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Prom Night Gone Right

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As the team headed back to their dorm, all four of them having been rejected from their preferred prom dates, Team RWBY was more than a little shocked to find their mothers sitting on their beds, giggling like school girls. All of their jaws dropped as they each spotted their mother on their respective bed, all of them in nothing but a bra and matching panties. Summer was the first to spot her little girl from the scent of roses that filled the room. "Oh! It took you four long enough to get back here! Raven thought you four would be out all night with your dates, though!~" However, her smile faded as she noticed that neither of the girls she raised seemed all that thrilled that she was in their room. “What’s wrong? This was mine and Raven’s old dorm when we all went to Beacon, you know! Something wrong with us being in here?”

“Mom, what are you doing here?!” Ruby blurted out, stomping her foot on the floor as her cheeks started changing color to match her name. “You’re supposed to be out on a mission! Why are you in our dorm in your underwear?!” The young leader covered her eyes after realizing that she had just seen her mother in her underwear, not exactly sure how to feel about the night anymore.


“Quiet, Ruby.” Raven said with a certain confidence and demanding tone in her voice, her red eyes going over her own daughter’s body and smirking as she watched the blonde’s eyes went red in return. “We all met up for some drinks and decided to come check on our girls since all the talk of the town is how Beacon is throwing its first prom, organized by a blonde hothead…”

“... And a girl with black hair who always wears a bow.~” Kali smiled from her spot on Blake’s bed, kicking her legs in the air for fun. “We knew exactly who they were talking about, and Willow decided to open a bottle of wine while we waited. Let’s just say we’ve been sharing.~” The faunus mother turned herself to sit over the side of the bed and meet her daughter’s amber eyes with a smirk. “And I must admit that you all look wonderful in your dresses. I’m utterly surprised that none of you are off having fun with your dates!”


“They… They didn’t show up…” Weiss said with a quiet pout, looking down to the ground in embarrassment that she, a Schnee, would be stood up by someone. “Four beautiful girls just left on their own because they dates didn’t show up to the prom! This is not-”

“The way a Schnee should be treated?” Willow finished her daughter’s sentence with a smile, getting down to the floor and approaching the four girls, her white underwear matching her near shining hair. “You may be right, but look at it this way, dear. You have each other. And now you have us. We’re your parents and all we want is to make our little girls happy when it’s needed… And maybe down a bottle of wine or two in the meantime.~” The woman’s little joke earned the giggles of the rest of the mother’s bringing a smile to her face. “Look, we’re here to help. So, tell us how we can. Other than getting dressed. It’s far too hot in your dorm for that.”

“All the A/C is going to the mess hall for the prom tonight… Hundreds of students, after all.” Yang said with a heavy sigh, making her way past the older Schnee to sit on her own bed beside her mother. “Blake and I set this up basically on our own and we got burned by those we wanted to go with….”

“So, what are you gonna do, other than bitch about it?” Raven asked her daughter, a smirk on her face. “You gonna find their girls and fuck them? Or did you just wanna be fucked? Because we can provide that.~” Biting her lip as she casually stroked her cock through her panties, the black-haired mother leaned over and looked to the faunus mother. “You know, Kali, I think I’d love to feel the way your daughter’s pussy wraps around my cock. I bet it’s just as needy as yours was before you married Ghira.~”


“That’s fine. Just as long as I can have your own daughter in exchange.~” The faunus milf smiled and made her way over to Yang’s bed, sitting beside the blonde. “Blake has told me so much about this blonde little firecracker here that I’m surprised she hasn’t wanted a dick inside of her yet.~” Ignoring Yang’s groan of annoyance, Kali pulled the young girl into a deep and passionate kiss, smiling as their lips met and she earned a simultaneous gasp from the team.


“Well, since we have that decided, I want Summer’s girl. I’ve seen a peak of her father’s cock a few times and I wanna see if she measures up.~” Willow silently cheered as she watched Summer dart towards Weiss and pick her up off the ground. “Well, Weiss, looks like you and your team get to tell everyone you all banged a bunch of milfs in an orgy together!~”


“Mom!” The young heiress tries protesting until she felt Summer capture her lips in a heated kiss. It took a moment before she started returning the affection, starting to not care anymore as her cock started to harden against the older huntress’s leg. Before she had a say in what to do next, the Rose mother was already on her knees with her soft lips wrapped around the younger Schnee’s cock.


Rolling her eyes at her old teammate’s eagerness, Raven grabbed the younger kitten by the waist and simply carried her out of the room, smiling as she took the poor girl to the rooftop. “There we go. All alone, Kitten.~” A smile came to her face as she set the young fauns down on the ground. “What do you say we go ahead and get started?” As the red-eyed woman asked her question, she quickly stripped herself of her bra and panties.

“Wait…. You all were serious about this? About fucking us tonight?” The young girl felt her heart skip a beat at the thought of being fucked into the floor by the massive cock she saw the older woman sporting. “You’re… You’re not drunk, are you?” Blake asked, her amber eyes scanning over Raven’s body as she watched her teammate’s mother approach her. “I… I wouldn’t feel right having sex with someone who wouldn’t remember anything…”


“I’m fully aware of what I’m doing, Blake. I may be a bit loose from the wine, but I know what I’m doing and going to do.” Wrapping her arm around the faunus’s waist, the black-haired woman pulled her into a deep and passionate kiss, smiling as she felt the young girl return the affection. “And what I’m going to do is lay you down on your back and fuck you so hard you’ll be begging for my cock every day from now on to fill you with cum.~” She could see her pray for the night blush a bit, biting her lip at the prospect of being used so thoroughly. “Maybe even force you into heat and take you home with me like Kali wants to do with my daughter.”


“Wait…. My mom wants to take Yang home with her…?” The younger girl let out a soft whine as she felt the older woman’s teeth sink into her neck, marking her as her own. “Well… maybe…. Maybe I can go with you…” The young faunus struggled as she tried getting her dress off, exposing her breasts to Raven as she felt the older woman literally rip her black panties from her body, a gasp escaping as the cold outdoor air came in contact with her already wettening folds. “Oh dust…” It didn’t matter to her that they were outside, something instinctual craved more of this woman’s touch, to have her perfect looking cock inside of her.


“Atta girl. Just lay back and let me take charge.” Smiling as she watched the kitten lay back onto the concrete ceiling and spread her legs, the red-eyed bandit idly stroked her cock before crawling over the faunus and planting a passionate kiss on her lips. Without hesitating, Raven placed a hand to Blake’s thigh to keep her legs spread as she slid her thick member into the girl, relishing in the soft and animalistic whimpers that left her. Groaning at the blissful feeling of the young faunus’s pussy gripping her cock as she bottomed out, the bandit didn’t cause her hips to savor the feeling, wanting to break the girl before she was done. Moving her hips in a steady but blinding pace, the older woman used her other hand to grab and knead Blake’s breasts, pinching her nipples and lightly twisting them with each thrust she made.


Closing her eyes as her body became simply overwhelmed with lust and bliss, all the young faunus could do was mewl under the woman that was pounding into her, greedily wrapping her legs around Raven to keep the glorious cock inside of her. Every time the woman’s cock bottomed out inside of her, Blake could feel her instinctual heat starting to form, along with a sense of belonging and ecstasy that faded every time the woman pulled her hips back. Everything just felt so right as she started submitting to the pleasure, craving more and feeling better than she could've ever thought possible, especially as the red-eyed woman bit her neck again, bruising and marking her.


Listening closely to the pleasure that clouded Blake’s whines with each thrust, Raven knew that all it would take to take the young girl home with her would be a perfect creampie, filling her cunt entirely to give her the warmth her heat was needing. Bringing the hand that was on the young girl’s thigh to her neck and tightly wrapping her fingers around the faunus’s neck, the older woman’s sadistic side relished the look on the kitten’s face as she gripped just tight enough to hinder airflow without cutting it off. “That’s the way, Kitty.~ Keep showing me that look and I’ll give you just what your faunus instincts need!~” Biting her lip as she felt the girl’s pussy squeeze tighter around her cock from either the choking or the teasing, all that mattered now was getting off and filling this young girl’s cunt with much needed cum.


Blake didn’t know what it was about being treated like this, but she loved, desired, and craved more of it. More of it from Raven and no one else. Even if Yang had fucked her like this, she knew it wouldn’t have been the same. However, these thoughts of needing her teammate’s mother didn’t last long as she heard a satisfied grunt leave the older woman, only to have a strangely addicting warmth flooding into her womb before she could even let out a proper noise, only mumbling incoherently as the cum flooding into her womb sent her over the edge of her own orgasm, causing her cunt to greedily squeeze around Raven’s cock, trying to get every drop of cum from it that she could. As she felt the woman’s hand leave her neck, she was unable to take in the much needed deep breath as the red-eyed woman capture her lips in another passionate kiss, this one much gentler than the others.


“So… We can either go for round two right here on the roof, or we can head back to my home and do it there. And every day from now on.” Biting her lips as she felt the girl’s pussy still spasming around her, Raven stared right into Blake’s amber eyes.


“....Sounds tempting… I might… Just have to go with you…”


“Then let’s go, Kitty. You’re gonna love it.”

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With her date for the night hung over her shoulder and a nearly empty bottle of wine in her hand, Willow couldn’t bring herself to stop smiling as she took young Ruby Rose into the nearest showers. “You’re covered in sweat from just how hot it is. Poor girl.~” The wine she had been sharing with the other mothers was starting to affect her in more ways than just one. Now only was Summer’s daughter becoming more gorgeous and cute by the second, but Willow felt her arousal starting to rise since she knew that Summer was already working her little girl over. “Let’s get in the shower and have a little bit of fun.”

Ruby did her best to squirm out of the older woman’s grip as she was carried away from her teammates and her dorm room. She didn’t know just what had happened with her night, but it was definitely not what she had expected when she had embarrassingly asked Jaune to prom and ended up unable to find him. However, the moment that she ended up in the showers, still draped over Willow’s shoulder, she hadn’t expected her clothing to vanish from her body faster than she could blink. So captivated by the sudden change in her attire, Ruby could only blink as she was placed against the shower wall with her back toward her friend’s mother. “H-How did you…?”


“Don’t worry about it, dear. You’ll still have your dress when we get back to the room.” Willow placed the bottle of wine she had been carrying just outside of the shower and out of her reach so she could focus entirely on the cute little crimsonette that stood in front of her. Dragging her tongue along her lips, she brought her hand to Ruby’s perky rear end and gave it a gentle rub before smiling at her young partner for the night. “I mean, Summer always said that you had a cute little bit, but I didn’t expect her to be so right!~”


“W-What? Mom said that?!” Ruby’s cheeks burned a deep shade of red to match her namesake before she felt the older woman’s gentle hand swat her perky rear end. A sharp sound of pain left her as she held tightly to the shower wall and tried to get away from Willow. In her attempt to get away from the woman that was bound to fuck her before the night was over, Ruby accidentally turned on the shower water and felt another harsh slap before her rear end. “Ow! I didn’t say that I wanted you! Just because the others were so willing to… To do things like this…”

“Doesn’t mean that you want to?” Willow asked, finishing Ruby’s sentence while her hand remained on the now slightly red behind. “Well, nothing is saying that you don’t want to outside of the surprise and pain of getting stood up tonight. So, how about you just be a good little girl and allow me to show you how a prom night should properly end?~” Of course, she didn’t exactly give the younger girl a chance to get away from her before pulling her hardening cock out from her panties and taking a step closer to Ruby. But she didn’t argue or complain about the sound of fear that left Ruby when she saw Willow’s shaft. All the slightly drunk mother did was take a firm hold on her young partner’s hips and slowly force inch after inch of her shaft into the young girl’s pussy.

Having a sudden and painful feeling course through her body due to a near stranger’s shaft being forced into her caused Ruby’s mind to go into overdrive. She wanted to do so many things in this moment that her body just wasn’t able to keep up with the demands she was giving it. She wanted to run away from Willow and back up to the dorm, she wanted to run to the corner of the showers and make the pain go away somehow, and she wanted to ignore the pleasure that was starting to cloud her racing mind. But she was unable to do anything as the older woman simply started to thrust deep inside of her and cause her to nearly be unable to stand.


However, with her mind racing the way it was, the lust and pleasure that sparked from Willow fucking her against the shower walls as the water fell onto their skin left Ruby’s mind quickly clouded in lust and desire. Not that she was able to complain as nothing but quiet moans slipping from her lips with each thrust that Willow made. Of course, it certainly helped to keep her quiet when the older woman caught her lips in a quick and gentle kiss. A show of affection that was much different from the quick and slightly rough way she was leading the situation. Though, Ruby found herself returning the affection as her perky breasts were pressed against the tile wall, quickly starting to enjoy the feeling that Willow was bringing her.


Having a young girl’s pussy wrapped around her shaft was something that Willow had grown to love during her life, but none of them were anywhere near as tight as Ruby was. She didn’t know if the young girl just had a cunt that would stay eternally tight or if she was a virgin. But she didn’t care in the slightest as she broke the kiss the two were sharing and allowed a quiet moan to slip from her lips right into her partner’s ear. Every time she thrust her hips forward, Willow could easily feel the young girl’s inner walls quivering and stretching to accommodate for her size. “See, Ruby? It’s not bad at all once the fun gets started, is it?~”


Hearing Willow voice whisper in her ear brought Ruby back to reality for just a moment. Just long enough for her to remember that the older woman was her stand-in date for the night and fucking her when she didn’t even want to have sex to begin with. But, as another rough thrust forced that throbbing member to press against the entrance to her womb, that feeling of not wanting to have sex quickly faded from her mind and left her feeling needy and accepting. “I-It’s really not… Yang always said that… Sex felt great… But… I didn’t think… It’d actually feel… This good…” Ruby did her best to speak through the genuine and blissful moans that were leaving her, pressing her cheek against the cold tile wall to try and keep herself in reality so she could appreciate this more.


The sensation of pleasure and bliss that coursed through her made Ruby’s lips curl into a gentle smile as the older woman continued to fuck her. It left her unaware that her legs were starting to lose feeling as Willow held tightly to her hips. She didn’t think about the fact that once her orgasm rolled through her, she would fall onto her knees and be unable to stand up. She didn’t have time to think about it before Willow’s cock slammed against her womb and erupted inside of her without any warning. Every pulse and throb that sent more and more cum into her womb felt like heaven to the young girl, making her forget all about the fact that she had been stood up on prom night by one of her closest friends.


Just a split second after she reached her own orgasm, Willow felt the young girl’s inner walls clenching around her shaft in orgasm as well. She couldn’t stop herself from giggling as Ruby’s cunt tried to milk her shaft of every drop of cum that it possibly could, especially once she felt the young girl’s legs start to quiver and shake underneath her. Opening her mouth to say something, the older woman was quickly cut off by the loud but joyful whine that managed to escape Ruby as the pleasure processed in her mind. So, she didn’t say a word, instead opting to gently bring Ruby to the ground instead of keeping her up. “You really are cuter than Summer gives you credit for, Ruby.~”


The young girl didn’t know what to say as she felt her knees touch the floor and her cheek press against the wall once again. All she could do was turn her head and look underneath the falling water to see a gorgeous woman with white hair and a hard cock standing in front of her. Ruby’s lips curled into a smile as the cock gently slapped her cheek and brought her back from her blissful stupor once again. “W-What…? I’m sorry, I-”

“Don’t worry, Ruby. I’ve got one more thing I want to do and then we can go back to my home together. I’m sure the other mothers are taking your team back home with them, anyway. So, I might as well do the same.” Willow didn’t give her young partner a chance to say a word before grabbing onto the back of her head and forcing the first few inches of her throbbing shaft past those soft lips. However, she didn’t expect to hear a complaint from Ruby with just how clouded in lust her mind was. Her thought was proven the moment the young girl’s tongue started to caress her aching shaft, trying to please it the best she could. Willow’s lips curled into a gentle smile as she watched young Ruby’s eyes become half-lidded from the sudden burst of flavor that must’ve been hitting her tongue. “Do you like how my dick tastes when covered in your juices, Ruby?~”


Possible ways to answer the question didn’t enter Ruby’s mind, the only thing she was thinking about being the wonderfully almost addictive flavor that coated her tastebuds. She didn’t even properly hear the question that she was asked. Her mind was too focused on pleasing Willow in return for making her cum during her prom night and allowing her to experience how a prom night should actually go. Even as the older woman’s hands grabbed onto either side of her head, the young girl didn’t do a thing to fight against what was happening to her. It only made her happy and aroused to know that such a beautiful woman was going to take her home when they were done. But the fact that it wasn’t just an beautiful woman but instead her friend’s own mother that was starting to slowly fuck her mouth was the icing on the cake for Ruby.


Her eyes fluttered closed after a moment and her jaw instinctively dropped just enough for her partner’s length to push into her throat now. Ruby was in heaven as her hands drifted between her legs and rested against her pussy, giving her just a tiny spark of bliss when Willow’s pelvis met her lips. The huntress in training didn’t even flinch from having her throat stuffed full of dick. She stayed still with the back of her head pressed against the tile wall as the older woman’s shaft plunged into her throat over and over again. Not nearly as fast or as rough as the fucking her pussy just underwent, but enough to leave her dizzy and needy.


On the other hand, Willow couldn’t have been happier with little Ruby’s throat as she continued to thrust into it time and time again. Just like with her pussy, it was far tighter than any other she had been inside of before. But what really pushed her over the edge of just enjoying the young girl’s throat into loving it was the fact that she didn’t gag once while having a dick fill her gullet. And that fact made Willow all the happier, especially when she pulled her hips back and slapped her shaft down against Ruby’s cheek. It was for just a moment. But that moment was all the mother needed to see the look of hope and desire in those silver eyes starting to fade. “It’s okay, Ruby. I’m not going to do anything horrible to you when we get back home. I’m just going to fuck you each and every day that I can.~”

Willow slowly dragged her tongue along her lips as she forced her shaft back into Ruby’s mouth and didn’t give her a chance to say anything. Of course, the feeling of her surprisingly talented tongue pressing against the underside of her shaft brought her sparks of pleasure that quickly added up. In a matter of moments, the older woman was already breathing heavily and moaning as she held tightly to her young partner’s crimson hair. “That’s it, Ruby… Use that tongue the best you can…” Her breath hitched in her neck as she continued to thrust her hips and fuck Ruby’s throat, picking up the pace and making sure that her member reached as deep as it could.


Even though she couldn't say a word and Willow’s grip prevented her from being able to move her head too much, Ruby couldn’t mentally deny that she was enjoying this forced treatment more than she should be. Her tongue adored the taste of semen and arousal that was on it while her body enjoyed the slightly rough but still caring hold that the older woman had on her. There wasn’t anything she could do to get away from this, but she wouldn’t have tried to get away in the first place. The feeling of the thick and throbbing length plunging down her throat over and over again didn’t feel nearly as good as it felt to have inside of her pussy, but that didn’t matter to Ruby. As long as she was able to make Willow cum once again.


And she did just that a moment later when Willow’s grip grew tighter on her head. She didn’t know just what it meant to have it happen to her, but the fact that she was able to taste the cum that leaked out of the older woman’s shaft was a clear sign of what was about to happen. Before she could do anything, Ruby felt the first rope of cum splash against the roof of her mouth and drip back onto her tongue, many more following it just a split second later. Though, all she could do was moan as she tried to swallow it all down.


Willow held Ruby rightly in place as she came, making sure that the young girl didn’t spill a single drop of spunk that she was being given. But to be having her swallow it already without needing to plug her nose and force her made the older woman’s heart skip a beat. Taking Ruby home was easily the best relief for her sexual life that she would ever get the chance at. Willow slowly dragged her tongue along her lips as she looked down at the young girl, watching as she swallowed the last bit of her cum. She took a moment to breathe before allowing her young new girlfriend to pull herself back from her throbbing shaft. “Come here, Ruby.~”

The tender and caring tone in Willow’s voice was clear as day as she picked Ruby up off the ground and held her close, practically cuddling her in the air before leaning against the shower wall. With the crimsonette’s cheek resting against her breasts, the older woman didn’t hesitate to bring both of her hands to the perky ass that had drawn her to Ruby in the first place. Now was her chance to get a good feel of the surprisingly plump rear end before she carried the young girl through the halls of Beacon.


Of course, Ruby didn’t fight the feeling of Willow worshipping her ass while they stood under the water for a little bit longer. She was sure that the older woman would be kissing it if their position allowed for it. But that didn’t stop a quiet giggle from leaving her lips as those soft hands grabbed a firm hold on her rear end before giving it a swift smack. Ruby didn’t know what to say as she looked into Willow’s eyes and saw another look of lust and love in them. All she knew was that if she went with her friend’s mom, she wouldn’t ever have a reason to complain about much. Though, Ruby didn’t get a chance to say anything before Willow hoisted her up off the ground and swung her over her shoulder with surprising ease. “J-Just how strong are you….?”

“Strong enough. I’ve lost my touch since I gave up the career ages ago, unlike your mother, but I still have my core strength.” Willow licked her lips as she brought her free hand to Ruby’s plump rear end now that she was in the air, gently caressing it as she started to walk out of the showers. Leaving the water on wasn’t a concern of hers since she knew that someone would eventually find it. Though, something that did have her attention was the bottle of wine that she had set down and was now calling her name. “I hope you don’t mind being with a woman that knows just what she likes for a drink, Ruby. Cause I’m taking you home with me and I won’t hear a single complaint about it.”


Ruby didn’t have a complaint as she was carried out of the showers, her hands resting against Willow’s back. She just smiled and nodded her head as the last bit of her energy left her body. After having been fucked so well and then unable to breathe for so long, it all finally caught up with her system and left her to pass out in Willow’s grip. But as she drifted into sleep, Ruby managed to mumble something about her dorm room before she completely passed out.


“Alright. We can stop by your dorm room before we go home.”