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My Kitten

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"Lance, where are you going?" The Leader of the Paladins, Shiro asked. His arms crossed as he caught Lance sneaking towards the Hangar.

Lance just flashed him a grin. "We don't have anything planned for the night, so i am going out to hit on some sexy alien chicks." Shiro rolled his eyes. "Fine, but don't come crying to us if you get rejected."

Lance just waved as he hopped into a small ship and made his way to a nearby planet. Even late at night, the city was bustling with people of all types. It was basically an alien version of New York; where no one ever seems to sleep. Bright lights lit up the city as Lance flew above to find landing. He found a nice place a little ways away from the city, but kept his ship hidden. Lance smirked as he got out of his ship and took off his helmet.

He hadn't bothered putting his armor on, aside from his helmet. Lance was wearing skin tight jeans, a white t-shirt, and his usual green jacket. He wasn't about to dress up just to get some action, he knew he could do that all with his charm.

Lance looked into the window of his ship, flashing himself a seductive grin in the reflection.

'Time to have some fun!' Lance said, pumping his fist to no one in particular. He fixed his jacket before making his way to the city. The noise of music and chatter only grew louder as Lance entered. So many unique beings were up and about that squirming his way through became a hassle. Lance looked around until he spotted a blue alien girl handing out flyers.

He quickly slid over to her, flashing her a smile. She didn't seem all that amused. "Whatcha got there sweetheart?" He cooed. She narrowed her eyes and shoved a flyer at him. "If you are looking for some fun, head on over to The Eclipse." Lance took the flyer and glanced it over. "Sounds like a plan, will i see you inside lovely?"

The girl's lips curled back, revealing very sharp long teeth. "Back off if you know what's good for you." She hissed. Lance raised his hands up defensively, laughing. "All in good fun, have a good night." He slipped past her to walk inside the nightclub. 'Geez, how does she get people to come in with that attitude?' Lance thought, rubbing the back of his neck. He pushed pass some doors and was hit with cool air and loud thumping music.

The music was so loud he could feel it pounding in his heart; he loved it. The air was cool from the cooling system the club had; there were different colored lights dotting the dance floor; with many beautiful girls rolling their hips to the beat. Many men, including some Galra as well, were watching the girls intensely, it made Lance chuckled. 'Desperate much?' He thought to himself.

'I'll show you how it's done.'

Lance made his way to the bar, ordering the first thing he saw on the menu. Luckily for him, alien's didn't care much to ID people. He had his fair share of alcohol back on Earth with his large family. They were always having something to celebrate, and even when he was as young as 12, he was given the opportunity to sip on adult drinks.

The bartender, a green like creature with fins for ears, handed him a purple colored drink. He eyed it for a moment, wondering if he should have looked over the menu more, before shrugging and chugging it in one go. The liquid burned his throat as it slid down, yet it was extremely cold. It tasted faintly of what Lance could only describe as strawberries.

Lance licked his lips; it was good. "Another please." He beckoned to the bartender. The man nodded and turned to make him his drink. Lance turned himself to look at the girls dancing; deciding on his prey. There were also some men dancing with the girls, but he quickly removed them from his line of sight.

Lance had admitted he was bi a few years ago; he had told his teammates; some were supportive, some didn't really give a shit (ahem, Keith) but even so; Lance preferred women the most. The one thing he would never admit to anyone, especially Keith, was that he was still a virgin. He had gotten close to sex with a girl before, but at the last second, she had gotten scared and shoved him away.

He turned back to his drink and chugged it again; shaking out the thoughts in his head. He was determined to get lucky tonight, no matter what. He slammed down the drink with determination flashing in his eyes. He paid the bartender before making his way to the dance floor.

The men ogling at the girls were quick to catch sight of their competition as Lance flashed them a grin and made his way to the cuties. A few girls, each with unique colors and designs, were quick to swoon and dance with him. Lance swung his hips as he danced with them. A few giggled as they touched Lance's arms; excited to have a unique creature among them.

Lance let the music flow through his body as he danced. An alien girl with green eyes and pink skin, quickly attached herself to him. He smiled seductively at her and ran a hand down her arm. Even if he was a virgin, his moves told otherwise.

The girl giggled, her long pink reptile-like tail flicking around. He took her hand as he spun her around, bringing her back flush against his chest. She gasped at this but went back into a fit of giggles as he danced with her. The girls around him seemed jealous; but the men who were watching the girls so intensely long ago, had made their way onto the floor to claim a partner.

He flashed his dancing partner a dazzling smile, ready to pull her aside and take her somewhere private; before a slim hand slipped onto her shoulder. The flashing lights made it hard for Lance to see the intruder, but he could tell the person was whispering in the girl's ear. She covered her mouth in a giggle before nodding and turning away.

Lance was surprised, reaching out to her before the slim hands from before slipped into his. the person twisted themselves around Lance; positioning themselves behind him. Lance was pulled against the person's hard chest, revealing to Lance that the person was male. The man moved his face close to Lance's ear. Before he could say anything, Lance spoke up.

"You dare to take a man's partner like that?" He growled. A low chuckle tickled his ear as the man spoke. "She had come in with another, she wasn't planning on staying with you long." The man's low silky voice had Lance suddenly shivering. The man slowly moved his hips to the beat, in which Lance responded by doing the same.

"I, however, would love a night with you, my beautiful creature." The man purred, nipping at Lance's ear. Lance squeaked, suddenly aware of the situation. He had come to get a girl, and instead was with a man. 'How did things get to this point so quickly?' Lance thought.

He shifted his hips as the man slowly ground against him. He heated up as he tried to turn to get a better look at his mysterious man. the bright lights lit up Lance's face as he took in the man's features. The man's skin was a light purple; he had bright blue eyes with a yellow sclera. The man had beautiful white hair tied up in a pony-tail. Lance's eyes took him in for a moment before widening. "Are you Galra?" He asked.

The man smiled before dipping his head down and breathing hotly against Lance's cheek. "Does it matter, my love? All is fair in a war of love." He let his lips glide against Lance's hot skin before pressing a kiss to his neck. The man slipped his fingers down to Lance's hip, caressing the flesh underneath Lance's shirt.

Lance shivered, tilting his neck slightly for more; blush coloring his skin. "W-what's your name?" Lance managed to choke out, suddenly feeling dizzy; whether from the heat, alcohol, or otherwise. The man pressed another kiss to Lance's neck. "You may call me whatever you see fit." He purred, biting Lance's neck lightly.

Lance gasped, letting out a small moan; thankful the music was so loud. He felt a sudden need for this man, and no rational thoughts would make him change his mind.

"Fine.. Mr.Sexy, anywhere we can go to.. be alone?" He asked. Sexy smiled at him, pulling Lance against him as he swayed his hips. "That is for later; right now I wish to see you dance." Sexy whispered. "Seduce me." He spoke, before moving away and disappearing in the crowd.

Lance suddenly felt cold, the heat the man emitted left him feeling vulnerable. He twisted around and searched for Sexy, but couldn't find him anywhere.

'Fine. You want a show, i'll give you a show.' Lance thought determinedly. He slowly rolled his hips to the beat, raising his arms and gliding his hands over his body. He twisted his body around, closing his eyes and letting the music envelop him. He felt like the only one on the floor as he danced. He also felt like he was dancing a little too much like a stripper.

He also knew he didn't care.

Lance fluttered his eyes as he looked around, still scanning the club for Sexy. His eyes widened in delight as he spotted the man.

Sexy had a very lean yet muscular figure, fitted in a black turtle-neck and blue jeans. He had his head resting on his hand while sipping on a drink; a single strand of his beautiful white hair hanging delicately between his eyes. Sexy was staring intensely at Lance. Lance shivered. He could practically feel Sexy stripping him down with his eyes. The alcohol in his system had him feeling even hotter than usual.

Lance closed his eyes again, letting the beating in his heart match the music as he swayed his hips. He felt alone, and he hated it. He could easily forget about Mr.Sexy and instead focus on getting a girl, but something about this man had his heart aching. He felt like disobeying Sexy would have consequences; and part of that excited him to the core.

Lance bounced lightly on his heels, moving to a crouch before sliding his hands up his body as he raised himself. He could hear girls cooing around him, and he willed himself to tune them out.

'I want him, not these girls. I need him.' He thought as he continued to dance. After a few moments, the song ended. Lance stopped, his heart beating hard as he inhaled the hot air around him. He felt tired as he wiped at the sweat forming on his brow. Just as the next song was starting up, he felt powerful arms wrap around his hips and pull him backwards.

He tilted his head back just as he was pressed against that familiar chest yet again. Sexy dipped his head, nipping at Lance's ear before whispering, "That was a beautiful show my darling." Lance shivered before twisting himself around to face Sexy and wrapping his arms securely around the taller male.

He leaned up and looked up at Sexy with half-lidded eyes. "Do I get my treat now?" He asked. Sexy smiled; a wildly gorgeous smile that had Lance's body heat up; specifically in his groin. "Right this way my love." Sexy purred. Lance let Sexy take his hand as the man guided them out of the club.

As they exited, the rude alien girl with the flyers from before turned and gave them a look. She glanced at the gorgeous hunk of a man Lance had his hand's on and blushed. Lance looked at her and stuck his tongue at her; which she responded with a huff and a turn of her head.

'I may not be leaving with a girl, but i think i prefer this gorgeous man to all of them anyway.' Lance though to himself, wrapping an arm around Sexy's arm; feeling rather proud that he was able to secure such a hotty.

As they walked, Lance took the time to look at Sexy's face in the dim street-lights. The man was definitely Galra alright, but he was definitely sexier than any of the Galra Lance had ever met. Lance started to feel worry in the pit of his stomach. Here he was about to go have sex with a Galra; the enemy of Voltron.

Lance started to wonder if this was a bad idea, and looked around the city; thinking it may be best to bail and just go back to the Castle. Just call it a night and forget about the events that had transpired.

Sexy, seemingly able to detect concern, glanced down at Lance and flashed him a dazzling smile. Lance smiled back, all his stressing out instantly gone. 'So what if he is a Galra?' Lance thought to himself, hugging the arm he was holding against his chest. 'Not like I will ever see him again.' He buried his face against the captive arm and inhaled. Sexy smelled so irresistible. He smelled of spices with the obvious musky scent of a man, it was so overwhelming that Lance felt dizzy. He could melt into Sexy right there.

All too quickly, they entered a love hotel, and before Lance could take in his surroundings, he was being picked up and carried to the room Sexy had paid for, Bridal style. Lance giggled, he felt giddy and warm in Sexy's arms. He wrapped his arms around the mans neck as he leaned up and speckled kisses all over his face.

Sexy seemed amused as he easily used one arm to keep Lance up while using the other to get the key for the room. Sexy pushed the door open with his shoulder, letting the door fall shut on its own. Lance looked around the room.

The only light in the room was a large dim red light hanging from the ceiling, giving the room a very erotic, sexual feeling. The walls were decorated with small unique paintings and large red curtains. The bed had large transparent curtains draped around it with large plush white and red pillows. There was a large closet which made Lance wonder what was inside it; especially since there happened to be a large red cage sitting in the corner nearby.

Suddenly, and without warning, Lance was pressed against the shut door as hot kisses were pressed against his neck. Lance moaned wantonly, wrapping his legs around Sexy's hips. Sexy had Lance flush between him and the door as he used one hand to run down Lance's stomach to massage his groin through his tight pants.

Lance let out a heated moan, and Sexy was quick to capture it by kissing him deeply. Lance felt feverish as Sexy pressed his hot tongue into Lance's moist mouth; feeling every inch of him that he could.

Lance's pants were growing ever tighter as he clawed at Sexy's back in need. Sexy continued to kiss him as he turned and moved them towards the bed. Lance felt his lips separate from Sexy's as he fell onto the bed; before Sexy lay flush against him; pinning Lance to the bed.

Lance moaned as Sexy moved a leg between his and ground it against Lance's groin. Lance felt his mind going blank; he needed him, needed this.

Sexy continued to attack his swollen lips as he used his hands to lift Lance's shirt up; running his hands up and pinching Lance's nipples. Lance gasped against Sexy's lips, which only gave him access to search the warm cavern once more.

Lance bucked his hips, desperate for any friction he could get. Sexy smiled against his lips, purring. "Eager aren't you, my little kitten." He spoke. Lance only moaned and bucked his hips more.

Sexy sat up, removing his turtleneck and unbuckling his pants. Lance quickly went to shed his jacket and shirt. Just as he was reaching down to remove his pants, Sexy was quick to grab his wrists and pin them above his head. "Now now my kitten, we are just getting started. Let me." He spoke huskily.

Lance shook with excitement, before watching as Sexy took his belt to tie around Lance's wrists. The thought of not being able to touch himself or Sexy was a huge turn-on. He whined as Sexy tightened the belt, making sure Lance would not be able to escape. Some rope nearby, obviously used for bondage purposes, was quickly grabbed, and Lance's wrists were bound to the headboard.

Lance bucked his hips once more, before Sexy pressed them down to still them. "In time my beauty." Sexy spoke, leaning down to capture Lance's lips again. Lance whined and mewled against Sexy's lips, before Sexy finally gave in, quickly removing both of their pants and underwear.

Sexy leaned back, admiring Lance. Lance felt hot under his eyes; extremely vulnerable, and had it been a different situation, he may have been scared for his life. However he felt so comfortable with Sexy.

Sexy leaned down, trailing kisses all over Lance's chest. Lance melted against the sheets, moaning in desire. Sexy licked and nipped at Lance's nipples, driving him crazy. Lance groaned as Sexy dipped his head and kissed his inner-thighs; dangerously close to his growing erection.

Sexy bit his leg hard, earning a yell and delicious moan from the smaller boy. Sexy observed his beautiful red glowing mark on Lance's thigh before turning to give Lance's dick and asshole some attention.

Lance let out a gasp as he curled his toes. He gripped at the sheets as Sexy spread his legs forcefully and in one swoop; took Lance's hard dick in his mouth.

"Ahhnn...oooh S-Sexyy.." Lance moaned, arching his back off the bed. Sexy hummed in approval, sending waves of pleasure through Lance's spine. Without taking his mouth off Lance's cock, Sexy leaned over and used his slim fingers to flick open a nearby drawer to retrieve some lube.

He poured some on his fingers before circling Lance's tight hole. He purred before removing his mouth from Lance's dick with a wet pop. "Such a tight hole, are you a virgin my kitten?" He asked huskily. Lance let out a sharp breath as Sexy slipped a finger inside him. "Y-yes.." Lance let out, tilting his head back.

Sexy smiled. "You sure you want to give your virginity to a Galra?" He asked as he curled his finger inside Lance and made him scream. Lance could barely process anything the man was saying as he continued to thrust and curl his finger before adding another.

"Y-yes.. Oh! Yes.. p-please.. mo-more.." Lance groaned, desperate for more. Sexy purred, leaning forward to bite Lance's neck; all the while still thrusting his fingers inside Lance. "I will enjoy hearing you scream with pleasure, my love." Sexy nibbled on his skin, earning more moans and desperate "please" from the boy.

"Lotor." The man spoke after a moment. Lance struggled to focus as he blinked his eyes. "W-what?"

The man pressed hot kisses to Lance's neck, curling his fingers once more. "I would love to hear my name from your beautiful lips as I make you mine. My name is Lotor my kitten." Lotor spoke, rumbling against Lance as he used his fingers to spread Lance's asshole.

Lance could barely comprehend anything, but his mouth hung open as he moaned. "P-please... Lotor.. i.. i need you.. aannhh!" He arched his back as Lotor began to scissor him.

'N-name.. t-that name sounds familiar.' Lance thought. He couldn't place where he heard that name before; but he knew he heard it so many times. His mind became a jumbled mess as Lotor pressed hot wet kisses against his neck.

Lance was desperate to touch him, he tugged at his restraints but knew Lotor had done too good of a job. He wouldn't be letting him move any time soon.

Lance shivered, nodding and gasping when Lotor removed his fingers. Lotor sat back, slicking up his cock as he watched the heated mess he had created. Lance arched his neck to look at Lotor. Lotor had a beautiful and sexy body. Lance glanced down and his eyes widened. Lotors cock, was not like normal human cocks.

It was not only very large, but had a curve to it. The cock had a pointed white tip with small round bumps dotting the entire dick. Instead of two balls, there were three rather large ones. Lance could only groan at the sight. Lotor's dick had to be at least 8 inches tall. Lance felt shock pierce his skin.

'Would that even fit me?' He started to feel his stomach churn with terror. Lotor was quick to notice this, and hushed him. "I will go slow my kitten, if it becomes too much, let me know and i will stop."

Lance could tell Lotor was serious; that he would stop of Lance told him to, and that calmed him down.

'I feel like such a pathetic virgin.' He thought, covering his eyes. Despite that, Lance felt safe with the Galra man. Lotor ran a hand up and down his legs soothingly, before pressing his tip slowly inside Lance with a grunt.

Lance winced, biting his lip. Lotor stopped, watching Lance's expressions. Lance couldn't help but chuckled to himself. Galra's always seemed so destructive and evil; never had he thought that one could be so gentle and kind, especially to a one night stand.

Lotor continued to be still, rubbing his slim fingers along Lance's legs, watching him. Lance nodded. "Keep going, i'm OK." Lance said. Lotor smiled, pressing a little deeper inside

Lance felt his inside stretched to the max as Lotor filled him in completely.

Lotor groaned, gritting his teeth; clearly struggling against his urge to pound relentlessly into Lance. He stilled his body and watched Lance's expressions. Lance was groaning, gripping the sheets tightly in his hands. He was panting, his chest glistening with sweat as it rose with each breath.

After a moment, Lotor slowly moved in and out of Lance's tight hole. Lance was moaning loudly, making Lotor go wild. The sweet sounds coming from Lance's lips were heaven. Lotor started to pound into Lance, the curve of his dick rubbing Lance's prostate with each thrust.

Lance had arched his back off the bed, struggling against his binds on his wrists, desperate for more. Each thrust that hit his prostate had him seeing stars. "Ahhnn.. nnn.. L-Lotorrr..." Lance moaned, tugging at his binds even more. Lotor smiled, loving how desperate Lance was for him. He reached up, removing the rope that had Lance tied to the headboard.

Lance, his wrists still bound by the belt, moved his arms over Lotor's head, pulling him down and kissing him desperately. Lance was a panting mess as he formed his lips against Lotor's. Lotor growled, aggressively pounding into Lance while attacking his swollen lips. Lance clawed every bit of skin he could reach on Lotor's back as he climaxed. His seed spilling between their heaving chests.

Lotor groaned as Lance's asshole tightened around him. He pounded one last time before shuddering as his milk filled Lance up. Lance moaned, still with his arms around Lotor's neck as he felt his belly pool with warmth.

Lotor pulled out of Lance and used one hand to milk out every last drop on Lance's skin. Lance shivered and pulled Lotor down for a kiss again. This time it was sweet, savory, making Lance's skin tingle.

Lotor removed his belt from Lance's wrists, tossing it to the ground and grabbing some nearby sanitary napkins to clean both of them up. Lance shivered as cum slipped out of his ass. Lotor purred with approval. "You are gorgeous, my kitten."

Lance felt sleepy all of the sudden as he let Lotor clean both of them up. Once finished, Lotor laid next to Lance and pulled him against his chest. His chest rumbled against Lance's ears as he spoke. "Get some sleep my kitten, i wish to play with you more." He pressed a tender kiss to Lance's forehead. Lance just smiled as he closed his eyes; letting sleep wash over him.

A single thought plagued his mind just before he drifted off.

'Lotor... wait.. the Prince Lotor?'