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I Ate Your Llama

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I ate slowly as I sat at my table swinging my feet back and forth like a kid, in which I still was, but more childish that necessary. I stared at the raspberry filled doughnut that was placed in front of me on the paper plate. It was the shitty store bought brand that was kinda stale since it was out for so long and finally got marked down before it spoiled. I spotted a small patch of mold and gave a disgusted expression to the consumable.

I sat up, then walked to the pantry and my sister stared at me as I did so. I snatched a stick pretzel out of the huge pretzel bag, not making an attempt to close it again, and walked back to my doughnut then raised the pretzel on the poor, molded pastry.

I continued to stab it silently, glaring at it intensely as I did so. For once I wish that I could buy my own damn food, but my money was always fucking stolen so I couldn't. My sister, very much unsurprisingly, gave me a hard look of disappointment as the doughnut bled sugary goodness.

"Mayu, stop messing with your damn food and eat it for once" She spat at me, then continued to eat her oatmeal.

“It has mold on it, no way I'm going to continue eating that shit”

“'Beggars can't be choosers'” She quoted.

It just made me roll my eyes “I doubt you even know what that means”

“Says the girl who doesn't even go to school”

I didn't bother to respond. I had somewhere to be in an hour and I didn't need to be involved in a fight with her now. I began getting up without cleaning up the food.

“MayuNikaSuki Johnson, where the hell are you going?” My oh-so-mother-dearest had walked down stairs and didn't look so pleased with me taking off “You're not in fucking pre-school, clean this shit up” She snapped.

A sigh came from me as I did as told. I needed somewhere warm to sleep tonight, so it wasn't best to fight her right now. On top of that I don't want to be staying at any friends' house. I mean I love them, I do, but they had some shitty ass houses.

And yes, my name is MayuNikaSuki Johnson. My mother wasn't the best when it came to naming me. After watching Salior Moon for years on end, she got addicted to Japanese names. unfortunately, she had me while in her weeaboo stage. Surprisingly I have never seen a piece of anime in this house.

Now, I did as told and cleaned up my mess without bothering giving her a glance. She'd just throw me a bitchy look that I was not in the mood to see, and onto of that she would not shut up if she began talking, which she would do if I looked at her, about how I was a failure and a screw up in several different ways. Once my hands were clean and all jelly was cleaned off the table as well as the pastry being thrown away, I headed to the door.

I was just about to turn the knob when I heard her stop me again “Hold up” She had the mail in her hands and was reading one of them. She flicked it to me, purposely missing. I had to bend over and get it, then proceeded to look at it. For once in my life, I got mail. It was surprising as I never did get mail. Reading over the sender's name True Cross Academy I had began opening it. When opened, inside was a letter of some sort that was pretty damn fancy looking. Just some random shit here and there, words I didn't understand marked some places, then finally I realized what this was all about. I had gotten accepted to a school I never signed up for, and it was for my art. I read it once again only to realize it was a scholarship.

“A scholarship” I said out loud. I didn't know what to feel exactly, I had never seen much importance in school besides basic math, and now I had a scholarship to some fancy boarding school in butt-fuck-nowhere, Japan. It was suspicious that I had gotten a scholarship to a school overseas with and entirely different language, but who knows, maybe this place is legit and some random school board dude saw my shit and got excited “A scholarship for my art” I spoke up more clearly.

My mother walked over and snatched it out of my hands, reading over contents herself. After doing so, her eyes lit up like a christmas tree. I couldn't find the energy to hate her more. “Get packing, now!” She demanded, handing the letter over to my gobsmacked sister for her to confirm herself. I was pushed up the stairs and found myself having no choice.

I didn't know what I would do for the fact that I had some friends here, and I was worried about how some would react, but I'd never come back, so there's no point really to be worried. They could... handle themselves and they have other friends like me, so again, no worries. All I have to focus on is packing and getting out of this hell hole.

A while later, a taxi cab sat outside and I  was pushed  out of the house my father built for us, the place I called home for 15 years, the thing I loved despite the fact everything else sucked ass. I didn't have time to react as I  was forced  to go into the cab with my luggage in hand. After the three things of baggage  was put  into the truck, I sat in the car watching my mother and sister go inside with grins. No surprise there really, but this was all happening too fast.

Grabbing my laptop out of the one bag I kept in my possession, a cheap broken down thing really, I began looking this school up. Of course most results came out in Japanese, but luckily I had learned some from a couple of people.

After a moment of confirming its existence, I sat back and relaxed as I watched the town I loathed disappear from view.

If I could, I would set the entire town on fire.

And maybe if I was lucky this place would lead me to a mafia gang in which I could come back and kick their sorry asses. I found my mind wandering off to my father, and I grinned

Don't worry, Pops. I'll manage myself, maybe get a job or simply put up commissions. After that, I can see if they have any dorms. If they don't maybe I can ask to stay at someone's house... if anyone actually pay attention to me.

I pretended as if he was talking to me, smiling as I drew my knees to my chest, pretending as if he was sitting next to me with a hand on my shoulder Don't say that, everyone will love you. You're the best Bumble Bee ever. My father calls me Bumble Bee because when I was in a kindergarten play, I was a bumble bee, the lead role!

I continued the conversation in my head until I realized something. We were going down the road to the airport, somewhere I haven't been in years. This trip cost money, and the last payment I had gotten was stolen by my mother and sister. Small panic arose as I sank into the seat, thinking of what I should do.

We made it to the airport, and drove up to the front where he stopped. My mouth went dry and hands got clammy. I didn't know what to do, but I could probably make a run for it and if I was lucky he hadn't worked out in a while!

He walked around and opened my door, then I quickly began to scramble out of the car until the man grabbed my arm. Felt like he had worked out recently...

'Bitch' I thought angry and he asked me where his money was. I faced the man and gave a nervous laugh "Well...ya see...I-"

"It's right here my good man" I turned my head to see a guy who wore way too much pink walked up with a top hat...a fucking top hat... I was too busy admiring that most holiest object to notice the man paid the bill, pulled me out, grabbed my shit out and the taxi drove off.

He looked at me and grinned "Well what is it MayuNikaSuki?" I cut out of my trance and grinned at him

"Holy crap, can I wear your top hat?"I cheered and he laughed. Of course I'm this man, he was pretty freaking awesome and paid off taxi fee.

"Sure" he only started the word and I took the hat and put it on

"I...feel...awesooome" I cheered as I held it to my head. He took his hat a moment later, to my displeasure, and patted my head.

"Let's get going" he grabbed my bags looking oh-so-flamboyant but oh-so-cool. I then realized he was a complete stranger. Forget the 'no talking to strangers' rule, he's pretty attractive. Plus, I have an advantage. My mom never told me to not talk to strangers, so ha.

"Who are you?" I asked finally and he gave me a bigger grin then what he was wearing. Creeeppyish.

"Mephisto Pheles my dear" then my face brighten up when I realized that he was named after Mephistophelis in a german folktale

"Your named after the demon!" I jumped up and down as he paid for our tickets

"Well, I didn't know kids were interested in stuff like that anymore" A glint was seen in his eye and I smiled pridefully

"Who wouldn't!" I screamed out. He turned around to walk along, and I began heading with him to get my bags checked out

"Tell me what you know" he said ever-so-interested.

"Mephistophelis was in The Praxis Magia Faustiana and in 1725, in the original story, he was a devil form of greyfrair, summoned by a man named Faust outside in the woods of Wittenberg." I continued the whole story, you wanna know the whole tale, google up Mephistopheles and look at it in Wiki. It is something you will not regret reading.

We continued on, and I continued the story, often adding my own comments into it. It went on until we were about to take off.

"You know a lot" Mephisto grinned even more- how the hell is that even fucking possible? - and I nodded "What about Amaimon?" He questioned curiously

"Oh! My favorite! Amaimon was the prince of hell and as some Girmories say, he was also the only one with the power to rule Asmoidai" I continued, which occupied our time for the most part. We drifted off through the conversation and ended up discussing various of demons and myths that I knew. He even told me some more information on a couple, or introduced me to different kinds all together.

Soon enough we were out at the port in Japan, and I had some of my luggage while he held the rest of it.

I was absolutely shocked when I noticed there was a pink limo waiting for us outside. As he stepped in I looked in it with a baffled expression "Quite frankly, I hate pink, but this is fucking amazing" I gaped as stepped in, sitting down and putting my bag down next to my feet.

"Huh? You don't like pink, why?" He asked with a hint of false hurt in his tone

"It just ain't my thing!" I stated out, but then I suddenly fell into realization. I was in a strangers car whom I did know."Wait, Where are we going?! Who are you?! I swear god I will scream at the top of my damn lungs" I began to stand up as much could in the limo and took a deep breath.

He threw a pillow at me and quickly spoke "I'm the principle of True Cross" he finally admitted while I sat with a stone face, motioning him to continue "I took a notice of your website online with your painting, the one with demons, and I noticed how familiar some were" He sat back and I felt the air go cold sitting down myself, suddenly realizing the name True Cross Academy.

"Oh" I spoke slowly "That..." I looked down and bit my lip nervously

"Don't worry, you're not in any kind of trouble. Actually, your variety of knowledge in demons interested me. I noticed how much you knew about them, and your knowledge could really aid True Cross" Mephisto tilted his head slightly.

I felt a business side of me pass over "And exactly how can I be of help to your school?"

"Oh, come on Mayu, we all know here that you're not ignorant of what actually goes on with True Cross, you've seen it all and I am fully aware. You can't hack into a school's restricted files and not be caught. And I think you'll find this option a lot more better than the other, and I think you know what that one is" He mused.

I sat there for a moment, weighing out what cards were placed in front of me. It was a really interesting deal, and quite frankly the other option wasn't one I really didn't want to go down, because who knows what they'd find out from me from some of my friends back home. I let out a sigh and sat back "So, I'm going to be training as an Exorcist?" I grinned "Quite frankly I see that a lot more interesting because it just sounds like a bucket of fun"

"And I bet it will be for you"

We ended up in front of a door under a road way, and Mephisto handed me a key that I took a moment to look at the engraving that was extremely fancy. It was quite gorges and I found myself not wanting to look away.

"This will lead to cram school-"

"Is it like spam?" I interrupted and he shook his head with a sigh

"No. Its cram school. Now shut up and listen. Now, this is connected to tunnels under the school. You will be staying in the girls dorms-"

"Nope! I will not stay in a dorm filled with gir-"

"Can you shut up?" He looked down at me as I look up at him. He didn't have prettiest expression on his face


"Okay!" He sighed, angered.

He left after he gave me information I needed on the school, and he had made sure to give me a key to the girls dormitory. I better damn well have the dorm room to myself. I sighed as I was left all alone to fend for my self. I readied my key, and after minutes of struggling, I finally got in (never had good luck with keys). I walked inside and stared around at the amazing and elegant engravings in the walls.

My attention was brought back to what room I was supposed to head to, but then I realized that I had ignored that he had said and was officially lost. Wonderful. Maybe I should just scream until someone helps me? Yeah, that's a good way to make myself known

I screamed out loudly word, hello, and waited for something to happened. A boy around my age walked out from a nearby classroom door

"What's the matter?" He asked in an irritated tone

"Oh, hi there, yeah, I'm lost. Where's Okumura's class?"

He nodded "Your late" he opened the door for me and I sat there for a moment, observing the boy. Lot's of moles and glasses.

"Dang, I really need to start listening!" I muttered under my tone, thinking about how I ignored what Mephisto was saying, and strided inside to the front of the class.

The guy cleared his throat, catching the attention of everyone. They were different bundles of kids. The dude continued "Everyone, this is Johnson MayuNikaSuki, and what is your excuse for being late?"

My eyes widen once I realized a kid was a teacher, but then narrowed sharp "It's that damn lock! I swear to god every lock hates me, I have no idea what I did to them but they don't work with me at all!" I yelled, dramatically and he rolled his eyes "Have a seat" he ordered.

I narrowed my eyes at him "Psh! Screw you too bitch..." I grumbled lowly "Detention" he said, causing me to groan. I sat down where no one was sitting and began grumbling insults under my breath.

I hate Okumura already.