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Pretty ties

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He couldn’t move at all. The corset was tight around his chest, hugging his waist and ribs, tied so tightly he could barely take a full breath, but that was just how it was supposed to be. The ropes were rough against the rest of his exposed skin, the hooks in the walls providing the anchors to lift him from the wall, arms tied away from his body, legs slightly bent in front of him, the ropes holding them open enough to expose his core completely.


“You really are gorgeous,” Kunikida sighed happily, leaning in to place wet, open-mouth kisses on Dazai’s neck and collarbones, which the corset gave teasing peeks of. Though Dazai’s skin was already littered with bruises from love-making sessions long ago, there wasn’t a time when Kunikida ever denied himself the ability to make more marks. They, along with the collar tight around Dazai’s neck, proved that he was loved. Even when his mind was screaming that the whole world hated him, Dazai only had to look at his own skin to see how much his lovers desired and wanted him, how much they loved him.


Slowly, his kisses gained intensity, till he was leaving deep bite marks on glossy skin, hands running over the smooth surface of Dazai’s inner thighs, inching closer to his core. In a flurry of motion, he dropped one hand just enough to run his fingers over Dazai’s clit before dropping it again to push two fingers into him, licking his lips at how wet he already was.


“Already turned on?” Katai asked, plastering himself to Kunikida’s back, running hands up his chest and then down to his hips. At Kunikida’s nod, he moved his own hands, popping open a bottle of lube and spilling the liquid on some of his fingers, warming the liquid up only for a moment before the lubed fingers were wiggling inside of Kunikida, making him gasp from the cold. “Finger him while I finger you, okay?” Without waiting for an answer, Katai got to work, delighting in how easy it was to get Kunikida lose and ready to take him. He really had been doing such a wonderful job of keeping himself stretched.


As he was fingered, tiny moans escaping his lips, Kunikida worked to stretch Dazai out as well, panting heavily into the crook of his neck. He knew what was coming, Katai was going to fuck him into a puddle, which would, in turn, have him fuck Dazai into the wall. No matter how many times he was the middle of the three of them, it never failed to get him hopelessly aroused, the thought of getting pleasure from both of his lovers simultaneously was almost too good to be true. Caught up in his thoughts, he choked back a whine when Katai withdrew his fingers, leaving him horribly empty. He knew what was coming next, Katai’s cock was going to be filling him up, but even being empty for a short time after desiring his lovers so badly was torture.


“Oh hush,” Katai laughed, the blunt head of his cock resting against Kunikida’s entrance, feeling how he shivered in excitement. “You’ll be getting fucked soon.” In fact, soon meant in a few seconds, as it only took a few breaths before Katai was pressing forward inside of Kunikida, making him cry out helplessly. “Being a tight-ass works out for you in this regard, huh?” Katai chuckled at Kunikida’s cry of offense. “Oh hush, you like how being tight makes me fuck you harder.” It wasn’t something Kunikida could argue with, so he just fell silent, sighing in bliss as Katai sunk all the way to the base. A hand on his cock made him jump, but, looking down, he saw Katai’s hand moving him so the head of his cock rested against Dazai’s core, his precum bubbling and dripping inside of him. Feeling Katai draw back, Kunikida let out a loud whine, but was cut off as Katai slammed back into him, driving him inside of Dazai, which made both Kunikida and Dazai moan. Thankful that he had the use of his hands, Kunikida gripped Dazai’s hips tightly, letting Katai’s thrusts drive him deeper and deeper into the wet heat around him.


Dazai had his eyes pressed closed, panting harshly as the strength of Katai’s thrusts were amplified and transmitted into him. Because of the angle of his hips, Kunikida’s cock ran over his clit with each thrust, making him squirm in his bindings and moan without restraint. The speed and power behind the thrusts were driving him crazy, and it didn’t take much time at all for him to fall into orgasm, mewling and crying out as Kunikida and Katai continued to fuck him through it.


Like a domino, Kunikida’s breath hitched upon feeling Dazai clench around him, and he too fell over the edge, biting hard on the crook of Dazai’s neck as he unloaded inside of him, hips shaking and twitching. Following their lead, Katai groaned loudly, leaning over Kunikida and holding his hips against his as he came as well. The three panted loudly as they slowly came down, skin sticking to itself with sweat. Taking Dazai down from his tied position would take time, but they had time to come down and relax together before Dazai needed to be taken down. Right now they just needed to catch their breath.