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Ten Year Anniversary Approaches for Class 3-A

Ten years ago, twenty teenagers walked through UA’s iron-clad gate as strangers. Three years later, they emerged as experienced and powerful heroes, ready to lead Japan into a new age of heroism. Among them, our current Symbol of Peace: Deku.

[Image: Class 3-A in robes and caps gathered in front of the UA, arms thrown over each other, smiling at the camera. All of them held their diplomas. Some of them were visibly crying or fighting back tears.]

In the lead up to the ten year anniversary of Class 3-A’s formation (officially five months from today), we will be recounting the major events that shaped our heroes of today, staring with the infamous USJ attack in 2XXX.

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please consider this picture of deku lifting class 3-a

[Image: Midoriya stood in a high-ceiling gym, balancing nineteen students above his head. His classmates were stacked on top of each other. Todoroki was perched on Midoriya’s right bicep, his face noticeably flushed. Ashido, Kaminari and Sero squashed in together. Ashido’s foot was lodged beneath Bakugou’s chin, and he was reaching for her, a small explosion in his palm. Iida was scolding them. Shinsou’s eyes were closed, and looked as though he was asleep. The rest of their classmates were clutching at each other so they didn’t topple out of the air. Most of them were laughing. Midoriya was sweating, but didn’t appear strained.]




there’s so much going on here




he stronk




Look at these baby-faced kids!! Where did you get this photo?




the unofficial class 3-a instagram. it was founded by charge bolt and pinky after the sports festival in their first year. its not updated much anymore but the history is still there and all the old photos and videos are Gold


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EARPHONE JACK: Welcome back, listeners. It’s just gone 11PM, but stay tuned: we have an exciting guest star in the studio with us tonight. The very talented, very beautiful, very enchanting—


EARPHONE JACK: The Everything Hero, Creati.

CREATI: You’re embarrassing me.

EARPHONE JACK: I’m giving credit where credit is due. Now, this isn’t your first on the show, is it?

CREATI: I was your first guest, years ago. I was so nervous. I thought I was going to throw up.

EARPHONE JACK: When we were on live television for the UA sports festival you were fine, but you thought radio was hard?

CREATI: It’s not that. I wanted your radio show to be a success. I didn’t want to screw anything up for you.

EARPHONE JACK: This is why you got that nice introduction. My other interviewees aren’t so thoughtful, and—alright, my boss is signalling for me to stop flirting and start in on the proper interview questions.

[CREATI laughs]

EARPHONE JACK: Okay, so the villain attack last week—you teamed up with Sugar Rush to rescue the trapped civilians in a really unconventional way. Can you walk us through your thought process there?




It was habit to rise with the sun, even on his days off.

Midoriya ran around the living room looking for his mouthguard and inhaling plain toast, so Todoroki scooped up Barkugou and headed to the balcony. The dog was happy to curl up in his lap and go to sleep. Todoroki ran his fingers through Barkugou’s fur idly, watching the pale sunrise and listening to Midoriya hunt down his wallet and house keys.

Barkugou snuffled in his sleep and rolled onto his side, his paws pressing into Todoroki’s stomach. Gentle wind disturbed the wind chimes hanging by the door. He closed his eyes and inhaled. Exhaled.

The door slid open, and Midoriya stuck his head out. His backpack was thrown over one shoulder, and he was holding a steaming mug of tea.

“Hey,” Midoriya said, voice as quiet as the tingling wind chimes. He handed the tea to Todoroki, who took it and blew on it.

Midoriya crouched in front of him. His costume’s bulky armour took up too much space on their narrow balcony, but Todoroki leant forward, into Midoriya’s space. Their lips brushed.

“Alright?” Midoriya said.

“Better than.”

“Good. I thought you were out here brooding on your day off.”

“The opposite.” Todoroki fiddled with the mug of tea. Vulnerable declarations were difficult for him, even after all these years. “It just hit me, for some reason. That I’m here with you. I never thought I’d get to this point, or be this happy, or feel this safe.”

Midoriya stood and looked down at Todoroki, sleep-soft in pyjama pants and Midoriya’s sweater, Barkugou snoring on his lap, the sunrise casting gentle light over his relaxed features. Midoriya stooped to plant kisses along Todoroki’s hairline.

“Me neither,” Midoriya admitted. “It’s not a bad realisation, is it? You’ll be okay by yourself?”

“I’m okay. You should go before you’re late.”

Midoriya planted one last kiss on Todoroki’s nose and scratched Barkugou behind the ear before straightening up. “I’ll see you after work. I love you.”

“I love you, too,” Todoroki said. “Be safe.”




[Thumbnail: Two teenagers in the UA sports uniform stood on opposite sides of the arena. One was noticeably blooded and lit up in green electricity. The other was coated in frost. The camera was close enough to show their borderline feral expressions.]

Class 1-A Todoroki Vs Midoriya - UA Sports Festival 2xxx




drillbeeautomaton - 3 years ago
I remember watching this on live tv and being so distressed. i kept thinking the freckled kid was going to break every bone in his body on national tv. i thought he was doing to die. now i’m rewatching this 7 years later and THE FRECKLE KID IS DEKU?
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yallmight - 3 years ago

xelayy - 3 years ago
I’m suing for emotional distress

sophistryandsophisms - 3 years ago
we should’ve known it was him tbh


distortedecho - 9 months ago
Why doesn’t Polarise use his fire side until the end? Why is Deku getting so beat up?? Why is this couple fighting each other? I’M SO LOST
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pressssentmic - 8 months ago
I’m super lost too

subbercharged - 7 months ago
Tbf they only met a few weeks before this. And they’re teenage boys, maybe this is the hero version of flirting?

flowersmakeitreal - 5 months ago
i’m kinkshaming

intearsaboutrobots - 8 months ago
Polarise has mentioned that Deku was the one that made him ‘see his powers as they are’ and Deku has said that the sports festival was ‘the first time they really saw each other’ so I guess this was the beginning of something beautiful





Quiz: Which Pro Hero Are You?


You Got: Ingenium

[Gif: Iida stood between two villains and a crowd of civilians. His engines were smoking, but his shoulders were squared. He was unwavering.]

You always follow the rules, and look down on people who break them. You’re earnest, and a leader, and people often look up to (and you were probably class president in school). You’re loyal to your friends, and have been described as a bit of a mother hen when it comes to their health. You have also been known to talk with your hands.


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Bakugou woke with a start. He reached out, looking for Kirishima, but found only empty air. His heart jackrabbited in his chest, and he had to swallow twice, his mouth dry.


Midoriya padded out into the living room, and perched on the edge of the coffee table. He’d washed off the soot and sweat, but his face was littered with cuts, some larger than others. His forearm was wrapped in bandages, the skin around his wrist purpled.

“Go back to sleep,” Bakugou said. His voice was rough, and he didn’t know if it was from sleep or exertion from the fight the day before. He knew, at least, that if he had screamed in his sleep again, Midoriya would be more frantic.

Midoriya cocked his head to the side and whistled. A moment later, Barkugou wiggled through the cracked bedroom door and raced over, nails clacking against the hardwood floor. When he was close enough, Bakugou scooped the dog up and held him to his chest. Barkugou licked his chin.

“You fucker,” Bakugou told the dog. Barkugou wagged his tail and licked him again.

They sat there for a while. Barkugou stayed on his name sake’s chest. They both stroked the dog, and waited for Bakugou’s breathing to even out. The night was silent. Midoriya didn’t like to flaunt his acquired wealth, but he and Todoroki both adored the view of the city visible through the wide windows, and their penthouse was high enough that sounds of the traffic below were a distant hum.

Eventually, Bakugou sighed and met Midoriya’s eyes. “It was Kamino Ward this time,” Bakugou said. “I was chained up that villains’ shit-shack, and then you burst in. Not All Might. You.”

Midoriya gave Bakugou his full attention. Barkugou huffed impatiently, and burrowed deeper into Bakugou’s warm side.

“Toshinori is fine,” Midoriya said. “The orchard picking is coming up—we’ll see him then.”

“That’s not the fucking point,” Bakugou growled, the razor-edge of his youth creeping into his voice. Midoriya noted it unflinchingly, and waited for Bakugou to breathe in, to pull himself back together. Bakugou didn’t need to hide behind anger most of the time. He’d grown past that.

“I’d come for you,” Midoriya said. “If someone managed to grab you, I wouldn’t stop until—”

“Are you stupid?” Bakugou kicked him lightly. “I know you would. I’ve known since we were fucking four years old that you’d always be there, running to check up on me.”

Midoriya nodded, and they shared another moment of quiet. Bakugou hunched his shoulders, and focussed on Barkugou’s fur, a dark blonde in the dim nighttime.

“In my dream,” Bakugou began, “you won, just like All Might did. You were covered in blood, and I could see all the muscles straining in your arms, and then … you shrunk, like he did. That hand-fucker took your strength, and then left you a shell like—”

Bakugou clenched his hands into trembling fists, and Midoriya finished, “Like All Might.”

“It was a shitty nightmare.”

“Wouldn’t you be happy to be Number One, finally, without me in your way?” Midoriya said in a light tone. Bakugou struck him in the ribs, and Midoriya bent over, winded and spluttering.

“I don’t want to get it like that,” Bakugou said. “That’s not a real victory.”

They both heard the afterthought: I barely even want it anymore. Midoriya wouldn’t have guessed that Bakugou would settle so easily into his role as Number Two—a well-respected and terrifying figure in Japanese heroics, but not the Symbol of Peace, not like Deku. But the years have tempered Bakugou in a way Midoriya wouldn’t have thought possible when he was a teenager.

“I won’t falter,” Midoriya said. The gleam in his eyes was the same here, in Midoriya’s quiet living room, as when he stood in front of villains, in front of the press and scared civilians. It said, I can do this.

And then Midoriya smiled, and it said, It’s alright, because I am here, and I will always be here.

Bakugou blew out a breath, and said, without heat, “You better not, you fuzzy-haired pissbucket.”

“Do you want some water?”

Bakugou shook his head, and didn’t tell Midoriya to fuck off, so Midoriya didn’t leave. Instead, he pulled his legs up under him, settling more comfortably on the coffee table.

“I’ve been thinking,” Bakugou began, “about the hero kids.” Midoriya made an interested sound in the back of his throat, so Bakugou went on, “We went through some fucking awful shit—shit no high schooler should’ve had to deal with. We weren’t prepared for any of it.”

“Aizawa pulled us through it. Toshinori did, too.”

“Yeah, I know. That’s my point. They knew a little bit about the shit-storm that was coming for us, and they tried to prepare us for it. They didn’t baby us. They’re the reason we became—” Bakugou waved a hand around the apartment, and Midoriya didn’t know if he was gesturing at the apartment bought with Midoriya’s pro hero paycheck; or at the two of them, Japan’s two highest ranking heroes, sitting close to each other and sharing a moment of quiet weakness; or at the world behind the thick windows, where their former classmates were busy leading the world through this time of peace.

Midoriya wet his cracked lips. “It was terrible, and there are people I wished I could’ve helped more—like Toshinori, and Mirio, and you—”

“Fuck off.”

“But … I didn’t want to be sheltered while people were getting hurt. No matter how young I was, I still wanted to be out there, helping.”

Bakugou gnashed his teeth together. “You think I didn’t? That’s not what I’m fucking saying, Deku.”

“Then what—”

“Look, you think just because we got rid of the League of Villains kids are still safe? You think the fucking baby-faced wannabes UA takes in know what’s out there? What’s coming for them? They don’t. And the next kid they grab might not be as tough or lucky as I was.”

Midoriya swallowed. “Kacchan.”

“Who’s going to help them, huh?”

“Are you saying … ” Midoriya took a deep breath, and said, with resolution, “You’d make a wonderful teacher. With you there to guide them, those kids would be okay.”

Bakugou rubbed a hand over his face. He looked, suddenly, much older than twenty five, but there was a determined light in his eyes that Midoriya hadn’t noticed before. Bakugou had already made up his mind.

“Fucking damnit,” Bakugou said, mostly to himself.

Midoriya decided the best thing for them both would be to go back to sleep. He pointed at the floor. “Do you want me to sleep here?”

“Fuck off back to strawberry-shortcake.” Bakugou rolled onto his back, settling Barkugou against his side. The dog curled up there, chin on Bakugou’s ribs. “I’m keeping the dog.”

“You’re his favourite, Kacchan,” Midoriya said brightly. Bakugou glowered at him, still a little sore that they had named the clingy fur-ball—a blond Chow Chow, of all things—after him.

“Next time I’m called to this trash city and have to stay overnight, I’m sleeping outside. In an alley. It would be better than staying here.”

“We have so many guest rooms, you could’ve chosen one of those—”

“I saved your ass today from a bunch of two-bit villains. If I don’t sleep near the door, a fucking burglar will snuff you out, and then I’ll have fucking inter-agency paperwork to complete.”

“Shouto would protect me,” Midoriya said idly, looking Bakugou over again. When he stayed over, Bakugou usually took the guest bedrooms, complaining about the stink of the classmates who had slept there recently. The nights he took the couch, he did so because it was within eyesight of the door and windows—the entrances and exits. “But maybe I should stay out here and keep Barkugou company, he might miss me—”

Bakugou hurled a throw pillow at him, and Midoriya ducked out of the way. “What part of ‘fuck off’ didn’t you get?”

Midoriya headed to the bedroom. “I’ll be here in the morning, and the morning after that, and the morning after that. Promise.”

“Whatever. Goodnight, Deku.”

“Goodnight, Kaachan.”




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ok so some of you have been getting confused about class 3-a’s third year at ua, so i’m here to break it down for you. strap in, kids. it’s a fucking wild ride.

  • beginning of third year - class 3-a is relatively well-known, but not as famous as the pros. (this will change by the end of the year)
  • league of villains have been growing in strength. they man small attacks over the summer and first semester - most are contained and dealt with quickly.
  • first semester: sports carnival. part of 3-a is noticeably absent due to villain attacks. people note that the sports festival as a whole is more subdued than usual.
  • ‘the july attacks’ - on july 6th the league of villains launch five different attacks around musutafu throughout the day, all in increasing levels of severity, to incite panic and lure heroes away from each other. numerous casualties including several pro heroes (source: x). in the chaos, it’s class 3-a that leads the counter-attack and eventually beats the league of villains.
  • the entire class (+ other pros) fought in the spotlight but to quickly break it down for you all:
  • charge bolt, prince charming, and pinky defended kiyashi ward shopping mall (source: x, x)
  • cellophane and red riot protected shigeo elementary school (source: x, x)
  • tailman, sugar rush, and invisible girl defended the japan post bank (source: x)
  • polarise and mind blank protected ua (source: x, x, x)
  • ingenium, creati, and earphone jack protected downtown musutafu (source: x, x)
  • uravity, tsukuyomi and froppy manned rescue efforts (source: x, x)
  • deku and detonation launched an attack against individuals within the league (source: x, x, x)
  • deku fought league’s leader, shigaraki tomura, one-on-one and finally brought down league (source: x, x, x, x)
  • you can read this post for a much more detailed break down on the july attacks
  • in the wake of the july attacks, japan was reeling from the destruction. deku steps forward to try and calm the people in a press conference (source: x, x). this is also the first time people begin to refer to him as a ‘growing pillar’ and ‘the future symbol of peace’
  • class 3-a helped in the clean up for the july attacks
  • despite now being as famous as many pros, class 3-a have to go back to school
  • ua cultural festival goes forward despite july attacks. this decision receives a great deal of backlash (source: x)
  • class 3-a, busy with clean up/peace time efforts, join up with class 1-b for the cultural festival and announce that all profits will go towards rebuilding musutafu.
  • (they chose to do a maid/butler cafe. 1-b made all the costumes/props - the time-consuming part - while 3-a waited on the customers on the day itself. please look at these amazing instagram photos ((x, x, x)) and especially THIS ONE ((x)) of detonation in a maid costume)
  • deku turns 18! this sparked discussions about whether licensed heroes still attending school could be included in the official rankings.
  • ranking realised. class 3-a not included despite experts speculating that many of them would have broken the top 50 (if not top 20 or 10) (source: x, x, x)
  • splintered league of villains attempts to ignite panic but are arrested (source: x)
  • class 3-a busy studying for finals (look at these poor stressed kids, source: x)
  • class 3-a sits final exams!
  • class 3-a graduates! (source: x, x, x, x, x)





Holy shit. And I thought MY final year at high school was stressful…





Some people also don’t know about the rise of villains in the years leading up to this (immediately post-All Might). Like, this didn’t come out of no where. This was the climax after three years of increasing fear and criminal activity. Class 3-A happened to get the brunt of it.






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Quiz: Which hero are you?

You Got: Froppy

[Gif: Asui crouched atop an abandoned ship, her eyes roaming over the flood waters, looking for stranded civilians. Her long hair billowed behind her, and there was something exceptionally still about her, like nothing could move her from this place, this moment, looking for people who needed her help.]

You’re very honest, and while this means you can sometimes come off as too blunt, you’re also very free with compliments and advice. You’re brave and have a knack for rescuing people, especially as you’re hard to rattle.


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4) News Updates in Heroes

3h ago
Heroes Froppy and Uravity accept humanitarian award for rescue efforts in Fukuoka floods

10h ago
Heroes rebuke claims that Detonation is unfit for teaching role

1d ago
Detonation accepts teaching position at UA amid criticism

2d ago
Three months until Class 3-A anniversary - still no word on official celebration




Toshinori’s estate was a 10 minute walk outside of a country village. It was private, bracketed by empty land and shaded by forestry. Midoriya opened the small gate and stepped into the front garden. He passed by Toshinori’s attempt at a vegetable patch. The pumpkins were a sick green and the size of baseballs, vines curled in tangles around the drenched soil. The tomato plants were wilting and yellow-leaved. The cabbage was dotted with holes; Toshinori must have still been struggling with the beetle infestation.

The one-storey country home was Western in design, with sturdy yellow brick and white shingles. Inside was a state of the art heating and cooling system. (Toshinori had mentioned the weather’s impact on his bones, and the next day, the system was ridged up.)

Midoriya opened the unlocked front door, and made his way through the house. On the kitchen counters was proof that he wasn’t the first person here; jugs of fruit juice and cups were littered by the sink. He was sure that, should he open up the fridge, he’d find a pre-prepared platter of sandwiches and mini cakes of varying states of edibility. Toshinori always made food in preparation of them coming, and he knew Toshinori was trying his hand at baking. He was emailing Inko about his progress. Inko had fondly forwarded the photos of blackened and gooey cupcakes to Midoriya.

Midoriya let himself out through the backdoor. The flower patches out here faired better than the vegetables. They grew in thick bunches of colour, winding along the rock path and circling the house. The grass was struggling, he noted. Those damned beetles.

It was a short walk to the orchard. ‘Orchard’ was probably a strong term for the dozen apple trees growing wildly at the back of Toshinori’s house. The trees looked healthy. Toshinori stood beneath the biggest tree with a jug of ice water, wearing a floppy, wide-brimmed hat. He put down the jug when he saw Midoriya and came over to meet him.

They each attempted to sweep the other in the hug, but Midoriya won that fight, even if Toshinori was still much taller than him. He swept his mentor off his feet.

“Hey!” Bakugou shouted across the orchard. “Don’t break him, fuckstick.”

Midoriya put Toshinori back down. “Sorry I’m late.”

“I understand. I know you’re busy protecting Japan.” Toshinori laid a hand on the top of Midoriya’s head, and he felt fifteen years old again. It wasn’t a bad feeling. “It’s good to see you, my boy.”

Midoriya collected several buckets, settling the handles in the crook of his arm. Toshinori made him put on a hat and sunscreen. Then, Midoriya found the tree with the most apples and scaled up the ladder.

Bakugou was already up there, settled on the thickest branch. He had one full bucket, and was busy filling a second. Beneath his baseball cap, Midoriya could tell that his undercut had been freshly shaven.

“Morning,” Midoriya greeted as he set about picking apples and dropping them into his buckets.
“It’s after noon,” Bakugou said with disapproval.

Midoriya shrugged. “Hammerhead was trying to smash up the CBD.”

“You could take that chump without breaking a sweat. What gives?”

“Police processing,” Midoriya said, and Bakugou made a commiserating sound in the back of his throat. The bane of all heroes’ existence: paperwork. “I was off-duty so I didn’t have any sidekicks to help it go faster.”

“Sero is still hoarding Red-Herring,” Bakugou said. “He doesn’t want her to know I’m interested in taking her on as a sidekick, ‘cause he knows I’m the better option and she wouldn’t be able to resist.”

“She’s still a student, Kacchan. He doesn’t want her to be traumatised so quickly.”

Bakugou threw an apple at him.

“Congratulations on the teaching position, by the way. Don’t listen to the press. I’m sure you’re going to do wonderfully.”

Bakugou rubbed a hand over his face. There was a streak of sunscreen on his nose, where he hadn’t managed to rub it all into his skin. “When do I ever listen to what those fuckers have to say?”

“I guess you can’t take Red-Herring on as a sidekick, now. You might end up teaching her.”

“Damn. I hadn’t thought about that.”

They chatted as they filled their buckets. After a while, Bakugou said, “The old man looks alright.”

Midoriya glanced through the branches. Toshinori was at the base of another tree, pouring Asui and Uraraka cups of water and congratulating them on their upcoming award. He was smiling.

“It’s a good day,” Midoriya said. “I couldn’t see his wheelchair when I came in.”

Bakugou shook his head. “I didn’t mean physically. He’s not stressed anymore. When he asks about our cases, he’s asking just to ask, not because he’s being obsessive and feeling useless again.” Midoriya stopped picking apples, and gave Bakugou his full attention. His childhood friend stared back, his eyes intent bellow his cap’s worn brim. “He entrusted the world to us. He did that ages ago, but now, he’s finally come to terms with it.”

They lapsed into silence for a moment, thinking that over and watching as Asui pulled a beetle out of Uraraka’s ponytail and Toshinori laughed at Uraraka’s stricken expression.

“The ten year anniversary is coming up,” Midoriya said abruptly. “We should have it here.”

There was a bang at the bottom of the tree, and then Kirishima was there, clutching at a branch, legs dangling, laughing his head off. His hair was pulled back from his face with a bandana fastened into a bow under one ear.

“Young Kirishima,” Toshinori called. “Put a hat on!”

Bakugou hauled Kirishima up, so he was sitting on the branch instead of hanging off it like a limpet. Kirishima waved his sunhat in the air and then shoved it on. “Yes, sir!”

Toshinori waved his thanks, and went to greet Ojiro, who had just arrived.

“So,” Kirishima said, stealing a bucket from Midoriya and beginning to fill it with apples, “what are we talking about?”

“The ten year anniversary,” Midoriya said. “We were thinking about having it here. Toshinori would like that. He likes seeing us all together.”

They delved into plans about the anniversary. Bakugou left to dump off the full buckets and collect empty ones for all of them. When he returned, Midoriya was talking about how overgrown the apple trees were looking.

“Toshinori can’t do a lot of the maintenance on the orchards by himself,” Midoriya said, “maybe I should—”

Bakugou stabbed a finger at him. “Fuck off. Stop worrying.”

“Bakugou prunes the apple trees every year in autumn, right before winter starts,” Kirishima said. “Sometimes Sero and I help if we can all get time off.”

The class coordinated when they could. With their busy schedules and their love for Toshinori, they worked together to create something beautiful for their mentor, regardless for how he insisted they didn’t need them to put in the effort.

After looking after Japan for almost fifty years, Toshinori deserved to be looked after himself. There was something very right about the former Symbol of Peace being taken care of by the next generation of heroes.

Sato arrived in kaki shorts and a cake tin, holding it up to show off the baked goods. Kirishima cried out and jumped out of the tree, rolling to lessen the impact. Bakugou shouted after him, “Watch your ankle, dumbass! It’s still healing!”

“Sorry, babe!”

Bakugou grumbled under his breath, and Midoriya hid his smile behind a bucket of apples.




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[Gif 1: Deku launched into the air, green energy crackling over him, and punched the side of an abandoned building, creating a swollen explosion of brick, cement, and dust on the other side. The building began to crumple in on itself.]

[Gif 2: Deku jogged to meet Uravity and tripped on the uneven asphalt. Uravity caught him before he could land on his face.]

[Gif 3: Deku stood behind a podium, several dozen cameras pointed his way. His face was streaked with fat cuts and yellowed bruises. His arm was in a sling beneath his suit jacket. With burning eyes and a beatific smile, he delivered a speech about hope and recovery. He was 17 years old. It was three days after Class 3-A stopped the League of Villains’ city-wide attack, with Deku leading the charge. This was the first time Deku had calmed a nation with his smile and words alone, but it would not be the last.]

[Gif 4: Deku, red-faced behind his mouthguard, flailed as an overzealous reporter delivered compliment after compliment. Deku was stuttering so badly he could barely be understood.]

[Gif 5: Deku was surrounded by a ring of pro heroes. He was steady and bright-eyed as he went over the battle-plan to rescue hostages from the bank behind them.]

[Gif 6: Deku bounced over to a rookie hero and a sidekick. He dropped into a bow and asked them for their autographs. The two paled and stared at Deku like they’ve just witnessed their own deaths.]



Two versions of Deku / part [6/?] of Class 3-A gifsets





i’m still laughing at that last gif. deku casually fanboying over goldfinger and mini-me will never not be funny. they look like their souls are ascending

deku, you can’t DO THAT to baby heroes. you’re the number one. you’re going to kill them


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The sexualisation of female heroes actively stops us from doing our jobs. Not only are female heroes under heavier scrutiny for how we look (1/7)

Creati @officialcreati
while working, but we're also questioned about every costume choice we make. '''Sexy''' hero costumes are constrictive and can (2/7)

Creati @officialcreati
get in the way of saving lives. It's counterproductive and dangerous. Heroes are there to protect, not to be sexy and cute. (3/7)

Creati @officialcreati
Our bodies aren't there to entertain you. My body doesn't belong to anyone but myself. I'm not a model. I'm a hero. (4/7)

Creati @officialcreati
People can understand why Deku regularly hurts himself on the job, because his body is a vehicle that helps him save lives, but when women want to (5/7)

Creati @officialcreati
wear full body armour or even PANTS there’s suddenly an issue. The objectification of female heroes is dangerous for us and for the public as a whole. (6/7)

Creati @officialcreati
It needs to stop. (7/7) #yesallheroes




Subject: Re: Re: HELP! Baking is harder than fighting super-villains



Thank you for the recipe books! I received them in the mail a few days ago. I especially liked the one about healthy sweets. Unfortunately, I’m not very good at cooking. I lived for almost fifty years as both a pro hero and a bachelor - neither very conductive to learning practical skills like cooking. I lived on a lot of pre-bought meals and ramen. Thankfully, young Izuku and Shouto have each other, and you, to keep them from going down that same, bland path.

After several failed attempts, I have been getting the hang of lemonade scones and sponge cake. Mrs. Sugawara gave me some great tips. The people in town all think my abysmal cooking skills are very funny. They’ve spent years watching me fight villains without breaking a sweat, but basic dessert recipes are giving me so much grief. But I am improving, steadily.

My former students have been very eager to eat anything I make, regardless of how terrible or burnt it turns out. Young Kirishima wouldn’t listen to my concerns, and took home a batch of rock-hard scones. Apparently Bakugou and he “prefer it crunchy” but I know they were trying to spare my feelings. Izuku has been especially excited to eat my cooking. His smile is still blinding, even when eating blackened eclairs. It hurts to look at him, sometimes, for how bright and young he is.

Enough about me. How is work? I’m happy to hear that the kids at your daycare have noticed how much you look like Izuku. I’m sure you can convince him to stop by for an afternoon. He is very good with kids. Maybe we’ll have grandchildren in the future? We should start dropping hints.

As always, my home is open to you, and I await your next email.


Yagi Toshinori




Todoroki stared intently at his phone screen. Uraraka was seated on a stack of throw pillows on the other side of the coffee table. She noticed his frown, and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Aoyama just texted me.”

“I didn’t know you two were close.”

“We’re not.”

Asui lent around the Jenga tower precariously balanced on the coffee table, and squinted at his phone. She read the text, cocking her head to one side. “He wants you to model his new fashion line?”

“Apparently.” Todoroki’s frown deepened. “I don’t understand why.”

Uraraka started laughing, and Iida flapped a hand in the air. “Uraraka, it’s impolite to laugh! He may be oblivious to how conventionally attractive he is, but it is our duty as his closest friends to reassure him that he is both worthy of the position and would do an excellent job.” Iida turned to Todoroki and informed him with great solemnity, “You are worthy of this position and would, in fact, do an excellent job.”

“Sorry, sorry,” Uraraka said, smothering her laughter with a hand. “I’m not laughing at that. I was just picturing you in Aoyama’s clothes.”

Puffy blouses and sparkly capes immediately came to mind, and Todoroki winced. He had accompanied Midoriya to Aoyama’s debut fashion show several years back. He had hated every object paraded before him. The starch high-collar tailcoats with rhinestone detailing; the v-neck shirts that dipped almost to the model’s bellybuttons; the puffy sleeves; the glittery capes and curled boots—Todoroki shuddered. There was a reason his hero costume was still a jumpsuit.

“I would pay to see that,” Asui said. “It wouldn’t suit your personality. You would look ridiculous.”

“I agree,” Todoroki said.

Midoriya chose that moment to bounce out of the kitchen with hot chocolate. He handed a mug to each of them. “What are we talking about?”

Todoroki showed him the phone, and Midoriya’s grimace set Uraraka into peals of laughter again.

“Why would he ask me?” Todoroki said. He reached up to touch the scarred half of his face, but Midoriya grabbed his wrist before he could, and dropped a kiss on the dark skin below his eye.

“Because you’re beautiful,” Midoriya told him, and placed another fluttering kiss over his scarred eyelid. Midoriya pulled back, and, startled, cast a glance at his friends, like he was realising for the first time that they weren’t alone. They smiled indulgently at the two of them. Midoriya stumbled to his feet. “I—I—I have to get the cheesecake.”

Midoriya raced back into the kitchen with a red face.

“We’ve had biweekly game night since we were teenagers,” Iida said, “and you two have been openly dating for almost as long, so why does he still get embarrassed about such heartwarming displays?”

“It’s part of his charm,” Uraraka said. She took a gulp of her hot chocolate. She had a milk moustache, and whipped cream smeared over her right cheek. Asui reached over to wipe it off with her thumb, and then popped it in her mouth.

“And you two are completely unaffected,” Iida said.

Uraraka beamed. “I am far stronger than Deku.”

Midoriya returned with a cheesecake sliced into thick pieces, just in time to catch that remark. He put the cake by the Jenga tower, and dropped sideways on a pillow, tucking his socked feet under Todoroki’s legs. “That might be true,” he said to Uraraka, “but there is no way you’re going to beat me at Jenga.”




Transferral of Power: The Rise of Class 3-A

by Hirai Akiko


Table of Contents

Introduction    2

i. The Symbol of Peace: All Might’s Impact on Class 3-A    8
Growing up in an Era of Peace
A Spotlight on Class 3-A
A Successor Emerges

ii. The League of Villains: A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy    25
A List of Attacks
Trauma, Strength, and Experience
The Final Attack: The Rise of Deku

iii. Two Sides of the Same Coin: Deku and Detonation    49
Morale, Motivation, and Match Ups
The Role of Friendship on the Battlefield

iv. From Coal to Diamond: The Role of Pressure in Shaping Young Heroes    63
Plus Ultra: Sports Festivals, Security Risks, and the Media
The End of an Era: All Might's Fall
The Rise of Villains and Public Panic
The Necessity of Leaders

Conclusion    84




If you were to approach any child on the street and politely ask what their dream career was, you would mostly likely get the same answer, every time: heroics.

Heroics is a highly competitive and stressful career in actuality, with a notoriously low success rate. That is why, when a class of twenty entered UA and emerged less than three years later as Japan’s newest, brightest heroes, the nation was immediately enraptured. A success rate of 100%—aside from Mineta Minoru, who was expelled at the end of his first year and replaced with Shinsou Hitoshi (Mind Blank) at the beginning of the second—was unprecedented. A class having not one, but six heroes in the Top 10 is similarly unheard of. Class 3-A showed the world that they were a determined group of young heroes determined to lead Japan out of a war and into a renewed era of peace.

In this paper, I will be deconstructing the events and reasons behind Class 3-A’s success.




Group Name: aizawa’s angels

earphone jack: we’re here. where yall at?

creati: Kyouka and I are at the bar!

cellophane: god i wish that were me

detonation: what the fuck did i just say abt staying off the chat

cellophane: gotta blast

earphone jack: i’d ask but the bakusquad is always sketchy af and i really don’t care

earphone jack: this place is crawling with snotty fashion people. kill me.

creati: Is anyone else here?

deku: we’re here!! already sitting down

uravity: i see you guys!!! you both look really pretty :’))

ingenium: They’re coming our way now, Uraraka. Why didn’t you say that to their faces?

uravity: i want everyone in this chat to know that they Look Good

creati: Oh! Thank you.

deku: ok so uraraka, tsuyu, shouto, iida and now jirou and momo are here

deku: i know some people had to work but where is everyone else??

uravity: we’re just missing tokoyami and the bakusquad

earphone jack: now i am doubly suspicious of the above exchange

creati: i thought you said you didn’t care

earphone jack: i don’t

uravity: no i’m suspicious too

tokoyami: here. where is everyone?

deku: at the front, by the stage

uravity: WOW!! tokoyami looking v nice

ingenium: I admire your dedication to your aesthetic, Tokoyami.

earphone jack: how many capes do you own dude

tokoyami: …. many

polarise: he looks cool

tokoyami: my sincerest thanks

tail man: please take photos for those of us who have to work

mind blank: pass

mind blank: i don’t want to see aoyama’s fashion

mind blank: i have to deal with actual tragedies in my day job, i don’t need to see more during the day

earphone: brutal

deku: i saw some previews for this. i think aoyama’s done a good job!

deku: he can be very stylish when he reigns back the glitter

mind blank: midoriya your fashion sense isn’t much better

earphone jack: this from the guy whose hero costume makes him look like a side character in a shitty dysoptian movie

deku: actually shinsou’s hero costume is layered with hidden pouches and weapons so that he has as many options as possible when fighting. this important because he doesn’t have a disarming offensive quirk like lots of heroes. layers of reinforced kevlar and his bulky mask give him extra protection and the dark colours allows for stealth to better startle his opponents and get a response from them. and the harness around his thighs is aesthetic but can also be used as th

mind blank: …

tail man: did someone snipe deku mid info dump

deku: this is todoroki. i confiscated izuku’s phone

mind blank: you fucker, let him info dump if he wants

mind blank: even if it is embarrassing when it’s focussed on me

deku: i love when he info dumps too but aoyama’s show is going to start in a minute

ingenium: The lights just dimmed! Phones away, everyone!

mind blank: … i suppose that’s alright then

tail man: have fun, guys

deku: see you on the other side




Group chat: aizawa’s angels

earphone jack: SHIT

earphone jack: what the FUCK aoyama

tail man: is everything ok???

polarise: what IS this

earphone jack: @princecharming I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS

deku: !!!!!!!

uravity: WOAH

tail man: what happened???

earphone jack: we found the bakusquad

mind blank: oh no what did they do this time

tail man: where are they?

polarise: on stage

tail man: … excuse me

ingenium: I am as shocked as you are, but please put your phones away during the show! It is impolite.

earphone jack: i would like to say, for the record, that i am horrified

earphone: who looked at these fucks and thought ‘yup. model material.’

uravity: i like it!!! it’s creative!!

deku: it’s an innovative bend of aoyama’s passion for heroics and fashion. very cool!!

ingenium: I am about to confiscate phones.

uravity: oops sorry

deku: sorry iida

earphone jack: putting it away now




Aoyama beamed at his past classmates. “Were you wowed?” he asked, twirling. His long, purple tailcoat swirled with him in a mimicry of his hero costume. “Were you dazzled? Did I blind you with my beautiful creations?”

Jirou gestured at Kaminari with her thumb. “I just want to know why you hired this dumbass.”

“Because I’m model material,” Kaminari said.

Jirou eyed him. Flatly, she said, “Sure.”

“Hey, I’m pretty!”

“You were satisfactory,” Aoyama allowed. He flounced over to Bakugou and flapped his hands over his attire. Bakugou curled his lip but didn’t start flinging explosions. “But this—look at this!”

Bakugou stood there, and managed to look more intimidating than usual. The black liner smudged over his lids and the bridge of his nose; the chunky heels; the low-cut tank top, dipping down to his sternum; and the decorative grenades fastened around his wrists, glinting like a disco ball—it was a strange but beautiful replication of his hero costume.

Kirishima laughed at Bakugou’s pinched expression. His own outfit—a harness over his shoulders and back, long gloves and thigh high boots—was less disorderly and a brighter red than his hero costume.

“He does look like a model,” Jirou allowed, and then scrunched up her nose like the admission had physically hurt her.

Midoriya bounced on his heels. “It’s so clever. The way you melded their hero costumes with high fashion was—was—was so great. Plenty of heroes have been models, but to transfer hero costumes into consumable fashion, especially ones as brash and masculine as Kirishima’s and Kacchan’s, and to display them on heroes unlikely to ever go into modelling—it’s so cool, Aoyama! Very creative!”

Aoyama basked under Midoriya’s praise. He flipped his long hair over one shoulder. “Of course. You understand my vision, Midoriya.”

“I still don’t get it,” Jirou said. “Aren’t models supposed to be attractive? But you asked Kaminari?”

“Why are we friends?” Kaminari wondered. He sniffed loudly and held a hand to his mouth. Ashido patted him on the shoulder.

“You made him cry, you monster,” Sero said. Jirou flipped him off. Kaminari pretended to cry louder. Jirou flipped him off, too.

“Wait,” Bakugou said, “what the fuck do you mean unconventional and unlikely to go into modelling? Are you saying I’m not good looking enough?”

“You’re very pretty,” Kirishima reassured.

Kirishima went to kiss him, but Bakugou ducked. “You’re wearing lipstick, dumb-ass!”


“So? We still have photos to do. I can’t have lipstick all over my face for that.”

“Vain, much?” Jirou asked.

Bakugou bristled. “If someone hires me to do a job, I’m going to fucking do that job and be the damn best at it. ”

“He has to be the best at everything,” Jirou said.

Kaminari rubbed at his eye, and Aoyama whacked him over the head. “Ow!”

“Do not ruin your make up.”

Kaminari pouted. Beneath the artificial lights, he was especially glittery. His highlighter was an intense silver, shimmering like electricity every time he turned. His shiny leather pants, his cropped leather jacket, and his silver headpiece caught the light, too.

Sero’s outfit resembled his hero costume the most. He forewent his helmet for an orange mouthguard like Deku’s, showing off his long hair, styled into waves down his shoulder blades.

Ashido admired her fur shawl, shimmery leotard, and dark stockings. “I hate the heels,” she said, “but I have to say, I think I’m into this? I might have to revise my official costume.”

“I always liked you best,” Aoyama told her.

Todoroki took in their glittering, exaggerated costumes, the outrageous heels and teased hair, and looked pained. “If I had agreed to be in your show, would I look like that?”

“Oi, you offered the job to him?” Bakugou said.

Aoyama shrugged. “He is very pretty, and his costume would benefit the most from my skills. Honestly, Todoroki, a jumpsuit? After all these years?”

Todoroki was blank. “It’s comfortable.”

“Mon Dieu, no! It is a travesty.”




[Image: Third year, cultural festival. Tables and chairs were placed around the gym, ecorated with balloons and coloured tissue paper. Todoroki was in the background, serving a table full of besotted teenager girls. His hair was slicked back, and his butler uniform fit him perfectly. Yaoyorozu was in a long maid uniform off to the side, making extra seats. In the foreground, Ashido and Aoyama had dragged a sheepish Midoriya into posing for the photo. Ashido was wearing a frilly maid uniform. Aoyama was wearing a sparkly purple tailcoat and gloves. Midoriya’s uniform was pulled half on; his bow-tie was lopsided and badly tied, and his suit jacket hung open over his right sling and left wrist brace.

Cuts littered their faces. Sutures peaked over Yaoyorozu’s collar. Ashido had a black eye. Midoriya’s injuries were the worse; his right jaw was purpled, a cut on his chin, and his fingers wrapped were bandages. But they were all safe. They were taking a day to celebrate winning a three year long war by being teenagers enjoying their final cultural festival. Midoriya’s brace was full of signatures and sketches and stickers. They were all smiling.]


Please come down to the joint Class 1-B & Class 3-A cafe for the UA Cultural Festival! All proceeds go towards rebuilding areas affected by the July Attacks. Thank you to everyone who has attended, and thank you to Class 1-B for being so welcoming and doing the brunt of the behind-the-scenes work, so Class 3-A could continue in the efforts to clean up the city while studying. I would also like to thank my fellow classmates, who, despite being injured and exhausted, all worked hard to ensure today was a success. Plus ultra! #uaculturalfestival #class1b #class3a #plusultra

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maximilian-alexander: did a teacher write this lmao

pinkalienqueen: GOOD WORK, CLASS PREZ

uaclass 1a: @pinkalienqueen Thank you, Ashido!

no1smallmight: Sorry i couldn’t be much help, Iida!! My hands are too injured to wait tables, but i had a great time taking orders verbally and talking to everyone who attended the cultural festival :’)

uaclass1a @no1smallmight Do not fret, Midoriya! You did a wonderful job irregardless of your injuries, and everyone was very interested in meeting you, the person who lead the charge against the League of Villains!

no1smallmight: @uaclass1a o////o




[Image: Bakugou dressed in a maid costume. His feet were braced shoulder-width apart, one hand on his waist, the other on the tray of desserts balanced over his head. His body language and expression was challenging, almost angry, but his cheeks were faintly red.]

we drew a random name out of a hat to see which class 3-a student would have to crossdress for the day, and GUESS WHO’S NAME WE PULLED @deathonation #culturalfestival #sopretty

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pinkalienqueen: aaaaa he looks good??

chargeboltt: he said, “if i’m gonna do something, i’m gonna do it while upstaging all you chucklefucks.” why does this guy have to be good at everything smh

serophane: not picturing: kiri silently losing his mind in the background lmao




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as much as i love that deku is even more of a hero nerd than i am, i’m also super paranoid. apparently he’s on a lot of the hero forums. he subscribes to hero magazines. he said he attends cons.

does he read fanfiction? does he check his tumblr tag? how much does he know



that boy absolutely reads fanfiction




I sure do!




How much have you seen





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Kirishima was used to being recognised when he went out in public. With his pigmented hair, sharp teeth, and with Bakugou at his side, he was easy to spot. Kirishima didn’t mind; it was nice to see other people’s enthusiasm, and it made him feel a little like he was giving something back to his fans. Even though Bakugou grumbled his way through most of his fan encounters and outright swore at the ruder ones, Kirishima knew he didn’t hate it as much as he pretended.

Bakugou finished patrol before sunset, and Kirishima didn’t start night shift for several hours, so they went out for an early dinner. Bakugou shoved a baseball cap over his spiky hair, but other than that, neither of them bothered to wear disguises.

Bakugou was halfway through his beer and a story about Kaminari knocking himself out with his own quirk when a crowd of middle schoolers descended upon them. They weren’t shy about approaching two pro heroes, but were polite about interrupting their meal, so Bakugou didn’t tell them to fuck off.

A tall boy with pink hair held out his notebook and dropped into a quick bow. “Can we please have your autographs?”

Bakugou snatched up the book and scrawled his name in huge letters, barely leaving enough room for Kirishima to squish his name into one corner. The other kids scrambled for their own books. A quick round of autographs, and another set of thank you’s, and then the kids left. They could see them celebrating through the restaurant window, high-fiving and jumping about.

“So young,” Kirishima said, placing a hand over his heart.

“Piss off,” Bakugou said. “You’re not that much older than they are.”

Kirishima smiled. “You were almost polite to them.”

Bakugou gestured at the mostly empty restaurant. The middle schoolers had only noticed them because they were passing through to say hello to a friend working in the kitchens. “I’ve learnt that the sooner you sign their shit, the sooner they leave you alone. And besides, they’re just kids.”

“I thought you said we weren’t that much older than them?”

“Ten years isn’t that big of a gap, but it matters when you’ve been through what we’ve been through,” Bakugou said, and while he was distracted looking at the middle schoolers with an unreadable, almost nostalgic expression, Kirishima stole his beer.

Bakugou swiped for his beer, but Kirishima held it above his head. “Hey, give that back, moron! You’ve got patrol soon.”

“One mouthful won’t do anything!”

Through the restaurant window, the middle schoolers started shouting. Bakugou stopped scolding Kirishima and together, they watched as the kids flagged down another middle schooler from across the street. He wasn’t especially remarkable—he didn’t have pink hair or skeletal wings or inverted eyes like the other boys, and he wasn’t as loudly enthusiastic. But there was something very focussed about his eyes. Something they almost recognised.

One of the girls said something. She turned and pointed at Kirishima and Bakugou, and when the newcomer saw them, his face went ashen. They all shouted at him, but he shook his head frantically. He looked terrified.
“You think they’re bothering him?” Kirishima asked. They seemed like good kids, but, well. You could never be sure.

Bakugou watched the exchange with narrowed eyes. He’d been a loud advocate for anti-bullying (and, alongside Midoriya, quirkless kids) for nearly five years now, and was the first to jump in when kids got too rough with one another.

After another round of prodding, the boy drew in a deep breath, squared his shoulders, and marched into the restaurant. He hesitated when he saw them, but took another breath and barged on.

He sunk into a low bow when he was close, turned towards Kirishima. “My name is Nishiyama, and you’re my idol! I want to get stronger so I can be a dependable hero, just like you.”

Kirishima turned to Bakugou with raised eyebrows. Bakugou took a sip of his beer, and remained silent.

“My quirk is endurance,” Nishiyama went on. “It’s boring, and it’s not flashy, and I’m not brave enough to rush into danger, but … but I want to be! I want to be that type of person. I’m going to go to UA and become brave, just like you.”

“Maybe you should dye your hair,” Bakugou said.

The boy blinked. He looked hurt for a moment, like Bakugou was mocking him, but Kirishima said, “I thought I wasn’t remarkable either.”

The boy faltered. “But you’re … ”

“I always through my quirk wasn’t flashy enough as well, but I remade myself; I dyed my hair and decided to become the kind of person others could depend on. You’re just like me.” He smiled, showing off his sharp teeth. “And with that vow, you’ve already taken a step to becoming a hero, Nishiyama.”

Nishiyama pressed a hand to his chest, right over his heart “You believe in me?”

“Yeah! Your declaration was super manly. You’ve got a huge heart and more than enough determination—I can see it in your eyes.” Kirishima raised a fist. The boy swallowed, and shakily knocked his own fist against Kirishima’s. “You’re going to be great, Nishiyama.”

The boy’s hand flew to his mouth to stifle a sob. He stood like that for a moment, shoulders shaking, working to get his breathing under control and fight back tears. Kirishima wanted to get up and wrap him in a hug, but with a discreet hand gesture, Bakugou stopped him. Let him have his pride, Bakugou’s eyes said. So they waited.

Nishiyama lowered his hand. “Thank you.”

He asked for their autograph, and this time, Kirishima wrote:

Nishiyama, I look forward to working with you one day! — Red Riot

He signed his name with a giant flourish and Bakugou left his own name as a small afterthought in the corner.

“Thank you,” Nishiyama said again, in a daze. He flicked a gaze over to Bakugou, as though realising for the first time that Kirishima wasn’t the only pro hero seated at the table.

“I’ll see you at UA,” Bakugou said.

Nishiyama left. The middle schoolers waiting for him at the front of the restaurant enveloped him in a round of hugs and hair tussles, and this time, Nishiyama returned them with a furious grin. He thrust the autograph into the air and shouted something that made other pedestrians stop and stare at the kid.

Kirishima had never felt so shaken by a fan encounter before.

“I wonder what he’ll be,” Bakugou said. “Blue Riot? Magenta Riot? Rainbow Riot?”

“Rainbow Riot would be so badass,” Kirishima said, but it came out quieter and more choked up than he’d wanted. It happened less and less as he grew older, as he became accustomed to life as a hero, but every now and then, it would hit him all at once. What he’d done. Where he was. The fact that there were little kids who watched him with the same rapt attention he had once focussed on Crimson Riot, and thought, This is what a hero should be. This is what I want to become.

“God,” Kirishima said.

Bakugou reached across the table and took Kirishima’s hand in his own. Kirishima gripped back tightly.




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Sab's Fic Recs

You guys keep asking for Heroic RPF recs and I finally got off my ass and made a completed list. Most of these are Class 3-A because I’m shameless and obsessed and love these kids with all my heart.

For people new to hero RPF, most writers use their real names in fics, rather than their hero aliases. This can make it tricky getting into fic if you’re not a diehard fan, since you’re new to most of the names. To make it easier, I’m going to use hero names in my notes. Happy reading!

* is for old fics. ★ is for personal favourites.


Forged by the Flames by Sifuhotman
Pairing: Detonation/Red Riot
Word count: 230k
Rating: M
Summary: From first year to graduation: sports festivals, kidnappings, and blossoming friendship - and love.

Notes: A novel-length fic that follows Detonation/Red Riot through their time at UA. Sifuhotman has an amazing handle on her characters and their development. They feel really young and distant in the beginning (weird to read Class 3-A as 15yo strangers), and then later, as they’re shaped by experience and trauma, they grow more mature and reach out to the people around them. Intense slow burn. Angsty in places. Great mix of other characters too! Bakusquad messing with obliviously-in-love!Detonation/Red Riot was hilarious.


blow the whistle by lucylucylue
Pairing: Froppy/Uravity
Word count: 13k
Rating: T
Summary: The word goes mute. The kids screaming by the poolside, Iida scolding Todoroki to put on his sunscreen, the splashing water - Uraraka hears none of it. Sees none of it. Because there, atop the tall lifeguard chair, is the cutest girl she’s ever seen.

Lifeguard AU

Notes: The cutest Froppy/Uravity I’ve ever read. Loved the background Dekusquad too.


On The Air by queenscream
Pairing: Earphone Jack/Creati
Word count: 3k
Rating: E
Summary: A hand slides up her calf, over her knee, and slides towards her crotch. Jirou jumps, and almost bumps the mic. She looks down, and there, folded beneath the desk, is Yaoyorozu, blinking up at her with dark eyes and a small, innocent smile.

“One minute until air,” calls her assistant.

Note: Obligatory on air PWP. We’ve all read at least one.


* burn the world by severen
Pairing: Detonation/Deku
Word count: 45k
Rating: E
Summary: Bakugou pulled Midoriya closer, teeth barred in a feral grin. Midoriya’s heart raced. He had seen the villain on TV, but he was more frightening up close, pressed against Midoriya’s body. Bakugou laughed, and Midoriya shuddered as the rough sound reverted through his chest.

“Where are you going, little bunny?”

Note: Villain!Detonation, still-a-hero!Deku. Kind of fucked up, but very hot. Detonation has very little morals here, and is pretty unhinged. Heed the warnings.

Read more





hey, sabs, thanks for the recs! but i noticed you’ve linked to some villain!detonation and villain!mind blank works. multiple heroes have already come out and said how distasteful it is to create villain versions of them, especially these two because of the backlash they’ve gotten due to the nature of their quirks and personalities (source: x, x)

i know you didn’t write them, but you’re a bfn so lots of people are looking to you to set an example. thanks!





If you don’t like it, don’t read it


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[Image: Over a dozen cosplayers posed on the slopping steps outside of a convention hall. Some had their arms over one another, some were striking action poses at the camera.]


class 3-a cosplay meet up at herocon. it was so great to meet so many of you!!

red riot: me
charge bolt: @chargebabe
pinky: @plusultraultra
froppy: @defyinguravity
polarise: @spiiderman (left) and @ravaenello (right)
ingenium: @petaltothemedal
earphone jack: @pullthetriggerpig
detonation: @bbombbsquad
tail man: @kkaratekid
deku: @ rarararariot (left), @captainkirkk (middle) and @randombella (right)
mind blank: ?

i didn’t catch the mind blank cosplayer’s name. their cosplay was amazing but they didn’t really say much. if you know who they are please tell me so i can credit them




good to see you all too!!





@caketea you were the manliest red riot ever. your manliness can only topped by the real thing.




That Mind Blank looks SO familiar but I cannot for the life of me remember why and it is driving me insane

Why does Mind Blank have to wear a mask that’s so revealing?





all the deku’s had their masks down but the mind blank cosplayer refused to take theirs off. it must’ve been complicated and hard to get off or something





It was wonderful to meet you all! Everyone’s cosplay was so amazing and well-made, and the whole meet up was charged with a really exciting energy!

I’ve been cosplaying heroes since I was a little kid, but last weekend was my first time cosplaying Mind Blank. His costume is very sweaty.

[Image: Midoriya stood in his apartment. He was dressed in Mind Blank’s leather jumpsuit, adorned with pieces of armour and various pouches. The black mouth plate hung around his neck, and the googles were pushed into his thick curls. He held a purple wig in one hand. Todoroki and Shinsou were in the background, drinking coffee, seemingly oblivious to the abandoned sewing machine, the fabric split across the table, and the Symbol of Peace posing for a selfie in the middle of the living room.]










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“Deku, Deku!”

Midoriya weaved through the crowds of heroes and their dates. He was careful not to step on anyone’s dress, and kept his date close. Their arms were linked, and he could feel how she was shaking through his suit jacket. Both excitement and nerves, he thought. She was more composed than he had been during his first hero ball. The ball after he was named Number One was the worst; he had thought he was going to throw up on someone.

Nakao, a bubbly reporter in a sequin dress, waved him down. Midoriya steered his date out of the crowd and towards her and the cameraman.

“Deku, hello! You look so handsome,” Nakao said. “Who are you wearing?”

Midoriya quickly cycled through the obligatory questions. Nakao let him speed through them, just as eager to get to the meat of the interview. Finally, with a friendly but intense expression, Nakao asked, “And who is your date for this evening?”

“The most beautiful woman in Japan,” Midoriya said.

Inko battered at Midoriya’s arm. He laughed, and she pressed a hand to her reddening cheeks. “Oh, stop that, Izuku!”

“This is my mum,” Midoriya told Nakao. “She was kind enough to accompany me tonight.”

“Mrs. Midoriya,” Nakao said, “is this your first time attending a hero ball? How are you finding it?”

“I’ve watched dozens of them over the years—first with Izuku when he was a kid and desperate to see All Might, and then every year after he started attending them himself.” She tipped a teary smile at Midoriya, and squeezed his arm. “I’m so proud of him.”

“Mum!” Midoriya shrunk into his suit jacket, blushed. It would be obvious to everyone watching where Deku inherited his dark curls and flushed cheeks.

“I’ve been preparing for this for years,” Inko said mercilessly. She opened her clutch purse and pulled out a stack of photos. Midoriya squeaked. Inko ignored him, and asked Nakao, “Would you like to see some baby photos?”

Nakao stared at the photos ravenously, as though, instead of glossy paper, she could see the potential viewer count. It wasn't every day the Number One hero was embarrassed by his gushing mother on national TV.

“Please,” Nakao said.

Inko extracted a photo and handed it over. Nakao examined it with awe and then held it up to the camera. Midoriya’s blush deepened.

“He was All Might’s biggest fan. His whole room was decked out with red, blue and yellow merchandise.” Inko studied her son for a moment. “I don’t know if that’s changed, actually.”

Both women turned to Midoriya. He coughed into his fist. “It’s important to support fellow heroes,” he said, and was proud that his voice barely wobbled.

“Would you like to see a photo of him and Katsuki? They used to take baths together when they were little.”

“Katsuki?” Nakao said with feral delight. “As in, Detonation? The Number Two hero?”

“I’m going to die,” Midoriya decided. Both women ignored him in favour of rifling through the photos, periodically holding them up to the camera. Midoriya was developing a cold sweat on the back of his neck. Down the other end of the red carpet, several of his ex-classmates were making their way towards them.

There was no way this could end well.





Deku’s Mother Wows Fans with Baby Photos……/deku’s-mother-wows-fans-with-baby…
5 hours ago - Although Hero Deku is usually accompanied by No. 4 Polarise, this year his date for the annual Hero Ball was his mother! Fans disappointed by Polarise’s absence by our No. 1’s side were quickly won over by the…


Pint-Sized Number One: See the Adorable Photos | Billboard…
6 hours ago - Deku’s mother shows off adorable photos of Detonation and Deku as babies, much to the excitement of fans and fellow heroes: See the adorable photos!


Detonation Attacks Deku At Hero Ball | E! News ……/…
8 hours ago - Even amongst a sea of immaculately dressed heroes on their best behaviour, Detonation wasn’t afraid to show off his true colours. The Explosive Hero tackled Japan’s much loved Number One over the buffet table during the…





Inko ran her fingers through Todoroki’s sweaty fringe and pressed a kiss above his eyebrow. She drew back, lips pursed. “You’re far too warm … ”

“Which side did you kiss?” Midoriya asked. He handed Todoroki a glass of water, and pressed his own kiss to Todoroki’s head.

“The ice side. Have you taken the cold tablets, honey?”

Todoroki blinked lazily at her. “Yes. I’m fine, Inko. How was the ball?”

She looked him over once more before deciding he was going to live, and then beamed. “Oh, it was so exciting! But also scary. Seeing so many pros all dressed up—it was so nerve-wracking. I thought I was going to pass out. It was so fancy.”

“But you had a good time?”

Inko pulled her sheer shawl off her shoulders, and brushed back her curls so she could take out her earrings. “I had an excellent time. Everyone was so nice.”

“That’s not what the news said,” Todoroki said, smiling.

Midoriya rubbed at his temples. “They didn’t think we were properly fighting, did they? I don’t want anymore ‘Class 3-A secretly hate each other’ conspiracies to get out.” He adopted a fierce expression he usually saved for talking about heroics. “I love my friends.”

“No,” Todoroki said. “They could tell it was more mock-fighting than anything serious. Well, aside from Bakugou, but everyone knows that he is … ”

“Fiery?” Midoriya offered.

“A little asshole?” Inko asked, with the delicate air of someone who had forgiven a man for bullying her son for over ten years, but couldn’t help the vague dislike lurking in her heart.


“Can I see the photos again?” Todoroki asked. “There are copies online, but it doesn’t beat the origins.”

“There are photos online?” Midoriya said weakly. He dropped into the armchair. His loose bow tie hung around his neck, and his sleeves were pushed up to his elbows. Even rumpled and embarrassed, he was exceptionally handsome. Todoroki made himself focus on the photos Inko handed him. You are sick and your future mother-in-law is staying the night, he reminded himself. Pure thoughts.

“I should’ve shown you years ago, Shouto,” Inko said.

Todoroki flicked through the baby photos: Midoriya dressed as All Might for halloween; Midoriya pressed against the computer monitor, an All Might action figure clutched in his fist, eyes shining as he watched All Might haul people out of the smoking wreckage; Midoriya and Bakugou running through sprinkles, their bare butts winking in the sunlight; Midoriya sleeping on the ground, All Might action figure in one hand and Bakugou’s lax hand in the other; Midoriya, paint smeared all up his arms and over his cheeks, holding up a drawing of two stick figures in capes, labelled All Might + Small Might!

“I can die happy,” Todoroki said. He flipped to the next photo. It was labelled, Izuku’s first day of school! He pressed the photo to his chest. “So it’s true: your smile was always blinding.”

Inko nodded seriously, and Midoriya chucked a throw pillow at Todorki’s head. “Stop. You sound like Uraraka.”

“I saw how delighted she was to discover the photos,” Todoroki said. “They were all pretty excited, actually. Although it was strange to watch you chase down our friends on the red carpet. Who knew Ashido could move like that in stilettos.”

“Their training is too good,” Midoriya said. “Before I knew it, the photos had been passed around by our entire class. Five different heroes had to stop Bakugou from destroying both me and the photos.”

Inko looked thoughtful for a moment, and then pulled out her phone. “I should call Mitsuki. I’m sure she would want to put her own baby photos of Bakugou online.”

Todoroki nodded. “Let me know when she’s done so. I’ll retweet them to my official account.”

Midoriya stared at his family with horror. “Are you two trying to get me killed?”




Direct message


Kacchan: on LIVE TV?? really??

Kacchan: i’m going to fucking kill you

Kacchan: i’m going to throw you into the fucking sun, you green haired cry baby bitch

Kacchan: and also is icyhot ok?

Deku: shouto is still under the weather, but he’s getting better. my mum’s helping me look after him.

Kacchan: are we still doing lunch tomorrow then?

Deku: yup! I’ll be at your office around 1 :)

Deku: are we working on paperwork again? i’m behind…

kacchan: yup. bring work over.

Kacchan: and don’t be late this time




Subject: You’re the only halfway competent hero from that hell class


I’m sure I don’t need to tell you to be careful with your increasing fame. You're limited when criminals know, ahead of time, what you can do. Maybe you should consider taking a break and letting your fame die down.

Many students with non-offensive quirks that can't pass the UA hero exam are shoved into Gen. Studies. I can’t help them from where I am. It’s time UA took on someone who can.

Think about it.

— Aizawa





Quiz: Which Pro Hero Are You?


You Got: Polarise

[Gif: Todoroki stared at the reporters bothering him in the aftermath of a fight, steam drifting around his legs. The ice coating the street melted, slowly. Todoroki was untouched, save for a small rip in his jumpsuit.]

You’ve been described as “pretty but deadly.” You come across as cold and aloof, but you warm up around your friends. You don’t let people intimidate or push you around. You’re calm and stay composed even while everyone around you is falling to pieces. And you probably have a thing for strong boys with big curls and bigger smiles.


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They met at Bakugou office to have lunch. Bakugou would start at UA soon, and they probably wouldn’t get to see each other as often. Or maybe Midoriya could visit him at UA. He might get swamped by students, but he liked talking to fans.

When Bakugou saw him, he sighed the same sigh he used when the police sent over extra paperwork, and sent one of the interns out to collect lunch.

“Kacchan, you shouldn’t use your interns like servants. They’re here to learn about how to be a hero.”

Bakugou lifted a cardboard box full of files onto his desk with thud. Midoriya dropped his backpack next it, and started unloading his own folders.

“Don’t talk about shit you don’t understand, Deku. And close the damn door.”

Midoriya closed the door. He grabbed a chair and pulled it closer to the desk. Bakugou collapsed into his own chair.

They only finished a handful of folders each, before there was a tentative knock at the door. Midoriya put down his pen. Bakugou told the door, “Come.”

An intern pushed open the door. His face was a deep red, and he was shaking, the stack of pizzas threatening to tip right out of his arms. He flicked a glance between the two heroes, and made a sound like a dog being stepped on when he locked eyes with Midoriya for a second.

“Oh,” Midoriya said, getting out of his chair, “let me help you—”

“Sit down,” Bakugou said in a voice that brooked no argument. “Marco, get it together.”

“Uh,” Marco said, “uh, yes. Yes, sir. I just—”

Bakugou swept the pizzas from his intern’s arms, and waved at the door. “Out you go.”

“Right, I’ll just—but wait, I wanted to—I want to tell—”

“No. Out.”

Bakugou used his free hand to whirl Marco around, and shove him out of the office. He shut the door behind him, and locked it.

“That was a little mean,” Midoriya said.

Bakugou put the pizzas on his desk. Grease was already dampening the bottom of the cardboard, but he didn’t remove the paperwork caught under the boxes. Bakugou flipped open the lid, and shoved a slice between his teeth. Midoriya grabbed a piece, too. He barely winced at the intense spiciness.

“He’s just a kid,” Midoriya said through bites of pizza.

“He’s a fan,” Bakugou bit out. “A big fucking fan. Of you.” Midoriya blinked at him and nibbled at his pizza, and Bakugou rolled his eyes. “You’re here to catch up on paperwork, not to be gawked at.”

“Oh,” Midoriya said, and then again, “Oh.” He put down his half-eaten slice. “Kacchan, I don’t mind. Your interns don’t bother me. I don’t come here because it’s quiet or anything.”

“You come for the free food. You’re as bad as your freezer burn boyfriend.”

“Fiancé,” Midoriya corrected idly. “And no, actually. I come here for you.” Bakugou stared at him over the heaping piles of paperwork and the greasy pizza, and Midoriya smiled like they were four years old again, ready for another day of bug hunting and make-believe hero-ing. “Because you’re my friend, and I don’t get to spend enough time with you.”

Bakugou picked up another slice of pizza, and then a second, and then a third, and tried to jam all of them into his mouth at once. He managed it, too. His cheeks were swollen, and the skin was shiny and tight. He breezed in through his nose as he tried not to drown in the cheese.

Midoriya stood up. “I’m going to give that kid my autograph, and then I’ll be right back. I want to hear how your prep for the school year is going.”

Bakugou flipped him off. Midoriya beamed, and returned the crude gesture. In the bullpen, Marco saw Bakugou’s door open, saw Midoriya exit the office and make a beeline for him with a friendly smile, and started crying.




Subject: Re: Re: These little shits

Young Bakugou,

It’s your first semester as a teacher, don’t be so hard on yourself. I felt lost during my entire career at UA (to be fair, thought, you were an exceptionally difficult class). This doesn’t mean you’re a bad teacher or that you’re “not cut out for this,” as you said. It just means you’re new to this. The kids are probably intimidated by you and/or feel like they have something to prove. Remember your first year at UA. You were a terror.

I’m very happy to hear you’ve been talking with Aizawa. That man is one of the finest teachers UA has ever had. He’s also incredibly realistic. He wouldn’t have hired you if he didn’t think you could do this, and do it incredibly well.

I’m sent an old textbook of mine in the mail. You should receive it sometime this week. Don’t dismiss it immediately (or blow it up). I know you’re not a dummy, but that doesn’t mean “Teaching for Dummies” isn’t very helpful.

The apples from this years orchard pickings are running out faster than usual. I fear it’s because of all the botched apple pies I’ve made. Baking is incredibly hard, even if Inko has been messaging me lots of support and advice. I just want to get it right for when I see everyone next.

And yes, you don’t need to ask: you and young Kirishima are always welcome to come down for a weekend (or longer) and keep an old man company, even if you have more teaching stories than hero stories to tell me. You’re both welcome to my failed apple pies.

Keep your head up. Plus ultra.


Yagi Toshinori




Top 8 Heart-warming Friendship Moments Between Class 3-A

In honour of the Class 3-A’s upcoming anniversary, we’ll be recounting our Top 8 friendship moments. They might be fearless pro heroes, but they’re also close-knit friends.


8. When Earphone Jack launched Charge Bolt off a bridge for making a pun

[Gif: Kaminari flailed in a shallow river. Jirou leant over the bridge railing above, howling with laughter]

This one might be more violent than expected for high school friends, but who hasn’t wanted to throw their friend off a bridge for making a terrible pun?


7. When Polarise and Deku named their dog after Detonation

[Gif: Todoroki tweeted a photo of Bakugou and Barkugou asleep on the couch, the dog curled on Bakugou’s chest, with the caption: Two sleeping mutts.]

When Polarise and Deku moved in together, no one expected them to name their recently adopted Chow Chow “Barkugou” after their former classmate, Bakugou Katsuki (Detonation).


6. When Charge Bolt, Cellophane, and Red Riot spotted each other across the street and ran to meet each other

[Gif: Kaminari and Sero spotted each other across the battlefield and visibly lit up. They ran across the street and crashed into a hug. Kirishima jumped into frame, sweeping both heroes into bone-cracking hugs, their feet leaving the asphalt.]

Unplanned team ups are good, but we prefer unexpected friendship meets up. So cute!


5. Class 3-A supporting Polarise during Endeavour’s divorce case

[Gif: Heroes in professional attire stood like a blockage in front of Todoroki, stopping the feral crowd of reporters from swarming or photographing him. Bakugou was snarling, and looked minutes away from punching someone out. Shouji was an towering and immovable wall. Under Iida’s arm, Midoriya could be seen holding tightly to an obscured Todoroki’s hand.]

The infamous Endeavour court case is more somber than we could normally include here (especially considering the allegations of child abuse that arose on the second day of the trial), but the way twenty heroes descended upon the court house to support their former classmate and protect him from the media was too heart-warming to skip.


4. When Prince Charming included his former classmates in his recent fashion show

[Gif: Ashido strutted down the runway amid flashing cameras. She didn’t stumble in her tall heels. Kaminari was behind her, his costume glittering like a disco ball.]

Who would’ve thought Detonation would make such a good model?


3. When Ingenium stopped a press conference so he could scold Uravity and Deku about their eating habits

[Gif: Heroes lined up behind a long table, Iida in the middle. He chopped his arm in the air with increasing vigour. Midoriya shrunk in his seat. Uraraka rubbed at the back of her head, and tried to make excuses. The other heroes looked bewildered.]

We can’t even remember how this came up in the middle of a professional press conference, but we DO know that we love Ingenium worrying about his friends’ heath. Momma Ingenium FTW.


2. When Class 3-A (then Class 2-A) waited for Mind Blank to sit his provisional license exam, and then LOST IT when he came out and told them he’d passed

[Gif: Class 3-A swarmed around Shinsou, and lifted him into the air. Shinsou pretended to look annoyed, but a small smile pulled at his lips. Aizawa was in the background, watching on. Midoriya was crying openly.]

Class 3-A received their provisional licenses in their first year, but as Mind Black didn’t join Class 3-A until the beginning of second year, he had to take the exam by himself. Lucky for him, the rest of the class wasn’t going to let him go alone.


1. Deku calling Detonation “Kacchan” … and Detonation letting him

[Gif: Midoriya was greeting fans at a publicity event. He saw something over the top of the crowd, and lit up. He cupped his hands to his mouth, and called, “Kacchan!”]

Deku has always, without hesitation, called Detonation this cutesy nickname. And Detonation answers to it every time.




To:,,, + 18 more
Subject: Anniversary Celebrations

Hello, everyone!

As our real anniversary is fast approaching (Monday next week, if I am correct) I thought it appropriate to email and remind everyone about our celebrations that will take place in five weeks time. It will take place at Yagi’s country estate (once again, thank you very much for hosting us, Yagi!). Everyone should be aware of the address and how to get there as we’ve all been there on several occasions, but if anyone is uncertain, I will be happy to clarify or personally escort you there.

A perfunctory reminder that our celebrations are to be kept secret from the general public and members of the press. As you’re all aware, if it becomes public knowledge that twenty top heroes will be busy at their anniversary celebrations, there will be a significant rise in villain attacks, if only to inconvenience us rather to prove any real point.

I look forward to seeing everyone there!

Best regards,

Iida Tenya


To:,,, + 18 more
Subject: Re: Anniversary Celebrations

Woo, class prez!! You did a great job organising this.

Also what’s the situation with the food?? Do we need to bring a plate? Also - what’s up with the alcohol? I don’t want to lug multiple cartons of beer on a public train but I will do it if I have to (and rope Katsuki and Sero+Kaminari into helping)

Hyped to see everyone!


Kirishima Eijiro


To:,, + 18 more
Subject: Re: Re: Anniversary Celebrations

I will be be baking before the event, but I’ve also ordered a lot of food and beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) to be delivered beforehand—more than any twenty people can eat or drink, even if they are young, active heroes with high calorie intakes. You’re more than welcome to bring your own snacks and drinks, but it’s not necessary.

You’re all welcome to come early if you wish, and stay for as long as you like. I’m always happy to see you all.

My best,

Yagi Toshinori

There will also be an anniversary cake. I’m not a very experienced baker, so you might not enjoy it, but it will be there, nonetheless.


To:,, + 18 more
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Anniversary Celebrations

I might arrive a little late because I got emergency rostered onto patrol, but I’ll be there! It’ll only take a few extra hours, don’t worry. And I’m staying all day the following day as well.

Looking forward to it!!



A friendly reminder that if anyone says anything mean about Toshinori’s baking, I will fight them. And I will win. :-)


To:,, + 18 more
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Anniversary Celebrations

Young Izuku, do not fight your classmates, especially on your ten year anniversary.


Yagi Toshinori


To:,, + 18 more
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Anniversary Celebrations





To:,, + 18 more
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Fuck you

You would NOT win that fight, Deku

Fuck you x2

Bakugou Katsuki

Like I would say anything about the old man’s baking, who do you take me for?


To:,,, + 18 more
Subject: That is enough

There will be no fighting! We are all long-time friends with a great deal of respect for one another, and we are gathering to celebrate this. Please desist this antagonising behaviour!

I will see you all soon.

Your friend,

Iida Tenya




They held the reunion almost a month past the actual date. The media had been ramping up attention on their class for months, and on the real date of their ten year anniversary, there were scores of villain attacks across the country. All of them worked through the real date of their reunion, and told no one about their upcoming plans.

Weeks later, when the hype of their anniversary had died down, they each donned civilian clothes and made their way to the countryside. It was hard to organise an event for twenty pro heroes, but they had planned almost a year in advance.

Midoriya didn’t make it to the party until that evening, when the sun was beginning to sink below the grassy hills, painting the idyllic town in shades of pink. Kaminari and Ashido met him at the door and swept him up into big hugs. Their wine glasses were almost empty, and, from the coherence of their hellos, Midoriya guessed that it was not their first or even second drink for the day.

Toshinori’s backyard had been transformed. Christmas lights wrapped around the orchard trees, and tiny stake lights paved the way from the house to the outside party, spread out beneath the stars, visible without any city light pollution. Chairs and blankets were laid out, with a large space off to the side left for dancing. Music echoed around them. Toshinori’s neighbours were far off, and even if the volume of twenty excitable heroes reached them, they had been pre-warned.

Midoriya kissed Todoroki on the cheek, and then got pulled into a dozen different hugs. If Toshinori had his strength, his hug would’ve lifted Midoriya clear off his feet.

Aizawa was leaving as Midoriya made his way out into the garden, wanting to catch the last train back to the city. He stopped briefly to let Shinsou wrap him in a one-armed hug, the two heroes whispering something to one another that Midoriya didn’t catch, and then came to talk to Toshinori, who saw him coming and tried to hide a beer behind his back.

“It’s for young Bakugou,” Toshinori began.

“Don’t even try,” Aizawa said, confiscating the beer. He turned to Midoriya. “I can trust him with you?”

Midoriya, who spoke to Toshinori’s fleet of doctors perhaps more regularly than Toshinori himself did, nodded. “Absolutely.”

“Hey, I’m a grown man!”

“I worry,” Midoriya said. “Last time you tried to sneak a beer, you ended up vomiting all night.”

Toshinori laid a hand on Midoriya’s shoulder. “I’m sorry for making you worry like that, but it’s a tradition for a man to have a beer with his son. I didn’t want to miss out on that because of my health.”

“Don’t cry,” Aizawa said when Midoriya’s eyes grew misty. Midoriya didn’t listen. Toshinori pulled him into a hug, and let him wet his cotton t-shirt with his tears. Aizawa sighed. “Still such a problem child.”




The party lasted well into the night. Everyone slept in the backyard, sprawled on the grass in sleeping bags and mounds of pillows.

Iida, who didn’t enjoy drinking much, and Midoriya, who had an inhuman metabolism, bounced into the kitchen to cook breakfast at sunrise. Neither of them were brilliant cooks—no one there really was—but they were the most awake and least likely to burn down Toshinori’s house.

Bakugou stumbled out of the garden and into the kitchen sometime later, one side of his hair flattened. He narrowed his eyes at them.

Midoriya beamed. “Kacchan, good morning. Hungry?”

Bakugou grunted. “Bacon?”

“We’re just finishing up the eggs,” Iida began, but Bakugou ignored him. He bypassed all other breakfast food laid out on the table, and scooped up the entire tray of bacon for himself.

“Coffee?” Bakugou asked. Midoriya pointed at the coffee machine. Bakugou made two mugs of double-strength coffee, and took them, along with the bacon, out into the backyard. Distantly, they heard Kirishima sleepily cry, “Is this bacon? Babe, marry me.”

“We’re already married, dumbass.”

The others made their way into the kitchen slowly. Tokoyami shambled in with his sleeping bag wrapped around him like his hero costume. Midoriya slid over a stack of chocolate pancakes and maple syrup, and Tokoyami said, very solemnly, “Midoriya, I always knew you were the best of us—an untarnished beacon of light that chases away the darkness lurking in men’s hearts.”

“Very poetic, Tokoyami,” Iida said, a little awkwardly.

Midoriya handed him a mug of tea, too, and Tokoyami told him, “I would die for you.”

“Please, don’t,” Midoriya said.

Yaoyorozu entered, busily braiding her knotted hair. Jirou followed, bleary-eyed, hanging on to the back Yaoyorozu’s dressing gown.

“Why is Tokoyami dying for you?” Yaoyorozu asked with concern.

Midoriya handed them each a cup of coffee. Jirou accepted hers with a sleepy, “Fuck, I’d die for him, too.”


“Babe, relax.” Jirou leant up to kiss Yaoyorozu, missed her lips, and planted one on her nose. Yaoyorozu looked fond, regardless.

Everyone filtered in quickly after that: Uraraka came in with her hair puffed out around her ears and grass lines on her cheek, and collapsed into a seat at the counter; Satou and Hagakure bounced inside, baskets of apples from the orchard in their arms; Todoroki emerged and kissed Midoriya on the temple, and set about helping them make toast; Asui ducked into the shower and then came out, freshly dressed, to request scrambled eggs; Aoyama tumbled inside in a frenzy, clutching his hair and rushing to the bathroom to fix it; Ojiro joined Midoriya at the coffee machine, helping to hand mugs to everyone.

Kaminari, Sero, and Ashido woke when most people were already up. They ran into the kitchen in various states of dress, shouting about how late it was.

“We have to work today,” Ashido said between bouts of swearing. She had slept in her clothes. She tugged a sweater over her rumbled t-shirt rather than fetch a fresh shirt.

Ojiro handed them coffee, and watched, horrified, as Kaminari chugged his like a shot, stole Sero’s mug, and drunk that, too.

“I want to die,” Kaminari said.

“This is poor behaviour,” Iida said. “If you knew you had to be at work early today, then you should have—”

“To be fair, we never really get together like this,” Jirou said from where she was sitting on the kitchen counter, legs crossed, watching with fascination as Kaminari was attempting to brush his hair and almost ripped his fringe out.

“You can’t blame them for being enthusiastic,” Midoriya agreed. He looked over the occupants of the room with butter soft eyes. “We should do this again. Seeing everyone in one place … it’s like we’re back in school again.”

Todoroki said, “It feels like a family reunion.”

They paused for a moment to take that in. The countryside was a gentle rush of sound around them—birds singing in the orchard; the eggs sizzling on the stove; Kirishima and Bakugou shouting over the bacon in the backyard.

“I think I’m going to throw up,” Kaminari finally said, and disappeared into the bathroom to do just that.

Ojiro handed out painkillers and helped them gather their things. Sero pushed his hair back with a borrowed bandana, and boxed up the left over apple pie when no one else tried to claim it. Kaminari emerged from the bathroom, more coherent but still miserable, and the three set off for the train station.

Toshinori woke as Iida was starting on a second batch of chocolate pancakes. He accepted a platter of apple slices from Midoriya and settled in at the dining table between Uraraka and Hagakure.

“Sorry about the mess in the backyard,” Ojiro said to Toshinori, handing over a mug of herbal tea. “We’ll clean it up before we leave.”

Toshinori offered them a brilliant smile. “My boy, my house has never looked better than with all of you in it.”

Shinsou was the last person to stumble into the kitchen. He took the chocolate pancake Midoriya gave him, and didn’t fight when Ojiro guarded the coffee machine. He choked down the pancake in three bites, and then took himself into the living room to sleep on the couch.

“Will he be okay?” Toshinori asked with concern.

“He’s nocturnal,” Todoroki said from where he was toasting bread.

Ojiro nodded. “Yeah, he usually works nightshift, so he’s used to sleeping all day. He doesn’t have to be at work until later tonight.”

After breakfast, they cleaned up the backyard. Kirishima and Bakugou had already started, and it didn’t take long with their combined efforts. Then, half of them left for the train station, and the other half headed into the village proper.

Midoriya gathered Toshinori up and gave him a piggyback into town. Midoriya remembered training in the ten months leading up to the UA entrance exam and carrying Toshinori on his back like this, struggling to take a single step under his impressive weight. Now, it was the easiest thing in the world. Toshinori’s bony fingers laced under his chin, and Midoriya jogged along the grassy path, his friends chasing after them.

A group of kids were in the middle of a soccer game when they arrived. The kids saw the small group of heroes, and quickly pulled them into their game.

Iida, Todoroki, Jirou, and Hagakure were on one team, and Midoriya, Ojiro, and Tokoyami were on the other. Midoriya’s team tried to argue that three heroes against four wasn’t fair, but the opposition insisted that going up against the Number One hero was a challenge in its own right.

Shinsou eventually met up with them. He joined Midoriya’s team, but sabotaged them by brain-washing Midoriya and Ojiro and forcing them to jump into the nearby stream.

The cold water shocked them out of the mild hypnosis, and they returned, soaked and laughing, to press their wet hands to a spluttering Shinsou’s face.

“I’m a rogue agent,” Shinsou told the disgruntled kids when they accused him of cheated. In retaliation, they tackled him and wrestled the ball away.

“This is a no contact sport,” Iida said.

“Let it happen,” Jirou said. “Shinsou deserves it.”

“He helped our team, though,” Hagakure said.

“Not for the rule-breaking. I mean, like, in general Shinsou deserves to be tackled by a pack of country kids.”

The game devolved further. The grass and Tokoyami end up thickly coated in frost from Todoroki. Toshinori was the referee, but he spent the rest of the game laughing instead of enforcing the rules.




stevoonie @stevoonie
guess who spotted charge bolt, cellophane and pinky on the train this morning #bignight? #ithoughtchargeboltwasgonnahurl #hungoverheroes

[Image: Kaminari, Sero, and Ashido sat side by side on train seats. The carriage was half-empty, but they were squashed together. Ashido was fast asleep, her mouth hanging open. Sero was playing candy crush on his phone, a paper box balanced on his lap. He looked exhausted. Kaminari was curled up, head resting on his knees. His face was distinctly green.]




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Boss came in to the office looking like death, but look!! He brought apple pie w him!! #hecanbake?? #butnotverywell…

[Image: A half-eaten apple pie was packaged in a paper box. The pie was clearly homemade, with bits of folded crust and sugar coating the top in uneven clumps.]

Deku @officialdeku
@miniestme Sero didn’t make that pie, All Might did! And you shouldn’t say anything bad about his baking :-) He’s doing his best

Mini-Me @miniestme

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@miniestme @officialdeku Midoriya, please stop tweeting my sidekicks. I’m too tired to deal with their screaming.

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@officialdeku @miniestme @officialcellophane I did bake that! I’m sorry if it is not very good, I’m only just getting the hang of baking

Deku @officialdeku
@dadmight@officialcellophane We love your food, don’t worry!! You’ve improved a lot since you first started. @miniestme Appreciate the pie!

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@dadmight @officialdeku @officialcellophane IS THIS REAL LIFE

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@officialdeku @miniestme @dadmight We’ve been over this: PLEASE STOP KILLING MY SIDE-KICKS.






[Image: Class 3-A gathered beneath a tree lit up with Christmas lights. Aizawa stood off to one side, hands in his pockets. Shinsou and Bakugou weren’t looking at the camera, but seemed to be discussing something in depth. Jirou’s arm was around Yaoyorozu’s waist. Toshinori stood in the middle of the group, beaming. Twenty former students. Two former teachers. All of them gathered to celebrate ten long, wonderful years.]

Happy 10 year reunion! It was amazing to see everyone in the same place again. We should do this again next year. Thanks for coming everyone! #class3-a #highschoolreunion #plusultra

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