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A Princess Peach Story

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Chapter 1
Jr could see the castle looming right in front of him, the massive doors were almost within reach. His tiny legs were so weary from running down the main road toward the castle, he didn’t have his clown car papa gave him for his birthday. He couldn’t risk Kami catching him after she forbade him from leaving he castle. His shell felt like a thwomp was sitting on his back, but he kept running. He was tough just like his papa.

He was able to reach the Mushroom Kingdom on his own thanks to his lakitu friend, but if he knew one thing for sure Kami would find him soon enough, the old hag koopa was alot craftier than most people knew. And if his poppa ever found out, he knew he would get roasted for sure but he had to see his momma.

Jr was so focused on his destination, he never noticed the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom poke their heads out from their homes. Koopas were bad news in the Mushroom Kingdom, Bowser Jr being almost as awful as his father. The toads were in a panic, if Jr was here then something bad was going to happen. It always did. But this time instead of their usual panic,each toad grabbed the nearest rock, stick or stone and bore down on the child.


Jr huffed in relief as he entered the castle grounds, he slowed his pace to catch his breath. He managed one lung full when pain exploded on the back of his head, knocking him to the ground with a cry.

The boy squeezed his eyes shut for a moment and when he opened them the frightened and angry faces of the toad people surrounded him.

“Why are you here?” they shouted.

“You’ve come to take the princess again haven’t you?!”

“No! well.. I mean.. I just really need to talk to my momma.”

“Stop calling her that monster! She is not your mother!” one shouted.

“Thats disgusting,” another one sneered. “Hes going to take the princess again! Well we aren’t gonna let that happen anymore. Get him!”

The toads begin to pelt the boy with their rocks and sticks, some bouncing harmlessly off his shell but others finding there marks on his softer scales.

“Ow! Please stop! I just wanna see my momma!” he cried, but all that seems to do it infuriate the toads further.

Jr is scared, he doesn’t want to fight the toads, He knows if he hurt them his momma would be sad. Unlike his papa he doesn’t like to fight. He prefers his tricks he plays instead. He cant even scare the toads away because he isn’t old enough to use his fire breath yet. Right now he wishes he could be strong like his papa. He shrinks slowly into his shell, whimpering, calling out for his momma.

In his last attempt, he does what his father would do, what the King of Koopas would do. He takes one deep breath, holds it like he’s seen his papa do and bellows,”MOMMA!!!!”


Peach enters her gardens and basks in the warm sunshine. All day she had been in meeting after meeting until she thought her brain would melt. She had all she could stand for the day and made up a weak excuse to Toadsworth about feeling faint.

The frail princess act did come in handy once in a while because Toadsworth called an end to the days meeting until she felt well again.

She would feel well if she never went to another meeting, but in the end it was for the good of her people so she didn’t mind too terribly. Now that she had the day to herself, she wanted just that. Time to herself, no meetings, games, events. Just her and the sunshine. Luckily she had no social calls to make.

The Mario Brothers we off on another quest in Daisy’s kingdom, and knowing Daisy she would try and keep the younger brother with her for sometime. At this she had to smile, those two were so smitten with each other…unlik-



Peach stilled, she knew that voice. A distinct roar just like his fathers. Bowser jr!

She gathered her skirts and took off at a run. As fast as her heels will allow her. The cry came from the front of the castle and as she rounds the castle walls she sees a mob of her citizens.

All of them like she has never seen them. Angry, shouting, and in such a frenzy.Her height allows her to see over most toads and what she sees chills her blood.

In the center of this mob is a large green koopa shell surrounded by rocks and sticks. The violence alone is enough to scare her but this shell is special. Very few koopas have spiked shells and none that are that size and color.

Its Jr.

He’s tucked in his shell, the gleaming spikes facing upward challenging anyone to get close to those wicked points. Some citizens noticed the arrival of their monarch and started to back away. Others were so lost in their rage that they continued to pelt the child even after her cries for them to stop.

“Stop this! STOP! I order you to stop!”

Useless, she thought, they cant or wont listen to her and the crowd was so dense she couldn’t make her way to Jr. He was just a boy, they could really hurt him and if Bowser found out he would raze this land in revenge.

Peach raised her hands, she knew what she had to do, but god she didn’t want to. The thought alone making her queasy, but she wasn’t going to let a little boy come to harm,not while she was here.

Peach closed her eyes and felt her body start to tingle. She focused her feelings into her core and then the gem on her dress, just like her father showed her.

From her gem to her finger tips the energy flows until shimmers form In her hands. The magic shimmers on her fingertips as she directs it to the toads. As one they all fall still and silent, she raises her hand and the toads lift from the ground and away from Jr to a magic bubble she has cast to contain them.

Once inside she releases them from their paralysis and the toads collectively gasp.

The princess has never used her magic against them,she wont even use her powers to keep Bowser at bay and yet she would rather save this monsters child than help her own people.

The toads look at one another in shock as they see their princess reach the child. Peach can sense the feelings of betrayal coming from the Toads. She knows she has done something that can not be fixed with sweet words and cake but she pushes all those thoughts aside as she reaches Jr.

The boy has retreated so far into his shell, he doesn’t notice that he is no longer in danger. Peach kneels before the shell and hears a low growl echo from within.

She exhales a small gasp, Jr has never reacted that way to her before and to hear it makes her heart clench.

Peach has never liked the thought of violence. She has always done her best to resolve any problem with decorum and peaceful words. She’s not naive, she knows not all things can be solved this way, hence the need for the Mario Bros.

But this is an ideal that she has kept close to her heart ever since the passing of her father. Something she hoped her people would understand and embrace. She thought her people so kind and caring but it seems that kindness had a breaking point and she was the one to blame.

Laying flat on her stomach she tries to peer into the shell. She marveled for a brief moment at how completely koopas could retreat into their shells, so far in fact she couldn't even see his face. As she proceeded closer to the opening the growling intensified and for a fraction of a second she felt fear. But Jr needed her and thats what mattered more.

Peach laid her hand on the shell and spoke softly into it.

“Jr its ok. You’re alright now.”

The growling had stopped but she was met with silence. Jr was such an exuberant child that the silence unnerved her. She could almost feel the fear that oozed from the shell like a thick miasma. Peach’s throat felt thick with tears but she managed to say the one thing that could possibly reach the child.

“It’s ok honey, momma’s here.”With this she was met with a tiny snout and frightened eyes.


Peach smiled and the young koopaling burst from his shell and cried “MOMMA!”, and quickly clung to her breast.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw her people shift uncomfortably at this. She ignored them in favor of the child soaking her dress and gasping for breath as he simultaneously cried and spoke.

The poor thing was trembling and desperately trying to speak through his hot tears but to no avail because Peach could not understand a word he was saying. She shushed him and gently started to rock him. She held him on her knees with one hand wrapped under him and the other holding his head to her. It was hard holding the heavy boy but he clung to her so desperately it made it a little easier.

The mushroom people gaped as they watched their princess protect and soothe the child of their fiercest enemy. Dumbfounded they remained silent, a captive audience as they still remained in the bubble the princess cast.

The princess continued to rock Jr as his breathing slowed and he was no longer gasping for breath. He felt embarrassed that all these people were watching him cry like a baby but deep down he didn’t care. His momma felt so nice and he knew she would be able to help him. He knew this cuz his momma was smart, powerful, and super nice. He didn’t have to be afraid anymore. He raised his head from her dress, sniffed a few times and tried to speak again.

“Jr are you ok? Do you feel better?”His momma asked.

“Yes momma, but I really need your help.”

“My help?What do you need help with?’

Jr took a deep breath and tried his best to be brave like his papa.

“Momma I-..” Peach could see his eyes well with tears again and his little snout trembled.

“Please save daddy momma.” he whispered.