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King Jensen

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Jensen hadn’t met his father till the age of 15 having been whisked away and raised by Merlin the Wizard of Camelot due to his adulterous birth and slowly became brothers with Chad, Merlin’s own son. But Jensen could remember his father clearly, how much pride he took in being a knight of the round table. His father was in fact the highest of the knights and sat at the head of the table, he had always respected his father even when he was forced into a marriage with Lady Danneel Harris at 20, daughter to Uther Pendragon his father’s right hand man.

When Jensen turned 26 he still felt no love for this woman he had married no matter how she threw herself at him he could not force his love for her. When he turned 30 his father died during the battle with the Saxons and Camelot was at a loss.

It seemed no one knew how to carry on, who would lead the knights in battle? Who would sit at the head of the round table? Merlin came to the knights on the 10th day of his father’s death and told them that whoever drew the sword from the stone in Avalon would become King.

Many tried and failed—just getting to Avalon without the help of a magical being seemed tedious, no one seeming to be able to pull the sword from the stone no matter how strong they were. Jensen hadn’t planned on finding the sword or even giving it a try but Chad had insisted he give it a shot, telling him he might be surprised by the outcome.

Jensen tagged along to Avalon, his eyes blindfolded as they came to a heavy waterfall that seemed to be glowing with colors “you can’t see it,” Chad insisted “sometimes there’s too much magic for one’s own eyes.”

Jensen could feel the cool air as they passed through the waterfall, the water never once touching his skin. The blindfold was ripped from his eyes and a gasp left his lips as he took in the magical land before him.

Growing up he had always thought Camelot was beautiful and nothing could compare to his home but now he wasn’t so sure. The skies were a sapphire tint shaded with purple; the trees surrounding the land grew wild and overgrown as they hung down to the luscious dark green grass roaming the immense fields. A bright yellow moon hung up in the sky and Jensen stared at it in wonder before he looked down to the dark blue iridescent water, dazzling specs radiating off the lake as small fairies danced around it. He looked back up and spotted an island sitting in the middle of the lake and it took his breath away. An enchanted castle sat it looked hand carved and sported antique carvings along the sides. Statuaries of dragons tipped over the sides of the top point, jeweled stones sat in the middle of the entrance and moss and ivy covered the magical palace and mysterious flowers littered the sides.

“Who lives there?”

Chad just smirked and stopped the boat and got out making sure Jensen followed behind him before he knocked on the tall glass doors and took a step back, his hands behind his back.

A woman answered the door and Jensen gulped at her fae like look. She had long black hair and silver eyes. Ivy was imprinted down her neck almost like she was born with it and her lips were the color of pure gold, a midnight colored dress donned her body the cape around her neck was long and see through and covered with the night sky. She raised her head at Jensen and turned to Chad and they bowed to each other “I assume you’re here for Jared? I think you know where to find him.”

Chad grinned and bowed again “thank you Genevieve.”

As they started down the hill and to the edge of the lake Jensen asked “who was she?”

“That was Genevieve Queen of the Fairies. She lives in the castle with her brother Jared,” Chad turned then and held a twinkle in his eye “The Boy of the Lake.”

“The Boy of the Lake? So the rumors are true?”

Ignored, Chad stepped in the shallow end of the lake and closed his eyes and held his hands up before slamming them down and a bright haze of red shot out and shuddered through the lake and Jensen planted his feet firmly as the earth shook.

Suddenly the lake rumbled and the water sprayed up before parting down the middle and the most gorgeous creature Jensen had ever seen emerged completely untouched by the water that he rose from.

A boy, no older than 20, walked down the middle of the now divided sea. He had dark brown hair that swayed to the tops of his shoulders, hues of blue running through the shaggy ends. His skin was golden and shimmering almost like glitter covered his body, his eyes were slanted like a fox and lined with kohl the irises a swirl of colors but Jensen noticed when he tilted his head to the moonlight they seemed to be the color of the sea. His lips were a pale pink and his cheekbones were high and highlighted with a shimmery blue that seemed sunken into his skin and spread down to his neck where azure scales like that of a mermaids tail lined his collarbone. He was a wearing a high neck pale blue outfit that cut at the arms and flowed down to the bottom, cutting in the middle and flowing out on the sides, tight dark blue leggings were tucked into white knee high boots that had jewels running down the sides. And a golden crown made of crystals covered his hair.

The boy walked up to them and cocked his head as he stared at Jensen with innocent eyes before smiling so bright Jensen was sure the sun would overtake the sky. He watched as deep dimples dug in his cheeks before he turned to Chad and tipped his head up “I see you’ve returned.”

Jensen shivered at the melodic voice that left pink lips and watched as Chad grinned “of course I did…and I came back with the King.”

The boy raised a brow and turned back to Jensen and looked him up and down “him? You think it’s him?”

“I know its him; don’t doubt me Jay you should know better than anyone about the prophecy.”

Jared made a noise and bowed before Jensen “pleasure to meet you Jensen I am the Boy of the Lake but you can call me Jared.”

With that he turned and led them to a section of land filled with headstones, an apple tree in the middle and a large boulder next to it, a sword stuck in the center.

Jensen walked right up to the rock, like he was drawn to it and took in its expert craftsman ship. He turned and looked over his shoulder at Jared who nodded to him, his hair falling in his doe like eyes.

Jensen reached out and gripped the golden handle and gave a hard tug, stumbling back as he clutched the sword in his hand. He panted harshly as he twisted the sword and gave it a good wave.

Jared smiled his eyes twinkling in the moonlight “congratulations you have pulled Excalibur from its stone…Camelot has a new King .”