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My roommate is a werewolf

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It all started when Junhui saw Wonwoo getting dressed in their shared room. Usually, the boy would dress up in the bathroom, but the sink where he always left his clothes on was wet — something wrong with the faucet maybe.

Jun came back from one of his classes and walked into the room, not bothering to knock, (they agreed on not having to knock as it didn't make sense since they both lived there) and caught Wonwoo half naked. The boy was sitting on the bed with only sweatpants on and about to put on a shirt.

“Hi” Jun greeted, closing the door and leaving his bag anywhere.

“Helloooo” Wonwoo said, oblivious to the fact that his roommate had his eyes glued to his belly, or more specifically, his body hair.

The Chinese felt his mouth watering and swallowed thickly. Suddenly, he felt thirsty. His roommate's body hair started from the middle of his chest and ended... Well, the end was under Wonwoo's sweatpants. The thought made Junhui shiver and shake his head in an attempt to clear his mind.

“It's hot in here, isn't it?” he asked, moving the collar of his shirt in a way that let the air in.

“You think so? You can close the window. I don't mind” Wonwoo said, getting out of the way for Jun to reach the window.

“No, it's ok. I'll drink some water and come back” he managed to say, turning his back to his roommate and opening the door to the hall.

Junhui knew that Wonwoo was hairy. His knuckles, the back of his hand, his arms and legs, even his feet! He knew it. However, Jun had never wondered what Wonwoo's chest and stomach would look like. Now, he was shocked, but not in bad way. He felt an urge to touch that body, run his palms and fingers along the line on Wonwoo's torso, caress his chest and lick...

His heartbeat was starting to rise, so Jun took deep breaths and concentrated in his steps, setting up a rhythm and walking towards the kitchen of his floor.

They considered themselves friends. Sometimes, there were benefits to their relationship, such as making out at parties or cuddling to watch a movie. They were cool with it. Junhui's mind and body, however, needed more.

Jun had a thing for body hair. He didn't like it on himself, but found it interesting and arousing in a way on other people. For example, when Wonwoo didn't shave and let his beard grow, he felt nervous whenever the boy was around.

Sighing, the Chinese wandered around the hall. He had nowhere to go, but going back to the room was dangerous. He could ask Wonwoo for a make out session and the boy wouldn't mind, but asking him to take off his clothes for him to pet his hair was... Weird, really weird.

Groaning, the boy went down the stairs and left the building, going to the garden, where he could think more clearly. Except, he was wrong.

The thought of Wonwoo's body hair lived in Junhui's mind for a whole week. He couldn't not think about this for a long time. It was near of becoming an obsession.


“Are you ok?” one day, Wonwoo asked, leaning down to stare Jun in the eyes.

The Chinese gulped and replied “Yeah. Why?” his face was so close to his own.

“You've been frowning for like... I don't know, hours”

Jun said nothing. His roommate's short beard was making him feel something inside. That black hair on his face, framing his features and making him look manlier was so attractive.

“Is there something you want to talk about?”

Yes. “No. I'm just distracted” he let out in a low tone.

“Ok” Wonwoo hesitantly moved away, going back to his studies.

Junhui couldn't help sighing and flopping down on the bed. He was afraid of Wonwoo's reaction if he told him what was on his mind. But his bottled desire would kill him.

“I was wondering... There's a gathering today at a frat. Want to come?” Wonwoo asked, still concentrated in writing and reading.

“I'll pass. Have fun” it was a good thing that Wonwoo would let him alone. He could breathe.

“I'm not going. Only if you wanted to go. It's been some time since we hung out. I'm trying to lift your mood” he turned on his chair and smiled at Jun.

It was at times like this, when Wonwoo was so kind to him that Junhui found harder to resist the attraction between them.

“And it's been a long time since we... Had some fun” the Korean said “I hope it's not weird if I say I kinda miss you that way. Don't get me wrong. It's just that we're already used to each other so it's easier, better, I guess” he turned back to the table, burying his face in a book, blushing.

Jun almost thought he was hearing things because what his roommate said was just what he wanted to hear.

Sitting on the bed and looking at the other's back, the Chinese licked his lips and decided to try.

“We don't need to go to a party for that to happen. You know that, right?”

Wonwoo didn't say anything, but he was listening.

“And I don't think it's weird” Junhui added.

The mood in the room changed. There was something floating in the air, some kind of tension.

“I'm relieved” Wonwoo took a deep breath and turned around, staring at Jun with that poker face of his.

“What?” he asked. The Korean looked like he was waiting for a reply, but Jun didn't know what to say.

“Nothing. I'm just letting that sink in” he said, his eyes not leaving Junhui. “You're basically saying that you're up to casually making out with me anytime. Do you realize that?”

“So what?” Jun shrugged.

“Nothing” Wonwoo shook his head and turned around.

“What? You don't want it?”

“I want. That's the problem” the boy sighed.

“I don't see how that's a problem” Jun was very relaxed, propping himself on his elbows.

“Because we live together” he tried explaining.

“That just makes things easier. What are you afraid of?”

“I'm not afraid” he lied.