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Alpha Mates

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Alpha-Mates: The story of two rival alphas forced into a mating bond.

Summery- What happens when two rival alphas are forced into a mating bond??

In a world where alphas hold power and mated-betas are naturally submissive to their alphas,  two business competitors are compelled into accepting the other as their life-partner. In the inevitable clash of wills and egos, will the two rivals ever manage to attain domestic bliss?

Pairings/CharactersJ2, (past) Jensen/OFC, (past)Jared/OFC, Chad M.Murrey, Christain Kane,
Disclaimer- Do not own any recognisable character. Written purely for the purpose of entertainment, no profit made.


For this story, I'm assuming a society with Alpha/Beta dynamics:

Alpha- The dominant group, can be either male or female; although female-alphas are generally less given to physical displays of strength, unlike their male counterparts.

Alphas can be 'turned' (either voluntarily, or as punishment) into Betas.

Beta- Again, can be either male or female, and are the child-bearers, irrespective of gender... un-mated betas are almost alpha-like, in their nature, but once mated, they are generally submissive (at least to their alphas).

Omega- They do not generally form a part of society, it is a status of the condemned, forced upon an individual as a punishment. Virtually have no rights to speak of.


Alright,  now that I've explained the dynamics of this society, on with the story. :-)