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The Legend of the Sun Knight ('s Personal Cleric)

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He is a knight. To be more accurate, he is the Church of the God of Light's Sun Knight of the 38th generation. He was apprenticed to the man known as the strongest Sun Knight in history and is lauded as a genius in his own right. He always holds himself with a serious, noble stature and is known far and wide for his solemn but reassuring smile.

He is also the only Knight-Captain ever who has implemented a combat cleric inside his platoon.

You heard me, a combat cleric.

Hey, holy light isn't just for healing you know! Clerics can do quite a bit of damage if they know the right spells, especially when fighting the undead who can only be killed by the holy element. Clerics have a way larger reserve of that than most holy knights.

What are you saying, a mage? No don't be silly, of course not! The Church of Light would never teach such impure spells that would disrupt one's gathering of the God of Light's holy power.

I learned those my accident when I walk pass the mage college downtown to buy sweets.

"I still don't see why I'm doing your report for you!!!" Ed whined as he slumped over two reports. I chuckled softly inside my head.

"But Ed," I reminded him putting on my best helpless face, the one that gets the priestesses to coo all over me. Take THAT Earth Knight. "Didn't my good friend promise Grisia one favor were he to lose in drinking the last time?...and it is such a small favor, only one report. But I suppose there is nothing Grisia can do if you do not want to honor it. I am just one measly little cleric."

A few female acolytes who passed us on their way back to the Sanctuary of Light stopped and looked curiously over at the comotion.

"I....I.....Dammit Grisia! Sh-shut up! Jeeze I'll do it. Why do you always have to make me look like I'm bullying you?" He grumbled , his face turning red, and took my report like a good friend would.

"But Ed would never ever be mean to Grisia. He is always looking out for Grisia in his own way. Thanks to him, Grisia has never once been unnecessarily injured." I let my face break into an honest soulful smile in full view of those girls.

That's right buddy, Do my bidding and I'll make you look as saintly as the goddamn pope.

Now that I have no more paperwork for the day, I have to hurry and get to my REAL job. you think I'm lazy and unrealiable Ed? Try doing what I do.

My path led me to the main hall of the Holy Temple, where the Sun Knight Platoon's Vice-Captain Adair was already crossing the threshold, probably doing more busy work than he really needed to. Adair is that type of troublesome guy who simply does not sit still, even after he's put us through all sorts of crazy training.

I headed towards the back of the temple to their rooms.

The Twelve Holy Knights, along with the pope, led the Church of Light in it's mission to rid the world of evil and sin. Their leader is the Sun Knight.

"Knight-Captain Rolaaaaand!" I called cheerfully as I opened his door without knocking.

Perched on the window sill, polishing the Divine Sun Sword, was a man with strong chiseled features and hair the gold of the summer sun. He was the sort of handsome guy whose face made all men irrationally angry just looking at how handsome it is.

It is a good thing that the Sun Knight only loves (swordsmanship) the God of Light and never women.

"Grisia, you should remember to call me by 'Sun' now." There was a soft just barely there smile on his face. It was not his Sun Knight smile.

"But that feels weird!" I complained, closing the door. Roland shook his head slowly, still smiling.

"Even so...Anyways, Grisia, I have to go see the King about taxes along with Storm, I'm sure you have duties back at the Sanctuary of Light..." I know that Roland, I'm going to help Knight-Captain Storm make sure that you don't get horribly taken advantage of. Seriously, how naive can a man get? You think I wouldn't rather be hanging around at the Sanctuary and picking up girls?

Yes, of course you think that. You never notice them.

"Take me with you." Roland doesn't hold my disrespect against me...He's far too used to it, hehehe. "My duties are taken care of."


"Grisia, again?" He asked the bridge of his nose wrinkled slightly. I can tell he's still reluctant to let me follow him to the palace however many times I've wormed my way into it before. "You know, I certainly won't be attacked inside the palace."

Not physically no, but you don't get to frown at the king and make yourself look bad so the fat pig can use that as a excuse to say the Church is biased against him.

"Please Captain? I don't get to go to the palace very often at all and it would be a very good opportunity for Grisia to wonder at our great King's grandness."

"...You just want to go play around." My friends rolled his eyes but by the smile on his face I knew he'd given up. Really he gave up far too easily these days. Do you see why I worry so much about him? He'll be eaten completely by that pig.

"He has very grand taste in home decorations." I smiled. Roland sighed again. "Sighing will take off three seconds of your life every time, Captain Roland."

"Oh Grisia, very well, let's go." Before Roland started towards the door he turned to me with his amused face. "How's my smile."

"Make brighter, by about four times, and be nicer....nicer....there," I coached him gently into some semblance of old man Neo's smile, only more serious. Roland does everything seriously. Even if he were to have to dance like a drunk goat while leering lecherously at the princess he would set to the task with the utmost seriousness.

Storm greeted us with an easy grin at the front of the holy temple.

"Good morning, brother Storm," Roland paused a bit, probably still not really used to saying so much. Not that I blame him. Compared to the former Sun Knight who could talk on for hours and hours, I'm glad Roland hasn't picked up such an awful habit. "May you recieve the blessing of the God of Light."

"Mornin' Sun," the Storm Knight nodded. "And Cleric Grisia, again."

"The God of Light be willing, I've allowed Grisia to accompany us today."

I smiled innocently from behind Roland tipping my chin down a little bit to look generally harmless.

What? Not becomming of a man? I'll show you not becomming of a man...if you think I'm going to compete with Roland's ridiculous height, you can forget it! Of all the knights only the Judgement Knight is taller than him.

...and sometimes the Moon Knight...It depends on how high he wants to raise his chin that day.

Anyways, the point is I don't stand a chance. It is much better to play innocent and know that I will win in that division instead.

"You really do spoil him," Knight-Captain Storm sighed and shook his head, throwing a coniving grin my way for added effect.

"The God of Light would want his children to be kind our brothers." Roland reminded him in return.

"There's kindness and then there's doting, Sun," Storm teased as we began to walk towards the palace. He pat me softly on the head as he passed. I let it go because even I know that sometimes, guys just need to feel like a man again when standing next to a ridiculous creature like Roland.

The royal palace was, as always, terribly opulent. It might not have been carved white marble, but it was almost hilariously large enough to fit three or four Holy Temples inside maybe, decorated on every conceivable surface, and somehow still managed to be overstaffed with maidservants.

Which was all well and good for me. I'm not exactly complaining....ok maybe I am a little. SLOW DOWN ROLAND! I can't look properly if I have to keep catching up with you. And it wasn't just me, Captain Storm has both eyes winking so fast, he looked like he was having a seizure. Poor poor Knight-Captain Storm, cursed to wink at any woman who passes his vision even if she were only slightly more bautiful than a dragon. I know of no one who can do what he does.

The fat pig of a king was sitting like a sack of butter three hulking warriors wide in the throne room. Seriously, how is he not dead of obesity?

"You! What are you doing here?" He scowled. Please, as if you have anything to be unhappy about.

"Greetings your majesty, may the God of Light smile upon you." Roland hesistated a little before kneeling to kiss the king's hand. I'll let him slide for that because eeeeeeeew.

"Bah! Go away! Nothing good ever happens when you lot come around." The pig grumbled earning a stiff sigh from his son.

"Surely not, your majesty. We only wish to fulfill our duty under the God of Light," as usual Roland hopped right down to business. "For example, the servants of our great Light God has come to me with news of a failing harvest. I come only to inform you. Surely it is not the best time to rai..." Ah Roland, short and sweet as always.

"Sun, I'm certain his majesty wishes to take care of the Light God's Children as well, no?" Storm cut in rudely. Roland gave him an odd lok, but that's ok. It's always been part of the Storm Knight's character to be carefree and brusque. Now it's my turn.

"That's right your majesty! Just the other day Grisia happened across a terribly sick old grandmother on the road whose vegetable garden has wilted by some harsh turn of fortune. Grisia is ever so glad that such a kind man as your majesty would understand the kinds of harships his people undergoes as we are all children udner the benevolence of the God of Light! Surely Grisia can beg your mejesty to ease their pains." Unfortunately, he is so short and sweet that the Holy Temple has enlisted me to make up for it....well it beats doing ceremonial duties. They pay me Roland's bonus for it too. Til this day, I don't think he knows he's supposed to have a bonus.

Not that he would care. Roland doesn't spend that much money.

Luckily, I can see that I have managed to sucessfully confuse the fact. even Knight Captain Storm was giving me an impressed look. It's ok Knight Captain Storm, I know.

"Wha-no!" the King roared, "Where would the funds for the Palace renovations come fromt?"

"Your majesty, at this time such things are..."

“Your Majesty.” Knight Captain Storm said airily, “All the kingdoms on this continent agreed that the taxes will be 20 percent. If you insist on raising them. We won't be able to help at all if things become...problematic."

That's why I love Knight Captain Storm. He alone amongst the Twelve holy Knights can threaten a Monarch with impunity.

"Storm!" Roland at least was quick to reprimand him as expected. It was even just for show. "The followers of the Church of Light do not threaten! Of course we cannot stand idly while the citizens of Leaf Bud City are harmed. Your majesty under the God of Light's benveolence."

"You keep saying the God of light's benevolence but you people do nothign but cause more trouble."

Ah Roland, you really are such a good guy to be able to resist murdering this fast bastard of a king. Ah well, it's my turn again.

"Trouble?" I gathered water elements into my eyes to make them turn bright and shiny. I, a cleric, am definitely allowed to lose my composure."But Kn-knight Captain Sun would never think to caus anyone trouble, only.....Isn't it much too pitiful? The gentle God of Light, since ancient times, has loved his children with all of his heart so that he aches even if a single one of them is hurt. Even in these times of trial designed by him to test his children, he must be so sad. It's much too pitiful to leave our fellow brothers unable to care for themselves and their families!"

"Grisia." Darn it Roland, you're NOT the one who's suppsoed to be moved! But by the way the councilors looked subtly sideways at the King, I knew I had their attention.

Knight Captain Storm on the other hand was conversing with the prince.

"You know I've always liked you, Crown Prince," he grinned lazily. "When do you think I'll be able to call you 'your majesty' huh?"

That did it. Still glaring at us the entire way, the king finally relented and had his servants usher us out as quickly as possible....which meant cute girls to console me because they were so moved! I let Roland skitter back along to his room to once again polish the Divine Sun Sword as I stayed to be say good bye properly.

Life was good as a back-up Sun Knight candidate.


Life is good as a back-up Sun Knight candidate.