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Ode to Prequel

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It was three months after the incident. Tsugu had more night terrors than before and Law couldn't seem to understand what part of her brain was causing all the night frights. Tsugu ended up taking over Laws bedroom because he needed to keep an eye on her at night. Law turned in his doctors chair back to the table where he was dissecting a human brain. He was using his fruit abilities to keep the brain alive during the process. After an hour of poking and prodding it, he let the brain die off. He stood up as he started taking the bloody gloves off his hands.


"Why is this so complicated? Why can't I figure out the problem?" He growled. Law walked over to the sink and washed his hands vigorously. "I know the human brain is complex but what the hell.." He looked down at the projector transponder which was acting as a security camera in his room. He saw Tsugu sleeping on his bed. Blinking a couple of times, he turned the transponder off and walked out of the room. "She hasn't had a night terror in two days. Is she getting better?" He said as he tiredly walked down the hall. He lifted his hand and placed it on the door handle to his room. Pushing the door open, he noticed Tsugu was sitting up.

"Tsugu?" He questioned. "You seem to be awake." Tsugu was smiling as she turned her head towards him.

"Can we go to the surface?" She looked at Law with a hopeful look. He sighed and replied;

"You are aware that everyone is asleep?" He turned back around to leave the room. "Lets do it." Tsugu became really excited. She got off the bed and put on a black robe that had The Heart Pirates logo in the back. They haven't been to the surface in 3 weeks because the Government had spotted them. Tsugu was never cleared of the charges for her supposed murder against Gekko Moriah. They added the destruction of a warship, and two murder attempts on Kizaru and Doflamingo. Her bounty was $450,00,000. She pattered her feet down the hallway quietly to catch up to Law who was already in the control room.


"You're mean for waking the rest of the crew." Shachi said as Law pushed him out of the chair. Law pressed a few buttons and pulled the periscope down and looked through it.

"Captain, its night out. You can't see out there." Shachi said in a smart-ass tone- there was a long pause between him giving a salute, then shouting fearfully; "Sir..!" He broke out in a sweat as Law was looking down at Shachi while holding onto the periscopes handles.

"I'm looking for lights of other boats." Law said. Tsugu stomped over to the controls and pressed the button to make it raise to the surface.

"You are taking to long!" The submarine jiggled violently and turned off. Tsugu stood there in horror with her hand still firmly planted on the button. "Uhh, uhhh.... Uhhh." Tsugu kept saying. Law side stepped to the right and towered behind Tsugu.

"That wasn't the right button. Your hand is on the power button." Tsugu turned around and giggled while raising her arm to the back of her head.

"I thought that jolt felt funny.." Law picked her up under her arms, and held her up to his face.

"Now we have no defense and we have to wait at least 10 minutes for the turbines to stop spinning enough to start it again. Until then, anything could happen." Tsugu dangled in the air and started kicking her feet and pouted.

"You pick me up like I'm a smaller than you or something!" Her cheeks puffed up as she looked away from him. Law walked over to the captains chair and sat her down in it.

"Captain, did we hit something?" Penguin and the others came into the control room. They all woke up to the jolt of the power stopping suddenly.

"No, Tsugu pressed buttons." He replied. His crew started to mumble as they headed back to their rooms.

"We should have known." Jean Bart said before he too walked away. Tsugu was blushing from embarrassment. Her face was burning hot, she covered her eyes.

"Now they all think i'm some kind of moron..!" She said as as she gasped. Law walked away from her and calmly said;

"Now?" He insinuated that they all already knew and they didn't just now figure it out. "Sit right there until the power is back. Don't touch anything, just sit there." Law sat near the controls and crossed his legs. Shachi was pointing and laughing at Tsugu.

"Hah, you got in trouble." He said. Law whacked Shachi on the back of the head and said;

"You are too for being a smart-ass earlier." Shachi pouted as well and questioned;

"Why didn't you pick me up then?" Law spun his chair around towards Shachi was was already running away. Law let out a big sigh and looked at Tsugu who had fallen asleep.

"Are you..." Law stood up and took his coat off and draped it over Tsugu. "How the hell do you just fall asleep?" He sat down on the ground next to his chair as he started to hear Tsugu crying. Her hand slid out of the coat and dangled off the arm rest of the chair. Law reached his hand up and grabbed hers. He rubbed his thumb atop her small hand as he used his other to lay himself down on his side. He propped his head up using his hand. "I'm glad you stayed." He said under his breath. He began to nod off, his vision unfocused and his hand kept sliding out from underneath his head. He sat back up and let go of her hand quickly as he heard foot steps coming towards the control room.

"Captain. The engine is good to start up again." Shachi said as he stopped at the entrance. He looked down and saw his captain sitting on the ground next to Tsugu who was still in the chair asleep. "Law?" Shachi walked up quietly and notice his captain fell asleep sitting up. Shachi smiled as he sat down at the control panel and flipped switches for just the defense and offence to come back up, leaving the main power off so it didn't wake them up.


\\ Morning came;

Shachi was walking down the hall with Uni towards the control room. They noticed Tsugu was standing next to Penguin. Tsugu who looked serious, was nodding her head and pressed a button. The main power came back on. Law jolted awake from the whirring sounds and looked around groggily. Tsugu hollered as she threw her fists it the air;

"Hah, I didn't break it!" Penguin laughed as he pulled the periscope down and looked around. The sun was just starting to rise. He looked around and made sure no enemies are lurking near.

"All clear. Tsugu, we've been through this for a while. What button are we pressing?" Penguin said extremely clearly in a teasing way. Tsugu got puffed up and pressed the button to rise to the surface.

"You all act like I make clumsy choices all the time!" She said in a poutful voice.

"Because you do." The entire crew said in unison. Tsugu stood there in shock at what they had said.

"I'm clever, not stupid." She said quietly. Law stood up off the ground as he grabbed his jacket off his chair. He said;

"You're a clever doofus, its a step up from Strawhat-ya I'd say." He walked out of the room as his crew laughed at his statement. Tsugu got mad and bit Penguin.

"Hey, hey, hey, I didn't say it! Oww!" He shouted in pain and fear.

"Yeah but I can't fight him. I'm not allowed." she said as she stomped up the stairs to the where the main entrance was located. Her crew watched her as she stepped on the bottom of her robe and stepped up, tripping over the robe. She slid back down the stairs. Everyone turned away to hide their laughter, pretending to do things so it didn't look like they saw. Laws voice echoed from down the other hall;

"They all saw it!" Tsugu made frustrated sounds as her voice got higher, stomping back up the stairs all puffed up. One foot after another she made it to the top of the stairs and shouted;

"I'm not cooking for any one tonight!" She marched over to the hatch and tried turning it with all her strength. The crew heard foot steps stomping angerly back. "I cant turn the door open. I need help." She growled. The Heart Pirates busted out in laughter. Penguin and Shachi both went up the stairs as everyone else went back to their rooms. Shachi opened the doors as Tsugu looked away from the two.

They opened the door as Penguin and Shachi inhaled the crisp salty air. Tsugu held her arms out and spun around, feeling the sun on her skin. Shachi spoke; "Hey, why aren't you allowed fight captain?" Tsugu stopped spinning and wobbled a bit. She walked over to the railing of the bright yellow Submarine and looked over to see the ocean below. Law had walked out and sat down on the deck next to the entrance. Tsugu said;

"I lost a bet. When Bepo found me, he was with Law. I was going nuts, covered in blood and on a rampage for death." She continued her story.


Tsugu lost her reality, she had just killed everyone inside of the underground and made her way to the tower. Her world had faded and her adrenaline was in overdrive. Her once pale blue eyes, were black and blood shot. Bepo stood next to his Captain and stared at her. Bepo said; "Save her, captain. Tsugu is a good person and I want her to come with us. She's never left this place and I promised I'd show her the world. She saved me from being put in a cage at night." Law nodded and told Bepo that he's thankful that she took care of him.

Tsugu began to run towards Bepo but Law used shambles to move Bepo in his spot. Law used his Busoshoku Haki to block her attack. Tsugu put more power into her attack, Law pressed his feet firmly into the ground and braced himself. "Oi, had this hit Bepo you would have killed him." Law said as he flung her away from him. Tsugu landed on her feet, she knelt down as she placed her hand on the ground, still sliding back.

"Isn't that the point of why I attacked?" Tsugu said. Her voice was hoarse and sounded like it was on fire. "I'll kill everyone. This world is rotten to its core and I'm going to wipe out every last being I can till I'm taken out." She looked down at her hands and clenched them tightly making a fist. Tsugu walked over to Law and looked him in the eyes. She placed her hand on his face gently. Law didn't move as she brushed her fingertips down the side of his face. She placed both hands over her ears, she twisted them as if she was turning dials, one went counter clockwise, as the other went clockwise. "Switch-ee" She held her other hand up, she held her thumbs apart from each other symmetrically over his heart and said weakly; "Counter shock." The blast sent Law flying into the tower.

"Tsugu, its me! Bepo." The bear said as he walked towards her slowly. "Do you remember me?" Tsugu turned towards him, almost falling over. She took a step forward but Law used shambles once again, he shambled himself behind her placing his hand over her eyes. He pulled her back gently by her forehead, she pretty much fell into his body from the lack of energy. Law held a needle in his other hand and said;

"This is going to make you sleep. I'll take care of what is needed." Tsugu tried to pry herself away, but Law kept his hand firmly placed over her eyes and her head pressed against his chest. "Trust me." He placed the injection in her arm and pushed the medicine into her veins. Tsugu grew weary as she placed her small shaking hand on Laws. "You don't have to fight alone anymore. No one will leave here alive." He said as he slumped to the ground with her, he sat down, Tsugu sat between his legs. Law moved his arm around her shoulders to hold her resisting body against him.

"You're going to pay for this." She said as she began to nod off. Law smirked and replied;

"Next time you fight me and you lose, you're joining my crew. You'll never be allowed to attack me afterwards and if you do, it will end just like this." Tsugu finally went down for the count. Bepo picked her up in his soft furry arms and he looked at Law.

"Captain, is she okay?" The bear asked her in a concerned tone of voice. Law nodded as he stood up, saying;


"She has been shot through her chest. I can't do anything here because the bullet went straight through. Take her back to Polar Tang.. I've got to take care of this place for her." Law pulled his hat off and placed it on Tsugus sleeping face. Bepo nodded. The two split ways, Law walked to the tower- Bepo ran towards the exit.


It has been three days since Law had Bepo take her back to Polar Tang, Tsugu was still asleep. Law and Bepo where the only other ones on board, the rest of his crew was left behind as Law went out to look for Bepo. Bepo had been abducted by the ruler of The Underground, forced to partake in the Amusement park as the mascot. He wasn't there for long but Tsugu made sure he wasn't kept in a cage like the others by falsifying documents. When Bepo made his escape, it was two days before Tsugu went on her murderous rampage. Tsugu was now laying on a bed in the infirmary, asleep. A cigarette was sitting untouched in an ashtray, Law was sitting at a desk with the window open next to Law was reading up on medical practice studies and taking notes as he was reading. The heart rate monitor and life support attached to Tsugu was the only sound in the room. Bepo sat in a chair next to the bed, waiting for Tsugu to wake up.

"Law, Is she going to be alright? Are you sure? Bepos voice said lowly. Law took his reading glasses off and put out his cigarette. He leaned back in his chair as it swiveled towards Bepo.

"She is exhausted. The life support is actually pumping anesthetics through her so her body can fully recover and get her out of psychotic meltdown. If she wakes up now, it could kill her because her heart can't handle all of that stress." Law flipped back a few pages in his book; "Its called Stress Cardiomyopathy." He handed the book to Bepo. "Its also known as Broken Heart Syndrome. Its rare, but you can die from a broken heart and sometimes when you live through it, your heart is weaker and more susceptible to heart problems. This is something she will have till she dies." Bepo lowered the book after reading it.

"Is it going to kill her?" He asked with a sad voice. Law took the book back and flipped back to the page he was on. He said calmly;

"If she gets too stressed out. One of these days it could come to the point of taking her heart and swapping it out with someone else who can handle her pain when times get rough." He stood up as walked to the other side of the bed and placed the stethoscope on Tsugus chest. Law listened at her abnormal heart beat. "I can't thank her enough for keeping you safe in that place." He stood back up, walked over to his desk and wrote some information down on a clipboard and walked over to Bepo. He placed his hand on his First Mate and smiled slightly. "If you want her here, she can stay. But if she hurts anyone on my crew, I'm not giving her a second chance." He said walking out of the room. Bepo stood up and walked out of the room, following his captain. It wasn't till two weeks later that Tsugu opened her eyes. Law leaned over her body as she looked over at him.

"Good morning."

\\ End.