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Shine Forever

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When Yoongi was six years old, his parents decided to uproot their family and move to Busan because, according to his mother, his father had a better business opportunity there. Truth be told, Yoongi didn't want to leave. He liked Daegu; it was his home, always had been his home and he had no interest in moving to some new place far away. Moving to Busan meant leaving behind his home, his grandparents, his school, his favorite playground and his cat because their new apartment didn't allow pets. Even though his grandmother promised to take good care of Yoonshi, Yoongi was too upset about the whole thing to handle it properly.

Moving to Busan meant a new school, new teachers, new friends, new places and new people and Yoongi was more than happy with all the things he already had. He didn't need new things. He was perfectly fine in Daegu thank you very much and he didn't care that Busan had beaches. He didn't want to leave but considering he was only six, he was forced to move to Busan with his parents. 

Yoongi found his bedroom wasn't so bad. It was smaller than the one from his old house but at least he had the entire room to himself this time. He had to share with his brother back in Daegu but now Yoongi had his own room because his brother got to stay in Daegu for his education. Oh, did Yoongi have a fit about that. But his new bedroom had all of his favorite toys so it wasn't too bad. He missed Yoonshi quite a lot because the white ball of fluff had been his only friend but Yoongi's mother was certain he would make so many new friends at his new school.

Yoongi shuffled into his new school on his first day clinging to his mother's skirt and he was surprised by the amount of new people in his classroom. There were more kids than his old class and that was slightly terrifying for the little boy. They didn't look mean but he didn't know if they would like him or not and he had to fight off tears when his mother kissed him goodbye. He had promised his father he would be brave and so he only sniffled once when she kissed his cheek and left him with his teacher. 

He was quick to learn, however, that he did not fit in one bit at his new school. His Daegu accent was thick and his lisp even worse and the other kids had a hard time understanding him when he mumbled so they didn't even bother to try and befriend him. It hurt Yoongi's feelings but he was only a little boy and he didn't know what to do about it. So he played by himself in the corner of the room during play time and he sat quietly and alone during lunch and snack time.

During his first week, his teacher spoke to his mother about how he was doing and how he wasn't making any efforts to make friends but Yoongi didn't know what to do. They didn't like the way he talked and he couldn't change that and he certainly wasn't going to force people to like him. He was only a little boy, his heart was strong but sensitive, because his mother spoiled him, according to his father. Yoongi was fine sitting alone even though it left him with a faint pressure in his chest every time he saw the other kids playing without him. He never had friends in Daegu either so it wasn't like Busan was any different. He didn't know what he expected. 

A week later, Yoongi's second week at his new school, a new boy walked into his class. He had chubby cheeks and chubby limbs and a smile bright enough to light any room. Yoongi watched in mild surprise as the new boy kissed his mother's cheek goodbye and didn't even sniffle. He felt a sense of wonder at the new boy and he started to think maybe, since this boy was also new, they might get along and bond over being new in a strange place. Yoongi's hopes were quickly smashed however when a group of kids ran up to the new boy excitedly, calling him 'Jimin' and engulfing him in hugs. Yoongi tried to not feel too disappointed but the crushing feeling in his chest expanded and even though he didn't know what it meant, he knew he was sad. This wasn't a new boy, whoever Jimin was, and Yoongi had lost his chance at bonding with a possible new kid over being new in a strange place. 

Yoongi was too busy staring at the table he was sitting at alone to notice Jimin pick him out of the crowd. He was too busy trying to keep from crying to notice the other students tell Jimin how Yoongi was new and he talked weird and he was strange and he shouldn't be friends with the new strange boy. Yoongi was too lost in his own thoughts to notice when Jimin pouted at his friends and quickly pushed past them to trot up to the table Yoongi was sat at alone. 

"Hi!" Jimin's voice was loud, bright and much too close causing Yoongi to flinch in surprise and snap his head up. Jimin blinked at him once, his smile faltering for a second before it was back in full force and he wiggled to sit in the chair beside Yoongi. "My name is Park Jimin! I was on Jeju Island last week for my birthday! It's nice to meet you." He held his hand out to Yoongi like he was expecting him to shake it and his smile was nothing but friendly, bright and beautiful, bunching up his already chubby cheeks and showing off all of his teeth. 

The pressure in Yoongi's chest burst because someone was finally being nice to him for the first time since he came to Busan and his poor little heart couldn't hold it. When he abruptly bursted into tears, Jimin let out a yelp and Yoongi rubbed at his face, unable to stop himself from crying. He didn't expect the bright boy to be kind to him. Jimin had so many friends, why was he being nice to Yoongi? He didn't have to be and Yoongi's little brain couldn't process what was happening. He was scrubbing the tears from his face when their teacher ran over to see what was going on and Jimin hurried to explain. Yoongi didn't want Jimin to get in trouble for making him cry. It wasn't Jimin's fault but Yoongi couldn't stop crying. His throat felt so tight and his chest felt so light and he didn't know what to do. 

Then, his tears came to an abrupt stop with a hiccup when chubby little arms wrapped around his shoulders tightly and Jimin buried his head into his shoulder. Yoongi was frozen in surprise enough that his tears stopped and he could only stare at Jimin's fluffy head of black hair in surprise. He could see their teacher standing off to the side, just in case, but she was more than willing to let Jimin handle the situation. 

"I didn't mean to scare you!" Jimin was quick to say, pulling back enough to meet Yoongi's red puffy eyes. He looked concerned, like he might start crying in the next minute and Yoongi didn't want to see him cry. "Eomma says I can be too loud sometimes." He giggled at his own words, offering Yoongi another soft friendly smile as he released him fully. "I'm Park Jimin." He kept his voice soft this time, so very soft, and held out his hand again. "Let's be friends."

Yoongi wanted to cry all over again but he swallowed hard, gave another loud sniff and fit his tiny hand into Park Jimin's. "M-Min Yoongi."

"Let's be good friends, okay Yoongi?" Jimin offered, tilting his head to the side and dipping it in close to catch Yoongi's gaze. He was the most friendly person Yoongi had ever met and for some reason Jimin wanted to be his friend. The burst of happiness in his chest was almost too much to contain so he only smiled softly and nodded firmly. Jimin burst into excited giggles and clapped his hands. 

For the rest of the day, Jimin sat beside Yoongi. He sat with him during reading time, he sat with him during lunch time, he sat with him during play time while Yoongi liked to read and Jimin played with his blocks. They sat together during snack time and Yoongi quickly learned that Jimin was a talker. He really liked to talk but his voice was nice and Yoongi didn't mind listening so much. People didn't understand him much when he talked anyway but every time he did open his mouth, Jimin leaned in close to hear him and never once asked him to repeat himself. Jimin made the effort to actually listen and Yoongi couldn't be more happy to have someone so kind.

Jimin was the type of person that everyone loved. He got along with all the kids in their class but for some reason, he always navigated back to Yoongi. It wasn't a surprise to anyone that they quickly became best friends and every where Yoongi went, Jimin was sure to follow. Yoongi's mother was so thrilled that he finally made a real friend that she was more than happy to have Jimin come over as often as possible. Eventually, their mothers became friends too and that meant they could see each other even more. 

Yoongi liked Jimin. He was fun to play with. He had a bright imagination and he never made Yoongi feel left out. Even when they played with other children, Jimin was sure to include Yoongi in everything they did. Jimin had the type of smile that made Yoongi want to smile and they laughed and played together as often as possible. Thanks to Jimin, Yoongi came to like Busan a lot more than he expected because Busan was Jimin's home and Jimin loved Busan. 

They were eight years old the first time Jimin leaned over and planted his plump lips sloppily against Yoongi's cheek. Yoongi had been surprised, confused even, but Jimin explained that when you loved someone, you kissed them and to their innocent little minds it seemed like the most simplest of things. And so, after that, they shared many small, soft, sweet kisses; Mainly to their cheeks and they felt a bubbling sense of happiness from those kisses.

They were thirteen years old when Jimin leaned over, nearly into Yoongi's lap, and asked him if he'd ever kissed anyone on the lips before. Yoongi hadn't been prepared for it. They'd grown so much since that first kiss Jimin planted on his cheek and Yoongi was still trying to figure out the weird things his body was trying to tell him. He loved Jimin. Jimin was his best friend, his everything, and the years together had only brought them closer instead of apart. Jimin loved dancing and Yoongi liked basketball and they played together as often as possible. Their favorite thing to do together was curl up in Yoongi's bed and play video games on his new playstation system. Jimin loved watching Yoongi play because he wasn't so good at the game but watching Yoongi beat it always gave him a small thrill.

They were curled up on Yoongi's bed, the same as usual, shoulders and thighs pressed together, a blanket thrown over their legs and their focus on the TV settled over Yoongi's dresser near the end of his bed, when Jimin leaned over and mumbled into his ear. The character on screen died because Yoongi's thumb twitched and dropped him into a pit and he went tense. 

Silence fell over them for a moment and Yoongi could feel Jimin's eyes scanning the side of his face, looking for some type of answer. Yoongi didn't know what to say, his heart thumping hard in his throat and prevented him from speaking. Jimin let out a soft sigh and shifted to rest his chubby cheek on Yoongi's shoulder. Yoongi had a hard time looking at him because Jimin wasn't the chubby little boy he used to be. He'd lost all his baby fat over the years and thanks to his obsession with dancing, he had hard lines and lithe muscle coiled around his limbs. He was still shorter than Yoongi, but only by half an inch. His cheeks were still chubby and Yoongi liked kissing them when he was feeling brave enough but he knew the way his heart thumped every time wasn't the same way it used to be. 

"Are you going to answer me?" Jimin's voice was soft, as it usually was when he was speaking to Yoongi alone in his room about something serious. 

"What?" Elegant, nice Yoongi. He swallowed hard, his voice sounding rougher than he intended and he quickly pressed the respawn button before pressing pause. He shifted in his spot beside Jimin enough to tilt his head to the side and see a bit of his face. He was too close for details because everything blurred together but there was a twinkle of amusement in his honey-brown eyes. 

"I asked," Jimin sighed heavily like he was very put upon having to repeat himself, "if you have ever kissed someone."   

"I've kissed you." Yoongi reminded him softly, shifting his eyes back to the TV because he was having a hard time keeping his heart beat in check. Was he blushing? His face certainly felt hot. 

Jimin made an annoyed noise. "I meant on the lips. Did you and Surin kiss?" He sounded truly curious and Yoongi could only blink and stare at his best friend like he was absolutely crazy. Yes, Yoongi and Surin dated for like a week but no, they never got past hand holding for some reason before Surin decided she liked Honbin more than him. 

"I would have told you if we did." Yoongi pointed out, furrowing his brow slightly. "Why are you asking?"

"Because Taemin told me he kissed Amy and I was wondering what it was like. You're the only one out of the two of us who has dated so I thought I'd ask."

Yoongi crinkled his nose. "I've never kissed someone on the lips, Jimin. Unless my eomma counts when I was like four."

The bubble of giggles that slipped free from Jimin's lips were precious and Yoongi's lips twitched up into his own small smile. He shifted on the bed beside his best friend so they could face each other better and Jimin finally lifted his head from Yoongi's shoulder so their eyes could meet properly. Yoongi didn't fail to notice the way Jimin's eyes dropped to his lips.

"Nope, that doesn't count."

"Well, then no, I haven't." Yoongi gave a soft shrug and found his own eyes dropping to Jimin's plump pillow soft lips. They were a nice shade of pink, contrasting rather well with the natural tan to his skin and Yoongi had always wondered what they might feel like. He never knew what to do about those thoughts, however. 

"Do you want to?" Yoongi saw those lips form those very words with his own eyes and yet he couldn't believe they had come out. He blinked once, twice, and then a third time before snapping his eyes up to meet Jimin's. They were twinkling with amusement and mischief like he was about to do something that might get them in trouble like that one time he decided putting underwear on the head of the statue in front of their school was a good idea. 

"Kiss?" Yoongi questioned.


Yoongi had known Jimin long enough to understand what he wanted or needed with only a few words. Sometimes all it took was a look and Yoongi was getting up to get his friend a drink. In this case, however, Jimin was a confusing enigma that he couldn't quite figure out. His eyes were twinkling, his cheeks were flushed ever so slightly and the corners of his lips were curled with the hint of a smile. Usually when Jimin had that look on his face, they were going to pull some type of prank but there was a serious note to the way Jimin spoke that couldn't be ignored. 

"Kiss you?" Yoongi asked, to clarify. 

For a moment, they only stared at each other, waiting to see who would back down first. Then, Jimin's entire face exploded with color and he quickly dropped his head, shifting his eyes to the side to avoid Yoongi's gaze. "I-I mean. If you want. For practice, or something. I don't know." He buried his head in his hands quickly, his small fingers rubbing against his skin as if he was trying to rub away the red color. 

"I..." Yoongi closed his mouth after the word came out and he found he could only stare at Jimin in a mixture of surprise, amusement and want. He wanted to kiss Jimin. He had wanted to kiss Jimin for a few years now and he was only starting to realize what it meant. Kissing Jimin was important, something precious and would open a whole new door for the two of them. It was both thrilling and terrifying. "Your first kiss should be someone special, right?"

"You are special." Jimin mumbled, shifting his eyes to glance at Yoongi from beneath his bangs. It was a shy look, but his eyes were still twinkling and Yoongi wanted nothing more than to grab his face and kiss him. "I just..." Jimin took a deep breath and the tension seemed to melt from his body as he sat up straighter. He rubbed at his forearms before crossing them over his chest and relaxing back into the pile of pillows behind them. He was pouting slightly as he was prone to do when he didn't get his way. Yoongi was so confused. "I thought it'd be fun, or something. I don't trust anyone the way I trust you. And I figured, it'd be pretty good to have practice, maybe, or something. I don't know."

"Jimin." Yoongi spoke his name softly, carefully, and after a little nudging he finally got Jimin to tilt his chin and meet his eyes. Yoongi recognized the fear in those depths. It was the same prickle of fear he saw in his own eyes every time he looked in the mirror and thought about Jimin. Understanding passed between them and Yoongi felt the tension melt out of his shoulders. He settled back into the pillow pile beside Jimin, pressed their shoulders together and ducked his head close to his friend's. "Do you want to kiss me?"

Jimin's cheeks flushed darkly in color and he shot Yoongi a look. "Shut up."

"You wanna kiss me." The words came out with an air of disbelief and he watched as Jimin let out a soft whine and wiggled against the mattress. 

"Don't tease me."

He wasn't, but seeing the slight curl of a smile on Jimin's mouth made something warm and bubbly burst in his chest. His own lips twitched into a smile and he leaned forward, knocking his forehead against Jimin's temple. He suddenly felt so light because Jimin wanted to kiss him and it was everything Yoongi had ever wanted to hear. The fear wasn't so bad now that he knew Jimin wanted to kiss him too. It was easier now. 

"I'll kiss you." Yoongi stated firmly and he had to hold back his laughter at the way Jimin snapped his wide eyes at him. "But not for practice so you can go kiss someone else later."

Jimin fluttered his eyes for a few seconds before he realized what Yoongi was saying. His shoulders relaxed and that sinful little smirk started to curl to his lips. He shifted on the bed so he could roll closer to Yoongi, leaning on his hip instead of his bum, facing his best friend better. "Then why will you kiss me?"

"Because I want to kiss you."

Jimin's face scrunched up for a moment before he brought a hand up and curled it over the side of Yoongi's neck. The air in Yoongi's room was suddenly hot and tight but Yoongi didn't care. All he could focus on was the way Jimin's eyes kept bouncing from his eyes to his lips, and the way his teeth kept digging into the plush pink of his lower lip. "I want to kiss you too."

Yoongi let out a breath of relief at the words and pressed closer, till their noses almost bumped. "I've wanted to kiss you for a while."

Jimin pursed his lips, closed his eyes and nodded his head once. "You should do that then. The kissing thing. Because I want you to. Do it. The kissing thing."

Jimin always rambled when he was shy or nervous and Yoongi had always found it so cute and endearing. Yoongi chuckled softly and carefully, ever so slowly, closed the small distance between them. 

Jimin's mouth was soft and warm and a little dry but Yoongi's lips fit almost perfectly against them. Neither of them knew what they were doing but it felt right to just press together like that. Neither of them moved for a solid moment, just savoring the feel of their lips pressed together before Yoongi finally decided he needed to breathe and he pulled back slightly. Jimin's eyes snapped open, like he hadn't realized he had closed them and he slipped his tongue out to lap at his own lower lip for a moment. Then he closed his eyes again, tilted his head to the side slightly and kissed Yoongi again. 

They kissed a lot that night, lips against lips, learning how the whole kissing thing worked until it was almost perfect. Yoongi liked kissing Jimin. He liked the way Jimin melted against him, the way Jimin breathed into his mouth and the way he moaned ever so slightly when Yoongi pressed just right. They kissed so long that by the time they pulled back, Jimin's mouth was red and slightly swollen but he looked so beautiful like that and Yoongi prayed his best friend never kissed anyone else. 

Luckily for Yoongi, Jimin had no intention of kissing anyone else. Their lives went relatively back to normal after that night aside from the random times Yoongi would find his lap full of Park, Jimin and puffy lips pressing instantly against his own. Kissing on the mouth became another one of those simple easy things they did though they were both wise enough to keep it to themselves. Kissing boys wasn't entirely something people did in front of other people and Yoongi knew what it meant when he kissed Jimin. 

Maybe he was the horrible words his father used to call the rather nice male couple that lived two floors above them. Maybe he liked kissing Jimin more than he would ever like kissing a girl and maybe, as they grew more and more together, Yoongi found himself wanting more and more from Jimin. He never asked, he never tried, but there were countless nights where his hand snuck into his underwear because he had thought too much about Jimin and couldn't help himself. He almost felt guilty if it weren't for the fact that he knew Jimin got hard sometimes when they kissed for too long. They never spoke about it, because Jimin always got too shy and embarrassed afterward and Yoongi wasn't brave enough to ask his friend if he wanted him to take care of it. 

They were barely fourteen when Jimin grabbed Yoongi's hand and pressed it against the tightness in his pants. 

It was a normal night for them. Yoongi's mother was out with her friends and would be until much too late and his father was away on business. They had the apartment to themselves because Yoongi was a good son and his parents trusted him. He had invited Jimin over for some movie binge watching in the living room and a sleepover considering it was a Friday night. The night had started pretty normally. Jimin picked the first movie, Yoongi made some popcorn and littered the coffee table with snacks and drinks. They settled down on the couch together and Jimin settled in against Yoongi's side like he always did when they were alone. It was a nice bit of cuddling Yoongi always loved and Jimin was one hell of a cuddler. He always had been but he was careful as they grew up, keeping the cuddling in public to a minimun though he seemed to still touch Yoongi too much for Yoongi's father's liking. 

Halfway through the movie, Jimin gave up on watching it and crawled into Yoongi's lap. Half expecting it, Yoongi was eager to grab hold of his friend's hips and tilt his head back so he could be kissed. Jimin always kissed him like there was nothing else on the planet he would rather be doing with his time and Yoongi's heart ached. They started slow and careful, soft presses of their lips until Jimin curled his tongue against the roof of Yoongi's mouth and the kissing went from soft and sweet to a little sloppy, wet and hot. 

Jimin was an expert at kissing Yoongi in all the right ways, getting him panting and breathless in no time. Jimin's weight was solid and warm atop his thighs and the way Jimin ran his fingers through Yoongi's black hair made his scalp tingle. He wanted Jimin. He always wanted Jimin but even he was a little shocked when Jimin wrapped his fingers around Yoongi's wrist, resting against his hip and dragged it close to the tightness in his jeans, arching his hips into the touch. 

Yoongi broke the kiss in surprise and for a moment, Jimin looked confused before he realized what he had done. The haze in his gaze lifted quickly and he ducked his head shyly, burying it in Yoongi's neck. They took the moment to catch their breath and Yoongi stared at the flashing TV, trying to piece together exactly what just happened. Jimin wanted him to touch him? Well, fuck, Yoongi would touch him. But touching was a whole new level from kissing and Yoongi had to be sure. 

"Jimin." His name was a soft deep grumble and Yoongi swallowed hard in an attempt to get his voice back to normal. 

Jimin flinched at his name but stayed in Yoongi's lap, slipping his hands from his hair to his shoulders, squeezing slightly. "Sorry. I... Sorry. Please forget I did that. Can we please? Can we go back to just kissing?"

Yoongi took a deep breath and shifted around until his hands found Jimin's face and he could cup his cheek. He tugged carefully until Jimin moved and their eyes could meet. Jimin's cheeks were flushed, his lips swollen from kisses but was a wetness in the corners of his eyes and Yoongi realized his friend was close to crying. 

"I'm not... Jimin I'm not mad. Or upset, or weirded out if that's what you worried about." He tried to keep his voice steady but truth be told, Yoongi was terrified. Jimin had offered him something, whether he meant to or not, and Yoongi was terrifed of what it could mean. And of how much he wanted it. 

Jimin settled on Yoongi's thighs, dropping his head and letting his hands rest in his lap, curling together tightly. "You froze." He pointed out, glancing up at him.

"Yeah cause..." He let out a breath. "You surprised me. I... I mean, if that's what you want Jimin, I'll do it.  I just want to be sure."

Jimin's head popped up and his eyes became so wide it was almost comical. "You..."

It occured to Yoongi then that Jimin thought Yoongi wouldn't want to touch him like that which was just... dumb. It was dumb. How could Yoongi not want to? "Jimin, you're fucking gorgeous, are you serious?" His voice came out in a rush of breath and he lurched forward to gather Jimin's face in his hands. "Why wouldn't I want to? Of course I want to."

Something heavy seemed to lift from deep inside Jimin and he tipped forward enough to knock their foreheads together. "I don't know. Boys don't touch each other."

Yoongi snorted. "They don't kiss either but look at us." He sighed and carefuly brushed strands of hair away from Jimin's face. "Jiminnie, I don't kiss you just to kiss you. I kiss you because I want to kiss you. No one else. You know that, don't you?"

Jimin dropped his gaze to their laps shyly. "Are we... I mean..." He pursed his lips together before gaining a bit of courage and finally met Yoongi's gaze head on. "Are we boyfriends, Yoongi?"

Yoongi's heart throbbed in his throat and he tried to swallow it down so he could speak. "I want to be."

The way Jimin smiled at his words was one of the most beautiful things Yoongi had ever seen in his entire life. His entire body lit up with his smile, spreading across his face and bunching up his cheeks so his eyes crinkled. There were tears there, in the corners of his eyes that slipped free and the next thing Yoongi knew, he had his arms full of a giggling Park Jimin and warm lips pressing all over his cheek and neck. 

"I want to be too, Yoongi, oh, I want to." His voice was light and bright, lifting the tightness that had formed in Yoongi's chest. 

"Then we are." Yoongi stated, a smile curling to his lips as he hugged Jimin tightly. 

"I don't know why I was so scared." Jimin admitted softly, near his ear, sending chills over Yoongi's skin. "You scare me sometimes though. Well, not you, exactly." He leaned back enough so they could face one another again. "But the way you make me feel. I never got nervous around you cause I always knew you liked me but this is a different like and I didn't know how to handle it."

"I like you, Jimin." Yoongi breathed out, finding pleasure in the way Jimin's cheeks flushed. "As my friend and as my boyfriend."

"I like you too, Yoongi." Jimin giggled softly and tipped forward to close the distance between them. Their lips fit together perfectly and though there was still a lot to worry about, like what would their parents think if they knew, they pushed all that to the side so they could just enjoy this time with each other. 

It didn't take long for their kissing to ease back into a familiar area for the two of them. Jimin was confident now that Yoongi had admitted his feelings and he had no shyness in the way he touched his cheeks and neck and drug his hands down his chest. It was thrilling in a way because this was all new to the both of them. They never touched below the belt and now Jimin was gently rolling his hips ever so slightly atop Yoongi's and his hands were toying with the button on Yoongi's jeans. 

There was a silent agreement between the two of them that they were going to definitely do this and Jimin seemed rather eager about it. He let his lips rest against the cruve of Yoongi's neck while they fumbled with each other's pants. It was a little awkward but they just giggled at each other until someone's pants managed to open. Yoongi was too focused on feeling the way Jimin's muscles moved while he breathed to pay too much attention to the fact that it was his pants that were now open. Jimin's skin was warm and golden beneath his fingertips and after a moment of touching, Jimin grabbed the edge of his shirt and tugged it off, tossing it to the floor without care. 

Yoongi had to lean back to admire the golden skin he had access to. It wasn't the first time he had seen Jimin shirtless but now he was able to openly oogle and Jimin flushed proudly at the attention. He was working hard to tone his body for dancing the way he wanted and he was really accomplishing that. Apparently tired of being oogled, Jimin shoved Yoongi back into the couch and started tugging at his white t-shirt. It soon joined Jimin's on the floor and it was Jimin's time to oogle. Yoongi was pale, naturally, but he had a bit of a healthy tan thanks to summers spent playing basketball in the sun. The excersize left him with a lithe body that Jimin ran his hot palms over. 

When their eyes met, they fell into one another again, kissing deeply and firmly. Yoongi's pants weren't as tight now that they were open so he moved his hands to do the same for Jimin. His boyfriend rolled his hips into the touch, eager and ready, and Yoongi found it easier to pop open the button now that he felt more steady. Jimin nearly groaned against his mouth in relief when Yoongi tugged down the zipper and slipped the fabric over the curve of his ass and down his thighs halfway. It was hard to miss the bulge in Jimin's brightly red underwear and Yoongi's body buzzed with arousal because he wanted to touch, he wanted to feel so bad

He let Jimin dribble kisses over the curve of his neck as he focused on getting Jimin out of his underwear. It wasn't too hard but he did have to wrap his fingers around the hard length and tug it free, causing Jimin to let out a soft whimper into his skin. Yoongi hadn't seen Jimin naked since they were eight or nine years old and wow had Jimin grown since then. Yoongi had fantasised about what Jimin would look like but the real thing was so much better. He was thick, in all the right places, a little dark but red and rosey at the uncut tip. His wasn't as long as Yoongi's, not yet, but when Yoongi wrapped his fingers around the base, Jimin moaned into his ear and Yoongi was determined to touch until he couldn't any more.

Jimin dug his nails into Yoongi's shoulders and rolled his hips expertly into Yoongi's hand, begging him to do more, touch more and Yoongi brought his other hand down to wrap his thumb and index finger around the tip. Jimin whimpered again, tugging him closer but Yoongi was fascinated by the way Jimin's length jerked in his hand. They were young, so very young, and had never touched another person in such a way, or been touched in such a way and Yoongi wondered what Jimin would sound like when he climaxed. 

That thought alone spurred Yoongi to grab at Jimin's length the way way he would grab his own. The size and girth was different but a dick was a dick and Yoongi found Jimin liked it most when he twisted his palm around the base and slid the skin around the tip. It started to get wet rather quickly and Yoongi's mouth went dry at the sight. Jimin didn't hold back a bit in his ear, moaning and whimpering enough to encourage him that he was doing a good job. Yoongi liked to start slow and work himself up to a nice build and it seemed Jimin enjoyed the same. By the time he had his fist fully wrapped around Jimin's length to stroke up and down, his boyfriend was panting in his ear and clutching to him like his life depended on it.

Jimin liked to talk. That was one of the things he did all the time. Yoongi liked to listen and Jimin liked to talk. Apparently that bled over into sex because Jimin started to murmur in his ear, tell him how good he was doing and how much he wanted him to keep going. His voice was light, sinful even and Yoongi's own arousal was impossible to ignore. He was too focused on Jimin to worry about himself but he did notice when Jimin reached between them and shoved his palm hard against the bulge in Yoongi's pants. There was too much fabric in the way and Jimin wasn't focused enough to move it but Yoongi didn't need him to. The way Jimin kneaded at his length through his underwear was almost perfect and Yoongi found so much pleasure in the way Jimin moaned into his ear. 

Jimin's tip was so sensitive and all it took was Yoongi flicking his thumb over the slit a few times for Jimin to grab at him and pull him in so close he thought he would break. Jimin's climax crashed over him and he gasped in surprise, burying his head into Yoongi's neck and rocking his hips in time with how Yoongi was stroking him. It was both fascinating and gorgeous. The way his voice twisted into a high pitched moan, the way his hand clutched hard at Yoongi's cloth covered length, the way his other hand dug nails into his shoulder, the way he rocked in Yoongi's lap, it was all too much. Yoongi barely registered his own climax and he was too in awe to even feel embarrassed that he had cum right in his pants. 

"Oh, oh fuck." Jimin panted softly against his neck, his breath hot and wet against Yoongi's skin before he weakly pulled away, meeting Yoongi's slightly stunned face. There was a bit of sweat dripping down his neck, pooling in the dips of his collarbone and Yoongi wanted to lick it. His skin had a healthy flush to it and when he smiled, he showed all of his teeth, including the crooked little front tooth that Yoongi loved. "That was... wow." Jimin started to giggle and Yoongi found himself chuckling along with his friend. 

"Yeah." Yoongi agreed once he found his breath again. He felt as if the sun had burned rays into his veins and prickled along his skin. 

"Are you...?" Jimin ventured, glancing down at their laps only to widen his eyes in slight surprise. 

"Shut up." Yoongi grumbled in embarrassment. "You're pretty when you cum."

Jimin's laughter was loud and bright as he wrapped his arms around Yoongi's neck tightly, nuzzling his cheek against his hair. "I'll do better next time, I promise. I want to see when you cum."

Next time. Yoongi groaned and pulled Jimin into a kiss at the thought of a next time that Jimin was happy to return. 

Touching each other was just another thing added into their daily lives. Another thing they kept secret, like the cuddling and kisses. It was easier that way and they both knew it. They were left alone often enough to have the time to explore one another. Sex was a big scary thing in the back of their minds so they stuck to touching. They were happy with touching. As long as they could be close, nothing else mattered. As long as Jimin continued to kiss him like his lips held everything he needed, Yoongi would be alright. 

They were fifteen when their fantasy came crashing down. 

Yoongi was considering telling Jimin he loved him. He had been thinking about it for a long time because it seemed appropriate at the point he was pretty sure Jimin loved him in return. They were young but Yoongi knew what love was. Love was the way Jimin smiled at him when he said something snarky. Love was the way Jimin's hand always found his no matter what they were doing. Love was the way Jimin kissed him, sucked the air from his lungs. Love was the way Jimin moaned his name softly into his ear when they touched. Jimin was love and Yoongi desperately needed the other boy to know it. 

They were at Jimin's house for once because Yoongi's dad was home and neither of them wanted to deal with that mess. He was suspicious of how close they were and even though he had good reason to be, they didn't want to make it worse. Jimin's house was relatively safe. His mother was sweet and kind and his father was warm and friendly like Jimin. They didn't care when Jimin tossed his arm over Yoongi's shoulder while they played video games. They didn't mind when Jimin grabbed Yoongi's thigh or hand while he was talking. They didn't look at the two of them like they were searching for an excuse to get angry. 

Jimin's room was a safe place, as far as they were concerned, but they didn't want to push their luck. Jimin's mother insisted they keep the door open and so they did. His room was still upstairs, away from everyone, but they didn't want to push it. They weren't doing anything wrong per say. Yoongi was settled against the headboard with Jimin between his legs, back to front. They were studying. Jimin was busy with his Chemistry homework and Yoongi was questioning his life choices with Algebra. True, they were close and technically cuddling but they weren't doing anything. 

That was until Jimin let out a frustrated sigh and tossed his notebook to the end of the bed, relaxing back against Yoongi's chest. Yoongi hummed at him, a silent question and slipped his free hand around Jimin's waist, holding him in place. He had been trying to memorise equations but Jimin was more important. 

"I feel like my brain is gonna explode." Jimin complained, tilting his head back onto Yoongi's shoulder. 

"At least you're good at math." Yoongi hummed, rubbing his hand over Jimin's stomach gently and shifting ever so slightly to press his lips to his cheek. 

Jimin gave a pleased hum and tilted his face toward him, pouting out his lips in a silent question for a kiss. Yoongi rolled his eyes, because his boyfriend was so spoiled but closed the small distance anyway. Their lips were together not even three seconds when Yoongi noticed footsteps and he flinched back so quickly he nearly slammed his head back against the headboard. 

When they glanced to the door, Jimin's mother was standing there. Panic flared over Yoongi's skin like a blazing fire and he froze, waiting and watching. He could have let go of Jimin but maybe if he pretended he wasn't doing anything wrong it would be okay. Jimin, for his part, stopped breathing all together. His mother only glanced between the two of them in slight confusion but it seemed to dawn on her. She didn't seem angry, not at all, but maybe a bit disappointed. 

"Yoongi." She spoke softly, her voice carefully light. "I think it's time for you to go home."

And that was it. She wasn't mean about it in anyway and that confused Yoongi all the more. He nodded in agreement and careful disentangled himself from the still frozen Jimin. He gathered his things quickly but when he turned to Jimin to say goodbye the boy was staring at the floor like he was terrified. Yoongi ached to reach out to him, to do something but his own movements felt jerky and he didn't know what to do. 

The only thing he could do was mutter a goodbye and hurry out of the room. Jimin's mother gave his head a soft pat when he pushed by and he hated how hopeful that made him feel. Leaving Jimin behind almost broke his heart but he couldn't disobey the boy's mother. 

When Yoongi got home, it was obvious Jimin's mother had already informed his own mother what she witnessed. Everything happened so quickly that Yoongi couldn't fight it. She didn't look angry, or even upset. She looked scared for him. She quickly dragged him into his bedroom and told him to pack his things. Yoongi was terrified, scared he was being thrown out but she grabbed his face and told him he was going back to Daegu, to live with his brother and grandparents. He was going back to Daegu to get away from Jimin and his father. She promised him to not say a word about what she knew to his father and would come up with some other excuse when he returned in a few day but until then, Yoongi had to leave. For his own safety, she said. For his and Jimin's. It was better that way, she told him. 

Yoongi did as he was told because he didn't know what else. He was scared, at the brink of tears and knew his mother knew best. He packed his things as quickly as he could and by the next morning, Yoongi was in a taxi for Daegu. By that afternoon, he was back in the home he had been so upset about leaving and yet it felt so wrong. His brother grabbed him into a tight hug as soon as he stepped out of the cab and told him it would be okay, because he knew. His grandparents knew too, and they were okay. They had that same sad smile that Jimin's mother had. 

It wasn't until late that night, when Yoongi was trying to settle down in his new room that he remembered Jimin. He hadn't forgotten Jimin, but the boy had been pushed to the back of his mind in favor of the fear of what was going to happen to him. What about Jimin? Was Jimin alright? Was he in trouble? Neiter of them had cell phones so the only option was to call his house and that seemed like a dangerous idea. 

Yoongi did it anyway. 

He curled up in his bed with the blankets thrown over his head, cradled the reciever to his face and sent a silent prayer. 

Jimin's mother picked up on the second ring and Yoongi nearly had a heart attack. 


"Um, Hi. Ms. Park, It's-"

"Yoongi." She murmured softly, almost like a sigh. "I was wondering when you would call."

"Can I... Can I talk to him? I'm so sorry, I am. I never... It wasn't supposed to happen like this." The words came tumbling out of him before he could stop them. 

"Give me a moment."

It was the longest moment of Yoongi's life waiting for the phone to crackle and a new voice to pick up. 

"Y-Yoongi?" Yoongi's heart nearly broke at how lost Jimin sounded. He had been crying, Yoongi could tell and Yoongi's eyes prickled at the thought. 

"Jimin." He breathed out. "Are you okay?"

"N-No." The answer was shaky and he heard the phone shuffling around before it went quiet again. Jimin had to be in his room now, hidden away from other ears. "They weren't mad. But Yoongi, god, they were so disappointed in me."

"I'm sorry. Jiminnie, I'm so sorry." The tears in the corners of his eyes finally started to fall free and he wanted nothing more than to hold the other boy. 

"Where are you? Are you okay?" His voice picked up in pitch at the end. "Oh god, does your appa know?"

A sob curled up the back of Yoongi's throat and threatened to slip free but he gained control of it and swallowed it back down. "I'm in Daegu." Jimin gasped on the other end. "T-They sent me back to Daegu. My eomma says she won't tell my appa. But Yoonsung knows, and my grandparents. They're okay. They're just terrified of my appa."

"Oh... Oh Yoongi." And Jimin was crying again, soft little shaky sobs that broke Yoongi's heart in two. 

"It's okay, Jimin. We'll be okay. They can't keep us apart forever."

"I can't." Jimin whispered, almost like he was afraid. "I can't... Yoongi I can't disapoint them like this. I thought I wouldn't care but... It hurts. I can't... Yoongi, I'm so sorry."

Yoongi's blood ran cold at those words and his world tilted slightly on it's axis. "W-What?" He was tempted to tell Jimin that he loved him, that he would fight for them until there was nothing left to fight for but Jimin sounded so broken that Yoongi was frozen. "J-Jimin..."

"I'm sorry..."

"You're breaking up with me?"

Jimin let out a soft whine. "I can't hurt them like this anymore."

What about me?, Yoongi wanted to say but he didn't. He couldn't. He was angry and frustratted but at the bottom of it all, he was hurt. So very hurt. Jimin was his everything. He loved him more than himself, more than anything and yet Jimin was choosing his parents. It made sense, in a way but it still shattered Yoongi's heart. 

"You'll be good in Daegu. M-Maybe this is good for both of us, you know?" Jimin sniffed, trying to sound hopeful and all Yoongi wanted to do was scream. 

"M-Maybe." Yoongi breathed out, shaking too much for his voice not to waver.

"You'll be okay, Yoongi. You're tough."

"This is really it? Just like that? All these years and we're ending it with a phone call where you tell me I'll be okay?" He was angry, he was so angry and he didn't mean to snap at Jimin but he was hurt and angry.

"I'm sorry..."

"Yeah, so you said." Yoongi sat up, tossing the blankets off his body and shoved a hand in his hair. He didn't want his last words to Jimin be anger. So he took a deep breath to calm himself down. "I won't forget you, you know."

Jimin's laugh was anything but happy. "I won't forget you either, Yoongi. Never."

There was an awkward moment where neither of them knew what to say before Jimin finally broke it. 

"Take care, Yoongi. I want you to be happy."

It took more strength than fifteen year old Yoongi knew he had to reply, "You too Jimin, be happy."

Their goodbye was soft and quiet and Jimin hung up first. Yoongi stared at the phone for a good long minute after that before a surge of anger came over him and he threw the phone at the wall, smashing it into little pieces. He let out a shout into his pillow that soon dissolved into sobs, unable to hold back his emotions anymore. He didn't hear the door when it opened but he did feel his brother's hands on him. They'd been apart for so long, Yoongi didn't expect Yoonsung to care so much. But he gathered a sobbing Yoongi in his arms and held him tightly through his heartbreak.

It took years for Yoongi to piece back together the broken bits of his heart. Jimin lingered at the back of his mind no matter what he did, or who he saw. He moved on, as Jimin wanted him to do but Jimin was his first love and he was certain to never forget his first love. He never saw or spoke to Jimin again after their phone call but he liked to think his old friend was happy in whatever he was doing with his life. Yoongi, for his part, did his best to be happy like Jimin asked of him. It was hard at first,nbecause he had been only angry, and then hurt and then sad. He healed slowly, over time and he eventually found someone to help him heal.

Yoo Kihyun was bright, beautiful and everything Yoongi loved in a partner. He tried to not compare Kihyun with Jimin but it was hard when they were both such bright beautiful people. Kihyun was his own man, strong and confident. He didn't care what people thought of him and he certainly didn't let a single person say anything bad about his relationship with Yoongi. Kihyun was pretty and Yoongi loved the way he smiled and over time, it became a deep type of feeling that Yoongi felt lucky enough to have again. Kihyun wasn't Jimin, would never be Jimin, but he was kind, sweet, and good. He took care of Yoongi, kissed him like he never wanted to kiss anyone else and that was enough for Yoongi. His father wasn't exactly keen on their relationship but by that point, Kihyun's confidence in his sexuality had rubbed off on Yoongi. He didn't care what his father thought and even though the man disowned him, Yoongi still had his brother and his mother. It was enough.

It had to be.