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Red Tides

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Knock Out

Optimus Prime
Ultra Magnus

Miko Nakadai
Agent William Fowler

Name: Starscream
Rank: Leader (current), Second-in-command (former)
7.5m (25')
Personality: Independent, calm, humble, resilient
Skills: Resourceful, agile
Description: One may call him "mysterious" for he has a peculiar, versatile personality that's both his ultimate strength and weakness. Despite his outward lack of enthusiasm he is independent and highly respected among the Decepticons. He possesses impressive firepower and unparalleled agility; even against bigger, bulkier bots, he isn't easily beaten in battle. Opponents often have trouble keeping up with his stealth and speed.
Facts: Has had a complicated past with Megatron; this led him to becoming more conservative and wary of trust. He may also hold grudges and can be very stubborn. In the past, he used to be more outgoing. His current love interest is Knock Out, who he behaves differently around; the effeminate bot turns into quite the flirt around the latter.
Weapons: Null-ray blasters (in-built; both arms), guided missiles (four on each arm), Energon sword (melee; retractable from back)

Name: Smokescreen
Rank: Second-in-command (current), Stealth Specialist (former)
Height: 6.5m (21')
Personality: Brave, opportunistic, friendly, energetic
Skills: Strong endurance, cunning
Description: Fearless but a little clumsy, Smokescreen tackles all obstacles with ferocity. Despite his talkative habits, he can keep his mouth shut when needed. Dependable and easy-going, he can be trusted to get a job done in double-time. While he gets along fairly well with everyone, he's become especially close to Knock Out.
Facts: Although he's mostly happy-go-lucky, he's had a rough history with Autobot Bumblebee. Before the war, the two were the best of friends, until they chose opposing sides and were forced to fight each other. He tends to act as if nothing ever happened between them, but when confronted physically by Bumblebee himself, can turn rather merciless.
Weapons: Laser cannons (in-built; both arms), flamethrower (melee; attached to hilt on his back)
Others: Phase shifter (attached on wrist)

Name: Soundwave
Rank: Communications Officer
Height: 8m (26')
Personality: Silent, tactical, calculative, loyal
Skills: Swift, intuitive
Description: Near silent, but deadly on the battlefield, with hacking skills just as deadly. He rarely speaks, but when he does, it's often when he feels very strongly about something. A selfless bot, willing to offer whatever aid to his comrades, and is fiercely loyal to the Decepticons. He's also deployed multiple Mini-cons, one of them being Laserbeak, who sits on his chest plating.
Facts: Was one of the Decepticons' earliest followers, led by Megatron. While he was undoubtedly close to the initial leader, Soundwave's excellent observation skills gave him knowledge of Megatron's abusive attitude towards Starscream, leading him to develop mixed feelings for him. As such, his grief over Megatron's passing wasn't as prolonged as originally would, and he instead developed a deeper respect for Starscream. On a side note, he seems to harbour a fondness for earth animals, especially domestic ones like rabbits and kittens/puppies.
Weapons: Resonance blasters (in-built, both arms)


Name: Knock Out
Rank: Medical Officer
Height: 6.5m (21')
Personality: Quiet, earnest, hardworking, prudent
Skills: Fast learner, observant
Description: Known to be the youngest certified physician in Cybertronian history, Knock Out is willing to learn what he can, displaying a high level of intelligence and maturity for his age. However, he is also socially awkward and may tend to be overly polite. While he's mostly indoors in a lab, he is an exceptional fighter and isn't afraid to get scratches on his paint during battle. He prefers to launch sneak attacks and finish enemies swiftly and cleanly.
Facts: He can get short-tempered at times. Despite his supposedly quiet nature, he hides a darker, sadistic side rarely witnessed by others. Dislikes being looked down for "being too young", as he's often mocked about his age. As a result, he tends to shatter expectations by achieving more than required. Apparently he's also been trained in combat by a renowned warrior. Currently, he is in a mutual relationship with Starscream.
Weapons: Buzz saw, drill (in-built; both arms), energon prod (melee; attached to hilt on his back)

Name: Shockwave
Rank: Scientist (current)/Medical Officer (unofficial/former)
Height: 8m (26')
Personality: Gruff, particular, inventive, serious
Skills: Organised, meticulous
Description: While he's seen better days, Shockwave is your average no-nonsense doctor and not the best bot to rope into a conversation, though he's more adept as a scientist. Once he finds something worth his interest, he invests his undivided attention on it with vigor. If he's in a good mood, he may give a hearty laugh.
Facts: Having been crippled by Ultra Magnus, his disability withdrew him from the medical field, but presented him the opportunity to pursue his fascination for experimentation. He tends to lock himself in his lab late into the wee hours of the morning just working. On what, you ask? Who knows--he's extremely defensive of his 'works' and isn't very chatty. Though if you ask him to teach you about what he knows, he'll gladly oblige (if he has the time), and can be a great but strict mentor.
Weapons: Sonic cannons (in-built, both arms)

Name: Dreadwing
Rank: Warrior
Height: 9.5m (31')
Personality: Firm, determined, dutiful, quick-witted
Skills: Weapon-savvy, adaptable
Description: The younger of the twins, Dreadwing is a little more intelligent and patient than his brother. Specialising in explosives, he's the bot to go to for weaponry or battlefield advice. Trustworthy, dependable and a fierce fighter, he has a spark of gold when it comes to protecting his comrades, be it Cybertronian or human.
Facts: Being twins, Dreadwing and Skyquake share many similar traits. When not in the battlefield, the pair make good entertainers, often recounting Cybertronian legends and stories in an engaging manner, sure to awe their audience. Dreadwing holds a particular interest towards science and history (which Skyquake does not), sometimes assisting Shockwave at work.
Weapons: Blaster, sword (melee; both retractable from his back)

Name: Skyquake
Rank: Warrior
Height: 9.5m (31')
Personality: Sporting, protective, confident, strong-minded
Skills: Powerful melee dexterity, high defenses
Description: The older of the twins, he's naturally defensive and wishes more than anything to shield those dear to him from harm. Though not very bright, his lack of intelligence is backed up by his excellent fighting talent or supported by Dreadwing. Such powerful strength comes at a price, as he's prone to accidentally breaking something or doing more damage than he's supposed to, earning him a stern scolding from Starscream (or anyone else).
Facts: He and Dreadwing are inseparable, even in battle, though the occasional sibling rivalry may disrupt their harmony. If they're not cracking jokes or entertaining others with their compelling storytelling, they enjoy a good duel or two, which causes quite a disturbance despite being a sight to see. Skyquake is intrigued by his brother's hobby for science, but is more interested in training himself or beating up Autobots.
Weapons: Hunter (melee; Decepticon Hunter as seen in RID 2015)


Name: Optimus Prime
Rank: Leader
Height: 10m (32')
Personality: Taciturn, blunt, merciless, prideful
Skills: Strategic, scheming
Description: He is not the Optimus Prime you know... This guy is greedy, self-loathing, commanding, and will not tolerate any of your scrap. Clown around or come up empty-handed and you'll be sure to get a beating, or worse. Optimus rules like a dictator, seemingly generous and logical at first, until he twists your mind with his intentions. Those who follow him are fierce combatants and loyal supporters of their master. Those who oppose him are typically shown zero mercy. He enjoys mocking others with crude and cold remarks, be it his followers or enemies.
Facts: Used to be on good terms with Megatron before the war when he was known as Orion Pax. When he was made a Prime, Optimus immediately took it to his advantage and sought for power. Megatron was horrified with what became of his best friend and felt he needed to be stopped. However, in the long run, Megatron was inadvertently influenced by his dictatorship and began to fall victim to his path of ruin. Optimus couldn't care less that Megatron is dead but still wishes he were the one to kill him instead.
Weapons: Blasters, swords (in-built, both arms)

Name: Ultra Magnus
Rank: Second-in-command
Height: 9.5m (31')
Personality: Bold, spontaneous, feisty, optimistic
Skills: Proactive, industrious
Description: If Optimus is the core ingredient of the cake, Magnus is all the flavours that goes with it. The Autobot commander rambles more than his leader and is certainly far from dreary. Despite being a chatterbox, he gets the job done and is efficient at multitasking. He leads with sheer enthusiasm and determination; his constant desire for motivation is infectious and keeps the Autobots alert.
Facts: Responsible for crushing Shockwave's digits in a past feud. He still boasts about it to this day and vows to crush the old scientist's spark next time. Oddly he also appears to have a soft spot for Starscream, behaving in a manner that seems to be flirting. Unsurprisingly, Screamy doesn't share the same affection in return. Whether or not he truly has feelings for the seeker is unknown, though that soft spot has given the Decepticons the slip sometimes.
Weapons: Energon hammer (melee; mounted on his back), blasters (in-built, both arms)

Name: Ratchet
Rank: Medical Officer/Scientist
Height: 7.5m (25')
Personality: Laid-back, patient, objective, tolerant
Skills: Innovative, tactical
Description: Shockwave may be your average grumpy doctor, but Ratchet is like, totally chill, dude. He may be old but he knows what's in and happening while keeping his extensive medical knowledge in check. He appears to show the least aggression against the Decepticons yet faithfully serves the Autobots, which puzzles bots about where his loyalties lie. Nevertheless, this "neutral" attitude of his is what makes him dangerous; nobody knows what he's really thinking about.
Facts: Out of all the Autobots, Ratchet is the least oppressive despite being a formidable fighter. While he seems to dislike battle, he simply chooses not to fight if possible. Megatron has tried to convince him to join the Decepticons before but to no avail. Ratchet and Optimus have known each other for a long time, and the medic remains faithful to his leader. His true intentions are never revealed; even among the Autobots, Ratchet has many secrets that not even Optimus knows.
Weapons: Swords, blowtorch (in-built; both arms)

Name: Bumblebee
Rank: Autobot Lieutenant
Height: 6m (20')
Personality: Competitive, vengeful, daring, sarcastic
Skills: Passionate, self-motivated
Description: The Bee you know may be bouncy and bubbly, but this Bee is the polar opposite: silent and back-stabbing. When he talks, usually words of resentment or sarcasm pour out of his mouth. He enjoys toying with enemies and torturing them in glee. His ever-growing hunger to victimise others is his greatest sting sure to leave you in throbbing pain.
Facts: Optimus considers him the 'best' warrior among the Autobots and potential next second-in-command. Bumblebee rarely fails on a task assigned to him and executes each mission with vigour. However, behind his domineering attitude, he's actually quite timid and can be insecure. He secretly fears that he might one day "go soft" like his former friend Smokescreen, and believes that maintaining the upper hand in any situation would ensure that outcome is unlikely.
Weapons: Stingers (in-built; both arms)

Name: Airachnid
Rank: Stealth Specialist
Height: 5.5m (18')
Personality: Sneaky, arrogant, cautious, perfectionist
Skills: Precision, evasiveness
Description: She prowls like a predator ready to capture unsuspecting prey and darts around effortlessly. Her enemies she prefers to entrap in sticky, strong webs tough to free oneself from. The stealthiest of the Autobots, she makes a reliable ally, except she prefers to work alone. If you prove yourself worthy, she may take you on as a partner.
Facts: Like Ultra Magnus, she is one of the many bots who's attracted to Starscream. Except that she openly confesses her love for him and that love is twisted and maddening. From the day she met him, Airachnid conjures plans to capture her 'beloved' and has dreams to enslave him as her personal assistant. What exactly about Starscream that she likes is ambiguous, though it's likely she fancies him for his looks, like most bots.
Weapons: Webs (expelled from palms), acid (expelled from mouth)

Name: Arcee
Rank: Warrior
Height: 5m (16')
Personality: Bombastic, moody, idealistic, possessive
Skills: Quick, nimble
Description: If there's one word to sum her up, it'd be 'diva'. She isn't afraid to confront anyone whose ideals clash with hers, although if she's the one being threatened first, a quick escape is her solution. Hard to please and fussy, she's caused the most trouble for the Autobots out of anyone else; yet remains a valuable asset for her agility despite her small physique.
Facts: She has a tendency to make ambitious claims, which often fail. Self-contradicting and a complain queen, nothing much seems to satisfy her except maybe beating up others. Few can put up with her attitude but if you manage to get on good terms with her, she can be a trustworthy ally.
Weapons: Scythes (retractable; both arms), blasters (in-built; both arms)


Name: Cliffjumper
Rank: Warrior
Height: 6m (20')
Personality: Nonchalant, reserved, controlled, obliging
Skills: All-rounder, trickster
Description: Life is but a game to Cliffjumper; his indifferent attitude towards anything in general will either amaze or annoy you. He may seem neutral about the Decepticons like Ratchet, but his spark will always be dedicated to the Autobots, if not himself. Valuing morals more than anyone or anything, he may turn against his associates if circumstance calls for it.
Facts: A not-so secret he has is that he somewhat has a crush on Arcee. She knows, but doesn't accept his feelings for her. Ouch. Despite that, Cliffjumper isn't terribly devastated and doesn't pursue her. Instead, he becomes Arcee's closest 'friend' whom she can count on.
Weapons: Hunter (melee), cannons (in-built; both arms)

Name: Wheeljack
Rank: Weapons Specialist/Wrecker
Height: 6.5m (21')
Personality: Tenacious, decisive, analytical, resistant
Skills: Efficiency, smart planning
Description: The 'boss', brains and speedster of the Wreckers. Wheeljack is a maestro at engineering and explosives, apart from possessing natural leadership skills. Rarely does he lose his cool and vents his anger through battle. Stand in his way and be sure to face his wrath of big bangs and flurry of action.
Facts: Sometimes his mischief or disobedience leads him to being beat up or yelled at by Optimus. Wheeljack may bend or break the rules if he doesn't quite comply to them, occasionally ignoring commands by his leader or commander. This negligence is undoubtedly risky but when it pays off, his associates may be left stunned.
Weapons: Dual swords (melee; retractable from back); grenades (melee)

Name: Bulkhead
Rank: Warrior/Wrecker
Height: 7.5m (25')
Personality: Headstrong, impatient, scatterbrained, persuasive
Skills: Strong physical combat, unprecedented bravery
Description: One of the 'brawlers' of the Wreckers, this bot loves to smash basically everything. Dim-witted, it takes some talking to ease logic into his actions, otherwise he's driven by his own intentions. Also forgetful, he has to be persistently reminded of the task at hand or a certain memory to keep him on track. His short-term memory has cost him on several occasions like blurting out facts meant to be kept secret.
Facts: Attitude-wise, Arcee may be the most unbearable, but Optimus thinks Bulkhead is the most worthless of them all. Sure, he's good at breaking things, but when it comes to understanding commands, sometimes he just... doesn't get it. Breakdown usually has to comfort him and re-explain things. On the other hand, Bulkhead finds human culture to be amusing, having picked up some of their interests that include monster truck rallies and death metal music.
Weapons: Wrecking ball, cannons (in-built; both arms)

Name: Breakdown
Rank: Warrior/Wrecker
Height: 8.5m (27')
Personality: Carefree, klutz, straightforward, sensitive
Skills: Self-confident, open-minded
Description: Another 'brawler', Breakdown may be air-headed at times but doesn't stray off-task. Maybe a little too enthusiastic, he's like a human toddler and is motivated by rewards and fun. At the same time, he is the most empathetic among the Wreckers and may interject if a plan goes against morals instead of logic. Serving as a mediator between the reckless Bulkhead and commanding Wheeljack, he ensures the harmony between the Wreckers is maintained.
Facts: Cliffjumper has Arcee to lay his optics on, and likewise, Breakdown has his optics on Airachnid, who has her optics fixed on Starscream, whose optics are completely on Knock Out (who likes him back). Airachnid isn't aware of Breakdown's affections or he might be too goofy for her to care. Nonetheless, Breakdown remains determined that she may one day notice his efforts to woo her and finally break her stubborn gaze away from Starscream. Your passion is admirable, Breakdown... Keep chasing her and don't give up though this is all one long chain of unrequited love :')
Weapons: Hammer, blasters (in-built; both arms)



Name: Miko Nakadai (仲代ミコ/Nakadai Miko)
Age: 16
Occupation: Student (Exchange student from Japan)
Height: 1.6m (5'3'')
Personality: Bubbly, loyal, optimistic, protective
Description: She loves punk and her appearance screams colours; Miko may often be loud and reckless, but beneath that 'delinquent' attitude lies a super-genius. Equipped with surprisingly vast general knowledge, self-taught hacking skills, straight As in school, amazing talent in music (piano/electric guitar), Miko is one heck of a teenager. She knows when to be serious and when to have fun, just like her assigned robot guardian, Smokescreen. Often helping the 'cons with tech-related stuff, she usually stays at base to monitor communications with Soundwave when the bots are deployed for missions.
Facts: Unlike the 'original' Miko, this Miko actually does her homework and effortlessly, too. In fact, school is like a game to her; she barely studies and yet can even attain the highest grades in her class. Her host parents are somewhat afraid of her and because of that, pretty much lets her do what she wants.

Name: William "Bill" Fowler
Age: Approximately 50s
Occupation: Special Agent (current), U.S. Army Ranger (retired)
Height: 1.8m (6')
Personality: Gruff, commanding, sensible, independent
Description: Mess with Fowler, and he'll be sure to kick your ass. Or talk rough with you until you shut up. He may be retired, but he still retains his vigor from when he was in the military. Adept at piloting a variety of vehicles, including jets, helicopters and tanks, he's provided the Decepticons with top-notch alternate modes. He rarely visits the base and only does so to deliver government-related news or check on the well-being of the foreign robots.
Facts: Upon meeting Miko for the first time, he was enraged at the 'cons and wasn't too happy with her being around (or knowing about the Cybertronians). After seeing she was rather capable and intelligent despite her rowdy behaviour, he decides to make her a 'consultant' to his agency, Unit:E. He even promised to recruit her as an official member should she decide to prolong her stay in the U.S. after her exchange program was over.