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London is well worth a mass

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Louis woke up to the sounds of whispering voices. Two of his maids were reviving the fire in the corner of his room and another one was replacing the burnt candles with new ones. He rolled over and murmured a sleepy “good morning”.

“Good morning your Altesse” responded the closest maid. “You can still sleep a little bit it is only 6. Her Altesse your mother the Queen only wants to see you at 10”. Louis snorted in agreement but he knew he wasn’t going to be able to go back to sleep. This formal meeting with his mother meant one thing, she would announce to him an important and official news. He didn’t know anything about the announcement but he was really worried.


During the last couple of days he just spent his time imagining all the possible news that his mother could break to him. Maybe it was good! And Louis was dreaming of diplomatic trips, where he could accompany his elder brother. He could visit his cousin Eleanor of Brittany or maybe his sisters Félicité, married to the prince of Spain or Charlotte married to the Emperor of Prussia. On the contrary maybe that was bad news and he would have to go back to the Convent where he grew up for the 10 first years of his life. Only the thought of his small cell and the incredibly strict Mother-in-chief made him whimper. However after considering all the possibilities, one was sticking with him more than all others. Louis was expecting to be betrothed.

At 13, he was the same age than Charlotte when she got sent to Prussia to marry the then prince Ulrich. Louis’ older alpha brother was the Dauphin of France and would become king at the death of their father. However all the other royal kids were used to create political alliances. With Charlotte and Félicité’s marriages, France was now allied with Spain and Prussia, making it the most powerful country in Europe. With his teacher, Professor Leconte, Louis had begun to learn about the geography and politics of Europe. He knew that France was threatened by the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. Moreover the Empire had recently teamed up with several Italian kingdoms. His parents needed more allies if there was to be a war. With his two older sisters already married and his two younger ones still in their nanny’s skirt, he was the only solution. He also was a male Omega, hence legally equivalent to a girl. Louis dreaded to be right but while he was lying down in his bed, watching the sun rise slowly, he knew that whatever it was, his life was going to change drastically.


Louis grew up in the Sister Dominica Convent just outside of Paris. There, only surrounded with other noble girls and male omegas, he was taught on how to be a good wife (or omega). How to be respectful of their husbands, how to behave accordingly to their inferior condition, how to be polite, submissive and obedient in all situations. The Convent was no fun. You had to wake up at 5 every morning for prayer. Everyone then had different chores throughout the day besides their classes. The general atmosphere was austere. The only thing that made it better for Louis was the presence of his cousin Eleanor of Anjou. Despite the place they were in, she was always gracious and bubbly. She had a soft spot for Louis, who reminded her of her own baby brother and they were as thick as thieves. Eleanor left the Convent one year before Louis, to get married to another cousin and become Queen of Brittany.

When he was eleven, his parents thought it was time he came back to court and begin his political education. He was to be Prince consort of some European king and had to know his duties. He was also taught English, Italian and German (the dominant languages in Europe beside French), mathematics, literature, music and danse. He was to be the perfect husband. The life at court was quite tiring for Louis.

When he wasn’t studying with Professor Leconte, he was meeting with the royal stylist and doing endless fitting sessions. He also had to make appearances at his mother’s apartments where she was always holding court, discussing the latest gossips and trends with several noble ladies. He got along pretty well with his mother and her friends and it was always fascinating for Louis to hear all the gossips on all these people he had no idea about. Yet, he was also very innocent and didn’t like to judge people. Thus he sometimes felt very uncomfortable and quite sinful hearing the stories of these unfaithful wives, gambling husbands and debauched young war heroes. Most of the time, he just sat there blushing and sewing or sometimes painting, not participating in any conversations. Even if he didn’t talk, his mother still wanted him there. She said the company of court ladies and the knowledge of the “behind the scenes” were essential for Louis’ future life in a foreign court. Louis understood this and was happy his mother cared enough to want to prepare him well for the future. But he had to admit he didn’t like the falseness of the court, the emptiness of the talks and all the frivolous people backstabbing each other for a tiny recognition from his parents.

He got along well with his older brother Henri, who was the definition of the Alpha macho man but was also quite fond of Louis. Henri sometimes took him out to Paris to see an opera or a ballet. Once he also took him to a mask ball where he allowed Louis to gamble 5 gold coins at a dice game. But every time they were going out, Henri was always being over protective of Louis and didn’t let anyone and certainly not alphas, get close to him. It wasn’t yet that much of a problem since Louis hadn’t had his first heat. He was still very much a child. He was also very shy and docile so obeying his brother’s orders, like he was taught he had to, was just normal to him.

The thing was that he was also breathtakingly beautiful with his big blue eyes, his soft hair and his tiny figure. So the more he grew up and the more suitors came to him and his brother when they were going out. Louis was baffled at first, completely unaware of his appeal but grew accustomed to it and didn’t pay it any attention. His brother on the contrary, was more and more wary and it had been 4 months that they hadn’t done any outing. Henri still came to his apartments frequently, giving him small presents, relating him his latest exploits with the ladies or taking him to a walk in the royal gardens.
At court, the only member of his family that he didn’t see much was his dad. During the day, the king was always busy with his ministers, deciding the policies and ruling the country. In the evenings he was very busy with his mistress and often didn’t attend the royal dinner, preferring to be served in his chambers. Louis didn’t care; he was even quite relieved since his father terrified him.


At 8, the maids came back to Louis’ room, revived the fire once again and began to prepare everything for the boy’s bath. Once he was clean, the maids dressed him in a gold and blue outfit, the colors of his family. He insisted to wear his Phrygian cap and got allowed to. He was then sent to breakfast where he met his brother, clean and smelling fresh. That was astonishing to say the least. Usually Henri didn’t wake up before 1pm, still smelling of alcohol and the heavy perfume of his favorite courtesans.

“What are you doing here?” Louis asked confused.

“I am here for the meeting too” Henri just shrugged

“Do you know what it is about?”

Henri didn’t reply. But he knew. Louis was sure of it.
“I am getting betrothed isn’t it?” he whispered defeated.

Henri looked sad for a few seconds and just told him that it was better to wait for their parents to explain. Louis was freaking out now, because he was going to meet his mother but also his father this morning. He couldn’t eat anything after that. Henri saw that he was very pale and shaking and addressed him an encouraging smile. At quarter to ten they were introduced in their mother’s chamber and asked to wait. Henri had his hand on Louis’ shoulder squeezing him lightly. This calmed the omega down a bit.

“Do you know who it is at least?” Louis asked in a little broken voice

“shhhhh you will see Louis. It is not that bad” Henri muffled.

The maid then came to let them in. The King and Queen were both sat on a sofa. He was drinking some liquor and she had one dog on her lap, another one at her feet. Two gentlemen were standing next to them and the king’s secretary was sat at a small desk, writing something. Louis and Henri sat on another sofa, facing their parents.

“Louis do you know why you are here?” his father asked suddenly, looking at him right in the eyes.
He blushed instantly, turning his eyes to the ground. He was shaking slightly too, stressed out by his father’s look and tone and uneasy, feeling all the stares on him. He managed to answer with a small “not really your majesty” that made his dad crack a big laugh.

“Ohhhhh he is delightful isn’t he?” the King exclaimed, slapping his own leg. The dog on his mum’s lap jumped at that and began to bark furiously. The Queen calmed him down and one of the men standing just responded “indeed your Altesse, he honors and surpasses his reputation”. Louis looked at him a bit surprised. He wasn’t aware he had a reputation. The cinnamon skined man just smiled at him graciously.

“Louis” his mother intervened “you are a big boy now my son and you are to be married”. She let that sink in for a few seconds. Louis got tense at that but wasn’t surprised, he was expecting it. He managed to put a shy smile on his face so she continued. “Here is the ambassador of England my son.” She pointed at the dark skinned man. He was very handsome. He bent his head respectfully.

“He came here to bring us the proposal of prince Harry of England. His family is willing to ally with ours and he wants you at his side. It is a very generous offer from them and we accepted it. I am also sure you will love Prince Harry. He is very easy on the eye and also a very brave soldier and proud man. He will be a fantastic husband to you” she said softly.

Louis nodded his head a few times. He didn’t know what to say. He had heard of Prince Harry in his mother’s apartment. There were lots of gossips about his debauchery and his nights of partying, but also a lot of stories about his war exploits against Denmark and his political success in Ireland where he was sent by his father as an ambassador. Harry was considered ruthless, clever and courageous. All the ladies at court were speaking about him dreamily. Louis had always been fascinated by these stories and the Prince was one of his favourite characters. He was excited a bit but also terrified. Most of all, he wanted to be a good omega and a good son and make his parents proud. His father talked again.

“You will leave in two weeks with Mr Malik”- he said pointing at the English ambassador- “and Mr Payne, he is our ambassador in England.” He then pointed at the second man, who bowed quickly.

“They both will help you to get accustomed at your new court and will report to me about your progress. The wedding is to be held in a month and a half so you will have some time to meet and get to know Prince Harry. Your brother will attend the wedding, representing us. He will also accompany your dowry that will be delivered the day after the wedding, as tradition says.”

Louis flashed a glance at the secretary, who was writing frantically. Louis understood he was writing the account of the meeting. His father continued: “as Prince Harry’s husband you will pay allegiance to his country and his people but always will honor our family and your own country. You have to be an ambassador for us over there and watch for our best interest as well as the one of your new country.”
The king turned his glare to Mr Malik. “The dowry will be 500 000 Louis d’or (gold coins), 500 000 worth of jewels and precious presents, two sets of complete porcelain and crystal tableware and all of Louis’ clothes and belongings.” The ambassador just nodded in agreement. “In exchange, England is engaged to be our ally and support France against its enemies”. The ambassador nodded again.

The king cleared his throat a little bit uneasy. “As you know Louis is 13 and isn’t of age yet. He hasn’t had his first heat. We want a clause in the marriage contract so that Prince Harry waits until Louis’ first heat to consummate the wedding”.

Louis blushed madly and wriggled on the couch. Mr. Malik seemed truly embarrassed but denied the King. “I am really sorry your majesty, we would like to accommodate your demand but we can’t take any risk about this marriage. You know after the scandal of Prince Renalto, we just can’t agree to that. The wedding will be consummated as soon as possible. It will make both our families safe and secure our alliance.”

Even Louis had heard of the Renalto scandal. The Portuguese prince got married with a young omega from Andorra. He agreed to the non-consummation clause until the first heat of his husband, who was 12 at the time. However, it turned around and slapped him in the face when 1 year after the wedding, the omega’s family got it annulled. Since Renalto never had knotted and bonded his omega, the marriage wasn’t legally consummated and the omega was taken back and married to another king to form a better alliance for his country. Since then, all the non-consummation clauses had stopped, the royal families all over Europe, too scared to see their wedding annulled.

Louis would have to get knotted by Harry then. There was no escape. “The act also will have to be witnessed your majesty. I know it isn’t pleasant for any of us, but that is the best solution for all. So we can be sure and confident in our alliance” Mr. Malik continued. Louis had his eyes locked on the floor now and felt tears ready to fall. He tried his best to swallow them back. The king accepted the English man conditions. “Well we have no choice I see. Who will be witness for England? Henri and Mr. Payne will do it for us” he growled.

Henri tensed up on the couch next to Louis. The little omega was mortified and so ashamed. His brother was going to witness his first time with his husband. Louis was now wishing frantically to be able to hold his tears until he was out of the chamber. “Myself and Harry’s father, his majesty the king of England will be the witnesses for England. The abbot of Westminster, who will marry them, will also witness” Malik responded.

“Very well” concluded the king, getting up. He headed to the desk, bent over the secretary and took the paper in his hand. “Gentlemen if you would like to review and sign the contracts so we can send our response to Prince Harry”.

Payne and Malik rushed to the desk. When he was done, the English ambassador turned to Louis and handed him a big envelop. “This is from Prince Harry” he said kindly “he is very excited to meet you”.
Louis whispered a thank you, put the envelop on his lap and focused once again on the floor. Henri sensed his distress and squeezed his arm gently. The Queen got up and came in front of Louis.

“Louis you may be excused my dear if you don’t have any question” she said gently. “I will meet you this afternoon”. The omega got up, bowed quickly at his parents and left without watching back. He run to his apartments and finally burst into tears. It was more tears of fear and embarrassment than sadness. After all, he was raised all his life knowing that his destiny was to be married off for politics. But he couldn't help but be emotional.

Once he calmed down a bit, he opened the present from his fiancé. He first found a small portrait representing the prince. He was gorgeous with big green eyes, curly hair falling down a bit on his forehead and a small cheeky smile. Louis studied the painting, getting a bit breathless. With the painting was a letter. He cracked the wax that closed it. The writing was round and the text was in French. It made Louis smile. Harry was gallantly assuring him of his excitement to meet him. He had signed “Your Harry” down the letter. Louis shivered a bit. This war hero, this Machiavellian prince and beautiful man was his Harry! The last item the envelop contained was a small velvety box for his engagement ring. A blue sapphire surrounded by two small white diamonds was mounted on a small gold ring. Engraved on the inside you could read Louis and Harry. It was breathtaking. Louis slipped it on his finger where is fitted perfectly.

The little omega spent the rest of the morning daydreaming on his bed and sometimes admiring the painting. What was Harry like for real? Beyond his legendary stories and all the gossips? He was served a small lunch in his room but still couldn’t eat much. His brother came unannounced and just sat on his bed.

“Are you ok little brother” he asked sweetly

“Hm yeah I guess. I am scared” he answered frankly. “Do you know him? Harry?”

His big brother nodded. “Yeah I met him a couple of times. And I spent quite some time with him when I visited the English court about 2 years ago. Just before you came here.”

Louis was excited and anxious. He could feel him palms sweating a bit. “Soooooo??” he asked opening his eyes very wide.

“He is ….. nice. Very nice. Quite funny but also very dedicated to his title and his duties. He is a fantastic warrior as you must already know.”

“Is it true he is… visiting…. prostitutes?” Louis mumbled the end feeling himself blushing madly.

Henri sighted. “yeah Louis it is true. He does party hard. But look at me. I am doing the same and I am not too bad am I? You still put up with me right?” Louis smiled a bit. “He is an alpha, he is young and beautiful, and he is unmated. If he didn't sleep around, that would actually be very odd.”

“Do you?... Do you think he will like me?” whispered Louis. He crossed his arms on his small chest. He looked so vulnerable

Henri rolled his eyes and smiled frankly at his tiny brother curled on himself. “Of course he will. Anybody would be over the moon to have you! Haven’t you seen all the suitors salivating when we were going out?”

“so he will stop seeing prostitutes when we are married?” asked Louis hopefully.

“if he doesn't he is a fool” his brother growled. He then turned abruptly to Louis. “Brother do you know anything about alphas? And… knotting?” He looked at him straight in the eyes. The little omega felt his cheeks heating.

“I… don’t know” Louis stuttered. And truly he wasn't sure what the question was. “What is there to know?”

“You heard what they said. You will have to have sex with Harry. And there will be witnesses, to prove that you indeed were knotted.” Louis nodded, face tomato red. “Do you know how knotting works at all?”

“It is to make omegas pregnant” Louis said unsure. He knew that, he heard the stories back in the convent, but facing his brother he just felt timorous, pathetic and very very dumb.

The alpha once again felt his brother’s panic and put his arm over Louis’ shoulders, hugging him a bit. “Don’t worry Lou, you are ok. It is not your fault. I don’t understand why they don’t prepare girls and omegas about these kind of stuff. Well… basically. Harry’s penis will get hard and he will penetrate you. In your hole.” Louis was very circumspect by this point.

“He will do that? And… he will like that? The little omega whispered. Henri laughed out loud at that.

“Yeah! He will love that” he said grinning. “He will trust into you and at one moment he will reach an orgasm. That is when he is gonna shoot sperm into you and that’s what can make you pregnant. But you don’t have your heats yet, so you can’t be with child now. That will be for later.” He caressed his cheek slowly. “When he finishes, his penis will also swell a lot and will get stuck into you for a bit. That’s what we call knotting. At that point, he will probably bite you here” he pointed at Louis neck and gently stroked his smooth skin. “That will make you bond.”

“Do I… do I have to do something?” Louis was really stressed now. He wanted to please Harry and his parents so much.

“No, not really. Harry will probably guide you on what to do. But you will just have to try to relax really hard. Yeah? Because the first time is probably going to be quite painful. Especially since you don’t have your heats” he added quickly. This certainly didn't reassure the small prince.

“Have you ever gotten hard Lou?” his brother asked again. This time, Louis was so embarrassed that he couldn't answer and just nodded watching the floor and fiddling with his fingers. “That’s great brother! That’s normal. When you have sex, you will want to try to get hard. It would make it so good for you. Try to touch yourself yeah? Try to find what feels good for you and when you are there with Harry, try to think about those things.”