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The Moon Watching Over the Sun

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“You stupid idiot!! Are you brain death? How many time I told you to be careful of your surroundings” yell Kageyama holding the left side of his face.

Saying Kageyama was piss-off, would probably be an understatement. If he could have kill Hinata he would have done it. A first years was tossing ball for Hinata and one of the orange-haired spike of hit full speed Kageyama. The latter was now ready to jump on the little number 10 to strangled him.

“ENOUGH!!” The scream was coming from coach Ukai “Kageyama you either calm down or get out of the gym, Hinata apologize more than once” he said.

“That fucking idiot…” began to say Kageyama.

“Kageyama get out!!!” yell Ukai, it was the first time they were seeing the coach like this him who is usually calm, he was now losing his patience over Kageyama attitude. “You knew they were practicing, you knew you could get hit if you passed and you still decided to pass.” added Ukai with a calmer tone.

Kageyama looked at his coach and then looked at Hinata “That stupid shrimp” he thought “it’s all his fault”. He walked toward the exit of the gym looking at Hinata with the eyes full of hate.

Hinata looked at Kageyama getting out of the gym, he was feeling bad for the number 9, he didn’t wanted that, but it wasn’t his fault. If Kageyama haven’t decide to pass when the newbie toss the ball he wouldn’t have been hit by the ball. Tanaka walk toward him and pat him on the head.

“Don’t worry, everything is gonna be alright tomorrow” said Tanaka.

“You think Tanaka-senpai?” asked the little orange-haired young man.

“Yes, you will see” he replied with a smile “You know how he is”.

“Okay!!” said Hinata, he was feeling a bit better now the new vice-captain of Karasuno had reassured him.

After Kageyama had left the gym, the practice continue, no one was thinking about it anymore, they were use to Kageyama bad temper. They all thought everything would be okay tomorrow.

The next day, Hinata was on his bike heading for the school. Crossing the street, he saw Kageyama from afar, he hit the pedals of his bike hard to quickly get to his teammate.

“Kageyama!” cheerfully said Hinata once he was close to him.

“Get away from me!!” harshly replied Kageyama.

“Still mad at me? Look Kageyama I’m really sorry, but you are the one who pass when I hit the ball” started to plead Hinata.

“FUCK OFF GET AWAY FROM ME!!” yell Kageyama looking at Hinata in the eyes

Hinata was wondering why he haven’t saw it before, Kageyama had a huge black eye on the left side, he couldn’t fully open his left eye.

“Kag…” Hinata didn’t know what to say, he was feeling even worse now, he knew Kageyama will not be able to practice for a while.

Hinata gave a hit to his bike pedals and left Kageyama behind. He knew trying to talk to him will be no use. Even if he wasn’t the one at fault Hinata knew he was the one that had I hit the ball. “Even if that first year tossed it, I shouldn’t have hit it, I should have wait Kageyama pass…But I didn’t even saw him passing!” he thought “No more toss for me from him I guess…”.

The first part of the day passed and the lunch time came, Hinata would normally eat with Kageyama, but he knew it wasn’t an option, therefore he try to look for new lunch buddies.
He founded Yamaguchi and Tsukishima eating at a table in the cafeteria, he walk to them and ask if he could eat with them. Yamaguchi looked at his best friend waiting for him to answer.

“The king chased you from his castle” asked the tall number 11.

“hummm Kageyama yell at me this morning, he told me to get away from him” slowly replied Hinata ignoring Tsukishima sarcasm.

“Pfff of course with the black eye you gave him” said Tsukishima.

“Tsukki!!” quickly said Yamaguchi seeing how bad was feeling Hinata “Here sit beside me” he added.

“You are sure?” asked Hinata looking at Tsukishima from the corner of his eyes.

“Yes don’t mind him” answered Yamaguchi “it’s Tsukki after all” he added with a smile.

“Thanks” replied Hinata with a weak smile.

After the lunch, the rest of the day passed quite fast and Hinata began to get nervous, he was wondering if Kageyama would be there or not. He got to the changing room, everyone was there except the genius setter. In the gym coach Ukai announced Kageyama would not be attending to the practice for about a week. The uneasy feeling Hinata had inside him was growing bigger, since he was feeling bad for what he done to Kageyama, Hinata started to think he should maybe come back to the gym when Tobio will be back.

He was about to go talk to the coach when Nishinoya stop him. He told him he knew what he was thinking and that it was pointless, it wasn’t his fault. Instead of dwelling over what happened to Kageyama, he should help the new kid with their toss “and I will receive them with the rolling thunder” he added miming the movement. The cheerful attitude of his small senpai had a positive effect on him and Hinata decide to stay for the practice.

The next day come and once again he ate with Yamaguchi and Tsukishima and the day after and after. If at first Kei was annoyed by Hinata presence and never missed an occasion to add a bit of salt I the little orange-haired life, after the fourth day he was quite of use to it, even if he was still slightly annoyed by Hinata overly cheerful attitude.

The week passed and Kageyama came back, he avoided Hinata for the most part of the practice, while he was hurt by the attitude of his teammate, Hinata couldn’t do anything about it. When the club activities was about to end, Kageyama walked toward Hinata and told him he had to speak to him outside. Hinata wasn’t so sure about, will Tobio will yell at him again or talk calmly? Will he hit him? The small number 10 didn’t want to go outside alone with Kageyama, so he look around to see if he could find someone to watch over them, but everyone was still practicing. Seeing his teammate was getting impatient, Hinata reluctantly followed him outside.

From the other side of the gym, Tsukishima had witness everything and saw Kageyama bring Hinata outside. He let out a sigh and told Yamaguchi to wait, he had something to do and walk toward the exit of the gym, he looked around but didn’t see where Tobio had brought the little decoy. “So bothersome why he had to go that far” he thought when he noticed them near the stair leading to changing room.

Closer he was getting, better he was hearing the conversation, apparently Kageyama had apologize for his attitude, but he was still putting all the fault on Hinata. The small orange-haired boy try to apologize once again. Hearing Hinata apologizing for something that wasn’t all his fault annoyed Tsukishima even more.

“There you are, Hinata come he have to practice your timing for the block” said Tsukishima interrupting the conversation.

“Get back to the gym Tsukishima we are busy talking” harshly replied Kageyama.

“I would ask to his majesty to continue this talk later” said Tsukishima with a smirk.

“You…” Kageyama didn’t finished his sentenced, instead he looked at Hinata and told him to get away from him.

Hinata looked at his teammate and turn back to go to the gym followed by Tsukishima. Since the tall number 11 had told them they would practice blocking timing, they were better doing it.
After they had left the school ground, Yamaguchi question his friend on the reason why he had left the practice for a few minutes. Tsukishima let out a sigh and explain he had seen Kageyama bringing Hinata outside for a talk. He just wanted to make sure Tobio doesn’t yell once again at Hinata for no reason.

“Wait are you saying you was watching over Hinata” asked the pinch server.

“Shut up Yam, I just wanted to make sure that idiot doesn’t become all gloomy once again. Seeing him jumping around from excitement for no reason is still less annoying than hearing him complaining about how that stupid King is mean to him.” replied Tsukishima.

“Haha let’s say I believe you” replied Yamaguchi with a smile.

“Shut up Yamaguchi” said Tsukishima annoyed.

The next day, Hinata came to eat once again with the pair. Tsukishima looked at the little orange-haired boy who was taking place beside Yamaguchi. He was talking about his math class, stating he didn’t really understand what the teacher was saying.

“…Ukki can maybe help you. Tsukki..? Tsuuuukkiiiiii ?The earth is calling Tsukki” Said Yamaguchi

“What?!” quickly replied Tsukishima who didn’t heard everything his friend said

“I said you could help Hinata with his math lesson, he had some problems to understand” answered Yamaguchi

“Why me? I don’t like helping idiot” stated Tsukishima

“Tsukkiii, you are the most intelligent” said Yamaguchi hoping it will work

“Flattery will lead you nowhere” coldly said Tsukishima avoiding Hinata’s eyes

“Please Tsukishima, can you help me with my Math class?” begged Hinata “I’ll do everything you want!”

Tsukishima looked at Hinata who had join his hand together while looking at him with his big brown eyes like a puppy waiting for his owner to play with him. Karasuno’s blocker let out an annoyed sigh

“Alright, but if you annoyed me too much with your question I’m leaving” said Tsukishima

“Okay” replied Hinata with a big smile

Tsukishima felt like he was blushing and tried to hide it away, it wasn’t the first time someone was looking at him like that, but it was the first time he reacted that way, not only he blushed but this reaction was cause by Hinata and he didn’t understand why he reacted that way in front of that little shrimp big smile.

“I’ll go to your home tonight after the practice” said Tsukishima avoiding Hinata’s big brown eyes.

“No problem! Gonna let know my mom! Are you staying for dinner? She might make a special dessert if you stay” said Hinata excited to have his teammate over tonight

“Ya…I will” shyly replied Tsukishima looking away still trying to hide his rosie cheeks

The bell marking the end of the lunchtime rang and the trio get back in their respective classroom.

After the classes, before the practice started, Hinata called his mother to let her know he will have a friend over and he will stay for dinner. He was really excited and ask her to bake a special dessert. Practice over Tsukishima and Hinata headed for the little number ten home.

“Is it still far” asked Tsukishima tired by the walk “Maybe we should have gone to my home”

“Oh..we are almost there” replied Hinata who was fearing Tsukishima would turn back annoyed by the long walk to Hinata’s home. “Maybe you want to get on the on the bike” he asked “you will just have to hold on me”

“You are probably not strong enough to carry us both” replied Tsukishima trying to not look to flustered by the thought of holding Hinata by the waist

“Hey! If you don’t want to get on it you just have to say it” quickly said Hinata before adding they will reaching his home soon anyway.

Which was the true, they could see the light of Hinata’s home. “Finally” mumbled Tsukishima once they were in front of the house. He watched Hinata putting away his bike and followed him in inside the house.

“MOM! WE ARE HOME!” He shout across the house

“Oh! Here you are, you must be hungry, the diner his almost ready” said Mrs Hinata.

“Thank you for having me” replied Tsukishima while bowing “I’m Tsukishima Kei, I’m part the Karasuno volleyball team with Hinata”

“Oh! Really happy to meet you” replied Hinata’s mom with a smile before going back to the kitchen.

Tsukishima looked Hinata’s mom walking away and saw running a mini Shouyou toward them

“BIG BROTHER!!” scream from happiness the mini orange-haired girl

“Oh Natsu!!” said Hinata with a warm smile “I’m happy to present you Tsukishima, we are on the same team”

“Ooohhh” said the little girl hiding behind her brother “he is big big”

“Big big ?” repeated Tsukishima after her

“Ha ha, yes Natsu he is really tall” said Hinata laughing “he is the tallest of the team”

“Ohhh” said Natsu getting close to Tsukishima and pulling on his shirt

“Natsu, you want to see the world from up there” ask her big brother

The little girl nod and kept pulling on Tsukishima’s shirt

“She want you to take her” said Hinata to Tsukishima with a smile

Tsukishima look at the little orange-haired girl who was pulling on his shirt “What a bother” he though but still crouch down and took the little girl in his arm

“YAY!!!!” shout Natsu once she was in Tsukishima arms

The little girl was giggling in Kei arms, she felt tall she was seeing over her big brother head

“Natsu is taller than big brother now!” said the little girl laughing

“Yes, Natsu is taller than me” replied Hinata with a warm smile, giving a look at Tsukishima telling him he can put down his little sister now.

Once she was back on the floor the little girl ran to the kitchen bragging to her mom she was taller than her big brother. They could heard Hinata’s mom laughing at a little girl story. Tsukishima watched Natsu running away and a little smile appear on his lips, the little orange-haired girl had the same kind of energy that her big brother had

“You seems to have a good relationship with your little sister” said Tsukishima once Natsu was out of his sight

“Haha, yes” shyly said Hinata “I really like my little sister…Oh right Tsukishima you have an older brother right?”

“Let’s not talk about that loser” said Tsukishima with a sigh

The pair get to Hinata’s room and dropped their bag on the floor. Tsukishima looked around. The walls were covered by volleyball ball poster, he saw the posters made by Yachi to promote their club. Hinata noticed his teammate was looking at the first poster their manager made.

“That was a nice one” said Hinata “It’s the one I like the most, I look so cool on it” he added with a bright smile

Tsukishima was about to agree but bite his tongue instead, it was true Hinata was looking awesome on the poster, he was jumping to hit the ball, perfect pose to get the maximum power. He kept staring at the poster until he heard Hinata genuine laugh

“Are you alright Tsukishima?” asked Hinata with a smile

“Yes..Yes” quickly replied the tall number 11 trying to hide his blush hoping Hinata will not noticed it.

“If you say so” said the little decoy sitting on the floor and taking out his mathematics book

Tsukishima sit in front of his teammate and ask to look at his previous homework a dismayed look appear on his face “This is worst than I was thinking” he thought “but I said I would help him” he let out a sigh and was about to tell Hinata he will have to work hard if he want to have good grade in mathematics when Mrs Hinata called them to the dining room, the supper was ready.

The two young man enter the dining room and Tsukishima noticed the bamboo steam on the table

“Nikuman!!!” said the small number 10 running to the table

“I know you are usually eating it after the practice with our teammates, since you were finishing the practice earlier I thought I could make you some, I filled them with pork” said Mrs Hinata

“Yummmmy” replied Hinata “Come here Tsukishima!!” pulling the chair next to him

Tsukishima sat next to Hinata and Mrs Hinata remove the cover from the steamer and his son took the wooden tong to serve his friend “How many you want” he asked, Kei replied he will start with one seeing there was also fry-rice and vegetables. After the main course, Hinata’s mom took out the dessert from the fridge. It was a strawberry shortcake, soon as he saw the cake Tsukishima’s eyes widen

“Woa you made a shortcake mom?! Asked Hinata excited by the view of the strawberry and the whipped cream

“You asked me for a special dessert, therefore I made this” replied Mrs. Hinata to his son with a smile “hope your friend like that” she added looking at a Tsukishima with a warm smile.

“Yes…like…that” slowly said Tsukishima his eyes glued on the cake

Hinata and his mom looked at each other and share a smile, while Tsukishima was still looking at the cake thinking it was Yamaguchi who gave Hinata the idea.

After diner, Hinata offer his mom to help her later with the dishes, she said it was okay, Natsu had already proposed her help. The little girl was already getting on her stool beside the counter with a dishcloth in her little hand. Hinata walk over his sister pat her head and stroke her orange hair “thank you little one, big brother have to study now” he said before give a peck on his sister forehead.

The duo get back to Hinata’s room, sat on the floor and get ready to study. Few hours later, Tsukishima was ready to go, Mr Hinata propose him to drive him back, it was late and they would feel safer if he accepted the ride. Hinata told him he would come with them, Kei agreed and they all three left the house.

Once Tsukishima was back alone in his room he laid on his bed and look stare at the ceiling. Since he was back from Hinata’s house he felt kind of weird, but he wasn’t able to say what was wrong and started to get annoyed by that “Why does I have to blush each time he smile at me” he said to himself “And what about the cake…”. He took out his cell phone a send a text to his best friend. He asked him if he told Hinata that he liked Strawberry shortcake, Yamaguchi replied by the negative, thus that cake was just a coincidence, but a nice and delicious one. Karasuno middle blocker, pushed all those weird thought aside and prepare himself to get a bath and sleep wondering how would be tomorrow.