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The Way You Make Me Feel

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Girl, you know I want your love
Your love was handmade for somebody like me
Come on now, follow my lead
I may be crazy, don't mind me

Her body burns with every hit and kick but she doesn't stop. Blonde tresses fall from a messy bun but she doesn't care. Sweat drops in her eyes and they burn from the salt but it doesn't bother her. She's used to it. She does what she always does and ignores it. The only thing she can focus on is the punching bag in front of her. Her mind wanders to all the shit she doesn't want to think about. Her parents. Wack. Her job. Punch. How fucked her life is. Kick. Her knuckles  are turning red with the force of her hits and she knows blood will follow soon. But she can't bring herself to care.










Say, boy, let's not talk too much
Grab on my waist and put that body on me
Come on now, follow my lead
Come, come on now, follow my lead

 She in her zone. That zone. The one where she knows it's only going to end when she exhausts herself. When she can't feel anything but regret, guilt, and pain. Pain so incredibly strong she can feel it in every fiber of her being. So deep it's engraved in her bones. Her muscles are on fire. Her lungs are aching for a break from this punishment. Jab, Hook, Cross, Roundhouse, Front, Side. 

I'm in love with the shape of you
We push and pull like a magnet do
Although my heart is falling too
I'm in love with your body

Her knuckles have started dripping red and it's staining the 100 pound Ringside Heritage boxing bag. Then something hits her hard in her head knocking her out of her zone. She turns and sees a water bottle on the floor and a smirking Octavia Blake. She growls and Octavia ignores it.

"Calm down Elyza, I did it for the bag, we all need to use it and you were going all Ronda Rousey on it again so I had to shut that shit down."

Elyza just turns off her music, glares and chugs the water bottle that had just been launched at her temple.

"Ever heard of knocking O?" The blonde woman questioned. She sat down and leaned back on her hands while watching Octavia.

"Dosn't sound familiar, must be one of your crazy Australian words." She teased. "Ya know like 'wanker and g'day." The brunette was just about to go on a rant about Australia when she was interrupted by Elyza.

"What do you want O?" She asked, not really in the mood for their usual banter.

"Team's going to a bonfire and can't be a team without the Captain." She said pointing at Elyza. "So take a shower and meet us in the living room in 30." Then she was gone before Elyza could object.

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Elyza steps out of the shower and wraps herself in a towel. Walking over to her suitcase she looks for something to wear. She decides on a black sports bra, boyshorts, a black spaghetti strap and short shorts to show off her new California tan. She puts on some black flip flops. She towel drys her hair a bit and lets it fall in loose waves around her face. She looks in the mirror and puts a thin layer of lip gloss on. She decides she looks good and goes out to meet with her team.

"She finally emerges." Raven says when she walks in the living room.

"Yea took you long enough." Octavia says sitting on Lincoln's lap.

Ignoring them she walks over to sit by Bellamy. She puts her legs on him and leans back on the sofa.

"So O told me about a bonfire?" She asks.

Jasper who was sharing the love seat with Monty answers.

"Rae found out about it from our neighbor."

"Yea. I ran into him yesterday. He said his name was Strand. Said everybody in the neighborhood was going to be there."

"So a random guy invited us to go to a bonfire on the beach and you just said yes without knowing anything else about it?" She questions.

"Yep." Raven says making Elyza sigh.

Raven may be one of the smartest people she has ever met but she could make some really thoughtless decisions sometimes. She looks at the rest of her team.

"And you all were ok with this?" She says.

"It sounded like fun." Finn says walking out the kitchen with two beers. He opens one and hands it to Elyza. She grabs it and takes a sip.

"Hey I want one!" Monty exclaims.

"Calm down Monty. We all know Finn just got The Boss one because he has a crush on her." Jasper teases.

"Shut up Jasper!" Finn yells.

Octavia looks at Elyza and she just shrugs nonchalantly. Finn's unrequited crush was not a secret.There was nothing wrong with him. He was very attractive and had no problem getting a woman. But the thing was neither did Elyza. She liked girls and only girls. And THAT's where the problem lay.

"Boss can you stop being so suspicious and have fun for once" Lincoln says trying to help Finn by changing the subject. Octavia hums in agreement. She sighs again and they know they've won.

"Fine. What time does it start?"

"10:00. Bell what time is it?" Raven ask.

"9:45." The dark haired man replies looking at his Rolex.

"We better get going then." Elyza says getting off Bellamy and the couch.

She goes back to her room and grabs her phone, wallet and keys. She grabs her leather jacket and Rolex and puts them on. She looks in the mirror one last time making sure she looks good. When she's done she goes to her bed and gets her gun from under her pillow. She admires it for a moment. It's her favorite out of all of her weapons and she never goes anywhere without it. It's a Glock 19 but she calls it her 4 Nick (short for 4 Nickel) that has a black grip and a silver slide. She engraved her initials on one side when she first got it. On the other side is her kill marks. Each tally equals 10 lives she's taken. She tucks it in her waistband and goes back to the living room, ignoring the tally marks taking up half of weapon.


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When your legs don't work like they used to before
And I can't sweep you off of your feet
Will your mouth still remember the taste of my love
Will your eyes still smile from your cheeks

The sun beams down on Alicia as she walks home from school. She takes off her flannel leaving her in a tank top and shorts. She turns up the volume on her phone. In her peripheral she sees someone walking behind her. Ignoring them she puts her hair in a ponytail to try and relieve her neck of its intense heat.

And darling I will be loving you 'til we're 70
And baby my heart could still fall as hard at 23
And I'm thinking 'bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways
Maybe just the touch of a hand
Oh me I fall in love with you every single day
And I just wanna tell you I am

A hand grabs her arm and she lets out a little squeal and whips around. She's relieved to see Allison.

"Allison you scared the shit outta me." Alicia says glaring at her best friend.

"Well I tried to get your attention but, you had those headphones in." Allison explained. "What are you listening to anyway?" She took Alicia's headphone and put it in her ear.

"None of your business." The younger girl said, while trying to get her headphone back knowing she was about to get teased.

"Seriously Leashy, Ed Sheeran. Is he all you listen to?" Allison teased as they continued walking to Alicia's house.

"Shut up Allison. He actually writes amazing songs but you wouldn't know because all you listen to is Taylor Swift." Alicia snapped defending her favorite singer.

 Allison scoffs and gives Alicia back her headphone. "She's hot, ya know I gotta thing for blondes." Allison says simply and shrugs watching Alicia put her device away.

"All she writes are break-up songs." Alicia accuses.

"All Ed Sheeran writes are love songs." The older girl accuses back.

They continue they're debate as they walk up Alicia's driveway. Alicia unlocks the door and finds the house empty. She checks her phone and finds a message from her mom.

Mom: Had to take Nick to the hospital. Be home later tonight.❤

"My mom had to take Nick to the hospital again." Alicia says while walking to her room.

"He's still going through withdrawal?" Allison asks.

"Yeah all week he's been sweating and throwing up everywhere." Alicia explains then collapses on her bed.

"I'm sorry Leashy." Alicia turns her head to look at her best friend.

They've known each other since Alicia was a baby. You wouldn't even think there two years apart. Allison has always been there for her. She was the one who supported her when she found out about her brothers drug addiction. The only one who knew she wasn't the perfect child her family thought she was. She was the one that made her feel comfortable with being bisexual. She had always ignored it. Always tried to please her family before herself. But Allison helped her realise her feelings matter too. She even told Alicia her own coming out story. Allison helped her build her courage up to tell her family. Travis just looked at her and said if she was happy so was he. Madison gave her a hug and told her she loved her. And Nick just threw up on the floor.

Alicia just sighs and turns her head back into her pillow.

"Look Leashy, how about we go have some fun to try and take your mind of it." Allison suggest.

"What kind of fun A?" Alicia questions but it's a little muffled by the pillow.

"Our neighbor Strand is having a bonfire tonight and he invited everybody in the neighborhood." Allison suggest.

"So being around a group of retired 40 and 50 year olds is supposed to be fun?" Alicia questions.

"No. All the older people will be on his yacht. Everybody our age will be on the beach."

"I don't know A." Alicia hesitates.

"Come on Alicia it's better than being here by yourself all night. And you might FINALLY GET LAID." Allison says yelling and exaggerating the last three words.

Alicia can feel the heat flushing her cheeks. It's not a untrue statment. She really wishes Allison would stop talking about her virginity. She just wants Alicia to have sex. But Alicia wants her first time to be special. With someone she loves not just a random hook-up with a person she'll probably never see again. But she doesn't have anything better to do. And it's better than being alone all night.