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Have Faith In Me

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Ford looks down at you, his gaze getting lost in the sparkling eyes before him.
"We...really need to get a move on," he says before his mind gets too clouded. He clears his throat and turns away from you to prevent any further distractions.
"How are your injuries? Are you sure you're okay to travel?"
After a few moments of no response he turns back to see you picking up part of the load he's packed up.
"Oh! Please don't overwork yourself on my behalf, I can definitely carry everything on my own! I have been doing so after all."
You scoff at him, "don't be ridiculous I'm more than cap-" just then your knees give out and you fall flat on your bottom.
Ford drops the stuff he was packing up and rushes over to you, "are you alright?!"
You sit there muttering angrily to yourself as he helps you up.
"I told you not to overwork yourself.."
You glare at him.
"Do not patronize me, I am not fragile!"
Ford looked hurt, but he was more annoyed at how stubborn you were being.
"No, but you are injured and will stay that way if you're not careful!"
You couldn't believe he was arguing with you, what did he know? He was a human you've barely known for less than 24 hours. You pushed him away and began picking up the supplies you had just dropped.
"Please, I can handle it on my own.." Ford pleaded.
"I am MORE than capable!"
Ford shook his head and realized it was pointless to continue arguing.
"Fine, but if you get overwhelmed please don't hesitate to ask for help."
He's so damn irritating!
You rolled your eyes and nodded.
A few moments of silence passed between the two of you as you both worked on finishing packing up the camp. You began to feel a tinge of guilt, realizing that your frustration wasn't towards him but the feeling of being vulnerable. You shook your head in attempt to clear your thoughts.
Even if I was wrong to take my frustration out on him, he was still treating me like a child! Who does he think he is?
You looked over your shoulder at him, he was picking up the last of the supplies and just so happened to catch your glance. His cheeks flushed a little and he smiled. You quickly turned away and began to blush yourself.
Damn him!!!


Well this is awkward....
Ford thought to himself as he walked next to you. You two hadn't spoken since your tiny outburst when packing up the camp. It felt like the two of you had been walking in silence for hours, but he knew in reality it had probably only been about one.
Why do I have to be so bad at this...
Ford sighed, "Look...(y/n) I wasn't trying to offend you earlier..I just don't want you to get hurt if I can prevent it."
He braced himself for your response, unsure if that would upset you more or if you would completely reject his apology altogether.
"No, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have taken my frustration out on you when you were just trying to help."
He was surprised by your apology, he definitely didn't expect that.
"You don't have to be sorry! Please don't think I took offense to any of it, I can understand your irritation."
He looked at you trying to read your expression and you looked up at him.
"Ford...Thank you, for everything." You looked away shyly.
Ford smiled to himself, admiring the tinge of red in your cheeks.
"Of course."
You two walked together in a comforting silence until the sunset.


You were a bit tinged with the guilt and some slight embarrassment of throwing a tantrum earlier. It had been awhile since you had a companion and it was obvious that you are unsure of how to deal with having someone else around. Especially a someone who keeps you from being independent.
He's just trying to help though...I shouldn't be so hard on him..Ugh! Why am I like this?!
You sigh in frustration at how utterly hopeless you are with this kind of stuff.
Who am I kidding though? Independence aside, it's nice not to be alone. Especially with...him...
Just like that your cheeks are burning again, all the possibilities of this newfound companionship running through your head.  
Wait wait wait, stop. How can I even think like that right now?! I mean...He is..gorgeous..God he's gorgeous and mysterious which just makes him even more tempting...
"(y/n)? Are you alright? Do you feel ill?"
Welcome back fluttery feeling in my stomach..
You snap back to reality at the sound of Fords voice, realizing you had just stopped mid step to daydream.
"Um..Yes, I'm fine. Just lost in my own head over here I suppose. NOT WITH ANYTHING PARTICULAR THOUGH...Just..zoning out..."
You awkwardly chuckle at Fords puzzling look, hoping you don't look too guilty.
If only he knew what was really going on in my head...
You shake your head at yourself as you both continue on.

Well she's acting peculiar...I hope she's not still mad about earlier. Maybe she's plotting my death! Haha, hopefully not..
Ford quickly glances back and catches you shaking your head at yourself.
Perhaps I shouldn't let my guard down quite yet.
He began to imagine you attacking him from behind, pinning him down, feeling your body against his..
Well..that escalated quickly. If that's the case, maybe dying by her hands wouldn't be so terrible.
With that thought he quietly chuckled to himself.
"So...(y/n), it's pretty dark now, should we set up camp for the night? There seems to be a nice cave over to the north."
"Yeah that sounds good, my legs are starting to ache so it'll-"
Before you could finish your sentence Ford picked you up and started carrying you over to the cave.
"I'm so sorry, I should have asked about your pain levels earlier."
Ford looked down to find you staring at him in awe, he quickly averted his gaze back to the cave.
Shit..I hope she's not offended.
He was about to apologize again until we felt you nuzzle into his chest, he almost froze but feared you would stop if he did.
I almost want to start walking slower..I shouldn't think so much into this she's probably just exhausted due to her injuries.
He kept his pace, concentrating on staying relaxed.
I don't want her to think I'm uncomfortable with this, but I don't want her to think I'm enjoying it too much! I have to stop being so anxious over this, I'm sure she can hear my heartbeat going crazy..


I can't tell if this is too much or if he's fine with it. Maybe he's just being polite? What if I'm making him uncomfortable and he's just taking pity on me?!
You couldn't help but lay your head against his chest, truth be told you were exhausted. You two had been traveling for hours, you were relieved he found somewhere to set up camp.
Even if he is pitying me, I'll take it. I could hardly stand anymore and this is...
You took comfort in the warmth radiating off of him.
Much better...
You felt the air change as Ford carried you into the cave, he stopped and you felt his chest stiffen.
"So..(y/n)..I'm gonna put you down so I can set up camp really quick, please just relax I can handle it all."
He gently sat you down on a large boulder against the cave wall. It was dark and a little wet, but much better than being in the open forest. At least in the confines of the cave, you both would be a bit harder to detect.
"Ford..Thank you for carrying me, I didn't realize just how much the walking had taken a toll on me. I suppose I'm not quite used to being so..pathetic."
Ford smiled a soft, sweet smile.
"You're not pathetic (y/n), you got injured putting up an incredible fight against a ferocious beast. There's no shame in that."
"Still..I'm not used to-"
Your words fall short as your throat begins to tighten, the world around you starts to fade away. You can barely hear Fords worried voice, he sounds so far away.
Everything is black and you feel like you're falling.


The smell of ash fills your nose, your lungs tighten from the thickness of the air.
You open your eyes and everything is grey, it's quiet and still.
"Ford?? Where are you? Ford?!"
You call out to no answer, your calls don't even give off an echo.The air around you feels suffocating, you try to call out again but it comes out as a pathetic squeak. You look up to the sky at the soft moonlight illuminating the dull world around you.
"Where am I?"
Suddenly the moon begins to shift, you watch in horror as it turns into an eye staring down at you.
"Well! Look what we have HERE!"
The voice getting more deeper and sinister with each word.
"Who are you?! Why have you brought me here?"
The gold triangle reveals himself, leaning towards you on his cane.
"Calm down, we both know you're too terrified to do anything. You know, the whole legends and all."
"No...It can't be, Bill Cipher? What do you want from me?"
"Listen toots, I don't have much time here, but you know ol' Fordsy? Yeah, he's a friend of mine gone rogue so you outta be careful. The man is capable of more than you think."
"I won't be swayed by your lies! He told me about your tricks!"
"Hahahaha! Tricks huh? Like this?"
Your bandaged injuries become unraveled, the healing skin splitting open. You fall to the ground screaming in pain as Bill laughs at your misery.
"Wow! Who knew you could scream so loud! I bet you'd like to have Ford make you scream like this huh? Hahahaha! Too bad he'd never be interested in some weird alien like you!"
Bill snaps his fingers and your cuts deepen and he cackles at your howls of pain.
"Hmmmmm...Tell you what, if you agree to help me I will give you your filthy fantasy with Ford, but you have to make a deal with me."
"Never....I know what you've done you demon and I will never help you."
"Wrong answer!"
He snaps his fingers once again, the pain becomes unbearable. Everything starts to spin, you fall on your back and fade into unconsciousness with the sound of Bills evil laughter ringing in your ears.


"Shit! Shit! Shit!"
Ford kept cursing to himself as he rang out a rag of water on your face. You had passed out, but the things you were mumbling are what truly worried him. You had been cursing some unknown entity and calling out for him, he tried to wake you up but nothing was working. Just then a chill went down his spine, he heard the soft echo of maniacal laughter in his head.
You woke up screaming and sobbing, clutching at your injured body. Ford jumped back in shock.
"(Y/n)?? What's wrong?"
You were furiously rubbing your injuries, consoling the remaining phantom pain from Bill had made you endure. Your skin still felt like it was on fire, you knew it was a dream but the pain felt so real. Ford knew deep down that whatever you were feeling was Bills doing, the guilt of putting you at risk hit him almost instantly.
"(Y/n)? Did you see Bill?"
You froze, the shock of the dream still wearing off.
"I..I...Oh Ford! It was awful!"
You continued sobbing, the nightmare still playing in your head. Ford walked over to you and sat down next to you, wrapping his arms around you.
"I'm so sorry, this all my fault. It's me he wants and I've gotten you involved. I'm so sorry (y/n), please forgive me. I didn't mean for this to happen."
He tightened his grip around you, pulling you closer. All your worries washed away, your fears suddenly disappeared. All your aches had been replaced with warmth, the fluttery feeling you've felt all this time made its grand entrance back into your stomach. You didn't know what to do, you had never been embraced like this. Ford felt amazing around you, he was warm and comforting. He made you feel safe.
How is it that I've known you for such a short time and yet I feel like I've never been this close to anyone?
You looked up and met his gaze, his eyes ridden with guilt.
"I never meant to drag you into this mess (y/n)"
I will gladly be involved as long as I'm with you..
You could feel his breath as he spoke, your heart was pounding, adrenaline pumping through your veins.
I don't care what that stupid triangle says!
He opened his mouth to say something else, but was interrupted by your lips meeting his.