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Part Six: The Scientist

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Doctor Emmett Brown had finally managed to create a time machine, without help from his pompous, proud, self righteous, know-it-all species.

The Time Lords, bah. They had banished him for daring to associate with the humans, they had mercilessly ripped his TARDIS away from him. He could still feel the great gaping hole where she had been in his mind. The traumatic loss had left him hectic and scatterbrained and confused.

But now, now that he had created a time machine- the Delorean- he could travel through time and take back the TARDIS. He shouted with glee and explained time travel as Marty McFly watched him with half confusion and half awe. 

Emmett finally stopped but his thrill of victory was ripped cruelly away as he saw them, the Libyans he'd stolen the plutonium from to make his time machine. It had been a necessary evil, one easily accomplished with psychic paper he'd managed to replicate. That had not been easy with only earth artifacts and the few alien objects he'd managed to find. Apparently it had also not been as affective as he'd thought.

He was vaguely aware of his mouth running ahead of him again.

Well, the plutonium hadn't been the key key. He just needed to use it to spark a reaction within the dormant time energy causing a causal well, stuff. Usually the TARDIS didn't use plutonium, it wellllll.... Complicated.

Anyway, oh boy, the Libyans were mad and Marty was going to get himself killed unless he ran now- they had a big gun and-




Time swelled and changed and he gasped awake, bolting upright into the night air- quite impossibly breathing, events that had not been there before exploded into his mind in vibrant starbursts of color. Marty was leaning over him looking happy, very relieved, and at least a week older.

The letter! Ah, the letter, he pulled it out with a elated look on his face, oh, that boy was brilliant and far too kindhearted to an old tired Time Lord on his last crazed and desperate regeneration.

Emmett Brown sat up and laughed.