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Hybrids and Lawyers (Temporary Hiatus)

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Disclaimer: I do not own The Vampire Diaries.

I also do not own the cases, I got them off Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Any views or opinions expressed in these cases are NOT my own.


  Leyanna Lories stared at the newspaper in front of her. It was a story about a recent case that she had been working on.

Park Killer Caught

It has recently been revealed to us that the 17-year-old girl who was found dead in a park, was killed by her own boyfriend. It is rumoured that he saw her having sex with a man she met online…

  Leyanna sighed as she looked at the other newspaper underneath that, also about another case that she had been working on.

Health Alert HIV: Perv Infected Hundreds of Women

Police have caught the man who slept his way around five different dating sites, knowingly infecting them with HIV. The police know of 11 woman who he infected, although there could be more who are too embarrassed to speak up. When questioned as to why he wanted to infect these women, he shouted “The prostitute who infected me never warned me. These women on those dating sites, they’re asking for it!” …. It is said that the man’s grandfather killed himself, telling his grandson “Take responsibility for what you did. Don’t let me die in vain.” Many people think that this is what persuaded him to plead guilty on all counts…

  Another paper next to that one caught Leyanna’s eye and she turned to it, only to find that it was a story about another case of hers.

Victim of HIV Perv sprays acidic substance on him during court

A victim of the man who went around spreading HIV sprayed him with an acidic substance, screaming, “Now you look like the monster that you really are!” The woman was restrained and dragged out of court before being put in a holding cell, awaiting charges. The woman was released, with no charges pressed against her…

  Leyanna still couldn’t believe that all of that drama unfolded from finding a dead girl in the park. None of them could have ever guessed that the man she had sex with had HIV, nor could they have anticipated one of the women that he slept with would assault him in court.

  If Leyanna was being honest with herself, she was glad that it was all over, they were probably some of the most stressful cases she’d ever worked on. Shaking her head, Leyanna turned away from the newsstand and began walking across the square to the grocery shop when she caught sight of Alaric Saltzman watching her out of the corner of her eye.

  Changing direction, Leyanna marched over to him, fuming.

   “When exactly are you planning on patching things up with Jenna? I mean your vampire wife just turned up on her doorstep, who she thought was dead and you haven’t spoken to her about any of it! She is really upset about this you know. If you want to keep her then I suggest you go and talk to her about this.” She became even more infuriated with him when he just continued to stand there and smirk. Wait, smirk? Alaric doesn’t smirk …

  “Does Jenna know then? About the vampires?” He questioned, staring intently at her.

  Furrowing her brows, Leyanna stared at him as if he had just grown two extra heads. “No, you idiot, how could she? We’ve all done everything we can to keep it from her. Why would you think she did?”

  Seeming slightly confused, Alaric shook his head before smiling. “Er, no reason. Just forget about it. So, have they kept you in the loop?”

  Nodding, Leyanna answers. “Yes, you know about my deal with the Salvatore’s. I keep out of their business so long as they keep me in the loop. I know all about the whole Elijah, Klaus and the moonstone thingy.”

  “Oh yeah, hey you never told me why you don’t get involved with it all.” He cocked his head to the side as if trying to figure something out.

  “Come on Alaric, you know how busy my job can get. I mean I had three separate cases to focus on this past week. And they all unravelled from a seventeen-year-old girl being found dead in the park. Being a prosecutor for the Special Victims Unit isn’t easy. I don’t need any more stress from dealing with the supernatural as well.”

  Hiding his surprise, Alaric answered, “Yeah it doesn’t seem easy. I’ll, uh, go talk to Jenna now. You were right, I can’t keep dodging her. I’ll tell you when we have any more information.”

  Smiling, Leyanna thanked him before walking back to the grocery store to get the ingredients for her lunch, completely unaware of Alaric’s puzzled eyes watching her carefully.


  It was just after lunch when Leyanna got a call from a very upset and frightened Jenna.

  “Anna, I need you t-to come over to th-the Salvatore’s. Now please?” Jenna hiccupped out in between sobs.

  Immediately worried, Leyanna grabbed her car keys and bag, locked the door on her way out and got into her car.

  “Ok Jenna, I’ll be there soon.” She hung up, putting her car in gear and backing out of her driveway.

  By the time that Leyanna got to the Salvatore residence, Leyanna was just about having a panic attack, thinking of all the things that could have gotten her aunt that scared.

  Storming into the house, she was met with the Eternal Jackass. Otherwise known as Damon Salvatore. “Where’s Jenna?”

  Pointing in the direction of the living room, he answered, “In there. Go gentle, she’s a bit … fragile at the moment.” Giving her a tight smile he carries on down the corridor towards the cellar.

  Ignoring how tense he was, Leyanna carried on into the living room and found Jenna sitting on the couch, shaking slightly.

  Rushing over to her, Leyanna asked “Are you ok? What happened?”

  “Elena’s told me everything. I know it all.”

  “What? Why? We all agreed that it would be safer for you if we kept you out of it.” Leyanna was horrified to learn that they’d told Jenna everything. I mean, do they want to put an even bigger target on her back?

  Shaking her head, Jenna looked at Leyanna with eyes full of tears. “It was Ric. Although it wasn’t really Ric, it was some guy named Klaus in his body. He came round to speak to me about the Isobel situation and then Stefan turned up and Ric started spouting out crap about vampires and werewolves and witches and then, when I told him to leave he came at me with a knife but Stefan stopped him. He told me to come here and Elena explained everything when she turned up after me. I don’t – I mean – this stuff isn’t real.” Jenna shook her head again as a few tears leaked out of her eyes, despite her best effort to keep them in. “It isn’t. Because if it is then I failed. I failed at keeping Elena safe, at keeping Jeremy safe; at keeping you safe.”

  “Hey. No you didn’t. You didn’t fail. You didn’t fail anyone.” Leyanna denied, frowning angrily.

  Looking up at Leyanna, more tears fell from her eyes and her shaking increased. “I’m scared Anna. I am so, so scared.”

  Leyanna pulled her into a hug as Jenna started crying, rubbing her back softly and repeating comforting words in her ear until she drifted off into sleep.

  Gently sliding out from underneath her and placing her on the couch, Leyanna stood up and crept quietly from the room, planning on giving the Salvatore’s a piece of her mind. She found Damon in the in the library, nursing a drink.

  Stalking over to him, she slapped the drink out of his hand and onto the floor. “What the hell?!” He exclaimed shooting up and giving her a glare that had made many braver men tremble.

  Except it didn’t work on Leyanna, she simply gave him a glare that was just as terrifying back. “Get over it Damon, it’s a drink. There are more important matters to attend to.” At his snort of indignation, Leyanna grabbed a letter knife off the table next to her and stabbed it into his left arm. Damon gave a yell of pain and pulled it out before snarling at her. “Why the hell didn’t any of you bloody leeches tell me that Klaus was inhabiting the body of my aunt’s boyfriend!? We had an agreement, I don’t kill any of you, you keep me in the loop. Since you seem to think it’s ok to back out on that should I go back on my part of the agreement too!?”

  Creeping closer to her so that he towered over her, he growled, “What do you think the 5 voicemails were for? If I remember correctly, you’ve had a busy week and wouldn’t answer our calls. You are the one who didn’t pick them up, it is not our fault that you didn’t know.”

  Sneering, she shot back, “A text would have sufficed. Hell, even an e-mail would have been preferable to this.”

  “Well what do you expect us to do, huh? What’s done is done, I can’t un-do it. So, I say we make the best of a bad situation.”

  Before Leyanna could further express her rage, Stefan came walking into the room. “Are you going to be staying here tonight Anna?”

  Nodding, Leyanna replied, “Yes I’m going to go home and pack an overnight bag before coming back here. I just had a bone to pick with Damon here first. Seeing as that’s done, I’ll leave you to it. Goodbye Stefan. Damon.” As Leyanna walked out of the house, she heard the distant sound of fighting.

  Probably arguing over who loves Elena more again …


  Pulling up to her house, Leyanna received a text message from her cousin, Elena, warning her that Klaus was half-werewolf, half-vampire. But that he had a curse on him, preventing him from turning into a werewolf.

  Great, an even more dangerous species in this messed up world. Yippee.

  Clambering out of the car, Leyana could hear her dog, Ruffus, barking. Smiling, Leyanna unlocked her front door and walked in, spotting her two-year-old red setter on the rug in the living room.

  Bending down, she stroked her hand over his head before going upstairs and starting to put together her overnight bag. She had just finished and was downstairs putting some food out for Ruffus when the doorbell rang.

  Cautiously walking towards it, Leyanna opened her door to find a handsome young man with blonde hair and blue eyes dressed in dark clothes. Now, with Leyanna knowing about the supernatural and given the line of work she was in, alarm bells immediately started going off in her head.

  “Can I help you?” She asked politely, inching closer to the table behind the door where a letter opener was.

  He gave her a wide, almost amused smile and stated, “You don’t remember me. Of course, you wouldn’t seeing as the last time we met, I wasn’t myself.” When Leyanna continued to stare at the mad man, he seemed to grow slightly annoyed that she hadn’t cottoned on to what he was trying to say. “The last time we saw each other, was earlier today before lunch. You gave me some advice about how to deal with my host’s girlfriend.” He smiled, seeing the dread flood her face.

  “Klaus …”