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Lazy BTS Drabbles

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“I think it’s too big for me.” I murmured.

“Y/N just relax, it’ll fit in your mouth” Namjoon insisted as he dabbed it on my lips. 

“Can you guys stop?” Jin snapped from across the table. It’s quiet except the hot sizzling of the meat on the grill, the six pair of eyes landed on us. I tried to hide my blushing cheeks but this friend snickering beside me didn’t stop Jin.

“It’s just a wrap Namjoon, just let her feed herself” Jin scolded pointing at Namjoon with his chopsticks.

“Hyung, I worked so hard making this wrap for her.”




“99!” I squeaked, turning around to get another shirt from his closet.

“Noona I can’t do this anymore” Jungkook groaned trying to breathe under all the layers of clothing.

“Come on Jungkook one more” I assured him as he whines on the floor.

“Jungkook! Did you open my—“ Yoongi came in with an open bag of chips, he looked at me and Jungkook. “I’m not even going to ask” then left.

Jungkook and I burst out laughing as I hold up the shirt for him.

After minutes of struggling, he looked at me and said...

“I can’t feel my arms"




"Stop moving!” I smiled, rather wickedly as the younger fails to scuffle his way out of this punishment with me sitting on his belly.

“Noona, Noona! It’s not me” he whimpered, holding my wrists away from his face.

“What did Taehyung do this time?” Jimin asked standing beside Hoseok looking over the scene in front of them.

“Taehyung and Jungkook pulled a prank on her”

Jimin made an ‘Ahh’ sound, understanding the situation.

“Done!” I laughed. Poor Taehyung have scribbles of eyeliner across his pretty face.

“Noona please spare me!” Jungkook yelled somewhere from his hiding spot.

“Jungkookie come out!”




Jin was done cooking in the kitchen when Jimin came rushing in.

“Jimin-ah what happened?” Jin looked up and turned off the stove “Where’s Y/N?”

“Hyung. Y/N. Drowning.” Jimin huffled in every word.

Jin rushed towards the pool, quickly diving into the water as soon as he found Y/N struggling for breath and carried her out the pool safely.

“I’m sorry Noona” guilt etched on Jimin’s face.

“It’s okay Jiminie. I'm just clumsy” she chuckled while massaging her sprained ankle.

“I could’ve saved you if I knew how to swim.” Jimin sobbed, because he can’t save his Noona from danger.





“Whoa whoa Y/N!” The dancer glued himself on the wall, quickly covering his eyes.

“Hoseok please, don’t act like you haven’t done this before” Y/N moaned as she relaxes.

“Ya! Just stop with those sounds” dropping his bag on the floor.

“What sounds?” she moaned again.

“That! Geez you’re unbelievable” grumbled as he walks around Y/N to sit on the sofa.

“You’re flexible, why not do a couple Yoga with me?” Y/N says as she puts away the Yoga mat, Hoseok shifted on his seat “okay Best Friend Yoga” she added.

“Maybe next time” Hoseok laughs nervously, Y/N smiles back.