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The thrum of the shower woke Cid before anything else. He turned in the bed, sleep logic somehow dictating he would find Tifa there only to have his hand sweep across the empty bed sheet. His eyes creaked opened to find himself alone. Right, the shower. With a sudden thought coming to mind, Cid rolled out of bed.

It was a few steps to the bathroom, the door creaking open and closed behind him. Tifa gave a soft good morning through the hum of the water as he stripped and entered behind her.

“Mornin’,” Cid replied sleepily, hands resting on her waist to pull her close and press a kiss to her shoulder.

From her waist, his calloused hands smoothed over her stomach to cup her breasts. His mouth stayed on the curve of her neck, her back to his front while he teased and pleasured her until her soft moans arched towards the ceiling. Her head turned just enough that he could lean down to claim her mouth with a heated kiss. Her arm reached back, fingers sliding over the muscles of his shoulder and neck before curling through wet blond strands.

There was no hiding how hard he was, especially not as he felt it press against her thigh, but Cid kept his focus on her. Keeping one hand to hold her against his broad chest, the other dipped down between her legs. As soon as his finger slipped between her folds, Tifa’s chest hitched.

He entered slowly, pumping the length of his finger inside of her and drawing her sighs out into long moans. In the next stroke, another finger joined the first, stretching her slick walls around them. He felt her go limp and her legs spread, her soft pleas and the rock of her hips begging him to go deeper, encouraging him. As her hips moved, his responded, causing his length to slide teasingly between her legs.

"Goddamn, Tifa," he breathed against her neck. How badly he wanted to be inside of her and feel those walls clench tight around his cock rather than his fingers.

Her hand was on his wrist, keeping him there. "Don't stop," she murmured. "Ah- Ah- ! Cid!"

His hand left her breast to lift her leg, bearing more of her weight on him but allowing his fingers deeper access. The hum of the shower did little to cover the slick sound of his fingers pumping in and out of her rapidly or her the crescendo of her moans as she threw back her head and shuddered against his entire body. Even as she came, body twitching in the aftermath of her release, Cid held her against him for a moment longer to relish the feeling of her walls contracting around him. Once she was still, he slowly slipped out of her and brought his fingers to his mouth with a hum. Tifa turned in his arms, face flushed from both the lingering heat between her legs and the hot shower.

“I hope you weren’t planning on stopping there.”