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The newly made piano room was useful for many things. Listening to Tifa play was damn relaxing and if he opened the window he could hear her while he worked in the backyard. More than that, it made her happy, and that was why he added on the room in the first place.

“Here, like this.” Tifa played the tune again, fingers dancing deftly along the piano keys. Cid sat next to her, their legs pressed close and his attention drifting between her and her hands.

“Can you show me again?”

Grinning, Tifa rolled her eyes and started the riff again, this time slower. “You just need to—” Her fingers jolted along the keyboard, the sound disjointed and off-key, as Cid began to nibble and kiss her earlobe. “Mmm, ahh, Cid!” She squirmed, elbow nudging his chest playfully.

“I thought you were showin' me that again.”

“I can’t like this!”

A few more kisses as his arm curled around her waist. “Like what?”

“You’re distracting!”

“Me?” Now he nuzzled her neck, planting yet more kisses to her skin. The next moment, he moved her to sit sideways on his lap.

Tifa’s hands settled on his broad shoulders. As she adjusted herself, a few of the piano keys behind her depressed before she moved closer to him. “Yes. You.”

Cid grinned up at her. “Guilty as charged.” And continued to kiss her.