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I'll Look Up At You And Call You A Good Boy

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Yoongi trudged into his and Jin's shared room. They had come back from their recent comeback performance and it was safe to say it was a success. The fanchats and piper if their followers had honestly taken him aback. The screams had multiplied tenfold and the new revelations left him energised. His mind was but not his body.

With a blissful groan he slipped out of his dressing gown and flopped on the bed. Their promotion didn't start till 12 am tommorow so he was ready to sleep in. As he inhaled the warm muscly sent of his bed, his eyes caught the movement next to the divider. Yoogi carefully adjusted his body, sliding to the foot of the bed and craning his neck   to search for the unidentified movement.

It was Jin.

The elder was wrapped up in a polka dot pyjamas set, similar to the ones he wore for bs&t, with his hair slightly damp. His back was turned to him but he could make out the silent chatter of Odeongie who was presumably  in his hand. The slump of his shoulder and his downcast head was enough to signal to yoongi that Jin wasn't ok. Why would he not? They had been roommate for nearly 3 years and spent around 6 years in each other's presence.  They had showered together for gods sake. He knew the ins and outs of Jin like the back of his hand.

Slowly, he slid off the bed and sat next to Jin. He was silently feeding his little pet but it was evident ha was troubled. His eyes were staring unfocused at the sugar glider. He hadn't even registered Yoongi's presence. Yoongi furrowed his brows, it had been months since he saw Jin like this, but now he seemed even worse. Gently, he removed Odeongie form Jin's and and placed him back in the cage, the tiny squire Ely charred slightly. Jin's hands fell limp onto his knees as he let out a loud,defeated exhale. He still hadn't looked up.

Yoongi lifted his leg up and rested his hand on his knee, he turned his body so he was completely in front of Jin and lifted his chin with his thumb. Jin met his gaze sadly. His eyes were watery and he looked crushed.

Having only experienced such and occasion only and handful of times, Yoongi was taken aback. His brain recounted the one time Jin cried and back to their debut, thinking he failed, when he cried at the condom scandal and at their first win; but none of them could prepare him for this.

With no idea what to do, Yoongi stood up and pulled Jin with him. He uncovered the duvet of Jin's bed and almost immediately , Jin flopped onto it. He was on his side facing Yoongi, whilst his legs were curled up slightly to mimic a seat. Yoongi lay down next to Jin as well, he covered them both in the duvet as he straddled Jin, his butt was comfortably resting on Jin's thighs. He gently grabbed the back of Jin's head and placed it on his chest. Jin instinctively nuzzled into it and started sniffling. No matter what the situation looked like on and off camera, Yoongi was always the dominant one.

"Baby, what's wrong " Yoongi softly asked. Jin shook head and carried on crying. His fingers clenched tightly as the back of Yoongi shirt." Baby I can't make you feel better if I don't know why you're upset."

Jin carried on sniffling for a couple of seconds before he started speaking."janngu died yesterday. My mum phoned me a couple hours ago. I-I wanted to phone you but you were busy." Jin's voice cracked at the end.

"Honey, I am never too busy for you may you should've phoned me or at least come to the studio. We could've talked about it" Yoongi softly spoke to him, as if he was a scared animal. He tenderly placed kisses on top of Jin's head and carried on rubbing his back. Soon Jin brought up his hand to the balcony of Yoongi's head and kissed his Adams apple.

Yoongi's heart wrenched animals the though of Jin's beloved pet. If that was holly, Yoongi would be screaming. He felt so thankful that Jin still had Odeongie and Emuk, otherwise Yoongi would be struggling. Yoongi carried on pecking Jin's head and murmuring sweat nothings until Jin stopped crying. Slowly, Jin unfurled himself and tentatively brought his lips to Yoongi's. Yoongi reciprocated the kiss eagerly.

Images of Holy dying passed through his brain and it made him feel shit. Automatically , he sympathised with Jin's and amplified his affection.

"You can get another dog" Yoongi reasoned after several peaceful minutes.

"I don't think I can", he heard Jin's muffled voice"maybe one day, but not right now".

Yoongi leaned down and pecked his lips." Are you okay now?" He questioned.

"Slightly, but I don't feel like practicing tommorow, can we both stay here and watch movies all day" Jin asked hopefully.

Yoongi softened. He had a sog he desperately needed to finish by the end of the week, but one look at Jin and he was agreeing.

"Sure" he said softly. Jin noticeably brightened and snuggled more into Yoongi.

He was so whipped.