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Personal Growth

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It had been nearly a month since Max had returned to Acadia Bay and in that time she had met a lot of her new classmates, some of which she had become good friends with and she was enjoying her time in the dorms living away from home for the first time. But more important than any of that she had finally met back up with her best friend Chloe Price.

Their reunion had been initially fraught with insecurity and more than a little emotional distance but their need to have the other in their life had won out and since the first encounter in the school parking lot, they had become inseparable once more. Many trips to the Two Whales together for late breakfasts and lunches away from school, along with plenty nights spent at Chloe's house since then had certainly re-cemented their previous friendship allowing them to become closer than ever.

This, however, had led Max to her current issue, ok, two current issues. The first being she had developed quite the crush on her best friend, bright blue eyes and hair along with a slender muscled frame and long limbs that wrapped her up safely when they hugged making her want to never leave her embrace. She'd always thought Chloe was beautiful but the 5 years since they had last seen each other really made her appreciate just how Chloe had changed from the spunky enthusiastic teen to punk styled young woman.

It made her feel a little inadequate at times truth be told. As much as puberty had matured her from the youthful barely a teen she was before leaving for Seattle it hadn't done much for her stature or figure beside a slight flaring of her hips, she was only a few inches taller at most too capping out at all of 5'5 compared to Chloe's lanky 5'9, although it did mean she tucked in nicely under the taller girl's chin when they hugged which she enjoyed.

With the difference in height and Chloe's athletic frame already pretty apparent from their first meeting, she couldn't help but feel insecure. That maybe Chloe wouldn't be interested in her in the same way, at least on a physical level even if she did feel more than friendship on her side too.

This then led her to her second issue as she stood in front of her mirror looking at the reflection before her. She knew that she hadn't really been watching what she was eating recently with all those free lunches at the diner and dinners at the Price-Madsen house but she hadn't quite realised the extent to which this was evident on her normally lithe frame. While she was fairly active it clearly hadn't been enough to offset the sheer number of calories she had been getting through. 'I haven't eaten any more than Chloe but she doesn't look like she's gained a pound.' Max grumbled as she rubbed the softening layer that had built up on her belly. Noting as well that her jeans felt a little snug once she had zipped them up. Turning to the side she could see they were definitely filling out in the back a little more than they had in the past. 'Not sure how I feel about that. Hmmm.'

Deciding to ignore the issue for now, Max threw on the nearest t-shirt and hoodie quickly checking she had her phone and journal before heading to classes for the day. 'I just need to cut back a bit that's all.' Simple enough idea she thought but she knew she would struggle a little with Chloe's enthusiasm for food since almost every meeting between the pair seemed to involve lots of junk food and lazing about these days.