite Keith's determination to not look at any of them. "I'm sure they've both matured immensely since then, and will do their best not to ruin fall break for the rest of us."

Keith sighed and pushed open his door without responding. But he froze before shutting it when he glanced up at the cabin's front porch and spotted Lance.

Lance, who went to the same university as Shiro, Matt, and now even Pidge. Lance who Keith had met over the summer because Shiro — who had been home for the summer and therefore had had a front row seat to Keith's pathetic social life — had dragged Keith out for a day with his friends. Lance whose striking good looks had been accentuated by the boardwalk lights and sea breeze that day. Lance with his stupidly bright blue eyes and easy smiles.

Lance who had bickered and argued with him the entire day the group had spent on the beach.

"Right, Keith?" Shiro had stepped out of the car as well and pulled Keith from his thoughts of that summer day by tossing the loaded question over the roof of the car.

Keith's eyes locked onto Lance's then, and he watched Lance stop in his own tracks and return the gaze so intensely that Keith felt his heart start to beat faster.

"I'm sure you'll agree that a stare-down is a great start, Shiro!" Pidge said cheerfully as she slammed her door shut, and once again Keith's attention was pulled away from Lance as he scowled and finally shut his own door.

"Ah, found them!" Allura announced from where she stood on the porch with Lance, Hunk, and Shay. She jingled the keys that had been trying to hide in the bottom of her enormous shoulder bag as she beamed at the rest of the group.

"Whose cabin is this, anyway?" Keith asked. He'd already pulled his bag from the trunk, but was stalling as Shiro and Matt were still working on retrieving theirs.

"It belongs to Allura and Lance's Uncle Coran," Pidge threw over her shoulder as she headed to the now vacant front porch. "I wasn't thrilled when Matt said we were spending fall break out here in the middle of, well, this —" Keith watched her gesture to the endless trees and mountains surrounding them. "But then he said we'd be staying in Coran's cabin."

She shot a mischievous grin back at Keith, who was finally moving in the direction of the cabin after a minor shoulder shove from Shiro.

"Okay, fine," he finally said when it was clear she was waiting for him to bite. "What's so cool about this cabin?"

With Shiro and Matt constantly hanging out — cause they were good friends, Keith, just good friends, Shiro insisted — Keith and Pidge had spent enough time together to form a pretty solid friendship as well. She was like the annoying little sister he'd never known he needed. Being around Pidge led to equal amounts of amusement and irritation when she went into tech talk, as well as a fondness that led to a fierce protectiveness towards the little shits who had picked on her back in high school last year.

Those kids had only ever done that once, especially after Keith — who had been away at his own college at the time — had driven the three hours home (missing a day of his own classes), and then posted himself outside of Pidge's classroom so that he could have a discussion with the offenders.

And he'd managed the discussion without making anyone bleed, without getting caught by the school officials, and without Pidge knowing he'd even been there. He was pretty sure Matt and Shiro had their suspicions, but nothing could be proven.

"I'm glad you asked!" Pidge dropped her suitcase just inside the door and grabbed Keith's hand, forcing him to abandon his own bag before he was dragged away from the front entrance, which led directly into a large kitchen where Lance, Allura, Hunk, and Shay were currently located, and straight back to a large living room which featured floor to ceiling windows along the entire back wall of the cabin.

"Whoa," Keith breathed out when he caught sight of the view — an expanse of rolling trees, thanks to the mountain, all decorated in autumn colors, giving them an eyeful of reds, oranges, and yellows as far as he could see.

"Keith, please, you've seen trees before," Pidge said with a roll of her eyes as she nudged her shoulder into his own and forced him to turn away from the windows. "This is what I'm talking about."

"Holy —"

"Right?" Pidge said happily as she sighed happily up at the largest television screen Keith had ever seen. "And he's got —" she pulled open a couple of the drawers under the screen and Keith glanced in at the different game systems and games lining the insides.

"Not that we're spending the entire week in this room playing video games," Matt stated as he plopped down on one of the couches behind them.

"Of course not," Pidge said with a flip of her hand and a grin before opening another drawer. "Its October, we've got to watch some scary movies as well!"

Matt grinned back at her in response, and Keith watched as Matt's face softened when Shiro entered the room and took a seat next to him.

Like, sixteen other seating options in this room, but sure, Shiro, go for the one right next to your friend.

Keith sighed and sent a flat look to Pidge. Pidge sent him a small grin in return. Keith had twenty bucks riding on Shiro and Matt leaving this cabin as boyfriends by the end of the week. Pidge thought otherwise.

While Pidge began to cheerfully dig through the games, Keith sent a few subtle glances back towards the kitchen. Allura was on her cell phone on one side of the center island, maneuvering back and forth to dodge Lance's grabby hands as he leaned his long body — good Lord that boy was still all long limbs — across the wide island in an attempt to grab the phone from her.

"Fine, here!" Allura said with a laugh as she finally relinquished the phone to Lance.

"Uncle Coran, your closest neighbors are like 500 miles from here!" Keith could hear Lance say dramatically into the phone. There was a moment of silence before he spoke again. "I just don't get how it's a neighborhood decorating contest when no one will see it?"

Keith glanced over at Hunk and Shay while Lance continued to listen to whatever his uncle was saying. Their group had brought a large cooler and Hunk was currently filling their fridge and freezer as he unpacked it, while Shay had found a blender in one of the cabinets and was happily plugging it in.

"I'm on it, you can totally trust me," Lance was saying into the phone when Keith turned his attention back to him. And for some reason, the way Lance's lips were pulled into a smirk told Keith that the last thing Lance's uncle should do was trust him.

Lance straightened from where he'd been leaning on the island. "O-kay!" he announced as he straddled the line between the kitchen and the living room and drew everyone's attention to him. "So, Uncle Coran's one condition on letting us stay here all week was that he expects us to decorate the cabin's front porch for some neighborhood fall decorating contest." Lance offered a shrug before tossing Allura's phone back to her.

"Wait," Hunk spoke up, turning away from whatever he was adding to the blender, "fall decorations or Halloween decorations?"

Keith watched another mischievous smirk pull at Lance's lips, and the way it lit up his face made Keith turn away and force himself to focus on the game Pidge was setting up. He'd settled on the floor, with his back leaned up against one of the free couches, and Pidge quickly dove onto the couch behind him.

"When he says fall decorating contest, he probably doesn't mean like skeletons or ghosts, right?" Hunk continued. "Cause, I mean, I can handle like a wreath made of fall colors. In fact, I'll even stick around and work on it while you guys head to the haunted house!"

"You promised, Hunk!" Lance exclaimed, his voice suddenly much closer than Keith was expecting as he realized Lance was taking a seat next to him on the floor and motioning to Pidge to hand over a controller as he continued to call out to his friend. "You're not backing out on me this year!"

Hunk's only reply was to pout in Lance's direction while simultaneously putting the lid on the blender and turning it on.

Then Keith's vision was filled with bright blue eyes as Lance leaned into his space with an elbow and grin.

"Keith, what are your thoughts on haunted houses? I think my best friend is about to wimp out on me again."

"Depends on what kind of experience you want to have," Shiro piped in.

"Like, do I want to laugh my ass off as he shrieks and tries to cling to me through the whole thing, oooor…?"

"Or do you want to walk through with someone who will point out every jump scare right before it happens?" Shiro finished for Lance.

"I call dibs on walking through with Keith!" Hunk called from the kitchen.

Shay giggled and wrapped an arm around Hunk's waist. "Just stick with me, Hunk. I'll get you through the scary parts."

"Aww, babe." Hunk leaned down to meet Shay's lips for a kiss.

Keith glanced over at Lance and found him staring flatly at his friends in the kitchen. "I said the same thing to you, Hunk!"

"Yeah, but you weren't this cute when you said it." Hunk managed to respond while still nuzzling his face into Shay's hair.

An outraged squeak escaped the boy next to him and at this point Keith couldn't keep his eyes off Lance if he tried. Long arms waved in protest as Lance continued to yell out at Hunk. "Excuse you, I am always that cute! Keith, tell him!"

"Do not drag me into this."

"Pretty sure he's the last one who'll defend you, Lance," Pidge said with a smirk.

Lance flopped back down on his spot on the floor, and Keith wondered if he noticed that his knee was now digging into Keith's thigh.

"I'm feeling attacked," Lance muttered.

But he didn't say anything else as he joined in on the race that Pidge had set up. Keith realized quickly that Lance leaned and twisted in his seat in a mimic of what his racecar was doing, which resulted in his pointy elbows poking Keith a few times. Which led to Keith elbowing him back. Which led to a slight shoving war. Which also led to loud sighs from Shiro's direction.

When Pidge had both of them beat, Keith tossed the controller down and stretched his arms above his head. Hunk and Shay had made drinks for everyone and he took a moment to sip his before he pushed himself to his feet.

"I'm going to put my suitcase in my room," he said.

"I'll show you which one it is," Lance announced.

And Keith figured that made sense, since Lance and Allura were probably the technical hosts this week. Keith grabbed his bag and waited for Lance to do the same before he followed him upstairs.

"So, uh, since my best buddy has been stolen away into boyfriend land, no offense to Shay, and obviously Shiro and Matt want to room together, you know, cause they're such good friends, that just leaves two rooms, which, uh, means that either you and I room together, or we're each stuck essentially rooming with our sisters. I mean, I know Pidge isn't technically your sister, but the way she talks about you makes me think she thinks of you as a brother. But anyway —" Lance cut himself off as he pushed open a door at the end of the hallway.

Keith followed him into a room that housed two double beds and windows that were as equally impressive as the ones lining the family room downstairs. He pushed the door shut behind him and watched Lance toss his own bag on the floor near a dresser before turning to face Keith somewhat nervously.

"You're not saying anything and I can't tell with your broody face if sharing is okay or not," Lance continued with a sigh.

Keith dropped his own bag on the floor and took the four or five steps required to reach Lance. And thankfully, Lance seemed to be on the same page because as soon as he was close enough, Lance's hands went to his waist to pull him, as Keith's arms went around Lance's neck to do the same. Their mouths met, both equally insistent to not waste another second by not kissing.

One of Keith's hands moved up to card through Lance's hair, and when he was rewarded with a soft noise from Lance's throat, he pressed himself closer to Lance with a soft noise of his own.

Lance dropped his forehead to Keith's when they broke the kiss, and he sent him a small grin.

"Hi," Lance whispered.

"You been okay?" Keith asked.

Lance nodded. "You?"

Keith shrugged. He wasn't about to say that he himself had been doing okay, although a single hour in Lance's company had already cheered him up considerably.

"Shiro mentioned that he might drag you out here with us," Lance continued to whisper as his fingers snuck up the back of Keith's shirt, leading Keith to shiver against him.

He and Lance hadn't swapped numbers or any other way to keep in contact after that day on the boardwalk, so he'd been left with the memories of soft lips and roaming hands as they'd exchanged secret kisses in a dark corner of some boardwalk arcade. He and Lance hadn't had any further privacy that night, and exchanged only a few meaningful glances before they'd all separated to go home.

And Keith may have complained a few times about getting dragged along with his big brother and his brother's friends on this cabin trip to get a rise out of Shiro, but he'd known the answer was yes the second Shiro invited him.

"Were you hoping I'd come?"

"I am hoping you'll come, yes," Lance whispered in his ear as his flattened one of his large hands against Keith's back, pulling him even closer to him.

Keith dropped his arms off of Lance so that they hung at his sides and sent Lance a flat look.

Lance only giggled — outright giggled — and nuzzled his face into Keith's neck. And Keith, well, he was obviously weak for this boy, because he fought a smile and allowed his hands to find their place back on Lance's arms.

"Dammit, you still smell good," Lance whispered. "I was kinda hoping that was, like, a side effect of the ocean or something that day."

"Why were you hoping that?" Keith murmured.

Lance sighed against him, sending his breath against Keith's neck and a spark down his spine.

"Well, I didn't think your ridiculously handsome face was gonna change, so I was hoping you'd, like, I don't know, smell bad or something. Force me to keep my hands off you."

Keith once again pulled his hands off of Lance and jerked his head back, doing his best to force Lance out of his hiding spot so he could see his face. Presumably the loss of Keith's hands captured his attention, because Lance lifted his head to meet his gaze.

"I'm sorry," Keith tried not to stumble over the words. "I just, I just kissed you without thinking that maybe you wouldn't want a repeat of —"

Lance leaned forward and kissed him, eyes squeezing shut and fingers pressing harder against the skin of Keith's back.

"Pretty sure we kissed each other," Lance finally whispered a moment later. "But before we got here, I just wasn't sure if you'd still be into kissing me. Cause maybe you'd already forgotten all about it, or wanted to forget all about it?"

Up until that moment, Keith had been okay with not having a way to reach Lance after that day on the boardwalk. He knew he could've asked Shiro or Matt or Pidge for Lance's number, even though it would've meant answering questions about why he wanted it. And honestly, Lance could've done the same. But Keith's life was …in a weird state of limbo that didn't currently have space for a cute boy who could irritate him and kiss the breath out of him all in the span of five minutes. He'd told himself Lance was better off not dealing with his personal shit, and had just thought of that day as a bright spot in the span of many dark months.

But facing Lance now, and seeing the uncertainly in Lance's face, as he realized Lance has thought maybe he wasn't worth remembering? That was unacceptable.

"I've been thinking about kissing you since Shiro mentioned this trip," Keith responded, his lips brushing against Lance's as he spoke.

"Yeah? Good," Lance said with a quick relief-filled smile before he pressed their lips together again.



"So, these really don't scare you?"

Although the two of them had ridden in separate cars on the way to the haunted house, Lance sidled up next to him the moment they all reconvened in the parking lot.

Keith lifted one shoulder in a shrug as they followed the others to the ticket booths. "I mean, it's hard to be scared when you can pick out where each guy is about to appear next. And some of the costumes are ridiculous."

"But part of the fun is to pretend," Lance argued back.

"And most of it is just not realistic enough to be scary," Keith continued. "I mean, you know it's not really a guy with a chainsaw coming after you at the end, right?"


Keith fought a smile. If he couldn't be kissing Lance right now, then riling him up was just as fun, especially if Lance was going to say his name like that.

"Well, if this doesn't do it, then I'm gonna have to work to get a scare out of you this week."

"I really don't think —"

"Halloween!" Lance stated, as if that explained it all.

Then Lance's attention was taken away as he patted a very nervous looking Hunk's shoulder a few times as they moved through the line to purchase their tickets. So Keith turned to Shiro to quietly ask if was going to protect Matt through the haunted house, a sentence he didn't even get to finish before Shiro was shoving him out of the line.



"Hey, Keith, thanks for letting Lance cling to you," Shiro said as they pulled out of the haunted house parking lot. "I know you don't really know him, but he's a good kid, and —"

"Shiro?" Keith asked from his spot in the backseat.

Shiro cut himself off for a moment before deciding to continue. "I just know you don't normally like people hanging on you, or whatever, and Lance is obviously a pretty physical person, so —"

"So it was real nice of you not to punch him or push him away," Matt finished for him as twisted in his seat with a grin. "Good pep talk," he directed at Shiro.

"Thanks, dads," Keith replied in the most sarcastic tone he could pull off as Shiro and Matt high-fived each other. He shared an eye roll with Pidge before she turned back to her phone.

He thought about telling them that he didn't need a pep talk to be nice to Lance. In fact, that was the first haunted house experience he'd actually enjoyed. And it had everything to do with the fact that Lance had started out by sticking close to him, which evolved into fisting the back of Keith's shirt, before grabbing his elbow, and eventually pressing himself into Keith's entire side.

But as he watched the two front seat idiots joke back and forth about kids these days and how Keith was growing up so fast, he decided it would be more fun not to tell them about his great desire to spend the week kissing Lance's face.

"Listen, Keith, real talk, okay?" Shiro said as he shot Keith a look in the rearview mirror, "I think you and Lance could get along really well if you tried. Alright?"

"I don't know, Shiro," Keith replied in a flat voice. "Sounds like you're asking an awful lot of me."



"Are you seriously going to be okay rooming with Keith this week?" Hunk asked from where he was cuddled up against Shay in the backseat of Allura's car.

Lance twisted in the shotgun seat to raise an eyebrow at Hunk's tone. "Well, it's either Keith, Pidge, or my sister." He jerked a thumb in Allura's direction while she stuck her tongue out at him. "Besides, under that broody exterior is probably a pretty cool dude."

Then he grinned to himself, because he'd kept his kisses with Keith a secret last summer, something private to pull up when he was feeling crappy or stressed. But if he was going to be spending an entire week with Keith, it would likely become pretty obvious that he enjoyed kissing him.

"Yeah, we can all see that you think he seems like a cool dude," Allura murmured.

Lance frowned over at her, not that she noticed as she kept her eyes on the dark, winding mountain road, before he glanced back at Hunk, who had on his sorry-but-I-agree-with-your-sister expression.

"What? You guys got all huffy with me that day last summer for picking on Shiro's little brother, and now I'm not allowed to think he's cool?"

"We're not saying that, Lance," Allura said. "But…" she glanced into the rearview mirror towards Hunk.

"You tend to…." Hunk scratched his cheek thoughtfully with one finger, "well, you tend to fall pretty hard, pretty fast. And since Keith is Shiro's little brother —"

"Plus, we don't even know when we'll see him again after this week," Allura interjected.

"— so, this could get a little messy, and we're all just a little…."

"Worried," Shay finished for them as Allura pulled into the cabin's driveway.

Lance twisted in his seat so he could face front again. Shiro's car was already parked in the driveway, and he watched as Keith climbed out of the backseat. Keith was nearly as tall as him, with a little tiny waist, and long, black hair that framed his pretty face and those big expressive eyes, and —

And, yeah, those were the same thoughts he'd had when he'd first been introduced to Keith a few months ago. And yeah, the others might have a point. But he was allowed to think someone was attractive, right? And kiss their face as long as it was consensual. And Keith seemed plenty into kissing his face in return, so, really, what was the problem here?

He climbed out of Allura's car after she parked and watched as Keith turned to meet his eyes over the car's hood. Then a small, half smile was being aimed directly at him before Keith rubbed the back of his neck and turned shyly away to follow Shiro into the cabin.

Lance's cheeks warmed, and he was thankful for the darkness to hide it from his friend as Hunk patted him on the back.

"I'm not saying don't get along with him this week, cause I'm sure Shiro would like it if you two made it through the week without fighting." Hunk's voice was low, even though Keith, and nearly everyone else, was already inside. "I'm just worried about what your expectations might be by the end of it."

"You're a good friend, Hunk," Lance said with a pat back to his friend's shoulders before he took off for the front door.

Hunk moved slower than Lance as he walked around the front of the car where Shay was waiting with a hand out. He laced their fingers together and gave her a small shrug.

"I have a feeling we'll have a mess to clean up by the end of this week."

"Have a little faith," Shay said as they walked towards the front porch together. "Cause I have a feeling they'll be fine."



Lance had gone straight up to their bedroom when they'd returned to the cabin, and after making apologies to Pidge, the only person trying to stay up late and watch a horror flick, Keith managed to get upstairs and into their room as well.

The bathroom door was shut, but Lance reentered their room a few moments later, right as Keith was in the middle of getting changed, catching Keith in only a pair of boxer briefs and in the middle of pulling off his sweater. Lance visibly stuttered at the sight — with widened eyes and a mouth that opened and shut a few times — before dropping himself face first on one of the beds.

That left Keith, at least, to privately ogle Lance in his pajamas, a t-shirt and boxers that showed off those long legs Keith remembered from last summer. He jerked his eyes away and finished pulling his sweater off as Lance shifted in order to get under the covers. Then he rolled to his back and folded his hands behind his head as he returned his gaze to Keith again.

"So, you work out, huh?" Lance was doing his best to sound bored, but Keith didn't miss the way Lance's eyes were currently trailing over him.

"Well," Keith said with a shrug. "I have a lot of free time."

"Why is that?" Lance asked. "I mean, uh, Shiro said you used to go to college but that you dropped out? He didn't really say anything more about it, or anything about what you do now?"

"Now I go to the gym a lot," Keith muttered, not wanting to spoil his time with Lance with the story of his failed college attempt. He turned his back to Lance and bent over purposefully as he dug through his suitcase for a sleep shirt.

"Oh my god."

Lance's voice was suddenly hoarse, and Keith forced his mouth not to grin as he peeked behind him and found Lance gaping at his bent form. He straightened when he found his shirt and pulled it over his head before turning back to Lance.

"You say something?" he asked as he walked over to stand next to the bed Lance was currently sprawled across.

Lance quickly shook his head.

"Your face is a little red. Is it too warm in here for you?"

Lance's eyes narrowed and he grabbed Keith's wrist in order to pull him onto the bed and under the blankets with him.

"Jackass," Lance muttered. But it didn't stop him from wrapping a long leg around Keith's hip in order to pull him in close. And he didn't hesitate to run his fingers right up the front of Keith's shirt in order to trail his fingertips over the muscles he'd just been admiring.

And once again, Keith found he didn't mind the touching. Everything with Lance seemed easy and comfortable and somehow familiar. He ran his own fingers through Lance's hair before letting his hand slide down his neck and across his broad shoulders.

"So, Shiro suggested on the way back here that I try to be nice to you this week, cause he thinks we'd get along great."

Lance snorted as he glanced down at the way their bodies were currently tangled around each other.

"And I thought it'd be fun not to mention that we seem to do fine when we're alone."

"So, you don't want to tell him —" Lance cut himself off before he could say the words about us, because there wasn't really an us. A few kisses and now some bedsharing didn't make them an actual couple.

"I mean, we can if you want to," Keith said. "I just thought it'd be funny."

Lance nodded slowly, the conversation he'd had in the car ride back with the others — about him always falling too hard too fast — echoing in head. Maybe keeping this between just the two of them would be best.

"Yeah, actually, it would be funny."

Keith's eyes traveled across Lance's face. Lance was nodding in agreement, but his smile wasn't reaching his eyes, leading Keith to wonder what he was really thinking.

"It really doesn't have to be a secret," Keith insisted.

But Lance only shifted himself down a few inches so he could press his lips to Keith's neck, and Keith let himself fall into Lance's distraction.



Rays of sun beaming into their bedroom window and directly onto Keith's face woke him the next morning. While Lance, with his back to the windows and his face buried in Keith's neck, since he'd fallen asleep while still making Keith squirm as he moved his mouth across the skin there, was spared from the brightness. It was nice, Keith decided, to wake up to someone warm tucked against him. He'd never slept in the same bed with someone before, and instead of feeling cramped or suffocated, as he'd previously imagined, he felt comfortable. And safe.

Comfy and safe or not, he needed to use the restroom. So, he slowly edged his way out of Lance's arms, and even gave the other boy a pillow to hug instead, grabbed a few things from his suitcase, and then crept into their attached bathroom.

And when he reemerged a few moments later in his running clothes, he froze in the bathroom doorway when he found Lance sitting on the edge of the bed tying up his own running shoes. Lance raised his head to say good morning and seemed to freeze for a moment as well when he caught sight of how Keith was dressed. But then a smile spread across his face as he stood.

"Give me a second," Lance said, his voice still full of sleep as he kissed Keith's cheek and then side-stepped him to enter the bathroom.

As the bathroom door shut behind him, Keith moved to pull his own running shoes from his bag. He was laced up by the time Lance rejoined him, and then paused at the bedroom door as he watched Lance muss up the bedding of the room's second bed. They shared a small grin at the deception, before they silently moved downstairs. Keith quietly closed the front door behind them, catching a quick glimpse of a sleeping Pidge out on one of the sofas of the back room.

They did a few stretches in comfortable silence on the front porch before Lance led the way down the stairs and over to a trail in the woods.

"I love the chance to run on a trail when we come out to Uncle Coran's cabin," Lance said. "Do you do a lot of trail running?"

Keith shook his head, but since he was currently behind Lance, he also opened his mouth to respond. "No, never. It's mainly sidewalks where I live or the treadmill at the gym when the weather sucks."

Lance shot him a cheeky grin over his shoulder. "So I get to be here for your first time, huh?"

Keith swung an arm out to swipe at him and Lance only laughed as he took off down the trail, leaving Keith no choice but to take off in a run after him. The mountain air was fairly cool, something Keith barely noticed as he was forced to keep his attention on the trail so he didn't trip over anything, while also trying to keep his eyes off Lance's ass in front of him. Surely, this was punishment for teasing Lance with his own ass the night before…

He and Shiro sometimes went running together, and Keith found this to be just as comfortable as those occasions. Lance sometimes pointed out something interesting, but mostly they were both quiet as they ran, leaving them to listen to their deep breathing and the sounds of their feet hitting the ground.

According to Keith's watch, they'd gone about two miles, steadily uphill, when they stopped at a creek that cut through their path. Lance leaned down to stick his fingers in the water and then promptly flicked some droplets in Keith's direction. Keith shoved him slightly and lifted the front of his shirt to dry off his face.

"Water's freezing," Keith muttered, before choosing to respond to the strangled noise Lance made over his exposed stomach with only a smirk.

Lance rubbed his hand over his running shorts to dry it and turned away from Keith with a small scowl. "Yeah, well, the water comes from the higher elevation where it's even colder. But it's the perfect temperature to swim in during the spring and summer."

"You came here a lot growing up?"

Lance nodded, but instead of expanding on the topic, he simply reached over and tugged lightly on Keith's ponytail. "This isn't playing fair."

Keith lifted his hand, but his typical instinct to swat someone's hand away from his hair faltered and he linked their hands together instead. And it just didn't take much more than that for the air between them to shift from two guys out for a morning jog to two guys who were kissing each other senseless as their hands roamed to further explore new favorite spots.

"Your shorts aren't playing fair," Keith murmured against Lance's lips, and then watched as Lance's face seemed to darken even moreso than the flush caused by their run. It was cute, he decided, that Lance could be so easily surprised or flustered by a compliment. Then, purely to prove his point, he let his hand slide down from Lance's waist to squeeze some of the flesh he'd been staring at for the entirely of their run.

The squeeze pulled Lance closer to him, and Lance didn't seem to care as he eagerly slid himself against Keith with a low groan. Keith needed no further encouragement to squeeze again, and then reveled in the next groan from Lance.

"Hey, Keith?" Lance whispered as his hands suddenly stilled on Keith's waist. Keith hummed in response before Lance continued. "Fastest one gets dibs on the first shower."

Then he took off, leaving Keith to catch himself since he'd been leaning heavily on Lance just a moment before.

He stood panting for a moment, the return to reality a hard crash, before yelling out a, "Lance!" and chasing after the long-limbed boy.



The amount of shoving and yelping that went on between the two of them as they fought their way up the cabin's front porch steps and practically fell through the front door would've woken the entire house, had the rest of its occupants not already been congregated in the kitchen sipping on coffees, while Hunk cheerfully whistled over the breakfast he was cooking.

"I won!" Lance cheered as he let his hands fall to his knees and bent at the waist to try to avoid hyperventilation.

"No, no way," Keith panted next to him, his own arms crossed around the back of his head as he tried to catch his breath. His morning runs were typically just about waking his body up. He never really pushed himself this hard, especially over such an uneven and root-covered terrain. They were both lucky they hadn't twisted their ankles.

"It's too early for this, guys," Shiro said with a half-glare in their direction.

"First one through the door gets the shower first," Lance insisted to their friends. "Who was first though? Shay? Come on, you wont play favorites."

"You're going to let Keith shower first, because he's the guest, you terrible host," Allura stated plainly, wagging a finger in her little brother's direction.

"Sounds like I won," Keith murmured before he took off for the stairs before Lance could argue.



When Keith left the bathroom, showered and fully dressed, he found Lance back in the room, holding two mugs as he sipped from one and stared out the windows overlooking the trees. And as Keith went to stand next to him, Lance wordlessly handed him the second mug. Keith took a small sip before turning back to Lance.

"Did Shiro make this?"

"No, I did."

"How'd you know how I like my coffee?" he asked, because that whiff of cinnamon couldn't be a coincidence.

"I asked Shiro."

Keith only hummed in response to that, and did his best to hide a small, pleased smile behind the rim of his mug.

"I'm gonna shower now, too," Lance said, moving to his suitcase. He began tossing clothes out of his bag and onto the spare bed. "Sounds like we're going down to town to some fall festival."

Keith nodded and then moved into Lance's space. He watched Lance side-eye his approach, but Lance didn't make a move towards the bathroom, only allowed Keith to sidle up next to him. Keith leaned his face towards Lance, looking for all intents like he was about to kiss him. But then he ducked his face and whispered into Lance's ear, "You have a leaf in your hair." He pulled the leaf free and showed it to Lance before dropping it on the bed and leaving before Lance could react.

Lance let himself exhale again as soon as Keith was gone from the room. He thought about how he'd cut off their kiss in the woods, and chuckled at Keith's teasing response. But he'd had to stop that kiss. With Keith all flushed, and his damn hair in that ponytail, and those roaming fingers, and that ass grab. Holy shit, any further and he'd have actually begun grinding himself against Keith.

He picked up the bright red leaf and ran his fingers over it, the color somehow reminding him of Keith. Then he pulled his wallet and stuck the leaf inside to sit among his cash.



"I'm pretty sure that thing is for kids," Shiro attempted to say as everyone else raced up the side of the large bouncy pillow and began to jump. He still didn't kick off his shoes to join them, but he did smile as he watched Matt bounce his way over to Pidge and try to knock her off balance.

"You know, I bet I'm naturally going higher cause I'm so much taller than you," Lance said to Keith as they jumped. Keith's hair was flying in the air with every jump and it was… as unfair as the ponytail, to be honest. Apparently, Lance was screwed no matter what Keith's hair was doing.

"Pretty sure height has nothing to do with it," Keith responded as he worked to put more emphasis into his jumps to go higher than Lance.

"That's enough, I'm out," Hunk said, interrupting their contest as he attempted to walk slowly over the constantly moving pillow towards an edge so he could slide down. "My stomach is not made for this."

"Oh, Hunk! Do you want me to —"

"Nope, you have fun," Hunk tossed over his shoulder to Shay, who watched him with sympathy until he was down on the unmoving ground with Shiro, before she grinned back at Allura and began jumping with her again.

Since Hunk's interruption had left Keith distracted, Lance decided to take the opportunity to knock Keith off balance. He threw his weight down into the pillow for the next jump, and aimed to land directly next to Keith. Unfortunately, he wasn't expecting Keith to twist around and face him at the last minute. And he wasn't expecting Keith to grab his arm as he landed. And as Keith lost his balance and began to go over the side of the pillow, he definitely wasn't expecting to be dragged down the whole way with him.

They rolled together until they hit the sand, with Keith landing harshly on top of Lance, not that he was about to complain, especially with Keith's face tucked into his neck. Lance let his head fall back and openly laughed, relishing in the fact that although Keith was silent, Lance could feel him laughing as well.

"Jerk," Lance wheezed as he nudged his face into the side of Keith's head.

"You!" It was the only word Keith managed as he finally lifted his head to grin down at Lance.

"Keith and Lance." Shiro's exasperated voice reached them from the other side of the large bouncy pillow, and Keith reluctantly rolled off of Lance before Shiro came into view after circling the area. "Considering we're in public, could you two please try to get along out here?"

Lance pushed himself to his feet and offered a hand to Keith, which the other accepted while humor swirled in those purple eyes. Then Lance sent his best smile in Shiro's direction. "Sure thing, Shiro." Then, in an over-dramatic gesture, he wrapped an arm around Keith's shoulders and pulled him close. "Consider us best buddies already."

Shiro raised an eyebrow at Keith, clearly expecting a similar appeasing answer from him as well, and Keith snuck a hand up the back of Lance's shirt and let his fingers dance over Lance's side, enough to cause him to jerk.

"Still sounds like a lot of work, but okay," Keith finally said.

"Thanks," Shiro said, looking honestly relieved. "I think you'll see we'll all have more fun if you two aren't fighting."

"You got it, Shiro," Lance said with a salute. Keith tickled him again, and Lance was forced to wait for Shiro to turn away from them before his hands were on the move, digging into Keith's sides to try to tickle him back.

But Keith didn't even flinch, merely stared flatly back at Lance, although there was a hint of amusement in his expression.

"You're going down," Lance whispered harshly to him, still trying to find a sensitive spot on Keith's sides.

Keith grabbed both his hands and cuffed them in front of him with a smirk. "I believe I won the jumping contest, so I'm pretty sure you're the one going down."

Lance's eyes widened as the world's biggest smirk pulled at his lips. Keith, however, seemed to realize exactly what he'd just implied, and dropped Lance's hands before he began scurrying up the side of the pillow.

Lance caught up to him easily, though, and nudged him enough as they climbed to get Keith to openly grin at him before shoving his shoulder, which sent Lance toppling down the side again. He sat at the bottom and laughed for a moment until Keith slid down next to him and pulled him to stand again. His face was still adorably pink and he wasn't meeting Lance's eyes. All of which was making it so very hard for Lance not to fall for this boy.

They finally rejoined the group at the top and bounced until their legs began to ache, forcing them off to find something new to explore.

The weather was gorgeous, with a cool breeze that made Lance glad for the sweater he'd worn. The streets of the town were all decorated with fall colors and Hunk pointed out that they should be taking notes for ideas for the cabin's front porch. They grabbed lunch from a food stand and Lance ended up sitting on the curb next to Keith as they ate. He stole kettle corn from Keith's bag until Keith finally handed the bag over to him.

They ended up in a street fair full of games and Lance lit up and dragged the group over to watch him win a small stuffed hippo as he used a small BB gun to hit multiple moving targets. He grinned at everyone when he was finished, but told himself that Keith definitely looked impressed.

"What game do you want to try, Keith?"

"Didn't you see what his specialty was back at that arcade last summer?" Matt asked as they walked down the sidewalk.

Um, no. No he did not. He'd only pulled Keith into that arcade because it was the first place on the boardwalk that looked like it had dark corners and he'd desperately needed to kiss this boy at the time.

His eyes met Keith's briefly before they both looked away. Keith was chewing on his bottom lip, but Lance was pretty sure it was in an effort not to grin. Either way, when neither of them answered Matt's question, Shiro spoke up.

"Keith is good at… hitting things," Shiro said with a grin.

"Makes me jealous, really," Matt added.

"Why?" Lance asked, even though he could already tell that Shiro and Matt were setting up for a well-rehearsed joke, reinforced by the fact that Keith was already glaring at both of them.

"No! Matt, no!" Keith yanked on Lance's arm in an attempt to drag him away, and Lance was laughing before Matt even opened his mouth.

"Cause he gets to walk around and say, 'I'd hit that'," Matt said, so unphased by Keith's outburst that he still managed to say the line with the tone of a man who was deeply jealous.

Shiro snickered, Keith hissed out a "Traitor" in his direction, and Lance completely lost it as he bent at the waist, his entire body shaking with his laughter. When he stood upright again his arm went right around Keith's shoulders and he pulled the pouting boy in close, while his free hand wiped away actual wetness from his eyes.

"Now I'm jealous, too," Lance managed to say through his laughter.

"I hate all of you," Keith said, crossing his arms over his chest and glaring at the three of them.

But Lance didn't fail to notice the way Keith wasn't pushing his arm off. Or the way Keith was leaning into his side.

Lance let his chuckles die down enough to allow him to whisper as he leaned in close to Keith's ear. "I need to see you in action." And since he had Keith pulled in close to his side, he felt Keith's body shiver against him, and heard the sharp exhale through his nose.

He smiled when Keith met his eyes then, not the big, flirty grins he usually wore, but a small, private smile just for Keith. He watched Keith consider him for a moment before he allowed an equally small and private smile to pull at his own lips in response. Then Lance's arm sadly dropped off Keith's shoulders as they moved to follow Shiro and Matt, neither of whom seemed to notice the moment Keith and Lance had just shared as they were busy laughing together ahead of them.

Next they let Allura herd them up on a hay ride that would lead them to a pumpkin patch. He sat between Hunk and Keith on the hay ride and twisted himself around a few times in order to take as many selfies as he could manage to get everyone in at least one.

And if he managed to get a picture of just him and Keith only, well that was just because Keith was right beside him. And if he linked his pinky with Keith's on the ride, no one was the wiser with their hands hidden in the hay.



The "pumpkin patch" turned out to be a small field with pumpkins tossed across its grass, but Keith watched Lance happily flit from one pumpkin to the next in his search for the perfect one. And compared to the cardboard box at the grocery store where he usually pumpkin shopped, Keith had to admit this place had a nice feel to it.

Not that he was teasing Lance for being picky. He was actually pretty choosy himself when it came to finding the perfect pumpkin to carve. He and Shiro always carved pumpkins together, with the exception of last year when they'd been away at their separate colleges. But it was something they usually did every year on Keith's birthday, and was typically Keith's favorite part.

In fact, he was one of the last ones to make a decision, leaving only Shiro and Matt behind, the two of them arguing over the merits of a tall pumpkin versus a short pumpkin — honestly Keith wondered if they could hear themselves argue like an old married couple — as he climbed back up into the hay and sat next to Lance again.

"What are you arguing about?" he asked, interrupting an apparently heated discussion between Lance and Hunk.

"Is it fo-lage or foil-age?" Lance asked, the deep concentration on his face too cute to be fair when he and his best friend were arguing over the pronunciation of a word.

"Fol-i-age?" Hunk added.

"What do you think, Keith?"

"I think you're both pronouncing leaves" — despite his purposefully dry tone, he still put heavy emphasis on the L sound at the beginning of the word, as if that was the articulation issue — "incorrectly."

Hunk threw his head back with his laughter, and Keith actually smiled at the sight. He glanced at Lance next and while Lance had released a quick laugh initially, he now sat smiling fondly at Keith.

Keith's own grin grew softer as he smiled back.



Keith sat on an island stool in the middle of the busy kitchen. They'd spread out newspapers across the island, as well as a spot on the floor, and the group was scattered about gutting their pumpkins so they could carve them. He'd been going through the motions of emptying his own pumpkin, but stalled as he glanced around at everyone else.

His brother had found himself a good group of friends, and Keith realized he'd never asked how they'd all connected with each other. But Keith was happy for his brother, and Matt and Pidge as well, to have such a group.

It reminded him, though, that he was a guest here in this group this week, and that he did not have such a group. That the group he'd been a part of at his own college had been …not what he'd been expecting.

Plus, he couldn't get that hayride smile from Lance to stop playing in a constant loop in his head. He was having more fun than he'd imagined here this week. More fun than he'd had in practically a year. And while the rest of Shiro's group had been nothing but friendly to him all week, he knew the happiness he had going on all came back to Lance.

He glanced over to where Lance was perched on another island stool. His tongue stuck out adorably between his lips as he concentrated on whatever pattern he was drawing on the front of his pumpkin.

He wanted to keep Lance. But, Lance would go back to his normal college life soon, and Keith didn't really think he needed someone like Keith around to drag him down.

So what was Keith doing with him this week? He didn't think he was the sort of person to toy with someone else. But, it wasn't like he and Lance were dating. Or had talked at all about what they were doing this week. So, it seemed like Lance was okay with all this as it was. Plus, they already had a track record of kissing last summer and then not speaking during those few months before this trip. Maybe that was a routine Lance would be comfortable with? Meaning maybe the next time Keith saw Lance would include Keith waiting around to see if Shiro invited him along to anything his group did over winter break?

That thought hurt more than Keith was expecting.

"Hey," Shiro said, nudging his shoulder and peering at him in a way that told Keith he wasn't hiding his inner turmoil from his older brother. "You're sure you're okay with this? Carving today, I mean?"

Keith glanced around, hoping no one else was paying attention, but noticed that Lance's head had already popped up in their direction.

"What's wrong with today?" Lance asked.

"Nothing," Keith said, shooting a small glare up at Shiro who responded with a questioning look of his own, clearly unsure why Keith wouldn't want to share.

"Do you two usually wait to carve on Halloween or something?" Allura asked from her own island stool.

Keith glanced down at Matt and Pidge, who were both seated on the floor. They both had their eyes pinned on Keith, and he was relieved that they were at least not jumping in right now.

But Hunk was eyeing him with his head tilted and his eyes narrowed. "No, wait, Shiro said something last year when we all carved pumpkins."

"Keith!" Lance actually sprung from his seat, practically knocking the stool over as he stood. "Your birthday! Shiro said you two always carve on your birthday!"

Keith slowly turned his head to stare at Shiro. Shiro merely grinned and shrugged in response.

"What? It's true," Shiro said innocently.

"When's your birthday?" Lance asked.

"No, I don't — I don't want to make a big deal out of it." He wasn't even supposed to be here. This was their fall break trip.

"Cough — its tomorrow — cough," Matt said.

Shiro laughed fondly from his spot by Keith and not for the first time that day, Keith felt like killing both of them.

"Alright, lets pack it up," Lance said, already putting the lid back on his pumpkin and scooping up the newspaper covered in pumpkin guts from the island.

And, to Keith's horror, everyone else immediately began doing the same. Without question.

"No, wait, stop," Keith attempted. "We already started?"

"Sorry, Keith," Shay said, putting the lid back on his pumpkin. "Birthdays are a pretty big deal in this group, and we don't mess with tradition." She patted him on the back and then carried his pumpkin off to the back porch to join the others while Keith was left to sit gaping after them.

Lance was the first to return inside and he headed for the fridge to pull a bottle of water. He glanced out the back windows where he could see everyone else on the deck before turning his full attention on Keith.

"Were you going to tell me about your birthday?" he asked quietly.

Keith glanced at the deck as well before answering. "I'm already having a good time this week, Lance. It's not a big deal."

Lance eyed for him a minute, but he began speaking just as the back door opened. "We're gonna do something fun tomorrow."



On the morning of his birthday, the sun woke Keith once again. He found Lance huddled into his side, smartly hiding his face in Keith's shoulder and away from the sun, likely a learned behavior if Lance came here often growing up.

After putting away their pumpkins — some half-carved — last night, they'd all eaten dinner and then settled on the couches to watch Pidge's pick, a horror flick that had Keith chuckling a few times at the absurdity. Of course, it also had Lance leaning into him in the darkened room, pressing further and further into Keith's side with every jump from fright. Keith's favorite part of the movie night was probably when he'd covered Lance's hand with his own and ran his thumb over Lance's knuckles, resulting in a soft sigh from Lance.

Everyone went to bed after the movie, including making sure Pidge went upstairs to a real bed this time. And as Keith had pulled his sleeping shirt out of his bag, the small stuffed hippo Lance had won earlier that day fell out as well. He'd turned towards the bathroom where he could hear Lance humming as he brushed his teeth before focusing on the toy again. It was blue, a pretty close match to Lance's eyes if he was being honest, and his favorite color if he was being really honest. It was also his favorite animal, a fact he was pretty sure Lance did not know, no matter how big a mouth Shiro had.

And now it was his. Because Lance won it and Lance wanted him to have it.

When he'd come out of the bathroom last night, Keith had tackled him onto the bed and kissed him until Lance had laughed and forced him to shift enough to allow them to get under the blankets. Then he'd retangled their legs together and kissed him some more.

Now this morning he glanced down and found one of Lance's hands fisted in his shirt, maybe to hold Keith in place as they slept. As if Keith wanted to go anywhere. In fact, the best birthday present might just be staying here all day with Lance cuddled next to him. Or beneath him. Or on top of him. He really wasn't picky as long as Lance was —

A noise outside the door had him jumping out of bed, startling Lance awake as the other boy jerked himself into an immediate upright position and swore at Keith.

"What?" Lance asked, eyes still wide in shock from the rude wake up as he watched Keith dive under the blankets of the other bed.

Keith merely pointed aggressively at Lance's pillow and Lance continued to stare in shock until their bedroom door actually began to swing open. Then he dropped his head back to his pillow with a speed that Keith found frankly impressive.

"Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to Ke-eith. Happy birthday to you."

"Shiro," Keith grumbled as he flipped to his back and faced not only his brother, but Matt, Pidge, Hunk, Shay, and Allura all grinning at him while Shiro held out a tray in offering. So, he sat up and allowed Shiro to set the tray — covered in strawberry pancakes — in his lap. He rubbed at his eyes, even though he hadn't exactly just woken up, and said a sincere thank you.

Then they all filed out to allow him to eat his breakfast, and Keith let his gaze slide over to Lance, who at some point had sat himself upright again. He looked sleep rumpled and soft and —

He sent him an apologetic look. "Sorry about that."

Half of Lance's mouth quirked up in a grin before he shook his head and stretched his arms over his head. "I honestly should've seen that coming with this group."

"Come over here?"

Another small grin from Lance before he shifted off their original bed and climbed into the second next to Keith, who lifted the tray enough that the blanket could be shifted over Lance's legs as well. Then Lance let his head fall to Keith's shoulder as he yawned.

"Happy birthday, Keith."

"Thanks, Lance." He lifted a forkful of pancake in Lance's direction and smiled as Lance hummed happily as he accepted the offer.



"You've got to be mcfluffing kidding me."

"Did you make that word up?"

"I was sure you were an intricate pattern pumpkin carver," Lance said, eyeing the simple pumpkin face Keith had carved. "Or even, like, one of those guys who can shave a design on the side of a pumpkin?"

Keith laughed at that, the sound actually drawing the attention of Shiro and Pidge from where they were currently sitting on the front porch, and shook his head.

"Keith doesn't believe in getting all crazy when the original pumpkin face works just fine," Shiro said, clearly quoting past Keith.

Keith shrugged in agreement as he set his pumpkin on one of the front porch steps next to some of the others.

"Did you carve a pumpkin last year on your birthday, Keith?" Shay asked.

And it was an innocent question, but Lance watched Keith visibly shrink in front them, something he seemed to do any time anyone had a question for him that involved his freshman year of college.

"Hey, Keith!" Lance waited till Keith turned towards him before throwing a huge pile of leaves in his face.

"Lance!" Keith growled before scooping up a pile of leaves himself and chasing after him as he sprinted away. Keith caught him and dumped leaves over him as well, before they grinned at each other and took off to throw leaves at everyone else.

And by the time they were finished, Keith seemed to have completely forgotten Shay's question, as well as whatever dark thoughts it had prompted. He watched Keith shake his head — like a mcfluffing puppy — to get the leaf bits out of his hair. Then he nudged Hunk and told him to get his camera ready, before sliding up behind Keith and holding two leaves up behind his head.

"What are you doing?" Keith asked.

"I wanted to see if you could pull off leaf ears," Lance murmured. "Smile at Hunk."

"What? No!" Keith said, but Lance was off of him two seconds later to scoot to Hunk's side and coo over the picture.

Once everyone's pumpkins were lining the front steps, they piled into their cars, with Lance offering Pidge the shotgun seat in Allura's car before climbing into the back of Shiro's with Keith.

And whether Keith complained or not, Lance was sure he enjoyed having the restaurant wait staff and a few surrounding tables sing Happy birthday to him. Though, it did earn him a few grumpy scowls from Keith afterwards, and Keith refused to share any of the complimentary slice of birthday cake their waiter brought him.

Unfortunately, when they left the restaurant, Lance was pulled off by Allura to help her buy decorations for Coran's front porch, and he was left sadly glancing behind him as Keith was led in the other direction down the sidewalk by the rest of the group.



"Here," Pidge said, handing Keith an envelope as they walked through town.

"Hmmm." Keith shook the envelope. "I thought we said no presents this year?"

"Just open it," Pidge said, unphased by his frown. They were trailing behind the others, letting Hunk lead since he'd heard about a nearby candy shop where you could actually watch them pull taffy.

Keith slid open the envelope and pulled out what looked like a handmade coupon. He shot a questioning look at Pidge.

She shrugged. "It's a get out of jail free card," she said. "I know you did something with those kids who were teasing me last year. And I'd like to repay the favor if you ever need it."

"Who said I did anything?" Keith asked, fighting with the corner of his mouth that wanted to pull into a smirk.

"No one did," she said with an eyeroll.

"Thanks, Pidge," Keith said. "Though, I know I can count on you for stuff. I probably don't need a coupon."

"Keith, please," Pidge said with a wave of her hand. "I don't have time to bail you out of every fiasco."

He grinned at her again, but didn't call her out on the obvious lie.

"You've been smiling a lot this week," Shiro said, falling into step beside him. "I'm glad you've been comfortable with this group. The group I hang out with at college."

"Shiro, maybe your birthday present to me could be not bugging me about transferring to your college?"

"Wow, easy and inexpensive. Sold."

"Do you think he did that on purpose?" Keith asked Pidge as Shiro took a few extra long steps to catch back up to Matt.


They finally reached the old fashioned candy shop Hunk had been looking for, and collectively stared into the front window display where a man pulled and looped taffy over and over. It was pretty mesmerizing and Keith let his mind wander and, not surprisingly, think about Lance.

He wasn't sure what this week meant to Lance. But Keith didn't really feel like Lance was just fooling around with him. Of course, Keith wasn't sure what this week meant to himself, either. And he could hardly go asking Lance when he wouldn't have an answer in return.

Personally, he knew he wasn't in the best place in his life to be starting a real relationship, at least not the kind of relationship that Lance would deserve. But…he also knew that he didn't feel like such a disaster of a person when he was with Lance. Lance teased and competed with him, but he also listened when Keith spoke, and touched Keith with a softness that Keith wanted to melt into. Keith realized he was beginning to feel more like his old self with Lance beside him.

He wasn't sure, though, that those feelings made what they were doing okay. They'd be separating in a few days, driving away in separate cars, as Shiro would make a quick stop to drop Keith at home before he drove himself, Matt, and Pidge back to their university. And, for the first time in months, Keith wished that he had somewhere important to go as well. He wished he had a purpose again. Something to be proud of.

Wished he had something to offer that Lance would be impressed with.



It was practically dark when they arrived back at the cabin that night, and while Matt and Pidge argued over which movie to watch, Lance disappeared upstairs. He changed quickly and then slipped quietly back downstairs, doing his best not to draw attention to himself.

After all, he didn't want everyone's attention, just one dark-haired boy's attention. He paused at the front door, and when Keith glanced over at him, he nodded towards the door and then slipped outside. He made a run for Uncle Coran's shed to grab something, and when he returned, he found Keith looking curious on the front porch.

"Come on," Lance whispered. "I borrowed Allura's car keys."

"Why are you wearing all black?"

"We have a mission, Keith. Get in the car." Lance slid into the driver's seat and waited for Keith to finally join him.

"Luckily, you're already wearing all black," Lance said as he backed out of the driveway and began to take them down the mountain.

"What is this mission?"

"We need a couple more things to decorate Uncle Coran's front porch."

"So, we're going shopping?"


"That doesn't sound very promising."

Lance grinned over at him, and took a moment to enjoy the sight of Keith in the passenger seat while he drove. For a moment he even let himself think about driving Keith out on a date. Not that what they were about to do was exactly a date activity.

He didn't say anything further, just turned up the radio and sang along. He glanced at Keith a few more times, secretly pleased any time he found Keith's eyes already on him. Until finally he pulled the car to the side of the road and jumped out.

"Uh, Lance?" Keith asked as he stepped out of the car. "This is the middle of nowhere?"

"I know, it's perfect." Lance pulled the hacksaw he'd grabbed from Coran's shed earlier from the floor of the backseat and began marching into the rows of corn he'd parked next to. The farmhouse was a ways off, and there didn't seem to be a lot of traffic on this road.

He heard Keith follow him into the cornfield and grinned to himself before dropping to a crouch to begin to cut down the first cornstalk.

"Lance," Keith whispered harshly behind him. "Are you stealing cornstalks for decorations?"

"These cornstalks are all dead," Lance said in a normal tone as the first cornstalk fell.

Keith continued in a whisper. "The farmer probably still uses them for something, Lance! Like animal feed or something."

"Why are you whispering?" Lance asked as he cut down a second stalk. "Scared about all these ears hearing you?" He chuckled at his own joke as he tossed an ear of corn in Keith's direction.


Lance grinned as he glanced up at Keith. And really, for as outraged as Keith was trying to sound, the boy was smiling. Like there were actual dimples showing up there in his pretty face.

"We're only taking like six," Lance said. "Or eight? Do you think three on each bottom post would be cool? Or four?"

"You know they sell these in stores."

"Keith, please," Lance said, getting back to work. "These are authentic. No way fake cornstalks are going to win the decorating contest. Now, maybe be helpful and carry the ones I already cut back to the car?"

Keith huffed at him, but still lifted the four ready cornstalks and carried them off while Lance worked on cutting down more. When he had enough, he collected them himself and headed in the direction of the car, which unfortunately was at the same moment that he heard someone from the direction of the farmhouse begin to yell.

"Hey! Who's out there!"

"Shit!" Lance yelped as he did his best not drop any cornstalks or injure himself with the hacksaw as he began to run. He sprinted through the rows of corn as best as he could until he managed to run right into a solid figure. The two of them toppled to the ground, and only when they'd landed did he realize that he had just plowed down Keith.

"Hey," he managed to whisper from his spot on top of Keith. "Come here often?"

"You're ridiculous," Keith whispered back.

But Keith looked, well he looked — content. Knocked on his ass in the middle of a stranger's cornfield, with Lance sprawled out on top of him, Keith didn't look like he was in any hurry to move.

Lance smiled fondly down at him, a warmth blooming in his chest because this boy was perfectly happy to just stay here with him. And how did he get so lucky to be given such a gift?

"You scared yet?" Lance suddenly whispered, unable to resist the grin that pulled at his lips. He didn't intend to have them chased down by a farmer tonight, but he couldn't help feeling slightly pleased to have Keith experience a real scare this week.

But then Keith shivered beneath him and Lance actually felt the mood shift as Keith slowly lifted a hand to Lance's face and dragged his thumb across Lance's cheekbone. He nodded slowly up at Lance, and Lance's breath caught as all the hope in his bones swelled up because maybe Keith was feeling the same things he was feeling.

"Me too," Lance replied in a continued whisper, eyes darting back and forth over Keith's face before he couldn't resist the urge to kiss him any longer. And maybe he was a romantic who fell too hard too fast, but he'd never really believed that this sort of instant connection was something that happened outside of movies. It certainly wasn't something that he thought would ever happen for him.

He forgot about the farmer and the cornstalks and just relaxed on top of Keith as he kissed him. After all, there were soft noises coming from Keith's throat and one of Keith's hands carding through his hair to focus on.

Unfortunately, as he heard a "You kids get out of here!" he was forced to separate his mouth from where it fit oh so perfectly against Keith's mouth, and quickly jump to his feet. He pulled Keith up too before grabbing Coran's hacksaw and a couple cornstalks, with Keith grabbing the others.

Then they sprinted back to Allura's car and took off after shoving the stalks into the backseat (that was a mess Allura definitely would not be happy about, but it was future Lance's problem).

When they returned to the cabin, Keith helped him tie the cornstalks to the posts at the bottom of the porch steps. Then he wrapped an arm around Keith's shoulders and pulled him into his side to admire their handiwork.

"Uncle Coran's definitely winning this thing now."

"You know this is going down as the time you almost had me arrested on my birthday, right?"

He laughed into Keith's hair before kissing him again.



"Hey, did you bring a swimsuit?"

"On this fall trip into the mountains?"

"Sarcasm, one, Lance, zero," Lance murmured as he threw a pillow off the spare bed in Keith's direction. They didn't think anyone had noticed them sneaking back in after their trip to the cornfield, and had decided to skip movie night and just slip upstairs to their room.


"Alright, underwear it is, then," Lance replied, leaving Keith to gape slightly at him as he pulled off his shirt and then kicked off his pants before heading into the bathroom. "Come on."

He heard Lance turn on the water in the tub, but remained where he'd been lounging in their bed for a moment, unsure how serious Lance was being right now.

"Keith, get your cute little butt in here!"

So Keith pulled off his own shirt and pants, hoping the dumb blush he could feel on his cheeks would be gone by the time he made it into the bathroom. Then he found that it didn't matter once he was in the bathroom, because Lance had the bathroom light off, the only light coming from candles situated on the sink countertop.

"What, um, what are we doing?" Keith asked.

"Well, despite Uncle Coran's resistance to adding a hot tub to this whole cabin experience, he did have these tubs added to the bathrooms a few years ago." He hit a button on the side of the tub and the small room was filled with the bubbling noise of a Jacuzzi tub. "And we're gonna enjoy it. Get in here with me."

Then Lance stepped over the side of the tub and sat down. There was a small sigh of contentment as he relaxed into the water, before he focused on Keith and held out a hand to him.

And this was way too irresistible for anyone to refuse, let alone someone who was already pretty gone for this beautiful boy in the tub. So Keith stepped forward and let Lance help him into the pleasantly hot water.

"Plus, I thought it might Pretty Woman your problems away, my dude."

And before Keith could even ask what that meant, Lance pulled him back to lean his bare back against Lance's bare chest, and then wrapped his legs around Keith's waist.

Keith was sure he'd just died. Like, somewhere between stepping into the tub and now, he obviously slipped, hit his head, and drowned, because why — how — what was happening?

"So my leg is —"

Lance paused to eye his legs through the bubbling water, not that Keith noticed. The only thing he noticed was heat. It was so hot in here. The water was hot, his face was hot, the skin on his back, which was currently pressed to Lance's skin, was hot, the top of his thighs where Lance's legs were currently resting were hot. If he had died, this was a strange sort of hell. Or maybe heaven was also a hot place? He resisted the urge to fan himself as Lance continued talking.

"— about 44 inches from hip to toe, which means you've got 88 inches of therapy wrapped around you, ready and waiting to listen if you want to talk."

Therapy. Well, that cooled Keith right the fuck down.

He stiffened where he sat, which thankfully put some blessed space between his back and Lance's chest, before twisting so that he could shoot a hard look at Lance.

"What?" he asked.

"Its just, anytime anyone asks you about your college experience, or what you're up to now, you immediately brush it off. And I can tell its bothering you. And maybe you'd feel better if you talked to someone?"

"Why do you care?"

There was a flash of hurt on Lance's face — and for a moment Keith felt that hurt in his own chest — but it slipped away quickly and was replaced by a softer look on Lance's face.

"I care because I can tell it upsets you, and I don't like it."

His eyes stayed locked with Keith's and Keith wondered if it could really be that simple. Could he really just tell Lance what happened, and feel better?

"Although, if you don't want to tell me, I can grab a couple of the stalks from out front. They have some ears they can lend you."

He leaned in and kissed Lance to wipe that self-satisfied smile off his face, but mainly to keep himself from laughing at the dumb joke.

Then he turned again and tentatively let himself lean back into Lance's chest. His hands landed on Lance's thighs where his fingers immediately twisted the fabric of his boxers, and he practically sighed as Lance's fingers began to slide slowly up and down his arms. It wasn't the heat of before, but it was warm and safe in this dark room. And with Lance behind him, where he couldn't see Keith's face, it was the best scenario he could think of if he planned on talking. Something, Keith realized, Lance likely knew.

He sighed after a few quiet moments of internally arguing with himself about it before saying, "It's dumb."

"I won't think it's dumb," Lance's voice was quiet near his ear and Keith automatically sank further back into his chest.

"Its just, um, one of the few things I knew about my mom was that she was a member of this group when she was in college, and I always thought it sounded like a good cause. So I joined the group on my campus when I started last fall."

He paused, waiting for questions from Lance, but Lance remained silent behind him. Instead, he just continued trailing his fingers over Keith's arms, leaving wet streaks over his biceps and shoulders. His own fingers continued to bunch up Lance's boxers before smoothing them out, only to bunch them again as he spoke.

"I guess it's dumb to try to feel closer to someone by following in their footsteps when they're not even there and they won't see you do it, but…." His voice trailed off as he tried to swallow past his disappointment. He felt Lance shift, not only pulling Keith closer, but also pulling Keith's attention away from his spiraling thoughts. Then Lance's head dipped forward so that he could rest the side of his head against Keith's temple.

Keith didn't turn to look at Lance, but he did decide to continue. "So, this group was one of those Boys and Girls Clubs, you know, where you work with kids?" — Lance's fingers stalled for a moment, but he still didn't say anything — "But we were already three months into the fall semester and hadn't done a single thing. So I asked the group's president about it and he said we needed to organize some fundraisers first, so that we'd have the money to plan events for the kids."

Lance exhaled harshly — Keith could feel it in the way Lance's chest pressed against his back and the way his breath puffed against his neck — it seemed like Lance had something to say, but he continued to remain silent behind Keith.

"So, I talked to some of the other people in the group, and we organized a couple small fundraisers. That part was — actually kinda fun. Its pretty cool how many people will come out to a 5K, some dressed in crazy outfits, if you tell them the registration money is going to a good cause."

Lance made a humming noise of agreement behind him as his fingers began to move away from Keith's arms in order to explore his collarbones.

"But the fall semester ended and we still hadn't done a single activity with the local kids' group we had been assigned to. So I asked again at the start of the spring semester, and was told that we still needed to raise more funds."

His voice was beginning to turn bitter, a sharp contrast to the comfort he was receiving, so he tried to press himself even further into Lance. He slipped a little on the bottom of the tub, but Lance tightened his legs around him and helped keep him in place.

"Did you set up another fundraiser?" Lance asked quietly when a few moments of silence passed between them.

Keith shook his head, bumping his head against Lance's as he did so, not that Lance seemed to mind. "I started digging for information, and found out that we didn't actually need any funds to go play with the kids. And that the money we'd raised had all been spent to throw some party at the president's frat house."

"Bastards," Lance actually growled, his voice only slightly raised as he pulled his face away far enough to actually meet Keith's eyes. "What did you do? Cause I'm betting you didn't sit back and do nothing."

Such faith, Keith thought, as Lance resituated them and then resumed his fingers' exploration over Keith's chest, ready and waiting to hear more.

"I reported them," Keith said quietly. "The president was expelled, but … then the university shut the whole Boys and Girls program down."

"That's a shame," Lance whispered.

"Yeah," Keith responded.

He fell silent again and could feel his skin begin to overheat. And not for the fun reasons that included Lance's body pressed against him from before. But now the shame he'd been carrying around hit him full force. He'd joined as a way to feel closer to his mother, and had wanted to do something he'd been told she loved doing. And instead, he'd managed to kill the entire thing. And while that hadn't been his intention, it'd still led him to his current situation as a college dropout who had moved back in with his dad and was drifting through life without much purpose.

Both of Lance's large hands flattened against his chest, one directly over where his heart was pounding away, and Keith wondered if Lance could sense the downward shift, because he pressed his lips to Keith's ear before asking the big question.

"Why did you leave your college?"

Keith swallowed hard and let go of Lance's boxers in order to squeeze the muscle of Lance's thighs directly for support.

"It was an anonymous report, but, um, everyone knew it was from me. And the expelled guy's frat brothers weren't too happy with me." Lance's hands slid to his sides, enclosing him in a long limbed hug. "They sliced the tires of my bike and keyed her sides."

"Oh, Keith," Lance whispered. "Did they ever confront you in person?"

Keith shook his head, touched at Lance's concern, which was a better feeling than the anger he felt when it seemed like people were pitying him.

"No. They just pulled other shit. There was a paint bomb rigged to my dorm room's doorway, which…" Keith sighed again, he hadn't even told Shiro about that little incident. "Well, it destroyed my favorite jacket, which I had been wearing when I opened the door, and a bunch of stuff in my room. Plus, my roommate's stuff got hit too, so he wasn't a huge fan of me after that, either. I just — I just decided to get out of there."

"Fuck, I'm glad." Lance used his hold around Keith to twist him slightly so he could meet his eyes again. "I mean, I kinda want to storm that frat house and — but I am glad you got out of that situation."

And Keith was once again warmed for all the good reasons when he saw the protectiveness in Lance's eyes and heard the sincerity in his tone of voice. And damn if he didn't actually feel lighter, like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders now that he'd spilled his story to Lance. He twisted himself further, forcing Lance's legs to release him, but Lance didn't complain when the end result was Keith straddling his lap and kissing him.

And Keith kept himself in check for the first few moments, but Lance was a damn good kisser, and Lance's hands had wandered down to cup and then squeeze his ass, so that was really all it took before Keith found himself grinding down into Lance's lap.

"Oh, shit." Lance let his head fall back but squeezed his hands tighter against Keith's rear end, which only encouraged him to keep moving. "Why did I suggest we keep the underwear?"

Keith had already moved his mouth down to Lance's neck, but stopped kissing only long enough to respond, "Probably being chivalrous."

"I'm really hating past Lance right now."

Keith let one of his hands slide down Lance's pretty chest before he gave a slight tug on the waistband of Lance's boxers. "I don't know, there's something nice about opening a present."

That had Lance's blue eyes lighting up as his grin turned sly. He released the hold he had on Keith's ass and let one finger slide up the hard length he found straining against Keith's boxer briefs. "Have I wished you a happy birthday today?" Lance murmured as Keith shuddered against him from that one small touch.

He wrapped his arms around Lance's shoulders for support, but still managed to chuckle and nod before he leaned in to kiss Lance again. He thrust his hips forward again, towards Lance's hand and Lance's own hard dick, and that was the last straw for Lance as well, it seemed, because then Lance was pulling them both free from their pesky underwear, and wrapping one of those blessedly large hands around them.

Keith gasped and then groaned into Lance's neck. He heard the sound echo off the bathroom tiles, even over the continuous noise from the Jacuzzi, but couldn't bite back the sounds as Lance stroked them slow and then fast and then slow again, as if his main purpose was to tease Keith right now. Keith's hips picked up the pace when Lance slowed, pulling groans from Lance's throat that filled the air beautifully and kept Keith writhing in his lap.

Keith pulled his face from Lance's neck in order to meet his eyes. Lance's blue eyes were hazy, but he focused them enough to meet Keith's gaze before he offered a small smile. Keith's grip on his shoulders tightened, because he felt safe here with that soft smile. With this boy who seemed to intrinsically know what he needed, and who seemed happy to provide it. He only hoped that he could give just as much back.

He smiled into the next kiss, but pulled his mouth away when he came in order to gasp into Lance's neck. Then he batted Lance's hand away from both of them and began stroking Lance by himself. Lance let himself curl into Keith, with his hands wrapped around Keith's hips and his face tucked into Keith's neck before he finished with a curse only a few strokes later.

Keith let himself collapse against Lance's chest when he felt Lance relax beneath him. Lance's arms came up to circle his lower back and several moments passed with just the sounds of bubbling water and their breathing filling the room before Keith spoke.

"Hey, do you want to go for a run with me in the morning?'

"Only if I can feel my legs again by then." An aftershock seemed to hit him as his entire body shuddered beneath Keith.

"And then after our run, will you go into town with me?"

Lance nodded. "Anywhere you want," he panted with a wave of his hand.



"Whoa," Lance said, stopping on the sidewalk when he saw the large building they were headed towards. "Are we going to the aquarium?"

"Yup," Keith answered before bypassing the ticket stands and heading straight for the main entrance.

Lance hurried to catch up and openly stared when Keith pulled two tickets out of his wallet.

"Wait, when did you buy the tickets?"

"Uh." Keith handed over a ticket for each of them to the attendant who scanned them both before handing them back. "I picked them up when we were walking around down here yesterday."

"You randomly bought two aquarium tickets?" Lance had to walk fast again to keep up with Keith until Keith stopped at the large cylindrical tank that sat near the entrance. He watched as Keith stared intently at the fish swimming within it, doing his best not to meet Lance's eyes. "Wait, are we — did you plan a date for us?"

Finally, Keith turned and looked at him, and Lance could see actual nervousness there. Keith — adorable, beautiful, funny Keith — had planned a date for him and was nervous about it.

"Well, I — yeah, I did. You mentioned last summer that you liked aquariums and when I saw the aquarium yesterday, I just thought —"

Lance cut him off with a kiss, because there was no way he could not kiss the boy who'd remembered what he'd said months ago, back when they'd practically been strangers, and then planned out a date for him based off his random musing.

And kissing Keith now was still like it'd been on that day they'd met last summer. Exciting and all-consuming in a way that made him want to pull Keith in as close as possible, even if they were standing in the entrance of a family friendly establishment.

"Keith," he whispered out a moment later, the thumbs of both his hands rubbing circles over Keith's hip bones.

He knew what he wanted to say, which included words like 'This is the nicest fucking thing anyone's ever done for me' or 'Please say this week wont be the end of us'.

What he ended up with was, "No one's ever planned a date for me before." And that worked for now, because Keith grinned up at him before taking his hand and pulling him towards the first dark hallway of exhibits.



"Hey, Keith. Keith," Lance said with the widest grin Keith had ever seen on him. It was making it hard for Keith to not immediately smile as he raised an eyebrow in response. "This one looks like you," Lance said, pointing at a pouty looking fish.

Keith rolled his eyes and immediately pointed out a clown fish. "Yeah, well that one looks like you."

"Ooh, pretty." Lance wrapped his arms around Keith's waist from behind and dropped his chin to Keith's shoulder. "Tell me what you really think of me."

They were on a moving walkway that was slowly carrying them through an underwater tunnel, and Keith let himself relax back against Lance's chest.

"You really want me to tell you what I think of you?" Keith asked quietly, digging up as much courage as he could muster.

Lance hummed in the affirmative against his neck before dropping a light kiss there.

"I think you're amazing." He felt Lance stiffen behind him, and stilled for a moment himself. He was hoping that reaction meant Lance just hadn't been expecting a serious answer, and not that Lance was uncomfortable because he thought Keith was taking their week together too seriously. Keith wanted the serious, though. He turned his head as much as Lance's head would allow, doing his best to look at him. And without thinking further, continued talking. "You know, Shiro keeps saying I should transfer to his school."

Lance's sharp exhale, as if he'd just begun breathing again, hit Keith's neck before he finally spoke, "You mean my school?"

"Oh, do you go there?" Keith teased.

Lance released him only so he turn Keith around to face him, and being face to face, Keith was pretty sure he could see hope in Lance's eyes as Lance stared at him. Keith wondered if Lance even realized he'd left his hands to fidget over Keith's shoulders.

"You're really thinking about transferring to my school? Like I could see you every day?"

And, yeah, that was definitely hope in Lance's tone of voice.

Keith pulled Lance's hands down from his shoulders and interlaced their fingers. "Well, I've seen you in the sand in the summer. And I've seen you covered in leaves." Keith paused for a moment and moved a little closer to Lance. "I'd kind of like to see you in the snow. And on more early morning runs."

Lance's mouth had dropped open, and his eyes darted back and forth across Keith's face. But when he didn't say anything, Keith continued.

"I'd like to see what you look like when you're stressed out for finals. Or how relaxed I can get you if we had a day when we didn't have any real plans. Maybe come back here for spring break and swim in that creek we found. And then head back to the beach next summer."

"That's a lot of future activities," Lance breathed out, letting go of one of Keith's hands only so he could wrap that arm around Keith's back and pull him in closer. "You sure you want to plan that far out with me?"

Keith hummed happily as he wrapped his newly freed arm around Lance's shoulders and then tucked his face into Lance's neck with a sigh. "I'll take as far as I can get with you."

"Oh my god, come here," Lance said in a quick exhale. He pulled Keith off the moving walkway and then pressed him into the first dark corner he could find before kissing him.

"Is that a yes?" Keith managed to ask between kisses.

"That's a mcfluffing yes, Keith."



When they returned to the cabin, Keith seated himself next to Shiro at the kitchen island while Lance leaned against the counters to chat with Hunk.

"Listen, Shiro, I've been talking about it with my boyfriend, and I think I'm ready to put in for a transfer to your college for next spring."

Shiro dropped the hand of cards he'd been holding for the game he'd been playing with Matt and Allura, and then turned slowly to face Keith.

"I don't think I understand some of the words you just said."

Then Lance was there with an arm slung around Keith's shoulders and a hip pressed into his side.

"I've sort of been kissing your brother at every single opportunity, Shiro," Lance stated with a grin. "Including last summer on the boardwalk, and we decided to become real boyfriends during our date today. I'm assuming that's the confusing part?"

"You've been — kissing?"

Lance nodded and waggled his eyebrows while saying, "Sometimes more than kissing." He laughed as Keith elbowed him. "Plus, we've been —"

"Nope, stop. I got it. Just stop," Shiro said as he squeezed his eyes shut and raised his hand in protest.

"Also, I'll accept cash or other shiny presents for luring him to our school."

Keith rolled his eyes. "Why do I like you so much?"

"I'm not sure, either. Come closer so I can distract with you my lips before you think about it too hard."

Keith chuckled and fisted Lance's shirt in order to pull him into a kiss.

"I think your plan to introduce Lance and Keith backfired on you a bit," Pidge said.

"No," Shiro said quietly as he watched the two with a small smile. "I think it worked out just fine." He glanced over at Matt, and he knew Matt well enough to recognize a mixture of happiness and envy in his friend's eyes.

He was going to have to take Lance and Keith's bravery as an example, and do something about Matt.

Meanwhile, Hunk lifted Lance off the ground in a teary hug, happy to see his best friend in a real relationship, especially since he'd had a chance to get to know Keith himself these past few days. Even Allura left her seat to give her brother a congratulatory hug and to ruffle Keith's hair.

When they were finished, Lance returned his arm to Keith's shoulders and squeezed for a moment before say, "Hey, Shiro?"

Shiro forced his attention to Lance and away from Matt, his head spinning a bit as he had begun to try to think about how to tell his best friend that he'd like it if they could please start kissing each other's faces and then move in together.

"Did you ever tell Keith how we all met?"

Keith glanced between Lance and Shiro, both of whom now looked a little nervous. Then Shiro shook his head and met Keith's eye.

"No, I hadn't."

"So?" How?" Keith asked.

"Lance is the president of the university's Boys and Girls Club," Shiro said.

"I thought your college didn't have one of those?" Keith said slowly.

"They didn't until Lance arrived and immediately petitioned, as a freshman last year, to open a chapter. We all met at the first meeting."

"Yeah, we hang out with kids at least twice a month," Pidge said.

"Sometimes they need help with homework, but sometimes we just play basketball or something," Hunk added.

"And we could always use another member," Lance murmured into his ear.

And then, "Keith you should definitely join us," became the general consensus from everyone else around the kitchen island.

Keith swallowed hard and nodded before locking his gaze with Lance's. He hoped what he wanted to say was being conveyed in his eyes, because there were absolutely no words for the gratefulness he could feel for being pulled into this group. He'd probably have to thank Shiro later as well, but for now, he just pulled Lance into another kiss, and smiled when Lance smiled into it.