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My Sweet Baby Boy

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There are four types of people in Beacon Hills. The first type are the werewolves,the second type are hunters, the third type are the little ones, and the fourth and last type are the mundanes.

The mundanes are average humans but they have no idea about thee werewolf world. They don't know that werewolves exist or that there are people who are hunting down werewolves. They don't even know about the little ones.

The little ones are human as well. However these humans who are known as little ones range from age 16 to 19 years old but act like they are 1 to 5 years old. These humans turn into little ones from a specific way. These little ones are picked out from the orphanage. They are the kids who have been at the regular orphanage for a very long time or their whole life and doesn't have a chance at being adopted because they are simply to old and many people want a kid younger.

The owner of The Little Ones Orphanage seek out these kids and give them a choice. Either stay here at the orphanage and live their lives, or they can take the regression shot (Which makes them feel and act younger) and be taken to the Little Ones Orphanage. Most kids choose the second option because their lives at the regular orphanage are awful. Also werewolves take way better care of these little ones and they get adopted faster. It's nice really. Especially since these kids have a choice in the matter if they want to turn into a little one or not.

Once they agree to take the shot, they are taken to the nemeton tree where the magic coming from the tree makes them look young forever.

Also just to clear things up. These little ones are still the same size as they would be as a 16-19 year old. The shot that they are given just makes them act and feel like a baby/toddler. There is baby adult sized things for these little ones like an adult sized car seat or an adult size crib.

I think that clears up everything but if you have any other questions just ask and I'll try my best to explain everything to you. Also if you read the story it might help you as well.
Okay let's begin the story

Derek took a deep breath in and out before opening the doors of the Little Ones Orphanage. Today was the day he was going to have a little baby of his own. Today was the day he was finally going to have a family. Sure he had his uncle Peter and his pack but he wanted something that he could call his own. He wanted a baby to love and to take care of and he wanted the baby to love him just as much and to depend on him. After the fire happened, he never thought he could be happy. But stepping into the orphanage today, he could tell that today was the start of something new and he loved it. He felt it in his bones that he was going to find the perfect baby.

As he walked up to the receptionist desk, he saw the woman smile at him and he knew that she knew who he was. Derek Hale was one of the most respectable alpha's out there and most everyone wanted to be in his pack. A lot of people wanted to be his mate as well. However Derek didn't want a mate. Not after what happened with Kate. And he didn't need one. He felt good about not having a mate and once he had his baby, that baby would be all that he would need.

"Derek Hale! When you called us yesterday, we couldn't believe that you had wanted to adopt! We're so glad that you are here. I'm Martha and I will be showing you the little ones today." The woman at the desk said with a grin.

Derek nodded and gave her a forced smile. "Thank you Martha. And yeah, I think it's time to start a family."

Martha grin grew wider. "I'm so glad to hear that. Would you like to see them Mr. Hale?"

"Of course, and please just call me Derek."

Martha nodded and walked over to a door. When she opened it and they walked through, Derek saw a bunch of kids in a room through a large glass window. When ever they had someone adopting, they gathered a few kids and placed them into the room so the person who was wanting to adopt could get a look at them. They could also talk without the little ones hearing them. If the person wanting to adopt didn't see a kid who they wanted they would go to the next room that looked exactly the same but with a different group of kids.

As Derek looked at the kids, he saw them all laughing or playing or running around. They were all adorable but none of them caught his eye. That is until he looked across the room and saw a kid with his head down, drawing at a table in the corner of the room all by himself. As Derek took a step closer to the glass, he saw the little boy look up and over to the other kids.

"What's his name?" Derek asked softly as he pointed to the kid.

"That's Stiles. He's such a sweetheart." Martha said with a sad tone.

Derek nodded and took a closer look at Stiles. He saw the way the boy looked at the other kids and how his lower lip trembled. He saw a tear run down the boys cheek before he wiped it away roughly and went back to drawing. Dereks heart broke for the little one. He knew what that feeling was like. A while ago before his pack and before his uncle got better from the fire, he was used to being alone. He was used to people not wanting to be around him. Seeing Stiles like that, it reminded him of himself.

"Can I go inside and talk to him?" Derek asked using the same soft tone.

Martha nodded. "Of course. I have to come in with you though I hope that's okay."

"Of course."

"Good. But before we go in you need to know that Stiles, he's a shy kid. He's had a very hard life Derek. So be gentle with him."

Derek nodded before Martha walked over to the door and opened it. When they walked inside, they headed over to the table and sat down next to Stiles. Stiles stopped what he was doing and slowly lifted his head up. When Derek saw the boys face, his heart broke even more. His eyes were wide with fear but that wasn't the only thing. Going across his left eye were three claw marks that were now turned into scars. The claw marks started at his forehead and went down over his eye and down to his cheek. They didn't look new but they did look very painful.

"Hi sweetheart. I have someone who wants to meet you. Can you say hi to Derek for me Stiles." Martha asked with a soft smile on her face.

Stiles looked over at Derek and whispered a quiet "hi."

Derek smiled and looked over at Stiles's picture. "Hi there Stiles. You're drawing is really good. Is it a puppy?"

Stiles looked down at his picture and then back up at Derek before reaching down and picking up a stuffed wolf that had been sitting on his lap the whole time and placed it on the table.

"I drew wolfie. My best friend." Stiles whispered.

"Oh wow. That's awesome Stiles." Derek replied with a smile.

Stiles's eyes softened and he gave Derek a smile as well. "You really think so?"
"I know so buddy. That is fridge material right there."

Stiles giggled. When he heard a bunch of other kids laughing, he turned his head to look at them and Derek noticed how his smile dropped and how he quickly turned his head away and dropped it so he was looking at his picture.

"Why are you by yourself baby?" Derek asked.

Stiles looked back up and his bottom lip was trembling once more. "No one likes me. Wolfie is my only friend."

"I'm sure that's not true." Derek replied.

Stiles shook his head and pointed at his scar. "They think i'm weird."

"Oh sweetheart..." Derek sighed.

Stiles looked over at his wolf and grabbed him pulling it to his chest. He then brought it up to his face and rubbed his fur on his cheek and he giggled. Derek smiled as he saw Stiles make the wolf walk around in the air. The boy was just too adorable and Derek knew right then and there that Stiles was the one. While Stiles was distracted he turned to Martha and nodded his head over at the door. Martha nodded and looked over at Stiles.

"We will be right back sweetheart."

Stiles stopped playing and looked over at Derek with wide and watery eyes. "You're leaving?"

Derek quickly shook his head and crouched down in front of Stiles. "No baby. I just need to talk to miss Martha real quick and then I'll be back. I promise."

"Okay." Stiles whispered before placing his wolf back on his lap and continue to color in his drawing.

Derek leaned over and kissed Stiles's temple before getting back up and walking over to the door where Martha was waiting. Stiles continued to color his drawing and Derek could tell that Stiles didn't trust Derek to come back. Derek frowned. How many people have hurt him to make him believe that no one would want him? How many people have hurt him to have strong trust issues? It made Derek want to rip every persons throat out who had hurt his sweet baby boy.

"I want him. I want Stiles." Derek growled out.

"You have no idea how glad I am to hear you say that Derek. However before you make a final decision, you need to know he's not the easiest kid to take care of. He has night mares and trust issues. He's such a sweetheart don't get me wrong but he can get worked up over the littlest things. That's not his fault though. He's been in many situations where he has been hurt. I know you've seen his scars on his face. So I need to know Derek. Is this what you want? Because once you go through with this, I don't want you to take him back the next week because he's too much to handle. Stiles needs all the love he can get and it breaks my heart that no one ever gives him a chance." Martha said as tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Trust me Martha, I know. I can sense the hurt and pain coming off of him and I know he's going to need special care. But you don't have to worry because he's already stolen my heart. He's such a sweetheart and it pains me to hear that he's had a very hard life and that people have hurt him. I'll be there when he has nightmares, I'll take care of him. No matter what. I will give him all the love I can Martha. You have my word."

Martha sighed with relief. She was a werewolf as well which meant she could hear Dereks heartbeat to see if he was lying or not.

"Good. Let's go tell Stiles the good news. He's going to be so happy Derek, you have no idea."