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Girls Who Run With Wolves Aren't Here For Boys To Love

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Girls Who Run With Wolves Aren't Here For Boys To Love



When Regina's Curse hits, Mulan and her parents are trapped along with everybody else from the Enchanted Forest. In Storybrooke, she wakes up as Wen Li, a timid and respectful woman who's the perfect daughter to her parents and the perfect bride to her fiance Shang. Instead of accepting their daughter for who she is, her parents are pressuring her to pick a date and go through with the wedding, and instead of having Shang's respect and friendship, he's become her overbearing husband-to-be. Mulan might have been strong enough to fight for her happiness but Wen Li isn't. It's much easier to just go along with their wishes and tell herself that she's happy (Reflection – Lea Salonga). The happy ending she'd fought so hard for is now lost.

Red, on the other hand, had just learned to forgive herself over what happened to Peter, and had also fixed her relationship with her grandmother when the Curse took all of that away. She becomes Ruby in Storybrooke, where her sense of self has been completely lost since the tragic death of her boyfriend. In the process of grieving him, her relationship with her grandmother has been irreparably shattered and, the worst part, she can't find it in her heart to care (Keeps Getting Better – Christina Aguilera).

Each in their own way, they repeat the same dreadful day and the same bad decisions for twenty eight years. The moment Emma Swan comes to town, though, things start to change. Routines that were once stagnant become unpredictable and, without really understanding why, Li sees herself noticing the beautiful waitress at Granny's. It's such a small thing but, for the first time, she begins to question whether she's making the right decision going through with the wedding. Ruby, who's adventurous, curious and just a little bit cruel, can't help but tease and flirt (Whatever Lola Wants – Sarah Vaughan).

Storybrooke is changing, and the people along with it. Grandma Wen, who's always been traditional and just a little standoffish, starts taking an interest in her granddaughter and giving her advice about pursuing her dreams. Ruby, on the other hand, can't seem to get along with Granny, but in an attempt to find out what she's good at, ends up discovering that maybe she's not the irresponsible hot mess that everyone takes her for. (I'm Still Here – Goo Goo Dolls)

By the time Mary Margaret is cleared from her murder charges, Regina is losing her grip on the town and everyone in it. Ruby and Li attend their friend's party and, somehow, can't help but end up in bed together. For a short while, it seems that they have found more than just true love: they have found the piece of their identity that had been missing for as long as they could remember (U-Turn (Lili) – Aaron). When morning comes, Ruby doesn't know what to do but Li has found her bravery once again (I Wanna Hold Your Hand – T. V. Carpio).

Much to Shang's horror, Li comes home and breaks off the engagement. After being pressured by her parents, she admits to being in love with someone else. A woman. For a moment, Mr. and Mrs. Wen can almost find it in their hearts to be proud of her and love their daughter for who she is, but the Curse is still too strong and instead they kick her out.

Meanwhile, Ruby is having a hard time accepting this newfound part of herself and seeks her grandmother's advice. Granny tells her that maybe it's time to forgive herself and give love another chance (Run and Hide – Sabrina Carpenter). When Li shows up at her doorstep, though, Ruby turns her down, unable to let go of Peter's memory (Sorry – Halsey).

Agreeing to play the part of loving fiance once again, Li earns her family's forgiveness. Shang, however, surprises her by saying that he wishes she'd have been brave enough to do the right thing and end things between them. Truth be told, neither wants this marriage and could never be happy, but now it's too late to turn back (Heal – Loreen).

Henry Mills ending up in the hospital seems like the perfect excuse to delay the wedding but Li won't hear of it. It's now or never. She walks down the isle, ready to settle for a life of misery, and Ruby sits with Granny at the hospital, unable to let go of her guilt – and that is when the Curse is broken.

Immediately, Mulan and Shang stop the wedding. Her parents, once again themselves, hug her and encourage her to go after this woman she believes to be her True Love. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Red has just recovered her memories and decides to track Mulan down.

They meet at Granny's and they kiss, ready to put their happy ending back on track. (Terrified – Kara Dioguardi)