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The Result of Love

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Yoongi grinned as he saw Jimin fly away from his friend group, barely having time to set down his bag and messily catch Jimin as he flung himself into Yoongi’s arms.

“I missed you! I missed you, I missed you, I missed you,” Jimin said between showering Yoongi’s neck and face in kisses, leaving Yoongi laughing as he firmly hugged Jimin’s waist, keeping him pressed against his body.

“I was only gone for a week,” Yoongi said, setting Jimin on his feet but keeping his arms just as tightly around him.

That is, until Jimin pushed on his chest and broke them apart, gaping at him. “Seven days. Seven whole fucking days, and that’s the first thing you say to me when you get back?”

Yoongi sniffed a laugh, already remembering how fun it was to tease his boyfriend of three months. Yoongi had gone to present at a conference, separating the two for the first time in their relationship, and even though they face timed every night he was gone, Yoongi had missed his brat of a boyfriend. He missed his fussing, he missed his light floral scent, he missed seeing the way the light would catch a glimmer in his eye shadow or highlight. He missed the feeling of his lips, he missed the way Jimin would lay on his chest when they cuddled, he missed it all. But, of course, he also missed teasing Jimin, so he couldn’t pass on that opportunity.

He reached out to put a hand on Jimin’s hip, pulling him closer again. “Aish, you’re right. I missed you too, baby.”

“Yeah right, I bet you didn’t even think of me at all while you were gone,” Jimin pouted, his arms crossed even though Yoongi was pulling him in close.

Yoongi grinned smugly, knowing just what to say to make Jimin warm back up to him. “If I hadn’t been thinking about you, would I have gotten you a gift?”

Jimin immediately brightened, a smile forming on his shimmery pink lips and his eyes filled with excitement and curiosity. His hands moved to grip Yoongi’s biceps, and he stepped into Yoongi’s hold, pressing his waist to Yoongi’s. “You really got me something?”

Yoongi smiled warmly at his baby, his arms wrapping tightly around his beautifully fit waist. He was almost mad that they were in public, as he suddenly wanted to ravage Jimin’s neck in the low-cut dress shirt he was wearing. “Mmhmm. But I mean, it’s probably not that great, since apparently I didn’t think about you enough…”

Jimin giggled and slapped his boyfriend’s shoulder. “Whatever, point taken. Please, can I have it?”

Yoongi bit his lip in teasing consideration, then swirled his tongue in his cheek before smirking. “Maybe after a kiss.”

Jimin smirked in return before wrapping his arms around Yoongi and slowly leaning in, kissing Yoongi so full yet so softly that he practically went weak at the knees. He inhaled into the kiss, moving his hand up Jimin’s back in an attempt to somehow pull him even closer, even if he was already pressed against his body. He needed him closer, and he lost himself in kissing Jimin. Jimin’s hands moved to feel Yoongi’s hair and then trailed to his neck as he rested his arms on his chest, breaking their kiss.

Yoongi kept his eyes closed, his forehead pressed to Jimin’s, waiting to taste his lips again, but instead Jimin spoke against his lips, “Can I have my present now, hyung?”

Yoongi huffed, opening his eyes and shaking his head, trying to fight the smile growing on his lips. “You’re such a brat.”

“But I’m your brat,” Jimin retorted, playfully tugging at the collar of his shirt.

Sniffing a laugh, Yoongi snuck one more kiss from Jimin’s pretty lips before he broke from their hold on each other to dig through his bag that he had discarded to the ground. He found the long, rectangular box that was tucked into a pocket of his backpack, and he stood to hand it to Jimin, who gingerly took it.

“When I saw it, I thought it was your style, but it’s okay if you don’t like, you don’t have to wear it,” Yoongi said as he watched Jimin take the lid off the box to reveal the delicate silver chain with a tiny rose charm on it.

“Hyung,” Jimin said softly, running his fingers over the chain.

The older shrugged and gave a nervous smile. “Maybe it’s silly, but that lab we had together when we first became friends was botany, so it kinda made me think of that.”

“Hyung,” Jimin repeated, a little louder, looking up to meet Yoongi’s eyes, his own filled with a warmth and joy that held the vulnerability and revealed his genuine sweet nature that melted Yoongi’s heart. The boy blinked and looked away for a moment, bringing his hand up to his face to cover the wide smile growing on his lips. He dropped his hand when his smile calmed, and he continued to meet Yoongi’s eyes with a warm fondness. “It’s beautiful, hyung. Thank you so much.”

He didn’t wait for Yoongi’s response as he stepped closer to him, kissing his lips again, and when he pulled away, it looked like he was about to say something, but instead he bit his lip.

“What is it, beautiful?” Yoongi pressed.

Jimin blinked before flashing a smile. “Will you put it on me?”

“Of course.”

Jimin took it out of the box, handing it to Yoongi and then taking off the chain he was currently wearing, placing it in the box as he turned around. Yoongi unclasped the necklace, holding it in one hand before resting his arms on Jimin’s shoulders and taking the ends in each hand, bringing them together at the back of Jimin’s neck and hooking the clasp of the necklace. He let the delicate chain lie on Jimin’s skin, and he noticed Jimin’s hand going up to feel the rose pendant resting on a curve of his neck.

Despite being in public, Yoongi couldn’t help leaning into Jimin, nuzzling his neck and placing a kiss before speaking into his ear, “I think we should get out of here.”

Jimin turned his head slightly so he could murmur in response, “I think you’re right.”




They barely made it into Jimin’s apartment before they were all over each other, kissing messily and fighting to push one another against the walls as they made their way to Jimin’s bedroom. Yoongi had unbuttoned Jimin’s shirt, pushing it off his shoulders and letting it fall to the floor in the hallway, and he started littering hickeys on Jimin’s skin as Jimin sat on the edge of the bed, hurriedly messing with his pants to push them off, humming in response to Yoongi’s bites and kisses.

Beautifully naked, Yoongi found himself admiring his boyfriend’s incredible body, his soft skin, his pliable muscles, everything about him fitting perfectly into Yoongi’s palms and under the pads of his fingertips.

“Stay right there, baby, just like that,” Yoongi murmured against his skin, as he led kisses down from his chest and stomach before getting on his knees. Jimin sitting on the very edge of the bed gave Yoongi perfect access to his wonderfully plush thighs. Yoongi settled himself on the floor, lifting Jimin’s knees to rest on his shoulders, and he ran his hands over Jimin’s thighs, gripping and massaging the tops of them as he started placing kisses and sucking hickeys on his inner thighs. This elicited a wild reaction out of Jimin, leaving him a shaky, whimpering mess as Yoongi ran his lips and tongue over Jimin’s skin.

Yoongi took his time, mostly leaving soft, lingering kisses as he moved upwards, only occasionally sinking his teeth into his skin or sucking on his flesh. He liked picking a spot to kiss and then running his tongue over it repeatedly, at first lightly and then applying more pressure as his focused his tongue on the small, concentrated area. All of this made Jimin extremely fussy, and he would collapse, lying his torso down on the bed, and wriggle in response to Yoongi’s touch before sitting up again to watch Yoongi’s face between his legs. Sometimes when Yoongi would meet Jimin’s eyes during his softer kisses, he would breathe smile against the boy’s skin before biting down, eliciting whines from the growingly desperate boy.

“Hyung, stop teasing me, please,” Jimin whimpered when Yoongi placed his lips on an exceptionally high part of his thigh. He whined, throwing himself against the bed when Yoongi ignored him, running his tongue against his skin. “Please, hyung, how can you tease me like this?”

Yoongi broke from his skin, running his hand against the area instead in a firm grip. “I’m not teasing you, baby, I’m just taking all of you in.”

Jimin just let out a weak whine. When Yoongi moved unexpectedly, running his tongue up and down the curve of Jimin’s hip bone, Jimin let out a sob, fidgeting under Yoongi.

“Hyung,” his voice weak, “hyung, please, it hurts, I want it so bad.”

Yoongi hummed, going back to Jimin’s thighs—much to Jimin’s whimpering despair—and he left a final trail of kisses on his inner left thigh before taking Jimin’s cock into his mouth. Jimin let out a shaky gasp, his whole body shaking too before relaxing under the sensation of Yoongi sucking him off.

“F-fuck, yes, h-hyung, fuck,” Jimin whimpered, subtly rolling his hips with Yoongi’s hands gripping at his waist.

Yoongi felt so much satisfaction in Jimin’s pleasure, sitting at an angle where he could see Jimin laid out, pliant and high under his touch. He liked the way Jimin’s cock fit in his mouth—not overwhelming, but a rather perfect fit, where he could easily work to please Jimin without his jaw getting sore or tired. Jimin had melted into a puddle on the bed, humming and moaning at the sensation, but it wasn’t too long until his core was tensing up again, and he suddenly pushed Yoongi off, bringing his hand to his cock as he came.

Yoongi was sat on the floor, watching Jimin go limp after coming, except for the rise and fall of his chest, until he sat up to look at Yoongi, his eyes lidded and lips parted as he was still catching his breath.

“I would have kept going, you know,” Yoongi remarked, running the back of his hand across his mouth.

Jimin smiled, moving down to the floor, getting on top of Yoongi. He pushed Yoongi to where he was lying on his back, and straddled his waist. Jimin undid the few buttons that were still left keeping Yoongi’s flannel shirt closed until his chest was completely exposed, running his fingertips over his skin. “Whatever, it’s not like we’re done anyway.”

Yoongi hummed, his hands running up from Jimin’s waist to his back as Jimin leaned down and started hungrily placing kisses into Yoongi’s now exposed skin.

“Mm, baby, let’s go to the bed,” Yoongi said, sniffing a laugh. “Why’re we on the floor when the bed’s right there?”

“Sorry, hyung, I’m too busy right now,” Jimin breathed into his neck before sucking a spot, leaving Yoongi moaning.

Yoongi was going to protest more, concerned over Jimin’s knees or his own back getting sore from the hardwood floor of the bedroom, but he became quickly distracted, between Jimin’s greedy kisses and the way he rolled his hips over Yoongi’s boxers, he soon gave up on the idea of moving to the bed as it was replaced by much more pressing ones.

He ran his hands over Jimin’s skin, from gripping his hips up to his back as Jimin had moved to kiss his lips again, and he was once again enveloped in messily kissing the boy, feeling his tongue against his own and nibbling at the boy’s full bottom lip.

Jimin had fistfuls of Yoongi’s flannel, gripping and pulling upwards as if to tell Yoongi to kiss him deeper, harder, and soon the younger was fully grinding on top of him, and damn, if it didn’t feel amazing. The cloth of his boxers between their hips was becoming a soaked nuisance, and Yoongi wasn’t sure how much longer he could go without feeling Jimin around him. He broke from kissing Jimin, realizing how heavy his breathing was, as Jimin began kissing his neck. His hands moved to start taking off his boxers, and Jimin took the hinting, helping him and then reaching over to the nightstand for the lube.

Yoongi took it from him after lightly tugging at his legs, urging him to scoot further up on his torso so he could reach around Jimin. After gripping and massaging Jimin’s ass for a few moments, he covered his fingers in lube and moved them between Jimin’s cheeks. He watched Jimin moan, arching his back and tilting his head up as Yoongi felt around his hole. He moved his finger around Jimin’s rim, occasionally acting as though he was going to enter his hole, but instead continuing to press against his rim. Jimin’s breath hitched every time he did this, hands balling into fists on Yoongi’s chest, until finally Jimin let out a whine and glared at Yoongi.

“Why’re you so hellbent on teasing me today, hyung?” Jimin breathed, leaning down to press his chest against Yoongi’s and lightly grinding on his stomach.

Yoongi smirked. “I can’t help it. You look so pretty when you want something, baby.”

“Mm. Well you know, I look pretty good when I get what I want too,” Jimin said, his parted lips hovering above Yoongi’s and his sultry, lidded eyes gazing down at him.

Yoongi smiled. “Oh, I know.”

With that, he no longer hesitated and slowly but steadily pushed his index finger into Jimin’s hole, causing the boy to shudder and go pliant on top of him. Jimin laid his head down on Yoongi’s chest, his hands moving again to find fistfuls of Yoongi’s open shirt, and he somehow managed to arch his lower back even more. Soon Yoongi added a second finger, Jimin moaning in encouragement as he stroked his prostate. After some time, he spread his fingers apart slightly as he continued the rhythm he had created—he realized that as much as he loved feeling Jimin this way, he was now the one growing needy.

“You ready for more, baby?” Yoongi breathed.

Jimin first lifted his head, and then sat up completely. “Obviously.”

Yoongi smiled as he watched Jimin situate himself, and he carefully took his fingers out and ran his hands to rest on Jimin’s thighs. He tried to be patient, hoping that Jimin wouldn’t seek revenge and start teasing him too; luckily Jimin was too eager to consider that, and soon after Jimin’s hand wrapped around his cock to cover it in lube, he was settling himself onto it, and Yoongi let out a deep gasp.

“F-fuck, beautiful,” Yoongi said, moving his hands to somewhat aggressively grip Jimin’s hips. “Goddamn, I’ve missed this.”

“M-me too. I had to go a whole week without you, it was—excruciating,” Jimin said, rising up and falling back down on the last word, resulting in a deep groan from Yoongi.

“Mm, I’m here now,” Yoongi said, moving his hands across Jimin’s skin, running his thumb over the hickeys littered on his skin. “Ride me as much as you want, baby.”

Jimin bit his lip, eyeing Yoongi with a sexy expression in response to the invitation. It was like the boy decided he needed to show Yoongi just how much he had missed him, because the way he moved was breathtaking, falling into a graceful rhythm while bouncing in his lap.

Yoongi’s fingers gently brushed over the necklace he had given the boy, the only thing he was still wearing. A faint smile appeared on Jimin’s lips as his fingertips lightly pressed the small rose pendant.

“You’re so goddamn beautiful, you know that?”

Jimin’s cheeks and chest flushed a pretty pink shade, and he huffed a smile as he continued bouncing in Yoongi’s lap. He paused for a moment, sitting himself deep on Yoongi’s cock, and he leaned down, his hands running over Yoongi’s chest up to his neck. The older lifted his head to meet Jimin in a kiss.

Jimin hummed as he pulled away, meeting Yoongi’s eyes. “I—”

His voice immediately dropped and his eyes shifted away from Yoongi’s face so fast, the older became concerned. He carded his hand gently through Jimin’s hair.

“What is it, baby? Your knees getting sore?” Yoongi guessed.

Jimin broke into a smile, dropping his head for a moment as he let out a small laugh. “Kinda.”

“I told you we should have just moved to the bed,” Yoongi teased, patting the boy’s thighs. “Come on, baby.”

They settled onto the bed, Jimin on his back and Yoongi on top of him. Jimin’s legs wrapped around Yoongi’s hips as he fell into a rhythm, closing his eyes as he became enraptured by the warmth and tightness of Jimin around his length. He dropped his head to Jimin’s chest, finding one of his nipples and sucking on it, causing Jimin to gasp and then moan out in pleasure.

“Mm, god, h-hyung,” Jimin said through a hitched breath.

Yoongi felt Jimin’s hand slip between their waists to grab his own cock, and Yoongi moved his lips up to Jimin’s ear. “Yes, baby, feel yourself. S-such a pretty baby boy, taking my cock so well after such a long wait…”

Yoongi’s favorite thing he had discovered in their relationship was how responsive Jimin would become to his voice. The longer they were together, the more Yoongi found himself talking as he filled up his boyfriend, reveling in the way Jimin would whine and quiver at his words.

Yoongi felt his core tightening as he continued speaking into Jimin’s ear, the boy writhing and sobbing beneath him, until he came, a groan escaping his lips rather than words. He didn’t allow himself to fall onto of Jimin though, and rather, holding himself propped up on one arm, moved his other hand to take Jimin’s cock from the boy’s grip. He pumped Jimin’s length, the younger moaning until he gasped, cum littering his stomach. Then Yoongi, breathing heavily and his muscles growing tired, allowed himself to collapse on top of Jimin, who let out a small giggle at Yoongi’s jokingly dramatic fall. He felt Jimin’s hands card into his hair, massaging the back of his head.

“Mm, that feels nice, Minnie,” he mumbled.

Jimin giggled again, and it made the elder’s heart feel warm. Small things that in everyday life he had become accustomed to in his relationship, like Jimin’s laughter, he found so much comfort in after having gone a week without them.

“It was a long trip back from the conference, huh, hyung?” Jimin spoke softly, his fingers still working through Yoongi’s hair.

God, Yoongi was in heaven. He nosed at Jimin’s skin, resting his cheek against the boy’s peck. “Mmhmm.”

“Bet you’re pretty tired.”

“After that I am,” Yoongi said with a smirk.

“Come on, let’s get cleaned up and go to bed.”

Jimin managed to coax Yoongi into getting up and showering, and soon the two were in a pair of Jimin’s silk robes, facing each other in bed, cuddling as they fell asleep.




Yoongi awoke the next day, happy to breathe in the scent of Jimin’s apartment as he remembered that he was back home, in his boyfriend’s bed. A smile stretched at his lips before he even opened his eyes, and he rustled in the bed, stretching out his arms and legs before turning on his side and peering his eyes open. A soft light was filtering into the room despite the blinds being closed, and Jimin was asleep on his side, facing Yoongi with his arms tucked in front of him. He had fallen asleep in one of his silk robes, the cream colored one with little pink and blue flowers, and it was barely hanging on him, most of his chest exposed and the sleeves twisted and pushed up due to his movements in sleep.

The boy was barefaced, his cheeks puffy and adorable as his face was completely relaxed in sleep, his pretty, soft pink lips parted as soft breaths escaped him. His hair was messily strewn over his forehead, some falling into his eyes, and Yoongi gently reached over to stroke the hair out of his face. Jimin hummed under his touch, and peeked an eye open.

“I didn’t mean to wake you, beautiful,” Yoongi said in his mumbly, barely coherent morning voice.

Jimin sniffed a smile, bringing his hand to rub his eyes. “S’okay, hyung. It’s nice waking up to you.”

Yoongi smiled too, moving his hand from the boy’s hair to his ear, lightly playing with one of the stud earrings he was wearing. “So, you got any plans tonight?”

Jimin scrunched his nose. “You think I would make plans with anyone else when you just got back?”

Yoongi let out a soft laugh at this, although deep down he loved the reassurance of being Jimin’s priority. He scooted closer to the boy. “Well, I know you’re popular, I wouldn’t want to stop you from going out.”

Jimin scrunched his face up even more before letting out a laugh. “No way, hyung. Why’re you asking, though?”

Yoongi gently tugged at Jimin’s earlobe. “I thought maybe I could take you on a date.”

He was surprised at how the boy’s eyes widened, his cheeks flushing dramatically. He blinked and looked down at the bedsheets.

“Y-you wanna take me on a date?”

Yoongi couldn’t help but chuckle, even if he was confused at his usual brat of a boyfriend growing shy. He moved his hand down Jimin’s jawline until it rested under his chin, prompting him to meet Yoongi’s eyes again.

“Of course I want to take my boyfriend on a date,” he said, and when Jimin didn’t respond, he caved a little more. “I know we normally just end up hanging out at our apartments—but I’ve missed you, baby, and I thought maybe you’d like an excuse to get dressed up real pretty.”

Jimin bit his lip as a faint smile started to form. He glanced down at the sheets again before back to Yoongi, his cheeks still rosy and blushing. “Okay, hyung.”

Yoongi was still surprised that Jimin wasn’t more excited—he had somewhat pictured Jimin taking over, telling Yoongi where to they should go for dinner and what they should do afterward, but instead the boy was being shy, like they hadn’t already been dating for three months. Like they hadn’t done what they just did the night before.

Suddenly Jimin gasped. “Wait, what time will our date be?”

“I dunno. 7ish?”

Jimin rolled over, grabbing his phone, and gasping again. “You should go, then.”


The younger gave him a look as if to ask if he was an idiot. “How’re you going to pick me up for our date if you’re here? How am I supposed to get ready?”

Yoongi sniggered. “So you’re kicking me out?”

Jimin was already getting out of bed, rearranging and tying the sash of his robe. He crossed his arms when Yoongi made no move to do the same. “Hyung, you said you want to take me on a proper date. We both know that won’t happen if we lay in bed all day.”

Yoongi tilted his head in a nod. “I suppose that’s a fair point.”

“Great, then get out of here,” Jimin said, somewhat playfully, grabbing and pulling his arm to sit him up and start piling his clothes into his lap.

Yoongi was tempted to tease him more, but he was mostly just glad to see his boyfriend acting like his normal self again, so he just laughed as he pulled his shirt over his head.

Once he was fully clothed, he turned to his boyfriend, raising up his arms. “Do I at least get a goodbye kiss before I’m banished?”

Jimin, on his phone, barely looked up to walk over to Yoongi, pressing a quick kiss on his lips before he turned to walk over to his vanity. “Text me when you’re on your way to pick me up, hyung.”

Yoongi was still mildly confused at his boyfriend’s behavior—or maybe he was just flustered at how he had managed to go from being affectionate in bed to being banished to his empty, much less pretty apartment for the rest of the day. Maybe he shouldn’t have asked Jimin on a date. But it was too late now, and maybe the boy was just excited. That, of course, made a wave of nerves hit him—he hoped he wouldn’t disappoint.

Maybe he needed time to get ready too after all. He found his car keys in his pants pocket, looking over to his boyfriend one last time before turning to the door. “Sure thing, Minnie. I’ll see you tonight.”




It was around 5 o’clock when Yoongi’s phone started ringing. He saw Jimin’s name on the screen and quickly answered, “Minnie, good timing—I know surprises are supposed to be more romantic, but I can’t decide which—”

“Hyung,” Jimin’s voice interrupted him in a way that made his heart drop. It was unusually thick and flat. “I can’t make it tonight.”

Yoongi blinked, letting the line fall silent for a moment. “W-what?”

“I’m sorry, hyung. I don’t feel well. We can just go tomorrow, right?”

“Uh, yeah, but—” Yoongi’s voice faltered. He didn’t understand—Jimin had been fine earlier in the day. “Baby, should I come over to take care of you?”

“No,” Jimin said all too hurriedly, and then he sighed. “No, hyung, that’s okay.”

“Are you sure? I’m worried, if you’re sick—”

“It’s nothing serious, hyung, really. And Sojin’s already here, and just—” Jimin sighed again. “I’ll feel better tomorrow. I’m sorry, hyung.”

Yoongi was still confused. Why was Sojin there? Why did he not want him to come over? Was he really sick, or did something else happen? Yoongi’s thoughts were already starting to worry him, jumpstart his brain into overthinking everything.

“Umm, it’s okay, Minnie. I guess…I guess I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Yeah. Bye, hyung.”


Yoongi spent the rest of the night pacing at his empty apartment rather than being on a nice date with his boyfriend. Part of him wondered if it was a test—if he was supposed to have shown up at Jimin’s door, flowers in hand, ready to take care of him despite what he said on the phone. But Jimin’s tone had been so serious, not in his mad, bratty way, but just plain serious. Like he really didn’t want to see Yoongi.

His mind wandered, reeled, trying to figure out if he had done something to upset Jimin. Something had seemed slightly off since he got back to school, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. Jimin had been more timid, more skittish, and now he was bailing on him? Yoongi stopped in his tracks and his heart sank when a terrible thought flashed through his mind: what if Jimin was sick of him?

Yoongi picked up his pace again as his mind filled with evidence for that possibility. He had been especially romantic towards Jimin since he got back, and every time Jimin did seem to get flustered—maybe it was because he felt awkward, because he wasn’t feeling it anymore? What if he had kicked Yoongi out of his apartment because he didn’t want him around? And now he was ditching their date—saying he was sick when he clearly had been fine that morning? What if he was going to keep postponing, until Yoongi just took the hint?

Stopping his suddenly very fast pace, Yoongi closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He was being dumb. He was being dumb, right? He took in another breath. Wait til the date tomorrow, he told himself. Things would be fine on the date. He was worrying himself over nothing. He wasn’t going to lose Jimin. At least, he hoped to his very core he wasn’t.




The next day, Yoongi was trying not be nervous about their date. He decided to wear a black dress shirt and paired it with his black jeans, hoping it would be nice enough for the restaurant he was taking Jimin to. Just as planned for the day before, he picked Jimin up at 7 (and he had hated spending the whole day away from his boyfriend, especially after just getting back home. But it was what Jimin wanted, and he tried not to read into it). He couldn’t help but relax a little when his boyfriend answered the door.

Jimin was wearing a fashionable, oversized red sweater and his tight black pants with the large square cut-outs that he knew Yoongi loved. His lipstick matched his sweater and his eye makeup was mostly subtle, except for a bit of silvery shimmer in the inner corner of his eyes.

“Hi hyung,” he said softly as he opened the door.

“Hi Minnie. You look great—is that a new sweater?” Yoongi asked, taking the younger’s hand and pressing a kiss to his knuckles.

“Yeah, I went shopping with the girls while you were gone.”

“It’s really nice, baby. Should we get going?”

The car ride to the restaurant didn’t exactly calm Yoongi’s nerves. For the first time in their relationship, and possibly even their friendship before that, things felt awkward. Jimin was quiet, and it confused Yoongi to no end—Jimin was never quiet. As he drove, he glanced over to Jimin, who’s eyes were glued to the window.

Yoongi decided to brave himself, moving his hand to Jimin’s thigh, lightly tucking his fingers in the band dark jean material across his thigh. It made Jimin jump slightly, and he looked over to Yoongi.

“You still not feeling well, beautiful?”

“Oh, I’m—I’m okay, hyung,” Jimin said, and then returned his gaze to the window.

He made no move to hold Yoongi’s hand, or seem interested in Yoongi’s affection at all, so the older pulled his hand away and back to the steering wheel. It seemed like something was on Jimin’s mind, but he didn’t want to press him any further. Yoongi’s fears started taking over again, telling him that Jimin was about to break up with him. It would explain why he was so distracted and distant from Yoongi. It made him feel sick.

They got their table at the fancy restaurant and had ordered drinks when Yoongi felt like he couldn’t take it anymore. He wasn’t going to be able to relax or even remotely enjoy the date if it kept up like this. He was now convinced that Jimin needed to get something off his chest, break up or not, so why drag it out any further? The boy would barely look at him and Yoongi was sure no amount of small talk he could muster would change that. He wasn’t like Jimin, he couldn’t be charming and had never pretended to be in their relationship—he decided to keep being straight forward.

“Minnie, if there’s something you need to tell me I wish you’d just say it,” Yoongi said sternly, so much so that it startled Jimin.

Looking up from the menu, he blinked, a confused expression strewn on his face. “W-what?”

Yoongi sighed. “Come on, Min, something’s up. You haven’t been yourself since I got back.” Jimin continued to just stare at him, so he sighed again, looking down at the table before meeting his eyes again. “Look, if you want to break up, just tell—”

“What?” Jimin said in a strained voice. Yoongi furrowed his brow until he noticed Jimin’s eyes becoming glossy. “Y-you want to break up?”

Yoongi’s eyes grew wide as panic and guilt washed over him. Shit, he had messed up, he had messed up bad. He started shaking his head, leaning forward, reaching across the table. “Minnie, no, of course not! Fuck, Jimin-ah, I-I thought—”

Jimin’s hands hovered over his face to hide it. “Why would you say that, hyung?” His eyes glanced around the room as he lightly touched his fingers to the bottoms of his eyes, trying to prevent the tears from falling. “God, this is so embarrassing.”

He knew Jimin was doing everything in his power to hold tears back, to not mess up his makeup, and he felt so bad.

“Baby, I—”

“I’m going out to the car,” Jimin snapped, abruptly standing up and throwing the napkin that had been in his lap on the table. “I don’t wanna be on this stupid date anymore. Just take me home.”

Yoongi watched Jimin storm out of the restaurant, and he tried to ignore the strangers’ eyes on their table as he had to wait to pay for the drinks they had ordered before getting up and going to the car too.

Jimin was leaning against passenger door, unable to get in since Yoongi had the keys. His arms were crossed and he looked pouty, but he wasn’t about to cry anymore. His expression became more defensive when Yoongi walked up.

With a few minutes apart from Jimin, Yoongi had grown more confused than anything. He wasn’t sure if he was about to get in a fight with his boyfriend, or if they would just talk calmly, but he had decided he wasn’t about to apologize for trying to have an honest conversation with him.

“Jimin-ah, what’s going on with you?” Yoongi said, causing the boy to roll his eyes and turn away from him. “Come on, Min, you gotta admit this isn’t just in my head.”

“It’s not,” Jimin mumbled, leaning against the car again.

“Then what is it?”

Jimin pursed his lips, crossing his arms. “I can’t believe you thought we were going to break up. Were you hoping that was the case?”

“Fucking hell, of course not! Min, you know that’s not true.”

He swirled his tongue in his cheek, tilting his head up. “You didn’t sound too upset at the idea.”

It was Yoongi’s turn to cross his arms. Leave it to Jimin to turn the tables on him, totally avoiding the issue and talking bullshit, trying to pick a fight instead. “I was trying to have an adult conversation. Do you know how to have one of those?”

Jimin rolled his eyes again, turning and stepping further away from Yoongi. “Fuck off.”

“God, what is with you lately?”

When Jimin didn’t respond, Yoongi stepped forward, reaching out and grabbing Jimin’s arm, forcing the boy to face him. He held Jimin’s gaze firmly. “Look at me and tell me that you genuinely think I wouldn’t be heartbroken if we ended it right now.”

Jimin’s eyes grew wide until he blinked and downcast his eyes, his expression softening and Yoongi growing frustrated at how it prettily showed off his shimmery eyeshadow. Even in the dull light of the parking lot, Yoongi thought he noticed the flush of his cheeks.

“I-I’m sorry,” Jimin said weakly.

Yoongi exhaled, letting his hand move from gripping Jimin’s forearm to gently holding his hand. He did his best to speak softly. “Will you please just tell me what’s going on?”

Jimin tensed and he pushed past Yoongi back to the car door, making a move to open it, despite it still being locked. “Just forget about it, hyung, really, i-it was nothing. Let’s go home.”


“Seriously, hyung, just let it go.”

“You know I can’t.”

“It’s best if you do, now’s not a good time to talk about it.”

“Why not? Now seems like the perfect time, considering it’s the cause of all this, why won’t you—”

“Because I love you, you idiot!” Jimin finally shouted. His shoulders slumped as he crossed his arms, looking defeated. He pouted as he added, “And now’s not exactly the most romantic time to tell you.”

A smile twitched at Yoongi’s lips as an automatic response to the words, even if he was in disbelief. “W-what?”

Jimin bit his lip, looking away for a moment before back to Yoongi. “I got nervous, okay?! I wanted to tell you in the perfect moment. But I was afraid if I told you right when you got back you’d think I was only saying it because I missed you, and then I almost said it when we were having sex and that would have been so cringey and—”

The boy took in a breath before continuing to spill out the quick words of his confession. “And then you asked me on a date and it was so romantic and sweet and I thought it’d be perfect but then I just, I don’t know, I got really nervous. I had Sojin come over to help me get ready and she saw how I was making myself sick with nerves. She thought I should just postpone because I had worked myself into such a mess. It’s so embarrassing, Yoongi hyung, but I’ve just never cared this much before and—”

Jimin was so caught up in his rambling that he didn’t realize that, as Yoongi listened, he had placed his hands on the boy’s hips, gently drawing him in closer to his body as the older leaned against the car. He didn’t realize that Yoongi started rubbing circles in the small of his back with one hand while bringing the other up to lightly brush Jimin’s hair away from his face. He was staring at the boy, who finally met his eyes and faltered in his rant.

“What?” Jimin demanded.

Yoongi smiled like the idiot he truly was. “I’m so in love with you, Minnie.”

Jimin’s eyes grew wide as his cheeks became red. Then he blinked and slapped Yoongi’s chest, admittedly pretty hard.

“Hey! What the—”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Jimin whined, slapping him again.

“Ah! I’m sorry, Min, it’s just—well, we haven’t been dating that long, and I know this relationship is pretty different for you, I didn’t want you to feel rushed, or pressured,” Yoongi said, his voice growing softer near the end.

Jimin dropped his hand onto Yoongi’s chest this time rather than slapping him again. “Oh.”

It was true, what Yoongi said. It was around their two-month anniversary that Jimin admitted to Yoongi that he had never had a relationship that lasted more than a month, and up until theirs, most of his experiences had been rushed, lust-filled ventures that ended in a similar dramatic whirlwind to how they started. Yoongi was different to all of that, and he was fine with it, but when he recognized his feelings of love for the boy so early on, he knew that might have been overwhelming for Jimin. He was willing to wait until it seemed certain that Jimin was definitely happy with a more settled, calm relationship.

“I am sorry if I ever made it seem like I didn’t love you,” Yoongi said, moving his hand to Jimin’s cheek, ever so lightly running his thumb over his cheekbone. “Because I love you so much. Every time I tell you you’re beautiful, that was me saying I love you. And you’re so beautiful, Min.”

Yoongi watched Jimin’s eyes shift from his eyes to his lips, and after a beat, he leaned in, pressing Yoongi against the car as he kissed him deeply. He wrapped his arms around Yoongi’s neck, pulling him closer while equally pressing him harder against the car with his waist. Yoongi’s arms went around his back and he smiled into the kiss, feeling a wave of warmth and relief and home wash over him.

Jimin pulled away from the kiss that was so good it left Yoongi feeling dazed, and Jimin moved his hands to Yoongi’s face, prompting him to open his eyes that had still been closed. “I love you, Yoongi hyung.”

Yoongi smiled. “I love you too, Minnie.”

“Let’s go home.”

“Okay, beautiful.”




Yoongi was leaning against the headrest of the bed, and he pulled Jimin into his arms, having the boy’s back lie against his chest. They were both naked, and Jimin had already sucked off Yoongi, having pushed him against the wall, kissing him nonstop and dropping to his knees when they first got back to the apartment. Now settled comfortably in bed, Yoongi loved the warmth of Jimin’s back on his chest as he kissed the boy’s nape, and he wrapped his arms around him.

Jimin laid his head back, resting it on Yoongi’s shoulder, better exposing his neck for Yoongi to leave a trail of kisses up to his ear. One arm wrapped around Jimin’s waist, his other hand went to grip Jimin’s cock, causing the younger to take in a sharp breath.

Yoongi’s mouth went to his ear, gently biting near his piercings before saying in a deep but soft voice, “I’m not gonna tease you tonight, baby, I just wanna pamper you, make you feel good.”

Jimin moaned, either at Yoongi’s words or his hand pumping his length, or a combination of the two, and he turned slightly, opening his eyes to meet Yoongi’s. “Y-you’re so good to me, hyung, ahh—”

Jimin bit his lip, moving his head to arch it back against Yoongi’s shoulder again, and the older cooed at his pleasure.

“Of course, baby, how could I not be when you look so damn pretty when I’m feeling you, huh?”

Jimin whimpered in agreement, closing his eyes as a shudder ran through his body that only proved Yoongi’s point further. The boy was so damn pretty. Yoongi loved taking it all in, Jimin’s smooth skin, his warm cock, his pleasant hums, the subtle roll of his hips against Yoongi’s hold, the way his plush ass was settled perfectly between Yoongi’s thighs. He returned to littering Jimin’s neck in kisses until the younger turned his head enough to reach Yoongi’s lips, the two messily kissing as he continued stroking his cock.

Yoongi’s free hand moved up Jimin’s chest, and he couldn’t resist rubbing and pinching the boy’s nipple, causing a whine to escape him as he broke from kissing Yoongi. After a moment of catching his breath, Jimin grabbed the older’s hand, pulling it away from his chest and bringing it to his lips, taking two of Yoongi’s fingers into his mouth. The warmth of Jimin’s tongue against his digits made Yoongi growl, the way he sucked on his fingers a reminder of what Jimin had done to Yoongi earlier against the wall. The fingers in his mouth muffled Jimin’s moans as he came, his body relaxing into Yoongi afterwards.

Yoongi placed kisses along the boy’s shoulder, up to his neck before speaking into his ear. “You feel good, baby? What do you want now, hmm?”

Jimin managed to turn around in Yoongi’s hold, kissing him deeply for a lingering moment before breaking away. He batted his pretty lashes as he smiled at Yoongi. “Honestly, I’d love to take a bath, hyung. I bought these bathbombs the other day when I went shopping with the girls—might be a relaxing end to our night.”

Yoongi hummed, placing a kiss on Jimin’s lips and smoothing his hands down his boyfriend’s back. He gave a small smile. “Sounds perfect, beautiful. I suppose we could use some relaxation after our mess of a date, huh?”

Jimin giggled, standing up and pulling Yoongi out of bed too. “Oh, don’t worry, I’m expecting another date to make up for tonight’s.”

Yoongi laughed. “Are you?”

“Yep, you owe me,” Jimin said decidedly, gasping and giggling when Yoongi started tickling his sides.

“Is that right?” Yoongi said, gripping Jimin’s arms that tried to push him away and pulling him against his chest, playfully biting his shoulder.

“Hey, what happened to pampering me?” Jimin whined, and Yoongi loosened his hold on him, breathing a smile and nuzzling at his neck.

“You’re right, my love. Let’s get that bath ready.”

Yoongi liked the noticeable blush on Jimin’s cheeks at the new term of endearment, and Jimin simply smiled and started telling him about his new bath products. He was so content to be back with his boyfriend, with no worries and only love.