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Crawlout Through The Fallout

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Chapter Warnings:

Cursing, Nudity


He screamed as they fought to strap him down. He screamed for someone, anyone, to save him. Someone, please, help him. He couldn’t do this anymore; he couldn’t take the pain, the needles, and the experiments!

Someone just save me please!

He screamed, screamed till they shoved the tube down his throat. He struggled till they stuck the needles into his skin and the sedations kicked in. Weakly tugging as he was forced into a circular tube …locked down…….

 A chilling …..Liquid splashed against his legs….. slowly rising higher….

Then there was nothing.


"Baby crawl out through the fallout back to me~”

“Gill , I swear to God is there no other station we can listen to. I hate that song!”

Lukas sighed, here we go…

Gill stopped from his work, looking away from his box shuffling. “It’s the only station that gets to out here, you know that.”

Aiden scowled, flipping his hunter knife in the air once then caught it again.

 Lukas looked over, “Be patient, we’re working on it.”

“We’ve been working on this damn bunker for three months,” the brunet answered. He looked at the fourth member of their team. “You can’t go any faster?”

“Aiden I swear to God, you ask me one more time and we’re going to use Gill’s method of opening this door.” Maya snarled, “And I elect we use your thick skull as a battering ram.”

Aiden flipped her off.

“Guys, lay off.” Lukas warned, “We’re so close to getting in there, let’s not lose our heads.”

“We’ve wasted resources is what we’ve done,” Aiden scoffed, slamming his fist against the door. His metal hand clanging against the titanium, “Three months we’ve been clearing out this fucking facility. It better be worth it.”

Lukas flashed him a look just as Maya cackled triumphantly. “Got it!”

“That’s our girl!” Gill laughed by his bags, “I knew the moment I started unpacking my bombs you’d get it.”

“Don’t I always?” Maya grinned as the door slid open.

Lukas smiled and patted her on the shoulder, “Be ready guys, just because the door was sealed doesn’t mean there wasn’t a breach inside. We don’t need a bite from a radioactive rat.”

The team nodded in a silent agreement, loading their weapons and cautiously entering the cold and foggy room.

There were crates, a potential sign of goods to sell. A few sealed off round containers, but no sign of anything extremely valuable.

“Guys this isn’t a weapons vault.” Gill frowned.

“Fuck.” Aiden said, moving farther ahead, “Of course it isn’t. We couldn’t be that lucky could we?”

“Aiden, we just go in here, there can still be more.”

“I’m just saying, would it kill us to have a lucky break now and then? These past few jobs have been a bit too risky with too little turn out and I think- Oh… Shit!”   

Lukas jogged over, “What’s wrong.”

Aiden pointed.

Tubes, dozens of them, all lining the wall. Some covered in layers of ice, others full with slowly melting liquid.

Every single one of them had a person inside.

There was a moment of stunned silence.

“Guys I don’t think we can sell this.” Gill mumbled.

“Shut up Gill!” Aiden was cursing, “I knew this was some damn research facility and not a weapons vault! Fuck!

“Aiden calm down, we’ll…..we’ll figure something out.” Lukas sighed, looking solemnly at the people in the tubes.

 Aiden glared, storming off to the other end.

“Maybe we can find meds,” Maya said, “To keep people under like this would require drugs.”

Lukas joined her in front of a containment unit. “Aren’t they in cryo?”

“No, bacta.” the female explained, “But they were frozen over. The facility’s main power must have failed when the bombs fell. The heavy nuclear winter that followed would have put everything – everyone - on ice.”

 “So when we got the power back on, and nothing worked,” Lukas mumbled, “It must have directed the power here.”

“It was probably top priority. Everything in here is slowly thawing out.”

 Lukas wiped the frost off the bacta tubes nearby control panel.

System Error: Life Support Systems Failure.

 “Lot of good it did them.”

“They all say that,” Gill walked by, “Least the ones I’ve checked. Hard to keep nuclear fallout in the life support system plan eh? Wonder what these people were doing? Fallout bunker?”

 “It wasn’t built well enough to be a fallout bunker, nor deep enough,” Maya countered.

“Then what? They were experiments?”

“Who knows.”

Lukas looked at the bodies beyond the foggy glass and cringed. “Yeah…”

“Maybe we can salvage some parts?” Aiden mumbled.

“There are people in there,” Lukas frowned.

 “And they’re dead.” Aiden scoffed, “Besides, who knows if they were even people. Like Gill said, they probably were tested on.”

Lukas’s temper flared, and he stormed towards Aiden, “Would you quit being such a di- woah!”

 A patch of ice took Lukas down and he crashed hard his loaded gun going off in the fall. It fired into a nearby control panel. Sending the system’s alarms blaring.

“Bacta Tank 32 Release Activated.”

Shit, Lukas thought.

“Warning, System Failure. Emergency Ejection Initiated.”

 The tank’s lid flew open, not even allowing the liquid to drain. Slimy fluids spilled everywhere and Lukas scrambled up and backwards, trying to not touch it.

 A body fell from the tank, a young male. He was about the same age as Lukas. Dark brown hair, slender in some places. In the splint second Lukas saw his face, he swore he saw the other’s eyes open.

The male hit the floor with a hard thud, body stiff and immobile from metal restraints keeping his arms pinned to his side, with thin wires and tubes, sticking into his skin. Mostly around his arms, hands and back.

 “Holy shit!”

 “Lukas what did you do?!”

 Lukas moved over to the body, perplexed by why the person was restrained in such a way. Had….had he been unwilling?

 “Lukas get away from it!”

“It’s not an ‘it’ Aiden, it’s a ‘he’. I just want to see why he’s –“ That’s when Lukas saw it, “Guys! He’s alive!”

 “He’s what?!” Gill gaped.

 Lukas dropped to his knees, quickly unlocking the wrist cuffs through the tangle of hoses and cables. “He’s breathing!” he flipped the male over onto his back holding him in his arms.

Maya dropped to her knees next to him, able to see the shaky rise and falls of his chest, “How could he still be alive?”

 “I don’t know,” Lukas mumbled as he gently pulled free the needles from the stranger’s skin, “We don’t even know how long he’s been under.”

“Who cares?! We shouldn’t be touching him! He-“ Aiden had moved over to the dripping tank, wiping off some residue on the side. He went white, “Fuck! Lukas we have to put him back!”


“This tank says PAMA!”

The word dropped the temperature in the room drastically.

“W-what?” Maya whispered.

Aiden was shaking his head, “He has to go back in!”

 “Are you nuts?!” Lukas demanded, “He’s alive! He’s a human being! We can’t just put him back in the tank! This facility won’t be able to keep him alive!”

 “P. A. M. A.!” Aiden hit the tank for each letter, “What part of PAMA, doesn’t make sense to you! We are in one of their bunkers! You know what happens to people who touch their stuff!”

 “If that was the case why is no one here?! If this facility was important you think they would have reclaimed it?!” Lukas pushed bacta slimed hair out of the unconscious male’s face. The skin was flawless; quite literally, even the patches already dry from tank fluid were soft as a newborn. He placed two fingers on the other’s throat, checking to make sure the pulse was still there, “We’re not leaving him here.”

“I don’t care! We are not going to get involved with them, past, present or in the damn future either! Which will be nonexistent, if we take him out of here! He’s probably not even human; PAMA could have done anything to-”

The male groaned in Lukas’s arms, shifting.

 Aiden cursed, lifting his gun up. Lukas winced at the clicking noise it made.

“Put, the, gun, down,” Lukas warned.

Maya leaned in for closer inspection, “These needles are still pumping drugs into him, hold on a sec,” she pulled the last of the long needles from the boy's arms and back, “Maybe when the drugs kick, he’ll hopefully wake up. But it could take a few hours at-“

The stranger’s eyes shot open.

 " -Most?!”

He lurched in Lukas’s arms, a blood curling muffled scream escaping his mouth.

“I thought you said a few hours?!” Gill cried.

 Maya jumped back, slipping a little on the slimy floor, “I did!”

Lukas struggled to hold the writhing male in his arms, “Hey calm down! You’re safe we’re not going to hurt you!”

The other continued to scream and struggle, fighting against the metal leg bindings still locked in place. He pushed against Lukas with shaking arms. He seemed to be choking on the muzzle around his face.

 “Hang on! Stop-“ Lukas unlocked the clasp, pulling the gag off, “We’re-“ he proceeded to pull out roughly three feet of breathing hose that had been shoved down the male’s throat, “Holy shit!”

When the last of the tube came out with a wet pop, and the male let out a weakened gasp, head rolling for a second.

Lukas adjusted him in his arm, “Hey! You’re okay, Can you hear me?”

While he seemed distant at first, soon tears of fury and fear pooled in the brunet’s dark green eyes, “Get away from me!” he rasped out, struggling to be louder, and “I won’t go back! Don’t touch me! Let me go!”

 “We’re not here to hurt you!” Lukas assured, “We’re here to help let us- Gah!”

 “I said...Get away from me!” The other had taken hold of the one of the bacta needles, wielding it like a knife; he slashed it across Lukas’s cheek. The blonde immediately let go, leaning back as he placed a hand on the thin cut line.

 “Lukas!” Aiden raised his gun.

“No don’t!” Lukas quickly lifted his hands, “Aiden I’m fine don’t shoot him!”

 “But he-“

 “Don’t shoot him!”

 The stranger was struggling to crawl away, best he good his legs still locked, “I….I won’t….” He gagged, “I won’t….go…back. I-“he choked on the last word. He coughed a couple of times, before heaving up a great amount of fluid onto the floor, gagging once, then twice, before collapsing weakly into the pile of fluids, going still.

 Lukas scrambled up placing a hand on the unconscious male, “He’s still alive!”

“Lovely,” Aiden said dryly, “Now, can we shoot him?”

Lukas whipped around to stare at Aiden “Are you insane?!”

“He just tried to slit your throat and you still want to help him?!” his team mate argued.

“He was just acting out in self defense,” Gill mumbled.

 “Shut up Gill!”

Lukas turned back around and silently unlocked the last of the restraints on the male, allowing for his legs to be moved properly. Lukas then looked over to one of the many bins in the room and looked at Gill, nodding his head towards them. “Gill could you see if there is a blanket or clothing in one of those units?” Lukas gingerly moved around a metal plating between the bare male’s legs ; only pausing to unlock a hose from it, “I don’t want him freezing to death after we get outside.”

Gill awkwardly turned around and started towards the nearest patch of supply crates.

“Are you fucking crazy?!” Aiden raged.

“Look, he needs help. We’re going to help him,” Lukas stated, not looking at Aiden “If you don’t like that, fine, frankly I don’t care. You can either help me get him to the base, or you cannot. Either way doesn’t matter.” He extended his hand as Gill returned with some hospital garbs, “Maya mind giving me a hand with this? Unless you’re with Aiden?”       

“Um….yeah,” she mumbled. She kneeled down, beginning to assist Lukas in dressing the mostly nude human.

Aiden growled and turned away.

Lukas sighed, wiping a tear off the stranger’s cheek, “We can’t leave him Aiden.”

“You sure you’re not just smitten much?” Aiden scoffed, eyeing Lukas’s gentle treatment.

Lukas glared, “Can you go make sure the bunker is clear? Something might have been attracted by the all the noise.”

“Fine,” Aiden reloaded his gun, gripping the rifle tight in a silent testament to his fury. He stalked out of the vault, muttering “But let me tell you, things are only going to go downhill from here.”