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A Pirate's Honor

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Kai took a sip of his beer. He was not generally a drinker but he needed something to calm his nerves. His ship, the Kifujin, was doing a job under contract with the American government to transport LNG (liquefied natural gas) to a US base in the Philippines. LNG is highly flammable. A single wrong move could cause disaster. Even things like CD players would not be allowed on board lest it cause a spark. Still, the amount of money he would get from the job was more then he had ever dreamed. The Kifujin had never made a late delivery. Kai supposed that was why the transport company he worked under had given his ship the job.

“Hiya Captain! You ready for the mos’ boring trip uh y’r life!” Kai glared at his more-than-tipsy chief engineer.

“I think you’ve had quite enough vodka for today, Uruha.” Uruha looked askance as Kai snatched the shot glass out of his hand and quickly drank it. Kai grimaced.

“How can you like this stuff, Uru?!”

Uruha didn’t answer. He simply draped himself over Kai and muttered “We are going to be soooooooo bored. I can’t even bring my PSP!” Then, with a goofy grin, Uruha continued, “Boredom makes me hooooorny.”

Kai couldn’t help but smile as he pushed a hysterically giggling Uruha off of him. As crazy as the guy was, Kai couldn’t help but love him, his partner both in business and bed.

“Come on Uru. We should go get some rest. Tomorrow’s going to be a big day.” Uruha didn’t verbally acquiesce, but he didn’t put up a struggle either as Kai took him by the arm and pulled him toward the door of the bar. The two trudged to their office/home. Kai made sure to keep an eye on Uruha in case he stumbled on the stairs. The blonde made it to the top without incident. It would seem that he wasn’t actually as drunk as he had acted. Sometimes Uru just liked to play drunk because he seemed to find it amusing.

When Kai reached their bedroom, he began to undress. He could feel Uruha’s dark eyes fixed on him. Uru had always liked Kai’s habit of sleeping naked. Once finished undressing, the brunette turned to see a still-clothed Uruha perched on the edge of the bed. This wouldn’t do. Kai swooped over, pinning his prey to the bed. A squeak slipped from soft, pink lips as layers of clothing were removed and discarded.

A smile spread across Kai’s face now that his Uruha lay bare and breathless beneath him. After a moment, Uruha gave a confused look. “But Kai, I don’t sleep naked.”

Kai’s smile didn’t falter. “You have sex naked, don’t you?”
Uruha opened his mouth to protest but Kai’s kiss silenced him. Both men were getting more aroused by the second. Uruha moaned wantonly into Kai’s mouth. Kai realized that he had been rubbing his arousal against Uruha’s. He broke away from Uru’s addictive mouth to fetch a condom and some lube.

“How would you like it tonight, angel face?”
In truth, Uruha looked nothing like an angel, sprawled on the bed, his full, flawless thighs spread. Then, as if to obliterate any doubt that this was, in fact, a demon on the bed, Uruha responded huskily, “Give it to me hard and fast.”

Kai hesitated not a second to oblige his lusty demon lover. He knelt between Uruha’s legs and eased a lubed finger into the soft body before him, and then a second. Uruha moaned faintly as the fingers inside him scissored. Kai did this a few times more and then again with three fingers, being careful to hit that certain spot inside the blonde every now and then. He loved how it made Uruha’s head snap back and strangled cries escape his mouth.

Soon Kai’s own need overwhelmed him and in one swift motion, he plunged deep into Uruha’s warmth. He wasted no time but began to thrust hard and fast, just what Uru had ordered. Already both men where drenched in sweat. Kai grunted each time he pounded into the supple body beneath him. Uruha had wound his legs around Kai’s waist and he was mumbling incoherent things between his constant panting and moaning. Kai’s grunts intensified to groans as Uruha began to raise his hips to meet the shaft relentlessly driving into him.

They were both so close. Kai reached forward to stroke his lover’s weeping erection as he felt tension coil in his gut. He could no longer hold back. He pumped Uruha as hard as he could manage as he spilled into the blonde beauty, still thrusting sporadically. As his vision began to clear, he felt Uru’s thighs constrict, nearly squeezing him breathless as the other man screamed out his release.

When Uruha’s death grip loosened, Kai collapsed on the bed. He was dimly aware of Uruha reaching for the box of tissues beside the bed. Kai turned his head. It was a fetish of Kai’s to watch his love clean up.

He admired the way Uru’s hair fell over his face as he dabbed as his stomach, then moved to his inner thighs. The soft flesh yielded beneath the touch. Once Uruha was satisfied with his cleanliness, he leaned forward to toss the tissue into the trash. Kai scowled.
Then a mischievous smile graced his face. He reached over and slapped Uruha squarely on the left butt cheek. Uruha yelped and jumped to face the abuser of this precious fanny.

“What was that for!?”

“You know, Uruha, I think I’m going to have to start cooking more low-fat dishes.”
Uruha looked confused for a moment before realization dawned on him. He crossed his arms over his not-quite-flat tummy and went to don his customary boxers and t-shirt.

When Uruha flopped back onto the bed he turned to Kai and said, “I may be chubby, but I can still outlast you.”

Kai mumbled incoherently and eventually decided on, “Goodnight.” There was no arguing with Uruha’s conclusion.