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Groupchat: Voltron

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Keith- Kogayne/

Shiro- Shirogayne/

Matt- Mattmewiththatgayshit/

Pidge- Athoughtfulname/

Hunk- Hunkalove/

Lance- Sharpshooter/

Allura- Princessfightme/

Coran- Vodkaaunt/

CHAT: my gbf Shiro

Shirogayne: dude what am I gonna do about Keith?


Mattmewiththatgayshit: what do you mean?


Shirogayne: he won't leave the house, and for three months he hasn't spoken to anyone verbally, he'll text us but he won't like TALK to us


Mattmewiththatgayshit: pidge would have done the same thing if our mum hasn't put her foot down


Shirogayne: Keith isn't like pidge, I'm not saying hers isn't that bad, but he's got some real bad mental issues. He's lonely and even though he won't admit it I know he is


Mattmewiththatgayshit: hey! What if I introduced him to Pidge? They could like...ya know? Help each other


Shirogayne: that's actually not a bad idea….


Mattmewiththatgayshit: I'll make a chat with you me and Pidge and see if she'll be ok with it

[Mattmewiththatgayshit has made a group chat]

[ Mattmewiththatgayshit has added Shirogayne , and Athoughtfulname to the group chat.]

GROUP CHAT: Pidge I love you


Mattmewiththatgayshit: Pidge, my lovely little sister, will you do me a solid??


Athoughtfulname: Yeah why?


Mattmewiththatgayshit: bc I know about who broke mums fine China and I have video proof is wasn't Fluffy the cat


Athoughtfulname: you have my attention


Mattmewiththatgayshit: take over Shiro


Shirogayne: Pidge, you know my little brother. Keith


Athoughtfulname: Keith as in Kogane, the guy who went crazy during art and jumped into one of the big paint holders?


Shirogayne: Yeah…. That Keith


Athoughtfulname: Yeah I know him, Lance is like in love with him.


Shirogayne: what?


Athoughtfulname: you know how Lance wants to be a therapist?


Shirogayne: Yeah we all do


Athoughtfulname: well Lance was in art with him, and when ever someone brings up anything thing to do with art or mental illness Lance gets all blah blah, no one should have made fun of him and blah blah


Mattmewiththatgayshit: your getting off topic


Athoughtfulname: anyway what about Keith Kogane?


Shirogayne: he's my brother, and as of late he hasn't been talking to anyone unless it's been through texting, and even though he won't admit it I know he is lonely. So I was wondering if…


Shirogayne: if maybe you could talk to him and be friends with him and help him. I'm scared for him, and I can't help him bc I haven't been through it. I thought maybe you'd help me….?


Athoughtfulname: Shiro, of course I'll help you.


Shirogayne: thank you thank you thank you!!! Dude thanks. His name is Kogayne.


Athoughtfulname: wow runs in the family?


Mattmewiththatgayshit: nope I named them.


Shirogayne: yup I'm not gay. Keith is tho


Athoughtfulname: ok, I'll add him and start talking to him.


Shirogayne: thxxxx fam


[Athoughtfulname has sent you a chat!]


Athoughtfulname: hey I'm Katie Holt, you probably don't remember me, but I'm Matt’s little sister


Kogayne: I remember you. We used to play lions together


Athoughtfulname: oml I remember that


Kogayne: so..???


Athoughtfulname: I heard from Matt who heard from Shiro that you've been going through a deeper depression, and Shiro got a hold of me and asked if i could talk to you


Athoughtfulname: he cares about you, and I want to have someone to talk about my depression with,  so it's kind of a win-win


Kogayne: he….oml, I fucking love my brother. Katie, I'd love to talk to you


Athoughtfulname: I should probably tell you I'm not Katie, I'm Pidge. That's what I go by, I'm a dude


Kogayne: fuck dude I'm so sorry, I didn't know and I just remember you used to be Katie and she. And I fucked up I'm sorry you don't have to talk to me anymore


Athoughtfulname: dude, it's fine. It happens all the time with people who used to know me as Katie. Don't worry


Kogayne: ok. Still tho.


Athoughtfulname: I understand, just know I don't take it to heart and I know you messed up and your sorry for that


Kogayne: your a chill person


Athoughtfulname: you got any pronouns? Just asking


Kogayne: just Keith. I go by male pronouns, but I don't see the big worry. I wear what I want when I want


Athoughtfulname: yazzz. I have so many crop tops and shit my mother bought me, I could tell Matt to give this to Shiro to give them to you if you'd like? They range from pastels to black. I have skirts and shit like that. All the shit heads at my high school (aka the lgbtphobic principal) keeps trying to get me girly clothes like it will change me


Kogayne: you can do what my pastor says and pray the gay and sad away


Athoughtfulname: why do people think it's that easy? Like he ain't real he won't be able to help me stfu


Kogayne: ikr?! I personally don't believe in God and I won't judge you unless your one of those people


Athoughtfulname: the worst kinds of people *shudder*


Athoughtfulname: I'll send them with Matt tomorrow, they go to the same college. Ugh I ship it so much


Kogayne: you ship Shatt, too????


Athoughtfulname: yes!!! It's my otp.


Kogayne: dude I have so many pics. I'll send them to you


Athoughtfulname: I'll send you the ones I have!


Kogayne: duuuuuudddddeeee


GROUP CHAT: Pidge I love you

Athoughtfulname: why didn't you two introduce me to Keith earlier?! I fucking love him he's my new bff


Shirogayne: what?!


Athoughtfulname: he's almost exactly like me! We're twins minus the age. Bc you know… I'm in 8th grade and he's in 10th


Mattmewiththatgayshit: see dude I told you my plan would work


Shirogayne: Dudes, thanks. I needed this, I can't loose my little brother, and I don't want to be all like, “Get happy rn.” Bc that would be like preaching about how Nicki Minaj isn't my celebrity crush


Athoughtfulname: me and Keith are lucky


Mattmewiththatgayshit: *Keith and I


Athoughtfulname: fuck you Matt. Anyway were lucky bc we have such amazing big brothers


Athoughtfulname: I should prob go and inform Lance and Hunk that they've been demoted


Mattmewiththatgayshit: dude, I dare say this plan is gonna work out better then I could have hoped for.



GROUP CHAT:   The gayest flippin penguins


Athoughtfulname: guys you've been demoted. I have a new bff


Sharpshooter: well fuck you too Pidge


Hunkalove: well I wish you the best


Athoughtfulname: lance if you knew who it was you would understand


Sharpshooter: ohhh who is it?!?!?!?!?! Tell me rfn!!!!


Hunkalove: not to be rude, but what does rfn mean???


Sharpshooter: right fucking now


Athoughtfulname: stop trying to make that a thing Lance.


Sharpshooter: Shut up you 12 year old


Athoughtfulname: I'm 13, also stfu. I guess you don't want to know who it is.


Sharpshooter: no tell me!!!!


Athoughtfulname: it's Keith Kogane.


Sharpshooter: what?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!??!?


Hunkalove: I remember you mentioning that actually. Keith’s brother is your brothers bff, right?


Sharpshooter: so is it true that he's an omega???


Athoughtfulname: not my place to tell.


Sharpshooter: please!!!!


Athoughtfulname: nope


Sharpshooter: I hate you


Athoughtfulname: ilyt


Next day


CHAT: Kogayne, Athoughtfulname

Athoughtfulname: how are you today? Being honest today's been a down ward slope for me. Nothing is going right and I want to cry


Kogayne: you can always come over to my house and we can play like video games… Idk


Athoughtfulname: really? I mean I know where Shiro lives, do you live with him? Are you ok with me coming over?


Kogayne: yes to all of those questions


Athoughtfulname: kk. I'll be over soon


Kogayne: hey fair warning I don't like talking…


Athoughtfulname: well I do.


Athoughtfulname: also do you know what conspiracy theories are????




Athoughtfulname: Are we soulmates? Are you my soulmate?


Kogayne: come over rn


Athoughtfulname: I'm coming over rn. I'm in Hunk’s car rn and imma be right over


Kogayne: you got a certain thing you want to eat??


Athoughtfulname: give me some pretzels and Pepsi and I'm Ok


Kogayne: fuck you nasty


Athoughtfulname: me nasty? Says you! I bet your a DR PEPPER type of person


Kogayne: lol we can't be friends (it's fine Shiro is the same type of weird)


Athoughtfulname: lol fine I never liked you anyway (Really? Bc Matt is a DP guy too)


Kogayne: it's not you it's - Well it's you (lol wanna switch siblings?)


Athoughtfulname: I'm at the door (You can have him anyday)


Kogayne: keys under the flower pot 3rd one from the left


Athoughtfulname: kk