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She is a He

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"Thank you" Shouto Todoroki acknowledges the young hazel-haired girl who curtseys in respect. He raises his hand to dismiss her. The girl walks out of the room with confident strides, the soft, satiny white dress swishes. The Prince huffs quietly at the action. There was nothing appealing about her at all.

The throne room is unsurprisingly crowded, to Shouto's displeasure. The loud chatter of girls fills his ears. Eloquent tapestries cover the palace's walls, each one telling its own story, mainly depicting the Prince's life from an infant to his current age. The chandelier drips with the finest, meticulous diamonds. Twelve, thin branches reach out from the base, delicately holding the feeble glow of candles.

The noble strums his fingers impatiently, heaving a sigh of frustration. "How many are left?" the Prince's sharp command emanates the air, his aide hurriedly fidgets with the scrolls.

"About 100 left," the advisor says, glancing cautiously at the Prince who rises up in a nimble manner. A hand snatches one of the scrolls from the startled advisor, the volute flies across the room landing on the bottom of the Throne's carpeted stairs. The chatter dies down quickly.

"Y—your Highness?"

The boy has his fists curled.

"I'm taking a break" the exhausted voice states, descending from the Throne, his brown, leather boots imprint the velvet carpet. The advisor widens at the request, "Your Highness! I—I don't know if your father will allow you to—" an enraged glare cuts the man off. Todoroki barely avoids the crowd of women who flock to him like a magnet, the skin underneath the fabrics, becomes visible to his drowsy eyes. Shouto curses under his breath.

The whiff of heavy perfume was making his head spin. He breaks into a run, ignoring the cries of his disappointed candidates. He flings the doors open, creating a loud thud as the door comes in contact with the grey slated pillar. The guards outside grasp the golden hilt of their swords, only to relax at the sight of their Prince.

The Prince breathes slightly, yet still running in case the mob somewhat catches up. The smell of crispy, clean air enters the boy's nostrils. Alas, the royal didn't get far when he sees a massive, muscular individual blocking his escape route. He snarls.

"Move out of my way" he growls indignantly, the person looks up. Shouto's mouth instantly transforms into an O shape. The pupils enlarge in recognition.

"Oh my! Is that Prince Todoroki I see dashing towards me?" the man exclaims, stretching his arms outwards to welcome the fleeing teen. The Prince comes to an abrupt halt. He hunches over, panting heavily whilst sucking in the air greedily. He feels the single tear of sweat trickle down his forehead.

"All Might!" the boy gasps in utter shock. What was the Ruler of Yuuei doing in the Endeavor Kingdom?

The man, now known as All Might beams at the mention of his infamous name.

"Yes, I am here! All Might at your service!" All Might declares proudly, striking an exaggerated pose. His muscles flex beneath the dark, blue uniform's sleeves. Shouto rolls his eyes at the over the top gesture. He would never understand how the Ruler of Yuuei could remain so lively, even in battle. At least the smile wasn't endemic or else his father would undoubtedly throw a tantrum at sight of his number one son simpering.

A flash of movement catches his attention from behind the ruler. Noticing the royal Yuuei representative clothing, Shouto straightens up, dusting off the specks of dust that clung to his uniform. First impressions were always important, especially when it comes to greeting other royals from neighbouring kingdoms.

"Is your father available?' All Might asks. Shouto nods, signalling a passing servant to retrieve his father. His asshole of a father was always available. The only thing his father ever does is sit on the Throne like the arrogant bastard he is.

In a matter of seconds, his father, Enji comes strolling into the garden in a cocksure manner. He frowns at the sight of the Yuuei ruler.

"All Might, what brings you here? Our meeting is not planned in my schedule" the man demands the other party with authority along with a hint of irritation. All Might sighs at the hostile greeting.

"I see you haven't changed a bit, Enji-sama" All Might remarks in a teasing manner, Enji scowls. "All Might, if you have come to insult me, you will be quite discontent to find I do not have the time to waste or energy to deal with you, " the man boldly says, his words have an air of finality. The Yuuei ruler laughs half-heartedly in response. The Endeavor ruler prepares to walk away but All Might calls out.

"Unfortunately, I have come to urgently discuss a serious issue regarding the villain's attack on the Tenya's kingdom a few moons ago, although I would mind if we could talk in privacy " his blue eyes shifts to Shouto. Enji takes the hint and gestures dismissively for All Might to follow him into the palace's meeting room.

All Might follows only to pause beside Shouto. "The good news for you my dear boy is that I have brought a dear companion with me to pass the time, I'm sure you two will find something in common to talk about". The man's gloved hand swiftly clutches the collar of a petite boy who undeniably was trying to sneak away from the group. The boy squawks at the rough motion, letting himself dangle in the air, wearing a look of annoyance.

Shouto chortles secretly at the scene, almost laughing at the expression. The Prince knees to some degree, hoping to catch the boy's visage. But to his disappointment, the Yuuei boy's face and eyes are averted, so Todoroki couldn't glimpse the boy's face.

What a shame.

All Might presents the boy in his dangling state, overlooking the protests that the boy is muttering in his ear. "This is my dear successor, Midoriya Izuku! All Might announces.

" Don't be shy my boy! Give them a smile!" he warmly encourages the timid teen.

At the order, the boy shifts his eyes from the ground to the Prince. Todoroki's heart nearly stops, and he could barely breathe. A smile slowly graces the boy's plump, rosy lips, sending warm vibes throughout his body. The successor of All Might is truly a sight to admire.

Tan freckles decorate his pale-skinned cheeks, the curly hair tinted with green, bright highlights gives the boy an innocent look. But what makes Todoroki notice the boy more is the clear, Eau de Nil eyes that shines so bright, Shouto had to shield his eyes, saving himself from becoming a blind Prince.

The boy is wearing the royal Yuuei clothing, a white garment covers his dainty body, accompanied with a leather brown vest, buttoned up with golden studs, overlaying the attire. And lastly, the well-known Yuuei symbol is embroidered on the vest's breast pocket. All Might dumps the boy gently back onto the ground.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, your Highness! Midoirya Izuku of Yuuei at your service," the boy salutes, practically identical to All Might's pose itself. Todoroki finds the display somewhat amusing.

"I'm pleased to befriend you, Midoirya Izuku of Yuuei" he says, meeting the green eyes for a brief moment, before averting away.

The two Princes shake hands to finish the traditional truce. Todoroki's fingers twitch at the warmth that spreads through his hand. Even when they part, he still feels the warmth linger in his fingertips.

Besides them, All Might surreptitiously smile at the pair's exchange. Everything's going well so far.

He hopes Midoriya can work his special magic on the stoic, lonesome prince. Afterall, he has known the young lad since his journey to becoming king began. "Shall we go?" the Yuuei ruler asks, continuing to follow the other king. Leaving the two boys to fend for themselves.

Silence surrounds them.

Todoroki is quick to register that he is now left to deal with the Yuuei boy. Alone. He opens his mouth; no sound. Well, Shit. When was the last time he managed to bring up a lengthy conversation? He couldn't recall. Midoirya cocks his head to the side, observing the odd's facial expression that the half white, half red-haired boy is making.

"Are you okay, your highness?" the boy asks, he starts to approach the royal with a look of worry. Shouto retreats back.

No, he wasn't okay. Not at all. His brain is starting to hurt. He doesn't dare to lift his head to meet the Yuuei's Prince scrutinizing eyes.

All of a sudden, the prince feels a gloved hand cup his chin, well attempting to cup his chin in his opinion. He releases the breath he hadn't realized he been holding, Midoriya's smile instantly washes away his fears and doubts.

Todoroki freezes at the touch. Those eyes are boring into his soul. The hand strokes his left cheek with such tenderness, Todoroki's breath catches in his throat. So warm...

Realizing his actions, Midoirya steps back, withdrawing his hand that submissively falls to his side. "Ah! I deeply apologize, Todoroki-sama! I didn't mean to invade your personal space! I-it's just..your cheeks looked really soft..."

A chuckle escapes from Shouto's lips. He reaches out for Midoirya's hand, repositioning the palm on his left cheek. Midoirya gapes at the unexpected action.

Eventually, the Endeavoran prince finds his voice.

"There's no need to be sorry, your actions just surprised me. N-no one has ever touched me with such affection like you just did...".

"And to be honest, people usually just see the scar on my cheek and hesitate to touch me" Todoroki murmurs bitterly.

The sadness in the Prince's voice is not missed by Midoirya who with no scepticism, cups the boy's face. Despite the height difference.

"Well, I think you're perfect the way you are! And if those people can't see the hidden beauty you possess then, they are idiots!" Midoirya states boldly.

The only response Shouto could give back was a stare. Why did that one compliment fill the emptiness inside him? Or better yet, what was this tingling sensation?

"Y-you can address me as Shouto," the Prince says, in a low tone. Midoriya's eyebrows furrow in evident confusion.

"I only allow people close to me to address me under that name" Shouto explains.

Midoirya's eyes brighten up.

"I must be very special then! I am truly honoured that you consider me someone close to you, Todoroki-sama! " the boy proclaims, his eyes gleam.

"I said you can call me Shouto"

"Ah! ..Sorry, Shouto...."

A tiny smile plays on Shouto's lips.

How adorable.

For a moment, he leans in and allows his breath to bathe the boy's face, his fingers slip smoothly underneath the boy's chin.

Midoriya's cheeks turn pink like a spring rose. He looks away and finds a distraction at the butterfly casually prancing pass them. Shoto hums quietly, tracing the boy's lip lightly with the tip of his finger.

They remain in the position for a moment, enchanted by each other's
striking features.

Satisfied, Todoroki pulls away; entwining his hand into the warmth that gladly welcomes him.

"I would like to show you the Palace's gardens, walk with me".

Before Midoriya could process the request, he yelps when he's forcefully pulled forward (their hands are still entwined), but he is soon quick to recover.

The pair walks in sync. A couple of servants eye the two with wonder and disbelief.

Their Prince was holding hands with the Prince of Yuuei!

Ignoring the shocked faces, Shouto could only observe the boy who was marvelling at every flora and fauna that the Endeavoran garden could offer to the amazed Yuuei Prince.

Giving the boy a sideway glance, Shouto knew there was something about Midoriya that made him different to the rest of the royals and dictators that he had met in the past.

In truth, he wasn't even told in his royal tutoring lessons about the Yuuei Kingdom having a Prince. How strange, Shoto thinks.


Todoroki blinks slowly, glancing back over his shoulder.

"Yes?" the Prince hums his response.

The boy gestures to a quite delicate and fragile flower, which was growing out of the other flower's stem. Todoroki frowns, crouching beside the other boy with the same curiosity. The flower wasn't anything amazing. In fact, he would have easily missed seeing the plant if Midoriya hadn't pointed it out.

"It looks so beautiful" Midoriya whispers, inhaling the sweet fragrance.

"Ah, I see you two have found the rare specimen" a voice startles the pair. Todoroki and Midoirya turn to find an unfamiliar servant man looking down at them.

"Rare specimen? " Shouto repeats the man's statement, standing up to confront the newcomer, Midoriya is quick to follow. A nod affirms his confirmation.

"That is the Youtan Poluo, a flower that only blooms in every 3,000 years"

"That's so cool! I can't wait to tell All Might this! It must be true that you learn something new every day!"

Shouto, not as impressed as Midoriya, continues to give the man a blank expression. "How's that special?"

The man smirks at the Prince's disinterested tone, "People say the flower blooms to mark the arrival of a royal or future king"

Midoriya's eyes widen at the new information, letting it sink in.

He was unaware of Shoto glancing at him; his fingers lacing with his own. Verdigris eyes meet blue and grey, and a smile breaks across the boy's face.

"It must be fate, Shouto-sama!"

A smile threats to spread across his Shouto's visage as well.

Yes, it must be fate...Midoriya..


"Tell me about the Yuuei Kingdom" Shouto inquiries, resting his head on the grass, the sod tickles his ears.

"Hmmm...What do you want to know? There so much to talk about Yuuei!"

"Everything" Todoroki replies, knowing deep down how fond the Prince was of his home kingdom. So Midoriya did exactly that. Shoto listened to Midoriya like a child listening to someone telling him a bedtime story. He gazes at the sky, watching the wisps of cloud sail by.

When Midoriya finishes his 'I-could-talk-all-day-about-the-Yuuei-Kingdom', Shouto turns his head to look at him, the boy's hair blending into the evergreen grass.

"Yuuei sounds wonderful"

Midoirya beams; nodding in agreement, "You should come and visit one day! I would love to show you the village!"

Todoroki laughs at the suggestion, "Me? Visit Yuuei? I'm sure my father would be horrified to find out his son would visit his rival's kingdom"

Midoriya sweatdrops. "Ah...I forgot about the rivalry between Enji-sama and All Might...but isn't it one-sided? And besides, we won't have the same rivalry, since we have so many things in common! Why is that? Because we are friends!"

Shouto snickers at the obvious quotation from a certain person that Midoirya had added into his speech. But friends...?

"Could someone like me really have that kind of relationship?

"Of course" Midoirya's enthusiastic reply makes Todoroki flush in clear embarrassment.

Did he say that out loud?

The pair soon bursts into laughter, smiles present on their youthful faces.

"Thank you, Midoirya for being my first friend"

"The pleasure is all mine, Shouto-sama"

"Midoirya!" a deep voice catches the pair's attention. The sound of fast-paced footsteps alerts the Endeavoran Prince who rises up to find All Might promenading towards them. For the first time in his life, he sees the once calm, elated blue eyes blazing with fury.

"All Might!" the green-haired boy jumps to his feet, hurrying over to the Yuuei ruler.

"There you are Midoriya, I'm truly sorry to interrupt your conversation Prince Todoroki, but it's time to take our leave"

"What? So soon?"

"B-but Shout-I mean, Todoroki-sama and I haven't finished talking!" Midoriya cries, sending the King a pleading look, his green eyes on the verge of tears.

All Might's heart aches at the sight.

I'm sorry...Midoriya...I have no choice...

Trying his absolute best to avoid the expression, All Might places his hand on Midoirya's back, gently pushing the Prince towards the Palace's gates. "Wait! I want to say goodbye to Shouto-sama!' Midoirya spins around, throwing himself onto the startled Prince who stumbles back at the additional weight upon him. Todoroki happily sinks into the warmth, wrapping his arms around the boy's small frame. Appreciating the simple yet foreign gesture.

All Might watches the interaction with a sorrowful expression.

When the two Royals finally untangle themselves from each other, All Might crouches down in front of Shouto, lowering his voice.

"Listen to me my boy, whatever happens....always stay true to yourself, don't let other people influence you "

Shouto listens intensively. But what was with the sudden change of mood?

"Ah, don't worry we'll be going now" the king states to the approaching guards.

"I'm sure we will meet again Todoroki-sama" Midoirya says, following the Yuuei ruler but not before giving the other Prince his breathtaking smile.

"Yes, I do hope so, Midoirya Izuku of Yuuei" Shouto whispers, not taking his eyes off the fading silhouettes.



Enji's head shoots up from his desk, his eyes fall onto the panting form of his son leaning against the doorway.

"What the hell Shouto-"

Todoroki doesn't let the man finish his sentence as he storms up to the desk; slamming his hand onto the wood, making the desk shake. He fixes his father in a glare that could have burnt down the whole kingdom.

"What the hell did you say to All Might?" the boy snarls, his eyes flashing with pure hatred. Enji sighs.

"Shouto, that is none of your-

"Tell me" Shouto's voice left no room for argument.

Enji huffs in exasperation before deciding to answer the boy's demand.

"I have decided to cut off ties with the Yuuei Kingdom. They are no longer our trading partner"

Shouto's eyes widen at the response. "B-but-"

"We don't need a weak kingdom like Yuuei at our side especially a ruler who doesn't seek for power or a way to strengthen his empire, we should focus on our neighboring kingdoms like Uraraka and Tenya".

Shouto clenches his fist. He wanted to cry out in frustration. The alliance between Yuuei and Endeavor was the only way he could see Midoirya...but now, he has lost that chance.

Sending his father one final glare, the Prince storms out of the room, ignoring his father's angry command. His eyes well up with sadness that he didn't know he possessed. Out of the corner of his eyes, he spots his most trusted servant, Momo running up to him. The palace's corridors were all a blur to him.

Arriving to his bed chamber, the guard steps aside; giving Shouto a quick glance before staring ahead.

Feeling the refreshing air hit his face, Shouto flings himself carelessly onto the royal king-sized bed. The bed creaks at the weight. Tossing over to his back, he senses the room darkness slowly overtake his vision. He feels his mind drifting drowsily into unconsciousness, the room's celling becomes a blur to his eyes.


"I promise...."

"we'll meet again, Midoriya" the tired prince murmurs silently to himself, letting his mind give in to the welcoming darkness.

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"Oh! Where could my faithful savior be hiding?" A youthful brunette chirps, her call echoes throughout the garden. She swings the legs back and forth casually, making the branch jiggle at the motion. The soothing melody of the birds emits the garden's atmosphere.

The round, soft chocolate-color eyes scout around the area, anticipating to catch any movement. At that moment, a boy arises from the bushes like a rabbit. The adolescent is quick to bursts into laughter at the sight when she distinguishes the loose leaves clinging onto his hair. "Are you a walking tree or something?" The brunette ridicules playfully. The boy pretends to look insulted by the statement and folds his arms across his chest, sending the girl a teasing glare.

"Well, if you are going to mock me, then I think I have just lost my urge to save you, Princess Uraraka" the youth reprimands, spinning around on his heels. A gasp escapes from Uraraka's lips. A visible pout spreads across her visage. Steadily rising up to her feet, she calls out to the disinterested boy.

"If you're not going to save me, Prince Midoriya, I will jump to my death!"

Midoriya spins around. His eyes and his mouth are frozen wide open in an expression of stunned surprise.

'Is she joking?' The prince wonders.


Clearly not.

"Ochaco-kun! Wait!"

Midoriya promptly reaches the base of the tree. His fingers grapple to seize the tree's bark. Above him, Ochaco chuckles at the scene. Midoriya was never a good tree climber. It was never one of his fortes.


"Why did you have to choose such a challenging tree to climb!" Midoriya cries out in vexation. His fingertips bleed cerise. After numerous attempts, Midoriya manages to climb halfway up when he hears the sound of something splitting, his eyes fall onto the unstable branch that has now become separated from the tree itself. He becomes conscious of the situation.


"Ochaco-kun! The branch is about to-"

The pair gets cut off when Midoriya watches in horror as the once solid tree's arm snaps from under Ochaco's feet. The girl outcries at the sudden loss, her body tumbles backward. Her hands frantically seek for anything to hold onto. Scrambling toward the jeopardized Princess like a lizard, Midoriya reaches out in a futile effort, only to find himself diving after her.

"Midoriya! You idiot!" Ochaco chides, realizing that the Yuuei Prince was following behind.

"We can't have two royals dying!

"Use your zero gravity!"

"I can't focus!"

Before another word could escape their lungs, out of nowhere bandages hastily sweep from beneath them, encasing the pair's hands and legs. A hand securely grips their garments, bringing them to the palace's ground carefully. The man drops the two royals down with a plop.

Dusting himself off, Midoirya's emerald eyes glisten in recognition.


The man snorts at his mention. Brushing the comment aside, he allows his height to tower over the doublet who meekly back down, their heads hanging low in evident shame.

"Do I look like a babysitter to you?" the man inquiries with irritation. His coal-eyes catch the dim sunlight.

Two heads shake in reply.

"You are lucky that I decided to intervene or else..." the Royal Tutor cuts off, choosing not to go into unnecessary details. Knowing he has gotten his point across, Aizawa gestures moderately towards the castle.

"It's time to begin your studies" he states, not missing the grim expressions appearing on his students' face as they drag their feet across the dirt, leaving behind a muddy trail.


Midoirya feels his brain temporarily stop working. Heaving a sigh, he massages his throbbing temple as he glares at the crisp paper full of neat handwriting. Sneaking a sideways glimpse at his tutor he presses his forehead onto the sheet as if he could imprint it all into his memory. But an 'Ahem' ruins his trial to memorize. Raising his head, he meets his Tutor's icy stare.

"What are you doing, Prince Midoirya?" the instructor demands, raising a brow.

"I-I was trying to see if I could memorize the words using touch to touch method"

In the background, Midoirya hears the familiar sound of Ochaco giggling whilst noticing Aizawa rolling his eyes at his idiotic answer. Aizawl doesn't even delay to place another piece of paper in front of the adolescent.

"Here's another extra worksheet for you since you are so dedicated to testing out your method, I wish you the best of luck ", Midoirya can basically hear the smugness in Aizawa's tone as the tutor strolls out of the room. He closes the Studyroom's wooden door with a click.

Listening to the fading footsteps in the castle's corridors, Midoirya lackadaisically inclines back into his chair. He stifles a yawn; rubbing his bleary eyes. The 2 hours of studying was already making his mind go somnolent. He didn't even notice Ochaco shifting her chair closer until she leans in and opens her mouth: "Let's play a game of chess!"

The girl's immediate proposal seizes Midoriya's consciousness. The Yuuei Prince frowns at the suggestion.

"You will probably win though" Midoriya replies, letting out another sigh.

"I can let you win" she retorts swiftly, much to Midoriya's dismay. She was obviously trying her hardest to convince him to agree.

The boy shakes his head in rejection.

"Where's the fun in that?"

At the answer, Ochaco once more sulks in apathy, slumping into the cushioned chair.

The room soon returns to its previous state, silence lingers in the air, thick and heavy, like a blanket. The only sound was the ease breathing belonging to Ochaco. The early rays of the late morning sun start to fall, slanting through the castle's window. The brightness cast squares onto the floor, reflecting onto several objects in the room which decorates its otherwise simplicity. Thick red velvet curtains hang in generous folds around the window. Golden ropes give the fabric a finishing touch. Out of the corner of his eye, Midoirya sees Ochaco pondering hard, her index finger constantly tapping her chin. She's definitely trying to find a way to kill the boredom.

The pair remains in silence for another infuriating moment, but then a smile creeps up onto Ochaco's face. Midoriya knows he doesn't even have to question the odd gesture.

"I got it!" the girl jumps to her feet in elation. Her movement causes the chair to squeak backward.

"I'm going to dress you up!"

"I-I beg your pardon?" Midoriya sputters in obvious incredulity, his eyes strive across the princess's petite face, hoping to catch any sense of absurdity. But to his chagrin, there isn't a trace to detect.

He should have taken up the proposal of playing chess instead.

"How about..."

Ochaco stops Midoirya with a click of her fingers.


Midoriya immediately regrets opening his mouth. He watches as anguish swells up in Ochaco's coffee-colored orbs.

"Can we just relive our childhood memory one more time?"

How can Midoirya reject her when she's making a face like that, and not to mention her eyes are on the brink of tears. Of course, this will be their final moment together now that her kingdom has planned an arranged marriage with Tenya Iida. Lucky him.

"Fine..." The adolescent murmurs, giving in to the pleading look. Ochaco's face lights up with happiness.

"Yay!" she cries in delight-throwing herself onto the surprised boy who laughs at the action.


Midoriya glances awkwardly at his newfound image in the mirror. Clearly, his interpretation of dressing up is completely different to Ochaco's definition.

What the hell? Was that really him?

In the reflection, Midoriya sees Ochaco grinning, her smile almost equal to All Might's. Even the servants have their hands to their mouths, trying to cover up their bewildered expressions. Midoirya feels his cheeks heat up in embarrassment. Noticing a few creases in the fabric, the boy adjusts it before turning to face the anticipated onlookers.

Midoriya manages to muster a smile, receiving a wave of squeals; a louder one from Ochaco.

"You look so adorable! You have definitely changed! I remember when we did this last time, the dress would hardly stay up on you and everyone could easily see you were a boy! But now, you look so feminine!", Midoriya smiles at the compliment and the fond memory.

"But...I feel like something is missing" Midoriya points out, observing his form. He couldn't really put a finger on it. The dress is a stunning viridescent, with a few laces of white around its rim. White and gold brocade over leather shoes shelter his feet. Ochaco really takes her dressing up skills to the next level. A minute later, Midoirya feels someone putting something over his hair, green threads of hair flick in his face. Ah, that's what was missing.

Ochaco moves away from the dressing stand, her eyes shimmering with joy, her eyes fixate at the additional item on Midoriya's head.

"I completely forgot about the wig" Ochaco states, not taking her eyes off the mirror.

Midoriya runs his fingers through the silky jade lengthy wig, the color was pretty much alike to his own hair. Anyone would think he was born as a girl.

"Allow me to introduce you to our Royal Princess of Yuuei, Deku!"

Midoirya scowls at the nickname under the wig's bangs, "Surely you can come up with better name, more pleasant than that one"

The girl tilts her head to the side, sending Midoriya a cheeky grin, "I'm sure Katsuki would be gratified to hear his nickname being used"

Startlingly, the door to the dressing room flies open, making the servants and the two royals jump back in shock.

"What dastardly deed are you planning?"

Standing in the entrance is no other than their Royal tutor, his aura overwhelms the room. No one dares to breathe. Except for Ochaco who greets the man with a wave.

"Oh! You found us! What you think of Midoirya's new makeover?"

Aizawa's eyes swiftly shift to where Midoirya stands, taking in the appearance with an unfazed expression. Midoirya gulps under the gaze, he uses all his willpower to not succumb to the uneasy sensation.

"It's quite impressive I must admit" Aizawa comments, nodding his head with approval.

"I totally agree! That's why I'm going to take him to the market!"

Midoirya doesn't get time to protest as Ochaco links their arms together; dragging him out of the room with Aizawa following behind. An army of servants greet them in the palace's hall; most of them wondering about who the mysterious girl is.


The Yuuei Market stalls lined the route, along with the loud chatting of onlookers and sellers hustling and bustling, and haggling over the price of the exotic Yuuei-made clothing and fruits. Midoirya pauses surveying the embroidery of flowers; each one has a life of its own, the vibrant colors shine in the morning light. Horses trot gracefully down the roads, their hooves pounding with the rattling of the cart's wheels behind them. Rich and unfamiliar scents cut through the air, making Midoirya's taste buds tingle as if he could taste them. Villagers move from left to right like as if an unseen force is pulling them, their eyes dart from stall to another.

Midoriya tries his best to ensure that the dress's rim doesn't catch any dirt but so far he's not doing a very good job at it. He notices Ochaco admiring a pearl necklace, behind the stand the seller persuades the Princess with encouragements such as "It would look stunning with that dress" and "It makes your eyes stand out!"

"I can buy that necklace if you want, for a farewell present" Midoirya offers, abruptly Ochaco turns; giving Midoriya an agile slap on the shoulder. At the sudden hit, Midoriya recoils, he doesn't hesitate to distance himself away from the Princess who radiates a smile.

"Remember who you are at the moment" she mouths; returning to her conversation with the seller.

The Yuuei Prince sighs, giving a cursory glance over his shoulder. There was nothing in the market that was catching his observation. However if on cue, an excited shout catches the crowd's attention along with Midoriya's.

A flash of an Endeavoran representative attire draws the Prince closer and closer until a single gasp escapes from his lips.

"Oh, my! Is my eyesight deceiving me? Is that really Prince Todoroki Shouto?"

Midoirya's feet come to halt. Prince Todoroki Shouto? Why was he here? No Endeavoran royal or citizen would even bother giving the soft-hearted Yuuei Kingdom a glance ever since the termination of the alliance. So it didn't make sense for the Prince to be here.

"I overheard that Prince Todoroki has rejected every single candidate from Endeavor's bordering kingdoms", Midoirya raises a brow at the comment. He couldn't picture Prince Todoroki being a picky person.

"Do you think that's why he's here in Yuuei? Our kingdom could be his last resort to find a suitable candidate".

The crowd vigilantly step aside, no one moves their gaze from the walking form of the Prince. As he advances closer, Midoyra finally glimpses the striking features on the Endeavoran royal's face. His mouth is set in a firm line, his eyes stare straight ahead. He certainly has no issue at being gawked at. In fact, the Prince Yuuei pays more no heed to the approaching Prince till he feels a hot breath on his face. He looks up. Emerald eyes meet blue and grey.

"Y-your Highness!" Midoriya squawks, stumbling back. The Yuueian boy fumbles about, wondering how he should greet Endeavoran royal without making a fool of himself.

He ends up giving Todoroki a curtsey. 'When I return to the palace, I'm going to throw myself out of the window'.

Todoroki is swift to return the motion by reaching out for Midoriya's hand, pressing gently the skin to his lips- quite aware of the roseate color tainting the other's cheeks. But he doesn't look up. Because if he looks up, he knows he may find himself at the mercy of those green questioning eyes.

Todoroki eventually locks his gaze with Midoriya. "That crown is quite pretty" Todoroki compliments, his eyes are looking upwards in the direction of the said object. Midoirya frowns. What crown? The Yuuei Prince lifts his hand, allowing his fingertip to come in contact with something sharp and pointy. Clasping the jewelled, ornament and taking it off, Midoriya examines the emerald-diamond tiara with fascination. Ochaco must have pinned the accessory to the wig without telling him. Letting himself return to the now current situation , the prince delicately returns the accessorize back onto his head, it sits proudly and perfectly as if it was destined to fit him.

"W-what brings you here, Prince Todoroki?" Midoirya asks, feeling his hand tingle at the lingering sensation of Todoroki previous action.

Shouto runs a hand through his hair with a sigh, he draws closer and murmurs into Midoriya's ear:

"Princess Of Yuuei, will you accept my Marriage proposal and become my future wife?"

Chapter Text

"W-what brings you here, Prince Todoroki?" Midoirya asks, feeling his hand tingle at the lingering sensation of Todoroki's previous action.

Shouto runs a hand through his hair with a sigh, he draws closer and murmurs into Midoriya's ear:

"Princess Of Yuuei, will you accept my Marriage proposal and become my future wife?"

Midoirya blinks. Did he just hear that right? Emerald eyes search fatally, hoping to attain any signs of jest, but to Midoriya's disappointment, he doesn't find any.

"C-Can you reiterate that?", Midoriya croaks, he could feel his cheeks burning. He suddenly feels awkward. As he attempts to hide his face behind his slim fingers, a hand halts him. Midoriya lets out a soft breath at the touch.

His hands are so soft, like silk.

Momentarily, a finger slips smoothly underneath Midoriya's chin–tilting his head up to meet the Endeavoran's Prince intent, steady gaze.

"I don't usually like to repeat myself" the Prince mutters loudly enough for Midoriya to overhear his bothered tone.

"I said, will you accept my Marriage proposal and become my future wife?" Todoroki imitates nonchalantly, making Midoriya cower at how robotic the offer comes out. The green haired boy could feel each pair of eyes looking at him – all eagerly waiting for a reaction, a response. How the hell was he supposed to respond to an offer like that?

Mustering up his courage, Midoriya says, voice crackling. "I-"

However, Midoriya doesn't get time to voice his answer as a shrilling shriek grabs everyone's attention. All eyes turn to look at a feminine form, running towards the couple at top speed. Dust flies into the air. The voice belongs to Ochaco. Two heads pivot simultaneously to greet the excited princess who throws herself onto Midoriya.


"What did you say? What did you say!?" Ochaco whispers eagerly into the boy's ear, shaking him back and forth. Peeking over Midoriya's shoulder, she gives Todoroki a hasty glance.

"H-how did you know?" Midoirya coughs out in brisk wheezes. The boy was certain he could see black spot starting to fill up his vision.

"News like this spreads really quickly, you know" the Princess giggles, sending a wink to the expressionless prince.
"Could you....maybe get off me? I can't breathe". Midoriya manages to cough out as he feels the weight on his chest slowly shift. However, Ochaco is expeditious to turn her attention to the newest visitor.

"How are you, Prince Todoroki? It's a very rare sight to see you in Yuuei. What brings you here?" Ochaco questions in a respectful tone as she spins on her heels, coming face to face with the other Royal.

"I just happen to be passing through" comes the concise response. Ochaco purses her lips, frowning in obvious dissatisfaction at the statement. That will not do.

"Is Yuuei perhaps your last resort for finding a future candidate ?" Ochaco rejoins in a cocky manner. No one misses the flinch from Todoroki. The Prince's body immediately goes tense. His eyes harden; a scowl spreads across his visage. Midoriya gulps as the atmosphere around them becomes thick and unbreathable.

"How does it concern you, Princess Ochaco ?"

Unfazed by the Endeavoran Prince's fumed expression and tone, Ochaco smiles; "There's no need to hide it, Your Royal Highness". Placing a hand on Midoriya's shoulder, she gives the Endeavoran Prince another smile.

"Shall we head over to the Palace to visit the King? I'm sure you're eager to hear what your future candidate has to say".
Those words clearly catch the Endeavoran Prince's consciousness as he straightens up and nods briefly.

And to Midoriya's astonishment, Todoroki surprisingly doesn't utter a single word on the way to the castle.

It was probably a bad idea to return to the Palace in such an obsolete state.
Despite having his face hidden from view, Midoriya could still feel the light blue eyes contemplate into his skull. In between the two royals, Aizawa stands; his arms folded across his chest whilst doing his best to stay awake.

"Please do explain to me why my successor is dressed up in a dress".
Ochaco sweatdrops; lifting her head as a dubious smile appears on her face.

"About that...Your Majesty, we just wanted to re-create some of our childhood memories and I always wanted to dress Izuku up..." Ochaco trails off, her eyes darting to the quivering Prince.

"I tried my best to stop them, All Might" Aizawa comments from his position. At the same time, the two royals rotate their heads to give their tutor a hurtful, look, but the man just dismisses it.

"And I also want a genuine explanation, about why the Prince of Endeavour is standing in MY palace's hall."

Now, that part of the story would be quite difficult to explain.

Out of the corner of his eye, Midoriya could also see Ochaco struggling to find a way to explain to the King about Todoroki coming to Yuuei. At that moment, a soft knock interrupts the troubled group. The door opens, as all eyes fall upon the impassive form of Todoroki.

"Prince Todoroki! What brings you up here?" All Might rises up from his position but he stops when Todoroki holds up his hand.

The Endeavoran prince ambles into the room, his mouth set in a tight line. As he reaches All Might's desk, his eyes casually glide over Midoriya's lowered head.

"All Might, it's been awhile, I hope you are well" the Prince greets the King formally, bowing slightly.

"Ah-Yes I am well, Thank you for asking. I hope your father is well too". At the mention of the Endeavouran King, Todoroki lets out a bothered sigh.

"I do appreciate if you could not talk about my father in my presence." All Might bows apologetically.

"Now," The Prince says, turning to meet Midoirya who is wishing silently for a black hole to swallow him up.

"What is your answer, Princess?"

"Princess?" All Might choke out in blatant incredulity, his eyes strive across to Midoriya; making Todoroki turn his head to give the King a fiery look.

"Yes, I have asked the Princess Deku if she will accept my Marriage proposal and become my future wife, I really do hate repeating myself".

All Might coughs. "What do you have to say, Mid-I mean Deku?"

Standing frozen for a moment, Midoriya's body tenses as he starts to feel all the stares fall onto him. He would have to go solo now. Peering gracelessly from the underneath the wig's bangs. Midoriya musters to elevate his head to meet Todoroki's eyes. He finds Prince Todoroki staring directly back. Midoriya lets out a hasty breath. His eyes were emotionless, cold as ice yet he could feel the radiating authority like a tidal wave. Could he really marry someone like this?

' But if I marry, then the alliance between the Two Kingdoms could become valid again. Meaning....Yuuei could have access to the Endeavour Kingdom's sources....'

Casting his eyes to All Might, he gives his mentor a soft smile. All Might winces at the movement.

'I am doing this for my kingdom and for my people, please understand All Might".

Straightening up, Midoriya allows his feet to saunter over to the other Prince. Propelling closer, Midoriya gradually begins to wrap his arms around Todoroki's neck, noticing the way the other's eyes follow his actions carefully, like a hawk.

The Yuueian boy turns red when he feels soft hands cup his cheeks. "How bold of you, Princess," Todoroki remarks softly; allowing his breath to bath Midoriya's rosy lips. He doesn't miss the way those green eyes dart away to elude his gaze. How cute. Yet why does the gesture feel familiar? Discardding the thought, Shouto sighs aloud.

"You know, I am quite tempted to kiss you right now. Does this mean you accept my Proposal?" the Endeavouran Prince mutters huskily, leaning in until their nose touches. Midoriya shivers. He could hear his heart pounding loudly in his ears. The boy gives a shaky nod to the offer. In return, a ghostly genuine smile lights up Todoroki's face.

Unfortunately, Todorki doesn't get the opportunity to finish his action on Midoriya as he feels himself being roughly pulled away. He snarls, turning around to face his interferer.

"Unhand me, Princess Ochaco!" Todoroki demands sharply, the royal struggles to get out of Princess's grip. But it's a futile effort.

"Don't worry Deku! I'll take good care of him for a few minutes!" Ochaco hums, dragging the poor Prince out of the room with Aizawa shuffling behind.

As soon as the trio has left the room, Midoriya collapses on the chair, letting out a sigh of relief. The boy closes his eyes tiredly, not paying attention to All Might who unobtrusively scoots closer. Hearing the sound of water being poured, Midoriya opens one eye, sufficient enough to make out All Might filling his glass to the brim.

"Here", All Might passes the glass to Midoriya; watching as the boy guggle the liquid until there are no drops left.
"Are you angry at me, All Might?", the query comes out in a faint whisper, barely reaching the King's ears. Settling his glass back onto the desk, All Might lets out a heartfelt laugh.

"Don't be silly my boy! I am proud of you! Because of this unique event, the alliance between the two kingdoms will become valid again!".

However, the enthusiasm doesn’t last long as the King eyes the door warily. All Might lowers his voice; leaning in, "I do understand we are walking on thin ice, but I trust you will not let your guard down even if it's just you and Prince Todoroki alone....and King Enji is not one to forgive easily….We could just tell-“

Midoriya smiles fondly at his mentor's concern, laying his hand over the other's. "Do not fret All Might, I will bring Fumikage with me", the boy reassures the ruler.
At the mention of Yuuei most trusted defender travelling with his successor, All Might breaths out in pure delight. All doubts and fears were gone.

Bringing Midoirya into a protective hug, the ruler quietly murmurs;

"Please return back to me in one piece, my dear boy…"



Chapter Text

Midoriya's breath is snatched from his body. The Endeavouran white horses were truly a sight to behold. Their freshly groomed pelts catch the light, glistering brightly. Powerful Muscles flex from underneath. The wind wisps their silky, snowy manes like invisible fingers. One of them stamps its feet, clearly impatient to return to its domain.

At the palace's entrance, Midoriya fidges with his fingers with unmistakable anxiety. This will be his second time leaving Yuuei's palace walls. Will All Might be truly alright without him? Rotating his head imperceptibly, Midoriya startlingly sees the Ruler's face press against the glass window. His blue eyes gawking right down at him. How long has he been there?

The king gives the boy a final grin before ducking out of view. Midoriya sighs, relaxing. He was going to miss seeing that infamous gesture. Hearing a shout, the boy spots Todoroki appearing out of nowhere. The Prince's head is held high, a true symbol of control and authority. He halts to talk to one of his men. Midoriya's eyes follow on their own accord. Well, that is until the boy realizes that the Prince is nearing towards him.

"Are you ready, Princess?", Todoroki's deep voice sends shivers down the boy's spine. Looking up, he finds the Royal Prince looming over him. Midoriya tries to utter anything to kill the taciturnity, but his mouth opens with no sound. At the reaction, Todoroki ghostly smiles.

"I will take that as a Yes, am I correct?", the Prince questions with a soft chuckle.

A nod validates his query.

Todoroki 's fingers intertwine with Midoriya's hand, leading him to the small herd of horses where the rest of the Prince's men wait.
Midoriya immediately sees a familiar face in the group and a delighted smile appears on his face.

"Tokoyami!" the boy greets the associate with a dip of his head. The person is now known as Tokoyami dips his head to acknowledge the presence of the Yuuei Royal. But he doesn't say anything.

"I believe this person will be travelling with us under All Might's permission, Is that correct?". Both of the Yuuei comrades nod.

Midoriya takes his time to examine the horses.

"They are absolutely stunning, Prince Todoroki", Midoriya compliments.

"Of course! Only the finest and best horses can be ridden by the Endeavouran family!", one of the men speaks up boldly, giving Midoriya a smug look. The boy cowers insignificantly.

"So, which horse will I be riding?"

The sudden question makes the whole group go speechless. Tokoyami sweatdrops.

"What the hell? Princesses don't ride-" the man gets cuts off as Todoroki brushes coarsely past him, handing Midoriya the reins of his former horse.

"Y-your Highness! That was my horse!"

Todoroki gives the man a lifeless stare. "Not anymore", the Prince states. The man squeezes his fist. Midoriya grips the reins tightly, he doesn't like the way the man stares at Todoroki with such manifest hostility. How could someone hate their own future ruler?

"Then, how am I suppose-"

"I am quite sure it won't hurt you to use your feet unless you want me to chop them off. A ghostly smile, slim and delicate, crosses Todoroki's lips. "Are you going to continue to answer back to me?" Todoroki's eyes flash with fierceness. At the sight, the man is agile to shut his mouth.

"Do you need help, Princess?", another man offers. Midoriya declines with a shake of his head. Todoroki isn't prepared for what happens next. The Endeavouran Prince watches with widened eyes as Midoriya effortlessly mounts himself onto the horse. The creature grunts unobtrusively as if quite dazed by the action itself.

"Now, are we ready to go?" Midoriya says cheerfully, bringing Todoroki out of his thoughts. That was unexpected.

"You are quite interesting, Princess Deku of Yuuei, I hope you can keep surprising me in the future", Todoroki praises. He doesn't miss the blush that paints the boy's cheeks.

How adorable.

"Goodbye Deku!! Please take care of our precious Deku, Todoroki!" Ochaco calls out from the Palace's window. Midoriya gives her a smile before waving back.

Todoroki gives the other Royal an acknowledged dip of his head.
Giving a gentle kick to the horse's side, the creature lets out a neigh before galloping away from the Yuuei's palace with the rest of the group following. The horses' hooves imprint into the dirt.

Midoirya could feel the warmth of the sun beating down on them. The leather reins rub soon-to-be blisters between his fingers. His horse's mane bounces with his stride. The soft soil was no match for the pounding hooves and in their wake sods were flying in an arching spray. The wind whistles loudly in his ears, turning the grass beneath them into a sea.
Feeling the ubiquity of someone else next to him, Midoriya finds Prince Todoroki riding beside him. Both horses matching each other's rhythm and pace.

Everything flies pass by in such a blur, Midoriya doesn't get to chance to depict the objects. Approaching the forest, Todoroki whistles, signalling the group to slow down. Midoriya's eyesight returns casually and he finally sees the black clouds sprawling across the sky. The air around them grows heavy and the humidity presses down, suffocating them like hands.

"Prince Todoroki, I believe this is the only safest way to return to the Endeavour kingdom. If we seek another route, we will have a high chance of being attacked by bandits since we will be in the open...and we are not really....", the man trails off. But Midoriya doesn't need to hear any more to understand the situation.

These men didn't have the skills to defend themselves against attackers. Even if Prince Todoroki could fight them off himself, Midoriya knew he would have to play safe and let others protect him despite knowing his full capability.

"I-I agree with him", Midoriya states with somewhat confidence.

Todoroki tilts his head back a little so he can meet Midoriya's gaze.

"Very well then, Deku stay close to me".

With a click of his tongue, Todoroki's horse trots forward. The surrounding shadows start to engulf the white horses' bodies.

The dirt is like quicksand, the hooves easily sink into the muddy liquid. There are no birds. No sweet melodies to fill the group's ears. The quietness gives Midoriya chills. The sun has vanished behind the mass of ominous clouds. They were left in pitch darkness.
Finally, the sound of water sends a wave of relief through Midoriya's body. The river flows with perfect consistency, yet getting a better view, Midoriya could see the water is murky and sombre, debris sweeps past. The rapid current could easily drown anyone with no swimming abilities. Breathing in, the scent of rain is dark and heady.

The first raindrop hits the forest' soil. Soon, the rain comes down in crazy chaotic drops. The droplets feel like daggers, sharp and cold. Midoriya gasps as the droplets land on his visible skin, numbing each area.

"Are you ok?" Todoroki's concerned tone fills Midoriya's ears. Midoriya's lips are too cold and swollen to reply back.
Feeling something warm engulf the rest of his body, Midoirya inhales the smell of sweat and heat.

It is Todoroki's uniform's vest.

"'ll get sick...."

Midoriya tries to give the vest back, but to his displeasure, Todoroki readily the clothing back.
The Endeavouran Prince smiles, pushing the wig's bangs out of Midoriya's face.

"You're more important though". Midoriya feels his cheek start to burn up.

Sending a prompt look at the group behind them, Todoroki leans in, slowly opening his palm.
"Can I show you something?"
Midoriya nods shyly. The boy also leans in, just in time to see a flicker of burning light jump to life in Todoroki's outstretched palm. Midoriya hesitantly recoils back.

Midoriya inaudibly gasps. " that..."

"Yes, this is my family's quirk. This quirk is a combination of my mother and father’s Quirks."

"Hold your hand out," Todoroki commands softly. Midoriya obediently follows, reaching out vigilantly, his fingers tremble.
The boy lets out a hasty breath as the flame dances onto his palm. The flame capers, spreading warmth over Midoriya’s skin. The sensation is welcoming.

The rain was almost forgotten.

"It's so beautiful", Midoriya whispers.
A vague smile emits upon Todoroki's lips. Inhaling a breath, the Prince intertwines their fingers. The flame engulfs their hands, both shiver as the flame dissipates yet the heat lingers. The pair is lost in each other's eyes.

"Your Highness!" We have to keep moving! The ground is becoming unstable!", Tokoyami's warning rings out from the back. His voice breaks the two royals out of their trance.
Clutching Midoriya's horse reins, Todoroki cautiously continues to ride along the bank whilst Midoriya willingly snuggles into the Prince's vest.

Suddenly, a bolt of white-hot lightning breaks the utter blackness, forking silently to the unsuspecting ground. The noise is enough to frighten Midoriya's horse causing the creature to rear up to its hind legs, its eyes widen with terror. The reins slip out of Todoroki's grasp.

Everything begins in slow motion.

Midoriya can feel himself slipping off the saddle. His limbs flailing, mouth agape. The sound of Tokoyami's shout is overpowered by the rain and thunder. Everything Midoriya sees and hears starts to become distorted. He sees the rest of group charge towards him, knowing that their effort will be in vain. Eau de Nil eyes meet grey and blue.

Prince Todoroki.

The Endeavouran Royal is running towards him at prime speed, hand outstretched. Horror flashing in his eyes. The boy tries to inhale but the air gets stuck in his throat. He doesn't like that expression on Todoroki's face. It doesn't suit the heroic Prince of the Endeavour kingdom.
It takes Midoriya a second to realize he's falling. Falling into the awaiting, rapids below. The river would most likely drown him if he continued to fall at this speed. The air pushed against his face.

The noise of the river gets louder now.

Midoriya's finger momentarily touches Todoroki's.

He didn't want to die. Please...Save me, Todoroki.

And it's as if Todoroki could hear his silent plea, the Prince of Endeavour springs forward with enough energy to wrap the falling Midoriya into his arms, switching their position. Their bodies hit the surface with such an immense splash. Todoroki could feel his head starting to pulsate.
From Todoroki's lips comes an explosion of air bubbles, the foams drift away. But no matter how much the current pulls and tugs, the Prince refuses to release the unconscious Midoriya in his arms.

'Fight me all you want, I won't let Deku go'.

Todoroki feels his limbs become numb. His body is screaming for oxygen. The royals float in the drift like dolls.

His muscles begin to ache as he attempts to fight against the currents. But the current knows it will triumph. Nature always wins. Isn't that how it's supposed to work?

They continue to fall further and further into the obscurity until Todoroki feels something grasp his hand, pulling them towards the dim light. But he soon allows the tiredness to overcome him.


Voices. They sounded far away yet so close. The smell of honey-tea tingles Midoriya's senses, drawing him out of his slumber. The material underneath him feels different. Was the bed always this soft? And silky?


Deku? Oh yes, that was his false name now, wasn't it?

"Please wake up"

Midoriya's eyes flutter open and the first thing the boy sees is two unfamiliar faces overshadowing his vision. The two of them are females.

The boy jumps up from his position and scurries back, only to hit his head on the bed-board.

"I told you to give her some space! Now she's going to get a massive bump on the back of her head!" The brunette groans in annoyance, giving her partner a scowl.
The girl beside her rolls her eyes. "But if we didn't wake her up, she would have probably slept for another 2 days!"

"Um....pardon me...but where am I?"

The brunette spins around to flash Midoriya a considerate smile. "You are at the Endeavouran Palace". "My name is Momo and this is Kyoka".

The girl now known as Kyoka gives Midoriya a wave.

The door behind the two opens and to Midoriya's joy, the person is Todoroki. The Prince is dress in a white shirt with the top button undone and black pants clearly made of silk, covers his legs.

"Mina told me Deku has woken up", the Prince says, his eyes dart to Midoriya who is still huddled at the top of the bed.

"It seems you two have given her a fright", the Prince notes, walking to the right side of the bed. He gives the two servants a disapproval glance.

"Come here Deku", Todorki beckons Midoirya with his finger. Midoirya slides towards the Prince with ease. All tension escapes his body.

"Todoroki-kun.....may I ask why my clothes are still wet?"

Prince Todoroki's mouth falls open and a faint colour rises to his cheeks. He turns to Momo who looks back at him calmly.

"Prince Todoroki felt it was ludicrous to undress you without your consent". Midoroya gives Todoroki a side-way glimpse, the Prince was looking out of the window. How sweet.
Who knew what would have happened if they found out who he truly was...

"But let's leave our small chitchat to later! We have to get you ready!", Momo instructs, sending Kyoka out of the room. Todoroki rises up from his position.

Midoriya gives her a puzzled look.
"Get Ready for what?"
Momo laughs at the expression.

"You are going to be meeting the King!"

Chapter Text

The water pours down, releasing thousands of lukewarm drops. Darkening Midoriya's hair and trickling down his back. Heat soaks into his skin. As steam fills the bathroom, Midoriya's lips part as he inhales deeply. The taste of the river's water still lingers in his mouth. The bathroom is squeaky clean, with no signs of dust. On the rack, fluffy towels are neatly arranged.
Stepping out of the tub, the droplets drip off the boy's toes. Midoriya's feet press deeper into the fleecy bath mat. The material welcomes him. He feels like he's walking on clouds.

The boy lets out a hearty sigh. The room was so warm. Nearby, the wig lies on top of the folded and neatly stacked various colours of dresses. Midoriya felicitously cocoons himself in the woolly towel.

Passing the sink, Midoriya picks up the afresh item. The Prince's jade eyes examine the textile, rubbing it between his fingers. The material was unquestionably made out of not-very-cheap-silk. As expected. He had spotted this undergarment in Ochaco's Bureau a couple of times.
Next to the garment was a small note written in dainty handwriting:

Dear Midoriya
I'm sure this item will become your saviour.
Please handle with care!
Praying you will come back in one piece!


Ah Yes. That's what was also missing from this disguise. Knowing Ochaco, she would have chosen the perfect undergarment to match his feminine body. The garment even rivalled his skin colour.
Sliding his arms through the armholes, Midoriya manages to find two hooks. The item sits comfortably on his chest.
It fits him like a glove.

The Prince turns to throw a glance at the selected dress hanging on the door hook. The colour didn't really suit him, in his opinion. But Todoroki must have agreed with him. Midoriya recollects the Prince's face twist into a disapproval scowl when Momo brought it in.
The Endeavouran Prince definitely has an issue with the colour red.
Was it something to do with the King? Or...maybe...


Knock, Knock.

The presence of someone outside the bathroom's door sends the Yuuei Prince into a panic. Midoriya wastes no time slipping into the vestment. The carmine sheets of the silk dress slip onto the boy's shoulders. The semicircular, high collar covers the neck. Embroidered pearls adorn the centre. Midoriya yields the mirror a glimpse. Ah, the wig.

Outside, unknowingly to Midoriya, sitting on the Royal king size bed is Todoroki. A white suit shrouds his body. Gold embroidery covers mostly the shoulders whilst the aureate buttons catch the hazy light of the sun.

Hearing the door opens, Todorki tilts his head upwards to greet the other. However, Todoroki isn't prepared for what stands before him.

The sight was breathtaking.

Shouto inhales deeply; rising to his feet in a tenuous manner. He will not expose any vulnerabilities even if it's in front of another Royal.
He moves towards Midoriya with an obvious purpose.

Clasping their hands together, Todoroki tips forward for a kiss, feeling a tingle as he touches the soft lips of Midoriya's. The pair retreats back. Both of their cheeks become tainted with a roseate colour. Todoroki's face softens ever-so-slightly as a melodious sigh slips from his lips.

"You look stunning". Todoroki chooses to break the awkwardness with a compliment. Midoriya smiles shyly, tucking a strand of the wig's hair behind his ear. Taking in compliments weren't one of Midoriya's fortes.

"Thank you", Midoriya replies.

Midoriya gives Todoroki's clothing a punctual sideway glimpse. The boy clears his throat, pondering on what he should say back.

"I see you are wearing...white"

'That's not even a compliment!'.
Midoriya's mind decides to denote the blatant error.

Surprisingly, Todoroki dismisses the comment to Midoirya's relief.

"Red is not my colour. But I will have to admit, that colour does suit you"

Midoriya's blush sears through his cheeks once more. Todoroki steps closer; wrapping his arms around Midoriya's waist, pulling the boy against his chest. The Yuuei Prince lets out a tiny gasp and starts to squirm uncomfortably.

"Do I make you feel uncomfortable, Deku?", Todoroki's voice fills the other's ear. His breath tickles against Midoriya's skin.

"N-not at all!"

A chuckle escapes Shouto's lips.

Slipping his finger underneath the other's chin. Green eyes make contact with grey and blue.

"Do not lie to me, Princess. Tell me, are you still uncomfortable around me?".

Midoriya gulps at the change of tone. Hesitant, he gives a tiny nod.

"I don't want any secrets or lies hidden between us. I would like honesty", Todoroki says, his eyes never leave Midoriya's face.

Before Midoriya can react to the Prince's words, the Chamber's doors swing open. Revealing Yaoyorozu and Kyoka. Yaoyorozu's brown eyes dart in between them. A smile laces across her lips before she loudly announces, gesturing the pair to follow her :

"The King is ready to see you".


“Presenting His Royal Highness, Prince of Endeavor and Son of King Todoroki Enji, Todoroki Shouto and his chosen candidate, Princess Deku of Yuuei!"

At the mention of 'Yuuei', a wave of whispers and mumbles sweep across the chamber. Midoriya's eyes are fixated on the magnanimous walking stance of Todoroki as he strolls onto the red carpet into the Royal court. The Prince of Endeavor's head is held high like a King and there are no hints of dread in his eyes. Midoriya can’t help but feel like he is accompanying a fearsome, formidable warrior to battle. Ignoring the ravenous eyes burning into his back, Midoriya mirrors Todoroki. Copying the Prince's bold steps towards the Throne.

Above, King Enji sits atop the throne, a fur mantle shrouds his bulky shoulders. Midoriya could feel the slow, concentrated eyes following his every move. While Shouto's aura carried dignity and suave, Enji's aura was on a completely different level. Even a blind person could sense the raging domination and terrifying power screaming from the flames dancing like darts around the King.

So, this is the supreme King of Endeavor.

The pair comes to a standstill at the bottom of the stairs. Midoriya's eyes shift in the direction of Todoroki. What Midoriya witnesses sends chills down his spine. The memory forever implanted in his mind. The expression on Todoroki's visage isn't that of a son gratified to see his father. It's the opposite.

His features are distorted into a barely held in a scowl, and his hands are tight, his knuckles gradually turning white.

Todoroki soon pacifies himself, letting out a long breath. He takes a knee and bows his head. Midoriya nearly copies, hence just in time to remind himself what's position he's currently in.

"Your Majesty", Todoroki greets the king in a dispassionate tone.

“Shouto, my son,” King Enji responds. The thin line on the King's face curves upwards imperceptibly. "Thank you for presenting us today your favoured candidate".

King Enji's voice reverberates throughout the room. Midoriya was convinced, if he spoke any louder, the walls would quiver and shake.

"Rise, Princess of Yuuei"

Midoriya reacts to the command swiftly. But he doesn't venture to open his mouth.

"Hm, what an acquiescent candidate you are", the King murmurs aloud enough to get a soft hiss from the Endeavouran Prince. Tipping forward, King Enji raises a brow, his hand resting on his chin.

"Why do you keep your head low, Princess of Yuuei? Elevate your head so I can witness those 'eyes' that have enthralled Todoroki's household".

Midoriya obeys with no hesitation.

"You are too far away. Approach, Princess of Yuuei.”, somersault King calls to Midoriya. He speaks as if the Princess of Yuuei is nothing more than an average canine, expected to serve the Master's orders. At this moment, Midoriya feels his blood run cold. He swallows down his irritation and moves forwards.
But a hand blocks him, shoving him benevolently back. The hand belongs to Todoroki.

"What are you doing, Shouto?", King Enji questions. The flames start to burn brighter.
“You have no need to see the Princess in person,” Todoroki replies briskly and firmly. “I brought her today to simply show you and the council that she will be my chosen consort, I forbid you to have any intimate glimpses of her". The court falls silent.

"Very well, in that case, I will have to reject this compromise you have made, Shouto", King Enji coolly states.

Midoriya’s eyes widen. How will Todoroki counterattack that statement? When hearing no noise from Todoroki's direction. Midoriya's heart starts to sink. Todoroki-kun.....

He could see Todoroki's lips bear into a snarl. His enraged eyes glowering at the smirking King.

"Are you glaring at me, my son?"

Todoroki's gaze intensifies, to Midoriya's dismay.
"Todoroki-sama, please let me meet him", Midoriya susurrate, cautiously intertwining their fingers. Todoroki tenses at the gesticulation. Giving the Prince a reassuring smile, Midoriya respectfully moves past Todoroki. The tension radiating off Shouto’s body doesn't go unnoticed.

"Come", King Enji motions. Midoriya shakes as he nears closer, each step becomes onerous than the last. But Midoriya makes it up, curtsying at the King's feet. The flames behave like a barrier, confining him like prey.
“Your Majesty,” Midoriya addresses. “It is an incredible honour to finally see you in person. I have heard many wondrous tales about you".

A smile breaks across the King's face. "Your sweet words are like honey to my ears, Princess of Yuuei. I can conclusively understand why my son has picked you. You are quite a pretty specimen. No doubt the prized Emerald jewel of the Yuuei Kingdom".

The King inclines forward, cupping Midoriya’s cheek. The boy can substantially hear the sound of Todoroki growling, feeling the Prince's eyes scorching a hole into the back of his skull. Midoriya strives down the urge to withdraw.
The King’s hands are rough and cold. Unlike Todoroki's fingers where they were as soft as silk. Midoriya could feel the power surging in the fingertips. He starts to perspire. With a mere flick of the King's finger, Midoriya would be no doubt lying dead at King Enji's feet. The simplistic thought makes Midoriya shiver. The fingers leave a sting when Enji brushes a thumb across Midoriya’s cheek, running his fingers through the back of Midoriya’s hair.

King Enji's eyes squint; examining the wig's strands.
A waterdrop slides off the tip, plunging towards the carpet. The wig was still damp from the river.

"Ah, I had an unfortunate accident on the way to your Castle," Midoriya explains softly.
"Yes, I heard. My son saved you from drowning".
Midoriya was expecting King Enji to be exultant of his son's valorous deed. Yet, no praises left the King's lips.

"Todoroki was very brave to rescue me. He could have died...yet he risked his life for me. I am indebted to him".
Midoriya presses on.

The King nods nonchalantly, showing no interest in Midoriya's words.

"Shouldn't you be congratulating him for his noble act?".

"Oh? And why would I do that? Why should I praise my son on such an insignificant attainment?

Midoriya's heart approximately stops beating at the way the King's eyes stare down at him.

"Tell me, Princess, what quirk did my son use yesterday? Fire or Ice?".

"I-I don't remember, Your Majesty..", Midoriya begins.

King Enji throws his head back, a roar of merriment comes booming out of his chest. The whole room watches. The King never laughs.

"Be a liar and it will cost you your life, Princess", King Enji says darkly. The atmosphere starts to become rigid.

"He used his fire quirk, to keep me warm".
Midoriya speaks with little confidence. King Enji lets out a scoff, disapproved of the answer. His eyes shift; staring right pass Midoriya's head. Midoriya’s breath catches in his throat.

"I didn't raise you or train you to become a heat-warmer, Shouto". The King snarls the last word with such force.

"Oh? So, does that mean you would rather have me bring a drenched and wet Princess into the Endeavour Kingdom?", a voice answers back coldly. Midoriya's head rotates enough to find Shouto standing behind him. When did he get there?!

"Why are you refusing to use the power that I have bestowed on you to its full capability?". King Enji's eyes glisten and his words become hostile. The rolling waves of rage are unambiguous.
Shouto blinks at the response. "Because I am not like you. I refuse to walk down the path that you have set for me", the Prince remarks freely.

Grabbing Midoriya's hand, the couple descends.
"You will end up following my orders one day, Shouto. You are and will become the perfect weapon". Afterall, you are my masterpiece". The King's words reach the departing Midoriya who can no longer control his hatred. The boy revolves around to face the King. Enji's ice-blue eyes burn holes into his soul. Yet, Midoriya never flinches from the ruler's gaze. Fear no longer rendering him speechless.

"Oh? Looks like you're not as acquiescent as I thought". The King snickers menacingly.
Midoriya takes a breath to clear his head momentarily.
"I won't let you use Todoroki-sama to fulfil your squalid intentions", Midoriya threatens darkly, his fists curl up into a ball. The King chuckles blatantly.
"You think you can protect him? Just you wait and see, Princess. In the end, you will either hurt Shouto or get hurt by him.

The words cut deep as Midoriya retreats down the stairs. Matching Shouto’s pace.
He follows Todoroki out of the court, through the hallways until they reach the safety of Todoroki's chamber. The doors close behind with a click.
Midoriya stands still. He doesn't know if he should speak. His eyes end up following Todoroki's form as the Prince paces back and forth.
Eventually, the Prince stops, standing still like a sculpture in the centre of the room. When Todoroki turns around to face Midoriya, his expression unreadable.

"Are you okay?" Todoroki belatedly questions, reaching out to cup Midoriya's chin.
Midoriya presses his cheek into the welcoming warmth as Todoroki caresses his finger across the boy's skin.

"I hate him", Midoriya says quietly. Todoroki moderately smiles.
"That's to be expected", Todoroki answers in a matter-of-factly tone as he wraps an arm around Midoriya's shoulders; pulling him close. Midoriya sinks into the affection of his side, grateful for the simple gesture. His touch makes the room warmer. All his concerns dissolve.

"To be honest, when I saw him touch you, I wanted to burn him down until there was nothing left but ashes", Todoroki murmurs. His grip on Midoriya tightens.

"Please don't let him use you like that..". The words barely come out in a whisper.

Todoroki feels a tingling sensation burn up inside him when he listens to Midoriya's words.

"I won't. As long as I have you by my side. I will never obey my Father's wish".

Midoriya can physically feel the enmity waves pulsing off the Prince's body.
The boy pulls away, looking deep into Shouto's eyes.

"From now on, I will never leave your side, think of me as a thorn, burdening you", Midoriya declares somewhat positively. A smile graces the boy's lips.

"You? A thorn? Don't be so absurd!",Todoroki sharply proclaims. Midoriya bows apologetically.

"You are nothing like a thorn, Deku". You are the best thing that has happened so far in my life, so please don't say ridiculous things like that".

Midoriya can't help but snuggle deeper into the warmth. He didn't want to admit it out loud, but he was feeling quite at home.


The next few days go arbitrarily well in Midoriya's opinion. No one has discovered his true form. He has yet to meet the rest of the Servants who work under Todoroki's surveillance. The pair turns down one of the castle's hallway, just in time to hear the sound of pots clashing together.

"WATCH WHERE YOU ARE GOING NEXT TIME! YOU IDIOT!". A loud, feminine voice reaches the couple's ears. Midoriya hears Todoroki mumble as he pushes the door open.

The two royals are greeted with the sight of a young, curvaceous woman throwing plates at a muscular person with rather big lips and brown, spiky hair. Behind them, there are dirty dishes in the sink just begging to be washed.
"Cease that at once, Midnight", Todoroki's command cuts the air. The woman now known as Midnight whips her head around so fast. Midoriya literally feels the light breeze from the action from where he stood. Her eyes widen, mouth gaped open.

"T-Todoroki-sama! Why didn't you announce your presence!?"
Peering over Todoroki's broad shoulders, Midoriya sweatdrops. The answer was pretty obvious.

"Stop throwing plates at your apprentice. We do not have the time to replace them".

"And I would like you to make a light meal for the Princess too". Todoroki adds tersely.

Midnight's eyes eventually fall onto the form of Midoriya, noticing him for the first time. She claps her hand in delight whilst dipping her head.
"Your Highness, it's such an honour to meet you!"
Midoriya waddles out from his spot. Sending a few glances at apprentice before giving Midnight a timid smile.

"I would be honoured to taste this fine cooking of yours". Unexpectedly, Midnight laughs at the answer. Her stomach shaking. She swishes her long, black hair back behind her shoulders.

"I don't know what Prince Todoroki told you before you came here. But my cooking skills are considerably crap. Midoriya feels his stomach do a somersault. In his mind, the boy harbours the sight of burnt bread or uncooked meat
"My apprentice can do a better job than me".
"Then, why are you cooking in the Royal kitchen?"
Midoriya mutters to himself. Too late to realize that Midnight had overheard his quiet babble.
"That's because I was the only applicant that Todoroki trusted. But I will tell you that story another time."
"Now, please sit at the dining table, Princess."

The dining-room was exquisite. The walls were covered with a shimmering gold paper. Apparent flower patterns decorated the walls. In the middle of the ceiling above the carved oak table was a candelabra. White-waxed candles adorned each spot. Down the centre of the table was a runner with the Endeavour Kingdom design woven in gold and red. The table dominated the space, an elongated ellipse of oak with the raw bark at the edges. The chairs were same yet laid with the soft cushions of velvet.

Midoriya's stomach growls. He squirms in the chair, trying to silence the rumbling. Todoroki gives him an amused look from across the table. From the kitchen, Midoriya could hear the sound of chopping vegetables. He peers a glance into the Kitchen's doorway. He didn't know if Midnight was bluffing about her skills being crap. Her motions were precise, her fingers move like a machine. Her eyes concentrated on each ingredient. The carrots were cut to perfection. The sizzling sound of the soup made Midoriya's mouth water. The aroma of cooking fills the air. Midnight was drizzling the soup's liquid over the chicken leg before delicately decorating the plate with carrots and other vegetables.

"I present to you, my mushroom soup featuring a chicken leg!" , Midnight announces proudly, giving Midoriya a wink as she places the bowl in front of him. Next, she places a tureen of fruits. The fleshy products sit on ice, to keep them chilled and crispy.
The smell of the soup tickles at the Pairs' nose. Midoriya and Todoroki eagerly stab into the chicken, the fork pierces the flesh. The tender pieces of chicken fall off the bone on command. The meat melts on their tongue, dissolving into nothing. Midoriya had to admit that the food was as delicious as Todoroki described it. Even if Midnight was criticising her skills.

The Yuuei Prince reaches out for the buttered, freshly-baked rolls sitting on the salver. Ripping a chunk and stuffing the piece into his mouth. The pleasant smoothness of the butter blended perfectly with the bitter-sweet taste of the mushroom soup.

Out of the corner of his eyes, he sees Todoroki watching him, his multicoloured eyes are soft and bright.
Midoriya can't help but smile back despite having a compassionate moment with the bread

"I sincerely apologise if my manners weren't Princess-like...", Midoriya says, lowering his gaze as he nibbles on the roll.
"I wasn't criticizing you on your pretentious manners at all. It.. just feels nice to have someone else in the room beside me."

"Do you usually eat by yourself?"
Midoriya asks, stirring the soup broth with his spoon.

Todoroki reclines back in his chair, a contemplative look on his face. "Unfortunately, I do eat alone. My servants are all too occupied and it's not very habitual to have a Royal and a lower class member dine together".
Midoriya nods at the response. He takes another sip from his spoon before speaking. "We can do this again if you want".

Todoroki's eyes lighten up at the suggestion, like stars in the night sky.

"I would really like that....", he murmurs. The silence drifts in like a summer breeze. The only sound was the racket of Midnight throwing another plate at her apprentice, who obviously must have avoided the kitchenware because the soon the sound of glass hits one of the cabinets with a crash. Todoroki lets his face fall into his palms, heaving a sigh.

Midnight's eyes admire the empty dishes. No specks of the chicken or soup could be seen. A satisfied smile graces her lips.
"Would you like a second bowl?" she offers shrewdly.
"No, we will be off now". Todoroki answers for Midoriya.
"And we are not your personal dish-cleaners". Todoroki continues. Midnight scoffs sharply at the comment.

The pair dabs their rosy lips with a delicate napkin.
"Thank you for this marvellous meal, Midnight", Midoriya thanks the female cook as he rises up from his chair.

"The pleasure is all mine, Princess Deku".

The two royals walk hand in hand as they stroll down the open-hallways. The view of the garden surrounds them. The sun washes the garden with a golden glow. Artistic Birdsongs filters the air. The pair passes the sprouting flower buds. Butterflies flutter through the air with their velvet wings.

Midoriya revives the last time he visited this enchanted wonderland. It was probably a few years ago but every single flower looked the same. An easy smile plays across his lips.
Before he ventures further, an image pops into his head.
Was it still here?
Midoriya's feet move as if they are possessed by an unseen force, pulling towards the direction of the remembered vision. Aware that Midoriya had left his side, Todoroki trails behind. Looking quite perplexed at the sudden motion.

They idle past the suede soft flowers, dancing in the light breeze. The couple lastly reaches a concealed area of the garden. Midoriya falls on to his knees, brushing the overgrown branches and leaves aside. A resting bird flutters away, the wings pound against Midoriya's face. But the youngster pays no heed to the distressed creature. Realizing that the invader was going to ignore its cries. The bird lets out a final fierce chirp before taking to the skies.
Midoriya finally sees it. The flora is blended with the other shrubs. Peering through the hole, he sees the continuous growing form of the tiny white flowers on the filigree stems.
Curious at what Midoriya had found, Todoroki knees beside the other, imitating the motion.
His eyes widen at the spectacle.
"How did you find this?
Midoriya comes up from his position, wearing a puzzled expression.
Todoroki gestures to the flora.
"This flower... I found it a few years ago with the Prince of Yuuei."

Midoriya's heart nearly skips a beat.
"We met an old man who kept rambling on about how seeing this flower means you are destined to have a future with the one you have discovered this specimen with".

Midoriya doesn't dare to breathe as he studies Todoroki's face. He doesn't know why but for some reason, he wishes that maybe, just maybe Todoroki could believe in that fable.

"Did you ever see him again?"
Todoroki looks down to meet Midoriya's gaze.

"Prince Midoriya?"

Hearing his name slip off Todoroki's lips makes the Midoriya turn away, hiding his shyness.

When he returns to contemplate at Todoroki, he finds the Endeavouran Prince looking up at the azure sky.

"I really never got to see him again. But, let me tell you something, Deku." Todoroki leans forward until he's at Midoriya's eye level. He gazes so intently at the Green Orbs.

"One of my true intentions, why I went to the Yuuei Kingdom, wasn't just to find a suitable candidate. I just wanted to snatch a glimpse of the Prince of Yuuei".

Before Todoroki can continue, the sound of Momo calling from somewhere in the corridors sends the Prince onto his feet.
"Remain here until I send myself or one of the trusted servants to fetch you", Todoroki asserts strongly, glancing over his shoulder as he departs.

Green eyes watch the departing form until there's nothing left to watch.
Midoriya brings a hand to chest, his fingers can feel the pulsing of his heart. Todoroki's words linger in his ears.
Were all of Todoroki's words true? He wanted to believe it.
Then, did that mean he still had a chance with Todoroki as the Prince of Yuuei?

Suddenly, Midoriya feels the sensation of cold fingers wraps around his neck. His scream stifled. The attacker tightens his hold on Midoriya's wists. Midoriya turns to fight, snarling like a wild dog. Midoriya manages to kick the abductor in the abdomen. But he loses his balance during the motion. The sound of raw grunt hits his ears. Midoriya doesn't get the chance as he soon finds himself being dragged towards a swirling hole. When did that get there? There are no signs of any barriers at all. The blackened hole dangles in mid-air as if resting on some unseen barrier.
Midoriya struggles. He kicks. He bites. Whoever was attempting to kidnap him was sure getting sick of handling him as Midoriya hears the person mumble to another hidden person.

Out of the darkness, someone throws a deadly blow at Midoriya's head. The boy lets out a gasp at the unmerciful strength.

His vision goes black.

Chapter Text

Midoriya's eyelids flutter open as he stirs from his heavy slumber. The Prince becomes aware of the coolness of the atmosphere. The ground is lumpy as if he is lying on a bed of earth. His vision shielded in darkness. Aside from his own noisy breath, there is nothing to be heard. Yet, through the fog of pitch black, Midoriya could faintly see the outline of a person sitting against the wall. It was a girl. She was a relatively petite one with blonde hair, which was put up into two messy styled buns which popped out from either side of her head. The way her yellows eyes shone in the dark reminded Midoriya of a cat.

"You're awake!", the girl suddenly smiled, arising up. Yet, the gesture only sent chills down Midoriya's spine. What the hell was she blushing?
"W-who are you?" Midoriya stutters, deflecting his gaze. He could feel the cuffs cut into his skin.
The girl starts to giggle.

"My name Himiko!" she declares in a cheerful voice.
She approaches close. It soon comes to Midoriya's mind that both of his hands are chained to the wall.

"You don't know me but I know who you are!", Himiko blazons excitedly. Her eyes start to enlarge. Midoriya commences to shrink himself back into the wall, trying to distance himself in a futile effort.
"You are the Prince's Todoroki prized bride!" Himiko continues, bringing her hands to her face; cupping her cheeks.
"Oh, I wonder how distressed he must be to find you gone from his so beloved kingdom, even better what will his expression be when he finds you cut up into inadequate pieces?"
Midoriya surges forward, the chain jiggle at the movement. He snarls.

His eyes are narrowed, rigid, cold, hard yet blazing with unhidden fury. "Lay a finger on him and you'll be the one that will be cut up into pieces!"
Himiko bursts into a fit of laughter.
"But you can't do anything to me when you're chained up like a dog"
"Ahhh.....but I really love that expression....Show me more of it, Princess!" Himiko springs forward, a knife becomes noticeable in her hand. The laughter evaporates from her eyes.

The Prince tries to recoil back, attempting to kick the Psycho-girl back. But he saved by a swirl of purplish mist that appears out of nowhere- swallowing Himiko as she lets out a scream of annoyance. And in Himiko's place, is a man whose body was entirely made out of mist.

"My sincerest apologies, Princess. I will ensure that she won't hinder you again". The man bows in a somewhat respective manner before adjusting his attire.

"And how rude of me not to introduce myself. My name is Kurogiri, I am-"

"Spare me the extraneous details, Where is Prince Todoroki?" Midoriya demands dangerously.
Kurogiri lets out a brief shrug as mist starts to re-form around the room.
"I'm sure he's not too far away, Princess," Kurogiri says, his figure commences to fade.

"W-what do you want from him?" the Prince of Yuuei questions, fearing the answer.

The atmosphere in the compartment starts to become unbreathable. Violent colours move and merge without pattern or design. Entering Midoriya's vision. As Midoriya begins to lose consciousness, he manages to hear the words uttered by Kurogiri.

"His death"
The moment Todoroki had stepped into the garden, returning from his ineffectual conversation with Momo. He immediately knew something was wrong. The garden had become a graveyard. The birds had fled, taking with them their sweet lullabies. The sun was now hiding behind the mass of clouds. Todoroki could feel the lingering sense of evil tainting the air. Without hesitation, a single name comes to Todoroki's mind.


Todoroki dashes across the patio in an immense sprint. His breath stinging his lungs. But sensation only makes Todoroki quickens his pace as he bolts down the path that he and Deku were just walking down some minutes ago. A few creatures scurry out of his way, afraid he would trample on their fragile tails.

When he arrives, he feels as if his heart is about to shatter into diminutive pieces. There is no sign of Deku. He searches high and low. But the results are unsatisfactory.
Todoroki falls to his knees in utter sorrow. His head hanging low.

His head begins to swim with regrets. His heart feels as if his blood has become tar and is struggling to keep a steady beat.

By the time Momo and Mina proceed to search for the Prince, they find him in that position.

Momo watches as Mina helps Todoroki to his feet, his arms become limp as Mina places his arms around her shoulders. She suddenly feels a pang of guilt. It was mainly her fault that the Princess has disappeared. If she didn't call for him conceivably the Princess would still be here.

"Todoroki-" Momo begins. But Todoroki dismisses her with a flick of his hand. He passes her without giving her a glance.
She can only watch as the approaching umbrae swallow him up as he enters the castle.


"Why are you telling me this now!" , Todoroki's voice reverberates throughout the hall. A guard has to dodge a glass that is thrown dangerously close to his face. The object crashes into the Chamber's door, fragmenting into small bits.

The guard quivers under the Todoroki's intense and not a very obscure murderous gaze.
"W-well, when we were ordered to search the garden. We found out that someone had meddled with the Kingdom's barriers. Which means that they could have entered the Royal grounds".

Todoroki allows himself to drink in the newly-found information. He grips his head, cursing loudly. The guard flinches at the unroyal action.
"This means it was work of Villians". Todoroki states to nobody but himself. Perhaps to comfort the swirling uneasiness that still remains inside him.

"Oh, and King wanted me to tell you that Princess Uraraka and her partner will be visiting the kingdom tomorrow".

Todoroki sibilates at the announcement. Of course, his asshole of a father would know how to reopen up a healing wound. He dismisses the guard with a wave of his hand.

As night falls on the palace, the moon decides to finally peek out from the sea of clouds. Todoroki lies in his bed, his eyes never stray from the ceiling. It was as if there was something up there that could wash away all his worries for tomorrow. In the end, the prince could only fall into a restless slumber.


Ochaco's brown eyes examine the visually impressive landscape as the horses trot pass a couple of farmers who acknowledge their presence with a nod of their head. Beside her is the Royal Prince of Tenya; Iida. He rides his horse with authority; showing no fear in his eyes. As the pair and the of rest their party approaches the palace's gates, Ochaco leans in to whisper into her partner ears.

"Remember what I told you about greeting the Princess?" she quietly reminds the other. Ida nods in response. His eyes furrowing slightly.
"Rest assured, I won't make any mistakes" Iida answers firmly, his eyes return to their previous position.
Not missing the seriousness in Iida's voice, the Princess rolls her eyes.
"Must you treat everything so seriously?" Ochaco questions moderately. Iida gives her a side-way glare.
"Well, I could have given the Prince of Yuuei a proper greeting if you didn't decide to play dress-ups and place his life in the hands of most minacious Prince of the Endeavour Kingdom".

Ochaco flusters at the mention of that certain event.
"Well, clearly Midoriya must still be alive if we are given permission to visit".
"We're about to find out" Iida mutters as the Palace's doors open.

Todoroki is frozen to his spot. He could hear the loud chattering of Princess Ochako and the Prince outside. He didn't know much about Tenya Iida since his father rarely associated Endeavour kingdom with the Tenya kingdom, unless for trading. But from what he had heard, Prince Iida was an extremely dedicated and loyal man.
Todoroki allows his head to droop slightly. A headache was starting to form.
Beside the throne, Momo was adjusting her attire, trying her best to not glance at the Prince who was now muttering words that were too fast for her ears to catch.

Hearing the sound of the Throne's chamber doors open, Todoroki straighten up, his eyes fixated on the approaching two figures.

He knew from the perplexed expression on Princess Ochaco's face that she was looking for Deku. Her eyes darting around the room was an obvious sign.

"Where's Deku?"

Todoroki stiffened himself militarily, clearing his throat. No sound escaped his lips. One second passed. Two seconds passed. Three seconds passed. The guilt was eating him from inside, pestering him. He could feel questioning stare aimed at him from where Princess Ochako stood. Who would be the one to break this silence that he has manifested? Suddenly, Princess Ochaco moves forward. So, she will be one to do it. One step. Two steps. Three steps. Ochaco was walking towards him, a concerned smile plaster her face. Her feet start to climb the steps. He sees her lips move but he doesn't hear a single word. Todoroki's body starts to quiver. He must tell her before it's too late. It's not too late to be honest. It's not too late to tell her what happened to Deku...


The stinging sensation burning his cheeks brings Todoroki back to reality.
"PRINCE TODOROKI!" Ochaco had screamed his name right in his face. The prince blinks, staring at the Princess with a blank expression.
Beside the Throne, Momo could only gape in awe whilst the guards had lined up at the bottom of the stairs, bracing themselves into a fight stance position.
Todoroki signals them to back off.

Ochaco lays her hand lightly on his shoulder, expecting the Prince to flinch yet he doesn't.

"Something has happened to I correct?"
Todoroki nods gradually. He fights the urge to bite his lips.

"I think I know who's behind the kidnapping"
Hearing this new information, Todoroki throws his whole entire attention onto the Princess. Ochaco sweatdrops at the motion before going into details.

"I am certain it's League of the Supervillains' doing".
"How can you be so sure?"
"Because, a few days ago, a whole portion of land that was dangerously too close to the Tenya Kingdom's border was wiped out. Nothing was left. The scene is almost a repeat of the war from a few years ago. So I am certain the League of the Supervillains has returned and All Might agrees too because all of the provisions in Yuuei seems to have become contaminated."

The Endeavouran Prince drinks in every word before leaping to his feet.
"We must go and recuse Deku at once! Momo, fetch me my horse!", Todoroki orders briskly. Momo acknowledges the order with a nod of her head, dashing out of the hall.
Ochaco follows the Prince down the stairs.
"But do you even know where the Princess is?"
The question makes Todoroki come to halt.

"How stupid of me" Todoroki hisses to himself. Iida snickers softly from his position. But he soon feels an icy stare burn right into his skull.

Ochaco giggles, patting the Prince's back.

"Rest assured, Prince Todoroki. I know someone who has an excellent sense of smell and vision!"

"A hound-dog Prince!?"



Well. This wasn't what he was expecting. Even his white stallion seemed to be quite puzzled by this situation. Beside him, Ochaco was humming softly, not even noticing his displeasure. How annoying. Glancing around, there was not a single trace of civilisation in this wilderness. Looking towards the horizon, the Prince found some interest in observing the sunlight that is cascading down a gap of clouds into the Endeavour kingdom. However, the sudden remembrance of why they were here came back to his mind.

"You should have told me we would be climbing a fuckin mountain!" Todoroki finally decides to break the reticence. His voice echoes across the peaks that are crowned with a headdress of ice.

Ochaco glances over her shoulder. "Tch, Watch your appalling language Prince Todoroki!" The Prince rolls his eyes, muttering something under his breath. On the opposite side of him, Iida starts to shiver.
"I feel like the temperature has dropped dramatically..must be because we have you, Prince Todoroki".
At the comment, Todoroki sends the other Prince an irritated scowl.

"How dare you criticize my mother's quirk." Todoroki hisses darkly. His fingers tighten around the horse's reins. A flash of a flame dances across his knuckles. The Tenya Prince soon realizes his mistake. He raises hands up, shaking them furiously.
"I-I didn't mean to offend you, Prince Todoroki! Of course, it can't be your cause! I-"

"Will you two shut up? We are quite vulnerable right now. Especially to thieves. And your blatant bickering will just give our position away!"

"Well, who's idea was it to come up here and start looking for someone who you haven't seen for almost 6 years!?" Todoroki retorts back fiercely. Ochaco flinches at the statement.

".....He's quite a moody person so he usually comes out when he feels like it. Plus...when he transforms, it can become quite a dilemma for the kingdoms."

"When he transforms?"

The Princess sends a wary glance to Iida. Should I tell him? Iida motions her to continue.

"Do you remember the dragon that used to enjoy annihilating up towns and disturbing the villagers?"

A retrospective look comes across Todoroki's face for a brief moment.
"I have heard of this dragon but I have never seen it with my own eyes...what about it?"

" see this dragon is Deku's childhood friend. Plus mine."

There's a pause of taciturnity as Ochaco waits for a response from the Endeavouran Prince. Why hasn't he said anything yet?
Abruptly, she feels the sensation of wind blowing against her face. She looks up to the sky. There is a moderate form soaring across the whiteness of the clouds.

"Hm. It looks like our saviour has arrived." Todoroki comments, his eyes follow the new arrival's shadow. " I do look forward to meeting Deku's childhood companion".

Hearing those words, Ochaco releases a gasp of air. Todoroki raises a brow at the unexpected action.
"I was afraid, to be honest...." Ochaco admits, averting her eyes. "We haven't told anyone because we knew people would try and kill him....."

Well, that's understandable. "So, was this kid raised by dragons?"

"Pretty much and I will apologize in advance on behalf of him".


Ochaco coughs, giving Todoroki a sideways glance.

"His way of speeching is considerably vile."

As the creature comes into view, Todoroki could subsequently get a clear glimpse. The hulk of bright, red scales gleams in the muted sunlight as it slowly moved up and down. From where Todoroki stood, he could feel the raging dominance and power surging in the beast's eyes and beating wings. The creature swiftly opens it gigantic, crimson jaws, revealing an endless row of razor-sharp, teeth. Todoroki could have sworn he saw a head bobbing up behind the dragon's head for a brief moment, but it was gone before he could confirm it.
However, the admiration of this beast comes to an end when Todoroki feels something whip pass his face, as a recognizable sound of a boom goes off. Soon without warning, eternal colossal explosions of fireballs race in various directions. An instant later, there's another blinding flash that overtakes their vision. By the time, it disperses, they see an immense ball of varicoloured fire belching towards them. They barely manage to dodge this attack. The mountain path trembles as each blast come into contact with the stupendous peaks, that have now become play-toy for the dragon.

Well Shit. So much for being a childhood friend.


Chapter Text

" YOU FUCKIN TRAITOR!!" Ochaco screeches avidly at the raging beast whilst weaving dangerously in and out of the flying debris's pathway. Todoroki raises a brow, giving the Princess a snickering expression. "My my Princess, watch that offensive language of yours".
No sooner had those words left his lips, Todoroki promptly finds himself disconnected from his saddle. A bewildered expression laces his visage.
The Prince soon realises that this is Ochaco's quirk.

However, what was more concerning to Todoroki was the fact that the group weren't coming back to save him.
"Come back!! Put me down this instant!" Todoroki demands, waving his arms about like an octopus. Ochaco laughs at the action, smiling in triumph at her small jest.
"Ochaco! We don't have time to play pesky games!" Iida cuts in, his voice drips with a hint of exasperation. Ochaco rolls her eyes at her partner's seriousness before carelessly dumping the Endeavouran Prince back onto the dirt ground. Todoroki scarcely manages to land back onto his two feet.

At that moment, another fireball crashes into the terrain from behind him, spraying filth onto his attire. The Prince grunts in displeasure. He winces as his fingers come in contact with the grime, in attempt to save his remaining supreme notoriety.

"Todoroki!" Ochaco's voice calls, catching the Prince's consciousness.
"What is it?" Todoroki answers back, nearing the group.
Ochaco smiles. Todoroki's feet come to an immediate standstill. There was something about that smile that made him want to turn tails and run.

"I have a plan. " Ochaco states slowly.

"Oh? That's wonderful. Let me hear it."

"You're not going to like it."

Well. In case that, he should commence his escape now.

But Ochaco somehow must have read his mind because Todoroki is quick to discover that his feet are no longer on the ground. Alternatively, he was gliding across the peaks towards the firing creature.

"WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!?" The Prince shouts over his shoulder.

"Tell him, I am a friend of Princess Uraraka!" Ochaco yells back.

As if that was going to work.

At that moment, Todoroki could sense something or someone breathing laboriously on his face. He warily turns his eyes to meet the rigid gaze of the Dragon. The Prince was expecting distant, hostile orbs yet what he saw was unexpected. He was instead met with the creature's friendliness and warmth that welcomed him like an old friend. It was a newfangled feeling, contemplating into the heart of the beast. Was this truly the same creature that was attacking them seconds ago? This was the beast that could easily lacerate him to the flesh and bone. His breath would be ripped away from his body, giving him no time to utter a sound.

Todoroki blinks nonchalantly. The dragon copies. It takes him a fleeting moment to remember why he was standing in front of the creature.

" I am friends with Princess Uraraka" Todoroki speaks, wondering if the dragon could understand Human language.
No response.
That was to be anticipated. Todoroki's fist starts to curls up into a ball. Was he expecting too much from this creature? Was it too naive of him to gamble all his remaining hope into this situation?
As if sensing the Prince's distress, the Dragon lets out a grunt. Nudging the Prince's cheek.
"'re our only chance left. You must sense how desperate I am at this moment...But... Deku needs you!"
Todoroki throws his hand onto both sides of the dragon's snout. The Endeavouran Prince's eyes that usually carry the dignity and authorization were now clouded with pain.

"Deku?" an unfamiliar voice makes the Prince's eyes avert up. Above him, there is a head sticking out from between the dragon's horns. Todoroki frowns. How long has he been there?

"Who are you?" Todoroki questions, withdrawing his hands.

As the newcomer rose up, Todoroki could get a clearer glimpse of this stranger. He raises a brow

The man is definitely young. A scarlet, cape decorated with fur hangs from the man's broad shoulders, flapping in the breeze. The man's chest is ripped with muscles.

What a fucking showoff. Todoroki bitterly muses to himself.

Various coloured jewellery laces the man's neck. The man's wists are painted in orange with some sort of pattern that Todoroki couldn't really catch.

The display reminds Todoroki of a tribal warrior.

"The name is Bakugo Katsuki". The man introduces himself suddenly.

Todoroki glances up again. He wasn't suspecting the person to speak. "Ah. I am sorry, I didn't catch that. What was your name again?"

If on cue, the whole atmosphere shifts. The calm expression on the man's face disappears as his lips curve up into a snarl.

"Are you fucking deaf? I don't want to say my name again!"

"Well, I didn't think you were going to introduce yourself!"


The man now known as Bakugo turns his attention to look over Todoroki's head, noticing the arrival of Ochaco and Iida. He gives her a nod.

" It's been awhile. How are you Ochaco?"

But Ochaco was in no mood in replying to the young man's welcome.

"How could you just attack your dear childhood friend!? You nearly killed us!!"
Bakugo's face darkens at the accusation.
"SHUT UP!! You don't know how many fucking pathetic villagers have come up here the past few weeks, trying to murder Kirishima and me! And from this distance, I thought you shitheads were just another bunch of villagers!!"

" I haven't changed that much!! And, maybe stop killing their livestock and perhaps that will solve the quandary!" Ochaco retorts back sharply.


"Bakugo" Todoroki's voice decides to intervene. Red eyes shift to meet blue and grey. Bakugo growls. "What is it?".
"In return for assisting us for the rescue of Deku, I will ensure that my kingdom will provide you and your other fellow dragons, a suitable amount of livestock for an inadequate period of time. This deal will also mean that you must end your assault on all the villagers".

A thoughtful expression washes over Bakugo's face. Beneath him, the dragon's eyes were twinkling at the remark of never-ending livestock.
"Do we have a deal?"
Todoroki asks with a smirk as a flash of enthusiasm starts to return to his eyes.

Bakugo grins saucily.

"Fuck yeah!"

Todoroki inhaled the air as if nothing had ever been so sweet. He lets the soft breeze grace over his visage. The fragrance of freshness and emptiness fills his nostrils. He felt as if the clouds surrounding him were painted on an endless canvas. A sea of pure, continuous blue stretches seamlessly across his field of vision. The sun blasts down on them, sending a fiery kiss.

"Enjoying the view?"

Todoroki rotates his head slightly to find the source of the spoken voice.
Bakugo stands behind him, his arms folded across his chest. A permanent scowl crosses his lips. Todoroki gives him a moderately serene smile.

"It's truly a majestic spectacle" Todoroki comments, his head returns to its position.
Yet, he could feel there was a tension in the air, like static crackling. He couldn't really put his finger on it.

Bakugo settles beside the Endeavouran Prince. "So...I heard from Ochaco that Deku and you are now.....wedded. He peers in Todoroki's direction, face resolutely unimpressed.

"It's more of an alliance marriage". Todoroki replies in a hushed tone. Bakugo huffs. "Can't believe that little fucker finally found someone that would fall in love with him."

Hearing the impertinent comment, Todoroki grimaces bitterly. "I would really appreciate it if you could stop speaking so discourteous of Deku".

Something flashes beneath the surface of Bakugo's hardened expression Todoroki hurries to investigate it. But it's too late, the emotion disappears.

"You may be fucking born with a golden spoon. But when you're in my territory, I make the fucking commands". Bakugo snarls spitefully. The man jumps up from his position, storming away.

"Are you sure you can find Deku?". Todoroki calls over his shoulder.


Todoroki rolls his eyes. Bakugo's raucous answers were giving him a headache. Why did he always have to yell? Although, he hates to admit it. He could see where Ochaco got those impudent words from. He sighs. At least, Deku didn't swear.

He lets his eyes look into the vast sea of blue.

'Stay strong Deku. I'll find you soon'. Todoroki prays wordlessly.


"OOF!" a man lets out a painful groan as his body slaps into the wall. He stumbles back to his feet, adjusting his waistcoat. His face is shielded with a white mask with black motifs. He gives the attacker a humorous grin. "You are quite strong, Princess". The man praises in a fake admired tone. Midoriya growls.

"As expected of the Great All Might's heir !" The man strikes a dramatic pose. Midoriya cringes at the gesture

"Am I not correct, Prince Midoriya of Yuuei?"

Midoriya flinches at hearing his real name on the Entertainer's tongue. How did he find out his identity? Were all the tricks an act? The man smirks. "Have I struck a nerve? Or is it a weakness?".
The Entertainer presses on darkly. He approaches closer. Midoriya brings his feet into a stance. Preparing himself to send the man flying across the room once more.

"Atsuhiro, have you not learnt your lesson about entering someone's else personal space?"
Kurogiri says from the corner of the prison, his expression hidden under the purple flames. "Have you always being this soft, Kurogiri?". Atsuhiro asks. Kurogiri brushes the question off.

"Tomura-sama's orders were to not bring harm to the Prince as that will ruin the plan when Prince Todoroki-"

The man doesn't get the chance to finish as the wall behind him crumbles. A flash of red scales breaks through. An ear-pitching roar echoes throughout the room.

"EEK!!" Atsuhiro screeches as razor teeth clasp his cape, dragging him unceremoniously out into the open.

"Dabi! Toga! Tell Tomura-sama, We need backup-OOF!"
Kurogiri is pushed back as Bakugo's boot hits his stomach.

"You ain't any backup you bastard!!"

"BAKUGO!!" Midoirya cries in delight at seeing his childhood friend.
Bakugo spins to meet the boy's bright gaze. Bakugo narrows his red eyes.


Midoirya sweatdrops. That might be hard to explain. Especially to someone like Bakugo. "I'll tell you later". The boy mouths to the other. Bakugo's expression is blank.

"Deku!" a confidential voice makes Midoriya's eyes shift past Bakugo's form. He sees Todoroki slide off the dragon's slender neck. Their eyes meet.

"T-Todoroki!?" Midoirya sputters in surprise. He wasn't expecting the Prince of Endeavour Kingdom to be here. The Prince runs up to him as his blade effortlessly cuts through the chains. The cuffs plunge to the ground lifelessly. Their purpose fulfilled.

Before Midoriya can draw another response from his body, he finds himself melting in Todoroki's embracing warmth. He could feel Todoroki's firm torso and his heart beating within. He lets his hands fold around the broad back. Todoroki draws him in closer.

"This time, I will never let you leave my side". Todoroki whispers, allowing himself to relax momentarily into the other's heat.
Midoriya buries his head into Todoroki's neck. he could feel the pulsing regret and guilt. Was he really that scared of losing him?
"You're not at fault Shouto. You couldn't have prevented this situation. " Midoriya tries to assure the boy.

"You..just said..."

It takes Midoriya a second that he had addressed the other Prince by his first name. Midoriya throws his hand over his mouth, his eyes widened in incredulity. Todoroki laughs.

"It fine, don't fret Deku. To be honest, I find it quite easing, hearing it from your lips. I hope to hear it more."

Midoirya cheeks begin to turn pink. Shit. He was blushing again.

"You won't be going anywhere you little pesky brats!" Atsuhiro screams. The man had somehow managed to salvage from Kirishima's attack.

"HUH!? WHAT DID YA SAY YOU!?" Bakugo spins on his heels. Two crackling fireballs appear in both of his palms.

Midoirya and Todoroki rise to their feet. "Be careful Kaachan! He's dangerous! He has an unusual quirk!"


"Are you sure you can fight Deku?"

Midoriya smiles. "Shouto...remember how you said that you will be looking forward to seeing more surprises from me? "

Todoroki nods slowly, a cautious expression clouds his eyes.

"Well". Midoriya says as he whips the sword out of Todoroki's hand.

"Looks like it's that time again to surprise you", Midoriya says boldly, pointing the weapon at Atsuhiro. A ghostly smile laces Todoroki's lips at the other's gesture.

"Very well. In that case, I'm sure you don't mind me joining in then." Todoroki comes and stands next to Midoirya. Copying the other's stance.

"I don't mind at all, Shouto."

Behind them, Bakugo stares at the pair with a dumbfounded expression. They were truly meant for each other.

"WHAT KIND OF BULLSHIT IS THIS!?" The boy roars in his famous boisterous voice of his. Midoirya lets out a huff. Looks like Bakugo hasn't changed since 6 years ago

Todoroki nimbly looks over his shoulder.

"You stay in the middle."


Chapter Text

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Chapter Text

Todoroki is busily wiping the blood off his sword from the clash against the Supervillains when he hears another loud angry retort erupt from where Bakugo is sitting( along with his beloved Deku).

Todoroki lets out a growl of frustration.

What was up with the sudden closeness? Todoroki sniffs. It wasn't like he was jealous or anything. He, the Prince of Endeavour wouldn't stoop that low. But, with all the negative talk that Bakugo was sprouting during the journey. Todoroki got the impression that the man had a resentment towards Deku. An undying passion to murder the poor royal.

However, that clearly wasn't the case.


Sighing sharply, Todoroki continues to clean his weapon. He is quite aware that he was emitting an ominous aura into the air, which was probably why Iida was hesitating to approach him.

Can't blame him.

But it seems like Ochako has the confidence to do so.


Todoroki doesn't hesitate to give her the Don't-talk-to-me-because-I-am-pissed-off expression.

Ochako halts. A smirk tugging at her lips. Could he be......?

"Are you at jealous?" Ochako asks slyly.

Todoroki blinks. Ochako invariably seems to hit the right nerve when it comes to these types of situations. Pfff. He wasn't jealous. An emotion like that doesn't exist inside him. Todoroki shakes his head as if the action would reassure him. Nevertheless, the nagging feeling that was burning inside was making him start to doubt that predicament.

He once more sends a glance to the couple who were now bickering not aggressively but more in an enamoured manner. However, the smile on Deku's face was making the feeling inside intensifies.

Well. Shit. It looks like he is a little bit jealous of Bakguo. Wait. Let's correct that word 'little bit'. He is extremely jealous of that bastard.

'You got me", Todoroki mutters in a subdued manner, dropping his head slightly.

Hearing Todoroki's statement, Ochako does a quick victory pose before awkwardly faking a cough. Todoroki raises a brow.

"Well, you don't have to be jealous. The pair hadn't seen each other for quite a long time".

Todoroki nods at the explanation. Understandable. He shouldn't be selfish.

Heaving himself from his position, Todoroki's fingers lightly dust the dirt off his attire before strolling towards the pair, noticing how Deku is quick to notice his approach. Even Bakugo peers his way, face resolutely unimpressed

"What do you want?"

Bakugo greets the other in a hostile manner. His eyes glaring through Todoroki's head. His greeting full of sharpness as always.

Todoroki is tempted to retort back with a snippy response but seeing Deku's warm, gentles crackling with anticipation makes Todoroki's mind go mushy. The temptation soon fades inside.

"I hope you don't mind if I join you two", Todoroki says courteously as his eyes cast a glance at Bakugo who obviously was against his request.

Noticing a small space between the pair, Todoroki successfully manages to wedge himself among them. Bakugo's low growl doesn't go unnoticed but Todoroki happily distracts himself by pretending to admire Deku's eyes.

"So, what were you two talking about?"

"None of your business, you half and half bastard ...", Bakugo snaps indignantly as he shoots up from his position.

Todoroki grimaces momentarily at the immediate insult that was just fired at his face.

" Oi Deku, aren't you coming to the river?". Bakugo calls out as the Dragon Prince begins to stomp away.
Upon the abrupt request, Deku's face smile soon becomes replaced with a puzzled expression.

"And, why are we going to the river, Kacchan?"
Even though Todoroki couldn't see the other's face, he could tell that the boy was probably rolling his eyes or making a pissed off expression.

"We are going to catch some fish for dinner unless you want to starve to death". Bakugo hisses tempestuously. Deku's eyes immediately light up at the mention of food as the boy follows in suit quickly.
Watching the two waddle off, Shouto contemplates on following them but the though backfires as he winces at the solicitude of Bakugo's feasible response.

"Todoroki-sama" Deku's voice makes the Prince flash up. The two royals hold each other's gaze before Midoriya slides his eyes away and to the ground.
Todoroki smiles crookedly at the action. He doesn't need to ask why Deku is present in front of him.
"Are you perhaps standing before me because you would like to accompany you to the river?".

Midoriya smiles; rocking back and on his heels. The matted dress swaying along with the motion. "Maybe," Midoriya says unobtrusively. The boy's heart is pounding hard.

Todoroki holds his gaze on Midoriya's face for a long moment, then turns back to see the awaiting, distant shadow of Bakugo at the edge of the clearing. His multi-colored eyes glitter and a smile curls the edges of his lips.

"Deku" Todoroki says. The Prince rises up to feet. "Grab on to me".
Midoriya gives Todoroki another perplexed look, but doesn't argue. Todoroki inhales deeply as Midoriya's arms slide around his waist in a smooth and fluid motion. But such response wasn't satisfying enough in Todoroki's opinion.
Midoriya yelps in surprise as Todoroki suddenly decide to scoop his arm underneath Midoriya's leg whilst his other hand slyly slips onto his back. Todoroki motions for him to wrap his arms around his neck. Midoriya obeys willingly.

"Comfortable?" Todoroki asks. Midoriya nods, the anticipation was slowly eating him from inside.

"Hold on tight, then" Todoroki encourages as Midoriya's head rolls back into his shoulder blades. Todoroki's eyes soon lock onto an unseen target or destination as the sound of something spring alive from underneath Shouto's feet. Before Midoriya can question on what the hell is happening, the Yuuei Prince finds himself being launched into the air at full force. The pressure tightens around him. Midoriya lets out a screech. The boy doesn't even notice that his grip had congealed around Todoroki's neck.

So, this was Todoroki's Ice quirk in full swing.

As the pair glides effortlessly through the sea of pale, fluffy clouds. Midoriya takes his moment to breathe in the wondrous view in front of him. The light wind tousles his wig's hair and whips it across his pale-freckled face. Shouto lightly sweeps the stray strands away from the boy's eyes.

"Thanks," Midoriya says softly, his verdant green eyes once more fall onto the forest below as if trying to avoid the hungry gaze that was sending shivers through his body.
A soft nudge on the cheek is all it takes for Midoriya to be fully taken by those voracious lips. Todoroki brushes the wig's hair back; his face moves in so close that Midoriya can feel the muscular, lean chest press up against him.

Midoriya can feel the burning warmth from Todoroki's right hand as it caresses his neck, slow and gentle. Midoriya knew what the Prince was doing. Teasing him.

Teasing him to the point where he could hardly bear it. Todoroki was trying to draw out his urges. And he's doing a pretty good job at it.

Looking straight into Todoroki's eyes, Midoirya tries to scream his intentions.

I want your lips now. Please stop teasing me.

Todoroki smirks as if he could feel neediness radiating from the smaller prince.

He then cups Midoriya's face in his hands and gives the Yuuei Prince what he knows he wants.

Pulling away, Todorki licks his lips; exhaling softly. His eyes twinkling with satisfaction.
But before the Prince can make a remark, Todoroki hears the familiar whooshing vibration of a fireball coming into contact with something. How strange. Why is his vision fills with a fist of orange flames? And why does sky look like it was drifting away from him and Deku? It soon takes Todoroki exactly one second to realize who the assailant was.

"Kacchan!" Deku's angry voice breaks through his trance.
Yeah. Fuck Him. Todoroki agrees silently.
Todoroki coughs as a mast of fiery smoke soon begins to form. Yet Todoroki could have sworn he saw that Dragon Prince bastard smugly smirking as he hovers in the air. Watching them fall to their demise.

Shifting his eyes to the side, he saw Deku looking at Bakugo in faint disbelief. Annoyance twinkling in those viridescent eyes.

He was getting used to seeing the other royal expressing other emotions besides a simplistic smile.

"Are you guys ok!?" Uraraka's sudden concerned voice fills the air.

Sighing distinctly, Todoroki gives her a slight nod only realizing that she too is floating in the air along with Iida.

"This must be your first time seeing my quirk" Uraraka laughs lightheartedly, her hand scratching the back of her; a blush evident on her face.

"Indeed it is," Todoroki answers, trying to keep his voice steady as he contemplates on the wonders of Uraraka's quirk. Todoroki would never admit aloud but he finds floating in an unsupported, open space distinctly uncomfortable.

"I guess I don't need to ask who did this", Iida says; sweatdropping. Shouto snorts. It was pretty obvious, wasn't it?


The river is a strip of living turquoise, boldly flowing amid the green of the breathing forest. No matter the amount of chattering of birds. The presence brings a welcoming and refreshing relief over the group's ears. Birds were calling to one another in that beautiful way they do, their sweet, captivating songs coming from different trees along the clearing.

But the peacefulness is shattered in a heartbeat as Bakugou slams his whole body into the swirling, ruffled waves. The birds flee. The group rolls their eyes at the boy's impulsive action.

"I saw it!" Deku's voice cries out with a hint of excitement. Saw what? The poor Endeavouran Prince tries to follow Deku's eyes. Squinting; he could bearly make out the aquatic craniate between the waves.

The creature is small, barely a dart of silver, yet fast enough to disappear from vision. Without visible effort the fish moves from plain sight, glimmering in the early afternoon sun, into the reeds. Shouto has a split second to realize that this little fish was going to meet a brutal end as Bakugo viciously claws at the water. The fish flies into the water, it's lean body wriggling and failing. It's mouth opening and closing as it heaves for its final breath.

Bakugou unceremoniously throws the dying fish onto the banks. Right in front of the where Shouto is standing. Todoroki's eyes wander over the bod, taking in the scales that could decorate the most delicate of armour plating and the stillness of the eye.

He closes his eyes. His hands come together into a praying stance.

'Thank you for giving up your life for us', Todoroki implores silently before picking the fish up and dumping it beside the many other fishes that Bakugou had miraculously caught.

"Unwillingly", Todoroki adds; sending a glare to the monster in the river.

Strolling over to the shaded part of the area, Todoroki sighs in somewhat enjoyment as he collapses his back against a tree trunk. He doesn't feel like returning back to his father's domain. Maybe he can secretly join Uraraka and Iida and return back with him.

Todoroki shakes his head. That would be too risky and would most likely end up having two kingdoms go into an unnecessary war.

"Oi Deku! Catch!", Bakugo commands, catching the Yuuei Prince off guard as a pile of fishes comes hurling his way. Todoroki prepares himself to intervene when the Prince notices something strangely off about Deku's appearance. It may be his eyes playing tricks but Deku seems to be transmitting an unusual aura as royal's green hair starts to glow intensely.
The action happened in a blink of an eye. Too quick in Todoroki's opinion.

A powerful shock wave emits the air, causing the cluster of fishes to scatter across the ground. The impact nearly causes Todoroki to be thrown into the air like a ball. The Prince hardly manages to ground his feet deep into his boots. The results are different for Bakugo as the dragon Prince is tossed into the sky.


As the turmoil slowly calms down along with Deku returning back to normal. Todoroki takes this chance to question this interesting event whilst not deciding to cooperate in the rescue of Bakugo who is currently adhered in some tree branches; screaming and cursing with explosions jumping out of his hands.

"That was quite impressive and honestly truly, entertaining," Todoroki remarks, coming to stand beside the stunned Midoriya. Soon Todoroki's tone goes solemn.
"However, if you are planning on doing it again, please do notify me so I can prepare myself properly for impact". Midoriya doesn't know if he should take that suggestion seriously or if the Prince is teasing him.

"What... I'm not actually going to do was an accident!" Midoriya sputters.

"Is that so? " Todoroki says, his eyes twinkling with merit.

Midoriya folds his arms across his chest.

"Yes, because—"

Todoroki is smiling. Oh.

"Oh, you wicked princeling!" Midoriya gasps mockingly, realizing the Prince's true intention. He shoves the Endeavouran Prince aside playfully as Todoroki yips in an attempt to stop Deku from pushing him into the river At some point, Midoriya trips once more on the matted dress.

Midoriya flails, trying to stop himself when suddenly he finds himself suspended in mid-air.

Midoriya blinks. The motion had stopped. Although somehow no part of him has made a painful impact with the ground.

"Are you ok?".

" We will definitely have to change you out of that dress when we return to the castle", Todoroki's concern voice makes Midoriya look up.
Midoriya wishes he could just evaporate into dust.

Why must he always trip over this stupid dress when Prince Todoroki is around? It was getting pretty tiresome.

"You should really be more careful," Todoroki says in a moderately amused manner as he placidly places Midoriya back onto his feet.

Midoriya wobbles slightly as he smooths the wig's hair with his hands to disguise his desperate attempt to hide his blush. Todoroki's eyes drop from Midoriya's for a second, but Midoriya doesn't miss it.

"I feel like you're hiding something from me" Todoroki's swift comment makes Midoriya's whole body go tense. Those words are like a bullet to his heart. Todoroki's eyes return to meet the averted ones.

"W-what do you mean?" Midoriya tries to keep his voice as reserved as possible.

Todoroki is scrutinizing him like a falcon. Those eyes are piercing right into the depths of Midoriya's soul as if he's trying to draw out all his intrigues. Midoriya doesn't dare to inhale.

Soon, a hint of a ghostly smile laces onto Todoroki's lips. "But do not fret," Todoroki says, voice smooth as ice. His feet start to approach Deku.
He gives Midoriya a cursory look up and down as if not pleased with the uncleanness.

"It wouldn't be entertaining if you were to just throw all your tricks at me", Todoroki mutters stealthily. The Prince shifts his interest to some loose strands of hair. He observes them in a neutral trance.

Midoriya lowers his gaze.

"I want you to use your tricks one at a time," Todoroki speaks, his voice is quiet. "As you do, I am going to unravel your soul layer by layer until..."

Midoriya feels Todoroki's hand slips behind his head. Midoriya doesn't need to be asked what's happening next as Todoroki pulls him into a fiery and passionate kiss.

They pull apart and take shaky, shallow breaths. No words are spoken but a story worthy of them is communicated.

"I will make you truly my property from head to toe", Todoroki breathes.

Midoriya averts his eyes.

"But aren't I already yours?"

Todoroki gives a half-smile at those words.

"Not yet. You're too untamed to be mine".

The rustling of bushes causes the pair to jump around to see the trio appearing.

"Are you two lovebirds done with fulfilling your sexual desires for tonight?" Uraraka chirps teasingly. Midoriya rolls his eyes as Bakugou storms out from behind her, his eyes screaming 'I will fucking murder you'. Todoroki wordlessly replies with a smugly smirk.

As the group disappears back towards the campsite to probably start a fire, Todoroki leans in and softly kisses up and down Midoriya's neck. He lets out little whimpers of anticipation. Todoorki works his way back to his tender, smooth lips.

"There will be more to come," Todoroki says teasingly, pulling away. Midoriya slightly scowls at the reply.

"Don't give me that face" Todoroki chastises lightly, grabbing Midoriya's hand.

"Now, let's go and join the others".


As the night starts to fall, Stars begin to fill the sky like pale corn sowed into the freshly turned ground. Midoriya always took a liking to welcome the darkness. The stars would appear like magic at each sunset, promising to return as they faded in dawn's first light. Midoirya gradually draws himself back to the present. Discarded fish skeletons scatter the ground as well as the now unused sticks.

Midoriya allows his eyes to wander aimlessly over to the fire crackling in the centre of their so-called campsite. The fire projects long, eerie shadows onto the surrounding area. The light cast by the flames dances across the dark trunks of the trees, twisting and curling into obscure shapes and providing a small radius of light and comfort. Midoriya wasn't used to the darkness. It wasn't because he was scared of it, it was more that he couldn't predict what abnormal beings would crawl out from it.

The fire itself was pulsating, the glowing embers seem to move in rhythm with the flames, matching every dip and sweep.

It was mesmerizing to watch, the colours orange and red give way to the yellow and white near the centre, where the emanating heat was the greatest.

Suddenly, the soft warm glow of a firefly slices through the dark atmosphere with its sugary light. It softly hums through the blackened air, illuminating the atmosphere. The firefly to Midoriya was like a gentle shining mini version of the sun that was slowly eating away at the darkness.

Hearing the soft sound of snoring, Midoriya carefully rolls onto his side; his eyes turn to look at the closed eyelids of Todoroki's. Todoroki's chest rising and falling rhythmically, his features were much more evident in his sleep. Midoriya couldn't care less about the burn scar across his left eye. He found it beautiful.
Midoriya began to feel the sleep pooling on his eyelids. He brings the fur blanket to his chin as he rolls back over to face the now withering fire. The fire's heat seemed to have been sucked into the frigid air, leaving their bodies to freeze. What a shame. There was no point in asking Bakugo as he would most likely be irritated if Midoriya asked him to throw in another mass of logs to bring the flames back to life. Just as Midoriya is about to give in to the darkness. He hears something

Midoriya lets his body go tense for a second.

It could just be a deer or some hungry animal searching for food.

Crack. Crack.
No. That sound didn't feel like it belonged to a forest creature.

Peering from under the blanket, Midoriya spots the source of the sound.
It's a group of men. Possibly robbers as it wasn't uncommon for men like these to go looting about.

Most of the group of intruders carries torches: long torches with naked flames. They strutter about, pulling some of Iida's items from his carrier as well of Uraraka's. The fear starts to crawl in and sits on Midoriya like a pillow. The group continue to loot among their belongings.

There was something not right with these men. They didn't scream the characteristic of robbers.

"Oi, which one is it?' a rough, deep voice whispers.

"Don't fucking ask me", another unknown source replies angrily. The man turns to kick the dying fire, resulting in red ash being sprayed across the soil. The man shakes his boot in irritation.

Hence, one of the members of the group begins to walk in the direction of where he and Todoroki are sleeping. Midoriya begins to panic even more. He couldn't move. The boy squeezes his eyes tightly as the man approaches and looms over him.

"Hey...this one is pretty cute", the man remarks, the harsh scent of booze is unmistakable. Midoriya cowers as he feels the serrated fingers touch his face. If Todoroki was awake, this man would be burnt to ashes in a heartbeat.

"Hey, I think it's this little cutie!" one of the men whispers. Midoriya's blood begins to run cold. He tries to deepen himself into the earth, wishing for the ground to swallow him up.

Hearing the familiar din of a sword being unsheathed, Midoriya's breath turns from quiet and regular to a panting gasp. He could no doubt recognize that symbol from miles away.

The man seems hesitant at first as Midoriya braces himself for a severe blow. Peeking through his eyelids, he sees that the broad silvery metal is only inches away from his neck.

"Just hurry up and do it, you fucking moron! If you don't do it properly...we will no doubt get charred to crisp!"

Hence, at that very moment, the assassinator lets out a cry as a fireball hits him head-on. The group back away, startled.

"Not on my watch you motherfuckers!" Bakugo bellowing voice awakens the group.

"What the fuck!" one of the men cries, unsheathing a dagger from his belt; preparing to stab the Dragon Prince. But his actions come to a halt as a cocoon of ice starts to wrap around his body; trapping his arms and legs.
The dagger falls to the ground with a clink.
Bakugo takes this moment to gladly blast the man into the river whilst Todoroki decides to throw his whole body onto the unaware Yuuei Prince in a protective manner. Midoriya lets out a squeak at the action.

"Bakugo, who are these men!?" Iida inquiries, giving the attacker a kick in the face. Beside him, Uraraka brings her palms together making two of men float. They cry out in disbelief.

"Kirishima! Finish them!"

"Sure thing!" the redhead replies as he brutally headbutts the targeted men in the chest. Uraraka tilts her head to the side; pondering on who the rookie is.

"Ah..I'm Kirishima". Kirishima introduces, bowing as he sends another man hurdling into the bushes.
"Have I seen you before?"

"Ah...I was the dragon...."

At hearing this confession Uraraka's prying face is quick to be replaced with a shocked expression.


Kirishima sweatdrops; nodding confidently. He wasn't used to getting this much attention.

"DIEEE!" Bakugo roars in the background. His murderous explosions tear up the earth; dirt flies everywhere. The screams of men fill the once peaceful atmosphere.

"Deku, are you ok?, Todoroki urges, cupping Midoriya's face. The pair sits up.

Midoriya offers him a small smile. "Don't worry about me, Shouto, I-"

"Excuse me for a second, Deku" Todoroki apologies as he summons a barrier of ice to shield them from a flying arrow. The arrow crackles as it turns into black ash.

I have to tell him.

Todoroki returns his attention to Midoriya.

"You should have woken me up" Todoroki scolds in a tone that Midoriya didn't know the Prince possessed.

"Shouto...these men...they were sent by your father", Midoriya avows quietly.
Todoroki sucks in a breath. Silence falls between them despite the battle cries of Bakugo.

"How can you be so sure?" Todoroki retorts darkly. His eyes are narrow rigid, cold, hard. Midoriya almost recalls back from the sight.

"I heard them....talking about someone who would burn them to a crisp if they didn't kill me..."

Yeah. That definitely sounds like something his father would do.

Todoroki's fingers curl tightly into a ball. The need for revenge was piercing into his soul.

How dare he. He should have known his father would try and harm Deku at some point.

Rage burning inside was reaching the surface. He couldn't hold it down any longer.


Todoroki's left side explosively bursts out with claws of flames. Midoriya scrambles back, his eyes widen with fear. Those flames were completely different from the ones Todoroki had shown him early.
They were wild. Out of control. The flames were screaming for vengeance.


At the mention of his name, Todoroki lowers his head to meet Midoriya's eyes.
The way Todoroki eyes squinted at him reminded Midoriya of a cat's slit-like pupils. The prince gulps nervously.

And observing in the darkness of the trees, a line of teeth glisten in the reflection of the Shouto's burning flames. Poor boy. It's such a shame to see that's he's going to annihilate his most treasured item.

The observer smiles evilly.

"Everything is going according to plan...Your Highness"

Chapter Text

Todoroki hated this illusion.
He didn't understand why his mind wouldn't let him erase it. He knew this was merely a dream. Yet it still felt so real. So vivid. Like he was trapped in a time-loop. Todoroki could not ignore the darkness that was suffocating his body like a damp, dull, thick blanket. The corrupt hands dragging him into oblivion. But the scene was still in front of him. Replaying over and over again.

Todoroki opens his mouth to speak, but only a stream of bubbles float up to the infinity surface where he once floated.


No. Stop. Please.

He didn't want to revisit this scene again.

An apparition begins to unfold in front of Todoroki's eyes. He is no longer drifting but now inside a familiar room. It was the castle's kitchens. Todoroki grimaces. He resented this room with a passion.

Hearing something shuffle behind him, Todoroki is soon conscious that he isn't alone.

There's a woman sitting in front of him; her head slumped into her hands. Her back facing him; white bangs cover most of her facade. Before her, a silver, kettle rests in her line of vision.
Todoroki's eyes don't need to solicit for the source of the voice as he finds it hiding in the shadows. He knew this memory from beginning to end.

The small child vigilantly waddles out. His multi-coloured eyes dart nervously from left to right before falling onto the unresponsive woman. He takes another step.

"Mother..?" the child utters once more, his voice quivering. The child takes another step closer. As if taking pity on the compelling child, the woman gradually sits up. But her eyes are still averted; brows creased and face tense.

"Shouto...why don't you see your father..?" the woman's voice is weak and shaky as if talking to the child is a sinful act in her own mind.
The boy tits his head to the side; looking hurt by the suggestion.
"But I'm scared of father. He won't let me play with Fuyumi and the others. And he makes me train for hours without a rest." the boy adds dejectedly, taking a couple of steps closer.

"I don't want to become a monster like him!"

The comment makes the woman smile moderately. The boy's words must have had some effect on her as she soon shifts her position to slightly face the languishing child. The woman's face was a beautiful cross between a smile and a grimace. The boy's eyes follow his mother's movements, studying her facial micro-expressions.

"You will never become like him, Shouto..." the woman trails off as her eyes fall onto something unseen on the boy's face. The woman's entire expression dramatically changes in a second. Her eyes darken.

But the child was oblivious to these changes. After all, how was he to suppose to know that his mother was going to do the most the unthinkable act?
Young Shouto could only watch as his mother hastily grab the kettle and raise over his head. Confusion clouded his mind.
The expression on her face, forever embedded in his mind.

Rage. Fear. Hatred.

But Shouto couldn't find any reason to resent her back. How could he?
His mother was always the first person to greet him after his father's sadistic training sessions had finished.
Her quiet yet smooth voice whispering reassuring words to his beaten soul.
His mother was a strong woman even when his father would abuse her to the point of madness. There were those nights he would lay in his chamber listening to the sound of fighting yet when it was all over...

She would still smile at him. Every. Single. Time.

Bu now, his mother's remaining thread of strength had frayed. Breaking her completely. She couldn't take it anymore.

Shouto could only watch as she plunged over the edge and into the darkness.

He couldn't blame her for seeing the monster that she saw within him.

Todoroki could easily remember the sensation of the boiling water, splashing over his face, a puddle began to form beneath his feet. The pain was unbearable. Its unpleasant warmth ate away into his skin. The burning feeling seared through his mind. He was unable to bring a thought to completion.

But Shouto could only stand there after the outcome. No sound peeped from his mouth. He couldn't feel anything on his left side. But he knew the skin that once protected that side, was now gone. Yet, he still couldn't come to hate her.

Shouto's eyes watched as hysterical sobs shook his mother's thin frame, threatening to tear her apart from the inside.

The Kitchen door blasts open. The attack was strong enough to shake the room. His father comes storming in along with some servants. His father's eyes widen with pure shock and no doubt rage.


Yes. Shouto says to himself. Take that you fucking bastard.
This is all your doing. You are the one who has made mother become like this. She has ruined your precious, living masterpiece.

The scene starts to dissolve as the last thing Shouto sees is his father dragging his mother out of the room; kicking and screaming. That is the last time he ever sees her.

Shouto's eyes are once more plunged into the somberness. He is back drifting into the emptiness.

What was the reason for his existence?
Who would love him?
He was only born for causing destruction and to fulfil his father's desire.

Shouto's body goes limp as he feels himself go deeper and deeper.


Chapter Text


Midoriya scarcely survives the blast launched from Todoroki's attacks. Dirt sprays into the air. The surrounding area had been mercilessly blasted to the point that there were no more trees left.

The Yuuei Prince pants heavily as he forces his shaky legs to stand; confronting the enraged beast in front of him. From above, Bakugo fires another of his explosions; his aim is a bit off target as it lands right behind Todoroki. It causes the ground to rumble whilst smoke emits the air. The stars soon become invisible to the group's eyes as the haze shrouds their vision The sky is now a profane-black.
Midoriya has no choice but to inhale; the aroma stings his lungs. He lets out a sharp cough. Todoroki's phantom flames were like dancing ribbons, the light spilling onto the surface of the river.

"Oi Deku! What the fuck is wrong with him!?" Bakugo demands from above as he dodges an enormous ice glacier. The sudden attack throws the boy off guard.
"It pisses me off that he can use both of his quirks!"

"But, he has never used both of his quirks! And if we don't stop him..he could die! " Midoriya replies in frustration. From behind, Midoriya hears a whooshing vibration as he feels a windy breath upon his face.

Midoirya' eyes widen at the sudden appearance of Iida who is charging towards Todoroki with a determined glint in his eyes. His arms swinging in a motion too fast for Midoirya's eyes to catch.

"Iida! What are you doing!?" Uraraka shouts out from beside Bakugo. Midoriya could easily see that she too was getting tired of using her quirk for a long extended period of time.

"If I can just get close to him-".
Iida suddenly feels his legs become stiff. He couldn't move. Looking down, the royal realises that his engines had been invaded by shards of ice. lida lets out a hiss of annoyance.
"Iida! DUCK!" Uraraka warns as Todoroki startlingly shoots a stream of fire in the direction of where the trapped royal stands. Iida yelps; ducking down quickly.
Midoriya doesn't hesitate to hurry to the Tenya Prince's side as the attack recedes.
"It seems Todoroki has halted my attack. I'm kind of stuck..." the Prince says awkwardly, lowering his head in shame.
Midoriya gives the other Prince a reassuring smile; adding soft pat on the back.

"Don't worry Iida-kun! We will take it from here!"
The boy's tone is lighthearted despite the situation. Midoriya was probably the only person Iida knew who could charge into battle with no fears controlling his mind.
"OIII! You're really pissing me off right now Half n Half!" Bakugou roars at Todoroki. The Dragon Prince soon stretches out one of his hands; using his other hand to create a burning ball of light.

"Don't hurt him!" Midoriya shouts out, charging forward. A grunt leaves from the boy's lips.
"Don't worry Deku, I'm just going to give him something to blind his vision. But when I do, charge straight toward him!"

So, that's what Bakugo was planning.

Midoriya nods at the order, his green eyes now concentrating hard onto the target. He sees Bakugo's eyes flick from him to Todoroki's shadow. The burning sphere in Bakugo's hands glows brighter and bigger.

"Ready Deku?"

"Let's do it!!"

"Don't fuck up!" Bakugo jeers, smirking infuriatingly at the boy.
Midoirya rolls his eyes at the insult.


Midoriya lunges forward at the command; with no hesitation just as Bakugo throws his blast beam in the same direction.
A sudden gush of pain jolts throughout Midoriya's body. The stinging sensation of Todoroki's flame seeps into his skin. But Midoriya continues to advance into the blinding light. His heart was thudding in his head; the trees around him were spinning off the ground.

He couldn't breathe, his lungs were crying out for mercy. But he couldn't stop. He must save Shouto.

Drawing closer, Midoriya could see the silhouette of Todoroki frantically moving about. His outline blazing with flames.
Bruised and winded, along with an arm in agony, Midoriya nimbly grabs the foot of the Endeavouran Prince and pulls him to the ground.
Todoroki lets out an "OOF" as he lands painfully on his back.

Not wanting to miss this chance, Midoriya crawls promptly like a spider onto Todoroki's torso. As he does, he could see Todoroki's chest moving up and down. Sweat dripping from the side of Todoroki's forehead.

Midoriya could see the blood seeping beneath Todoroki's skin. Of course, he knew Todoroki wouldn't go down without a counterattack.

Todoroki's fist slams into Midoriya's face before the boy could even register the attack. Midoriya coughs out blood as he is coarsely pushed off the Endeavouran Prince's chest. The pair falters apart for a brief second to catch their breaths before diving back at each other, both eyes filled with hidden feelings.

Midoriya barely manages to dodge the blazing fist of flame before counterattacking up with his own. For a brief instant, Todoroki's cerulean and grey eyes widen before he manages to tilt his head back and bang it into Midoriya's. Stars rupture Midoriya's vision but he shakes it off, blinding throwing a sloppy kick.

Todoroki steps back, easily evading the kick. "Is that all you got?" he crows darkly in a voice that definitely wasn't Todoroki's. Someone was unquestionably controlling the Prince's movements.

Midoriya growls and throws himself at the Prince, changing direction at the last minute.
Midoriya's blood hums in his veins as determination and anger takes over.

"SNAP OUT OF IT TODOROKI!" Midoriya roars as he tackles the Endeavouran Prince to the ground. The pair battles it out until Midoriya draws his head back and successfully slams it into Todoroki's head causing the Prince to let out a grunt of pain.

Todoroki's motions soon come to a halt. The only sign of life was his chest gently rising and sinking with each shallow breath he drew in.
Midoriya rises unsteadily to his feet but doesn't get far as he once more collapses onto the Prince's chest. Midoriya doesn't dare to breathe as Todoroki's heartbeat echoes in his ears.

"Shouto...Can you hear me?" Midoriya finally whispers in a breathy manner.

No answer.

The only the sound that answered his desperate appeal was the crackling fire, looming behind him; flickering and burning, heating up his back.

Midoriya was starting to feel awkward with the position he had created. Why wasn't Shouto moving? Maybe he had gone a bit over the top with his attack...
Suddenly, a dreadful image leaps into Midoriya's mind.
Maybe he had given Shouto a severe head injury to the point Shouto was probably dying underneath him.
Midoirya's eyes widen with horror; covering his mouth.
The boy clumsily decides to roll off and on all four legs, plods up to take a peek at the Prince's wounded face.

Oh God. Shouto's face was a mess. The Prince's hair was matted and knotted. Bloody spit drooled from his wounded lips.
No one would believe he had committed an accidental crime as Shouto's face was too untroubled. Too angel-like to Midoriya's disliking.
Fear gripped his heart.
With a shaky hand, Midoriya pokes the side of Todoroki's cheek with his index finger.

No movement.
Just as Midoriya is about to accept defeat, he hears a soft word roll off the Prince's lips.


The voice is unusual, very bewildered, and not the least bit annoyed.
Midoirya's head shoots up to see multi-coloured eyes staring at him. The eyes are clouded.

".....Todoroki..?" Midoriya speaks inaudibly, he warily draws closer to the awakening Royal. Dreading that he had imagined it, Midoriya utters the Prince's name once more.

"Shouto...are you there?".

Taking Todoroki's melodious grunt as a reply, Midoriya's heart nearly bursts with joy as he flings himself onto the Prince with a cry of happiness.

"I thought you were dead!!" Midoriya cries softly, a few drops of tears roll down his freckled cheeks.
Todoroki hastily hoists his body upwards, supporting himself with the use of his bruised elbow.
A glint of horror is carved onto his face as the Prince takes in the burning surrounding area.

"Am I the one to blame for this devastation?"

Midoriya spontaneously shakes his hand at Todoroki's response.
"No No, this wasn't your fault at all! Someone made you do this!".
Midoriya is unaware he has Todoroki's full attention now. His gaze fixates on the boy's visage.

"Your face...."

Midoirya drops his hands. He gives Todoroki a perplexed look.

"My face..?"

In response, Todoroki's hand moves. Reaching out to allow his fingers to brush across the boy's wounds and scars from eyes to cheeks.


"'I swore to myself that no harm would come to you..yet it seems that I have failed to fulfil that..." Todoroki bitterly says. His hand closes. It clenches at his side. There was an empty sense of disappointment amid his words. It made Midoriya feel sad.

"This wound wasn't your fault either Todoroki-kun". Midoriya states softly. A scoff escapes from Todoroki's lips at the remark.

"You're lying. Of course, this is my fault. The searing flames burning around us and the ice glacier behind us is a dead giveaway".

Midoriya sweatdrops.

"Unless there is someone else you know who has the prerogative to use the same quirks as me". Todoroki raises a brow in Midoriya's direction.

"Well...I don't think..."

Todoroki doesn't let Midoriya finish his sentence as the Prince had arisen to his feet and was ambling towards the seated boy.

Midoriya lets out a 'huh!" as he is soon picked up in a rough bridal manner.
"A-Ah...where are we going, Todoroki-kun?" Midoriya stutters; trying his best to hide his rising blush.

"I told you not to lie to me" Todoroki answers in a cynical manner. Midoriya's eyes slide sharply to the Prince's face.

They were cold. Hard. But there was an emotion burning in those eyes but Midoriya couldn't catch it nor grasp it. The boy pauses and sighs.

"Shouto, I wasn't really lying. Like I said, you weren't in control when you attacked us. Someone else was. " Midoriya casts his gaze onto the ground. He glances back up at the Endeavouran Prince.

"You should really have more faith in yourself" Midoriya eventually states in an irritated tone.

The boy turns to contemplate into the distant clearly sulking. He misses out on seeing the delicate and rare smile on the Prince's lips – a smile that reaches his always distant and lifeless eyes.



The noise catches the pair's attention as they topple through the remains of the forest trees. "What the hell was that?" Midoriya says in an inquiring tone, flipping the wig's hair over his shoulders.

It doesn't take them long to find the source as it was easy to recognize the explosions blasting out of Bakugo's hands and not to mention the discourteous language.

"Omg! What the hell happened to you two?!" Uraraka is the first to greet them as she dashes towards them. Concern lace across her face. Midoriya laughs awkwardly as he is gently settled back onto his feet.

"It's not really a big deal..."

At the response, a deep scow begins to etch onto the Prince's face as he realizes that Midoriya wasn't going to elaborate on the situation at hand.

"Of course it's a big deal" Todoroki states. "Deku lied to me".

A mixture of pure disbelief and a hint of annoyance flashes across Midoriya's face. Uraraka sweatdrops.

"Are you still mad about that!?"

Todoroki folds his arms across his chest; his eyes lock onto Midoriya in a firm stare.

"Yes," he replies irritatingly.
Midoriya allows his eyes to roll at the response whilst the scowl on Todorki's face deepens. He didn't think Todoroki would be that childish.

"OI! You two can get back to your lovers' quarrel later cuz I need help to get this bastard's mask off!" Bakugo growls as the mentioned person struggles under him. "STAY THE FUCK STILL!!"

Wandering over, Iida leans forward in an attempt to glimpse the intruder's face.

"Who exactly is that?"

Bakugo gives the Tenyan Prince best glare he could muster. "How the fuck should I know?"
"Kirishima was the one that found him".

All eyes fall onto the Red-haired dragon boy who is leaning against the tree trunk. Kirishima blinks for a few seconds; realizing that he was now in the spotlight

"It was by accident, to be honest...I just found him hiding behind a tree...when I got blasted off by one of Todoroki's attacks.."

"Don't you think that's a bit suspicious?" Uraraka chimes in, giving the trespasser a circumspect glance.

"Well...he was actually observing Todoroki and Deku's fight..." Kirishima continues. "Then he's the culprit!" Iida authenticates plainly to anyone but himself. "Nobody in their right mind would observe a fight especially when the whole area is being blasted into oblivion." The group nods in agreement.

"Only a villain would do that".

"Then, why is it taking Bakugo so long to take his mask off?" Todoroki inquires impassionately. Bakugo is internally seething at that moment. Arima turns fully around; his foot still on top of the intruder.


"I can't permit you to do that Bakugo! We still need an explanation from him!" lida invalidates at the boy's extemporaneous request.


The group were too occupied with their bickering, they weren't unaware that the intruder had slipped into the shadows until:

"Kaachan!" Midoriya exclaims in utter horror; pointing to the place where the intruder should have still been. "Where did he go!?"

"What the hell Bakugo! Why did you take your foot off him!?"


Before Bakugo could say any more, the boy's mouth immediately closes as his usually antagonistic eyes become dazed. The group blink at the unexpected motion.

"Bakugo, are you ok? What's wrong?" Kirishima's eyes widen in surprise at the odd action. He steps forwards. Kirishima's doesn't get far as he abruptly reclines back to avoid a swift, swooping kick.

"What the hell-UGH!" Iida lets out a grunt of pain as Bakugo's foot comes in contact with his stomach. An unpleasant splintering sound rends across the air. The attack causes Iida to be sent flying into a nearby tree trunk that breaks at the unmerciful force.

"That's going to leave a bruise," the unknown voice ridicules again from nowhere. Before Todoroki and Midoriya could even begin to retreat, Bakugou's fist moves by itself once more; hitting the ground with a BOOM. Dust and smoke-invade their vision. Sending them flying.
They disembark with a sharp thud.

"Todoroki-kun! Are you ok?" Midoriya cries out as he rushes forward to the other's aid. Todorki rises unsteadily to his feet despite Midoriya's plea to not move. Nausea begins to creep up from his abdomen to his head.
His bones move in a way they shouldn't.
Stinging and cracking. Detectable pain throbs throughout his body. Todoroki could feel himself swaying as he falters towards. Everything is a blur. A blur that was swirling out of existence. The voices were distorted. He could feel himself falling again. He fought hard to stay awake yet it was futile. The darkness was closing in.

At least he was falling into the safety of the waiting arms of his lover.

Chapter Text

The water was too hot for his liking. But there's nothing he could do about that. Sliding warily down into the water, the boy allowed himself to block out the sounds around him. The coldness was refreshing on his beaten skin. Yet he winced slightly as it swirled without mercy, penetrating the cells that should be protected by smooth skin but now lie open and raw. After the initial surge of pain, He immerses himself further into the water, inhaling the welcoming warmth through his nostrils.
The water moves softly around his outstretched fingers, caressing cooly his abdomen. Midoriya pulls his hand out and watches the drips, both transparent and opaque at the same time. He follows their movement as they fall as if snatched by gravity to the emptiness below, each one swiftly haloed by ever-growing rings, distorting the calm surface of the lagoon. The water shone like a molten mirror. Reflecting everything it saw.

He leans back. Eyes close. His mind fades into dullness and everything is a foggy illusion. It's only when he opens them, he self-consciously allows himself to observe the room. Taking in the dainty ornaments carved into the castle's walls.

He could stay in this lagoon all night if it weren't for the rumbling of his stomach and the aroma of fish cooking from the Royal Kitchen. With great reluctance, Midoriya places his palms on the edge of the lagoon's edge and pushes down hard and fast. The briny droplets splash onto the concrete in lines of spray as the Prince moves for the towel laying neatly on a stool. The water drips down his parted hair softly. He brings the towel to his face, wiping the lingering warmth away from his cheeks.

Midoriya soon finds himself gazing into his reflection as he passes a nearby mirror. He stops. His eyes stray critically across his body from head to toe. Taking in each wound and bruise that decorated his skin. He should have really taken that offer about applying ointment. All well.

The viridescent eyes fall onto the wig, sitting on the second stool. Ah yes. He still had a duty to fulfil. Not to himself but for his kingdom. He couldn't disappoint them.

As the Yuueian Prince shakingly tilts his head forward, laying the wig gently top of his messy curls. It still shocked him that the wig could still manage to smoothly hide his true identity. He did a few adjusts here and there to ensure no curls could be seen. Before moving to the next step. He was quite used to this cycle now.
He wonders if this is what Uraraka has to go through every morning or night after having a wash.

The entrance's door of the lagoon creaks open as Midoriya vigilantly peeks through the gap. There was no one occupying the hallways. They were probably still fussing over Todoroki's injuries as they were deemed serious. Stealthily, Midoriya begins to approach the bedroom chamber of where he and Todoroki customarily reside. He crosses the hall. He listens intently for any sign of voices.


Approaching closer to the chamber, Midoriya notices that the soldier that regularly guards their chamber wasn't there. Midoriya breathes a sigh of relief.

He opens the door and creeps in. The door behind him closes with a click. Midoriya parades briskly around the room; using the moonlight to navigate his way around. The boy comes to halt at his side of the bed. Bending down, he opens the drawer to reveal a bunch of letters, piled moderately neatly. He should really ask Tokoyami to take these letters back to the Yuuei kingdom. With a shrug of his shoulders, he adds another letter to the pile before pushing the drawer back into its socket. To kill time, Midoriya pours himself a glass of water from the water pitcher

Where could have Todoroki gone to?

Midoriya wonders to himself as he lazily flops onto the bed. The bed creaks at the sudden motion. Midoriya decides to just lay on top of the bed instead of getting underneath the warmth of the covers as he didn't want to ruin the servants' hard work of making it back up. Seeking for a source of warmth, his fingers become intertwined with the woollen blanket, sitting longingly on the end of the bed. He grips it as if it were more substantial than the bed itself.
He wraps it around his shoulders, letting the wool tickle his nose.
Midoriya could feel himself drifting in and out of consciousness. It wouldn't hurt to just close his eyes for a bit.

Besides, he had spent most of the time since their return from the forest, trying to keep up with Iida's theories through letters on who the hell attacked them back in the forest. The most suitable theory was that the attacker was part of the League of Villans. But why would they send just one person to try assassinate them? And it clear that their target was the Crown Prince.
At least they knew that the attacker had some sort of mind control ability.

Midoriya's eyelids flutter slightly. His head was beginning to hurt with all his thinking. He couldn't keep up with time at this rate so, with a docile sigh, his heavy head flops onto the melodious pillow as he withdraws into the weltering blackness.


Midoriya soon wakes to hear a loud crashing noise from outside the room. He immediately wakes up from sleep. Drowsy, he lifts the blanket from his body and as quietly as he could he rolls off the bed.
The moonlight wasn't helpful in finding the doorknob that Midoriya was seeking for. The boy rubs his face to lose the last bit of sleep off, he cracks the door open slowly to avoid making any unnecessary noise. Squinting into the hall, he at first doesn't find the source of the noise. The guard wasn't even back at his post.

Squinting harder, he soon find that one of the rooms' door is open. Wasn't that the Study?

Curiosity gets the better of Midoriya as he leaves the safety of the shared chamber, extra cautious as to not make too loud of noises; keeping in mind that servants still roamed the halls even after when royals go to sleep.

Once in front, Midoriya ponders on whether he should push the door open. However, he does anyway as he tries his best to be silent but winces as it creaks open. So much for keeping quiet.


Peering in, he soon apprehends why he was never allowed to enter. Papers and books sprawl across the floor. The only reason Midoriya knew about this room was that this would be where he would find Todoroki after attending unnecessary events. But he has never entered it as he didn't want to disturb the other from the piles of work.

The room was dark. The only source of lighting was the dying, flicking candle on the desk. When he felt ready, Midoriya stepped inside; biting his lip as he strains to see the other royal before the other would notice him.

When finding only darkness in all corners of the room. Midoriya sighs and drops his head, only to be taken back by what he finds when looking in the centre of the room.; Todoroki sleeping on the desk. How could he possibly miss seeing that?

The Endeavouran Prince was resting his head on the wooden surface, his arms lifelessly danging at his sides. A trickle of drool roll of his lips. The only sign of life was his steady breathing. Getting a closer look at the dormant royal, Midoriya noticed that Todoroki's shirt-buttons had been done up in the wrong holes. A soft smile tugs at Midoriya's lips.

Silly Todoroki.

Even in the dark, Midoriya could see the outline of Todoroki's prominent scar usually hidden by the strands of hair. To Midoriya, the scar was what made Todoroki even more unique and of course more attractive. He couldn't care less about the gossip he has heard from the rest of Todoroki's household's servants.

'"He fell asleep."

Midoriya finally concludes in his mind. The breath he had unknowingly been holding escapes his lips. He must have overworked himself.

Deciding that it would be too cruel to leave Todoroki in such a state, Midoriya determinedly shakes his head and steps closer to the sleeping Prince, picking up the discarded books and papers he could see on the floor and benevolently returns them back to their former places. He tries his utter best to avoid any interactions with the sleeping Prince, but once all the items had been settled back into their rightful places. Midoriya could no longer ignore the Prince in slumber. He quietly strolls over, snaking an arm around Todoroki's torso. He heaves the slumbering Prince upwards.

To his surprise, Midoriya finds that Todoroki is quite light. Something that he clearly wasn't expecting. Hence, mustering all of his willpower inside him, Midoriya manages to successfully carry the Prince back to their chamber.

Tired and panting heavily, Midoriya unceremoniously throws the Prince onto the bed, secretly glad that Todoroki wasn't awake to witness what he just did. And as gently as he could, Midoriya reaches out to try to unbutton the wrongly done shirt. Moving gradually in hopes of pulling it off of him. But as soon as his fingers touch the material. Catastrophe strikes.

The arm that was supposed to be lifeless shoots up towards Midoriya and latches onto his neck. Todoroki had risen from his resting position, eyes half open and void of emotion as he tightly grips Midoriya's neck.

Dread and panic rush through Midoriya's mind as his airways begin to quickly close. Midoriya could see that Todoroki was still half asleep and acting unconsciously. Raising his hands slowly, Midoriya tries to speak as loud as he could from the grip, his voice coming out soft and quiet.

"'s me. Deku." Midoriya whispers
Todoroki tightens his grip. The grip is suffocating and unflinching. Midoriya grits his teeth against the feeling of his skin slowly heating up and slowly approaching searing-off temperatures. He could feel little licks of flame ignite and flitter out from underneath Todoroki's fingers. He needed to get Todoroki's attention immediately. Should he slap him? No. That would probably worsen the situation. And he didn't want that at all.

"S-Shouto! Y-your clothes...I need to take them off! Please let me go!"

Midoriya was beginning to see stars in his vision. Not to mention this neck was starting to sting as well from the heat advancing onto his skin. But he proceeded to peer at the other, noticing how Todoroki also continued to stare at him, through his half-opened eyes. Just as Midoriya sees darkness forming in his eyes, Todoroki somewhat releases Midoriya's throat and falls back onto the bed with a thud. But Midoriya could have sworn he heard Todoroki say: "'s just you Deku.." But it was gone before he could even be sure. The numbing pain around his neck was slowly fading away which was a good sign. Right? Midoriya inhales deeply.

Glad to be breathing once again. Midoriya looks at Todoroki straight in the eye and answers, “I need to get your clothes so you can go to bed. I thought you were with Momo-san and the other servants.”

Only an unobtrusive grunt escapes the mouth of the half-awake Prince, still looking at Midoriya with tired eyes. Midoriya moves again in a careful manner as he doesn't want to lose his neck again. He smoothly pulls off the remaining clothing one at a time.

Once the shirt was folded and buttons placed in the correct holes. Midoriya discarded the pants into the drawer as he tenderly slips the royal slippers onto Todoroki's feet.
"You know, I feel more like one of your servants right now than your lover" Midoriya mumbles.
Striping the soft eiderdown duvet from the King-sized bed, Midoriya realizes that he hadn't mapped out on how he was going to move Todoroki actually into the bed. Taking in a breath of confidence, Midoriya manoeuvred the dazed Todoroki, whispering softly “Shouto, time to go into bed.”
Another grunt answers him.

Struggling under the weight of the sleepness, Midoriya manages to push his way through, and carefully shifts Todoroki into the bed. But before Midoriya could even throw the covers back onto him, the arms of Todoroki coil around him and Midoriya finds himself being pulled down into the bed. Midoriya struggled to free himself but the grip around the smaller man called for no escape. The mattress sinks under their weight.

Midoriya lays beside Todoroki. Clearly shocked by this new predicament and feeling his nerves panic as Todoroki unconsciously adjusted into a comfortable position; pushing his legs between Midoriya's and pulling the other’s body as close as possible. The warmness spreads through his shivering body.

Midoriya stiffens. Listening to the heartbeat right by his head, feeling his own begin to mimic the rhythm of the other. A mixture of emotion rushes at him in his vulnerable state but Todoroki unwinds around him, lowering his guard, makes Midoriya understand he was in no threatening position.

In a matter of minutes, Midoriya finds himself lulled to sleep by the beat of Todoroki's heartbeat.

The next morning, when Midoriya opens his eyes the castle is as silent as the world outside. The sun is still resolutely below the horizon and the room is still filled with darkness. As he closes his eyes, he could feel the overwhelming pull of his dreams, beckoning him back to play. But time passes quickly as Midoriya soon notices the rising light shine underneath the withdrawn curtains like All Might's grin.
The golden rays hit Midoriya in the face, he wakes up. Glancing to his right, he finds the bed beside him empty yet warm. When did Todoroki wake up?

As sleep creeps away slowly, Midoriya estimated that it has only been a handful of hours since he and Todoroki had gone to bed.
His neck feels sore, but he doesn't mind. Midoriya tucks his legs beneath him; stretching his arms above his head and yawns.

Hearing the sound the door open, Midoriya flutters his eyes open to find Momo smiling softly at him, in her hand was a tray full of food. The aroma made his stomach growl.

"Good morning Momo-san" Midoriya sheepishly greets; patting his stomach in an attempt to silence it.

"Good morning Deku-sama," Momo replies back as she tends to the draping, withdrawn curtains. As she draws them back, the sunlight floods into the room, bringing every object it touches to life. The light paints Momo's body, giving her silhouette's outline a halo of golden rays. It plays over her quite revealing attire, alighting softly on her skin. Sunlight gives her eyes just the right glimmer as she drops them to the tray.

"Ah, thank you so much for taking care of Shouto yesterday. We were quite worried when we couldn't find him." Momo says, turning to face Midoriya. She gives him one of her most genuine smiles as she settles the tray of food in front of the secretly starving Prince. Ah yes. He had missed out on eating yesterday.

"I hope this breakfast is to your liking..." Momo says, she steps back. Her eyes are averted.

Midoriya's eyes enlarge as he takes in the large plate of food in front of him. Eggs, ham, potatoes, two pieces of freshly cooked toast covered in jam. A bowl of fresh fruit sits in ice accompanied by an elegant glass of orange juice. A breakfast truly fit for Royalty.

"I absolutely love it Momo! Please send my compliments to Midnight-san" Midoriya emits in delight. At the hearing of the advocacy, Momo's eyes snap up.

“I definitely will do that!” she says, too happily.

"Please enjoy your meal".

She gives Midoriya an agile bow before returning to her chores.

At those words, Midoriya indeed digs in. He gulps every ingredient down to its core; without pausing to breathe he moves his fork to the bowl of fruit; stabbing the strawberry with force. Midoriya takes a swift bite of the ham. He's not prepared for the flavours that invade his taste buds. He smiles. "Momo, the ham is so good!" The boy readily compliments, stuffing the ham into his mouth.

"Glad to hear that, Deku" comes the shy, thrilled reply.
"Ah, if you are wondering where your beloved noble Prince went to. I believe he had some business to attend to". She doesn't elaborate on what the business is, but Midoriya knows the limitations of prying into the Endeavouran affairs.

Instead, he acknowledges the report with a nod of his head.

"And, I have left some medicine on the bedside table to apply to your neck too".

The fork pauses at Midoriya's lips. He had completely forgotten about the burn around his neck from last night. He hadn't looked at it at all.

"It's not really that bad. And I don't feel any pain."

"Seriously, you just sound like Shouto every time he returns to the room with an injury. You can't fool me". Mom's hands are now on her hips and she isn’t smiling anymore. Midoriya feels it would be wise to not continue talking now he has her attention.

"It doesn't matter if it's not bad or if you don't feel any pain. It can still leave a scar". "Consider yourself lucky that he didn't use his full-power on you".
Midoriya winces at the unpleasant thought.

And while you are at it, apply the rest of ointment to the other wounds as well," Momo says as she removes the now empty tray from Midoriya's lap.

"Yes, I will!".

"You better or else..."

Midoriya slightly goes pale at the sudden warning.
That's until Momo's smirk turns into a grin, and Midoriya realises he’s being teased.

Midoriya pouts.

"Momo-san! That's not funny!"

Momo can't help herself but laugh at the unexpected reaction.
"Just kidding," Momo teases lightly. She giggles as Midoriya's pout deepens.

"Momo!" a voice calls out from outside the chamber's doors."You are needed in the Mess hall!"

"I'm coming!" Momo replies back. She spins around on her heels. The tray rattles at the motion. She ambles to the door, only to pause to give Midoriya a quick glance over her shoulder.

"Will you be alright by yourself?"

The tint of concern in her voice cannot be missed.

At the statement, Midoriya tries to ignore the sense of uneasiness that had begun to creep up from inside him.

"Yes, I'll be fine, Momo."

"If you need anything, just ask Shouji-san. He will be guarding outside. You can trust him."

It was nice to be told who exactly he could trust in this corrupted castle of Endeavouran Kingdom. It was hard enough trying to avoid all of King Enji Todoroki's men who approached him every he would be left to fend for himself.

"Thank you, Momo".
Midoriya says coolly as he watches Momo disappear behind the door until she was out of sight.

Leaving him alone in the inarticulateness of the Chamber. Midoriya sat there. The thick protective buffer of the absolute quiet surrounded him.

He was pretty much trapped in the room with his Boredom.

What was he supposed to do now?