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The Look Of Love.

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The bold pigs special adventure - was no prophesy.
Perhaps it was just - sheer lunacy!

Their journey seemed - long and hard.
Until one night they slept alone together - beneath the stars.

A cave dwelt nearby - yet Demons may be hid!
Hmm could a Monkey King - ever really love - a humble pig?

Such a swine should be cast out - if only to try.
Not left there in front of - a rare pearl of wisdom - one so high.

The Monkey King slept - quite soundly.
Pigsy attempted to steal and influence his Master's Wishing Staff -silently.

The cunning Monkeys mind - swiftly awoke.
Would this poor loyal heart - incur wrath - and be broke?

The Monkey King stole a glance - from his faithful friend.
Both sets of eyes beamed beneath the moonlight -
Promising to share their secret love - long after the long journey end's!

The End.