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Don't Wash Colored Clothes With White Ones

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Kagura was as full as she could get from all the free all-you-can-eat shaved ice she was offered at the shaved ice stall for not mistaking the salesperson's gender. This of course annoyed Shinpachi as there was much more to explore at this festival and he wanted to do so as much as they could before the fireworks. She eventually gave in to Shinpachi's request and followed him and Gintoki to the shuriken-throwing stall, and won a few gifts. Well, a "few" might be a bit of a stretch.

"Stop it, Kagura-chan!" Shinpachi was frantic, "What else do you want? You just won the entire stall, and each player could use only ten shuriken! I said, stop it!"

Kagura pretended not to hear him as she continued hurling one shuriken after another even as the stall owner, Mr. Hasegawa, had already given her the last prize. "Please stop, I don't have anything else to give you!" he nearly wept, dodging the barrage of blades after blades thrown at him, "And whatever you say, I'm not giving you my sunglasses!"

"Shut up, stupid old man. I'm not asking you for that. I want that thing you keep hidden over there." Kagura said, pointing to an object sticking out from behind the target board.

How does she see that? "B… but…"

"Either that or your sunglasses."

Hasegawa eventually gave in and pulled out the object, which was an intricately crafted toy ship with striking red sails. It was made with painstaking accuracy and resembled a real vessel down to every detail, but there was no way Kagura could tell that. She was very likely just going to use it to store used napkins, "This was my greatest treasure, so please, please be careful with it. Young Chiharu's father used to be a seafarer and toymaker, and she gave me this as a farewell gift and…"

Before Hasegawa could continue with his tragic tale, the Odd Jobs trio had already disappeared.

"I said, stop tossing it! It looks like a very detailed work of handicrafts!" Shinpachi yelled, all his attention paid to warning Kagura who kept tossing the ship into the air instead of to the fireworks, "Do you want to break such a beautiful toy?"

"Pfft, who wants this crappy, sorry excuse for a toy? Kids today are brats. They don't want a tiny ship. They want real, big, expensive ships to sail the galaxy with a boyfriend they just met a few minutes ago on the Internet." said Kagura.

"Then why did you ask Hasegawa-san for it in the first place? Besides, that's some pretty horrible thing to say about your own generation!"

They were too lost in their heated argument to see that a silhouette of a ship had appeared against the colorful backdrop of the fireworks and got bigger and bigger as it approached them (don't ask about Gintoki, he was asleep). They eventually stopped when said ship finally landed to the shock of themselves and other festival-goers. While the crowd began buzzing with whispers and discussions of whether it was heralding a sudden invasion, Kagura gazed up at the majestic vessel, especially at its stately masts and striking red sails which made the colorful fireworks pale in comparison. The sight of the whole thing looked more like in one of those children's fantasy pirate shows she'd seen on TV than a typical Amanto spaceship.

"See, this is what I'm talking about! It looks exactly like this piece of crap, only bigger! You know what they say, bigger is better!" she exclaimed.

"Better my butt! It just gatecrashed the festival! Who knows, what if these are terrorists or something!" Shinpachi tried dragging Kagura away, but she was too strong, "Damn it, we gotta run! Gin-san, wake up!"

Immediately, the ship's crew showed up, but then made way for a young man dressed in captain's attire. He said nothing and motioned to one of his sailors.

As if springing out of nowhere, two of the sailors popped up behind Kagura, lifted her off the ground and carried her on board. It was too quick for Shinpachi to react; he ran after them and tried to climb aboard, but the captain shot at him. The bullet didn't hit him, but barely missed his cheek, and he instantly backed off.

The ship sailed away as Shinpachi stared on in despair, Gintoki was still asleep and the toy ship now left on the grass beside them.