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He does this thing (called being extra)

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                             It happens at night, somewhere around eleven p.m.

"Have you lost your damn mind?"

Yoongi huffs. It dissolves later in a burst of sweet giggles that make a pleasing heat nestles in Jungkook's stomach. He doesn't need to look at his friends to know they're looking at him with bewilderment or just plain exasperation.

Jungkook's a man on a mission of love though, he's not insane. So he shamelessly admits that he fucking bought a lot of puppies just for Yoongi to rise on his tippy-toes and flung his small body at him cheerily. It feels great, please understand, Yoongi would never ever do it on his own — Jungkook had to take matters into his own hands.

So that's what he did. Something like forty-five minutes after Yoongi not-so-secretly gushed on and on about the puppies in the animal shelter.

He does know he must look like melted caramel right now, all dazed and cooing and eyes sparkling but who could blame him damn it?

There are at least seven puppies jumping and nuzzling Yoongi's body right now, tiny and absolutely adorable just like the man currently on the floor giggling. Fucking giggling. Not a snort, a huff, or the attractive explosive laugh he so freely gives away when he's genuinely amused. No, no, a sweet something, high in his throat and colored, Jungkook swore, all the colors of the rainbows and that tasted like a strawberry cake freshly made.

You can be damn sure Jungkook would be weak for that.

He realizes he's speaking out loud when Hoseok loudly snorts and gives him a pointed look. It's supposed to convey something but Jungkook ignores it, maybe he won't get called on his weakness, maybe his friend's going to disappear with everyone else and they'll be left alone. Yoongi and him. And the puppies. "You're weak to Yoongi-hyung altogether though." Hoseok insists, and Jungkook swears he's going to eat the last chocolate pudding in revenge.

"Excuse me? Can we go back to the fact that Jungkook bought seven puppies just to make Yoongi happy?" Namjoon stresses, and are those grey hair on his head already?

"He bought them? I thought Yoongi was the sugar daddy?" Taehyung mutters in feigned confusion, laughing loudly when Jungkook starts to chases him around the house. He slips on the carpet and falls with a yelp, it's Jungkook's turn to laugh until it gets strangled away in a weird sound as a puppy goes and licks Yoongi's cheek.

"It sounded like a dying goat mixed with a moaning shrimp." Hoseok pipes up, looking weirdly at Jungkook.

"Shrimps fucking moan?" Jimin shouts, voice rising in morbid curiosity.

Jin mutters a "language, young child" somewhere in the middle of trying to understand if Namjoon's seriously having grey hair because of them or if that's a trick of the light.

Everyone seriously considers the question. Jungkook hates his hyungs sometimes. Except Yoongi who's still blissfully oblivious and swimming in a sea of puppies all too happy to give him their attention.

Jungkook's heart swells and he melts. He feels numb and weak because his heart actually does things you know, it starts to beat violently and then stops altogether and his breath just, just leave him you know? He feels breathless but happy, his cheeks are already heating up he knows it, just like he knows his gaze is becoming too intense and is burning holes in Yoongi's spawled little body.

Yoongi who stopped prank-stealing his underwear in favor of taking his sweatshirts, those that are already too big on Jungkook and simply swallows Yoongi's delicate frame. He looks tiny and cuddly in those, softer than ever now that puppies are all around him and his resting bitch face is gone. He feels the alarming signs of his impulsion roaming under his skin, like a hunter prowling around his prey before he pounces. It's hot and disarming, makes his heart beats faster again and his already red lips redden even more as he bites them harshly. He wants to do something to the vulnerable man cozy under a blanket of puppies, wants to push the sweatshirt (mine, a beast inside him growls in a possessively pleased tone) already riding high on a pale and flat stomach, wants to make it red with his kisses and bites until Yoongi swears at him and calls him a brat until his moans become too much for him to protest anymore.


"The beast is awakening!" Jimin jumps in Hoseok's arms with a frightened gaze. The older boy's already shivering, nodding along Jimin's words.

"We better hide, the muscle bunny is coming out!"

"Muscle pig!"

"Why are we talking about Jungkook's muscles out of the blue?" Namjoon looks bewildered, batting Jin's hands away with anguished eyes.

He was supposed to scold Jungkook on his frivolous spending, even if the boy was loaded didn't mean that he should spend his money like thin air. It was a lost cause though, Jungkook had absolutely no idea of what common sense was when it came to Yoongi.

"Because," Taehyung gets his camera out just in case an impromptu and hot make-out session starts in a blink of an eye. Hoseok approves. "Muscle bunny is about to pounce with those amazing muscles of his."

He wrinkles his eyebrows in concentration, a mischievous smirk tugging on his lips. And to think people picture him as an unattainable gorgeous being. He's gorgeous for sure, but way more weird and goofy than people imagine. Bless their innocent souls.

"Muscle pig," Jimin insists, and it's decided, Jungkook hates them all.

He chances a look at Yoongi after a (sadly) failed attempt on Jimin's life by pillow suffocation. His breath gets stuck in his throat though because Yoongi's already looking at him. There's an unreadable look in his cat-like eyes, small and curved upwards and more and more hooded. He didn't manage to escape Taehyung's clutches this morning and ended up with delicate and almost invisible red eyeshadow around his eyes. It was fucking gorgeous, alright, made him look like some kind of fiery fairy, small and cute but definitely deadly. He's looking at Jungkook with those eyes, curiosity can finally be read, interest too, enough for Jungkook's eyes to go crazy again, all wrapped up in the mystery and aloofness that is just Yoongi.

Jungkook feels like something snaps inside of him. Something that didn't break for two weeks after Yoongi hid from him whenever he talked in public (which was silly, Jungkook's eyes will always find their way back to Yoongi. It's destiny, he said, Hoseok insisted that it definitely wasn't.) It drove his self-restraint crazy.

It's a wonder he hadn't broke earlier.

So really, no one is surprised when Jungkook's halfway across the room and kissing the hell out of an eternally oblivious Yoongi.

"Damn it, Jungkook!" Jimin swears, reluctantly paying a smug-looking Hoseok.

Jin looks intrigued, while Taehyung laughs evilly and takes way too many pictures under the scandalized eyes of Namjoon. "Did you guys seriously bet about this?"

"Who do you think we are?" Hoseok looks genuinely offended as he counts his money. Jimin eyes him with a pout. Namjoon is just done with everyone and everything.

Taehyungs lets out a scream not unlike those of a fangirl, their eyes snap to the kissing couple on the ground and even them aren't immune enough for a heavy blush not to stain their cheeks.

Because Jungkook's eagerly tugging Yoongi's hair backward as he positively ravages his mouth, Yoongi pushes at his boyfriend's shoulders, as embarrassed as always with public display of affection but — it seems to feel too damn good, his hands aren't pushing away but griping now, his back arching in a sinful curve as Jungkook gropes his hips his thighs his ass, hunched as he is between Yoongi's spread legs and once again forgetting everything around them.

"This is live porn," Hoseok points out shakily.

Namjoon passes out. From stress or because it was too hot, the mystery's still complete.

"And all because of puppies."

"Holy shit the golden maknae is devious, exploiting his hyung's weaknesses like that!"

"We should be admirative though," Jimin whispers, eyes trained in the couple that doesn't seem to want to stop, if the way Yoongi tugs at the taller boy's shirt and whispers dirty words that only seem to fuel Jungkook's eagerness. "He fucking bought seven puppies to bring Yoongi's soft side out."

A pause.

"What a man." Jin mutters in awe. They readily agree.

The following morning, Yoongi chases them all around the house with an army of puppies following his lead. He's not as scary as he would usually be though, what with his noticeable limp and the fact that his army is fucking puppies. Jungkook just looks at him with a pleased and proud glint twinkling in his eyes. That's his man right here, guys.