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Digital Research Club

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The Dark Web...

The search Appmon tried to fight the white tentacles but it's hard to defend, so he needs to escape from the net ocean.

(???) "Is that what you've got? in that case, I'll search in the internet!"

Using his magnifying glass on top of his red helmet, he search any apps that has a gateway to the human world. And finally, he found a boy who has frizzy hair and round black eyeglasses.

(???) "search found! Akira Kurusu"


(Akira) "what's this? I didn't installed it yet" said a boy while a search app is installing. He tried to stop it many times to stop but it didn't work.

(???) "I'll come for you.... Akira Kurusu...." he panted as the app on the boy's phone was installed and opened in reality but Akira pushed that thing hard on his phone, shaking in panic.

(???) " you're.... YOU'RE MY BUDDY!!!" 

Akira tossed the phone while the search app-like chip floated in midair and appeared was a holographic monster. He was shocked to see that thing....

But it was their first met with an appmon....

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April 3, 2020 – Friday



Takanodai Station” the speaker repeated twice as the train stopped at the destination. As the door opens, many people went in and out of the train, while some of them rushed. Passed them was a boy with black frizzy hair and wearing glasses beneath his dark gray eyes; a long-sleeved dark red jacket with white polo shirt underneath, black pants and red-and-white shoes, carrying a light gray travel bag. His name is Akira Kurusu; a 16-yr old, 2nd yr. high school student who has a scholarship from his new school. As he went out of the train, he picked up his phone and read the last message that comes from the anonymous, yet familiar person:


???: Meet me at 7-11, outside the station – Ms. Shinkai


Ms. Shinkai?’ Akira thought. Before he moved, he doesn’t know her well but his parents mentioned about her family sometimes.

So he put the phone back to his pocket and walked away, having no idea who she is. But at least he is here in the right place. While he was on his way to the exit, he saw a young girl in age 11 who is looking for someone. She has platinum blonde hair, golden yellow eyes, and pale skin; wearing a white and light-blue dress, a blue headband, white knee-length socks, and black dress shoes.

“Miss, are you lost?” Akira asked to a young girl and she nodded in a soft voice. “Yes I am looking for my cousin but I can’t find her. She said she will wait for me outside”.

“Actually… I’m new here so I don’t know about this place, but I can help you look for her.”

“Well thank you! I appreciate your kindness” she said with gratitude. “I am new here too so I’m not familiar with this place”

“I’ll come with you” he grab her wrist which made her blushed, and the two ran all the way to the exit.



As the two made it to the outside of the station, they panted.

“Hey, are you okay?”

She nodded “I’m fine, thanks. Now we just need to look for my cousin”

“~LAVENZA!~” someone called the little girl’s name who is revealed a woman in age 20’s. She has short black hair, green emerald eyes, and pale skin; wearing a sleeveless shirt, dark blue knee-length skirt, black high-knee socks and black short boots, a blue hat that was like a mailman, a red sling bag and a black choker on her neck. “There you are! Sorry I’m late for two minutes from work. It was such a disaster there and it took an hour for me to fix.”

When she noticed Akira, “who is this cute boy beside you?” the girl, Lavenza, is right now surprised why her cousin is curious about that boy. Before he is going to introduce himself, that curious woman is studying his looks and taking pictures of him, which caused the girl deadpanned of what she is doing.

“Marie, can you please stop that”

“Sorry!” just as Lavenza warned her, Marie put her phone back to her bag.

“By the way, I’m Mariko Kusumi, call me ‘Marie’ for short. And she’s Lavenza Velvet, my cousin” Marie smiled as she introduced herself and pointed her thumb to her cousin.

“Akira Kurusu, nice to meet you.”

“We haven’t do it nicely, besides nice to meet ya too!” they shake hands.

“By the way we should get going. Wanna come?” Marie asked Akira to join, however he just smiled not just he remembered the message, it was just he saw not just far away beside him is a vending machine, where the screen is black and the neon blue words says:


“Umm… no thanks, I should get going all along… have a nice day!” as he walked to the vending machine.

“Well… seems like you are in love with him at first sight!” Marie joked to Lavenza and then smiled “but at least he helped you anyway…”



As he walked to the said vending machine, Akira’s expression changed into a mixed of nervous and confused. He has many questions in his head like ‘why does it knows my name? Is it a hacker or some sort of an alien?’ He arrived at the machine when the question appeared at the screen.


YES                                   NO

Akira is right now nervous at first and a bit worried. He doesn’t know what will going to do, but when he almost pressed the ‘NO’ button the screen hovered and another message appeared.


“What?” he whispered to himself. The sound of the cans clanking heard towards the bottom. He poked his hand inside the machine’s port and when he takes out his hand, he got a phone-like device.

It is like a smartphone but it has a gray circle on top. The small top part in the circle has a lock icon. Akira took another look on the vending machine, but it sees normal right now.

“What’s going on right now?”