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Grounders Bar

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The soft, early morning light streaming in through the window is what wakes Lexa up from her restful slumber. Her eyes flutter open find to Clarke's sleeping form still splayed on top of her, an arm draped across her midsection and a leg tangled between hers. It‘s so nice to be back in her lover‘s arms. Lexa had gone on a business trip with her boss and she‘d been away for almost a week. It was almost physically painful to be away from her mate for so long. As soon as she had returned, the two had wasted no time getting back to their apartment where they curled up on the couch together and ate take-out. They had talked and kissed and and eventually started bringing into one another, teasing each other until they couldn‘t stand it and made their way to their bedroom. They spent the entire night loving each other and Lexa smiled at the recent memory.

Looking back to Clarke, she wouldn't usually disrupt such a peaceful picture, but there are matters that need to be taken care of in the morning that are rearing their ugly heads and are making this moment very uncomfortable.

In an attempt to dislodge herself without disrupting the love of her life's precious sleep, she tries to remove Clarke's arm first. Right as she's about to succeed, Clarke growls and snuggles into her further. The alpha's nose presses into Lexa's mating mark, which always seems to be bruised and fresh as Clarke loves to reinforce it every time they have sex. Admittedly, Lexa loves it too and she can already feel herself getting wet just thinking about it, but she cannot think about that right now.

Accepting that she'll never make it to the bathroom in time unless she wakes Clarke up, she resorts to pressing loving kisses to the shoulder in front of her until she gets to the bulge of the alpha's deltoid muscle. She presses one last kiss to the skin there and then bites down, not enough to draw blood, but enough to hurt. Clarke growls lowly and the brunette can feel the rumble in her own chest and the blonde's lips graze across her skin as they pull back to reveal her teeth.

Lexa chuckles lightly, Clarke is such a grump in the morning.

"Lexa," the blonde husks, only leaving the brunette more aroused by just the sound of her voice, "I'm trying to sleep."

The omega chuckles and wiggles a little bit, trying to emphasize her point, "Baby, I need to get up."

A strong arm flexes, pulling her closer to Clarke as the alpha growls out a short reply, "No."

Lexa smirks and whispers into the blonde's ear, "If you let me up now, we'll have time for a quickie before I have to go."

With that, Clarke lets her go, but not before pressing a kiss to her mating mark and then one to her lips and then promptly rolling over. Lexa's smile doesn't leave her face as she rolls off the bed and makes her way into the bathroom to begin getting ready for work. She goes through her routine as usual, almost through with her shower when she gets a surprise in the form of arms sliding around her. She lets out a low moan when she feels her alpha's hands slipping over her breasts, catching her nipples between two fingers and adding gentle pressure, coupled with the blonde's erect member prodding into her lower back. She knows Clarke then angles her own hips downwards when she feels the erect member slide down through her cheeks before settling between her legs.

Lexa groans at the feeling and grinds back into it, "Couldn't sleep?"

Clarke speaks into her neck, "Not when all I can think of is water cascading over your skin and what it feels like to have you on my cock-"

The woman's dirty talk is interrupted by a moan when Lexa grinds back with more purpose, Clarke's dick moving in the space between her legs and creating enough friction to draw out noises from a normally composed blonde. Lexa smirks and repeats her action over and over again, not bothering to cease her actions until Clarke pushes her against the hazy glass of the shower wall. With that, it's Lexa's turn to let out an obscene moan that ricochets off the walls of the bathroom as her sensitive nipples are pressed against the cold glass. At this point, the two of them are mostly out of the water, preventing the water from washing away the natural lubrication Lexa's body is producing, letting the blonde know just how she was affecting her lover.

A whine leaves Lexa's mouth as she tries to get Clarke to move, but she doesn't have much room to work with. In response, Clarke's hips move back to give some room to only Lexa's lower half. The brunette practically drips, the anticipation of what Clarke is about to say having the power to excite her to the core, because she knows her alpha is about to give a command.

Lexa loves Clarke and she loves sex with Clarke. She is the perfect combination of caring and dominating and Lexa wouldn't change a thing. Her heart is about to beat out of her chest and fingers struggle to find purchase against the smooth walls.

Clarke's lips brush against her ear and she feels her lover’s hot breath against it, sending shivers down her back, when she instructs, "Spread your legs and arch your back for me, love."

She does as she's told immediately and she's rewarded with the head of the alpha's cock pressing against her entrance. The brunette begins to try and take more of her mate into her, but Clarke is too quick in pulling her hips back, catching on to Lexa right away. The blonde tuts and lets her cock slide forward through the omega's folds, the tip stroking her mate's clit as she nips at Lexa's already bruised mating mark.

Lexa's whine turns into a moan and she pants into the glass, "Clarke, baby... no more teasing."

The brunette feels Clarke's lips curl into a smile against her skin before she feels the woman bringing her member back to her entrance.

Finally responding, her alpha speaks against her damp skin, "Whatever you desire, niron."

The omega feels her clit throbbing with arousal, more slick leaking from her at Clarke's use of her first language. The alpha begins slowly sliding in, making both women groan at the action, especially when she bottoms out. The blonde takes her time pulling back out again before sinking back into Lexa's silky heat, sticking to a slow and steady pace until Lexa picks up on what the alpha wants her to do and say. She knows her mate is waiting for something and she knows exactly what it is.

The brunette pushes back at just the right time to get Clarke to reach deeper into her depths, and at the same time, she calls out, "More, alpha."

The words set the brunette's nerves on fire and she feels another rush of arousal strike her core. She's confused though when Clarke pulls out of her completely. Was that not what Clarke wanted? A whine makes its way past her lips, but she doesn't have to wonder for long when she feels the woman behind her spin her around, lifting one of her legs to wrap around the strong alpha's waist. Clarke’s member is directed back into her soaked center, but she pauses again.

This time to say, “Wrap your arms around me, baby.”

Lexa does as she’s told while looking into her mate’s eyes until the blonde finally sinks back into her and adopts a fast, almost brutal pace. Just what Lexa was looking for from her skilled lover. Her mouth finds her mate’s and their kiss is all tongue and teeth and only interrupted by low grunts that accompany each of Clarke’s thrusts. It is driving the omega wild, sending shivers down her spine and making her walls clamp down on her mate's member.

"Babe, you feel so good... so tight around me."

The blonde's pace and the comment send Lexa hurdling towards her release faster than she expected. She is so, so close.

She pants out, "Clarke... Clarke, I'm-I'm gonna-"

Her breath leaves her after a particularly delicious thrust finds that spot inside of her that both impedes and amplifies her coming orgasm. A loud gasp is drawn out of her and Clarke knows exactly what that means. The omega knows it by the way her mate smiles triumphantly and slows her movements, not letting her thrusts go very deep. Not even close to hitting that spot again, just working to keep her stimulated. The omega tries her best to sink further down her mate but the alpha is especially good at teasing.

“Clarke-“ she tries to move again, but to no avail. So she resorts to pleading with her lover, “Clarke, please! Please, I was so close-“

The blonde interrupts her with a searing kiss and several more slow thrusts that are still meant to keep her aroused but to bring her back from reaching her climax, then she says, “Trust me, baby, you’re going to like this. I want you to enjoy it for as long as possible.”

With that, she finds that spot again and begins to pound into it ruthlessly. Lexa can hardly breathe, she's feeling so much pleasure and it’s mounting so quickly. It's intensity is as strong as an orgasm, but she knows it isn't because the pressure of one is still building. Her hands grip onto strong shoulders and she wraps her other leg around her mate's waist, holding her ankles together at Clarke's lower back, a string of her mate's name leaving her lips.

She knows she's being loud enough that the neighbors can probably hear, but she can't help it. Her mate knows how to bring her immense pleasure and she's not about to stop singing her praises for her lover's skills. Even more so when she's about to have one of the best orgasms her mate has ever been able to bring her to.

“CLARKE- oh fuck!” She tucks her face into Clarke’s shoulder and pants into her alpha’s neck. Her pleasure feels like it has reached its limit but she still hasn’t come yet. She doesn’t know what she needs, her mind is so clouded with the white hot smoke of arousal that she cannot pinpoint the exact thing she needs to throw her over the edge. She calls for her lover with every thrust and burst of pleasure, hoping that the blonde will understand

Clarke’s fingers grip her harder as she tells Lexa to look at her, and when she does, she commands, “Just a little longer, baby. Such a good girl.”

The praise washes over the omega and she finds it in herself to hold off her orgasm for her alpha. Soon enough she feels Clarke‘s knot rubbing into her sex, working itself through the entrance. The brunette whines at the feeling, needing her lover to go faster because she can‘t hold back much longer. The knot is working the muscles of her opening wider and it’s setting her nerves on fire. It‘s all too much and she is so, so close to-

A growl comes from the panting alpha, interrupting her thoughts and the command is exactly what she‘s been waiting for, “Come.“

The alpha is so in tune with her lover’s body that she knows what to do and when to do it in order to bring Lexa pleasure beyond what she thought was even possible. So with that word, the omega finally reached her climax, nails scratching into her lover’s back and eyes losing the battle to remain open and gazing into intense blue eyes. The blonde’s knot finally pushes all the way into the omega, her lover follows her lead into the abyss of ecstasy.

The alpha calls her name and then bites down into the mating mark on her neck, thus prolonging both of their climaxes. Lexa follows suit and bites into Clarke’s matching mark as well. The alpha shoots her load into Lexa’s still spasming channel and they stay in each other's arms for several moments just trying to recover.

When Lexa is finally able to think beyond the most amazing orgasm she‘s ever had and her lover‘s knot still locked inside of her, she groans.

“Clarke, this was supposed to be a quickie. Now we‘re tied... and still in the shower.“

The cocky blonde chuckles, leaning heavily against the brunette in her arms, “Are you complaining?“

Lexa rolls her eyes, running her hands through the woman‘s hair and scratching the nape of her neck lightly before pulling her into a kiss. When they part, the omega whispers on her lips, “Of course not, alpha. I‘ve never come so hard.“ Then, just because she can, Lexa clenches her muscles around the cock still inside her and adds seductively, “Thank you.”

The brunette can feel a shiver run down her mates back and her hips shift below hers to try and sink her member further into the omega’s encasing heat, jogging her hips when she can’t push into the woman further. The two moan as Clarke’s member twitches and releases more cum, reminding Lexa that they could easily keep going at this rate. But she can’t.

The omega nuzzles her nose into the other woman’s neck, rubbing into the bite mark there, and then up along the underside of the blonde’s jaw line. She’s trying to calm them down a little, because she’s going to be extremely late for work if they continue like this. She’s already late as it is, but it might not be so bad if they can manage to stop right now. Another round and she risks angering her boss... again. It seems to be a reoccurring theme, her tardiness. Ever since Clarke stepped into Lexa’s life, the usually punctual omega found herself late at least once every other week.

“Sorry, baby. I shouldn’t have done that. As much as I would love to go again, I’m going to be late for work as it is.”

Clarke groans, “Can’t you call off today? You‘ve been gone for so long, I‘ve missed you.”

The omega chuckles, “I‘ve missed you too, but Clarke, I can‘t. My boss is going to want to go over things from the trip and she‘s really been putting a lot of pressure on me lately. I can‘t fuck this up.”

The blonde let’s out another dramatic groan, a smile playing at her lips, “Fiiiiine… Will you be back in time to go to the bar thing you mentioned with our friends this evening? I think they missed you almost as much as I did.“

Lexa presses a quick kiss to Clarke‘s lips before replying, “Of course, baby, don’t worry. But first things first, we need to get untied and I need to finish getting ready for work.”